Not All Doctors Are Created Equal - Save Our Bones

Q:  I appreciate your desire to help others with osteoporosis and the spectrum of bone loss. It is such an important issue! My question is, why do you have to blast doctors so much? I did not spend 12 years of my life to become a doctor to, as you said in your e-mail: “scare you by painting a grim picture of your future”. I, like the majority of practitioners I know, actually want to help our patients.

It's also very sad that you glop all doctors together and make statements like ” there is a lot more to predicting future  fracture risk than a simple T-score, which is the only guideline  doctors use”. I don't know many physicians that do only use them

Can't you still get the word out without damning all physicians? I have had no problem recommending your book to my patients, because, like you, the more knowledge a person has the better. Maybe I should reconsider…..


Dr. A.

A:  Hi Dr. A.,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I'd like to clarify why I write about current medical protocol the way I do. I am highly respectful of doctors, as they not only devote many years of study and sacrifice, but also dedicate their entire lives to improve the health of their patients. There is no doubt in my mind that all doctors, like you, have the best of intentions.

But when I mention “doctors” I refer to current medical protocol, not the individuals. I am sure that many years ago, when doctors were recommending cigarettes to their patients to reduce anxiety and as a digestive aid, they had their patient's best interest in mind.

My emails don't warn against doctors, quite the contrary, they point out to the importance of using information properly, to have an open dialog with the health practitioner, and to not rush to treat non life-threatening disorders as part of a cookie cutter protocol. Your point is well taken, though, and I will make sure that in future emails there will be no room for error to make my readers think that I'm blasting doctors.

Several of my readers have sent me emails thrilled about having shared the Osteoporosis Reversal Program with their doctors, discussing the information, and agreeing to pursue the alternative plan in lieu of taking prescriptions.

As you write, knowledge is power.

Warmest regards,


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  1. Ron

    I sincerely sympathize with the poor doctor who is apparently trying very hard to do his best for his patients. But in the real world, it is almost impossible for many of us to find the answer to our most serious health problems without first talking to a great many doctors. It seems to me that the medical associations, hospital doctor seniority systems and the insurance company guidelines put a straight jacket on doctors so that they lack the freedom to creatively solve problems.

    Some people find the answers by visiting 50 or 60 different physicians and specialists. But more and more, people are understanding they have to take responsibility for their own health. No doctor will ever do that for them.


  2. Meli Jegasini

    Dr. A is one of the few doctors that go that extra mile. He is probably not aware that most bone specialists (and I know this first hand and from about 300 other people surveyed) are just in the middle of Medi-mills. You check in, are given about 5 minutes with a specialist, are X-rayed or scanned, and they make a quick decision on the course of your life without even knowing anything about you or discussing your desired results. Insurance and money are also an issue. If you are “self-pay” (yes, giving them real money) they toss you out the door as fast as they can. It is good to know that one doctor in the world doesn’t rest on his degree without keeping up with a broader course of treatments other than what a pharmaceutical salesman hands them. I am happy you are practicing but please let other doctors know that the public is fed up and are looking for alternatives to being mixed up in this new, but sub-standard, course of treatment by “so-called” doctors. Sadly, in my opinion, most doctors these days are merely highly paid clerks working for corporations that dictate the care a person should received instead of an individual who thinks for him/herself and prescribes based on what really works. I am glad to see that you care enough to post here but understand that if other doctors were really doing their job we would not be on this website seeking answers.

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