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100+ Bone Health Exercises

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For Longevity, Study Finds Your Genes Are Not As Powerful As Your Actions


A decade-long study has found that even people with a genetic predisposition to longevity must engage in regular exercise to maximize their lifespan. A team of researchers found that regardless … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Certain Foods Linked To Depression; A Simple Practice That Extends Lifespan; Specific Activities Offer Protection From Dementia


This month's bulletin offers studies that point us in the right direction on our journey to stronger bones and a fuller and more satisfying life. First, we'll look at a … Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Risk Of Fracture By Improving Scores Of These Two Physical Tests


Swedish researchers have found simple physical tests that can be used for predicting fractures. Their findings were so clear that they recommend these tests be included in basic physical examinations … Continue Reading →

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