What Do Five Monkeys And One Banana Have To Do With Your Bones?

monkeys-bone-health 44 comments

Have you ever wondered what makes people do what they do? Are you amazed, as I am, at why the majority of people unthinkingly conform to conventional behavior patterns that when analyzed seem completely nonsensical? Today I’ll share with you a fascinating study that illuminates some startling insights into human behavior. What’s more, they can also be applied to bone … Click to continue →

Oops! FDA Admits Huge Osteoporosis Drug Mistake

fda-osteoporosis-drug-mistake 68 comments

As you may have probably noticed by now, the FDA tends to backpedal. They overlook risks and side effects and approve drugs to market. Then, after the drug has done plenty of damage, here comes the FDA again, warning of the drug’s risks. It’s happened once again with a long-established, rather “fishy” osteoporosis drug. Thankfully, the Save Our Bones Program … Click to continue →

New Study: These Top-Selling Drugs Double Fracture Risk

osteoporosis-antidepressants 44 comments

Once again, we’re entering the realm of taboo subjects. The information I’m about to reveal today is so hush-hush that your doctor probably doesn’t even know about it. A new study from Canada reveals something very disturbing for those over the age of 50 who take a certain class of drugs. We are a sad nation, apparently…a sad continent, actually, … Click to continue →

The Red And Bouncy Fruit That Strengthens Your Bones

cranberries-osteoporosis 34 comments

When you think of this delicious little fruit, chances are you think of festive times. It is generally eaten dried, or made into a tangy sauce that’s a Thanksgiving mainstay. But today you’ll find out that this little berry can help build your bones, so you’ll want to eat it more often than just during the holidays. Although the tart … Click to continue →

Osteoporosis News: FDA Regulators Look Out for Merck, Pharmaceutical Giant Loses Lawsuit, and the FDA Makes You the Guinea Pig

osteoporosis-news 38 comments

It seems there’s always news in the osteoporosis community. And it’s going to stay that way for quite some time, courtesy of Big Pharma. Today, the spotlight is (yet again) on Merck and its popular osteoporosis drug, Fosamax. While that’s a fictional quote, it sums up what’s going on between pharmaceutical giant Merck and the FDA. Documents from a recent … Click to continue →

3 Ways To Shield Your Bones From This Harmful Toxin

protect-from-3-toxins 34 comments

Even if you try, it could be difficult to avoid this toxin that hurts bones. Like so many toxins, it’s widespread. And don’t let the fact that it’s found in nature fool you, because it’s used in ways that nature never intended. For example, it is purposely used as a “healthy supplement” in products used every day, such as tap … Click to continue →

4 Bone-Healthy Replacements For Your Favorite “Junk Food” Treats

replace-junk-food 38 comments

It can be so difficult to make healthy food choices when we have junk food all around us. One of the complicating factors is not knowing a healthy alternative to the junk food you crave. Today we’re going to discuss replacements for 4 common junk foods, so you’ll have bone-friendly, healthy foods handy when the junk food craving strikes. And … Click to continue →

The Bone-Building Secret Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

osteoporosis-doctor-secret 57 comments

There’s a common misconception that doctors know everything – at least, everything about health. But the truth is, sometimes doctors are woefully ignorant of key health insights. This medical ignorance is particularly noteworthy in the area of nutrition. Of course, the Save Our Bones Program is based on nutrition, and specific nutrients and foods are highlighted throughout as especially good … Click to continue →

Use This “Double Weapon” Against Osteoporosis

double-osteoporosis-weapon 32 comments

The Save Our Bones Program is based on scientific principles that Mainstream Medicine continues to blatantly ignore. The Program's foundational elements lie in nutritional guidelines, along with other dietary enhancements, easy lifestyle adjustments, and proper exercise. And now, a brand new study has shown that the benefits of this nutritional principle are more far-reaching than previously thought. In fact, this … Click to continue →

Osteoporosis News: Popular Blood Thinner Raises Risk for Osteoporosis and Approval of New Osteoporosis Drug “Delayed”

osteoporosis-news 63 comments

One of my primary commitments is to keep you up-to-date on the latest osteoporosis news, including the most recent osteoporosis research and drugs. Today you’ll read about a newly discovered side effect of a blockbuster drug and the mysterious delay for approval application of what could become the next best-selling osteoporosis drug.

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