Osteoporosis Inspiration

Weekend Challenge: The Alkalizing Rib Cage Expander


This weekend we’re going to explore an aspect of fitness you might not have considered before: breathing. It may not sound like much of a challenge, but breathing correctly is … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Cow’s Milk Linked To Early Death, First GMO Potato Approved In U.S., New Osteoporosis ‘Nano-Drug’, And More!


Today I am excited to bring you another Save Our Bones Bulletin. There have been some amazing developments on the osteoporosis front lately. A brand new study shows that drinking … Continue Reading →

The Save Our Bones Bulletin: Joan Rivers A Victim Of Osteoporosis Scare Tactics, Pocket-Sized Bone Scanner, New Osteoporosis Drug ‘Inspired’ By Hibernating Bears, And More!


In today’s Save Our Bones Bulletin I share with you an interesting insight about osteoporosis scare tactics used on the late Joan Rivers. You’ll also discover yet another osteoporosis diagnostic … Continue Reading →

The Save Our Bones Bulletin: Implant That Builds Bone, Merck’s New Drug Destroys Bone Density, Medical Establishment Retracts Deceptive Bisphosphonate Benefit, And More!


Today I am pleased to announce the brand new Save Our Bones Bulletin, which will now replace the Latest Osteoporosis News series. The Save Our Bones Bulletin is an in-depth … Continue Reading →

3 Secrets To Making Your Bone Health Changes Effortless And Everlasting


Eight years ago, when I began following my own natural bone building protocol which would later becomes the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I had to change several old habits. I quickly … Continue Reading →

The Simple Secret To A Lifetime Of Healthy Bones


In today’s post, I’m going to let you in on a big secret. I’m pretty sure that once you’ll read it, it will amaze you. Because it’s really easy and … Continue Reading →

Breaking: Save Our Bones Is Now Doctor Trusted™ Certified (A Rating!)


If I had to describe Savers, the first thing I'd say is that they're most certainly a very smart bunch. What more would I say? That they're fearless, yet cautious … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Common Sleep Disorder More Than Doubles Osteoporosis Risk, Breakthrough Bone-Building Protein Discovered, Bisphosphonates’ Role In ONJ Finally Elucidated, And More!


In this latest edition of osteoporosis news, there’s fascinating new research on the connection between sleep apnea and osteoporosis. You’ll also read about a newly discovered protein that can shift … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Americans “Too Dumb” To Recognize Medical Conspiracies, Big Pharma Finds Sneaky Way To Expand Osteoporosis Diagnosis Parameters, New Study On Bone Flexibility Threatens The Establishment, And More!


Frankly, some of this week’s osteoporosis news is downright offensive. Just when you thought the Establishment couldn’t get any more outrageous, they top themselves. Instead of looking at the validity … Continue Reading →

Are You Scaring Yourself To Bone Loss?


“What will people think?” “What will they say?” Most of us have asked ourselves similar questions at one time or another, especially if we’re contemplating choices that go against the … Continue Reading →

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