Weekend Challenge: Strengthening Balance Enhancer

weekend-challenge 16 comments

This weekend’s exercise promotes coordination and balance to help you prevent dangerous falls. It also targets the muscles in the shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs, stimulating bone growth in the corresponding areas. So let’s get started with the Strengthening Balance Enhancer! Among the older population, most fractures are the result of falls. So strengthening the muscles involved in balance is … Click to continue →

Annoyed By Water Retention? Try These 6 Ways To Control It (And Build Your Bones Too!)

water-retention 13 comments

Water retention can be very uncomfortable. Not only do your clothes not fit, but you may feel overly full and sluggish. Relief from these annoying symptoms is not far away, however – in fact, it’s no further than your kitchen and grocery store! Today we’ll look at six effective, scientifically-proven ways to reduce water retention, and unlike pharmaceutical diuretics, all … Click to continue →

The 7 Most Toxic Fish You Should Avoid To Protect Your Bones And Your Health (And Which You Should Eat Instead)

avoid-toxic-bone-damaging-fish 25 comments

Although acidifying, many types of seafood offer bone-nourishing, healthful nutrients and have an important place in the 80/20 nutritional plan of the Save Our Bones Program. But not all seafood is equally healthful, and some varieties are best avoided. While the list of “good fish” and “bad fish” changes periodically, you should not eat the following seven fish (and seafood … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Upper Back Extender And Strengthener

weekend-challenge 13 comments

Back pain is all too common in our modern society. Interestingly, research shows that in certain indigenous cultures, back pain is practically non-existent. This intriguing contradiction inspired some remarkable insights into what, exactly, defines good posture and how the S-shaped spinal curvature came to be accepted as normal. So we’re going to take a look at this fascinating research on … Click to continue →

Avoid Memory Loss (And The Bone-Damaging Stress It Causes) With These 8 Evidence-Backed Solutions

avoid-memory-loss 20 comments

If you’ve ever forgotten an appointment, meeting, deadline, or even names, you know how stressful an unreliable memory can be. No one needs additional stress, especially considering that it hurts your bones and your overall health. But here’s the good news: you’re not a helpless victim of a forgetful brain, often associated with aging. You can be proactive about preventing … Click to continue →

Alkalize Your Pasta With These 3 Deliciously Creamy Sauces

alkalize-your-pasta 21 comments

Today, I share with you three easy-to-make alkalizing pasta sauces that are also delicious on potatoes, rice, vegetables, and other dishes. While pasta is acidifying and not a nutrient-rich food, the good news is that there are more varieties than ever to choose from, including gluten-free pastas and less acidifying versions such as quinoa and ancient grains pasta. When I … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Seated Abs And Hips Strengthener

weekend-challenge 10 comments

This weekend’s exercise is a highly effective move that’s done while seated in a chair. It’s a great way to take a break from your desk work or from your daily occupation. The Seated Abs And Hips Strengthener targets the abdominal muscles and hip flexors, which are part of the core muscles. They are pivotal for balance, pelvic alignment, posture, … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Cosmetics And Blood Toxins; Prescription Drug Use On The Rise, Including Osteoporosis Drugs; Alendronate Tablets Recalled; And More!

save-our-bones-bulletin 39 comments

This past month has seen some intriguing (and disturbing) new developments and revelations in the world of osteoporosis. From new research on toxins in cosmetics to an osteoporosis drug recall, it’s been an interesting month to say the least. Today we’ll look at these issues and more, so let’s get right to it! It’s becoming more and more known that … Click to continue →

The Amazing Tea That Builds Your Bones And Much More

bone-building-tea 41 comments

There are few things more heavenly than the scent of hot lemongrass tea. It’s delicious iced, too, and you might be surprised to learn that drinking lemongrass tea goes well beyond its taste and aroma. It has an amazing number of health benefits, both for your bones and overall health, all backed by scientific research. So if you have it … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: 3 Way Femur Builder And Balance Improver

weekend-challenge 14 comments

Strong, supple leg muscles are vital for coordination and balance, and for an energetic, youthful gait – key components of avoiding falls that could lead to broken bones. And data continues to reiterate just how important fall avoidance is in preventing fractures. So this weekend’s challenge is geared toward strengthening the femur and thigh muscles to enhance your gait, coordination, … Click to continue →

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