Milk And Osteoporosis - Save Our Bones

Q:  I really disagree that milk is acidic. Perhaps other dairy products are but not milk unless it is going bad.  Usually it is very close to neutral and my chemistry classes test it every year.

A:  Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Milk is least acidic when it's unpasteurized and raw. However, all animal-derived proteins have been scientifically proven to be acidic.

Many published studies show that when animal protein is consumed (regardless of the source), so much calcium leaks from our bones that there is calcium in the urine (it's called hypercalcinuria). The only dairy products that are not acidic are soured milk products such as unsweetened yogurts, kefir and sour cream.

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  1. Joyce

    I have read your articles about avoiding cows milk and dairy products. I was just looking at some recipes on your website that have cheese in them. I am confused about that. Could you clarify?

  2. Susan Lerner

    Great info – thank you! Humans are the only species that drinks milk after weaning, and the milk of another species. Cows milk is not designed for people, but is perfect for growing calves.

  3. Edith Schneider

    I purchased your book and read it. Alarming information for me since I have been on Fosamax, generic, and Actonal for past 11 years.
    Now I have quit the drugs – but continue my exercises. Is Soya a good substitue for milk?
    It has Vitamins A,C, D, B6, B12, calcium etc.
    Thanks. Edith

  4. James M

    Hi, this is really interesting. I was just talking about bone health with a family member tonight; as she showed me the box from a calcium supplement she was taking. I goggled Strontium and ended up finding your site. There seems to be something wrong with everything anyone comes up with. First, I don’t drink pasteurized dairy. Ayurvedic physicians recommend warm milk at night; every bodybuilding website and trainer I know of recommends milk (protein, carbs, some fat) especially at night, as the casein in it prevents the body from going into a catabolic state as one sleeps, around 4 a.m. Men who lift heavy weights need protien to rebuild muscle fibers. I still don’t know if vegetable and plant protein can do that. Again, so many contradictions. I need proof. What to do…? Where to go. Sometimes I think,
    the stress of attempting to do the right thing is enough to kill us if the disease or condition doesn’t. I am very curious to know more, as have bone issues as a male. As I understand it, fat soluble vitamins and exercise play a key role in bone health; Vitamin D in particular. I will sign up for the book, and I want another family member to see this. She also refused to take FOSOMAX. I actually got into a heated discussion with an endocrinologist over this issue, and fired her. I am just not going to take that!
    In the meantime, would you kindly point me to the studies about milk and its acidity? Also, you did not mention goat’s milk. What are your thoughts? I have read that it is closer to human milk than cow’s milk. Unfortunately, my entire family drinks pasteurized milk…way too much of it and 90% of it is not organic. Further, I learned that the hormones in BGH milk can feed fibroids in women…the growths absorb the extra estrogen.
    Now, I have to say this. It seems like so many people in your industry have a good message and offer excellent advice, and solutions, but many also sell nutritional supplements or links to a particular supplement company (the written material does not count) which usually has no science behind it, but biased “personal testimony” or outrageous medical claims, which is illegial. Nutrutional supplements can only make basick structure and function claims according to DSHEA. This comes after all the bad or good news and information about a condition or illness. This is beginning to concern me.
    I am not making any accusations Vivian; I am just bringing up a related concern. If I had not seen the link here, I would not have mentioned it. I do aplogize if you or anyone here is offended; I just want what is best for me and people I care about. I am afraid I have now fallen into the science lab. I am not spending another dime putting a pill, powder, juice, etc., into my mouth until whoever is selling it, or recommending it can point me to 3rd party independent science that first, shows it contains what the label says on the bottle or container, and, PROVES the product does what it claims to do; at least on 80% of those who were included in the study. I am also now looking for it when claims and recommendations are made about foods and diets. I suspect I have been deceived by a juice company, though I am not saying it is fraud, but I am investigating to find the facts.
    Thanks for introducing something that looks promising.

  5. Joan Sandlin

    Good morning–I am 78 years old, very active but I’m boarder line osteoporosis. In doing some research I’ve found a health article on a mineral,strontium, saying that it simulates the formation of bone tissue. It comes with the combination of vitamins and minerals.Its called ultimate bone support by Advanced Bionutritionals. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. Verdun Brackett

    Truly,an amazing revelation. Reply soon.


  7. Kay Turner

    What if the milk is warmed?

  8. Clemence

    I do beleve so much in milk ,
    at night i do have a hot glass of milk it lelaxe me to go to bed,

  9. James Bowe

    Dear Vivian,

    I bought your book about a month ago and sent it to my sister, Anne Moylette, who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is 76 years old and lives in Dublin, Ireland, and does not have a a computer. She was on weekly Fosamax since March of last year. She developed a swollen gum which would not go away. When she went to her her dentist in December, he sent her to a specialist (presumably a maxillofacial surgeon) because of the danger of ONJ. She has taken herself off Fosamax or any other bisphosonate drug, and is not taking any medication for her osteoporosis.
    Anne has read you book and is excited about it. It confirms her decision to not take any osteoporosis drugs. Her one problem is that she is a big milk lover and wants to know what she can drink instead. Do you have any suggestions? Can she call you directly from Ireland if she has a question?
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    James Bowe

  10. mary

    What can I do naturally for my bones without drugs and side effects?

  11. Beverly Bippes

    I take calcium and am a coffee lover. I have been taking my calcium about an hour after drinking coffee. Is this okay? I have read you should not take calcium and drink coffee. thank you

  12. marcia

    I am trying to build muscle through weightlifting. All the trainers I have talked to want me to get 100 grams of protein a day. I don’t see how I can do that using Vivians program.

    • James M

      Hey Marcia, I am with you. As I stated above, I just don’t know about this yet. Every source I read says 1 gram of protein per lb of weight. Also, some people need more protein than others according to William Wilcott

      I have the book. I actually got it after a Dr. Visit in 2002. He says I am a protien type, but you know, I innately knew that. I had experimented many times and found I felt better after a meal with some red meat, vs having a plate of pasta with a meat sauce. I simply switched the amount of each serving. Mind you, this is only grassfed beef; I don’t eat beef out, unless I know the source. Let’s see how this plays out. I am looking for answers. Thanks for your post.

    • Julie

      Please review product call VEGA by Brendan Brazier
      it is a Vegan protein product all base on plant protein.

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