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Weekend Challenge: The Whole Body Aligner

weekend-challenge 26 comments

Today’s Weekend Challenge is different from the previous ones. It's a stretch that aligns your spine, ribs, and lower back. I call it the Whole Body Aligner because of the restorative effect it has on the skeleton and your nervous system. It provides a gentle stretch for your hamstrings and inner thighs, while relaxing your upper body to promote deep … Click to continue →

How To Bake A Bone-Building Brownie (Yes, You Read This Right!)

bone-healthy-brownie 21 comments

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. In the USA, that means celebrating the 4th of July with cookouts, picnics, and other celebrations. Of course, sweet treats abound at all these festivities, including an American favorite: the brownie, a moist, chocolate, cake-like dessert that is perfect for picnics. With their very high sugar content and white flour … Click to continue →

Your Bones, Nose, And Ears: The Unlikely Connection

bones-nose-ears 18 comments

If you think of one of the five senses that affects your bones, you would probably choose sight. After all, sight alerts you to dangerous objects you might trip over, and as many Savers know, sight helps you keep your balance. But what if I told you that your senses of hearing and smell have a significant effect on your … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Hip Bone Protector

weekend-challenge 37 comments

With hip fracture numbers unrelentingly increasing, today’s challenge is about increasing bone density of the hip bones. The Hip Bone Protector is a very effective exercise to strengthen muscles around the hip bone, improve balance, and build bone in that fracture-prone area. It works the pelvic rotator muscles, so it also stabilizes and aligns the hips plus it adds mobility … Click to continue →

The Simple Secret To A Lifetime Of Healthy Bones

simple-bone-health-secret 29 comments

In today’s post, I’m going to let you in on a big secret. I’m pretty sure that once you’ll read it, it will amaze you. Because it’s really easy and anyone can do it. It’s about a simple way to make sure you’ll have healthy bones for a lifetime, in contrast to the prescription drug solutions offered by the Medical … Click to continue →

3 Remarkably Easy Stretches That Improve Your Posture And Prevent Compression Fractures

3-posture-stretches 31 comments

It’s no secret that regular exercise, including weight-bearing activities and targeted moves that apply pressure on bones, is crucial for optimal bone health. But you may not have thought about the importance of stretching for preventing vertebral fractures. Stretching actually helps improve posture and keeps your spine aligned, thus preventing painful collapsed vertebrae. And stretching your spine throughout the day … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Vertebrae And Rib Protector

weekend-challenge 45 comments

Today’s exercise can be practiced while sitting down, and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed at how much you can do for your bones with such a simple move. As its name implies, the Vertebrae And Rib Protector stabilizes your upper vertebrae and ribs, and strengthens and tones key muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms. Plus this exercise is … Click to continue →

Breaking: Save Our Bones Is Now Doctor Trusted™ Certified (A Rating!)

doctor-trusted 46 comments

If I had to describe Savers, the first thing I'd say is that they're most certainly a very smart bunch. What more would I say? That they're fearless, yet cautious That they rely on science but question everything That they always use common sense No less important is their open-mindedness and willingness to break away from the mainstream ideology. These … Click to continue →

Could This Silent Organ Malfunction Impair Your Bone-Building Efforts?

liver-bone-building 21 comments

Getting plenty of Foundation Supplements is certainly important for building your bones. But have you ever considered what would happen if your body wasn’t absorbing and utilizing them? Chances are you’d lose bone density, because the nutrients you’re ingesting wouldn’t be getting to your bones. Today’s post is about this issue, particularly the absorption of Vitamins D and K, both … Click to continue →

The Ultimate Alkalizing Dish: Prepare It In Minutes And Get 10 Foundation Supplements

ultimate-alkalizer 41 comments

Today’s post is about a simple raw dish that takes just minutes to prepare, and is 100% alkalizing. I called it the Bone-Building Acid Neutralizer because it’s designed to eliminate bone-damaging acid build-up in your body and to balance the pH of any acidifying food you’re eating during a meal. Plus it contains no fewer than 10 Foundation Supplements, and … Click to continue →

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