Alert! Never-Published Study Uncovers How And Why Bisphosphonates Cause Atypical Fractures

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A recent University of Michigan study has revealed ground-breaking news about the bone-destroying nature of bisphosphonates, the most commonly prescribed class of osteoporosis drugs. The research uncovers the mechanism by which bisphosphonates weaken the femoral neck, leading to atypical femur fractures. Why isn’t this news being shouted from the rooftops? Shamefully, this study was covered up, never published in any … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Upper Body Mobility And Coordination Enhancer

weekend-challenge 18 comments

This weekend’s challenge is an aerobic move that works and stretches the torso, spine, and rib cage. Its dance-like movements improve coordination and keep your heart rate up. In addition, recent scientific research shows that not only does aerobic exercise induce a happy mood, it also helps the good mood to stick around for some time. So besides all the … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Sobering News About Americans’ Musculoskeletal Disorders And Lifestyles, Our Exciting Announcement On Osteoporosis Awareness Month, And Much More!

save-our-bones-bulletin 28 comments

Welcome to the Save Our Bones Bulletin, where you can find the latest news pertaining to osteoporosis from around the world. Today’s topics include the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions among Americans, and the shocking – although not unrelated – fact that a tiny minority of Americans actually leads a healthy lifestyle. But here at Save Our Bones, we’re working hard … Click to continue →

4 Efficient Tricks To Increase Your Bone Density And Your Energy

increase-bone-density-energy 24 comments

We all know that oxygen is absolutely necessary for life. It’s required for our cells to function properly, for energy, and it’s a vital component of systemic alkalization. So the question is, are you getting enough oxygen each day? It may surprise you to learn that there is more to oxygenating the body than simply breathing. Today’s four valuable tips … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Triple Action Hip Builder

weekend-challenge 15 comments

This weekend’s challenge builds the hip joint and, as an added benefit, helps tone the muscles of your waist to get rid of “love handles.” It’s called the Triple Action Hip Builder because it directly targets the hip in three ways: by strengthening the iliopsoas muscles, building bone in the pelvis (including the crucial femoral neck), and enhancing flexibility in … Click to continue →

Not Sure You Can Stick With Your Bone Healthy Diet? These 9 Steps Will Guarantee You Can!

9-ways-eat-healthy 16 comments

With so many “diets” out there, chances are you’ve tried one or more of them and found them too difficult to follow. So you might be reluctant to follow a nutritional plan for your bones. But the Save Our Bones Program is not a “fad diet.” You don’t have to buy special pre-packaged meals, cut out entire food groups, or … Click to continue →

Debunking The Just-Published New York Times Article On Exercise And Bone Strength

debundking-nyt-article-exercise-bone-health 42 comments

Couch potatoes everywhere surely rejoiced when the New York Times published an article that ostensibly “debunked” the notion that exercise builds strong bones. The article concludes that prescription drugs are the only hope for staving off osteoporosis. In fact, the author suggests that the soon-to-be-approved daily injectable and transdermal patch drug abaloparatide will be the most effective way to “rescue” … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Strengthening Balance Enhancer

weekend-challenge 16 comments

This weekend’s exercise promotes coordination and balance to help you prevent dangerous falls. It also targets the muscles in the shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs, stimulating bone growth in the corresponding areas. So let’s get started with the Strengthening Balance Enhancer! Among the older population, most fractures are the result of falls. So strengthening the muscles involved in balance is … Click to continue →

Annoyed By Water Retention? Try These 6 Ways To Control It (And Build Your Bones Too!)

water-retention 13 comments

Water retention can be very uncomfortable. Not only do your clothes not fit, but you may feel overly full and sluggish. Relief from these annoying symptoms is not far away, however – in fact, it’s no further than your kitchen and grocery store! Today we’ll look at six effective, scientifically-proven ways to reduce water retention, and unlike pharmaceutical diuretics, all … Click to continue →

The 7 Most Toxic Fish You Should Avoid To Protect Your Bones And Your Health (And Which You Should Eat Instead)

avoid-toxic-bone-damaging-fish 25 comments

Although acidifying, many types of seafood offer bone-nourishing, healthful nutrients and have an important place in the 80/20 nutritional plan of the Save Our Bones Program. But not all seafood is equally healthful, and some varieties are best avoided. While the list of “good fish” and “bad fish” changes periodically, you should not eat the following seven fish (and seafood … Click to continue →

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