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Changes are afoot in the world of osteoporosis drugs. As more bisphosphonates are losing their patents, these drugs are slowly but surely no longer the “gold standard” for osteoporosis.

So Big Pharma, in hopes of keeping profits up, is scrambling for new research that will give rise to a completely different class of drugs.

Also, to harbor more interest in the newer injectable drugs, the Medical Establishment is pouncing on recent studies that tout the “effectiveness” of drug combinations.

Yes, changes are definitely in the offing. But as we’ll soon see, when it comes to Mainstream Medicine, some things never change…

Bisphosphonates Lose Patent Protection

When a drug’s patent protection expires, it doesn’t mean the drug goes away (unfortunately). What this means is that generic forms of the drug become available, so it’s even more widely available than before, and sales of the name brand decrease dramatically.

Fosamax lost its patent protection in 2008, Boniva in March 2012, and all the main bisphosphonates are scheduled to follow suit. This means wider availability of the drug, but less money for Big Pharma.

News Excerpt

“Despite its maturity, the osteoporosis market is expected to undergo substantial change between 2012 and 2022. Most importantly, the ‘gold-standard’ bisphosphonates will lose patent protection by end-of-year 2013, flooding the marketplace with less expensive generic versions of these physician-preferred medications. Also during the forecast period covered by this report, osteoporosis drug development research will lead to the launches of a wave of novel anabolic drugs with greater efficacy and safety, causing a major market shift away from anti-resorptive drugs.”1

So get ready for an increase in generic osteoporosis drugs early next year, and be on the lookout for new, patented drugs as pharmaceutical companies respond to the loss in profits.

Researchers “Discover” the Link Between Bone Resorption and Bone Remodeling

Once again, “Savers” are far ahead of the game here. From the very beginning, I’ve stressed the importance of resorption – that is, the tearing down of old bone – in the bone remodeling process. When I wrote the Osteoporosis Reversal Program there was already ample research available regarding this process and how it works to keep bones healthy, strong, and better able to resist fracture.

Isn’t it interesting that Big Pharma ignored the research on bone remodeling until now? That’s because they were too busy marketing bisphosphonates, which disrupt this remodeling process. Now that bisphosphonates are no longer the “darling” of the osteoporosis drug industry, this research is suddenly acknowledged and hailed as “new.”

Medical Xpress reports on a very recent study2 published in The American Journal of Pathology that highlights “reversal cells,” key players in the bone remodeling process.

News Excerpt

“…investigators have begun to pay increasing attention to ‘reversal cells,’ which prepare for bone formation during bone remodeling. The hope is that these reversal cells will become critical therapeutic targets that may someday prevent osteoporosis and other bone disorders.

‘Our observations suggest that arrested reversal cells reflect aborted remodeling cycles which did not progress to the bone formation step,’ says Dr. Delaisse. “We therefore propose that bone loss in postmenopausal osteoporosis does not only result from a failure of bone formation as commonly believed, leading to incomplete filling of resorption cavities, but also from a failure at the reversal phase, uncoupling bone formation from resorption.’3

The researchers are on the right track – bone resorption and formation are inextricably linked. But if you read the excerpt carefully, you’ll see a key phrase that indicates what this research will be used to accomplish: “The hope is that these reversal cells will become critical therapeutic targets that may someday prevent osteoporosis.”

So instead of taking this information and recognizing that the body already has the mechanism in place to build bone (if you provide what it needs), this research will be used by pharmaceutical companies to make new drugs that target these reversal cells and claim to prevent or “cure” osteoporosis.

In Mainstream Medicine, the answer always seems to be more drugs. This approach rears its head again in this next piece of news.

Toxic Cocktail: Combining Dangerous Osteoporosis Drugs

The mysterious and dangerous Forteo has been used in combination with the equally harmful Prolia by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

News Excerpt

“Treatment with a combination of teriparatide (Forteo) plus denosumab (Prolia) led to greater increases in bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis than either agent alone, a randomized trial showed.

“ ‘The combination of denosumab and teriparatide seems to unlink more effectively bone resorption and formation than the combination of bisphosphonates and [parathyroid hormone]. Perhaps, unlike bisphosphonate combinations, the combination of teriparatide and denosumab permits continued teriparatide-induced, modeling-based bone formation,’ the researchers explained.4 (emphasis mine)

But didn’t we just read the latest research that confirms the undeniable link between bone resorption and formation?

This trial just further proves that increased bone density can be achieved via drugs, but at the expense of healthy bone remodeling. The bone may appear denser when tested, but the bone’s strength and flexibility (which ultimately are what prevent fractures) have been compromised by the drug.

What is so unsettling here is that researchers are combining multiple drugs in an attempt to replicate the delicate interplay between cells, hormones, and so forth that naturally takes place in bone metabolism. Why not simply support and boost that process with a safe, natural, effective approach like the Osteoporosis Reversal Program?

