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My Gift: The Ultimate Calcium Guide

calcium-report 68 comments

When I embarked on this journey of medical research and exploration I began investigating calcium. And now, as my gift to you, I'd like to share my findings with you in a report that I'm releasing for the first time. Click to continue →

Reclast: The Miracle Oral Bisphosphonate Alternative?

reclast 71 comments

Let’s face it. When news breaks of an osteoporosis drug discovery that increases bone strength and reduces fractures in the hip, spine, wrist, leg, and rib, the medical establishment listens… and prescribes.

Add to this the convenience of a once-yearly 15 minute intravenous infusion, and it seems like an osteoporosis treatment … Click to continue →

A Day In The Life #1: Shopping And Eating At The Mall

a-day-in-the-life 46 comments

Yesterday was an unusual day for me. I spent the morning with a dear childhood friend who was visiting from abroad for a few days. She had brought a shopping list with her, so off we went to a large local mall, to get the items she was looking for. This was a great opportunity for us to catch up … Click to continue →

Strontium Demystified: Everything You Wanted To Know

strontium 129 comments

I’ve answered several questions about strontium as part of my Vivian Answers Day series. But I’ve noticed that more strontium related questions keep coming, so I’ve decided to compile all the information about strontium in one place to serve as a handy reference for you ... Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #10: Goat Milk, Soup, Strontium, Fluoride, Weight Loss, pH Balance, Dancing, Calcitonin, Forteo, Actonel And More!

vivian-answers-day 97 comments

I’m 68 and started Actonel 3 years ago (once a week). The only side effects I had was constipation. After 2 years ... Click to continue →

Which Mushrooms Increase Bone Density?

mushrooms 67 comments

Mushrooms are one of my favorite alkaline foods. I often add them raw to a salad or cook up a delicious mushroom stir-fry for me and my family. The ancient Romans even referred to mushrooms as "gifts of the gods" and saved them for holy festivals because of their remarkable nutritional qualities. But with an almost infinite variety of edible … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #9: Dowager’s Hump, Chocolate Milk, Soda, Almonds, Cholesterol, Exercise, Reclast, Prolia And More!

vivian-answers-day 106 comments

I have loved chocolate milk all my life!! So, here is my question:

May I drink ‘raw milk’ mixed with ‘Organic’ Fairly Traded Baking Cocoa, and honey? ... Click to continue →

NEW STUDY: The Truth About Bone Loss And Fat Loss

weight-loss 34 comments

You might have heard of the notion that being overweight is good for your bones. Well, this myth has been debunked as I explain in a previous article titled “Your Weight Affects Your Bones: True or False?”. And besides all the good science behind the study mentioned in that article, if you think about it, you’ll easily conclude that it's … Click to continue →

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #8: Coffee, Yogurt, Stevia, Vegetable Intolerance, Men And Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Drugs, And More!

vivian-answers-day 78 comments

Does coffee really cause trouble with your bones? How much can cause trouble? ... Click to continue →

Good Deeds And Good Bones: What’s The Connection?

good-deeds 32 comments

The Christmas holiday season is a time when our thoughts turn to giving. All too often, giving translates to material purchases and mad dashes to the shopping mall. But some of the most precious gifts are the gifts we give of ourselves, of our time, of our energy. This can be a joyous season, but for many it can also … Click to continue →

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