Save Our Bones Bulletin: ‘Real-Time’ Bone Health Test Could Soon Replace DEXA Scans, Popular Candy Maker Will Ditch Synthetic Dyes, New Study Reveals Serum Bicarbonate Levels Affect Longevity, And More!

save-our-bones-bulletin 27 comments

In this month’s Bulletin you’ll discover an intriguing method for measuring an individual’s rate of bone turnover as it happens, rather than measuring bone remodeling activity in the past, as with DEXA scans. And there’s encouraging news from Mars, Inc., one of the top food companies in the world. The popular candy maker is dropping all artificial colors from their … Click to continue →

Stop These 7 Eating Habits That Damage Bones And Increase Anxiety (Do This Instead)

stop-bad-eating-habits 17 comments

Many of you are familiar with bone-healthy foods that reduce cortisol and decrease the symptoms of stress and anxiety. But did you know that some eating habits and foods do exactly the opposite? So to raise your awareness on this issue, I’m thrilled to share with you today seven eating habits and foods that you’ll want to avoid not only … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Seated Coordination Improver

weekend-challenge 28 comments

This weekend’s exercise addresses the coordination between your arms, legs, and brain and it’s done while seated. So it’s excellent for preventing falls, and it also strengthens your lower legs and arms. And today you’ll discover that coordination is important for more reasons than just preventing falls – it also reduces the chances of injury if you do fall, a … Click to continue →

Ditch Toxic Laxatives And Try These Natural Bone-Healthy Solutions Instead

ditch-laxatives-natural-solutions 37 comments

If you walk into any drug store, you’ll see multiple shelves lined with a colorful array of laxative options. From bottles to powders to tablets, the number of choices is mind-boggling. And that’s just the ones sold over the counter; laxative drugs are widely prescribed and frequently used. All of this confirms the prevalence of constipation, a condition that is … Click to continue →

Need Motivation To Cook? These 10 Remarkable And Surprising Benefits Of Cooking Your Meals At Home Will Help

cooking-motivation 11 comments

It’s known that cooking your own bone-smart meals plays a significant role in building and rejuvenating your bones. But have you ever thought about cooking for increased energy, emotional health, and even deeper relationships, which also help your bones? All of the above, and more, are proven benefits of cooking your own meals. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with eating … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Hip Bone Rejuvenator

weekend-challenge 21 comments

This weekend’s challenge involves controlled jumping movements that have been scientifically proven to increase hip bone density. The Hip Bone Rejuvenator engages your entire lower body – hips, thighs, calves, ankles, and feet – as well as your core. In fact, it’s a typical ski jump move, but you don’t have to head to the slopes to reap the benefits. … Click to continue →

9 Powerful, Effective Tips To Boost Your Brain’s Feel-Good Chemicals And Build Your Bones

boost-brain-power-grow-bones 13 comments

The Medical Establishment rarely, if ever, makes the connection between your emotional health and your bones. But science has shown that they are very closely related, and today we’re going to look at that important link. The connection relates to brain chemicals, particularly cortisol and serotonin. The good news is that you can take control and influence the levels of … Click to continue →

One Easy Trick To Make Oatmeal Less Acidifying And More Delicious (Plus 3 Recipes)

oatmeal-less-acidifying 50 comments

I love oatmeal for breakfast, especially in the winter. And I know I am not the only one. Hot, satisfying, and creamy, oatmeal is a delicious and very popular comfort food. Even though oats are acidifying, they’re listed as a Foundation Food in the Save Our Bones Program. They contain loads of bone-healthy vitamins and minerals, plus healthful fiber, so … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Upper Back, Shoulder And Arm Strengthener

weekend-challenge 26 comments

This weekend’s exercise works the arms, shoulders, and back. It also opens up the chest, allowing for deep breathing, which alkalizes the body pH, and better posture. The motions of the Upper Back, Shoulder And Arm Strengthener directly counteract Forward Head Posture (FHP) and hunched, rounded shoulders – two very significant postural problems in our modern culture. So let’s get … Click to continue →

Are You Listening To Your Body? Learn To Not Ignore The ‘Messages’ It’s Sending You

listen-to-body 20 comments

The Medical Establishment wants patients to listen to doctors, not to their own bodies. But if you turn an “ear” to your body’s signs and signals, you can unlock a great deal of information about your health, including the health of your bones. Your remarkable body has various signaling mechanisms in place to let you know that something’s wrong, but … Click to continue →

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