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New Study Confirms: Fearful Thoughts Have A Negative Effect On Memory, Focus, And More


Savers know that chronic stress and anxiety damage bones. Now, a new study confirms that fearing stress can actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy, worsening working memory and reducing your effectiveness … Continue Reading →

Your Practical And Simple Guide To Creating Inner Peace That Lasts


According to the philosopher and mystic Meister Eckhart, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'thank you,' it will be enough." As we approach Thanksgiving … Continue Reading →

12 Easy Lifestyle Modifications That Build Your Bones And Boost Your Well-Being


Along with a bone-healthy diet and regular exercise, the Save Institute recommends making lifestyle changes that improve the health of your bones. Today we bring you 12 modifications to your … Continue Reading →

Prevent And Avoid Physical Frailty By Following This Study’s Protocols


One of the most frightening aspects of aging is the prospect of physical frailty and mental decline. Sadly, these outcomes are common among elderly people and often lead to disability, … Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Tricked Or Scared By This Big Pharma Propaganda Video


The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) “celebrates” Osteoporosis Awareness Month in May. Every year they launch a media campaign with the declared goal of preventing and managing osteoporosis. However, the work … Continue Reading →

8 Seldom-Mentioned Reasons To Engage In Regular Exercise (Besides To Build Bone)


The Save Institute emphasizes regular, intentional physical activity for the development of new bone and for overall health improvement. Wolff’s law has accurately described this process for more than 100 … Continue Reading →

Five Evidence-Backed Ways To Feel Younger And Happier


As advancing age brings increasing anxiety about fractures-- made worse by the doomsaying and diagnostics of the Medical Industry-- the anxiety itself can make you feel older than your age. … Continue Reading →

Cracking the Truth About Eggs. Could They Affect Your Bone Health?


The Medical Establishment is quick to vilify natural supplements and foods, while they rarely, if ever, do the same to drugs, regardless of how dangerous they might be. Take, for … Continue Reading →

How Your Perception Of Your Bone Health Can Hurt Or Help Your Bones


If you’ve ever been diagnosed with a disease or a condition, then you surely know how it can change your life. As soon as you found out, your self-perception changed. … Continue Reading →

10 Techniques To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Why It’s Good For Your Bones


Human beings are creatures of habit. We tend to gravitate towards the familiar, and more often than not, become stuck in the same routine. Preventing surprises and challenges by avoiding … Continue Reading →

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