Debunking The Milk Myth: Why Milk Is Bad For You And Your Bones - Save Our Bones

Did you know that in Medieval England parents would tie rabbits' feet around their babies’ necks to ward off illness? Doctors would also spit on wounds because saliva was believed to have healing properties.

Indeed, history is replete with unfounded health beliefs, and to everyone’s detriment, the milk myth is among the most tenacious.

Milk is much more than just a drink; it’s a cultural phenomenon that can be traced back thousands of years. And still today, the milk myth resonates loud and clear: in 2001, the average American child consumed 104 quarts of cow’s milk.

Milk depletes the calcium from your bones

The milk myth has spread around the world based on the flawed belief that this protein and calcium-rich drink is essential to support good overall health and bone health in particular at any age. It is easy to understand that the confusion about milk's imaginary benefits stems from the fact that it contains calcium – around 300 mg per cup.

But many scientific studies have shown an assortment of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption. And the most surprising link is that not only do we barely absorb the calcium in cow’s milk (especially if pasteurized), but to make matters worse, it actually increases calcium loss from the bones. What an irony this is!

Here’s how it happens. Like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction. You see, calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer and the biggest storage of calcium in the body is – you guessed it… in the bones. So the very same calcium that our bones need to stay strong is utilized to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk. Once calcium is pulled out of the bones, it leaves the body via the urine, so that the surprising net result after this is an actual calcium deficit.

Knowing this, you’ll understand why statistics show that countries with the lowest consumption of dairy products also have the lowest fracture incidence in their population (there’s more on this later).

But the sad truth is that most mainstream health practitioners ignore these proven facts. I know it firsthand because when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, my doctor recommended that I drink lots of milk in addition to taking Fosamax.

Fortunately, I did neither, because I knew that…

Cow’s milk is custom-designed for calves

Thanks to our creative ingenuity and perhaps related to our ancient survival needs, we adopted the dubious habit of drinking another species’ milk. Nobody can dispute that cow’s milk is an excellent food source for calves. Weighing around 100 pounds at birth, a calf typically gains approximately eight times its weight by the time it is weaned. But unlike humans, once calves are weaned, they never drink milk again. And the same applies to every mammalian species on this planet.

Also, each mammalian species has its own “designer” milk, and cow’s milk is no exception. For example, cow’s milk contains on average three times the amount of protein than human milk which creates metabolic disturbances in humans that have detrimental bone health consequences.

It's important to bear in mind that mother’s milk is excellent nourishment for human babies, but its composition is very different from cow’s milk.

Scientific studies show that milk increases fracture risk

Many scientific studies contradict the conventional wisdom that milk and dairy consumption help reduce osteoporotic fractures. Surprisingly, studies demonstrating that milk and dairy products actually fail to protect bones from fractures outnumber studies that prove otherwise. Even drinking milk from a young age does not protect against future fracture risk but actually increases it. Shattering the “savings account” calcium theory, Cumming and Klineberg report their study findings as follows:

“Consumption of dairy products, particularly at age 20 years, was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture in old age. (“Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly”. American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994).1

And the 12 year long Harvard Nurses' Health Study found that those who consumed the most calcium from dairy foods broke more bones than those who rarely drank milk. This is a broad study based on 77,761 women aged 34 through 59 years of age.

In the authors’ own words:

“These data do not support the hypothesis that higher consumption of milk or other food sources of calcium by adult women protects against hip or forearm fractures.” (Source: Feskanich D, Willett WC, Stampfer MJ, Colditz GA. Milk, dietary calcium, and bone fractures in women: a 12-year prospective study. American Journal of Public Health. 1997).2

Shocking statistics ignored by mainstream medicine

In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program one of the topics I discuss is the complete disregard of scientific evidence that discredits milk and dairy products as the best source of calcium.

One exception is Amy Lanou Ph.D., nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C., who states that:

“The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost nonexistent.”

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because as I mentioned earlier in this article…

Milk is an acidifying animal protein

Like any other animal derived protein-rich food, milk has a positive potential renal acid load (PRAL) which triggers a protective biological reaction to neutralize all the damaging acidic protein before it reaches the kidneys.

The body is designed for survival, so it sacrifices bone density to protect the kidneys and urinary tract because the latter are essential to survival. And the most readily available source of acid neutralizer is in the bones. So even though milk contains calcium, it ends up sapping your bones of that crucial mineral. But that’s not all because…

Today’s milk is a processed food

Until the end of the 19th century in Europe and the beginning of the 20th century in the US, milk was consumed unpasteurized or raw. Later on, homogenization became the industry’s standard. These processes further alter milk’s chemistry and actually increase its detrimental acidifying effects.

Raw milk advocates claim that if cow’s milk is left “as is” it is a healthy and wholesome drink. It is true that raw milk is less acidifying than processed milk and that pasteurization and homogenization may cause a long list of digestive and other health problems, but I still don’t recommend drinking any kind of cow’s milk.

Nowadays, milking cows are given antibiotics and most are also injected with a genetically engineered form of bovine growth hormone (rBGH). A man-made or synthetic hormone used to artificially increase milk production, rBGH also increases blood levels of the insulin-growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in those who drink it. And higher levels of IGF-1 are linked to several cancers.

This should not be ignored, especially in view of recent information by Samuel Epstein, MD, Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. In a press release titled “Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Serious Risks of Breast Cancer, Besides Other Cancers” (June 21, 1998) Dr. Epstein concludes that:

“Drinking rBGH milk would thus be expected to significantly increase IGF-1 blood levels and consequently to increase risks of developing breast cancer and promoting its invasiveness.”

Even though organic milk is from cows that are not given antibiotics or rBHG, if you truly care about your bone health and your overall health, you should…

Avoid drinking cow’s milk

As I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and contrary to mainstream recommendations, drinking milk and eating lots of dairy products are not the answer to reversing osteoporosis. And while in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program no food is completely off limits, I strongly recommend that you explore the different milk substitute options that I will list for you here.

But first, I’d like to clarify that unsweetened fermented or cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, and sour cream are acid neutral. Yogurt in particular is chock-full of beneficial qualities. As is the case with milk, organic yogurt does not have rBGH, but even several of the most well-known yogurt brands have stopped using the bovine growth hormone (rBGH). You should call your favorite yogurt company to confirm. One more clarification: when I say unsweetened I mean without sugar or any artificial sweetener. However, you can add honey or stevia, a zero calorie plant-derived sweetener that is delicious and alkalizing as well. I like to carry around stevia packets in my purse so that I'm always able to sweeten food or drinks when I'm on the go.

The best milk substitutes

My favorite milk substitute is unsweetened almond milk, not only because it is alkalizing (as almonds are), but also because it's delicious and tastes very similar to milk. I even cook with it!

If almond milk is hard to get, you can also try rice or soy milk. I strongly suggest consuming only organic soy milk to insure it’s not made with genetically modified soy. There is also some controversy about unfermented soy products, so try to use it in moderation.

What Else Haven't They Told You?

What else have you been told about bone health by your doctor or other “experts” that is flat out wrong? What other “facts” (like drinking milk does a body good) are keeping you from optimal health?

Myths like these are a big reason I created the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. To give you the straight scoop on how to deal with osteoporosis the natural way.

I can help you take control of your future.

Learn more about the Osteoporosis Reversal Program here →

And remember, if you ever hear someone ask “Got milk?” smile and think to yourself “No, because I know better!”

And as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share them with me and the rest of our community by leaving a comment below.


1 Cumming RG, Klineberg RJ. “Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly”. American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994
2 Feskanich D, Willett WC, Stampfer MJ, Colditz GA. Milk, dietary calcium, and bone fractures in women: a 12-year prospective study. American Journal of Public Health. 1997

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  1. Avi

    So if we can’t get calcium from milk, where are we supposed to get it from?

    • Deb

      Re-read the article. It explains where to get it from.

  2. Lauris L Cutlip

    Cow’s milk calcium , known as re4 calcium is unable to assimilate into the body but it has to go somewhere so it ends up depositing into the joints which causes various forms of arthritis. There are several forms of calcium, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride and calcium citrate. Calcium citrate is absorbable into the body. Along with the calcium you also need D3 and magnesium to help absorb the calcium. D3 is what helps to make the bones strong, and they’re finding many multiple uses of D3 throughout the body. The more science finds D3 in the body the more they increase the body’s basic need of it in amounts of 25000 to 30,000 IU.

  3. J Robinson

    Have just read an article about Carrgeenen being in Almond milk which I use instead of cows milk.This can have an effect on glucose, insulin resistant,and Diabetes. Can anyone share a light on the subject,as I am pre-diabetes,and concerned about this.Thanks

    • T Patman

      Carrageenan is not good for your body. When I buy almond milk or the few times I buy heavy cream I always check the ingredients. Whole Foods brand has never had carrageenan as an ingredient and I thought Silk was going to remove it after there was pressure placed on them years ago. Good luck.

  4. JC

    The article looses me when the author becomes the authority concerning the contents of milk and the products used towards a dairy cow on a modern day dairy farm. Antibiotics are not allowed in any cow whose milk is being shipped off the farm, period. Milk containing medications is a HUGE no no. The receiving milk/cheese plant is checking for this constantly and you don’t want to get caught violating this rule. Also, rBST is no longer used in my area of Wisconsin as well as many other areas of the country mainly due to America’s largest grocery retailer, Walmart, NOT having rBST milk on their shelves. All the milk in my area of the world goes to cheese plants and it’s all rBST free milk. So the author’s two big scare tactics of medications and rBST are bogus. With that said, how do I believe any other part of the article.

  5. Rosemary Lambert

    I also grew up on a Dairy Farm. (See above March comment by Bill D. Casteel). Many people have problems with lots of foods. I can’t drink either rice,soy or almond milk as I get bad headaches and body pain after drinking those. I also get super clogged sinuses from all kinds of yogurt including plain. Goat milk upsets my stomach. I can consume about a quarter or half cup of cow’s milk a day without getting the aforementioned problems. I do this, even with thin bones at age 67, because a person has to live a little and have something to drink. I think it is wise to set limits on things you know cause you problems, but a person has to eat or drink something. Most grains also cause troubles for me, so except for the Brown Rice Farina Cereal I eat , I can only have about 1 slice of rye or mixed grain bread a day. I know that rice should be limited as well, because it contains arsenic, but I’ve eaten it every day for years, because there is no alternative, if I don’t want to hurt terribly all over. So just use your head, and find what you can drink that causes the least problems.

  6. Marilyn Barker

    I have just been reading some of the comments posted and am shocked at the swearing and foul language in several of them. Surely human beings should be able to disagree without using abusive language. After all, we are supposed to be ‘homo sapiens’ – thinking or wise mankind. I would emphasise the ‘kind’ element too.

  7. Mary Baggott

    I take exception to promoting almond milk. I had to stop eating dairy and switched to almond milk. After one month I was getting very constipated. At one point I started having back and right leg pain and wondered if it was the constipation. Sure enough, almond milk contains CALCIUM CARBONATE, the hardest to digest form of calcium. I thought I was getting calcium from almonds! I stopped drinking it and after a week, when the constipation resolved, the pain went away. My distended intestines were pressing against the sciatic nerve! I now take Algae calcium.

