Recent Study Confirms That Osteoporosis Drugs Are Useless

end-osteoporosis-drugs 52 comments

The mainstream medical approach to osteoporosis is flawed. It focuses only on improving bone density numbers while turning a blind eye to other crucial bone health components. As long as a bone scan shows even slightly better numbers after a course of osteoporosis drugs, the treatment is said to be “successful.” Fortunately, “Savers” already know that bone health is about … Click to continue →

Celery: The Often-Ignored Alkalizing Powerhouse Your Bones Need

celery-osteoporosis 42 comments

Medieval herbal philosophy subscribed to the “Doctrine of Signatures.” This meant that the way a plant or food appeared indicated what part of the body that food was good for. It sounds a bit silly to us today, but what’s fascinating is that science sometimes affirms these antiquated claims. Take celery, for example. This vegetable’s resemblance to human bones meant … Click to continue →

A Bone-Healthy Bagel?

bagel-osteoporosis 19 comments

A bagel with peanut butter is a popular snack that’s considered “healthy”. But both bagels and peanut butter are acidifying, even if you use whole-grain bagels and natural peanut butter. “Savers” already know that acidifying foods are not off-limits, but it’s convenient to find a healthful, pH-balanced alternative that’s good for your bones. Besides, adding some variety is important to … Click to continue →

6 Bone Health Do’s and Don’ts

6-bone-health-dos-donts 44 comments

As you begin your drug-free journey to stronger bones and better health, or if you’re still debating whether to stop the osteoporosis drugs, the information at times can seem overwhelming. I know from my own experience; it can be challenging to know where to start, and how to apply it all to your lifestyle. That’s why today I share with … Click to continue →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Outrageous DEXA Scan Manufacturer And Big Pharma Link Revealed, Merck (Finally!) Loses Fosamax Lawsuit, Harvard Doctor Questions Milk, And More!

osteoporosis-news 54 comments

There have been some fascinating developments regarding osteoporosis recently. Important new technology in DEXA scan machines reveals some shady connections, and Merck actually loses a lawsuit. Milk is in the news once again as one of the most recommended – and least necessary – beverages for kids and adults. Let’s get started with the latest news. Hologic has launched “Horizon,” … Click to continue →

A Natural Bone-Healthy Designer Fragrance You Can Make At Home

bone-healthy-perfume 24 comments

You probably know someone with a signature scent. Whenever you smell that particular fragrance, you immediately think of him or her. Having a distinctive scent is a way of expressing individuality and taste. But synthetic perfumes are full of acidifying chemicals, many of which aren’t disclosed on the label. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could design your own natural, … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge: Day #6

daily-double-challenge 33 comments

What: Eat at least one polyphenol-rich food in season now. Why: Polyphenols are antioxidants found in plants, and while you may be well aware of their importance to maintain overall health, you may not realize how important they are to your bone health. The purpose of polyphenols (and any antioxidant) is to “mop up” free radicals in your body before … Click to continue →

Weekend News: August 10, 2013

weekend-news 33 comments

A Missouri woman, Joan Adams, has filed a lawsuit against Genentech, the manufacturer of Boniva. Her argument is that the drug-maker knew of the serious side effects that can arise due to suppressed bone turnover and failed to issue a warning about Boniva’s dangerous potential side effects (only partial article available): Missouri woman sues Boniva over bone-thinning side effects Despite … Click to continue →

Are You Among the 80% Who Ignore This Crucial Bone-Building Mineral?

magnesium-osteoporosis 26 comments

Mainstream Medicine focuses primarily on prescription drugs and calcium to treat osteoporosis and osteopenia. Unfortunately, doctors often ignore other crucial minerals. So it’s not surprising that a magnesium deficiency is very common, especially since it’s quite challenging to get sufficient amounts of this nutrient from foods. All of the Foundation Supplements, which include minerals and vitamins, are crucial for healthy, … Click to continue →

Scientifically Proven! This Multitasking Vitamin Reduces Your Risk Of Falling And Builds Your Bones

falling-osteoporosis 26 comments

Today’s post contains some very good news about a well-known vitamin. Research has shown that there are some extraordinary benefits of Vitamin D that go far beyond what we already know about this crucial nutrient. “Savers” are familiar with the bone-building benefits of Vitamin D; the Save Our Bones™ Program includes a comprehensive list of Foundation Supplements, nutrients that are … Click to continue →

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