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The Power Of The Sesame Seed


It sounds kind of crazy. “Powerful sesame seed” certainly seems like an oxymoron, but this tiny seed offers so much more than a distinct nutty flavor. It is a powerhouse of organic minerals, especially calcium, and is an alkaline food that supports bone and general health. That’s exactly why Sesame Seeds made it to the list of ‘Foundation Foods’ in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Sesame seeds add texture to baked goods, a...

Top 5 Calcium-Rich Alkalizing Foods: Part 1


I admit to playing favorites when it comes to the Osteoporosis Reversal Program’s Foundation Foods. While I enjoy a wide variety of foods and like trying new dishes, the fact is, I find myself coming back to old favorites over and over for various reasons. And one of those reasons is the exceptional nutrient content, particularly calcium. The organic calcium in foods is easily absorbed, and I always recommend obtaining as much of this mineral...

What Grows High Up In Pine Trees, Tastes Delicious, And Is Good For Your Bones?


Rich and crunchy, the pine nut has a buttery flavor and a texture reminiscent of macadamia nuts. Unlike macadamia nuts, though, pine nuts grow inside the cones of certain pine trees, and are botanically a seed rather than a nut. As a matter of fact, obtaining pine nuts from their pine cone housing is quite laborious; yet people have been willing to do the work for thousands of years. That’s undoubtedly because the pine nut is not only...

5 Bone-Healthy Nutrients In This One Delicious Seed


Pumpkin seeds bring back vivid childhood memories for me. Picture this: a small patio, my two younger brothers, and lots of pumpkin seeds. The competition would heat up as they’d see who could spit the pumpkin seed shells the farthest. My friends and I would cheer on from the second floor balcony when taking a break from our more “civilized” activities. During those carefree childhood days, little did we know (nor would we...

3 Bone-Building Foods That Work Better Than Harmful Drugs For Acid Reflux, Arthritis And Migraines


The pharmaceutical approach to healing is rarely challenged in Western medicine. From a very early age, we’re taught that drugs are the answer to whatever ails us, and that doctors, who are given the exclusive power to prescribe these drugs, are not to be questioned. Thankfully, this acceptance of conventional medical methods is changing. Many patients are dissatisfied with medications that fail to show positive results and that can cause...

The Ultimate Alkalizing Dish: Prepare It In Minutes And Get 10 Foundation Supplements


Today’s post is about a simple raw dish that takes just minutes to prepare, and is 100% alkalizing. I called it the Bone-Building Acid Neutralizer because it’s designed to eliminate bone-damaging acid build-up in your body and to balance the pH of any acidifying food you’re eating during a meal. Plus it contains no fewer than 10 Foundation Supplements, and it also happens to be absolutely delicious! In an alkaline environment, those vital...

Everything You Wanted To Know About Flaxseed


Most of the plants we eat begin their lives as seeds. Everything they will become is packed into those tiny (or sometimes not so tiny) packages, along with just the right blend of nutrients to start a sprout off on the right foot- or maybe I should say, the right root! It should be no surprise then that certain seeds are incredibly healthy for humans– rich in proteins, fiber, fatty acids, and other essential compounds. Some seeds you...

Sunflower Seeds: The Bone And Brain Food


Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh depicted their bright yellow beauty in a series of paintings he named Sunflowers or in French, Tournesol. But these giant flowers do a lot more than inspire artists. The alkalizing seeds of the sunflower, besides being crunchy and delicious, contain high levels of important nutrients that help you build your bones and prevent another condition we all dread. They contain… Crucial Bone-Healthy Nutrients...

Stop Suffering From Seasonal Allergies! Eat These 12 Bone-Building Foods And Fight Your Allergies Without Drugs


Seasonal allergies can be a major inconvenience, with reactions to plant pollen and other allergens ranging from a mild irritation in the nose and eyes to full-blown reactions that can include sinus infections and breathing difficulties. When such symptoms arise, the usual course of action is to reach for an antihistamine, decongestant, or similar drug. Many allergy sufferers take these drugs even though they’d rather not, because the severity...

16 Bone-Healthy Nutrients In This Quick And Easy-To-Prepare Dish (It Only Takes 10 Minutes)


I’m often amazed at the large number of delicious foods that can be combined to achieve a nutritional bone-health powerhouse. Last week, as I was in a rush to leave the house and having not prepared my lunch the night before, as I usually do, I improvised a new pH-balanced recipe picking from what I had in the fridge. I was not only delighted by the wonderful taste; after careful analysis I knew that my new recipe had an unusually large number...

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