  8. LDP

    Buying organic soy milk does not mean it will not be genetically modified. They are two separate continuums. Soy presents another set of hormonal impacts, as it is a big source of phytoestrogens.

    • Sean W.

      The phyto estrogen’s contained in soy milk are super weak compared to the estrogen contained in cows milk. Those estrogens will bind to the receptor but have very little action on it. cows milk estrogen is very active at the receptor.

  9. Christine Quigley

    Boy, judging by the comments, do you think you could’ve picked a more ‘hot button’ subject?
    You mention almond milk being a better choice- but are you aware how much water is wasted making almond milk? A lot…I agree there are other animal milks that may be a better choice than cow’s milk, of course all the cultured dairy is good for you..but I think people have a right to make informed choices about they eat and drink. I have to have full fat dairy since I can’t tolerate osteoporosis drugs. I need the calcium, can’t tolerate calcium supplements either.

  10. FireFreakd

    Well if the acid is the problem, what about fruits and vegetables. If your trying to prove milk is bad for you, make a comparison. Sorry but this is as dumb as flat Earth

    • Johana

      What happens here, FireFreakd, is that some acidic foods -when metabolized- have an alkaline impact on your body (including vegetables and fruits). The pH of the actual food does not dictate the net effect on the body. However, your body can’t metabolize certain acids, so that impacts the pH of your body (blood, especially). So, the blood actually has a response mechanism to equilibrate itself, but if there’s a high acid load over time, the kidneys signal the release of “buffering” mineral–which you can guess who has an alkaline reservoir: the bones. Meaning that calcium, magnesium, and even phosphate, are being sucked out of your bone’s density to compensate the acid intake. Finally, what you have to do is supply yourself with alkaline foods; if your body doesn’t has the sufficient amount of buffering minerals, the depletion of such happens. Osteoporosis and even kidney stones are the result of a bad nurtured diet (which most of the American diet is).

  11. Riley

    This is complete BS because of 90% of the US would have osteoporosis… so your dumb and should probably stop your program because here the thing why would doctors who strive to makes us better tell us to have something that would harm us.

    • Aphb

      because a lot of them get paid to do just that… stay woke my friend

      • Pam

        Doctors only know what they have been told(taught). Unless they do their own research. Big Pharma actually pays them big bucks to not research but pan out their drugs etc. I do know doctors who have done research and agree with Vivian.

  12. Jim

    Humans do not even drink their own human milk when they wean so why even drink other mammal’s milk? If you think nature intended you to drink milk up to old age, then your mamas should still have breasts full of milk until they die of old age..

    • Ayla

      What the hell are people supposed to eat if it’s not from other things in nature? Also, did you know that women who have given birth can lactate until menopause, given that they continue to stimulate the lactation? Google what a “wetnurse” is.

  13. emma

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  14. Nancy P.

    Fantastic aticle. The connection between cow’s milk / cow dairy products and breast and prostate cancers has been,known for decades.

  15. Lynn

    I just read a very convincing article that sites many studies saying that the problem with milk and bone loss is the lactose. It is the lactose in the milk that is the problem , not the milk itself .
    Please comment

    • Jenny

      Lynn, who was it wrote the article? I suspect it was someone without a medical background.
      Lactose in milk is a problem for a lot of people because their bodies no longer make the enzyme that breaks it down, lactase. This means that they can’t digest milk. Generally that causes gastrointestinal problems like bloating and wind, and sometimes abdominal pain.

  16. Ahmed J Nicklaw

    You say that milk is acidifying and leads to bone loss because of the protein. Well, our bodies require protein to survive so what difference does it make if we get it from milk or other sources? At least milk contains calcium which helps to alkalize. I fail to see the logic in your argument.

    • Johana

      There are many sources of protein which are not exclusive to meat and dairy–even fruits and vegetables have a certain amount of it. Yes, certain grains, meat, dairy and nuts have a certain acidic effect in your body, but the important thing is how is your mineral intake. If you supply yourself only with milk as your sole intake of calcium, you’ll end up having a bone loss on the long-run (the acid on milk -and even the sugar that is added to it- has a greater effect than the calcium on itself). You can drink milk if you like, but remember that pasteurized is more acidic than “natural” milk. Consuming more vegetables and fruits with these minerals can help you counterpart acid formation.

    • Lukas

      Because to process the mass amount of protein that a calve needs in milk, our body needs to take out some calcium out of our bones!

  17. Martin

    i have good experiance with Milk. I would say raw milk is better than pasterized or homogenized. When I was a kid I used to get fresh milk from farmers. I had good teeth and strong big bones. I also noticed this on people that I work with in construction. I can see a man that grew up on farm just by looking at his bone structure. Usually those man have huge bones compared to man from citys. I think it is combination of physical work and natural food wich include milk, that gives that strong physics . I used to drink at least a half gallon a day. The problems started with my teeth when I stopped drinking milk and stopped eating dary products. I am back on yogurt and milk it looks my teeth stopped rotting. So be carefull what you change in your diet. It is naturally possible that there is no one size fits all diets. It is quite possible that what is healty to one is a poison to other!

  18. Donna Dickinson

    Well, if calcium is what’s needed to reduce the acidity in milk, why doesn’t the calcium that’s already in the milk do that? It doesn’t make sense to me that we would have to pull calcium out of our bones when there’s calcium in the milk already.

    • Jason MD K

      This is necessary for the body to remove calcium from your bones because the form of calcium found in cow’s milk isn’t able to be used by the human body, this is by nature’s design and so is NOT meant to be. Proteins and nutrients designed for use by an animal’s body will never be efficiently nor healthily utilized by our own bodies.
      Human breast milk is the ONLY type of naturally produced milk that can be healthily used by our bodies, very much so in fact. These are known proven scientific facts. Please feel free to research on your own. I suggest the several issues of studies found within the Harvard book of medicine. This is where I myself found vital information pertaining to the health risks associated with consuming other animals’ milk.

    • Ray James

      The mechanism for how the body gets its calcium is so follows.
      When the body needs calcium it is first taken from the bones. You then eat calcium rich foods and calcium is deposited back into the bones. If there is any disruption in the calcium replacement yo the bones then osteoporosis will occur.

    • Anonymouse

      In the third to last paragraph, after writing quite a convincing essay, you kind of messed up. You mentioned that “[…] Yogurt in particular is chock-full of beneficial qualities”. Isn’t that a complete contradiction to what you said earlier about humans not being supposed to drink milk from other mammals. You even said that ” cow’s milk contains on average three times the amount of protein than human milk which creates metabolic disturbances in humans that have detrimental bone health consequences.” So I am really confused as to whether or not you have any idea of what you are talking about or not.

      As to your opinion on milk consumption, I fully agree.

      • kelley wyskiel

        I feel like it wasn’t the calcium but the enzymes and probiotics in yogurt. Possibly intended to imply goats milk or even better, a plant based yogurt.
        I didn’t write the article so I can be wrong here.

  19. S Lee

    I couldnt stand milk as a kid. Found it slimy and putrid. Refused to drink it after i was big enough to physically refuse it (about 4 years old). Back in the early 70s when i was a little one virtually everyone believed the “kids must have milk” propaganda and my elders claimed my bones would fall apart, etc. Fact is, no one needs milk after they are weaned. Oh, and i am still alive some 50 years later and my bones have yet to shatter. Milk is brainwashing.

    • Jennifer

      Ha, me too! I was forced to choke down a half glass of milk st meals in girl scout camp. Child abuse!!!

  20. Ashley

    Thank you for this article!

  21. David McGraw

    there was no relationship between usual milk intake and fracture risk. The researchers observed a slight (three percent) increase in death from any cause for each additional glass of milk men consumed.
    You can get all milk and dairy products at :

    • Jack

      when I was born I was allergic to milk, actually alert you sent almost everything under the sun along with having asthma. I was never breastfed I was given a soy milk supplement today I believe it is called ProSobee. At the age of 4 my wrist broke age of five it broke again then my right arm broke, since then I have had countless bone fractures, spinal stenosis, have had 8 back surgeries do the fractures, and have thoracic syringomyleia. Yes the most painful death known to man, because my vertebrae are fractured and they are on inoperable my cerebral brain fluid is pouring into my spinal cord and it is ripped in half and I’ll be dead in 18 months.
      My brother and sister always drink milk neither one of them has ever had a bone fracture or any type of osteoporosis or spinal problems and they are both in their 50s. All I’m saying is don’t believe everything you read. Drink milk it does a body good. More than anything the fact that it may deplete the body of some calcium and the fact that it may raise your human growth hormone level is nothing compared to all of the wonderful benefits and a glass of milk. Because of our environment so many people have hypothyroidism and a very low or non-existent igf level. I am a living example my igf level is 8! At my age it should be 75 to a hundred. My testosterone level is almost non-existent it should be over 1200 I have to give myself a shot and eat ass every Monday of 150 ml of testosterone cypionate.
      And to the person who wrote this, what are your credentials? I don’t care if you’re published or even have a website I can have a website in fact not to be vain but I guarantee you my intelligence quotient is W Wars and I have forgotten more than you’ll ever know….

      • Jack

        Sorry for all the typos I’m using the voice option as I have no use of my hands. The condition I am dying for gives you the wonderful opportunity of total paralysis before you die. It’s supposed to say my intelligence quotient is double what yours is. Let’s just say this it’s 40 points above insanity I make Einstein look like Forrest Gump. Try me. I’m the smartest person I’ve ever met ever red I’ve never gotten less than a 98 on any exam.
        I went to Arizona State University I was in economics major everybody hated me because I ruined the bell curve. I never got less than 98 on any college exam. I never studied I never went to class. I graduated with Straight A’s on the Dean’s List. Another example the series 7, to become a stockbroker/financial advisor, is the most difficult government-issued exam. 6 hours, 300 questions, one needs a 70% to pass, less than 15% pass this exam. I finished it and less than 45 minutes I missed question ,number 38 and it was because it didn’t have a right answer. That’s never been done ever in history in the world. No I’m not in the Guinness Book of World Records. I had to take this when I took a position with Morgan Stanley.
        In my training class there was a guy named John, he was a Harvard MBA graduate he never finished the exam. We were in the same training class.
        I am Rain Man to the infinite power.

        • Cheryl Lewis

          I loved rain man. Was going to lecture you about food because at least its a step up from the world of medicine stamping an illness in stone. But Iv been down that road and believe me it has as end. Since you’re so smart, really, lets see if you can play with the big boys. Rather than going with that sentence, go against it. Say to yourself, even without belief or understanding, there is no physical cause. God never brought you sickness, and he is all powerful. No other power but him. Not milk. Not soy. Not your mother. Not food. God is the only cause and sickness is not of him, or brought by him. Try it. Even without the slightest belief in it, something will happen. The stone budges. I double dog dare you. No. I triple dog dare you to say it out loud, and then silently.

  22. Alex Cooney

    Great article. Thanks teaching more about how this product is damaging people. Having said that I am lactose intollerant and have always looked for healthier options. I even tried using carrot juice in my cereal once! What a fail! Kepp up the good work.

    • eatabagof.......

      Im glad you’re making wise decisions, I wish you good health but don’t try and act like everyone has dairy related health issues. I drink over a gallon a day and have never had a single problem stemming from my dairy intake. I can drink milk and eat pickles without even a belch. My system can handle it just fine.

