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100+ Bone Health Exercises

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Save Our Bones Bulletin: New Bone-Resorption Regulator Discovered; How Aerobic Exercise Impacts Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease; Medical Device For Reducing Bone Loss Approved


In this month's bulletin, you'll get the latest updates in the field of bone health. First, you'll get the most recent news on research revealing how newly discovered proteins help … Continue Reading →

Evolutionary Biologists Warn: Staying Active Is More Important As We Age Than When We’re Younger

A study published in the journal PNAS presents a novel hypothesis explaining why humans live as long as we do, and the role exercise plays in our health and lifespan. … Continue Reading →

Why Balance Disorders Increase With Age And How To Avoid Them

As we age, the systems in our bodies responsible for maintaining balance undergo changes. Recent research offers insights into the age-related changes that lead to a loss of balance. This … Continue Reading →

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