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‘Vivian Answers Day’ #5

vivian-answers-day 68 comments

My back feels as though I have muscle strain upper, middle and lower. Is this typical of osteoperosis or is it possible I am over working my back muscles with exercise, painting rooms in the house, lifting grand children, etc? Click to continue →

Drink This, Not That For Better Bone Health

coffee 157 comments

Does your family know better than to try talking to you before you've had your first cup of coffee? If that’s the case, you are not alone. Millions of coffee drinkers worldwide need that cup of java to get going in the morning. But coffee is acidifying, so it accelerates bone loss, especially if consumed in excess or even in … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #4

vivian-answers-day 95 comments

What is the best calcium to take and amount for a person 5′ tall and weighs 108 pounds?


Dear Susan,

Calcium is required by volume and weight more than any other mineral in the body. As I write in the Save Our Bones Program, 800 to 1200 mg a day can meet the requirements of an adult person. Click to continue →

Onions: Are They Good For Your Bones?

onions-osteoporosis 76 comments

They say light colored eyes are very sensitive and mine are no exception. Every time I peel an onion, I shed tears to no end. But they may as well be tears of joy. Here's why: Swiss researchers conducted an experiment at the University of Basel and found that the onion peptide GPCS (γ-glutamyl-propenyl-cysteine sulfoxide) reduced bone breakdown in rats.1 … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #3

vivian-answers-day 96 comments

I am a 77 year old female. Have been on Fosamax for 5+ years and have shown no improvement in bone density (I’m now at -3.5).

Doctor has recommended Reclast but I’m reluctant to substitute one drug for another.

Saw your Save Our Bones Program and am interested in starting it. Are there cases in which even that won’t work? Click to continue →

Eat This Nut, Build Your Bones

walnut-nutcracker 80 comments

If you have the Save Our Bones Program, you may have noticed that I list walnuts (along with most other nuts) as an acidifying food. So why am I recommending walnuts? While it's true that walnuts are acidifying, it's also true that they contain many bone-healthy nutrients. And here's another surprise; so do many other acidifying foods. When you embark … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #2

vivian-answers-day 66 comments

Do fractured bones heal slower due to osteoporosis? and is age a factor – 81 years old?

Dear Lorraine,

Excellent question! As I write in the Save Our Bones Program, bones are living tissue that can regenerate and rebuild itself. Here's an interesting paradox Click to continue →

The Fox and Cat Principle: Follow It For Better Bones

fox-cat 120 comments

For my 10th birthday, my parents gave me a hardcover edition of Aesop's Fables, and I fell in love with the entertaining tales. All the while my young, impressionable mind absorbed the morals that came with every story. One of my favorites was the story of the fox and the cat. The wiley old fox was bragging to the cat … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #1

vivian-answers-day 122 comments

What do you think of Reclast? My Dr has ordered this for me to help strengthen my bones.

Dear Mabel,

Reclast (zoldedronic acid), also known as Aclasta outside of the US, is an intravenous bisphosphonate. So the same applies to Reclast (including their nasty side effects) as to any other bisphosphonate drug, except that Click to continue →

ALERT: Bisphosphonates Double the Risk Of Esophageal Cancer

alert 72 comments

Once again bisphosphonates, the most widely prescribed osteoporosis drugs, are linked to a dangerous condition. This time, it’s cancer of the esophagus, one of the deadliest cancers. Not long after a recent flurry of reports on atypical femur fractures observed by long-term bisphophonate use, a new study in the UK sheds light on the link of oral bisphosphonates – Fosamax, … Click to continue →

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