Is Organic Really Better? - Save Our Bones

Q:  Speaking of organic, is it really, truly better than ordinary? If so, then why? I'm so cynical these days, I don't know what to think.

A: Organic foods are “better” because they're the way food is supposed to be (they should be the “ordinary” foods): pesticide and GMO free. These additives make food more acidic also. Unfortunately, now we have to pay a premium to eat unadulterated foods… What a paradox! So I'm aware that the extra cost may pose a financial burden.

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  1. suseela

    Please tell us what a woman can eat in diet & also the need of Calcium magnesium,selineum zinc etc & how should we plan the meals. You said without drugs or exercise or supplements what is that we can do to build bone density when hard bone has already set in due to fosamax for 8 yrs.

  2. Maggie

    Hi Vivian and Carolyn
    The other big factor in favour of organically grown produce is that it generally has a much higher nutritional content. These days countries use artificial fertilizers which deplete the soils of their natural goodness. Plants need only 5 or 6 minerals for example to be healthy but we need 45 to 60 including trace minerals. If the soil is healthy those additional minerals will be stored by the plant and so be available to us when we eat them. Properly certified organic growers create healthy soils too (and this is especially true of biodynamic farmers) but everyday supermarket produce you can bet will be severely deficient in the minerals we need. Might look great but it doesn’t deliver!

  3. Vivian Goldschmidt

    You’re absolutely right, Maggie. Thank you for your comment.


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