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The Bone Healthy Toothpaste You Can Make At Home

bone-healthy-toothpaste 74 comments

It may seem ridiculous, especially in this day and age. How could a product that’s sold at drugstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and even gas stations be so difficult to find? It turns out that if you want to get the toothpaste that won’t harm your bones and your general health, then you’re in for a true expedition. You see, the … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #17: Cell Regeneration, Boniva, Magnesium Overdose, Calcium Absorption, Best Water, And More!

vivian-answers-day 59 comments

I have osteoporosis, and my doctor told me that the only way to get cured is to take the drugs. But I don't want to, I'm really scared of them. I asked if there was a way to build bones without drugs, and he said that I'm stuck with the bones I have unless I follow his advice. I just … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge: Day #3

daily-double-challenge 44 comments

What: Park your car as far away as possible from your destination for one whole day. Why: Today is the beginning of the first “regular” week after the holidays, so we all need to increase our weight-bearing activities to add more punch to our bone-building endeavors. A great way to do this is to take advantage of each and every … Click to continue →

A Bone Healthy Dynamic Duo #2

bone-healthy-dynamic-duo1 42 comments

A couple of months ago, I gave you my first Double Delight – apples and cucumbers. I was thrilled to see how many of you loved this simple treat and requested more alkalizing snack combinations. So… here’s Double Delight 2, another easy and refreshing snack idea. The ingredients are simple: celery and red grapes. As with cucumber and apples, this … Click to continue →

9 Bone Damaging Chemicals You May Be Using Everyday

bone-damaging-chemicals 28 comments

If you’re eating a bone healthy pH-balanced diet, exercising to strengthen your bones, and making lifestyle changes to reduce the acidifying effects of stress, you are doing the right thing! All these easy lifestyle changes will go a long way toward reversing osteoporosis and osteopenia. Today, I’d like you to take a close look at the products you use to … Click to continue →

Merry Christmas!

christmas1 0 comments

Wishing you and your entire family a Merry Christmas and happy holidays full of joy and good health. Click to continue →

Happy Channukah!

channukah1 0 comments

Happy Channukah to everybody in the Save Our Bones Community who's celebrating the "Festival of Lights" this week. May your lives be lit with joy, health and happiness always, Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #16: Spinal Exercises, Fish Oil, Gluten Intolerance, Astaxanthin, Kidney Stones, Forteo Side-Effects, And More!

vivian-answers-day 52 comments

My doctor suggested that I alter my exercise routine to strengthen the muscles surrounding my lower spine. What exercise books or DVDs are available that you would recommend, focusing on the lower back muscles? ... Click to continue →

The Peculiar Bone-Healthy Fruit

prune-osteoporosis 29 comments

“Eat your prunes!” has been the refrain of caring grandmas through the ages. Grandma was probably thinking of your digestive health, but recently prunes have been in the news for a different reason. A Florida State University study led by Shirin Hooshmand and Bahram H. Arjmandi claims that prunes are “the most effective fruit in both preventing and reversing bone … Click to continue →

My Thanksgiving Gift: Chef Secrets E-Book

chef-secrets 32 comments

Every single day I am thankful for the Save Our Bones community. And on this Thanksgiving day, I'd like to give special thanks for your being a part of it and for sticking by my side. Our community is growing by leaps and bounds, and although much to the chagrin of some, it's a a victory for those who believe … Click to continue →

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