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ALERT: Acid Reflux Drugs Increase Risk Of Bone Fractures

alert 89 comments

Acid reflux drugs increase risk of fractures. Such is the title of an article published just a few days ago. Considered as “breakthrough” news, I have been warning of the very same problem in the Save Our Bones Program for years. This is just further evidence of how the Save Our Bones community is ahead of the curve. As usual, … Click to continue →

Iodine, Your Thyroid, And Your Bone Health

iodine 42 comments

The recent earthquake in Japan dealt a shock to the entire world. As the events of this tragedy continue to unfold, I'm immensely saddened by the scenes of loss and moved by the heroism of the nuclear plant workers who press on despite grave risks to their personal health. My heart and prayers are with the Japanese people at this … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #12: Osteoarthritis, Red Algae, Hiatal Hernia, Femur Fractures, Maca Powder, Green Tea, And More!

vivian-answers-day 77 comments

One year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. I am 51 now and am a little better than I was. I also experience muscle fatigue on the right side of my body. Is there a relation between the two? ... Click to continue →

Stop Brushing Your Teeth… Until You Read This

teeth 66 comments

Don’t forget to brush your teeth! This phrase used to be my mother’s reminder every night before I went to bed. But I soon realized that just brushing was not enough, so I also floss after each meal and get a professional cleaning twice a year. Yet what might really surprise you is this: I pay special attention to what … Click to continue →

How To Test Your Bone Health At Home

nails-osteoporosis 127 comments

The human body is equipped with a remarkable alert system. When something is not quite right inside your body, it will manifest itself externally. It’s the body’s equivalent of a fire alarm. This is especially true when it comes to the health of your fingernails. The appearance and quality of your nails are important indicators of your bone health. And … Click to continue →

ALERT: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects

alert 161 comments

US consumer advocacy groups are up in arms. New and devastating Reclast side effects led these groups to demand that new warnings be placed on the drug's label. As I wrote in my Reclast review, the most commonly reported Reclast side effects are fever, muscle, joint and bone pain, flu-like symptoms, and fever. And I also explain how it can … Click to continue →

Atelvia: My Review

atelvia 101 comments

Atelvia (risedronate sodium), an oral bisphophonate made by Warner Chilcott, has been approved in the US on October 8, 2010. Here’s the simple trick used for creating Atelvia: clever marketing sleight of hand. Let me explain. Atelvia's active ingredient is identical to its twin Actonel, and similar to its cousins Fosamax (including the generic alendronate) and Boniva (ibandronate). So what's … Click to continue →

5 Bone-Healthy Nutrients In This One Delicious Seed

pumpkin-seeds 53 comments

Pumpkin seeds bring back vivid childhood memories for me. Picture this: a small patio, my two younger brothers, and lots of pumpkin seeds. The competition would heat up as they'd see who could spit the pumpkin seed shells the farthest. My friends and I would cheer on from the second floor balcony when taking a break from our more "civilized" … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #11; Swimming, Aging, Gout, Gastritis, Alfalfa, Bananas, And More!

vivian-answers-day 85 comments

Is swimming in a pool OK for bones?

I know it’s not weight bearing exercise but does keep you aerobically fit. ... Click to continue →

My Gift: The Ultimate Calcium Guide

calcium-report 68 comments

When I embarked on this journey of medical research and exploration I began investigating calcium. And now, as my gift to you, I'd like to share my findings with you in a report that I'm releasing for the first time. Click to continue →

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