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Eat This Zesty Bone-Building Veggie In Season Now

...e side of your plate had so much to offer? Not Among the Dirty Dozen There’s another important characteristic of radishes: they are not on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list. So it’s not likely that they are contaminated with pesticides. Whether you get the conventional or organic kind, select smooth-skinned and firm bulbs with vibrant leaves (if still attached). A Different Way to Enjoy Radishes There is more to the radish tha... Click to continue →

Top 5 Calcium-Rich Alkalizing Foods: Part 2

Today we’re going to continue with last week’s theme of the top five calcium-rich foods. I’m going to share some delicious recipes that incorporate these foods and other Foundation Foods. Plus every recipe will be either pH-balanced or alkalizing. I always like to include as many Foundation Foods in my meals and snacks as possible, and here’s why: our bones require specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to be strong... Click to continue →

5 Vital Bone-Building Nutrients In This Delicious Green Legume

Did you know that there’s a delicious alkalizing legume that’s full of bone-building Foundation Supplements? And it’s versatility is amazing: it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from stir-fries to salads to soups. Today, we’ll explore this nutrient-rich legume for the first time, and I’ve included a pH-balanced recipe that celebrates its flavor and bone-healthy goodness. Together with the rest of the ingredients, this brand-new recipe is an... Click to continue →

9 Easy Tricks To Drink More Water… And Nourish Your Bones

It’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated, especially during cold weather when you don’t feel thirsty. And you may not realize that dehydration actually damages your bones. Plus it can also make you feel tired, give you headaches, heart palpitations, and more. To stay properly hydrated, you need to drink water before you feel thirsty. Today’s nine tricks will help remind you to give your bones and your body the necessary hydration. You’... Click to continue →

Top 5 Bone-Building Tips For Spring

Springtime is a season of renewal – trees and plants revive, warm sunshine returns, and the days get longer. If you’ve experienced this past record-cold winter, you’re certainly glad that in the Northern Hemisphere spring is here and summer is on the way. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get into an unhealthy rut during the cold, dark months. So today’s post is an inspirational reminder to break out of the winter “blahs” and take advantage of the ne... Click to continue →

Could This Silent Organ Malfunction Impair Your Bone-Building Efforts?

Getting plenty of Foundation Supplements is certainly important for building your bones. But have you ever considered what would happen if your body wasn’t absorbing and utilizing them? Chances are you’d lose bone density, because the nutrients you’re ingesting wouldn’t be getting to your bones. Today’s post is about this issue, particularly the absorption of Vitamins D and K, both crucial to increase bone density. You’ll discover which organ is... Click to continue →

The Forgotten Nutrient That Strengthens Your Bones And Prevents The Flu

When you’re looking to increase your bone density, chances are you’ve been focusing a lot on your calcium intake, among other things. That’s important, of course, but there’s a little-known mineral that is rarely related to bone health. It’s one of the Foundation Supplements in the Save Our Bones Program and it can also be found in many foods, which are listed in the Save Our Bones Program. Unfortunately, this mineral is more often than not ig... Click to continue →

The Buzz About Beer And Your Bone Health: My Take

Study toasts beer as being good for your bones NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Beer drinkers now have a good excuse to order another round — the brew may help keep bones strong, a study has found. NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Beer drinkers now have a good excuse to order another round — the brew may help keep bones strong, a study has found. Researchers from the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of... Click to continue →

Astaxanthin: A Superior Bone-Healthy Antioxidant

These days, antioxidants are a fairly well-known class of nutrients. Names like lycopene and beta-carotene are part of everyday discussions about nutrition. But one antioxidant tends to get overlooked, despite the fact that it has more antioxidant power than beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. I’m talking about astaxanthin, an antioxidant related to beta-carotene that, amazingly, can neutralize free radicals without compromising its molecular st... Click to continue →

The 3 Foods That Eat Your Bones And What You Should Eat Instead

To help stay on the right track with your bone health, it’s important you know not only what helps you; you also need to know which foods you should avoid. So here are the three foods that literally eat your bones away. Let’s get started… 1. Cured meats If you follow the Save Our Bones Program, you know that all meat, poultry, and fish are acidifying foods. Therefore, you should have them in moderation and in balance with alkalizing foods... Click to continue →

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