  23. Msgp

    I was think the same that milk is not good for our health from my experiance i staryed getting joint pains etc after started taking the fresh milk and My son had second forearm fracture, he is taking milk n cheeze everyday . When i tookhim to Dr n dr asks me are you not giving him enough milk? I stopped taking milk for few months n my joints feel better now

    • martin

      If your joints hurt you after drinkink milk, it can be that calcium is accumulating in the joints. Same can happen if you consume calcium enriched water for example. By the way, your bones can become more fragile if you consume too much sodium fluoride.

    • dicknballls

      damn nigga u sound retarded, u ok?
      it must’ve been the milk (joking)

  24. NaNiWa

    i’m drinking milk right now

    • Mike

      I’m drinking a huge glass of milk right now!

    • eatabagof.......

      Some people have no problem digesting dairy its just the way things are. My dairy intake is so high that I’d be dead by now if this article was true for every person.

  25. someone

    Milk does contain a lot of protein, but it contains three times the amount that humans need which can cause metabolic disturbances. Cow’s milk also contains a sugar called lactose that can be difficult for some people to digest, resulting in symptoms such as nausea, cramps, and bloating. But the worst issue is that most dairy cattle are injected with a cocktail of hormones to artificially increase milk production. You may not think that will be harmful, but it can later lead to prostate cancer and/or breast cancer. So cow’s milk IS NOT GOOD for you.

    • eatabagof.......

      What if your calorie intake is over 3 times that of the average person. Think about it, I consume 6000+callories on the average day. I’m also 184lbs of muscle and 6ft 2in. My weight doesn’t fluctuate and I’m healthier than the average. Technically I should be dead or at least obese. Reason why I’m just fine is because i hand forge swords and axes on a daily basis. Im burning those callories faster than I can eat them most times. So I easily digest over a gallon of milk a day. Been doing this since I was young. Science at it’s best is only a guideline. My college professor for chemistry told me one time that the reason science calls every discovery a theory instead of fact is because fact doesn’t exist. Look into it, even in chemistry they have room for error on minute things you would think are fact. We barely have an understanding of this reality on a scientific level.

      • Michelle Lenz

        The RISK of getting ovarian & prostate cancer INCREASES

  26. Gunnar

    If you live far up north the sun is just enough to create d vitamines half the year and if you don’t eat enough fish like most americans do for some reason milk doesn’t help. Most people looking down upon us milkdrinkers often use butter, cream, creme fraiche which lacks a lot of nutrients you find in milk. Fish oil is the same shit. Eat your f………..g hamburgers if you think it is healthy. Do you think it is good for the bones not getting calcium or d vitamines? I do not eat meat myself but I would recommend eting lower amounts and quality meat with a good omega 6/3 ratio and avoid high heat cooking.

    • dicknballls

      Avoid high heat cooking? yeah right I like my food to taste good

  27. Milton

    Too much-opinionated passion on this thread. I have only one question. If we drink cow milk to get calcium, where the cow get the calcium from? Can we get it first hand from the same o similar source, or should we get it second hand from the cow?

    • Walleeeeeeeeee

      Go outside and synthesize you own vitamin D and Calcium

    • Tom

      Broccoli is a good source for calsium and strong bones. And other vegetables aswell.

    • A person

      I’m not quite sure what your asking but…. If your looking for an alternative solution nuts and dark greens are a great source of calcium. Plus they are a lot healthier than milk.

  28. Taofarmer

    Sorry guy, yogurt and kefir are NOT acid neutral. In fact, the method of production PROMOTES formulation of lactic acid and most yogurts are indeed more acidic than milk for this fact. As someone eloquently stated above, there’s too much bullshit in this article to waste time on refuting on an individual basis, but this point particularly bothered me (and possibly anyone else who has a keen interest in fermented foods).

  29. Kehrey

    I take BORON to increase my bone health. Not too many people know about it… Research it. There is a doctor that give a very good presentation about Boron and bone health on YouTube…. His name is Dr. Flechas.

    • Vijay

      “In ancient times, people used to spit on wounds for healing….” : This is unserstandable since saliva is antibacterial ( thus protects the teeth) cures the wounds faster.

      • Chris

        Except the part where your saliva contains lots of germ and that people still get cavities and mouth sores regardless of the saliva. There’s not much worse you could do that rub saliva in an open wound. The saliva does not stop the germs, your stomach acid is the barrier between your body and the germs, NOT your saliva. Your skin is the barrier between germs and your blood so rubbing saliva in it is horrible!!

        • Martin

          salvia can help on wounds especially if you are somewhere deep in nature, with no medics around. Licking an open cut can help. At least it helped me on myself a lot of times. There are lots of theorys out there new and old. But just because something is old does not make it a bad thing. There is a lot we do not know.

  30. MERRY

    I drink Almond Milk fortified with 45% calcium as a supplement to help me get calcium from foods rather than supplements. Also, afraid to take anything with Algaecal (your TrueOsteo supplement) because there is unresolved controversy that it contains lead – more than anyone would normally and inadvertently get. My current concern is to somehow intake the minerals, like adequate magnesium, to be able to use calcium. I am tracking calcium and protein and beginning to track other minerals one-by-one.

  31. Dr. Sean Mcarten

    This article is false. It is clearly designed to advertise veganism. As a person with an open mind, I’ve come to the valid conclusion that milk is good for you but just not in high doses.
    It is obvious when the author of this article uses words such as “barely” and “irony” etc… That you know this is purely opinion-biased. (Frankly, it’s bullshit).

    • Kayla

      How on earth does this article promote veganism when she says unsweetened yogurt is beneficial? Did you read the full article? “…I’d like to clarify that unsweetened fermented or cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, and sour cream are acid neutral. Yogurt in particular is chock-full of beneficial qualities…”

    • Katy

      Dr. Sean Mcarten here is the scientific proof that you should not consume milk or any other dairy products. This is a fact based website, no opinions.

    • Jenny

      Omg sooooo agreed! Defonetly xxx

      • Ohoh

        Yeah, because advertising veganism is insanely profitable, eat more veggies that you can grow yourself or get anywhere.
        Oh, I’m turning into a billionaire by just saying that!

        As a scientist, I agree with this article.

  32. pippa collins

    I would be very grateful if anyone could spare a moment to sign and share this new petition to get the UK Parliament to address the issues with processed meat products
    Thank you ? x

    • Debi

      Would love sign, but I’m from the US

  33. stephanie

    Im just wondering what we should give toddlers to drink? If milk isnt good then what should we give them??

    • SlaughterFree

      Well think about it, why would you need to give them anything else to drink instead of water? Why would we evolve to need to drink a liquid other than water? Definitely do some vegan research. And if you wanna give your kid some type of milk then try Soy, Almond, Rice, or Coconut milk. Here in the EU they are usually even more fortified with vitamins and calcium. But you can make your own Almond milk easily.

  34. Kylie

    Well thats one hour of my life I’ll never get back but like seriously. Good on ya all for being so dedicated about this shit ive seen a lot of interesting points brought up and a lot of fkn bullshit too
    All i have to add is I got told i was lactose intolerant and as a kid drunk Uht milk, but now im able to have normal dairy. I get no side effects whatsover and i even was born with dermatitis and consuming dairy does not make me brake out in rash nor have i ever suffered acne or a broken bone. I will say that I do enjoy Soy milk as well, especially the vanilla bliss one. And i have wondered about becoming a vegan for a month to see if it makes any difference to my health. but honestly I’m not giving up strawberry or chocolate milk or dunking my cookies in anything other than cows milk and i enjoy drinking it straight from the carton when no ones looking way too much

    • william rebic

      Your simply not old enough to suffer effects of dairy and meat yet. I love my milk and cheese and even steak. sever RA at 48, now im 50. vegan diet in 7 day got rid of inflammation . vegan for 3 month and can work gain. I cheat with cheese every now and then. All disease start in lymphatic system and comes from toxins of eating the wrong food for our species. Only animal on the planet that cooks its food. thousand of years of eating the Wrong stuff, we are doomed as knowing the truth and implementing are 2 different things. We are all to acidic and all illnesses comes from acidic environment. Not debatable. Dr treat symptoms not the root cause. Our food can cure everything, period

      • Shirley

        I absolutely agree. Watch the documentary “What the health” it will shock you! There is chocolate almond milk which is great. As far as the persons comment before and dunking cookies in cows milk I missed that for awhile but after you change your diet the cravings stop and I just don’t crave all that junk I used to and 80lbs lighter I don’t miss it either. I know a person who struggled with lupus for years and was always sick and miserable. She went vegan cold turkey and within 6 months has no more signs of lupus. She’s been vegan for a year and a half now no signs of the disease at all and lost weight and feels amazing. Food is our bodies life source so do the research it’s all there.

  35. shannon

    You are an idiot.

    • Gary

      That is articulate and most insightful.

    • Jeanette Clark

      How about simply saying “I disagree”. Anger is not good for the bones, either.

  36. Quinn

    Hi I just wanted to say that when you start talking about pasteurization I believe you are talking about sterilization because there is a difference. Sterilization seeks to kill all bacteria usually through the use of chemicals where as pasteurization is essentially heating the milk up to a point where it kills most of the harmful bacteria. Pasteurization actually started as a way to use a safer method to make food safer. However if you believe I am wrong you could point me to a source that says otherwise and I would be happy to take a look thanks.

    • Quinn

      also if you make another post chose the tone of your words differently it made me feel like i was being talked to like a 2 year old and people might respond negatively to that

      • Brian Lopez

        Shut the fuck up. You’re what’s wrong with society. You entitled piece of shit. Maybe you should watch your tone. Don’t talk to people like they’re your slaves.

        • eatabagof.......

          I drink over a gallon of whole milk a day for the last 12 years and have never had a problem. No broken bones no acne, no digestive problems. One of my favorite combos is natural whole dried squid with chocolate milk. Mmmm so good. With that said you sir need to promptly go to your doctor and ask him to remove that broken broom handle out of your ass.

  37. gerhart

    people just read ”The China Study” all your questions will be answered. Please, do not read Webmd.

    • Joshua Ricci

      Ironic I’m writing a research paper as we speak with the China study as my source along with this article and I coincidentally saw your comment and had to reply

  38. Gargamel

    What a bunch of BS.

    • Fi Randall

      Well, If you have ANY WHATSOEVER JUSTIFICATION for this article to be “BS” then please, do tell us. Otherwise, I do suggest you channel your childish angst into somewhere else, where perhaps others, not unlike you, may take your comment as if it came from someone with at least some intellect.

    • gerhart

      If you are saying this article is a bunch of BS, well you should read the book i suggested. Then you will change that opinion.

      • eatabagof.......

        It’s bs because not everyone reacts the same to milk. This article is like saying “well one beer always gets me drunk so everyone should be limited to one beer. It’s unhealthy for me to drink more than one beer so if you drink more you’re going to develop all kinds of health issues.”

  39. Tracy

    It’s simple really. Calcium depletes magnesium and it’s magnesium that is needed by the body to strengthen bones not to mention calcium causes calcification build up and hardening of the arteries while depleting the most important mineral needed ~ Magnesium. Magnesium softens it, Calcium hardens it. Excessive milk drinking and/or calcium supplement taking causes eventual osteoporosis and hardening of the arteries (and other soft tissue).

