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Save Our Bones Bulletin: Grocery Shopping With Your Doctor; Fewer Osteoporosis Drug Sales Scare Big Pharma; Nuts Prescribed As Nutraceuticals; And Much More!


Spring is the time of year for new life, fresh awakenings, and good news. This month’s Bulletin is definitely aligned with the season, as we have a rare flowering of positive developments from the halls of the Medical Establishment. First, you’ll discover a growing trend of doctors prescribing food instead of drugs. Imagine that! They’re using nutrition to help the … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: GMO Apples Hidden In Your Grocery Aisle, The Milk Industry Grasping At Straws, More Evidence Too Much Meat Can Kill You, And More!


I can’t wait to bring you this month’s Bulletin – it’s all about the power of knowledge and common sense. We’re going to expose important bone health topics, starting with the sale of a genetically-modified version of one of the most popular fruits, new technology to make the calcium in milk more bioavailable, and a brand new study on yet … Click to continue →

Why The Medical Establishment Keeps Ignoring The Real Cause Of Osteoporosis. (Plus 4 Mainstream Studies That Confirm They’re Dead Wrong!)


As Savers know, osteoporosis is not a disease. It’s the result of chronic acidosis in the body that depletes buffering reserves, forcing the calcium in bones to be utilized to alkalize the plasma pH. The ‘modern’ diet, loaded with acidifying and inflammatory foods and toxins, are the typical culprits. Unfortunately, this simple truth is lost on a health system that’s … Click to continue →

Alert! Failed Fracture Risk Assessment Tool Disavowed By World Health Organization


The Save Institute has always been a natural health advocate, questioning Big Pharma, the Medical Establishment and dubious medical technology. One of the many tools used to convince doctors to prescribe dangerous and ineffective osteoporosis drugs has recently come under scrutiny for lying to its users and promoters about its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO). Amazingly, the disavowal … Click to continue →

7 Ways To Make Next Year Your Youngest (And Healthiest) Yet


The year is coming to a close. And while it’s another year of our lives behind us, it’s also another year of our lives that we get to take with us moving forward. It’s easy to forget that every version of us all the way back to our infancy lives on inside of us. Even though we change, even though … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Salt Causes Premature Death, Harvard Nutritionists’ Shocking Malfeasance, More Of The Usual From Big Pharma, And Much More!


The holiday season is full of temptations: to eat poorly, to grow lethargic, to accept what is offered without questioning, so I’m glad I can offer this month’s Save Our Bones Bulletin to bolster your resolve. It’s stuffed tighter than a Thanksgiving turkey with nutritional news that is sure to surprise Savers and rattle those who haven’t yet started doubting … Click to continue →

Reductionism Vs. Holism: What They Mean And Which Is Better For Your Bones And Your Health?


There is a battle raging in the fields of medicine and biology. It’s been going on for more than a hundred years, and probably even longer. It’s not a disagreement over how things work or why, but over the best way to make physical changes to the biological systems that keep us healthy and happy. Today I’m going to strap … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: CDC Pushes Flu Shot Amid Declining Participation, FDA Bans Triclosan Soap, Merck Ditches Odanacatib, And More!


Today we’re celebrating Halloween, and in the spirit of the season, health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are trying to frighten us into getting the flu shot. This is happening as a reaction to their report that shows a marked decrease in compliance. Now for the good news: even the FDA can’t continue to ignore … Click to continue →

Lewin’s Equation: The Little-Known Science Of Habits And How You Can Apply It To Your Bone Health


Did you know there’s an equation for human behavior? What’s more, you can apply this equation to your everyday life to instill bone-smart habits. Good habits help you achieve optimal bone health as you implement changes to your diet and lifestyle. I know it sounds simple… but that does not necessarily mean it’s easy for everyone. As you’ll learn in … Click to continue →

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy Because He Gives Good Osteoporosis Advice


When a celebrity dares to speak out against the Establishment, more often than not, the Establishment strikes back. This is exactly what happened to famous Australian chef Pete Evans, who has ruffled the feathers of doctors and scientists for daring to suggest a drug-free, nutritional approach for osteoporosis. Chef Pete also endorses fluoride-free water and a Paleo-style diet, further inciting … Click to continue →

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