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New Report: More Deaths Caused By Prescription Drugs Than By Car Accidents


They say that numbers don’t lie. So when statistics clearly show that for the first time ever in the U.S.A. prescription drugs have killed more people than car accidents, even … Continue Reading →

What Food Colors Mean To Your Bone Health


I’m quite sure that you’re familiar with the DXA (previously DEXA) scan, a bone health test that measures the proportion of light rays that pass through bone and tissue, which … Continue Reading →

The Latest News On Vitamin D: What Does It Mean For You?


You may have seen news items on the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) new Vitamin D recommendations, which were released on November 30th. So to keep you up to date, I'd … Continue Reading →

Calcium And Heart Attack Alert: My Take


I received quite a few comments regarding the article below relating to calcium and heart attacks. So as part of my commitment to keep you up to date with the … Continue Reading →

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