Osteopenia And Hormone Replacement Therapy - Save Our Bones

Q:  I am 60 and past menopause and did not do the HRT.   You have never mentioned Hormone balancing.  I have an alternative medicine MD that I can visit regarding this.  Do you think it is necessary to reverse the osteopenia?  Or can this be done with diet alone.  My lower vertebrae are 2.4.

A: Thanks for taking the time to share your story with me. In The Bone Health Revolution I do mention hormone balancing, something that I'm against because it's unnatural to supplement hormones that normally dwindle as we age.

I believe that as mammals, we were created so that we can maintain our health without interfering with our normal biological cycles.

In Chapter 8 of The Bone Health Revolution I provide an easy step by step guide to manage our bone health called the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Not to mention that in earlier chapters of the book I explain in great detail the truth about osteoporosis and osteopenia.

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  1. LynnCS

    Vivian. Thank you for your continued council and encouragement. I do feel alone in this, but your statement today that I quoted above, that we are created to maintain our health without interfering with our normal biological cycles, has given me so much hope that I did the right thing by not taking the hormones for the bone problems. I am going to try to be patient for a year, till I get my next tests to see if what I am doing with your help, works to improve my bone health.
    I thank you every day, that I have a way to go. Lynn

  2. Mayta

    I had a hysterectomy on August 4, 2009 at age 41. My doctor prescribed me HRT but doing a research through internet I found HRT lead to breast cancer. I have a strong family history of breast cancer. My doctor told me if I don’t use HRT I can have bone loss because my body is not producing estrogens. What can I do to maintain my bones strong and healthy without using HRT? Thanks!!

  3. Padma

    Hi, I am 45 yrs old. I am having problem with my knees. They become very stiff & I am not able to walk for about 4-5 minutes when I sit down for sometime. Is there anything I can avoid or do to solve this problem? I have not got menopause & my periods are normal.

  4. Marge Frith

    I am 74+ years old. I had a total hysterectomy nearly 50 years agod when I was 25, because of severe endometriosis. Today, I have very serious osteoporosis, and have fractured both fibulas and a tarsal bone in my foot in the last 2 1/2 years.
    I had NO HRT for 5 years after my hysterectomy. then used OGEN for about 25 years, stopping when all the info about breast cancer came out. When I went off the med, I had consistent pain in the abdomen, due to residual endometriosis. For a short time after that, I used Fosamax, but stopped about ten years ago, due to jaw pain. Then I was put on Evista, since I still have pain from remnants of endometriosis.
    throughout, I have had hot flashes. I can still tell time by them, though when I’m busy, I’ve come to ignore them.
    Could I benefit from your program?
    If you have any evidence that it would work for me, I’d love to try. But, I’m skeptical, since the problems have been so long-lived, and the osteoporosis is so far advanced.
    H E L P !

  5. Joyce

    I just requested Vivians program as I went to my Gyn and had a test done and found I had weakness in my left hip bone…that was one yr ago in Oct. he had me try a Rx (not sure what) and it gave me way too many side effects…I called them and told them I wouldn’t take it due to side effects…I have been using a nautral pill from health food store and when I went back this year Dr. did no test but wanted me to take this once a yr. shot…after reserching the side effects…I was very concerned and scroll to the bottom where the ad was for Vivians program. I feel very blessed to have seen that and have read alot about it and testimonies so I just ordered her program and pray I get very good results as I read from others. The only thing that bothers me is that most say they have a 20 percent bone increase after a yr. and I felt that doesn’t sound like much of an increase..I was hoping for more….I pray when I go back next Nov. I will have questions asked by him as to what I have done. Thank you Vivian…may God bless you for all your research.

