Are You A Constant Worrier? Here’s How To Put An End To That Before It Damages Your Bones

worrying-damages-bones 38 comments

Is worry your constant companion? Worrisome thought patterns can become a habit, and that’s bad news for your bone health. Also, excessive and chronic worrying has been shown to have a significant negative impact on other body systems. In today’s post, we’re going to delve into this topic, including the latest scientific research on what you can do about it. … Click to continue →

8 Scientifically-Based Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Healthy Carbs 

8-reasons-for-healthy-carbs 10 comments

I’m sure you’re familiar with low-carb diets as they've received so much attention in recent years. The idea is to eliminate or greatly reduce carbohydrates from the diet, regardless of their source. But according to research, indiscriminately cutting out all carbs offers no significant health benefits, and actually deprives your body, including your bones, of vital nutrients. That’s because not … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Easy Posture Adjuster

weekend-challenge 9 comments

One of the best things about the Weekend Challenges is that they do not require special machines or equipment. Some of them have an option for hand weights or bottles of water; others might require a yoga mat. This weekend, it’s a kitchen countertop! The Easy Posture Adjuster shows you how to enhance your posture any time you’re near a … Click to continue →

The Amazing Nut That Has Huge Bone Health Benefits And 12 Foundation Supplements

amazing-bone-building-nut 11 comments

Native to North America, this buttery nut has much to offer your bones and whole body: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthful fatty acids, to name a few. It can be used in sweet or savory dishes, belongs to the same family as hickory nuts, and the trees grow wild in the United States. Sound familiar? I am talking about … Click to continue →

3 Evidence-Based Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally (And Protect Your Bones)

3-ways-lower-blood-pressure-naturally 30 comments

It may surprise you to learn that blood pressure and bone health are related, since chances are your doctor never mentioned the connection to you. In fact, scientific data has shown that high blood pressure increases bone loss. Unfortunately, the Medical Establishment tends to compartmentalize and isolate health conditions, treating them with drugs, but the Save Our Bones approach is … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Agility Enhancer

weekend-challenge 13 comments

Today’s exercise targets the buttocks muscles, or glutes, which are often overlooked, despite their pivotal role in gait, coordination, and even relieving and preventing lower back pain. In fact, the glutes are the key to the distinctive human ability to walk upright. Weak glutes not only compromise your agility, but they can also contribute to a destabilized sacrum and sacroiliac … Click to continue →

Are You Making These 9 Walking Mistakes That May Be Hurting Bones? Find Out Here

9-walking-mistakes 29 comments

Spring is soon approaching the Northern Hemisphere, and I’m sure everyone is eager to get outside. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and build your bones is to go for a walk. In fact, walking is recommended in the Save Our Bones Program as a bone-healthy, weight-bearing exercise that makes an excellent baseline for targeted bone density exercises. But … Click to continue →

Can Daily Aspirin ‘Therapy’ Hurt Your Bones? Get The Evidence-Based Data Now!

daily-aspirin-bones 27 comments

Taking an aspirin a day to prevent cardiovascular disease has become a widespread practice, and doctors frequently recommend it. But aspirin therapy is not without risks – some of them significant – and in keeping with the Save Our Bones philosophy, why take such risks when there are natural, scientifically-based ways to accomplish the same thing? That’s what we’re going … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Shoulder Mobilizer And Chest Expander

weekend-challenge 16 comments

This weekend’s exercise addresses shoulder joint mobility and chest expansion, and it stretches the “lats” and other important muscles of the upper body. It’s an excellent move for avoiding and correcting kyphosis and keeping the upper body flexible and strong. It’s a good addition to your regular workout routine, especially if it normally includes mostly walking. In fact, we’re going … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: ‘Real-Time’ Bone Health Test Could Soon Replace DEXA Scans, Popular Candy Maker Will Ditch Synthetic Dyes, New Study Reveals Serum Bicarbonate Levels Affect Longevity, And More!

save-our-bones-bulletin 27 comments

In this month’s Bulletin you’ll discover an intriguing method for measuring an individual’s rate of bone turnover as it happens, rather than measuring bone remodeling activity in the past, as with DEXA scans. And there’s encouraging news from Mars, Inc., one of the top food companies in the world. The popular candy maker is dropping all artificial colors from their … Click to continue →

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