    • Quinn

      so are you saying that drinking milk is related to kidney stones

    • Fuccboi

      Oh Tracy dear, who said you could go on your computer without my permission? I was sure your mother blocked everything except Club Penguin. Also, mommy says to come down and drink your milk so you can grow big and strong!

      • Shirley

        Fuccboi Condescending much? Actually do research instead of spouting off. If you don’t believe no big deal it’s your body your life but you don’t have to be an @$$

      • jodie

        you will never feel real joy and happiness and love in love behaving the way you are. very sad

      • Joshua Ricci

        Lmfao fucboi you’re. Super as dumb

        • Fi Randall

          Oh Lord, please help this man’s grammar.


    I have had increasing pain over the years,I am now 64yrs.I walk my dogs every day,sometimes I’m ok,mostly aching or limping up hills holding my hip.At home ,coming downstairs gave me stinging knee pains and I had to take one step down at a time.
    Then,I stopped dairy,except for small amounts of chocolate!
    Within a week,the pains had GONE and they have not come back 3 months later.
    Fingers crossed,this is the answer and I won’t have to have a hip replacement or any keyhole surgery on my knee 🙂

    • Shirley

      Carrollan great for you on making the choice to stop dairy. Don’t pay attention to people who post condescending stuff! Obviously he has issues and nothing better to do in life. Keep up the good work. There are a lot of documentaries out there I watched “What the health” on Netflix and it was eye opening. God Bless you and your journey for health!

    • Fuccboi

      My days of underestimating you are certainly coming to a middle. You win this time, bub.
      Oh! Have you tried drinking milk? I heard that stuff makes your bones grow or something.

      *Also, hope your surgery goes well 🙂

      • jodie

        you are very sad

  41. Martha

    I was diagnosed with c diff, a bacterial infection of the colon brought on by taking clindamycin for an infected tooth. I was put on vancomycin and told not to have dairy. I enjoyed milk, ice cream, and cheese, but gave it up during treatment. At that same time, I was sneezing and had a lot of mucous drainage – thought I just needed to dust the house. I stopped drinking milk and all of the allergic symptoms cleared up without dusting. I was amazed – a huge side benefit. As it turns out I must be allergic to casein, a protein in milk, and I didn’t know it. I would have never put those two things together. I immediately gave up drinking milk but didn’t give up butter and half and half. I’m now ready to take that step. Some of us will live with a low level of inflammation to eat the things we love.

    It also turned out that I was sensitive to gluten – wound up with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Gluten and casein are proteins that some people have trouble breaking down. Can cause autoimmune problems. After giving up gluten and healing SIBO and leaky gut, the antibodies that were attacking my thyroid went down to 44 from 533.

    I just want to be healthy. Honor your body. Listen to it. I can try to force it to do the things I want it to do (eat ice cream and cake) but I don’t think that’s going to work very well. Be blessed.

    • Dr. Fuccboi

      I have no idea what your argument is, and I don’t feel like rereading it.

      But according to my professional expertise and WebMD, I am diagnosing you with a naughty case of malaria.

    • Einar

      The studies you reference both says that they don’t prove anything. The reason that people believe this is because they’re to lazy to read the sources. Oh and they’re both from the 90s.

      • Sheana Rodger

        I’ve just read the summaries of both trials and the following applies:
        Study 1 says that calcium intake in your 20’s is linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis.
        Study 2 says that in selected cohort studies there was no increase in risk of fractures from taking 300mg calcium per day, but also no decrease. In randomised trials it showed an increase in risk of fractures from taking 300mg calcium per day.

        I’m not specifically trained to analyse statistics, but those results seem pretty clear to me. Am I missing something?

        • gerhart

          People, please just read ”The China Study” and all your questions will be answered. Not webmd.

          • Martel K

            shut up you commie

        • Melina Gillies

          What these studies are not considering is the other lifestyle and genetic factors for osteoporosis and fractures That exist. There are so many things that affect overall bone health, and if any other risk factors are prevalent in the societies where dairy consumption is high, that tell me that the link may be coincidental. What I look for in a study (which is noticeably absent here) is a plausible mechanism, the “how” dairy products weaken your bones part.

          The “how” doesn’t exist in the acidity claim either, as far as I can tell from researching scientific sources. Numerous studies show that Acidic residue in diets doesn’t affect the overall calcium status of the body. If your body experiences calcium loss, it simply extracts more calcium from your food to compensate, and the excess gets flushed out in the urine. There is an incorrect assumption that if there is increased calcium in the urine, it comes from your bones. This simply isn’t true, it turns out, as calcium management is largely handled by the digestive system and kidneys.

          Further dairy isn’t an acid forming food at all. According the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when metabolized, dairy leaves an alkaline residue, not an acidic one.

          Lastly, (and I stumbled on this article with good intentions, but immediately did my research as I would expect any educated person to do) where it live, in Canada, it is completely illegal to use any bovine growth hormones in milk, so all you Americans that live near the border, come on over and get your hormone free milk from us. And to someone else’s point, yes, some people have a milk allergy, which can affect ENT issues like ear infections., in which case, it is advisable for that individual to find another source of such nutrients, however those are individual cases, not mainstream advice. I’m just not seeing the data to back up the claims here?

        • Dr. Fuccboi

          For god’s sake Sheana, I’m a doctor! I don’t read!

    • Einar

      The studies you reference both says that they don’t prove anything. The reason that people believe this is because they’re to lazy to read the sources. Oh and they’re both from the 90s

  42. dP

    If in doubt read the science!

  43. Manaman

    To end the debate, Drink mama’s milk instead!!!

  44. Clinton

    my grandfather is over a century in age. he has been using milk all his life. he is the one who can advise me better, he is a living example I can trust. if you can shoe me a vegan who is over 100 years then its fine.

  45. Betty

    What about coconut milk instead? Also, I make kefir. Doesn’t that
    require using cow’s milk?

  46. Fuccboi

    This whole comment section is cancer. Literally every antidairy person uses the same damn argument and then ends off with a rude remark to those who challenge them. Wanna know who else attacked those who challenged them? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Un. Just to name a few. I don’t give a damn whether you drink milk or not. Learn how to argue properly and in a civil manner, and maybe, just maybe, your argument will at least be considered.

    • L.o.l.

      “Literally every”
      Before claiming to be the smartest person in the comments, check your blanket statements ?
      Generally speaking, blanket statements such as these make an argument invalid; it isn’t precise, and it is also your opinion. Check yo self ya rascal. I’m sure you’ll find someone smarter without having to look far, since you seem to be looking for intelligent conversation (which generally is found through open mindedness, not shutting others down). Since I looked at your other comments to the above people, it seems that you are the one bringing negativity and rudeness to the conversation, not them. But, there is often someone to do it, as humans people learn to deal. 🙂

    • Einar

      well said!! I completely agree

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        I’d give you bitcoins for how cool you are if I had any.

  47. Steve

    I was so interested in the article and almost believed it despite the poor writing and biased un-sourced information. But after reading the comments i realized it is just a vegetarian thingy. I mean c’mon read the comments and look at these vegetarians can’t have a normal conversation without being super defensive. Honestly i don’t give a f*** if you’re vegetarian or not, just share more credible information to prove your points but it seems this bad rep for vegetarians gonna stick for a bit longer…

  48. DMC

    I always take a look at who is supporting the organisation writing the articles. Is it coincidence that almost all the time “Pro dairy” articles link with either government, animal agriculture or pharmacs? conversely, the “anti dairy” aren’t funded by anyone…..
    I never believe what I read on face value but all the dairy industry has to do is maintain an element of doubt which it does very well.
    I am not a vegan, but I believe the case for stopping drinking milk is best made by looking at the disasterous impact the animal agriculture business is having on the planet – that affects us all whether you are a milk drinker or not.
    check out ‘cowspiracy’ on netflix.

  49. Anonymous

    This is a load O ?. “Milk increases pH in bones.” Ridiculous.

    • Owen

      Wake up and stop being a sheep and following everyone else . Milk is for baby calf’s ,humans don’t need it and if we do why do t we use off our own breed? How messed up is that .mik is baby’s and not good for you at lol ltook me 29 years so find out and I feel so annoyed to be lied to this whole time .

      • Dr. Fuccboi

        How dare you bring your mother into this!? She is an independent sheep who needs no shepherd!

        I should’ve known from the start. You’ll never be the man your mother is >:(

      • Lauren

        i know right its so messed plus it causes so much harm to cows so
        veganism is the only way

        • Dr. Fuccboi

          You know everyone tolerates you, right?

        • Gertsy

          Wake up! and stop following them. Follow us so our agenda can be pushed. I laughed when I actually read the studies and their flaws.

          • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

            You’re my favorite son (or daughter). I guess I should’ve checked your gender when you were born. I knew your mother should’ve given you a more apparent name, like Sarah or Jeff.

          • Einar

            I know right the studies are absolute trash ad even says themselves that they don’t prove it

  50. Aaron

    I have heard about this before from many articles and documentaries, but is there any scientific proof? Are there any peer previewed articles or physical research that proves any of this? Would really like to find the research so I can prove to people that we’ve been lied to our whole lives.

    • Tj

      Did you read the article? The author cites the study of tens of thousands of people used in the experiment. Also the author shared the references she used for the information at the bottom of the article.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        Oh Watson my dear, did you not read the fine print? Here, grab a magnifying glass and look under the specific phrase “Milk is bad” in those studies. If you focus the glass over it steadily enough, you will be able to read “lol more milk for me, suckers”. The author clearly wants the milk for themselves! We have been duped!

        Also, there’s another study I read for about 30 seconds that used a bajillion squillion kajillion umptillion people in their experiment, and the conclusion they drew was “Milk is aight”. I’m too lazy to cite it, so you can find it, I dunno, probably somewhere.

        • Kevin

          Dr. Daddy Fuccboi , you just made my day.

  51. maartje

    Dear vivian
    What about good quality raw (goat) milk? There are stories of people who saved their bones with it…and yoghurt?

    • Jean

      Even the Bible suggest goat milk which of course then was always raw.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        I ate a Bible once. It was rather delicious! It’s always nice to dip it in choccy milk for maximum flavor out of every bite.

      • thiscommentsectionlmao

        This comment section is actually hilarious. You fucking americans actually argue whether or not something is healthy based on the fucking bible? That isn’t “God’s word” and people had less than a clue of how the body worked 2000 years ago.

        • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

          “Every day without our daily milk, we stray further from God’s Light”
          – John 3:51 or something like that

  52. Louisa

    Does yogurt have to be organic and what about Goats milk…

    • Samantha Nichols

      Goats milk is still another species milk. There are many plant based milks and yogurts out there that are equally if not more delicious

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        Plants? B-b-but senpai, humans aren’t plants? Isn’t the whole point of this article to drink only mommy’s milk?

        Also, if you were any less intelligent, I’d have to water you twice a day.

      • thiscommentsectionlmao

        Really just ignore that the milk is from another species. The main problem with that is that it contains more protein than for example the milk from humans, but you need the same amount of protein anyway, and the body easily copes with the relatively low amount of calcium it withdraws from the bones.

        • Dawn

          Stop talking sense. We have an agenda.

