Save Our Bones 2012 In Review

new-year-2013 71 comments

What a year 2012 has been! As we welcome the New Year, let’s look at how the Save Our Bones community grew in 2012. ... Click to continue →

Is Your Body Producing Too Much Of This Bone Damaging Chemical?

osteoporosis-stress-herb 50 comments

I often bring you news about chemicals that can harm your bones and how to avoid them. But what if one of those chemicals is manufactured inside your own body? The chemical I’m talking about is a stress hormone called cortisol. It’s a natural steroid produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress. And who doesn’t have stress? And … Click to continue →

This Delicious Holiday Spice Builds Your Bones

osteoporosis-ginger 45 comments

What light brown food has a funny shape, pungent flavor, and helps maintain bone density? This spicy food shows up this time of year in holiday cookies and cakes, and it just so happens to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. (Hint: it’s not cinnamon.) A delicious way to build your bones is with… Gingerbread, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses…just the thought of … Click to continue →

Don’t Fall For This: New Gimmick Used To Prescribe Bisphosphonates

osteoporosis-caution 43 comments

A brand-new study by scientists at Columbia University Medical Center paves the way for doctors to prescribe even more bisphosphonate drugs. Researchers found that certain variations in specific genes actually increase the risk of developing one of the most devastating side effects of bisphosphonates. These findings allow doctors to screen patients so as to discern who would be the most … Click to continue →

3 Bone-Healthy Foods In Season For December

garlic 35 comments

I love shopping at my local farmers' market and marveling at the aisles full of colorful fruits and vegetables piled high on the makeshift shelves. Like many farmers' markets, mine carries fresh, in-season items, which not only taste delicious, but also tend to be less expensive because they’re locally grown. The good news is that December brings us seasonal vegetables … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Weekender: December 8, 2012

weekend-news 46 comments

In today's edition of the Weekender, you'll read about a novel (and doubly toxic) osteoporosis treatment, a side effect of Prolia that has stunned the medical community, and a new study on tropical oils and how they affect bone density. Plus I included an inspirational video you don't want to miss. ... Click to continue →

3 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Balance

osteoporosis-balance 31 comments

Have you ever watched a baby learning to sit up, crawl, or walk? It’s fascinating (and often amusing) to watch our balance develop from the beginning. Babies who are first learning to sit up will simply fall over, and new walkers fall often in their quest to move about on two legs. It’s all part of developing the muscles involved … Click to continue →

Use This ‘Shadow Trick’ To Get Maximum Vitamin D

vitamin-d-shadow-trick 46 comments

Sunbathing is an important and vital step toward getting vitamin D. My regular readers surely know that it’s the best way to get vitamin D. But what if I told you that there’s one easy trick that can let you maximize the amount of vitamin D you’ll get when you sunbathe. That can make all the difference, especially now that... … Click to continue →

Have Scientists Discovered An ‘On/Off’ Switch To Younger Bones?

osteoporosis-on-off-switch 24 comments

Today I’ll share with you a study that provides fascinating insights into the mechanism of aging and its association with bone loss. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have uncovered significant breakthroughs in the realm of age-related bone loss which provides valuable information on how to keep your bones "young". In the Save Our Bones Program, I point out the … Click to continue →

Why Sleep Is Crucial To Your Bone Health And 6 Ways To Get More Of It

sleep-and-osteoporosis 35 comments

An interesting bone density study comes to us from researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin.1 Their surprising conclusion can greatly help you build your bones in a way that you may have never imagined possible. What they observed was that lack of sleep in rats resulted in cessation of bone formation (new bone stopped forming entirely), but no decrease … Click to continue →

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