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The Once-A-Month Actonel Dose

In 2008, the FDA approved the once-a-month Actonel dose. Their reasoning came from a single study that compared the benefits of a daily 5mg Actonel dose with a monthly 150mg dose, and the monthly dose was found to be “just as effective.” The new dosage was hailed as a more convenient option; no more remembering to take a pill each day. Think about this for a moment. The once-a-month Actonel dose may be more convenient, but what does this seeming... Click to continue →

Actonel Benefits – Really?

“…Treatment with 5 mg Actonel® (risedronate sodium tablets) daily reduced the risk of spinal fracture in postmenopausal osteoporotic patients,” says a glowing report released back in 2003, touting Actonel benefits. If you read on, you’ll encounter all sorts of supposedly positive results from studies showing how wonderful Actonel is. “In these patients, fracture risk was reduced by 62 percent and 60 percent,” the report claims.1 Actonel benefits... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #10: Goat Milk, Soup, Strontium, Fluoride, Weight Loss, pH Balance, Dancing, Calcitonin, Forteo, Actonel And More!

Question & Answer #1 I’m 68 and started Actonel 3 years ago (once a week). The only side effects I had was constipation. After 2 years I started having pains in my shins. I then developed colon cancer and had a large section removed, no chemo or radiation. I am fine now. I stopped taking Actonel this May when the shin situation increased, cold turkey, no weaning off the drug. I haven’t experienced any problems doing that. I will have a bone... Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #25: Compression Fractures, High Blood Pressure, Olive Leaf Extract, Alkalizing Grains, Painful Actonel Side Effect, and More!

Question & Answer #1 I have osteoporosis and decided not to take the Fosamax my doctor prescribed. So I’m on the Save Our Bones Program and I’m feeling great. The problem is that I have high blood pressure for many years and I’m taking two medications for the pressure. I’m really worried that the drugs could hurt my bones. I asked my doctor and he says that I need to take them. What should I do? Please help me! ̵... Click to continue →

Atelvia: My Review

...tine is to closely monitor new osteoporosis drug developments as well as patent expirations for existing drugs. Actonel was especially on my radar, since its patent was about to expire on 2011, until it received an extension for another three years. Actonel’s future didn’t look too bright. According to the drug’s manufacturer Warner Chilcott, the total filled prescriptions for Actonel in the US declined by almost 22% in the first quarter of 2010... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #8: Coffee, Yogurt, Stevia, Vegetable Intolerance, Men And Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Drugs, And More!

...ananas, sprinkled with sliced almonds and a little honey. Enjoy! -Vivian Question & Answer #10 After taking Actonel for 1 yr, I began having a problem swallowing. My Dr. said it had nothing to do with Actonel and to continue taking it, putting me on the one a month pill. I made the decision to stop taking and will never take it again. My fracture risk is 10-20 %. Will walking and eating properly help reduce this risk, or at least maintain th... Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #12: Osteoarthritis, Red Algae, Hiatal Hernia, Femur Fractures, Maca Powder, Green Tea, And More!

Question & Answer #1 One year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. I am 51 now and am a little better than I was. I also experience muscle fatigue on the right side of my body. Is there a relation between the two? I have lost 50 lbs and need to lose a little more. I want to know what vitamins and the best diet I should be on to best improve my condition. My doctors have been of no help. He just diagnosed me and sent me on wa... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #3

Question & Answer #1 I am a 77 year old female. Have been on Fosamax for 5+ years and have shown no improvement in bone density (I’m now at -3.5). Doctor has recommended Reclast but I’m reluctant to substitute one drug for another. Saw your Save Our Bones Program and am interested in starting it. Are there cases in which even that won’t work? Still want to try it. -Joan K. Dear Joan, Before I dive into your specific question, consider a ver... Click to continue →

Do Osteoporosis Drugs Cause Hair Loss? (The Answer May Shock You!)

As if osteoporosis drugs couldn’t get any worse, recent research reveals that they may cause hair loss… to the point of baldness. As explained in the Save Our Bones Program, bisphosphonates such as Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, Reclast and their generic counterparts, interfere with a crucial biochemical pathway, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. The scientific term for hair loss is alopecia, and it’s dreaded by men and especially by women.... Click to continue →

New Year Off To A Bad Start For Osteoporosis Drugs

The year 2009 has just begun, and it looks like it will be a year of big surprises – at least for the makers of Osteoporosis drugs. New information is opening up the door to many unanswered questions and suspicions about the most commonly prescribed drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva. On December 31st, just on time to herald the New Year, Reuters reported the following: Diane Wysowski of the FDA’s division of drug risk assess... Click to continue →

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