  53. Virginia

    Thank you again for all your sometimes surprising information. I’ve learned more from you than all my DR’s. I’ve ordered your book, rather than download it. I like books better. I knew that milk created an acid, I didn’t realize how much! Since I’m really too thin, 110lbs. Which is more than I’ve weighed in 4 years, all I hear is more ice cream, And the note on calcium going where it’s supposed to was right on the button. I have it in my arteries and bone spurs in my mouth. But not my bones! Looking forward to the delivery of your book.

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      You are the human equivalent of a participation award.

  54. GF

    Hi all, I’m a food technologist/scientist (graduated from massey) and have been working in the dairy field all my life. Scrolling down to read the comments section, I’m surprised how so many of you actually think this article is credible. Calcium depletion due to a drop in pH? I haven’t heard of such nonsense in my life. Milk is the most wholesome food for you and that’s why they say breast milk is best. Cows milk is not breast milk but is very close. Rich in nutrients vitamins minerals. For every study you show me claiming milk is bad for your bones(are these even credible?), I can show you 10 that supports the notion that milk is good for your bones. Flick me an email if you want to know more. Haha I’m ashamed I even took my time to argue with this article. I even double checked to see whether this was a satire piece/website. I just don’t understabd how so many of u think it’s credible.

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      Will you marry me? I’ll buy you a cow

    • DE

      Is it true that many of the other developed countries quit drinking milk after being breast fed? Drinking milk is very American?

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        Yeah but that’s only because other countries don’t have cereal like Cocoa Puffs. Can confirm, I travel and stuff. Or at least I think I did. Maybe all that milk is going to my head…

    • John ford

      Please show me the other 10 studies! Also it’s your job to make us believe that milk is good for us. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a job and they pay well don’t they to keep the secret safe.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        I’m gonna go into the toaster industry and write an article on how I, the regional toaster manager, am banning toasters internationally.

        Have fun eating your flaccid bread, Harrold >:(

      • thiscommentsectionlmao

        Hello ignorant person John ford, but no, nobody pays GF for saying that milk is good, and he/she doesn’t earn off of the industry. A scientist conducts objective research, and the result has no impact on his/her income. I bet you also believe that the moon-landing was fake and that vaccines cause autism. “Keep the secret safe” – Those are some major conspiracy theorist notions you got there.

        • jazz

          ignorant. its already been proven that the pharmaceutical industry influenced the creation of new mental health disorders in order to make billions more dollars

          humans, possibly including you are very intelligent and manipulative to get their own way

          the huge dairy market/industry doesn’t want to go out of business so it is very plausible that bribes go to government/ research facilities to focus on outcomes they want the research to show. its easy to manipulate stats and confuse people that don’t have in depth knowledge on science

        • Dawn

          Great. Now, poor John Ford has to go find a safe space.

        • Einar

          couldn’t say it better myself!!

  55. Cristina

    Why are the milk drinkers getting so pissed off? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. News flash jerk offs this wouldn’t be the first time we have been lied to about something being good for us. I have always hated milk and the thought of drinking it disgusts me. I started drinking almond milk years ago. I am super healthy and have great bone density. Milk sucks!

    • Martel K

      commies like you need to drink milk

    • Dawn

      “Why are the milk drinkers getting so pissed off? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. News flash jerk offs…”

      Oh, sweet irony.

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      Maybe you should eat makeup so you can be pretty on the inside.

  56. Matt

    What a load of bollocks. Irrelevant references, remarks that don’t bear up to recognized scientific fact, opinion based and not balanced. Based on an individual who has had a bone disorder and cannot accept recognized modern medical practice and knowledge. Don’t go spouting off such garbage when there is a flawed bias build on personal health issues.

    • John ford

      Just watch “what the health” Netflix. If meat and dairy are good for you why wouldn’t anyone show the facts? All running away scared! Show me the science before commenting and saying this story is untrue. I’ve spent weeks looking into different facts and it’s very difficult to find any actual true scientific fact that milk is good for you. Happy to be proven wrong!

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        I swear to God Harrold, I’d fight your father if I weren’t so sure he left when he saw you >:(

  57. Lucifer Morningstar

    I’d like to see sources.

    You have absolutely no sources: Instead you have an advertisement.
    ‘Many studies show that…’ doesn’t prove anything. All this information may be perfectly accurate and well-interpreted but until you have sources for the readers to look at your article means nothing.

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      I want to have your baby. I know, I know this comment section is tearing us apart, but baby, please, I can change! I’ll drink more milk for you, I promise! Don’t leave me again!

  58. FekThisArticle

    Whoever wrote this article is probably a vegan cuck

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      no u

      llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll <–there's a minimum character limit apparently

  59. Azusa

    This thread is the perfect example of: research can always be framed to suit whatever an agenda is.

    Milk is definitely not good for me and the many other people who are allergic to it as I am. Maybe it works for others. That’s the mystery of the human body.

    I don’t drink milk, but apart from having eczema and sinuses I’m pretty healthy. And no – avoiding my allergens did not help my eczema and sinuses, as my doctors had hoped. Mystery of the human body. I’m hoping my overactive immune system means I won’t have cancer though.

    So I guess – milk drinkers, drink milk if it doesn’t bother your conscience, non-milk drinkers – we keep the moral high ground and hope more people will realise the cruelty of dairy? We can’t all think the same. If we did we’d have no wars and we all know how that’s going/went.

    • Martel K

      I hope you actually got cancer because commies like you don’t support science as well as us. Also probably you smoked too much or inhaled too much asbestos or some shit,and you were probably lactose intolerant shit bag who didn’t realize he was and didn’t stop milk immediately

    • Dawn

      My, aren’t we full of our selves. If you wonder why no one will listen to you, check your attitude, oh morally superior one.

    • MoralMaster

      Oh… I would just wish that I had your moral standards. Please enlightened one, savior of modern mans moral and defender of all that is good and true (the opposite of conspiracy, which is all around and owns the unenlightened ones)… Please suck out the low moral standards dwelling inside of me, through my penis!

      Long Live Dr. Daddy Fuccboi and The Dr. Fuccboi
      (Honorary Mentions: Einar & thiscommentsectionlmao)

  60. Caro


    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      Oh, you! So silly~ <3
      Every time our auntie was given a cup of milk, she slyly poured the milk into our fig tree. Remember that tree? It has strong bones and stuff!

    • thiscommentsectionlmao

      Right, but that can be caused by so many other things, I know so many people at the same age who drink still drink milk and have no health problems. Also it can’t possibly cause asthma, so there’s your proof that this has nothing to do with milk.

  61. cyp

    The bullshit in this article is unbelievable. I am going to debunk your debunk step by step.
    Your first claim is that because countries where more bone fractures happen have high milk consumption it means milk causes them. That is a correlation and your interpretation of it is bad. Have you ever considered that if people have a problem with bones they will do whatever they can to fix it? That maybe the milk is actually the effect and the fractures are the cause? Instead you should concentrate on measuring the bone density on milk consumers and non milk consumers instead of mindless correlations.. here is an actual study that shows that milk consumption especially during prebubescent period incerases bone density in old age.
    Then you claim milk is design for the calf but a cow will produce two types of milk: one with colostrum during the period it has a calf and one without colostrum. While drinking milk with colostrum is bad for you regular milk is ok. You also claim that milk is like coke and causes bone density to get lower while every measurement shows the opposite. You sir are a bold faced liar.

    • B

      “Then you claim milk is designed for the calf” do you actually think a cows milk is “designed” for humans? Don’t make me wee.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        Ew, close the door when you wee

    • Whoopsie

      Fact: The only two reasons bones ever, EVER become stronger is 1) bones are equal to the strength of the muscle attached to them therefore, to make your bones stronger you must first make your muscles stronger, period. 2) bone fractures or breaks will be stronger after the bone heals.
      In reality, this article is absolutely correct. Anyone saying otherwise is deceiving the reader.
      One last thought: over consumption of calcium leads to arthritis.

      • Dawn

        I used to think that a bone was stronger after you broke it and it healed. However, years ago, after breaking my hand, I asked my doctor about that. He said the bone will actually be weaker at the point of the break.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        I’m a doctor, and I disagree. I always eat a lump of Calcium for breakfast every day along with eagle eggs dipped in choccy milk. I bet I could beat up your dad with my strong bones.

    • Caro

      I guess you are from dairy industry. You didn’t give any example milk is good because there is no evidence. Rather than making stupid comments and confuse other people educate yourself because you know nothing you ignorant BOLD FACED LIAR

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        Also, I think your pants are on fire.

      • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

        You try so hard to hide it, don’t you? And you think nobody notices. But you know what? We all know. Everybody knows.

      • Aidan

        No no no. He is right, and you are wrong Caro. Colleges like Stanford and Cambridge have proven milk is a super food. You may not be able to find it on the internet, but you can definitely find these studies in their libraries. I’m sorry but this argument is done and “animal-savers” or “vegetarians” need to stop being ignorant. I have drunken milk for ages and can tell you I’ve never broken a bone, and any illnesses I’ve had were related to other causes.

        • Hailey

          Thanks for your edumacated input and for have “drunken” so much milk…. however, the proteins in dairy break down into acids and leach onto the bones, thus making them brittle. You need to watch “What the Health” on Netflix for a simplified version of what’s going on between the government institutions and corporations to make us believe things are healthy for us. Many diseases and symptoms can manifest through the things we eat. That’s their plan, it directs us towards the pharmaceutical industry, thus creating a full circle investment for all involved. They are sick and twisted.

          • Martel K

            sorry but i just watched that communist propaganda and spit on it like your mother , also milk is actually good and proven to be also our bodys digestive system works wonders to prevent our bones from being damaged from those acids and milk helps us grow.

          • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

            Damn it, she found out that we spit in their food! Darn, how are we going to make that sweet, sweet pharmaceutical money now?!

        • Whoopsie

          Wrong again. Milk is a super bad for you food. Any studies that exist stating that cow’s milk is good for humans is a study that is tailor made for the dairy industry purely for the benefit of that industry to increase profits.
          Think about this: Health and pharmaceutical industries profit from human illness by treating ‘conditions’; not preventing the illnesses. Dairy industry leads to human illness. Promoting dairy equals incredible profits for industries that want you, the reader sick. Yes, there will be literature that say dairy is good for humans. Dear reader, don’t be stupid…

          • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

            Damn it, Jim! They’re getting smarter! Stop spitting in their food, you fool! It’s all over…the pharmaceutical industry is done for.

            No, I refuse! We can still change this Jim! I’ve got a solution! We just have to start spitting in…in…whatever vegans eat or something.

          • danny

            have a look at the revenue generated by “big dairy”. It pails in comparison to “big pharma” or the other “bigs” out there. 1000 farmers with 500 head of dairy cattle each is not equating 10’s of billions of dollars. i can digest cows milk just fine. I know that without watching my calories in and calories out i will get fat and sick. I know that working hard everyday strengthens my skeleton and milk adds the minerals i need to grow the strength i make. but facts need not apply in this article

          • Gucio

            Wrong again. Milk is a super good for you food. Any studies that exist stating that cow’s milk is bad for humans is a study that is tailor made for the vegan group industry, purely for the benefit of that industry to increase profits.
            Think about this: Health and pharmaceutical industries profit from human illness by treating ‘conditions’; not preventing the illnesses. Dairy industry doesn’t lead to human illness. Promoting veganism equals incredible profits for industries that want you, the reader sick. Yes, there will be literature that say veganism is good for humans. Dear reader, don’t be stupid…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • confused

            Then I suggest grow your own crops, make your own food so that you know that you will be healthy all your life. Anything you buy from grocery stores can risk the chances of you getting cancer.

