Fast Track your Bone Health Journey in 6 Easy Steps in Just 7 Days


Have you ever been left puzzling WHY?

Although you do everything right to maintain your body, you follow all the rules in the book, you NEVER get that feeling of being at optimum health, on top form, at peak mental and physical energy?

You are not alone! Millions of Americans feel just like you every day and the reasons may surprise you.

Every day, unknown and unseen, our bodies are exposed to elements and circumstances beyond our control. The foods we eat, the products we use, the medications we consume, even the very air we breathe, are contaminated to some extent. These toxins are regularly absorbed into our bodies and ultimately compromise the functioning of our organs, leading to innumerable health issues.

This is an inescapable reality, a fact of modern daily life.

But the good news is you CAN do something concrete about it. Easily, affordably, simply and without any drugs or treatments.

I came to this realization through a hard personal journey. I am a prime example of someone who through the shock of a totally unexpected diagnosis was thrown into mental and emotional chaos. I was told to go down a route that all my scientific knowledge screamed out at me was wrong and potentially lethal for my body and health!

Who am I? And how did I get here?

My name is Vivian Goldschmidt, and I am the Founder of Save Our Bones. As a member of our community, you will be familiar with this program. You might have tried it for yourself, heard from others who have, or are considering going in for it.

This program was born as a direct result of three simultaneous, defining occurrences in my life:

  • Receiving a shock diagnosis of osteoporosis at age 50.
  • A prescription and treatment plan of known harmful drugs recommended by my physician.
  • My scientifically trained brain recognizing and rebelling against its toxicity.

It is a combination of modern, western sciences and technology with medical practices, beliefs and age-old healing wisdom from around the world. I followed it myself first, and today stand as my own testament. My next bone scan showed a 20% increase in my T-score! I was vindicated!

A Universal Dilemma

The problems I have faced are not mine alone; YOU, countless women, and indeed men across our country are thrown into the same dilemma about their health decisions every day. I decided to share my findings, and today, thousands of converts to natural healing and alternative health remedies are members of our community. They have their own horror stories about their experiences with traditional medicine, and tell us how discovering the program changed their lives.

It’s a Jungle out there

A normal, healthy new-born baby is the picture of perfection. In her miniature form, she houses the delicate mechanism, precision-engineered to grow, thrive, and perform its functions efficiently throughout life. Her body is also armed with its own defense and healing mechanisms, which protect and strengthen it through its lifetime.

Unfortunately this unsuspecting babe emerges into an unfriendly world with her first breath, and is immediately subject to the toxic effects of her new environment.

Against these odds, her body is helplessly drawn into habits and routines where slowly and surely, its pristine perfection is marred and smeared. It inevitably absorbs impurities and toxins. It resembles a canvas, painted over many times, crusty with old, dried oil paints, or like a wall marred with ugly, dark, obscene graffiti.

OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse

Just as an artist needs a clean canvas to paint his masterpiece, and a chef needs high-grade ingredients and utensils to create that gourmet meal, our bodies need to be at optimum levels of cleanliness for health and self-healing.

With this in mind, I created OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse. A companion to “Save Our Bones Program,” this cleansing routine prepares the body to benefit to the maximum from its RESTORE philosophy.

Together, they are the true bastion of bone health, that turbo charge the body into a dynamo to enjoy life to its fullest. Your system will be rid of all impurities, and you will experience unprecedented levels of well-being.

Do Right by Yourself

We regularly undertake preventive cleansing and maintenance for everything in our lives. Our home and its infrastructure, our garden, our car – and yet we leave our most precious possession – our body to chance! We only pay attention when it cries out for help, when something goes wrong, and then rush to address it with the band-aid solutions offered by our physicians. A reactive response to the problem which would not have occurred in the first place if we had been as proactive with our health, as we are with other aspects of our life.

Those who have never been on an osteoporosis drug treatment, and are planning to start on the Save Our Bones Program are advised to first take this simple, painless cleansing action to flush out the absorbed toxins from innumerable sources other than drugs.

Even if you are not planning to follow the Save Our Bones Program right now, OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse, if followed twice a year, will keep your body clean, purged, and performing its functions like a finely tuned engine.

The OsteoCleanse™ is the ideal body maintenance routine as it works on its own, as a stand-alone regimen, AND also in conjunction with the Save Our Bones Program – before starting the program, during and even after it is concluded.

The Case for Cleansing

The World English Dictionary describes the word CLEANSE as a verb meaning “to remove dirt, filth.” A deeper dive into the meaning brings up synonyms such as clarify, disinfect, dredge, and expunge.

All these words can be applied to the human body’s need to be freed from the pollutants, toxins and foreign matter that it accumulates during its daily exposure to outside elements.

Most people don’t realize what is happening beneath the surface of their skin, invisible to the eye. But the truth is that everyone needs a cleanse, at least twice a year.

A cleanse is simply that, a cleaning of your body to rid itself of all toxic impurities at regular intervals, to ensure it performs at optimum levels.