  6. Sarah

    I had my first bone density three years ago at 52 and had some osteoporosis in the femur heads and thinning of the spine. I began Boniva and had the flu symptoms at first, but got used to it. Then, my hair began to fall out and I developed a sore jaw for no apparent reason. Then, I developed a very irregular heart rhythm that doc wanted to treat with Toprol. I was taking a prn low dose for arrythmia for years, but not daily. I thought, not no, but hell no. I got off the Boniva, only took the Toprol long enough to get the heart rhythm back to baseline, and that was a almost two years ago. My hair is still falling out, but no jaw pain, no irregular heart rates since about two months after stopping Boniva. I am following Vivian’s suggestions, and will have a bone density the week of Thanksgiving, I can hardly wait to see the improvement. I will follow up. I am 55 years old and had a hysterectomy when I was 45. I restarted the compounded estrogen creams about 6 months ago because of my hair thinning.

    • Dona Garofano

      I am a naturopathic doctor in NJ. I never recommend anything but bio-identical plant based progesterone creams. The progesterone will make more estrogen if you need it, but estrogen never makes more progesterone according to the medical pathway for hormones out of the medical books. Estrogen dominance causes a whole host of problems and are linked to cancers. I would say just be cautious and do more research.

  7. wilma greene

    Getting bone density done 11/2 stopped actonel
    in march 2009 after 7 yrs of taking it. Had a total loss of hearing in my right ear right after taking the once a month Actonel. Has anyone else had any hearing loss with this drug?
    I contacted Proctor & Gamble, who manufacture it and they said they had some instances of hearing loss in clinical trials, but also has some loss from group in the placebo. Anxious to hear if anyone else encountered this problem.

    • Maks

      Carolyn please letisn. First of all, cancer in a 20 yrs is 0-none. Your Breast are naturally lumpy and no matter where you touch, you will feel these lumps due to your hormones right now. From the onset of puberty well into the 20 s this happens. Of course you can get cancer in those bones, anyone can, but the way you sound so worried, it seems that you are too obsessed about Breast cancer. Don’t worry, Stop doing self exams and start again around 35-40. Wait until your Dr tells you it’s time too. And they will. Most women are diagnosed with Breast cancer during or after menopause. So you can relax. You are not in any of those categories. Anything at any age is possible, but also improbable. Hope this helps

    • Wilywinda

      I had a complete hearing loss in my left ear after several months on Actonel, but… I could not know for sure if this was the cause, because that night I was making exercises with dumbells hearing music with my Ipod, the kind of exercise I made put a strain in my neck, it was for pectorals. In the week before I came deaf in my left ear I was hearing music with my Ipod and remember when I turned on I did no check the volume and it came full blown loud, and I have to immediately turned down the volume. Also the night I became deaf suddenly, I remember it happened that again. So.. I cannot blame Actonel, because I’ am not sure. It will be nice if Merck Pharmaceutical can prove that the bone capsule inside the ear does not become thicker and also the tiny ear bones that help move the sound inside the ear does not became more frigid and thicker that would in fact with that kind of evidence prove that it has an effect. Also the Fda should ask for this kind of proof.

  8. betty


  9. Pat Magilton

    I had a 24 urinalysis done a week ago and my calcium level is 600 (normal I was told is below 250). I need to have my para-thyroid remove to prevent kidney stones and other problems. I am also experiencing hair loss. Could this procedure be beneficial to me?

  10. Marion LaPierre

    Vivian, Thank you for the 8 additional items that I was able to download to compliment your “The Bone Health Revolution, New Expanded Edition.”

    Regarding Chapter 8, I am in the process of fine-tuning the 80/20 eating balance. I just have one question regarding mustard–since I use it in place of mayonnaise: Why is it listed as Alkalizing on page 78 and Acidifying on page 81? Is it because the mustard listed on page 78 is a condiment and the one listed on page 81 is the powder form?