One thing that will never change is the fact that no osteoporosis drug is (or ever will be) 100% safe. In contrast, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is 100% safe and effective, and it works with, not against, your body’s natural bone-building processes.

Till next time,


1 “Romosozumab (Osteoporosis) – Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022 – New Market Report.” SBWire. June 3, 2013. Web.
2 Anderson, Thomas L., et al. “Understanding Coupling between Bone Resorption and Formation:” The American Journal of Pathology. July 2013. Vol. 183, issue 1, Pages 235-246. Web.
3 “Reversal cells may tip the balance between bone formation and resorption in health and disease.” MedicalXpress. June 6, 2013. Web.
4 Walsh, Nancy. “Forteo Plus Prolia Builds Bone.” MedPageToday. May 15, 2013. Web.

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  4. Roger

    I have a friend who has been on Femera for 8 years. She just lost several teeth and who knows what else is happening.

  5. Nancy Hughes

    Sorry Vivian I have just told you I have been for a heel scan by Healthcare Screening Ltd 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley London N12 0DR but I lost my note to you on my computer.
    I am so pleased to hear that my T Score is now -2.4 and my last Dexa scan at the hospital was -3.9.I am still trying to beat osteoporosis by “Save our bones” and exercising by going to the gym and playing bowls.This is such good news.Thank you so much for all your help and your sending of e-mails updating me on osteoporosis.Every good wish with your work

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Nancy! Keep up the good work!

  6. Nancy Hughes

    Vivian I have just been for a heel scan done locally here in Scotland by Healthcare Screening Ltd

  7. Rosetta

    Vivian I was looking for the cleanse you were talking about.I looked in Save Our bones.

  8. Kim Leong

    My doctor/Rheumatologist MD recommends PROLIA (denosumab), 1 shot ever
    6 months. Anybody out there knows the side effects of Prolia. Help me please before
    I get a shot. I am undecided.

    • Customer Support

      Kim, I encourage you to use the search feature at the top of the page. Vivian has written quite a bit on Prolia and you can get a lot of great information by doing a search for “Prolia” on this site. That should help you make your decision!

  9. Kathryn

    What about the use of a denosumab when there is cancer of the bone???? My daughteer is taking a shot and was told that when she stopped the shot that the remodeling would begin again in a year. She has only had two shots but is not sure she should continue. Thank you for your help.

  10. Maria J.Mckenney

    Hi Vivian , Thanks, for the your underfull mail. I will go to Bogota ,Colombia, on July 12, to visit my family, they have some health problems. I will back on sptember.- Sincerely, Maria J.Mckenney, Maria J. Mckenney

  11. Janet

    I have typed up the foods I most commonly would eat so I have an quick reference to my allkaline/acid choices. I do find my diet borders on acidic but I try to have meals that are on the programme principles. My main weakness is chocolate and sweet stuff though I try to accommodate this by choosing apricots and dried fruit. I find that completing a daily food diary helps keep me on track as it exposes my pitfalls and focuses my mind on what I need to be doing to keep to the programme. In addition to osteoporosis, I also have diverticular disease, macular degeneration and under active thyroid (following treatment with radioactive iodine for overactive thyroid), had two hip replacements and a discectomy and neck fusion (Wow, this is the first time I have written all this down and I am stunned!!!) I personally feel that the programme has a beneficial effect on all these issues too and I count myself lucky to be part of it. How I wish that I had been aware before the ill health took hold. To this end I now try and tell my friends and family (and anyone who will listen) how the eating principles in the programme could save them future problems. Nealth and Nutrition should be part of the school curriculum and Vivians principles promoted. Thank you so much Vivian and the Save Our Bones community.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for spreading the word, Janet. Hang in there – you are on the right track! Remember, your body was designed for health, not disease. Just keep giving your body what it needs to thrive!

  12. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,



  13. Herma B. Fischer

    I am very glad, I never took any of these “Wonderdrugs”, and will not take the new ones either. Your explanations and “prescriptions” are far better. Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  14. Dorrie Laycock

    You had a book listed on your web site How to avoid dowagers hump -exercises i accidentally erased the message could you please send me the info on tho.

  15. Mary /Anderson

    Dear Vivian:

    A year ago in December, I fell and broke my hip. That is when
    my doctor insisted I take Prolia. I have been very unhappy about it but he is very insistent and I have been getting it twice a year since that time. How does one deal with a doctor who insists he is absolutely right about the medication? He is going to want to give me another injection July 30th and I am not at all happy about it. I have had this doctor for 25 yrs. What is your advice as to how to handle this situation?

  16. Debby Eastman

    Hi Vivian,

    What’s your opinion of Hydroxyapatite, DimaCal Di-calcium malate for
    absorption, compared to the Algae Cal…also am wondering if there is a
    brand of Algae Cal you feel good about?

    Thanks for your great information!