Go Natural

Not for nothing is she called Mother Nature. My ongoing quest for alternative remedies has convinced me that nature will take care of our health and well-being if not derailed by human interference.

The human body is a marvel of engineering. It is resilient to its environment, adapts to available resources, and copes with essentially hostile surroundings. It depends on us to create the best possible circumstances for it to perform its functions. From our choice of foods to our activity levels, we have an ongoing responsibility to make the right decisions to nurture it and keep it in balance. And to achieve this delicate equilibrium, just as we wash and bathe our outer bodies, we have to purge our inner organs of impurities.

OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse utilizes appropriate foods, liquids and simple techniques that help the process, and it is all NATURAL. Based on sound nutrition and common sense, it is more than just another diet. This plan teaches you to make changes in your life for the improvement of your over-all health. These strategies decrease the risk of chronic disease, accelerated aging and obesity. It is a true “wellness package,” based on science.

The Little Book of Wellness that Powers your Health

  • If enhancing your Quality of Life is important to you, you are at the right place.
  • You will understand the miraculous workings of the human body and how to provide the ideal conditions to keep it operating perfectly.
  • You will learn an amazingly simple, natural way to keep your body and internal organs at optimum cleanliness and maximum efficiency at all times.
  • The effects of your choices of activity, foods and drugs on the health and disease of your body will be made clear to you.
  • Learn the 6 simple steps to detoxify and fortify it with the right foods, supplements and activities.
  • OsteoCleanse™ shows you how to promote your bone health, protect kidney and liver function and purge stored toxins and acidifying drugs.
  • You will be shocked to learn how most osteoporosis drugs contain chemicals you would not dream of putting into your bodies.
  • You will be dismayed to learn how the drugs not only cause the very opposite (harmful) results to the cures they are supposed to effect, but they can also cause other serious illnesses.
  • You will be amazed to hear how the water you drink might actually be weakening your health and what (and even how), you should drink instead.
  • Read what to consume and why, rather than what to eliminate.
  • Grab a great opportunity to learn healthy nutrition that satisfies your taste buds, expands your food repertoire AND brings benefits to your bone and general health.
  • Increase your knowledge about healthful vegetables, the nutrients they provide, and the functions they perform for the health of each organ.
  • Eat like our ancestors before they discovered fire! The cleansing and other benefits of “Raw” meals are eye-opening.
  • Did you know the very natural life-giving act of breathing is an act of cleansing in itself? Learn how to do this correctly!
  • You may be unknowingly exposing yourself to hundreds of toxins that upset the delicate internal balance of your body. This book will help you STOP!
  • We tell you about the ONLY nutritional supplements you need to maximize your cleansing experience.
  • By adding the OsteoCleanse™ to the Save Our Bones Program, you will be ensuring that your body gets what it does need, and efficiently gets rid of what it doesn’t.

Step-by-Step to a OsteoCleanse™

The simple, daily, 6-step structure of OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse is a practical, logical and effective approach which gives the body a biannual break from the daily toxic assault from all sides that is modern day life.

Step 1: Cleanse with Water

(The benefits of hydration with distilled water and fresh lemon juice)

Step 2: Cleanse with Fruits and Vegetables

(The FIVE powerful categories of fruits and vegetables that provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that fuel, protect, fortify and cleanse)

Step 3: Cleanse with One Raw Meal Daily

(The power of raw foods – uncooked, or heated to below 116F, – unprocessed, and organic ingredients.)

Step 4: Cleanse with Breathing

(The techniques of correct breathing, oxygenating the entire body, and ensuring peak performance.)

Step 5: Cleanse by Avoiding

(The importance of eliminating harmful chemicals, foods and environmental hazards that compromise the body’s natural filtration systems and pH balance.)

Step 6: Cleanse with Supplements

(The supplementing of vital nutrients that support health, neutralize free radicals and cleanse toxins.)

What Makes it Different?

  • A simple, clear, road-map that eliminates all guess-work.
  • Uniquely designed to promote bone health and protect kidney and liver function.
  • Restores body’s pH balance by purging stored toxins and acidifying drugs.
  • Focus on health, vitality, disease prevention and wellness.
  • Explains Whys, Dos and Don’ts in clear, understandable “people-speak”.
  • Quick and painless compared to most other Cleanses.
  • Less restrictive on food and drink.
  • No counting of points, calories, carbs or fat grams and no measuring of food.
  • Clear lists of “good” and “bad” foods, proportions and quantities.
  • Recipe plans and shopping lists.
  • Practical, simple techniques for exercise and breathing.
  • Easy to follow and affordable.
  • Safe for everyone of all ages.

What will You need to do?

A cleanse requires making a temporary change in habits to effect a beneficial purging of your body. That does mean giving up certain foods and drinks. Chief among these are meats, dairy, eggs and processed foods. Organic and chemical free foods are the mainstay of this program. Natural whole grains should be incorporated in the recommended proportions, and the elimination of alcohol and caffeine is also necessary. But remember, it’s for a good cause, YOUR total well-being, and it’s ONLY for seven days!