    Thank you,


    • Sheryl Ann

      I can’t answer for sure, but prepared mustard has a host of various, additional ingredients, depending upon it’s type. Water, vinegar, the acidic juice of almost ripe grapes, beer, wine or another liquid is added to the seed or powder to make prepared mustard. Mustard powder is very, very mild in taste & must be enzymatically activated by the introduction of fluid for it to have true mustard flavor, so in essence & in reality, it is an entirely different bird from prepared mustard. By the way, the hotter the liquid, the milder the final product & cooking removes its spiciness. That’s why homemade mustards many times pack more of punch than bottled forms which are usually heat processed. Tumeric, another spice which many herbalistics believe has many health benefits, gives bright yellow (American) mustard its distinctive color while also helping to dampen flavor. Distilled vinegar is French’s mustard’s main ingredient with water being 2nd. Spicy brown, delicatessen (Indian) mustard also has distilled vinegar as the main ingredient, but coarsely ground brown, mustard seed as the 2nd & no turmeric, hence the additional spiciness. The two are made from two different types of mustard seed & the spiciest seed is black mustard seed. Vegans, be aware that though not formally on the label, French’s spicy brown has beef&/or chicken broth added under the title ‘natural flavors.’ Honey & other sugars may be added to a mustard for sweetness which may also alter pH. Keep in mind that sugars usually make most foods acid-forming even the food is not, by nature. I think it is important to remember that pH may definitely change when the seed or powder of the mustard is properly or not properly combined with other foods or simply serves as a secondary ingredient even as it provides the primary taste. I think what may initially appear as an indiscrepancy between the 2 pages probably does actually have more to do with the form of the mustard than any error. As I always say, know your ingredients, know what’s going into your body. You can even contact a manufacturer if the terms ‘natural’ flavors or colors bothers you. MSG, meat products & many allergens lurk behind such vague titles. And, remember, if a company doesn’t want to disclose what is in in their product which consumers are supposed to simply ingest into their bodies, a person doesn’t have to & probably shouldn’t buy that product.

  11. Louise A

    I am 67 with osteoporosis. Fortunately I am allergic to all allopathic medicine. However I have three fractures in my spine and have been doing my best to reverse osteoporosis naturally. I take Ezorb and a pure vegetarian diet and stay alkaline. What makes your plan different?

    • Dicra

      I, too, would like to see this person smarmuily fired. To bring down NPR because of this mis-directed employee seems too reactionary to me. Perhaps hiring Juan to take her place is a good solution. Affirmative Action gone good. Practice what you preach NPR.Casey

  12. Theresa

    I am asking for the free book but I am not receiving it. My doctor want to give me Aclasta and I think I will refuse.

  13. Hormone Replacement therapy Specialists

    I think you did a nice job, If a woman is on birth control hormones in her forties and also begins to experience bone loss, is this a sign of some serious condition. you can get more feedback from there as well,

  14. D

    I am taking bioidentical hormones for problematic menopausal symptoms and bone density issues(osteoporosis) I eat mostly healthy and take calcium with D and sometimes a multi. I drink mostly green or herbal tea so limit my caffeine. The ph is a new item I haven’t been able to increase (6.5). I could use more info on the ph alkaline foods. I realize sugar caffeine and alcohol are acidic. Are there more to watch?

  15. Jeanne

    I have been taking hormone pellets injected just under the skin for
    one year and I went from borderline osteopenia to normal within one year.

    • LynnCS

      Wouldn’t it still carry the same negative side effects as oral or cream hormones? It was suggested I take them, but the first side effect is possible blood clots and studies show that it contributes to all sorts of increased cancer threats. I do so like what Vivian said that she believes we are created to maintain our health without interfering with it’s normal biological cycles.

    • Linda

      Oh my goodness…what are horomone pellets?? Never have heard of them. I am looking for real people with real improvements in their bone density.

  16. Melanie Haas

    I am also concerned aboutthe topic of hormones and bone loss. If a woman is on birth control hormones in her forties and also begins to experience bone loss, is this a sign of some serious condition? What if she adds FOSOMAX to her system in conjunction with the birth control before she even becomes menopausal?

    Thanks for all the great information.

    • Linda

      Melanie, I saw your name on the site under the testimonials. Would love to hear about your improvement. lindas@kc.rr.com

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