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Update: 2019’s Dirty Dozen And Clean Fifteen Produce List


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just released its yearly list of the “dirtiest” and “cleanest” produce on the grocery shelves. Each year, the organization collects samples of conventionally grown … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Average American On The Verge Of Obesity, Most Americans Sit Too Much, Study Confirms Cognitive Benefits Of Walking


Our March bulletin covers three new studies, conducted separately, but which collectively speak to troubling trends in wellness while pointing toward potential solutions. First, we’ll learn about a new report … Continue Reading →

Just-Published Study Shows Common Household Activities Cause Bone-Damaging Indoor Pollution


Air pollution. The words probably conjure an image of smokestacks belching toxic fumes skyward. However, a brand new study shows that the air inside your home can easily become polluted … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: The Pursuit Of A Universal Flu Vaccine, Almost Half Of Americans Refuse To Get Flu Vaccine, FDA Ignores Health Risks Of New Osteoporosis Drug


In this month’s Bulletin we cover two pieces of news about the flu vaccine. One looks to the future of flu shots and the other examines the low rates of … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Sleep More To Eat Better, Bone Microarchitecture Shown As Best Predictor Of Fracture, Failed Obesity Drug Tries For A Second Act As An Osteoporosis Drug


In this month’s Bulletin, we’ll look at a study that found a surprising way to improve the quality of its participants’ diets. Next, we bring you the latest on how … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: The FDA Tries To Undermine Plant-Based Milk Producers, Flu Vaccine Made In Animal Cells Disappoints, 10 Minutes Of Exercise Shown To Improve Memory


This month’s Bulletin contains news items and recently published studies that will help you keep your body strong and your mind sharp. First up, we’ll see how the FDA continues … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Flu Season Scare Tactics, Study Urges Wider Prescription Of Reclast, Follow-Up Phone Calls Increase Osteoporosis Drug Adherence


This month’s Bulletin begins with a familiar warning from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as it once again attempts to scare everyone about the severity of this coming flu … Continue Reading →

Scarborough Fair Study Reconfirms The Osteoporosis Reversal Program: Diets Rich In Fruits, Vegetables, And Herbs, Reduce Bone Turnover, Helping To Prevent And Reverse Osteoporosis And Osteopenia


More than half a century ago, iconic duo Simon and Garfunkel re-popularized the folk song Scarborough Fair. The lyrics set to an English melody that dates back to Medieval times … Continue Reading →

New Study Uncovers One More Reason Why Fast Food Can Make Osteoporosis And Osteopenia Worse


A proverb says, “Good things come in small packages,” but when the packaging itself is questionable, it makes what’s inside even worse. This is true of fast food. Savers know … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Brain Power Peaks In Autumn, Amgen/UCB Resubmit Osteoporosis Drug For Approval, Tax Dollars Fund Stem-Cell Osteoporosis Drug Research


This month’s Save Our Bones Bulletin contains a remarkable revelation about the relationship between cognitive function and the four seasons. We also bring you an update on Big Pharma’s latest … Continue Reading →

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