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ALERT: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects

US consumer advocacy groups are up in arms. New and devastating Reclast side effects led these groups to demand that new warnings be placed on the drug’s label. As I wrote in my Reclast review, the most commonly reported Reclast side effects are fever, muscle, joint and bone pain, flu-like symptoms, and fever. And I also explain how it can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw and its horrific consequences. But these pale in comparison to the ne... Click to continue →

Reclast: The Miracle Oral Bisphosphonate Alternative?

Let’s face it. When news breaks of an osteoporosis drug discovery that increases bone strength and reduces fractures in the hip, spine, wrist, leg, and rib, the medical establishment listens… and prescribes.1 Add to this the convenience of a once-yearly 15 minute intravenous infusion, and it seems like an osteoporosis treatment dream come true. The drug I’m referring to is Reclast (zoledronic acid), marketed as Aclasta outside of the U.S.... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #1

Question & Answer #1 What do you think of Reclast? My Dr has ordered this for me to help strengthen my bones. -Mabel M. Dear Mabel, Reclast (zoldedronic acid), also known as Aclasta outside of the US, is an intravenous bisphosphonate. So the same applies to Reclast (including their nasty side effects) as to any other bisphosphonate drug, except that the IV provides a 6 month dose. In fact, the large IV dose can cause severe flu-like symptom... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #3

Question & Answer #1 I am a 77 year old female. Have been on Fosamax for 5+ years and have shown no improvement in bone density (I’m now at -3.5). Doctor has recommended Reclast but I’m reluctant to substitute one drug for another. Saw your Save Our Bones Program and am interested in starting it. Are there cases in which even that won’t work? Still want to try it. -Joan K. Dear Joan, Before I dive into your specific question, consider a ver... Click to continue →

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