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3 Amazing Ways To Reverse The Bone Aging Process At The Cellular Level

3-amazing-ways-to-reverse-bone-aging 31 comments

Today we’re going to delve into a fascinating subject: epigenetics, the study of gene expression (active and inactive genes). You’ll learn about the process of methylation and how it contributes to the aging of your body, including your bones, because of its effects on your DNA. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to “turn it off” with three scientifically-proven yet simple … Click to continue →

4 Hushed-Up Ways GMOs Can Devastate Your Bones And Your Health

4-ways-gmos-devestate-your-bones 22 comments

Chances are, you’re familiar with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) – crops that have been altered at the genetic level to exhibit certain characteristics, such as pesticide or herbicide resistance. Today I reveal four hushed-up ways that GMOs can damage your bones and your general health, all backed up by scientific studies. We’re also going to dig deep into Monsanto’s Roundup … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Posture Adjuster

weekend-challenge 11 comments

This weekend’s exercise is the Posture Adjuster. It concentrates on the area between the shoulder blades and the cervical vertebrae, aligning the upper back and neck to improve posture. As soon as you’ll try it you’ll notice that it feels great. Correcting and avoiding poor posture is essential. Not only does it increase your risk of falling; a shocking study … Click to continue →

Exposed! The Biggest Mainstream Bone Health Deception Of Them All

biggest-bone-health-deception 18 comments

The Medical Establishment categorizes osteoporosis as a chronic “disease,” on par with diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis, to name a few. No wonder an osteoporosis diagnosis causes great fear and can even lead to depression! But you shouldn’t take this conventional “wisdom” to heart. In fact, one of the main premises of the Save Our Bones Program is that osteoporosis … Click to continue →

3 Delicious 100% Alkalizing Meat Replacement Recipes

3-delicious-alkalizing-meat-replacement-recipes 35 comments

If you think an alkalizing meal must include mountainous piles of greens and vegetables heaped on a plate, you absolutely must read today’s post. I’ll show you how you can get creative in the kitchen and whip up 100% alkalizing dishes that go beyond just veggies and salads. And an added bonus is that they contain complete vegetarian protein, so … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: High Impact Axial Loader

weekend-challenge 15 comments

This weekend’s exercise is fun, versatile, and very effective. The High Impact Axial Loader is a great way to increase bone density in areas prone to fracture, thanks to osteogenic loading. It’s very effective at strengthening the bones in your legs, arms and femoral neck. It also enhances coordination, gives you an excellent cardio workout, and more. Let’s get started! … Click to continue →

The (Huge) Difference Between Vitamins D3 and D2 And Why You Should Never Take D2

vitamin-d3-vs-d2 21 comments

Today I am going to share with you some crucial but little-known information about Vitamin D that your doctor simply won’t tell you. You see, if your blood test results have shown that you are Vitamin D deficient, chances are your doctor prescribed Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) supplements instead of D3 (cholecalciferol). Today, you’ll learn the difference between these two forms … Click to continue →

Revolutionary! World Congress On Osteoporosis Recommends First Non-Pharmaceutical Bone-Health Protocol

world-congress-on-osteoporosis 41 comments

Today I’m bringing you some truly revolutionary news. For the first time ever, scientists at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, agreed on a drug-free method for “treating” osteoporosis. It’s called osteogenic loading, and it’s based on principles established by the Save Our Bones Program from the get-go. So while the mainstream hails this as something new, the breakthrough development is … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Balancing Arm Reach

weekend-challenge 7 comments

This weekend’s exercise is a balance-enhancing move that has an advanced version, which, as you’ll see, is quite challenging. The Balancing Arm Reach also expands the rib cage, promotes deep breathing, and it strengthens the hips and ankles. I also share with you a motivational study on the lifestyle-enhancing benefits of regular exercise. I know you’ll want to get started … Click to continue →

Cysteine Protects Your Bones From Damaging Oxidation And Keeps You Young

cysteine-and-bones 23 comments

Cysteine is a nonessential amino acid (one of the 20 building blocks of protein), which means it’s synthesized in the body. Yet research shows that most of the population will sooner or later have a cysteine deficiency. Cysteine is considered one of the principal sulfur-containing amino acids because it is actually incorporated into proteins. And there’s more to cysteine. It … Click to continue →

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