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The Purple Food That Builds Your Bones

beets-osteoporosis 78 comments

While not on the “healthy” radar until recently, beets were used for centuries in Russia and other Eastern European countries to make the traditional borscht soup. Perhaps beets are the secret behind the legendary Russian centenarians, because they contain ... Click to continue →

Whom Should You Trust?

trust1 26 comments

Do you remember that old television show, “Who Do You Trust?” The show was entertaining and lighthearted, but it raises an important question. Exactly who can you trust, especially in this internet age, where we’re incessantly bombarded by a confusing amalgam of “expert” opinions? At birth, we innately trust our parents. And that trust generally continues unless or until we’re … Click to continue →

The Whey To Bone Health

whey-protein-bone-health 103 comments

We have a tremendously smart and educated Save Our Bones community that's always interested in seeking out the latest research. As it turns out, some members wrote in about lactoferrin just as I was in the process of researching the latest findings to share with you. I love that kind of synchronicity! So what is lactoferrin and why should you … Click to continue →

Use It Or Lose It

osteoporosis-exercises 31 comments

Who would have thought that the day would come when mainstream science recognizes that bone loss doesn’t just happen and is not inevitable? That lifestyle habits matter, and that what we don’t do can have as big an effect on our bone health as what we do for it.

A study conducted by Italian scientists partnering with ... Click to continue →

Bone Health Alert: Fluoride

alert 36 comments

In my previous blog post, I give you a delicious recipe to prepare my favorite bone-healthy drink. As you surely know, the main ingredient is water. Today, I want to stress the importance of not using fluoridated tap water and to bring you up-to-date with the latest news on municipal water fluoridation. In The Missing Link, which is included with … Click to continue →

Do-It-Yourself Bone-Healthy Thirst Quencher

water-osteoporosis 69 comments

It’s true. A picture is worth a thousand words... And a video - even more. In my recent blog post titled 'Watch This Drink ‘Melt’ Calcium Before Your Eyes' I show a video that exposes cola and demonstrates how badly it can damage your bones. If you’re like me, every once in a while you crave a little flavor in … Click to continue →

A Day In The Life #3: My Workday Exercise Tricks

a-day-in-the-life 45 comments

Remember the old Yellow Pages slogan, “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking?” Well let me tell you, my fingers do a lot of “walking” - sometimes even more than my legs do. You see, I spend long hours in front of my computer, which means I also spend a lot of time sitting down. Now I know I’m not the … Click to continue →

Watch This Drink ‘Melt’ Calcium Before Your Eyes

soda-osteoporosis 40 comments

My first car was an old brown Mercury that had the annoying habit of breaking down when I needed it most. One day, as I was getting ready to drive from New York University to Northern New Jersey where I lived at the time, I put the key in the ignition, but the car just wouldn’t start. Luckily, a fellow … Click to continue →

Breathe This Way And Help Your Bones

breathing-bone-health 36 comments

Most of us don’t pay much attention to it. In fact, we take it for granted. And worse, we don’t even relate it to our health, unless we experience problems with it. Breathing, the one thing we do every second of the day. Most people are shallow breathers, and I was no exception. I discovered years ago during my osteoporosis … Click to continue →

The Top 3 Foods That Help Prevent Sunburn And Nourish Your Bones

natural-sunscreen 34 comments

It can be your enemy or your friend. It’s what you do about it that tips the scale in your favor... or against you... Indeed, it can make all the difference. This friend or foe, believe it or not, is the sun. Without it, life - at least as we know it - could not exist. As it relates to … Click to continue →

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