Osteoporosis Exercises

Rebounding: Good Or Bad For Your Bones?


Is rebounding good or bad for your bones? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot and today I’m thrilled to answer it and explore its effects on both your bone health and overall health. Rebounding is an exercise that consists of bouncing lightly on a small trampoline, either with the feet remaining on the surface or with small … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Seated Femur, Core, Shoulder, And Arms Builder


Seated exercises are preferred by some Savers for all kinds of reasons. For one thing, they are convenient; you can do them in your office or at your desk during the day, helping to offset the negative effects of prolonged sitting. For others, physical challenges prevent getting up and down from the floor or doing stand-up moves, so seated exercises … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Standing Coordination And Balance Trainer


Savers know that a fall may lead to life-changing fractures and injuries that can be devastating, especially for older adults. Fortunately, balance-enhancing exercises like the Standing Coordination And Balance Trainer provide a safeguard against falls, and recent research shows they also protect against injury in the event of a fall. It’s especially encouraging that fall prevention exercises are effective at … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Standing Shoulder Strengthener And Posture Corrector


This weekend, we’re focusing on the upper body with an exercise that works the shoulders and upper back. It’s also excellent for the arms. By targeting these areas, the Standing Shoulder Strengthener And Posture Corrector flattens the thoracic vertebrae and stretches the chest, allowing the lungs to expand freely for deep breathing. It also aligns the shoulders to help reverse … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Targeted Core Strengthener


Required for every movement of the torso, the core has been the focus of recent research that verifies its importance in such pertinent issues as balance, body weight distribution, avoiding falls, and psychological health. So this weekend, we’re going to focus on these central muscles (and to a lesser extent, the muscles of the upper legs) and delve into some … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The 1 Minute FHP And Posture Corrector


What if I told you that it takes just one minute each morning to improve posture, boost self-confidence, reduce stress, increase energy levels, and more? It may sound too good to be true, but the latest research supports a strikingly wide range of benefits to improving your posture, which is the goal of this weekend’s exercise. The 1 Minute FHP … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: High-Impact Femoral Neck And Leg Builder


For this weekend’s challenge, you’ll want to put on your dancing shoes! Actually, a good pair of athletic shoes will do just fine. But the hopping activity of this exercise feels like you’re dancing, and if you add music, it’s even more fun! The High-Impact Femoral Neck and Leg Builder is a high-impact exercise, so it’s scientifically proven to build … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Balance And Coordination Enhancer


The primary goal of the Save Our Bones Program is to prevent fractures by building strong, flexible bones through clinical nutrition and exercise. For full fracture prevention, however, balance and coordination are crucial. These aspects of bone health are emphasized for two basic reasons: one, the overwhelming majority of fractures in older adults is due to falls; and two, the … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Dynamic Lower Back Pain Reliever


Who knew paper plates could help to relieve lower back pain? While no special equipment is required for the Weekend Challenges, common household items are sometimes used. And this time, it’s paper plates! This weekend we’re tackling lower back pain, with a challenge that is a fun and highly effective way to relieve pain in that area, as well as … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Femur Strengthener And Knee Pain Preventer


This weekend’s challenge is a low-impact, seated exercise that strengthens the femur and knee joint. Low-impact exercises are especially beneficial if you suffer from knee pain and would like to strengthen your leg muscles and stabilize the joint without applying a lot of gravitational force. If you do experience painful knees, it’s worth addressing the problem, and not just because … Click to continue →

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