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Strontium: Science-Based Facts vs Fiction


At the Save Institute, we’re always searching for bone health trends that have become popular and could use in-depth analysis and clarification. Some topics are positive — like the growing recognition of the need for plenty of vegetables in your diet, or greater scrutiny of the products manufactured by Big Pharma. But often, confusing, misleading, or even dangerous misinformation manages to take hold. So today, we’re going to take an...

Strontium Demystified: Everything You Wanted To Know


I’ve answered several questions about strontium as part of my Vivian Answers Day series. But I’ve noticed that more strontium related questions keep coming, so I’ve decided to compile all the information about strontium in one place to serve as a handy reference for you. An Introduction to Strontium Strontium is an element abundantly found in mineral compounds which has many uses in the metal industry. It is also utilized in...

Vivian Answers Day # 26: Caffeine and Calcium, Cartilage Integrity, Strontium Conundrum, Osteopenia Diagnosis, Alkalizing Drink, And More!


Question & Answer #1 I like to drink unsweetened ice tea when I go out to eat, and get green tea sweetened with honey from Starbucks. My question is, is the caffeine bad for me? – Donna Dear Donna, First, I’ll explain how caffeine works. It crosses over your body’s natural “filter” called the blood brain barrier, which means it directly affects the brain. There, caffeine “tricks” your brain cells because it mimics adenosine, so...

ALERT: Strontium Blood Clot Risk Confirmed By New Study


It made big news abroad, especially in Europe. But chances are that if you live in the United States, you didn’t hear about this at all. And it might make you wonder about the well-known saying, that “bad news travels fast”. The latest osteoporosis drug fiasco is about the drug Protelos, the trademarked name for strontium ranelate, which is not sold in the U.S. and is also marketed under the names Bivalos, Osseor, Ossum, Protos, and Protaxos....

Vivian Answers Day #19: Protein, Agave, Strontium, Density Exercises, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Barley Grass, Anti-Depressants, Weight Loss, And More!


Question & Answer #1 What do you think of the Ensure products for added protein? There are the high protein shakes with only 5 grams of sugar. Are these acceptable or are they too acidic? Thanks. -Marilyn Dear Marilyn, Getting a little extra protein is a good idea, especially if you are active. However, I don’t recommend Ensure, and here’s why. If you take a look at the ingredients, you’ll see that the first five (after water – and...

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #6


Question & Answer #1 Vivian, What are the natural sources like vegetables, etc. from which one can get calcium and vitamin D? Does yogurt and buttermilk have calcium besides milk? Thank you for your help, -Bakula Dear Bakula, Your question is very relevant because the best way to get bone healthy nutrients is from foods. Both calcium and vitamin D are Foundation Supplements, and in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program you can find a list of...

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #10: Goat Milk, Soup, Strontium, Fluoride, Weight Loss, pH Balance, Dancing, Calcitonin, Forteo, Actonel And More!


Question & Answer #1 I’m 68 and started Actonel 3 years ago (once a week). The only side effects I had was constipation. After 2 years I started having pains in my shins. I then developed colon cancer and had a large section removed, no chemo or radiation. I am fine now. I stopped taking Actonel this May when the shin situation increased, cold turkey, no weaning off the drug. I haven’t experienced any problems doing that. I will have a...

‘Vivian Answers Day’ #3


Question & Answer #1 I am a 77 year old female. Have been on Fosamax for 5+ years and have shown no improvement in bone density (I’m now at -3.5). Doctor has recommended Reclast but I’m reluctant to substitute one drug for another. Saw your Osteoporosis Reversal Program and am interested in starting it. Are there cases in which even that won’t work? Still want to try it. -Joan K. Dear Joan, Before I dive into your specific question,...

Your ‘Ask Vivian Week’ Answers


I thank you all for posting your questions during ‘Ask Vivian Week’. I am really excited that the Save Our Bones community is so active and intelligently inquisitive. There were no less than 925 questions submitted and I wish I could answer them all… But I promise you that there will be other Ask Vivian weeks in the future. And remember this quote from Bernard Baruch: “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked...

Vivian Answers Day #14: pH Test Strips, Alkaline Water, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Protelos, Chlorine, Vitamins, Half-Life Of Drugs, And More!


Question & Answer #1 I would be interested in your thoughts on the use of “green” powders containing chlorophyll to improve pH balance. Thank you! -Maria Dear Maria, First I’d like to point out that the most effective way to maintain the desirable alkaline pH in the body is to eat pH balanced meals per the Osteoporosis Reversal Program’s easy-to-follow guidelines. You may know that chlorophyll is what gives plants their green...

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