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100+ Bone Health Exercises

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Falls And Serious Injury Prevention: A Seldom-Mentioned Benefit Of Exercise


Exercise is well established as a means for reducing the risk of falls. This is essential knowledge for Savers since falls can cause fractures. However, there's an additional layer of … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Second Largest US Physician Group Still Serving Big Pharma; New Osteoporosis Drug In The Works; Almonds Show Exercise-Related Benefits

In this month's Bulletin, we highlight the continued influence of Big Pharma on the Medical Establishment, yet there are also encouraging signs of a more natural approach to achieving wellness. … Continue Reading →

How To Increase GABA Naturally To Keep Calm And Build Stronger Bones

The neurochemical gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is used by the body to reduce stress, improve sleep, and is indirectly involved in the bone remodeling process by regulating osteogenic differentiation, helping to … Continue Reading →

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