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These Shoes Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Falling (Here’s What To Wear Instead)

flip-flops-falls 19 comments

During the summer, flip-flops have become the footwear of choice. But you may not realize that flip-flops are actually bad if you wear them for more than just the beach or the pool. Not only do these increasingly popular sandals raise the risk of foot-related problems such as plantar fasciitis, but they also increase the probability of injury from falling, … Click to continue →

WARNING: Eating This Way Could Unknowingly Decrease Your Bone Density

grazing-eating-bone-health 29 comments

Today’s post looks at the important yet seldom (if ever) mentioned role the hormone ghrelin plays in bone health. Known as the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin is a peptide produced by the digestive system in response to low blood glucose and low glycogen. So what’s the link between this hormone and your bones? Amazingly, ghrelin has been scientifically proven to increase … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Femur Strengthener

weekend-challenge 22 comments

Today’s challenge targets the femur, or thigh bone. By working the muscles of the upper leg, the Femur Strengthener promotes strong, flexible thigh bones that are resistant to fracture. This exercise is done while sitting in a chair, so it’s perfect for the home or office. It’s particularly convenient if you are seated at a desk for long periods each … Click to continue →

Build Your Bones With This Berry Delicious Summer Treat

bone-healthy-raspberry 19 comments

As we're quickly approaching the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, today's post is about a delicious bone-healthy fruit that's in season now. It’s listed as an alkalizing Foundation Food in the Save Our Bones Program, and despite its sweet taste, it’s low in sugar and high in Vitamin C. I’m thrilled to give you all the practical information … Click to continue →

8 Amazing Uses For Bone-Healthy Coconut Oil (#2 Will Surprise You)

coconut-oil-bone-health-skin 25 comments

Summer is the perfect time of year to turn your attention to personal grooming. The warm weather means hot days at the beach, by the pool, and otherwise outdoors, which can damage your skin and your hair if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. The problem is, a lot of personal grooming items – such as hair … Click to continue →

Scientifically Proven! Exercise Builds Your Bones And Actually Makes Your Skin Younger

exercise-stronger-bones-younger-skin 18 comments

In today’s post, you’re going to discover that exercise can do more than build your bones: it can actually make your skin look younger. And this is not hearsay... it’s been scientifically proven! You see, exercise has a hugely beneficial effect on collagen, a flexible, connective protein that forms the “scaffold” of the bone matrix. Collagen is also a major … Click to continue →

How To Make Sure Your Bones Will Get Enough Of This Foundation Supplement (Hint: It’s Not Related To Dosage)

magnesium-absorption 16 comments

Chances are you’re already taking the Foundation Supplement we’re going to discuss today. But the “kicker” is that no matter how much of this mineral you take, your bones can’t retain it unless certain key organs are functioning well. I’m referring to magnesium, a mineral that is blatantly ignored by the Medical Establishment with regard to osteoporosis. But the fact … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Whole Body Aligner

weekend-challenge 26 comments

Today’s Weekend Challenge is different from the previous ones. It's a stretch that aligns your spine, ribs, and lower back. I call it the Whole Body Aligner because of the restorative effect it has on the skeleton and your nervous system. It provides a gentle stretch for your hamstrings and inner thighs, while relaxing your upper body to promote deep … Click to continue →

How To Bake A Bone-Building Brownie (Yes, You Read This Right!)

bone-healthy-brownie 21 comments

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. In the USA, that means celebrating the 4th of July with cookouts, picnics, and other celebrations. Of course, sweet treats abound at all these festivities, including an American favorite: the brownie, a moist, chocolate, cake-like dessert that is perfect for picnics. With their very high sugar content and white flour … Click to continue →

Your Bones, Nose, And Ears: The Unlikely Connection

bones-nose-ears 18 comments

If you think of one of the five senses that affects your bones, you would probably choose sight. After all, sight alerts you to dangerous objects you might trip over, and as many Savers know, sight helps you keep your balance. But what if I told you that your senses of hearing and smell have a significant effect on your … Click to continue →

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