  62. Arggg

    It’s true. I finally got rid of all those sinus and ear infections by stopping milk consumption. I was worried about my bones, but I found that my bone density had actually INCREASED since I gave up drinking that swill. And I’m a small-boned, sedentary, post-menopausal woman. Drinking milk saved my bones and my health. You can argue all you want but my experience tells me this article is absolutely correct.

    • Dawn

      Uhhhh, you contradicted yourself. First, you claim your bone density increased after giving up milk, then you say, “Drinking milk saved my bones and my health. “

    • Dr. Daddy Fuccboi

      Is there no beginning to your talents? I wish I could increase my bone density and notice when it does! Though it would make it harder to fly. By the way, I’m a doctor and a bird.

      • my name jeff

        please keep your mean words out of my comment section please and thank you

        milk gay lol;3

    • confused

      how do you know your bone density increased? and congratulations.

  63. Tyler

    Watch this documentary on Netflix “What the Health”

    It’s eye opening documentary.

    • James O'Rourke

      Here is an eye opening blog about “What The Health”!

    • Whoopsie

      For the diligent, take notes on the presentation and reference everything you question. For even the most dimly lit individual, you will learn the truth of said documentary “What the Health”. Additionally, there are many other food documentaries that will show you how you’ve been lied to or misled about nutrition.

      • Hailey

        I haven’t gone full plant based diet yet since I live with and take care of my elderly parents (who are meat and potatoes type folk), but that’s my goal. I have ehlers danlos syndrome which causes immense pain…. I’ve gotten rid of what foods I can. But sugars and starches are not bad. I laugh at people who are on the Atkins diet! Don’t they realize that those simple sugars will be the first to burn, or are they not exercising?

        • Lauren

          the atkins diet is stupedist of them all i mean its impossible for carbs to make you fat

  64. Daniel Hartwell

    A myth!!
    Sorry but you say milk changes the bodies PH level but this is a myth…the duodenum wont let anything inside until it reaches a certain PH level.
    Milk can’t change your bodies PH just like anything else can’t.

    • Whoopsie

      Danny boy, you must have misinterpreted what you read. The author didn’t say milk changes the body’s Ph. In fact the author is absolutely correct in their explanation of how calcium is depleted by the body self regulating.

    • Caro


  65. Liz Gober

    I began having psoriasis like outbreaks on my scalp several years ago. What was recommended to me was a harsh and strong steroid solution and dandruff shampoo, which helped but never cured.
    I then went on a 2 month trip to Bali where dairy is not part of the regular diet. Miraculously, my condition improved greatly, however I didn’t realize it was the lack of dairy that had caused the cure until I returned to the US and started consuming yogurt, and other milk products. My condition came back with a vengence, and consuming dairy was the cause. I realized that dairy must be causing a lot of inflammation in my body for it to manifest the way it did. No more dairy for me…

  66. Molly

    I’ve heard that goat and sheep cheese and yoghurt are ‘better’ than cows’ dairy – certainly as a kefir. Are they still very acid to the body?

  67. Jorja

    I’ve been drinking milk all my life, ( a quart or MORE a day). I always thought I should have STRONG bones with all of the milk I drink, but about 5yrs ago I found that I have the start of osteoporosis in my hips and thighs 🙁 I said to my Dr, how can that be, I drink lots of milk every day ! She said milk doesn’t help ! I never asked why and she never explained why. If this is true, I am so disappointed because I love my milk (ice cold)

    • cyp

      can I ask where did you get the milk from? What they sell in supermarket is not milk, is water with milk flavor. The conservation processes destroy any potential benefit of milk.

  68. George

    Ok, and if not from milk (or any dairy), where ARE we supposed to get calcium from?

    • Whoopsie

      I Googled it for you quick, George. The quick answer is:

      Collards. By far one of the best sources of calcium is collard greens, which contain 268 milligrams in one cup of cooked greens. …
      Figs. …
      Almonds. …
      Fortified Plant-Based Milks. …
      Broccoli. …
      Butternut Squash. …
      Kale. …
      Chia Seeds. …

      And the list goes on and on!

      • Martel K

        sorry but i just watched that communist propaganda and spit on it like your mother , also milk is actually good and proven to be also our bodys digestive system works wonders to prevent our bones from being damaged from those acids and milk helps us grow. also that these have way less than actual milk.

    • Arggg

      Green vegetables. That’s where cows get calcium from when they graze. Nuts and seeds. Or you can KEEP the calcium in your bones by avoiding milk. It worked for me.

      • Sarah

        Hemp milk is supposed to be a great alternative as well. I’ve been drinking it for a couple of weeks now and love it. It also has more b12 and riboflavin and several other things that are not found in the almond or coconut milks. I’m not a doctor or professional but I feel it is a healthy alternative to regular dairy milk. And it tastes great. The organic natural vanilla flavor is my favorite.

        • Sarahi

          I also like to make my chia pudding with the vanilla hemp milk and the “Triple Omega Seed Mix” from NOW Foods that a flax/hemp/chia seed mixture all in one. Then I add in some cinnamon and too with blueberries or bananas or both. Even my 1 year old loves it. Mainly for the bananas. But still! Ha

    • Hyperion

      Sesame seeds both black and white, make sesame mylk use it in cereals drinking etc green leafy veg broccoli is a great source soy (non gmo)

      Do your research you will find plenty of sources of calcium

  69. Johnny

    Horrible article. I cant believe you are spreading this misinformation. Milk is fine. Humans have the analytical thinking skills over other animals to have realized it’s a great source for nutrients we can absorb in our body to stay healthy. That is why we drink it. Others who are lactose intolerant or grow to become lactose intolerant have that issue due to genetic traits that are predetermined at birth.

    Heres a journal that summarizes the truth and is published on the national center for biotechs website. Don’t consider this link to be your only source of valid information and perhaps push you brain to consider doing more research in a vast library of infinite information and misinformation called the internet. It’s easy for the average joe to find one bullshit article as the first link in the google search engine and think it must be the truth.

    Also, fuck you people continuing to spread this bullshit because now my mom is like one of you PRO-non GMO, all ORGANIC goobers that waste money on marketing tactics at wholefoods.

    • Whoopsie

      Johnny boy, sorry to tell you this but, your mom will probably outlive you.

      Here’s a tit for you to suck on: If the website you’re at ends in dot gov, don’t trust it; question all of it! Not that the government always lies but, consider this: Government promotes anything the lines their own pockets. Seriously dude, you sound kind of bright. Perhaps you should exercise your ability to find more objective information instead of referring readers to the government? Ha ha ha haaaaa.

      • whoopsiedaisy

        Pubmed is part of the US National Library. The articles are not published by the US.government. The research quoted is written by an associate professor at the University of Calgary. This research is further reviewed by Geneva University Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine,

        Ha ha ha haaaaa.Ha ha ha haaaaa.Ha ha ha haaaaa.

    • Karen Dick

      I guess drinking milk also makes you very angry. 😉

    • Rae Farrell

      Totally agree, it’s these leftist enviro dorks who belong to or support PETA.
      They don’t want us eating meat from any animal, nor consuming their milk.
      This article is specifically picking on milk, it’s not the milk nor the calcium that is problematic it’s the high Phosphorus in foods that is causing the problem.
      The top ten high phosphorus foods (Acidic) are
      Grains, especially whole grains.
      Vegetable oils
      Refined sugar.
      The best way to neutralize the negatives effects of acidic foods is to simply eat plenty of alkaline foods such as
      Swiss chard
      Spinach, Kale.
      Figs, and apricots.
      So go ahead enjoy a few glasses of cold highly nutritious milk per day, but simply try to remember to neutralize the high phosphorus in milk by eating a handful of Almonds or another highly alkaline food.
      The way this article was written promotes more of a political ideology rather than trying to inform people that it’s not the milk, it’s the phosphorus dummy.


        that is why i started drinking Alkaline water. It has help me tremendously.

    • JIMMY

      Why are you so upset? People have a right to their own opinion. Almond milk is the same price as milk sometimes cheaper when on sale. I loved milk, but when I started hearing the possible negative effects and who was behind the marketing of how great milk is for us, I gave it a break and honestly feel better after I stopped consuming it. I used to have knee issues and joint pain elsewhere, cleared right up after I stopped dairy. Don’t need to go solely off an article, do your own test and judge from that.

    • barb

      milk makes you fat,milk causes break outs and milk shouldn’t even be consumed in the first place. it’s for baby cows not fucking humans.

      • Johnny

        ignorance is bliss I guess

        • JD

          Nice to know you have all the answers Johnny! And expressed in such an articulate fashion too. I’m sure your mom (foolish woman – trying to be healthy and daring to question the whole food industry marketing machine) must be proud.

          • Nope

            milk makes you fat? i’ve been drinking milk every single breakfast since i’m 4 and i’m skinny, healthy and high calcium, explain that

  70. Mary noble

    Why does the body not use the calcium in the milk to neutralise the acid

    • tony

      because it is not yet assimilated. Body needs to neutralize the acid with something that he has in his arsenal already

      • Stephen

        I understand that I may not know what I’m talking about. But if calcium is used to neutralize the acid. Then honestly, why does the calcium not neutralize the acid upon production? Just a question. I’m curious. What promts your body to say, “Hey, get this acid out of here.” ? If the calcium is present in the milk then the acid would be neutralized immediately among production correct?

  71. Brian

    Get some evidence that’s not 20 years old. Like this study from 2014 that found individuals who were allergic to milk had significantly less bone mineral density and were at risk for early osteoporosis, but individuals who had completed a desensitization program, meaning that they were once allergic but worked up a tolerance to dairy, had bone density more similar to the control groups who consumed dairy.

  72. Alexander duenas

    Great source of information. Thank you

  73. Bmore

    What about options for formula fed babies? What are the thoughts? We switched to soy based formula after our son has had so many issues spitting up.

    • Arggg

      I’ve heard that soy is not a good substitute. It is often as allergenic as milk. If you can’t breastfeed, try ordering breast milk online if you can afford it. Or try a non-soy formula. Or try changing your diet so your baby can tolerate your breast milk. He may be reacting to something YOU ate.

    • Speeedy

      Duh!!! What do you think women’s breasts are for???

