Osteoporosis News

Latest Osteoporosis News: Breakthrough Bone-Building Pathway Discovered, FDA Incites Protests Over Approval Of Dangerous New Drug, Protelos Still To Be Prescribed With Lame Warning, And More!


One of my top priorities is to keep the Save Our Bones community up-to-date with the latest information. Not surprisingly, what I find often shocks me and sometimes amazes me. … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Merck To Settle Fosamax Lawsuits, Bisphosphonates Deplete Antioxidants, Good News On Water Fluoridation, And More!


There’s a great deal of news to share with you this week. The legal “bullet” is finally catching up with Merck after years of dodging responsibility for Fosamax’s terrible side … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Big Pharma Admits Failure, Shocking New Osteoporosis Drug Conflict Of Interest, Osteoporosis Drug To Be Pulled From Market, And More!


The race for new osteoporosis treatments is on, as Big Pharma is desperately trying to find new patentable drugs. And, as further confirmation of the disastrous failure of current treatments, … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: A Completely Different Kind Of Osteoporosis Drug In The Works, Researcher Confirms That Milk Does Not Prevent Fractures, Ridiculous Study Blames Patients For Atypical Femur Fractures Caused By Bisphosphonates, And More!


As clear proof that the current osteoporosis drugs are failing miserably, researchers are trying to develop a completely different type of osteoporosis drug. In other news, a prestigious researcher from … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Flawed Study On Vitamin D, Hip Fracture Risk Increases With This, Osteopenia ‘Patients’ Used As Guinea Pigs In Needless Fluoride Supplement Study, And More!


There have been some interesting developments regarding osteoporosis and osteopenia recently. From scientists once again trying to discredit the value of Vitamin D as it pertains to bone health (what … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: The International Osteoporosis Foundation Agrees With Save Our Bones, Drug Companies Get Desperate, Another Jaw Lawsuit Won Against Big Pharma, And More!


This week’s news involves some interesting insights into Big Pharma. In spite of recognizing that a pH imbalance caused by the wrong dietary choices leads to bone loss, the International … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Approval Of New GMO Soy, Israel To Stop Water Fluoridation, Milk’s Slow Death, And More!


Today we have bad news and good news for the osteoporosis community. There’s bad news about genetically-modified soy, but good news about municipal water fluoridation in Israel. And milk makes … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Breakthrough Technology A Big Boost For Bone Drugs, New Injectable Bone Cement, NASA Study On Beds And Bones, And More!


As you know by now, I always strive to keep the Save Our Bones community up to date on the latest osteoporosis news. Today I have all kinds of interesting … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Setback For Merck And Fosamax, Dr. Oz Questions Milk, Brand New Technology To Deliver Osteoporosis Drugs, And More!


Reading up on the latest osteoporosis news last week, I found some fascinating information that I’m really happy to share with you today. Merck, the pharmaceutical company that makes Fosamax, … Continue Reading →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Outrageous DXA Scan Manufacturer And Big Pharma Link Revealed, Merck (Finally!) Loses Fosamax Lawsuit, Harvard Doctor Questions Milk, And More!


There have been some fascinating developments regarding osteoporosis recently. Important new technology in DXA scan machines reveals some shady connections, and Merck actually loses a lawsuit. Milk is in the … Continue Reading →

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