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Osteoporosis Nutrition

Beware! These Two Supplements Can Hurt More Than Help Your Bones

Could you be taking two supplements that are harming your bones? You might think there’s no way; but think again. Shockingly, these two supplements are considered to be essential for bone health - even by the Medical Establishment - and doctors routinely recommend and prescribe them to their osteoporosis and osteopenia patients. Today, you’ll find out if you’ve been taking … Click to continue →

Just Revealed: The Startling Connection Between Your Bones And Your Belly

Not too long ago, the concept of hand-washing to prevent the communication of disease was laughed at. No one knew that germs existed – people couldn’t see them, so they couldn’t believe they existed. Later, microscopic disease-causing microbes like bacteria and viruses were discovered, and the face of medicine changed forever... but not always in a good way. You see, … Click to continue →

Are You Part Of The 60% Who Should NEVER Drink This?

Today’s post is on a topic that is quite controversial. But I agree with one of America's Founding Fathers Benjamin Rush who said, “Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error.” Even though this subject has caused some disagreements and lively discussions within the Save Our Bones community and beyond, I’m going to tackle it again in today’s post, … Click to continue →

The Red And Bouncy Fruit That Strengthens Your Bones

When you think of this delicious little fruit, chances are you think of festive times. It is generally eaten dried, or made into a tangy sauce that’s a Thanksgiving mainstay. But today you’ll find out that this little berry can help build your bones, so you’ll want to eat it more often than just during the holidays. Although the tart … Click to continue →

3 Ways To Shield Your Bones From This Harmful Toxin

Even if you try, it could be difficult to avoid this toxin that hurts bones. Like so many toxins, it’s widespread. And don’t let the fact that it’s found in nature fool you, because it’s used in ways that nature never intended. For example, it is purposely used as a “healthy supplement” in products used every day, such as tap … Click to continue →

4 Bone-Healthy Replacements For Your Favorite “Junk Food” Treats

It can be so difficult to make healthy food choices when we have junk food all around us. One of the complicating factors is not knowing a healthy alternative to the junk food you crave. Today we’re going to discuss replacements for 4 common junk foods, so you’ll have bone-friendly, healthy foods handy when the junk food craving strikes. And … Click to continue →

The Bone-Building Secret Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

There’s a common misconception that doctors know everything – at least, everything about health. But the truth is, sometimes doctors are woefully ignorant of key health insights. This medical ignorance is particularly noteworthy in the area of nutrition. Of course, the Save Our Bones Program is based on nutrition, and specific nutrients and foods are highlighted throughout as especially good … Click to continue →

Are You Getting Adequate Amounts of This Bone Healthy Vitamin?

It may be difficult to believe that a vitamin deficiency exists nowadays with the abundance of food all around us. Yet deficiencies of this vitamin are quite prevalent, in part due to the recent epidemic of digestive problems causing a widespread use of acid-blocking medications. And a growing vegetarian population also ups the incidence of this deficiency. What vitamin is … Click to continue →

Propolis: A Natural Antibiotic That’s Also Good for Your Bones

Conventional antibiotics have an important role in medicine, but unfortunately, they have been over-prescribed and over-used for decades. Antibiotics wreak havoc on your gut flora, those important bacteria that are involved in so many body processes, including the synthesis of bone-building vitamins and minerals. And antibiotics certainly don’t contain any nutrients. Thankfully, nature has provided some very powerful antibiotics of … Click to continue →

Don’t Just Eat This Bone-Healthy Food

Easy to grow and readily available in grocery stores, this fruit seems so commonplace that it’s easy to forget how valuable it is for your bones and your overall health. In fact, it’s so delicious that its flavor has been synthetically mimicked and added to just about everything, from candy to gum to ice cream. But if you take a … Click to continue →

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