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Stop Taking Osteoporosis Drugs? It’s Never Too Late

stop-osteoporosis-drugs 157 comments

You may already know that bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva, and others, are a very unattractive option if you want to have strong, flexible and healthy bones. But what if you've already taken these drugs at some point or want to stop taking them? You might be concerned about what happens when you stop them "cold turkey". Will … Click to continue →

7 Tips To Prevent Falling Fractures

prevent-falling-fracture 109 comments

Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my passions, second only to natural health, is history. So this past weekend while reading about the Roman Empire I came across a very sensible quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca. He wrote: "We are more often frightened than hurt, and we suffer more from imagination than from reality" When it relates … Click to continue →

Yet Another Good Reason To Avoid Osteoporosis Drugs

pills 388 comments

A very seldom mentioned effect of bisphosphonates (drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva) is that these drugs block very important metabolic pathways. Even if you never took bisphosphonates, you will benefit greatly from using this message to improve your health. Perhaps this information is not often brought to light because of its complexity, but I consider this information extremely … Click to continue →

How Your Bones Renew Themselves: An Inside Look

bone-remodeling 132 comments

That’s right. You must lose bone if you want to have healthy bones. Right there in that one sentence I’ve summed up what’s so dangerous about taking osteoporosis drugs. Because the folks who sell those poisons don’t understand this notion… or they do yet choose to ignore it. I’ll let you make that judgement for yourself. Now you might think … Click to continue →

Let The Sunshine In And Have Strong And Healthy Bones

osteoporosis-sunshine 91 comments

You may already know that Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium and magnesium, both essential to maintaining strong and healthy bones and living happily without the fear of fractures. But what is surprising is that scientists agree that dietary sources (like food and supplements) account for very little of the amount of D circulating in our blood. So where … Click to continue →

Gardening Is A Great Osteoporosis Exercise

gardening 16 comments

As featured in the June issue of South Sound Woman Magazine Spring is finally here and a light breeze fills the air with the fresh scent of renewal. Like multicolored stars from a far-away galaxy, tiny blooms are gathering their courage to welcome the new season.  Once again, it’s time to go out and enjoy your garden with friends and … Click to continue →

An Inspirational Audio Interview

melanie 120 comments

Here are the highlights of our conversation:

In 2004, Melanie’s doctor recommended that she drink a lot of milk to prevent further bone loss evidenced in her Bone Density Scan.
Two years later, Melanie was diagonosed with Osteopenia ... Click to continue →

Low Levels Of Vitamin B12 Linked To Osteoporosis

b12 534 comments

I’m sure you know that the most commonly used supplements to conquer or prevent osteoporosis are calcium and Vitamin D. While both of them have well-known proven benefits, you might not be aware that vitamin B12 may play an important role in your bone health. A study conducted by epidemiologist Katherine Tucker at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research … Click to continue →

Osteoporosis Scare Tactics: Has A Doctor Ever Done This To You?

osteoporosis-scare-tactics 203 comments

One of my most rewarding experiences is to visit different parts of the country and to lecture on osteoporosis and ostepenia to fellow "truth seekers" like you. All are eager to learn and share their experiences, and I'm eager to teach and listen. One of issues that never fails to come up is the fear mongering used by their doctors. … Click to continue →

Bone Health Myth: Doctors Always Know What’s Best For You And Your Bone Health

smoking-osteoporosis 154 comments

In 1949 Doctors recommended smoking cigarettes. Today in 2008 they recommend taking Osteoporosis drugs... Click the triangle play button below to watch this shocking video footage from an actual 1949 RJ Reynolds advertising campaign. Here's another print ad. Notice how the image of the doctor along with the message at the bottom of the ad implies that doctors believe that … Click to continue →

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