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4 Warning Signs That Your Body And Bones Do Not Like Milk

4-signs-bones-dont-like-milk 29 comments

Milk and milk products can be hard to give up, primarily because we’ve been led to believe they’re an essential part of a healthful diet. This is not surprising, given the millions of dollars spent on milk ads and that most doctors recommend osteoporosis patients to drink milk. But the truth is that milk is neither nutritionally essential nor a … Click to continue →

7 ‘Sneaky’ Ways To Eat Less Meat

eat-less-meat 25 comments

Meat dishes, while definitely not essential for healthy bones, are not out of bounds when you're following the Save Our Bones Program - especially when the meat is hormone/antibiotic free and from animals that were raised humanely. However, sometimes you may prefer to steer clear of meat dishes while still enjoying the hearty and tasty satisfaction you get from them … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Full Body Strengthener

weekend-challenge 28 comments

I love this weekend’s exercise – it’s a simple yet challenging move that strengthens your whole body and leaves you feeling energized. The Full Body Strengthener is a stand-up exercise that you can “take with you” to the office, home, or wherever you may find yourself. And as an added bonus, I'll share with you easy ways to offset the … Click to continue →

Recently Discovered: 3 Surprising Biological Processes That Require Calcium And Impact Your Bones

3-biological-processes-calcium 10 comments

Ninety-nine percent of the body’s calcium is found in bone. But science reveals some astonishing news about the biological roles of the remaining one percent. It’s already known that calcium in the bloodstream is required for blood clotting, stable blood pressure, brain function, and intracellular communication. That’s amazing enough, but now researchers have uncovered three previously unknown functions of calcium … Click to continue →

Stop Using This In Your Coffee And Use This Instead

stop-using-this-in-your-coffee 40 comments

Even though coffee is acidifying, it’s a rich source of bone-building polyphenols. So I really enjoy my cup of coffee at breakfast. But I make sure to avoid creamers that could turn my morning cup into a toxic, bone-damaging beverage. Most commercial creamers are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavors, hydrogenated oils, and acidifying chemicals. This is true with … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Complete Upper Body Toner

weekend-challenge 21 comments

This weekend, we’re going to focus on the often-overlooked bones and muscles of the arms, hands, shoulders, and chest. These are very important areas that need to be addressed, especially for women. In fact, I share with you research that shows women generally have weaker upper body muscles than men. But don’t despair, ladies, because it’s also been shown that … Click to continue →

2 Delicious Bone-Smart Picnic Recipes To Share And Celebrate

delicious-picnic-recipes 6 comments

Here in the U.S., Labor Day signals summer’s end. The weather is still quite warm, making it the perfect time to enjoy summer activities before the chill of autumn sets in. Picnics with family and friends are a fun way to say goodbye to summer. But don’t think that picnics mean you have to break your commitment to pH-balanced nutrition. … Click to continue →

Take This 2 Minute Stress Quiz To Find Out If Your Personality Could Be Harming Your Bones

take-this-2-minute-stress-quiz 15 comments

A certain amount of stress is inevitable, but some are more affected by it than others because each individual handles stress differently. Believe it or not, it depends on the type of personality. Today’s post contains an insightful Stress Test, and not the kind you undergo in a doctor’s office! It’s a series of questions to help you discover whether … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Seated Femur Rejuvenator

weekend-challenge 17 comments

This weekend I bring you another exercise that’s practiced while sitting down, which comes in really handy when you’re trying to include density-building exercises in your daily routine. This kind of accessibility is especially important today, since sobering statistics reveal that osteoporosis is more prevalent worldwide than ever before. So making bone-building exercise available to everyone is one significant way … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Data Confirms Non-Stick Cookware Causes Bone Loss, Shocking Alliance Between Big Sugar And The NIH, Surprising Good News, And More!

osteoporosis-news 21 comments

We begin this month’s Bulletin with a just-published study on non-stick cookware and osteoporosis. While Savers have been warned about this from the get-go, the fact that a mainstream publication is bringing this back to light is certainly a step in the right direction. Next, there’s a shocking revelation about the sugar industry and how, decades ago, it gained the … Click to continue →

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