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Conservative Treatment For Osteoporosis: Magnificent Magnesium

conservative-osteoporosis-treatment 11 comments

Taking a conservative approach to osteoporosis treatment means more than just avoiding invasive procedures. It means being proactive in seeking out non-invasive ways to prevent or treat or osteoporosis, and if you’re reading this, you’re on the right track! A natural way of treating and preventing osteoporosis, which is detailed in my Save Our Bones Program, is essentially a conservative … Click to continue →

Brush Like A Flamingo To Prevent Falls

brush-flamingo 37 comments

Flamingos and bone health. What an unlikely combination, right? You may have wondered why these beautiful birds stand on one leg, and the surprising answer is that scientists are not exactly sure why. Today, I’ll reveal why I stand on one foot, just like a flamingo. You see, not long ago I had the idea of using the two minutes … Click to continue →

Crave Cake? Eat This For Your Bones Instead!

cake-osteoporosis 58 comments

Let them eat cake! According to legend, this is how Queen Marie Antoinette of France responded to the plight of peasants who didn’t have bread. Besides showing the sad disconnect between royalty and reality, the statement also points to the inescapable truth that just about everyone loves cake. If you have the Save Our Bones Program, you know that you … Click to continue →

Mainstream Media Warns Against Bisphosponate Therapy

osteoporosis-media 32 comments

In the early part of the 20th century, doctors recommended tobacco smoking as a digestive aid and for relaxation. And that’s not all. Doctors were featured in cigarette ads! Of course, that has changed and nowadays doctors try to get their patients to quit smoking. In Chapter 5 of the Save Our Bones Program I write that: “Osteoporosis is a … Click to continue →

Osteoporosis Medications: Do They Really Work?

osteoporosis-medications 7 comments

That two word phrase - osteoporosis medications – it’s so commonplace that most of us don’t think much about it. Medications sounds normal, doesn’t it? And of course, big pharma wants you to think it’s normal, too! Like reaching for a pain reliever when you have a headache, reaching for osteoporosis medications at the first sign of decreasing bone density … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge: Day #5

daily-double-challenge 34 comments

What: Avoid all foods that contain added sugar for one full day. Why: It is no secret that sugar causes a myriad of health problems, including weight gain and tooth decay - to name the most commonly known. But few are aware of sugar’s deleterious effect on cartilage. Caused by the Maillard reaction, this process takes place when simple sugars … Click to continue →

Study: This Works Better Than Osteoporosis Drugs

osteoporosis-omega 46 comments

More often than not, valuable discoveries are simply used to create new patentable drugs. Meanwhile, natural products that can solve the problem without any side effects are blatantly ignored. Here’s a perfect example. Scientists have confirmed that a group of immune system proteins, known as RANK L, activate immune cells and convert them into osteoclasts - cells that remove bone. … Click to continue →

ALERT: New Study Confirms Dairy Harms Bones

alert 49 comments

Few Save Our Bones articles have caused more controversy. Not to mention over one thousand comments full of rich debate. So which article am I speaking of? It’s 'Debunking the Milk Myth: Why Milk is Bad for Your and Your Bones'. Much of the debate in the comments section of the article centers around those who agree with me and … Click to continue →

Meet Binosto: Fosamax’s Bubbly Twin

binosto 45 comments

The new osteoporosis drug Binosto: It’s bubbly, strawberry flavored, and quickly dissolves in a half a glass of water. Drink it once a week, and you’ll get the same exact formula as good ole’ Fosamax - the best-selling osteoporosis drug - except that it’s more “delicious”. Binosto has just been approved in the U.S. and Canada to treat osteoporosis in … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #20: Gluten Free And Bones, Alkalizing Soup Broth Recipe, Vitamin D, Lemon And Calcium, Forteo, And More!

vivian-answers-day 59 comments

I love all the information you send me on your website, and now I really want to get the Save Our Bones Program. I have one concern, though. My eyesight is very bad, and I have a lot of trouble reading. And it keeps getting worse every year. What do you suggest? ... Click to continue →

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