      • Chatcat

        Aren’t you a little too sensible to be on this page? And not even cussing at that! That is all that it boils down too… and everyone is different and everyone knows what makes them feel bad when they eat xyz and what makes them feel good. I bet you might be aware that the pyramid of eating in the US was not acceptable, but whoever over rules in the government would not let it change. Even when PROOF was given. That was -in the news a few years ago. Try telling that to someone who loves to argue. If people want to eat cake all day every day…. then do it. If people want to feel better and have a good attitude, then almost all will tell you it will happen when the fuel is good that you give your body. I’m sure if we were talking about cars, …. well maybe some cars are better cared for than we care for ourselves, and think of all the books that are read. But religion and food we can not talk about, so we die over it I guess. I understand the controversy, but I can’t for the life of me understand disrespect, though each EXPECT respect. That is just another saga…. Maybe we should do a study on how to have a conversation without getting high blood pressure! lol. I do have a question I can not figure out. Why are men on here regarding nutrition yet they don’t believe in it? Seems this would be boring and watching a movie would be better. Maybe it’s the debating…. and debating goes on all the time in healthcare, but it is done more adult like (at times!) It just seems this would catch the eyes of those looking for ideas on health and eating….. not how to fight and win every battle. Sorry, I’m a woman and I’m a mystery too. 🙂 I loved what you said about what isn’t known. There are things I can not eat that are no biggie, but I’ve actually seen the papers through researching because I could not believe it. I finally found it. I’m not saying what, because it will wake up the ones we know will not look anything up, but make fun and cuss. Even working in a hospital giving informed consent… which was a joke. But I tried to find a way to answer their question by telling them where to find the answer. No one is going to say anything about autism, etc… that plagues us also. (no, don’t even ask me if it’s vaccines) And we are not allowed to say. So, my response is look up medication up in the PDR. Whether they do or don’t… I can’t control. So many things we and our children suffer from, but it’s kept quiet. Then I read this junk from responders and I understand why some just don’t want to bother. I don’t ….. I don’t want to be cussed at and treated like a calf. So when something bad happens to their sweet children, we grieve and they grieve. But we know most could have been avoided. And I’m not talking milk…. I’m talking about not being open to new findings. Not being open to look things up instead of making fun of. Alzheimers is on the rise and many have the gene. But, no one wants to hear the truth of how to help that problem. My father in law was just like many here. He knew it all and everything was based on his life and his health. Alz hit and now he wants to me to help him. He was committed and he ended up doing cross word puzzles, etc… He was sold – no cussing on this one. But, he decided wine and whiskey was better, so now he is behind locked doors without a clue. Within months. To late, so he is living the life he begged me to help him not to live. I am not an expert, but I can google. Laugh, drink and cuss now, and tomorrow no one may listen to a cry of help. I’m like everyone else. This is about milk and is it good or bad. I’ll have to say that what I have read by researchers who have no agenda, so far I’ve not read that milk is good for us. BUT, we can cheat if our bodies allow. 90% is taking care of ourselves because most of the time we determine where we are at age 80. But take that 10% and enjoy what ever it is you love. If you are healthy – celebrate by keeping that way, and still enjoying that choc cake on occasion (with a glass of milk). If you have health problems and are in pain…. which is not understood by those who aren’t…. research, try it out on yourself, see how you feel, and that’s what you eat. One size does not fit all. This could have spurred some good research topics and what people know but are hesitant to say. Instead, we read about gods, and cussing, and everything else that doesn’t matter. This article was good if it was written a while back. Just recently, new studies are coming out fast. Conventions are being held all over the world to get the word out, and I bet your doctor didn’t go. Which means, knowledge is getting more and more behind. I see those here who are honestly wanting to know something…. Just go to google and write your question. Look at what looks good (like not reading something written by Bordens milk). Keep your mind open and keep reading. Find blogs who are knowledgeable and who have the info’s home page. What works for you might not work for another. And if you have found something that works… I’ve found that many have learned to keep quiet so they don’t have to endure what is seen here. What a shame. We talk about our government and hate what is going on, but yet we will eat exactly what they tell us too. Haven’t figure that out. 🙂 Stay cool, enjoy discussing things. Your wife, ex-wife and children and friends will love you for it! lol. (just had to sneak that in – but I didn’t cuss!)

        • Gina

          I was thinking one size doesn’t fit all , too.
          Read Vactruth Interview with Dr . Andrew Moulden regarding the mechanism of harm from toxic overload mainly from vaccine ingredients, causing the increasing prevalence of diseases , including dementia.

  74. Bec

    I’ve done a bit if research this morning, on the pro cow’s milk argument and the articles I’ve read back up their arguements with research data and references. Any chance of you doing the same to help ys make a more educated and confident decision?

    • Bec

      I’ve had a closer look and a more thorough read, please forgive my previous impatience. This article is very well supported.

      • MH

        Please question everything you read, I was intrigued by this article and wanted to know more. A quick search however, showed this is a load of rubbish, not to mention 2 sources from the 90s which only say there is no evidence of a link between dairy and bone health (read the actual reference articles) is not evidence that milk is BAD. Calcium used for pH buffering comes from kidneys not bones.

        Here is a well written article with MANY current studies to back it up.

        Do your own research and don’t stay ignorant people. Additionally, I read a previous comment from a guy who says don’t trust a website that ends in .gov, however if he actually bothered to look at the website it is a database of scientific research (I’m a research scientist myself) and while some may be government funded they have ABSOLUTELY no say in most research. Nearly all medical scientists only seek to help people, I will admit there are a couple of exceptions (like Andrew Wakefield who made up he autism/vaccine thing to try to promote his own vaccine which backfired hugely) but if we wanted to dupe people and make money we’d become lawyers not scientists who are vastly underpaid and are just trying to help millions of people with medical progress.

        • Gina

          Andwew Wakefield had his reputation professionally tarnished. Most , if not all, people who speak out against vaccines would have had far more lucrative careers if they had stuck with the medical establishment’s views.

  75. DS

    After reading this article, I know why my stomach turns acidic everytime I consume milk, and most of the time, I have to take an anti-acid tablet to counteract the problem. I am 50 years old.

  76. Jay

    I have been drinking a liter of milk each day for over 40 years. My bone density is just fine and I am strong and healthy.

    • Pete

      @Jay => you are a very lucky minority… but your argument doesn’t have to apply to us all, does it? => on the same “theme”/kind of evidence I could say: my granddad smoked 20+ (more than a packet) cigarettes a day for more then 60 years and never got cancer or other diseases connected with smoking and he died recently at the age of 96. so what does that prove: 1. was he a lucky individual or 2. smoking is healthy? would you give me the answer? thanks

      • Chatcat

        I’m not sure you got your answer but maybe I can help. You know the answer…. We don’t know why some can smoke all their life and die of old age. Or their spouse dies of 2nd hand smoke. Or why some can’t tolerate one food and another can. Or why some die early of a heart attack and have no signs and are healthy as a horse. Fate? Who knows, it’s a mystery to us all. There is no research to prove this at all… but I noticed my grandparents and older who worked in the fields either lived healthy and died old, or died mid age of a heart attack. We know stress is bad… so did the heart attack worry and stress over his crops? and the other one didn’t? 🙂 I don’t know, but they had good healthy food without planes flying over spraying crops and other modified foods. Some people must be made of iron. If you are made of iron, then I’m jealous! 🙂 As you see, there is no answer – but there are defects that are picked up now more so than then. But it still happens. The medical field doesn’t understand everything, sometimes it’s the patients that do a lot of teaching!

        • Nope

          seems to me that i’m also lucky then

  77. Eunice Palang

    I reached this page because I was basically searching about “are cow’s milk healthy?”. I searched about this topic because I have read an article from PETA about their summer campaign, “Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk” (with hashtag SuckLess) encouraging about avoiding cow’s milk. In the article, cows are dreadfully abused and maltreated just so that they can be “milked”. Reading the article was, indeed, very disturbing. And so I searched for other articles also regarding if consumption of cow’s milk is healthy for humans. PETA’s and your article are on parallel grounds. And I am so glad I came upon this article – full of information and enriching in promulgating good health.

    Now, I know better. 🙂

    • Chatcat

      I always wonder how comments get so off track. Now I understand a bit. And no, there is no research. I am so turned off by any abuse, I could throw up. But when commenting about a specific thing… is cows milk good or bad, I wonder when things are brought up about conditions, and other things, that’s what starts things going. I have no control by myself to change the fate of those animals. I would if I could. I know there is evil out there even with animals and it makes me sick. But when someone tells us milk is bad (or good), and if we stopped drinking then all the animals would be saved…. it’s a turn off. Please don’t hate me yet. The world is not going to boycott milk and save cows and their young. It is too political. And I usually wear rose colored glasses. But if we really stop and think…. is the world going to stop milk and the cows will be free? Will chickens be free? Will slavery ever stop? When we buy from China, it’s possible it came from a slave place (I can’t think of the name). So do we not buy from China? None of this is going to change anyones mind. Because they know the government and politics. But as for each of us, we can choose to do what we want and make it what we choose. That’s our freedom. If I thought standing on every house top shouting don’t drink milk – watch this video, would help, I’d be there. So when this gets in the mix of a question about food, it seems things go down hill. Plus we just have people who aren’t respectful when they don’t agree. But don’t turn the tables! I can’t stress over everything…it hurts to much. So I don’t drink much milk because I know I can’t – not because of the baby cows, but because of health issues getting worse. I want my eggs tasting good, so I’ll find them where they run free. It still won’t m
      ake a chained chicken free. There’s too many people and we are told myths and we don’t check it out. We can’t change people, but we can change ourselves. If we stick to the subject, there will probably be less of this junk. But there is always a kid in the bunch. Which makes the learning and talking back and forth impossible. We can probably do more to keep those “kids” out of a site so we can visit, than much of anything else. Sad that we have lost that wonderful image of what a man is and what a woman is. And this is proven right on this page! 🙂

  78. Susan Baker

    Thank you so much for your information. I knew something was wrong with cow’s milk when it makes me ill to drink it. I’ve been on almond milk for awhile now and love it!

  79. Mujtaba

    Gail and Roderick Ewins, thank you for agreeing with me.

    Michelle Dinova:

    None of the “scientific research” I was referring to in my comment is related to the ‘dairy industry’. They are independent studies that have nothing to do with dairy but more with how our bodies work. I did not even mention any study that can be related to the dairy industry. I had major health problems for years and I can say with confidence I have done much more research than the average person. The knowledge I shared in my comment is a culmination of the bigger picture. Notice that I mentioned “raw unpasteurized milk” which the dairy industry is against and does not want to be made legal because they loose profits and small farmers expose their bad practices with regards to the health of animals and quality of milk. I am advocating raw milk in my comment, not the commercial low quality milk from the supermarket.


    I am the one with the agenda? Please try to be sensible. I am not selling anything nor do I have any explicit benefit from sharing the information that I did. On the contrary, this author Vivian, has a lot of benefits by writing an article like this. This is a big website and it is selling products. I think you should be more concerned with the author and the website having an agenda, than with me.

    Further, yes my claim that milk is legit because it’s still around is NOT flimsy. The fact that milk is still around is a testament to it’s nutritional value in a healthy diet. It seems like people nowadays take our ancestors (even our grandparents) as a joke, as if they weren’t independent thinkers or as if they didn’t have the capability to differentiate between what’s good and bad.
    For example, for Hindus, in ayurvedic teachings, milk is the highest form of food. And Hindus have consumed milk for thousands of years. And even they advocate RAW milk, not the supermarket commercial milk.
    And like Khen said, are you really comparing twinkies to milk?
    The bottom line is: Milk is really good for you (if it’s raw and comes from healthy cows).


    Yes I used “LOL” in my argument because I was laughing out loud while reading this article and as I wrote my comment. It’s laughable because she is twisting up some generic studies on dairy products and making huge conclusions based off them. There are a thousand factors you have to consider to make conclusions like this and it’s clear she didn’t consider them. Like someone else pointed out, those countries with lowest dairy consumption also drink less cola soda and processed sugars. Further, it’s commercial diary, which I am not advocating. My argument is for raw milk from healthy cows.


