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An Easy Way To Get More Vitamin D

vitamin-c-and-d 45 comments

The year 1990 was marked by turmoil and instability in the Soviet Union. But that did not deter three Soviet scientists from discovering for the first time ever a surprising, and until then unknown link between two of the most popular vitamins. Led by Igor Sergeev, the study revealed that Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, plays a critical role in … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Weekender: October 6, 2012

weekend-news 24 comments

I hope you enjoy the first edition of the Save Our Bones Weekender. This will become a semi-regular feature, where you'll get a recap of the latest osteoporosis news, as well as an opportunity to revisit a blog post from this time one year ago. Plus I'll also share news stories or videos that I hope will make you smile … Click to continue →

Sunflower Seeds: The Bone And Brain Food

sunflower-seeds-osteoporosis 50 comments

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh depicted their bright yellow beauty in a series of paintings he named Sunflowers or in French, Tournesol. But these giant flowers do a lot more than inspire artists. The alkalizing seeds of the sunflower, besides being crunchy and delicious, contain high levels of important nutrients that help you build your bones and prevent another condition … Click to continue →

Revealed: Osteoporosis Drugs’ Secret Dark Past

osteoporosis-drugs-dark-past 60 comments

September 29th marks the “anniversary” of Fosamax, the first bisphosphonate drug approved by the FDA in 1995 for treating and preventing osteoporosis. Soon after, other similar bisphosphonate drugs, such as Boniva and Actonel, along with their once-a-week and monthly variations, entered the profitable osteoporosis market, as well as Reclast, an intravenous drug. As you probably know by now, the day … Click to continue →

Eat These Two Powerful Foods To Cleanse Your Body Of Osteoporosis Drugs And More

osteoporosis-drug-cleanse 43 comments

It’s happening all the time, yet we don’t even notice it. Our kidneys and liver are hard at work every minute of the day, removing toxic waste from the body. As you know from the Save Our Bones Program, one of the kidneys’ primary functions is to keep the body’s pH in balance. Additionally, the kidneys play an important role … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #24: Emotional Barriers, Calcium And Nutrition, Supplements And Longevity, Whey Protein, Osteoporosis Decisions, And More!

vivian-answers-day 33 comments

I read in the Save Our Bones Program that stress releases cortisol, which hurts bones as much as an acid pH. I’m following the program, but lately ... Click to continue →

New Osteoporosis Exercise Info Released

exercise-osteoporosis 74 comments

It may sound too good to be true. A new study shows that exercising for just a little over two hours a week curtails the production of a hormone that stops new bone formation. Plus, it naturally increases levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which promotes bone growth. The soon-to be-published research is great news to all of us in … Click to continue →

Eat This Guilt-Free Bone-Healthy Sweet

pineapple-osteoporosis 30 comments

Its name is an uncharacteristic blend of two languages - Spanish and English. In fact, it was Spain’s Queen Isabella who named it in 1493, after Christopher Columbus brought it from the island of Guadeloupe. But the crowning glory of the delicious pineapple, a Foundation Food, is its rich content of bone-healthy nutrients, most of which are Foundation Supplements. In … Click to continue →

Fluoride: The Invisible Threat To Your Bones

fluoride-osteoporosis 35 comments

Water fluoridation is seen by mainstream scientists as one of the top achievements in public health. Most dentists and doctors praise the supplementation of municipal water. However, multiple studies show that fluoride has a direct negative impact on cellular and enzymatic activity, causing a slew of undesirable health effects. From thyroid dysfunction to neurological disorders and brittle bones, study after … Click to continue →

Water Week Part 5 – And The Winners Of The ‘Win A Free Distiller Sweepstakes’ Are…

water-week 24 comments

The Win a Free Distiller Sweepstakes has generated a lot of excitement within our community. There were over 3,000 entries to win the Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller and other prizes. And today, I’m happy to announce the winners: Elaine Sharp Congratulations Elaine! You won the Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller plus all the exclusive bonuses. Someone from my staff will contact … Click to continue →

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