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After a year of following the Save Our Bones Program, I increased my bone density and now have a normal reading!”*

Melanie Haas, Buffalo, New York

Today my bone scan says in big bold writing 'NORMAL' I cannot begin to thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me over the last few years!”*

Lorraine Lockert

My bone density has increased by 16.4% and I’m absolutely thrilled”*

Pamela Ward, UK

*Individual results may vary

Having read the excellent program entitled the Save Our Bones Program, by Vivian Goldschmidt MA, I am pleased to recommend it as essential reading for all persons involved with preventing and treating osteoporosis.”

Dr. Robert B. Salter, MD, World renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, professor, author, scientist.
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Top 5 Calcium-Rich Alkalizing Foods: Part 2

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Today we’re going to continue with last week's theme of the top five calcium-rich foods. I’m going to share some delicious recipes that incorporate these foods and other Foundation Foods. Plus every recipe will be either pH-balanced or alkalizing. I always like to include as many Foundation Foods in my meals and snacks as possible, and here’s why: our bones … Click to continue →

Top 5 Calcium-Rich Alkalizing Foods: Part 1

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I admit to playing favorites when it comes to the Save Our Bones Program’s Foundation Foods. While I enjoy a wide variety of foods and like trying new dishes, the fact is, I find myself coming back to old favorites over and over for various reasons. And one of those reasons is the exceptional nutrient content, particularly calcium. The organic … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Bulletin: Implant That Builds Bone, Merck’s New Drug Destroys Bone Density, Medical Establishment Retracts Deceptive Bisphosphonate Benefit, And More!

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Today I am pleased to announce the brand new Save Our Bones Bulletin, which will now replace the Latest Osteoporosis News series. The Save Our Bones Bulletin is an in-depth analysis of what's making headlines in the osteoporosis and osteopenia world. Keeping Savers informed on the most recent bone health news is part of my unwavering commitment to the community. … Click to continue →

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