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Osteoporosis Nutrition

The 6 Bone-Healthy Foods with a ‘Shady’ Reputation

You are probably aware of a group of vegetables known as “nightshades,” which continue to be the subject of controversy. So you could be asking if they are healthy or harmful to your bones. And that’s not surprising, since even the name of the plants – nightshades – sounds a bit dubious. After all, Deadly Nightshade is an often fatally … Click to continue →

The Leafy Green Vegetable That Builds Your Bones

One of the most amazing things about fruits and vegetables is that they perform so many tasks in the body, including building bone. That’s why the Save Our Bones Program lists so many of them as Foundation Foods. Not too long ago, you read about multitasking cruciferous vegetables. Today we’re going to look closely at a powerful bone-building member of … Click to continue →

How To Build Your Bones While Boosting Your Immunity

Autumn is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere. Evening comes a bit earlier each day, the air is beginning to cool, and there’s the barest hint of color on the leaves. In contrast to the seasonal change, one thing has definitely stayed the same: the scare tactics used by the Medical Establishment around this time every year. Because … Click to continue →

Celery: The Often-Ignored Alkalizing Powerhouse Your Bones Need

Medieval herbal philosophy subscribed to the “Doctrine of Signatures.” This meant that the way a plant or food appeared indicated what part of the body that food was good for. It sounds a bit silly to us today, but what’s fascinating is that science sometimes affirms these antiquated claims. Take celery, for example. This vegetable’s resemblance to human bones meant … Click to continue →

A Bone-Healthy Bagel?

A bagel with peanut butter is a popular snack that’s considered “healthy”. But both bagels and peanut butter are acidifying, even if you use whole-grain bagels and natural peanut butter. “Savers” already know that acidifying foods are not off-limits, but it’s convenient to find a healthful, pH-balanced alternative that’s good for your bones. Besides, adding some variety is important to … Click to continue →

Are You Among the 80% Who Ignore This Crucial Bone-Building Mineral?

Mainstream Medicine focuses primarily on prescription drugs and calcium to treat osteoporosis and osteopenia. Unfortunately, doctors often ignore other crucial minerals. So it’s not surprising that a magnesium deficiency is very common, especially since it’s quite challenging to get sufficient amounts of this nutrient from foods. All of the Foundation Supplements, which include minerals and vitamins, are crucial for healthy, … Click to continue →

Scientifically Proven! This Multitasking Vitamin Reduces Your Risk Of Falling And Builds Your Bones

Today’s post contains some very good news about a well-known vitamin. Research has shown that there are some extraordinary benefits of Vitamin D that go far beyond what we already know about this crucial nutrient. “Savers” are familiar with the bone-building benefits of Vitamin D; the Save Our Bones™ Program includes a comprehensive list of Foundation Supplements, nutrients that are … Click to continue →

The Amazing Herb That Builds Your Bones And Boosts Your Brain

Have you ever wondered why a wise person is sometimes called a “sage,” or why good advice is described as “sage”? It’s all because of a common culinary herb with uncommon health benefits. Sage is renowned for boosting the brain, but this amazing herb also contains an unusually large number of Foundation Supplements. Sage (Salvia officinalis) is known for its … Click to continue →

41 Ways To Get B Vitamins From Alkalizing Foods

In the Save Our Bones Program I recommended that you get as many vitamins and minerals as possible from food sources. Vitamin B complex presents a unique challenge, because there are few alkalizing food sources that contain it. So today, I give you a list of the alkalizing food sources for each one of the B complex vitamins. You’ll be … Click to continue →

For Strong Bones, Keep Your Kidneys Healthy and Your Blood Pressure Under Control

If you are following the Save Our Bones Program, then you are familiar with the acid/alkaline balance to build your bones. The basic idea is to balance your meals and snacks so that you consume 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods. Maintaining this balance is crucial for increasing and maintaining bone density. But did you ever stop to think … Click to continue →

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