3 Bone-Smart, Sugar-Free, No-Bake Desserts

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I’m really excited about the dessert recipes in today’s post. They’re perfect for holiday celebrations, but they’re so easy to make, you’ll want to have them year-round. And with Labor Day around the corner, you’ll have the perfect reason to try them out! Amazingly, none of these sweet treats has any added sugar. Plus, you don’t even have to bake … Click to continue →

Boost Your Brain Health And Avoid Fractures With These 6 Easy Activities

boost-brain-health 10 comments

It never ceases to amaze me that there is a connection between our brain and our bones. Of course, the brain connects to every body system in some capacity; but the way in which it interacts with bones is really fascinating. We’re going to delve into this topic today, touching on two important bone health concepts: cognitive function and fracture … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Targeted Forward Head Posture Eliminator

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Forward head posture (FHP) paves the way for weak, tight, and strained neck muscles. They become part of the poor posture cycle, with weakened muscles failing to hold the head in the right position. The Targeted Forward Head Posture Eliminator breaks that cycle by targeting the neck flexor muscles. Though seldom mentioned, this muscle group is pivotal in proper head … Click to continue →

French Fries, Onion Rings And Fried Chicken Can Be Bone-Healthy If You Cook Them Like This!

bone-healthy-junk-food 18 comments

Fast food restaurants seem to be designed for temptation. With their low prices, addictive flavors, and convenient locations, fast food can be hard to resist. They typically use the cheapest ingredients, so their menu is full of health-damaging GMOs, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), bleached flour and many chemical additives. Fortunately, avoiding fast food is much easier when there are … Click to continue →

3 Bone-Building Foods That Work Better Than Harmful Drugs For Acid Reflux, Arthritis And Migraines

3-foods-acid-reflux-arthritis-migraines 21 comments

The pharmaceutical approach to healing is rarely challenged in Western medicine. From a very early age, we’re taught that drugs are the answer to whatever ails us, and that doctors, who are given the exclusive power to prescribe these drugs, are not to be questioned. Thankfully, this acceptance of conventional medical methods is changing. Many patients are dissatisfied with medications … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Leg-Eye Coordination Improver

weekend-challenge 8 comments

This weekend’s challenge is a practical, simple, but crucial exercise that improves leg-eye coordination to help prevent falls. Fall prevention goes hand-in-hand with fracture prevention, and leg-eye coordination is one of the keys to unlocking excellent balance and “object avoidance” (not tripping over objects, in other words!). Leg-eye coordination is about reinforcing the body-brain connection, and exercises that do this … Click to continue →

3 Unexpected Stress Triggers That Can Damage Your Bones

3-stress-triggers 13 comments

Stress is not only unpleasant; it can damage your bones by keeping cortisol levels elevated. So naturally, it makes sense to avoid it. Sometimes, that means “exposing” sources of stress that you may not even realize are there, and then doing something positive to overcome them. So if you’re stressed often and find it hard to pinpoint the root cause, … Click to continue →

Bone Biomechanics: The Truth About Bone Strength And Why Osteoporosis Drugs Don’t Prevent Fractures (But May Actually Cause Them!)

bone-biomechanics 26 comments

The Medical Establishment centers osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment on just one measurable bone health parameter: bone density. The Save Our Bones Program emphasizes that not density, but rather bone quality and tensile strength are key to fracture resistance. While it is desirable to increase bone density, not all bone density is created equal, as you’ll learn in today’s post. So … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Isometric Femur Builder

weekend-challenge 13 comments

This weekend’s challenge is an isometric exercise that works the thigh muscles to build density in the femur, which is especially important for anyone who’s ever taken bisphosphonates and for those suffering from knee pain. Knee pain is, unfortunately, quite common, especially among older adults. But research shows that strengthening the thigh muscles brings relief of knee pain, even if … Click to continue →

High Cholesterol And Your Bones: The Surprising Link (Plus 10 Foods That Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol)

cholesterol-your-bones 38 comments

“You have to lower your cholesterol to avoid heart disease.” “High cholesterol is mainly caused from eating fatty foods.” Chances are you’ve heard these statements from your doctor or read them online. Statements like these have been in common parlance for so long that they’re considered standard knowledge. But there’s only one problem. The above statements are incorrect, and so … Click to continue →

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