Scientifically Proven! This Multitasking Vitamin Reduces Your Risk Of Falling And Builds Your Bones

falling-osteoporosis 26 comments

Today’s post contains some very good news about a well-known vitamin. Research has shown that there are some extraordinary benefits of Vitamin D that go far beyond what we already know about this crucial nutrient. “Savers” are familiar with the bone-building benefits of Vitamin D; the Save Our Bones™ Program includes a comprehensive list of Foundation Supplements, nutrients that are … Click to continue →

Make This Delicious Bone Healthy Summer Treat In Two Easy Steps

summer-osteoporosis-treat 15 comments

When summer heat is in full force, it’s refreshing to cool off with ice-cold drinks and frozen treats. However, many of these contain artificial flavors, colors, and loads of sugar, so they aren’t good for your bones. It’s easy to assume that bone-healthy frozen treats are too much trouble to make at home. That’s one of the reasons why I … Click to continue →

The One-Minute Secret To Good Posture

posture-osteoporosis 29 comments

As many of you know, it’s best not to sit down for long periods. Extended sitting can bring on a host of health problems, including weakened bones. But for some in the Save Our Bones community, sitting down for a large part of the day can’t be avoided. Some of you have jobs that require long hours in an office … Click to continue →

The Amazing Herb That Builds Your Bones And Boosts Your Brain

sage-tomato-soup 51 comments

Have you ever wondered why a wise person is sometimes called a “sage,” or why good advice is described as “sage”? It’s all because of a common culinary herb with uncommon health benefits. Sage is renowned for boosting the brain, but this amazing herb also contains an unusually large number of Foundation Supplements. Sage (Salvia officinalis) is known for its … Click to continue →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Brand New Technology Reveals Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency On Bone Microstructure, Big Pharma Wins Yet Again, Nationwide Water Contamination Alert, And More!

osteoporosis-news 46 comments

There is a great deal of osteoporosis news to share this time. For the first time ever new technology allows researchers to see three-dimensional images deep within bone, revealing some until-now unknown effects of Vitamin D deficiency on bones. Merck continues to flex its strong muscles; a US District Court judge has recently ruled in the drug giant’s favor – … Click to continue →

Crave Soda? Here Are 5 Bone-Healthy Alternatives

bone-healthy-sodas 34 comments

Summer is a time for picnics, fairs, and all kinds of outdoor gatherings. And there always seems to be a cooler at these events, filled with soft drinks. But these sugary beverages, and especially cola, harm your bones and take a heavy toll on your overall health. Not surprisingly, many in the community have sent emails asking for bone-healthy substitutes … Click to continue →

41 Ways To Get B Vitamins From Alkalizing Foods

41-vitamin-b 42 comments

In the Save Our Bones Program I recommended that you get as many vitamins and minerals as possible from food sources. Vitamin B complex presents a unique challenge, because there are few alkalizing food sources that contain it. So today, I give you a list of the alkalizing food sources for each one of the B complex vitamins. You’ll be … Click to continue →

10 Ways To Build Your Bones In 2 Minutes

2-minute-bone-building 43 comments

In the past, I used to have an “all-or-nothing” attitude. If I couldn’t go for something 100 percent, then I didn’t want to go for it at all. But with my busy schedule, I began to realize that I was missing some great opportunities. For example, I’d skip walking or exercising on some days. Realizing this, I taught myself to … Click to continue →

How To Make Your Own Bone-Healthy Version Of This Common (And Toxic) Personal Care Product

bone-healthy-deodorant 50 comments

If the record high temperatures across the western United States are any indication, summer has definitely arrived. These are the infamous “dog days” of summer, and it can be a challenge to stay cool and dry. Conventional deodorants contain a lot of toxic chemicals that can harm your bones. And as you’ll read today, the concept behind “antiperspirants” is not … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #28: Calcitonin Nasal Spray Still Prescribed By Doctors, Persistent Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades, Natural Ways To Reduce Or Eliminate Wrinkles, And More!

vivian-answers-day 50 comments

Hi Vivian – Would like to know your comments on calcitonin nasal spray that my doctor prescribed recently. He suggested this when I asked him about strontium supplementation. I do have a history of thyroid problem and have been told I must take calcium supplements for life so I include calcium/magnesium in my vitamin regimen. I am 84 – and … Click to continue →

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