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5 Foods That Naturally Improve Your Balance

resveratrol-osteoporosis 40 comments

It doesn’t happen all that often. Even when there’s clear evidence that a natural compound works, most mainstream scientists typically end their studies saying that “more evidence is needed.” So it is truly astonishing when a researcher and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology (it doesn't get more mainstream than that) calls a natural compound found in grapes, blueberries and other dark-skinned … Click to continue →

‘Trick’ Your Taste Buds And ‘Treat’ Your Bones

bone-healthy-pumpkin 43 comments

Do you know what really spooks me about Halloween? Not the ghouls and ghosts, but the huge amount of sugar kids - and often adults - end up eating. When my sons were younger, they would cleverly go "trick or treating” around the neighborhood on rollerblades so as to cover more ground and collect as much candy as possible. They … Click to continue →

The Right Way And The Wrong Way To Exercise For Your Bones

exercise-right-way-osteoporosis 73 comments

I have something to confess. I may not have emphasized enough one of the most important things you can do to get rid of osteoporosis. Don’t get me wrong, nutrition and lifestyle changes are crucial to your bone health. But there’s more to treating osteoporosis naturally. In the Save Our Bones Program I’ve devoted an entire chapter to this topic, … Click to continue →

Is Orange A Bone-Healthy Color?

bone-healthy-carrot-sweet-potato 36 comments

It reminds us of a burst of energy, bright sunshine, and autumn. It is also the color of quite a number of delicious veggies, some of which are Foundation Foods. So what is this all about? It’s about the color orange. Believe or not, the colors of foods play an important role in bone health, and today, you’ll discover two … Click to continue →

Confirmed: Stress Reduces Bone Density

osteoporosis-stress 14 comments

“We can’t control the wind, but we can adjust the sails." This is more than just one of my favorite quotes. Remembering its wisdom-filled words during the difficult times that followed my shocking osteoporosis diagnosis, back in 2004 helped me mitigate the effects of that stressful period in my life. The stress quickly evaporated once I discovered the truth about … Click to continue →

What’s Behind The Sudden Decline In Osteoporosis Ads?

osteoporosis-tv-ads 39 comments

Did you notice that there are no Boniva ads on TV lately? In case you wonder why Sally Field’s career as its spokesperson has been suddenly “grounded”, I have the answer. You see, Boniva’s patent expired in March of this year, so the FDA immediately approved the generic version of the hugely popular osteoporosis drug.1 Now that doctors can prescribe … Click to continue →

An Easy Way To Get More Vitamin D

vitamin-c-and-d 45 comments

The year 1990 was marked by turmoil and instability in the Soviet Union. But that did not deter three Soviet scientists from discovering for the first time ever a surprising, and until then unknown link between two of the most popular vitamins. Led by Igor Sergeev, the study revealed that Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, plays a critical role in … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Weekender: October 6, 2012

weekend-news 24 comments

I hope you enjoy the first edition of the Save Our Bones Weekender. This will become a semi-regular feature, where you'll get a recap of the latest osteoporosis news, as well as an opportunity to revisit a blog post from this time one year ago. Plus I'll also share news stories or videos that I hope will make you smile … Click to continue →

Sunflower Seeds: The Bone And Brain Food

sunflower-seeds-osteoporosis 50 comments

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh depicted their bright yellow beauty in a series of paintings he named Sunflowers or in French, Tournesol. But these giant flowers do a lot more than inspire artists. The alkalizing seeds of the sunflower, besides being crunchy and delicious, contain high levels of important nutrients that help you build your bones and prevent another condition … Click to continue →

Revealed: Osteoporosis Drugs’ Secret Dark Past

osteoporosis-drugs-dark-past 61 comments

September 29th marks the “anniversary” of Fosamax, the first bisphosphonate drug approved by the FDA in 1995 for treating and preventing osteoporosis. Soon after, other similar bisphosphonate drugs, such as Boniva and Actonel, along with their once-a-week and monthly variations, entered the profitable osteoporosis market, as well as Reclast, an intravenous drug. As you probably know by now, the day … Click to continue →

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