    • Pam

      Hi Debbie,

      I am taking the Algae Cal based supplement from Garden of Life. It is called “Vitamin Code Raw Calcium.” I called the AlgaeCal folks in Vancouver, B.C. to see if this product was actually using the same ingredients and sources of the vitamins and minerals as Algae Cal. Their rep. said it was very close (99%) the same, except that the Garden of Life product had additional traces of raw foods included. These foods are derived from natural raw foods–various berries– for example. I would also like to know what Vivian’s knowledge and thoughts are regarding this product. It is available in US, and is a bit less expensive than the Canadian product.


      • Debby Eastman

        if you check, Vivian has specified a brand of calcium she recommends – I found this noted on the bottom of page 128 of the Save Our Bones book.


  17. heather

    So glad to have been following your regime and that you gave me the confidence to reject the drugs.

  18. Mess

    Dear Vivian,

    A friend of mine today said that redmond clay if taken diluted in water helps a lot for osteoporosis.Do you have any comments for this

    Thanks Mess

    • Mess

      Dear Vivian,

      A friend of mine today said that redmond clay if taken diluted in water helps a lot for osteoporosis.Do you have any comments for this

      Thanks Mess

  19. Bobbi

    Thank you for all you do, Vivian!!

    If not for you & all your research I’d probably be still on Boniva. Hey Sally Fields likes it!!! 🙂 Of course she’s paid to say that! HA!

    Take care & have an awesome day.

    Bobbi Crosby

  20. Linn J

    Help! I love the “Savers” program, but am losing weight. At 5’3″ I weigh less than 100 pounds now. Any suggestions for high calorie snacks that fall within the boundaries of the Savers prescribed diet? Thanks for suggestions!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Linn, there’s such a wide variety of foods you can eat on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program (and no limit to the amount you can eat) that it should be easy to adjust for weight loss! You can add more complex carbs that pack calories, such as bananas, grapes, alkalizing beans, green peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes with peel, etc. And when you eat acidifying foods, choose high-calorie ones – for example, replace chicken with beef. What also helps is having multiple snacks throughout the day.

      If that doesn’t do it for you, you could try switching to a 70/30 alkaline/acid balance, so as to increase consumption of higher calorie foods (pasta, brown rice, bread, etc.).

      Good luck!

  21. shula

    Thank you, Vivian.


  22. Debby Eastman

    I have read about good results from a Health store supplement called
    Pro Bono – please comment if you have any feedback about this – thanks!

  23. Bev Bailey

    Dear, Dear Vivian! I read your “visionary” articles all the time, and have many times thanked God for putting you in our (your readers’) lives. A great friend of many years, who had been on Fosamax long before I met her, and who had broken every bone in her body for years on end, finally passed away, leaving a deeply grieving husband and many friends. I always told her about you and what you were doing for so many. But, sorry to say, she just kept on with her Fosamax (being a good patient and listening to her doc (WRONG!!). I was prodded by my own doc to go on Reclast, even was sent to a “specialist” who swore I would be better off taking it once a year via shot. I KNOW God was with me, I knew NOT to listen, so I never did take a bisphosphonate. I have Multiple Myeloma, but have chosen to treat “au naturale” for over 20 yrs, using whole foods, plants, organics, your suggestions, and now, at just about 81 yrs of age, I am still walking on my own, haven’t broken any bones (fingers crossed!) and hope to carry on this way, bowling, too, weekly! I believe attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude! As a child of God, I know deeply within my core that these days less is more when being told to take new drugs, drugs that have side effects often times worse than the issues they supposedly treat. My Oncologists (2), one for kidney, also, say I’m keeping myself “stable”. People, LISTEN UP TO VIVIAN, SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE SAYS! God bless you, and all those in your Save Our Bones Community. Avoid keeping our drug manufacturers rich at your expense! If you need me, let me know! Luv, Bev

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Bev, this is such a warm and heartfelt comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I am so glad you’ve not been afraid to take charge of your own health! 🙂 Thanks for being part of the community!

  24. Ann B

    This fall it will be two years since I had my first BAD bone scan telling me I had osteoporosis in varying degrees from bad to worse in all bones tested. Shortly thereafter I found your website because a close friend who had been taking osteoporosis drugs became very ill from them. I refused to take them. My nails were a mess with the white lines and brittleness you describe in the program. I confess that for the past two years I have not been the best “80-20” eater, or the best exerciser, but I am trying — taking supplements, and using only distilled water and fluoride-free toothpaste. I also gave up milk and enjoy the added benefit of less gas, and I just LOVE the almond milk! My nails now look fantastic, just like they did prior to menopause, and I am very hopeful that my numbers will show a great improvement when I have another scan this fall!

    Thank you for this marvelous website!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Ann, isn’t it amazing what your body is capable of when you provide it with healthy nutrients and lifestyle? What a wonderful success story – thanks for sharing!

  25. Gloria Detore

    What are they going to think of next?

  26. Joanne

    Your medical advise makes perfect sense but I cannot follow the diatary portion as it it too restrictive. Perhaps a step up program could be devised to facilitate the transition

  27. ita

    Thank you. Ita.

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