Is Didrocal The Same As Fosamax? - Save Our Bones

Q:  I was a user of Fosamax for about three years but I hated taking it and now I'm sure I will not continue using this product. Do you know if Didrocal fits in the same category as Fosamax etc?  Is there a recommended site I can research for more info?

A:  Didrocal is a bisphosphonate administered for 14 days followed by calcium therapy for 76 days. I do not recommend it for the same reasons I don’t recommend the other bisphosphonate drugs, such as Fosamax, etc.

Here's a little more detailed information:
Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Etidronate Disodium
Calcium Carbonate
Bone Metabolism Regulator

Action And Clinical Pharmacology: The Didrocal therapy is a nonhormonal treatment consisting of etidronate disodium administered for 14 days followed by calcium carbonate administered for the next 76 days.

Etidronate Disodium: Etidronate disodium is a bisphosphonate (diphosphonate) that inhibits bone resorption, primarily through the drug's effect on osteoclasts. Etidronate disodium owes its highly selective bone effects to its ability to adsorb to hydroxyapatite on the bone surface.

Granted, 14 days is not such lengthy therapy, but the dose is quite hefty: 400 mg per day. There are also warnings to patients with kidney issues that sound quite alarming.

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  1. june whittingham

    Hi Vivian I have been taking Alendronic Acid for 6 years for osteopenia but have now been told I have CKD3. I have stopped taking AA but am concerned about the damage already done to my kidneys. Can I help myself with diet?

  2. Dae

    I’ve experiencd the threats you spoke of and also recommended to see a psychiatrist by the internist and called obstinate by my OB/GYN.I put myself on strontium,just got off after two years and my third DexaScan,all three on three different scanners.I wasn’t given the actual score,only told I was stabilized.
    I’m of stocky built,have great nails,my own teeth,good health and am 80yrs.old.
    Five yrs. back,I couldn’t reach the FDA to relate all the effects I had experienced from all four medictions.I’m fortunate to still be alive.
    Lucky me and the others searching for information other than that of physicians speaking of protocol,malpractice and broken hips.
    Thank you for all the research you have done and are doing.

  3. Dae

    I ordered your book and read all that was e-mailed.Five years I have been searching for information. I’ve made several mistakes-my two drinks which are milk and tap water.I wason HT FOR 11yrs.then Fosomax mo.,Actonel 4mo.with many of the least mentioned side effects for which I was then given a Ca channelblocker6mo. and angiotension drugs 6mo.,causing even worse problems.My heart is fine.More to be said…..

  4. Eva Krejci

    I broke my shoulder last December at work accident. My doctor sent me for bone density test. saying “you are good candidate for osteoporosis” because of your age, (65) small bone built ,white race ! Result of 2.5 did not make me happy. He put me on Didrocal right away. I was very disappointed, knowing i exercised all my life , yoga, ballet, skating and eating right . I learned a lot on internet ,(where i find Vivian) reading her book many times i made more adjustment to my lifestyle . I took Didrocal 6 month .It made me dizzy . Now i am having problem to tell my doctor! I just hope , doing it without drugs will work. Good luck to everyone . Thank you Vivian. I will let you know in few more months.

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