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Osteoporosis Inspiration

Vivian Answers Day #24: Emotional Barriers, Calcium And Nutrition, Supplements And Longevity, Whey Protein, Osteoporosis Decisions, And More!

I read in the Save Our Bones Program that stress releases cortisol, which hurts bones as much as an acid pH. I’m following the program, but lately ... Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #23: Back Pain, Milk, Bone Health Philosophy, Shrinking Height, Hydrochloric Acid, And More!

I’ve been suffering from back pain, even before I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and I’m running out of options. I’ve wasted money on all kinds of gadgets and doctors visits (that inevitably end with a toxic pain pill that I never want to take). ... Click to continue →

3 Happiness Secrets That Also Help Your Bones

It’s easy to fall prey to all kinds of pressure. Social obligations with family and friends may at times seem overwhelming. You also have to deal with what’s expected from you, and sometimes you might feel you’re not up to par. Plus life is not always fair, so there are times when you could think you’re being treated unfairly or … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #22: Inaccuracy of DEXA Scans, Distilled Water, Severe Fosamax Side Effects, Calcified Plaque, GERD, And More!

A major medical clinic in the U. S. A. wrote in a study that distilled water is acidic. (I believe it was the Mayo Clinic.) Is this true? Click to continue →

9 Habits of “Bone-Healthy” People

Rock stars, movie stars, sports stars... they're always hounded by the press with endless questions. And for a good reason. Everyone wants to know what they’re doing right, how they’ve achieved their success, so that they can to do the same. Today, let's explore the 9 habits of "bone health stars". These habits seem to be prevailing traits among Save … Click to continue →

Vivian Answers Day #21: Bisphosphonate “Holiday”, Acid/Alkaline Food Components, Memory Loss, Supplements, And More!

I would like information regarding women who take a “holiday” from Fosamax. I have been on it 14 years. No adverse side effects, but my DXA scores are progressively worse. Doctors tell me that statistics say that women do not improve, but they hold ground better than those who take nothing. Do you have something I can see in print regarding these tests? Many thanks. Click to continue →

Our Most Popular Articles Plus A New And Improved Search Feature

As you may already know, this website features hundreds of informative articles that you can't find anywhere else. But going through them all can be a bit overwhelming. That's why today I've compiled for you some of the most popular blog posts ever, all into one handy page, so that you can have them at your fingertips and not miss … Click to continue →

‘Ask Vivian Week’ 2012 Starts Now!

I'm always working to listen to the needs of our community and to make your battle with osteoporosis as easy as possible. So I'm happy to announce that this week is the second "Ask Vivian Week". Simply post your question by leaving a comment below before Thursday, June 21st. Please only post one question. The questions I receive during 'Ask … Click to continue →

Proof: Your Bones Are Alive!

Mainstream Medicine would have you believe that you're stuck with the bones you have. You're not. The truth is that bones are active and live tissue that constantly remodel themselves, if they’re given what they need. And a recent study, which has stunned the medical community, proves just that. A team of researchers, led by Gerard Karsenty, chair of the … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge: Day #5

What: Avoid all foods that contain added sugar for one full day. Why: It is no secret that sugar causes a myriad of health problems, including weight gain and tooth decay - to name the most commonly known. But few are aware of sugar’s deleterious effect on cartilage. Caused by the Maillard reaction, this process takes place when simple sugars … Click to continue →

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