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Shock Study: Link Between Deer Antlers And Osteoporosis Discovered

deer-antlers-osteoporosis 40 comments

Today, I will let you in on an unusual chain of events that led researchers to discover that after all, there is another mineral besides calcium that plays a crucial role in osteoporosis. And that nutrition matters. I call it an out-of-laboratory experience... Here’s what happened. The winter of 2005 turned out to be unusually cold in Spain. And on … Click to continue →

The Secret Jayne Never Told Her Doctor

jaynes-secret 13 comments

Today I’d like you to meet Save Our Bones community member Jayne P. Jayne wrote to tell us about the secret she’s been keeping from her doctor. And I want to share it with you just in case you ever deal with a similar situation. Now before we start, I want to be clear (again) that I’m not anti-doctor. Doctors … Click to continue →

Drinking Prescription Drugs

drinking-osteoporosis-drugs 16 comments

It’s really, really sad. The Associated Press revealed in August of 2008 that the drinking water of at least 41 million people in the United States is contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs. 41 million people are drinking drugs and don’t even know it. With harmful chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, aluminum and more regularly found in water (even added on purpose for … Click to continue →

How To Amaze Your Doctor

shock-doctor 8 comments

Ahhhh poor doctors… It must be frustrating to look at every health issue and only be able to match it with a pill in a bottle. Doctors train for a very long time, I’ll give them that. The problem is that they aren’t qualified for dealing with health. They are qualified for dealing with disease. And yet, after ten years … Click to continue →

The 80/20 Bone Health Rule

80-20-bone-health-rule 25 comments

Today I want to tell you about a man named Vilfredo Pareto. He’s the Italian economist credited with coming up with something called... It all started when he observed that just 20% of the pea pods in his garden grew 80% of the peas. Kind of surprising if you think about it. As it turns out, this 80/20 split can … Click to continue →

About Pamela’s 16.4% Bone Density Increase

pamela1 34 comments

Spreading a message that runs contrary to the mainstream medical world is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But all of the criticism is 100% worth it when you receive a letter like the one I received from Pamela Ward. Her letter was so moving, that I reached out to her by phone. Here’s what she sent … Click to continue →

This World Renowned Doctor “Gets It”

dr-salter1 42 comments

The best recommendation my doctor had for me was to drink milk and take Fosamax. Those are two things I wouldn’t wish on anyone who is actually dealing with, or in fear of osteoporosis or even osteopenia. Luckily, there are some doctors who “get it.” They haven’t fallen for the slick marketing of the drug companies who really would lose … Click to continue →

The #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Consider Using Osteoporosis Drugs

osteoporosis-drugs-money 29 comments

When I was first diagnosed with osteoporosis, my doctor handed me a prescription for Fosamax. I tore up that prescription and never touched the medicine. My gut told me not to take it. And for good reason... It takes about 5 seconds of searching on Google® to find a long list of horror stories about drugs like these. What is … Click to continue →

Don’t Take These Pain Killers That Slow Down Bone Healing – Do This Instead

pain-killers-osteoporosis 66 comments

We all hope it will never happen. But if it does, you might be surprised to discover that when it comes to fracture healing, the “don’ts” may be just as important as the “do’s”. I’m talking about the recent discovery that pain killers inhibit the body’s ability to heal fractures. This includes COX-2 inhibitor drugs such as Celecoxib (generic for … Click to continue →

The Top 5 Osteoporosis Lies

osteoporosis-lies 63 comments

Words can - and do - make a big difference. Perhaps the use of the word “lies” in today’s blog post title may sound a bit harsh to you. In fact, at first I wrote “myths” instead, but I soon realized that it didn’t apply. As defined by the online dictionary, a myth is “an unfounded or false notion.” A … Click to continue →

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