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Osteoporosis Is NOT A Disease

freedom 31 comments

The Merck Manual (the world's best-selling medical textbook and published, ironically, by the makers of Fosamax) defines osteoporosis as "A systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of bone, with a consequent increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture." Put in simpler terms, the Merck Manual defines osteoporosis as the loss of bone mineral density.  … Click to continue →

Calcium And Osteoporosis

calcium 46 comments

Q:  I am interested in your answers on calcium.  I've had back trouble for several years and just had my 3rd back surgery.  After my bone density test, my doctor prescribed 1200 mg. of calcium + Vit. D and also at the same time Evista, 60 mg. once a day.  And your article leaves me WONDERING!! Didn't say anything about … Click to continue →

Not All Doctors Are Created Equal

doctors 2 comments

Q:  I appreciate your desire to help others with osteoporosis and the spectrum of bone loss. It is such an important issue! My question is, why do you have to blast doctors so much? I did not spend 12 years of my life to become a doctor to, as you said in your e-mail: "scare you by painting a grim … Click to continue →

Milk And Osteoporosis

cow 14 comments

Q:  I really disagree that milk is acidic. Perhaps other dairy products are but not milk unless it is going bad.  Usually it is very close to neutral and my chemistry classes test it every year. A:  Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Milk is least acidic when it's unpasteurized and raw. However, … Click to continue →

How Much Sunshine Is Needed For Your Bones?

sunglasses 6 comments

Q: Regarding sunshine and vitamin D... just how much skin needs to be exposed in the 20 minutes a week for the sun’s rays to give you the amount of vitamin D needed? A: Your question is a very good one indeed. While uncovered skin will absorb the maximum amount of ultraviolet rays, research shows that they pass through some fabrics such … Click to continue →

The Difference Between Osteoporosis And Osteoarthritis

question 9 comments

Q:  It is actually osteoarthritis that I have been diagnosed in the lumbar spine area. What's the difference between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis? A:  Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory and painful condition that may be found in people with osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), which is not painful unless fractures occur. In the Save Our Bones Program I explain that osteoporosis is … Click to continue →

What’s The Proper Calcium Balance?

scale 9 comments

Q:  I came across a web site where they suggest 1 part calcium to 1.2 parts magnesium (250 mg calcuim - 300 mg magnesium) do you agree with this? A: The ideal balance between calcium and magnesium is 2 to 1, but here's the trick: what counts is not the total mg. but the elemental quantity which may or may … Click to continue →

Is Organic Really Better?

organic 3 comments

Q:  Speaking of organic, is it really, truly better than ordinary? If so, then why? I'm so cynical these days, I don't know what to think. A: Organic foods are "better" because they're the way food is supposed to be (they should be the "ordinary" foods): pesticide and GMO free. These additives make food more acidic also. Unfortunately, now we have … Click to continue →

Osteopenia And Hormone Replacement Therapy

hrt 24 comments

Q:  I am 60 and past menopause and did not do the HRT.   You have never mentioned Hormone balancing.  I have an alternative medicine MD that I can visit regarding this.  Do you think it is necessary to reverse the osteopenia?  Or can this be done with diet alone.  My lower vertebrae are 2.4. A: Thanks for taking the time … Click to continue →

Is Didrocal The Same As Fosamax?

question2 4 comments

Q:  I was a user of Fosamax for about three years but I hated taking it and now I'm sure I will not continue using this product. Do you know if Didrocal fits in the same category as Fosamax etc?  Is there a recommended site I can research for more info? A:  Didrocal is a bisphosphonate administered for 14 days … Click to continue →

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