The point of a cleansing diet isn’t starvation. It’s eating the right foods, in the right combinations, avoiding known chemical-laden beverages, and employing natural techniques to aid health.

When embarking on a cleansing diet, be gentle with yourself, don’t go in for extreme, faddish regimens, and if in doubt, consult your doctor before undertaking even a gentle cleansing program.

What’s in it For You?

OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse when used in conjunction with the “Save Our Bones Program” naturally promotes bone and general health for a lifetime. Additional, immediately visible and experienced benefits include:

  • Increased energy and vitality: The energy your body will save on purging itself of toxins will be redirected to other important cellular functions that keep you healthy and strong.
  • Improved liver and kidney function: Liver function will be enhanced due to increased enzyme production. Antioxidants help kidneys to detoxify chemicals.
  • Better sleep: Efficient organ function results in improved sleep that aids feeling of wellness.
  • Youthful Looks: Lowered toxin levels result in cell renewal and less inflammation, resulting in a clearer, smoother complexion, healthier looking skin, stronger nails and hair growth.
  • Optimal weight control: OsteoCleanse™ is not aimed at weight loss, but because it encourages the consumption of healthy, low-calorie foods, and eliminates stored gunk, weight-loss might occur.

This program is for you if…

  1. You have been on an osteoporosis drug treatment for any length of time.
  2. You want to protect and improve your bone and general health for the future, with safe, drug-free, practical and easy-to-follow regimens.
  3. You want to take preventive steps to avoid dreaded diagnoses in the future. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you will not be drawn into traditional “cures,” by mainstream medical practitioners.
  4. You’re worried about potential health problems, especially bone-related, in the future. This book will put you in control of your own health, and will assure you that a diagnosis of osteoporosis need not be the end of the world.
  5. Someone you know has been diagnosed with osteopenia. You will find practical, simple to understand explanations and possibly life-changing tips on promoting your own well-being.
  6. You or someone you love has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. You will discover real hope and real alternatives.

It’s for Everyone – Including Men

It is a lesser-known fact that osteoporosis although touted as a women’s “disease” actually can affect men too, albeit in lower numbers. They are prey to the same toxic assaults and therefore periodical purging is necessary for them too. Men can benefit equally from the OsteoCleanse™. It is a completely safe, beneficial, rejuvenating program for every one of all ages.

Even if you have always to your knowledge taken good care of your health chances are you feel inexplicably under peak form. Unless there is an underlying medical problem, it is probably because you need to get the health-leeching toxins purged out of your body.

I can guarantee that OsteoCleanse™: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse is the answer. It can do no harm, and can do a world of good. Just try it.

The Definition of Wellness

The dictionary defines wellness as:

The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind…especially as a result of a deliberate effort;”


an approach to healthcare that involves preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.”

Wellness management is an on-going, daily, life-long occupation. The required planning, time and effort are well worth it for the far-ranging, amazing, positive results that immediately ratchet up one’s quality of life. Enhanced energy levels, regulated appetite, rejuvenated appearance, smoother skin tone, increased potency, memory function, strengthened immune systems, and efficient metabolism are characteristic of a wellness-oriented lifestyle. It encompasses every aspect of a person’s being.

With all the phenomenal health and lifestyle benefits associated with living well, it’s unbelievable that anyone would question or ignore its value. Wellness should be an integral part of life in general, not just an option for the few who take time to practice it. It is a necessity for a full life, and fortunately is affordable, accessible, fun and easy for anyone to follow.

And the first step to wellness is starting with a clean slate, a body purged of all that is harmful and an obstacle to full vitality.

A Six Step Journey: a Giant Leap for your Quality of Life

Gone are the days when we, sheep-like followed the dictates of physicians and surgeons, and their judgments and conclusions on our health. We are to a great extent considered too foolish and ignorant to know anything or have any say. And are expected to unquestioningly follow the map charted by them.

Yes, you will consult medical practitioners, just as you do your architect, landscaper, handyman, garage mechanic and other artisans for your daily life’s needs, but you are the boss, the customer, the master-planner, who knows what she wants, and goes out only for technical help. The end goal and result is YOURS to decide.

The very fact that you are here, reading this at this time, shows the high level of your Health IQ. Whatever has led you here: an instinctive rebellion and questioning of your physician’s recommendations; a personal experience that has put you off traditional medicine; the horror story of a friend or family member; or just a desire to beef up your general knowledge about diseases and their current, prescribed treatments, I congratulate you.

You have recognized the sanctity of your body and how it deserves the best. You have decided the path you want to follow and where you want to go. You are only searching now for the way to get there.

You have found it!

So once again, I commend you on taking your health and your future and thus the entire quality of your life into your hands. It’s the best and most important decision you will ever make.

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You need to get off the drugs, and flush the remnants from your body as they do not get quickly expurgated on their own. And you need to get onto our Save Our Bones Program immediately to speed the process along to bone health and strength.

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