    You call my comment ignorant but fail to tell me why? You did not even give any counter arguments. Please explain why my comment is ignorant? I presented many different ideas and proofs for milk being good for humans.


    I don’t think I am full of it. And I mentioned God once (because I believe in God) but it was not part of my argument, I was just hoping that this author gets justice.

    Raw milk contains lactase which is the enzyme needed to process lactose. People wouldn’t be lactose-intolerant if they consumed dairy products the way they were meant to be consumed.

    And most people can tolerate yogurt, because of the probiotics in it that help digest lactose.

    In fact, if you really look into what you eat daily, there is so much food that we ate that contains dairy products or has dairy added into it. You wouldn’t really know unless you were actually allergic to dairy and had to read the label of everything you bought.

    Cows make so much excess milk and it is not too different than human breast milk. And cows are happy to share their milk.

    And if you look at goat milk, it is the closest to human breast milk in composition and structure.

    The argument that ‘cow milk is not for humans’ is repeated so often and is honestly the worst argument.

    Is meat for humans or is it only for predators like lions and hyenas and crocs?
    Are the vegetables for humans?
    Are the fish for humans or is it only for the other predators in the oceans?

    The point i’m trying to make is who decides cow milk is for humans or not? The bottom line is milk is a food. If it is good for us, we should drink it. If it is not good for us, we should avoid it.

    And milk from my knowledge, is one of the best things a human can have, so we should drink it.

    You can drink human breast milk if you want, but it would be extremely expensive because well…humans don’t produce much milk.

    We drink cow milk or goat milk or camel or sheep milk, because they produce milk in abundance and they can share with us.

    Whether it’s human breast milk or other mammal milk, it’s the same. People even drink WHALE milk. Milk is just a food.

    DRINK MILK PEOPLE! DRINK RAW WHOLE MILK. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS. EAT YOGURT AND EAT CHEESE. IF YOU CANNOT TOLERATE MILK, THEN EAT YOGURT. THE CALCIUM WILL KEEP YOU SMILING AND DEPRESSION FREE, AND KEEP YOUR BONES STRONG. (it’s not JUST the calcium, dairy products have the fats and other vitamins and minerals that have great synergy with calcium and aid calcium metabolism in order to keep our bodies full of energy and disease free).

    • Meenakshi Vyas

      Hey I am a hindu and while milk has been around. Yes but as per ayurveda milk is a on the five white poisons. Ayurveda also denies consumption of cow’s milk. It is deisgned for a calf, who stops drinking it after it is weaned.

      Also if any practise has been carried for a thousand years doesn’t make it right. We have sati, child marriages…we are glad to be rid of them. I am still researching on this milk controversy but I am sure that Ayurveda suggests you to not have any other mammal’s milk simply because nature didn’t create it for you. It will not work with your system.

    • Liz Gober

      How many adult animals still drink from their mothers? We’re supposed to be weaned at some point. It’s the natural order of things.

    • Elizabeth

      Bob– that was a fantastic rebuttal! This Registered Dietitian is in full support of your statements as well as the position of this article! Cow’s milk for baby cow’s– NOT humans!

    • Bob Lake

      You know, of all the things that are wrong with this post, what pisses me off the most, is the “milk keeps you depression free”. That’s like saying “orange juice will protect you from schizophrenia”, or “apples will keep you free of paralysis”. Depression is a medical condition. Do you not understand that? What century do you live in that you think you can say ignorant, offensive things like that and still believe yourself righteous?

      “Milk is still around” is the flimsiest argument there is. There are so many things still around that are horrible, but they’re still around because someone gains from their existence. And milk is a huge industry, with a lot of money and power, which allows them to continue brainwashing folks like you into thinking milk is good. You might be propagating raw milk, but like several people have already pointed out to you, you can’t provide raw milk for the world’s population, and you either don’t get that or pretend you don’t get that, I don’t know.

      Your personal experience is not proof. Even if milk really did you well, that doesn’t mean it’s good for humans in general. You know, my ex had issues with appetite, and the absolute only way he could make himself eat was to smoke marijuana. It saved him from having to be force-fed or hooked up to tubes. It maybe even saved his life. That doesn’t mean weed is good for people and should be propagated as a healthy choice for everyone.

      Giving up dairy cleared my acne. I mean, seriously, it literally cleared my skin. Will you take that as proof that milk is bad for people? That’s a sample of one. I’m sorry, but your personal experience is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

      No, human milk and cow milk isn’t ‘just milk’. It’s not the same. That is so nonsensical I want to throw a textbook at you. Cow milk has a completely different chemical composition. It is designed for a different species, for different purposes. It’s not about ‘deciding’ what’s for us and what isn’t. It’s not an ethical issue, it’s a chemical one. There are things some animals can eat that would kill others, or give them serious health issues. Cow milk is not designed for humans. Just because it’s food doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone who eats. Holly berries are food to, for plenty of birds. Are you going to feed them to your child?

      We’re not taking our ancestors as a joke. We take them as people who lived in a less civilized world, who had less information available. We take them as people who spat on wounds to disinfect them, who treated free will in women with hysterectomies, who used cocaine as an anesthetic. We take them as people who drank milk out of necessity, not because it was good for them. You know our ancestors also ate a lot of plants and mushrooms that can sustain you, but will poison you overtime. They did that because they had to, or because they didn’t know any better.

      Bringing up ancestors as proof of something being good is just illogical. You do realize you’re talking of people who sold their daughters into marriage, owned slaves? Of people who lost their teeth by 20 and died by 30? And are you presuming our ancestors always knew the difference between good and bad?

      No, I don’t think my grandfather was a joke. I think he was a racist, misogynistic alcoholic, and I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take his opinion and present it as proof of something being good.

      The bottom line is not that milk is really good for you. It’s so utterly arrogant to present your opinion as fact like this.
      Yes, you DID use god as part of your argument. Yes, you did present research that could have been tainted by financial gain. You just don’t realize the correlation between presenting an argument about ~how our bodies work~ and the kind of effect it has on the human population and their willingness to purchase a product.
      Or maybe you do. And that’s precisely what you’re after.

      I think you’re also entirely blind to your own privilege. Most people can’t afford raw milk. They buy the mass-produced junk because that’s the only thing they can buy. As long as you keep claiming milk’s good for people, that’s what they’ll buy.
      That’s actually also one of the reasons there are millions of people in the world who went on a plant-based diet, because they can’t afford meat or milk or eggs. People like to believe a plant-based diet is too expensive because that saves them from having to reconsider their lifestyle, but it’s only the sophisticated foods that are expensive. Plants are cheaper than animal products. Even mass-produced animal products. And many people can’t afford animal matter at all. Yet here you are, telling them to go drink raw milk.

      Cows are not happy to share their milk with a farmer who took her child away. And yes, every farmer does that. Because there WOULD’T be enough excess milk to sell otherwise. Cows will succumb to milking because they have to, since their calf is not around to free them of that milk thanks to the farmer. It’s like imprisoning someone, then saying they love you because they take food from you, when in reality they just have to do that to survive a hell you put them in. Again, I don’t know if you don’t realize this or choose to ignore it.

      You’re either just really ignorant or you purposefully ignore information that goes against your views.
      And you’re propagating something that can seriously hurt people, while thinking yourself some sort of health-bringing hero.
      Your arrogance and self-righteousness are disgusting. Yet you wear them like a badge of honor.

      • Aidan

        Please actually make a counter-argument with a collection of evidence or proof of research at the bottom of your comment in order to confirm your information is true. What I read in the your comment is just stating the opposite of the original commenter. In the original comment, it stated logic. Now think about lawyers. Half of their job is using logical reasoning, and while the other half may be information, this article doesn’t even have links to prove their credibility, proving how your comment isn’t the best, and you are the ignorant and arrogant one in this situation.

        Please just listen to your parents and stop trying to convert this world into a nightmare where everyone is underweight and breaking bones at every second.

        – Aidan 🙂

      • Allison

        Damn. This might be the best thing I’ve ever read.

    • Jean Baker

      LoL! I dunno if you’re like…really stupid or think everyone you’re talking to’s really stupid. You can’t have raw milk from healthy cows for everyone. Mass production with shit milk full of hormones that has to be pasteurized exists because so many people drink milk. Support your local farmers? Ha. ha. ha. Local farmers produce very little. You can only produce very little if you don’t stuff your cows full of hormones and keep millions of them in shit conditions. Enough raw milk just can’t be made for everyone in the world. It’s also expensive as hell. Mass production of crappy milk isn’t like…a thing corporations can just stop doing and still produce the same amount of milk. You can’t make it afordable and in big quantities without those conditions. It happens because so many people drink milk. It has to be mass produced in those shit conditions. You can’t make enough any other way. You can’t make it cheap any other way. What you’re capslocking over there is like saying everyone should buy natural diamonds, or only eat fruit that fell from a tree on its own in the woods. I dunno if you don’t understand supply and demand or if you aren’t connecting the dots of something. What you’re selling can’t be done.

    • Sara

      I think my favourite part about this disaster of a post is that you keep claiming that cows and goats are willing to share their milk with humans.
      Even if we disregard the fact that the vast majority of milk is mass-produced by raping and torturing cows, there’s still the fact that you made that decision for an entire species without asking. It’s not your place to do that, and it sure as hell not your place to say what God intended.
      Saying “the bottom line is” followed by whatever you want people to believe doesn’t make you right.
      Milk does not keep you “depression free”. That is incredibly insulting to people with mental health issues. Good grief, if only depression were cured this easily.
      You know, yelling your bullshit at people in caps lock doesn’t make it true either.
      I’ll fall to your level as an experiment, shall I?
      Is this obnoxious enough for you? Am I suddenly right now because I’m yelling like an asshole that wants people to do as told?
      Your self-righteous religious bullshit is sickening. I for one refuse to believe in a God that wants us to exploit other animals for our own pleasure. This is not how nature intended it, not how God intended it. It’s merely how you WANT it. And that’s not an argument. That’s thick-sculled arrogance.

      • Mujtaba

        So much to reply to, so I’ll try to comment on the common things you three pointed out.

        Bob Lake:

        There are plenty of studies that prove dairy products reduce depression.
        There are a lot of ‘independent’ studies that show how calcium deficiency is one of the biggest factors in depression.
        Honestly, I can’t explain it all, you should do the research yourself.
        Ayurvedic teachings also support this view (thousands of years of experience and knowledge).

        Do you know what doctors prescribe to cure depression symptoms? 5HTTP, Serotonin and other SSRI’s, that ultimately increase serotonin/dopamine in your brain. This only reduces symptoms but chronic depression is a breakdown of the body that requires a complete healing of the nervous system. Milk as you know is the best food to nourish the nervous system and aids in development of the brain/nervous system in babies.

        If you want to go in detail, you can research the connection between Tryptophan, serotonin, dopamine, calcium and vitamin D, and the connection they have in depression.

        For example, vitamin D deficiency is also actually calcium deficiency. One study shows that without changing any other factors in the body, except increasing calcium intake by 2,000 mg/daily, in just one month, vitamin D serum levels increased 20%.

        Another example of this is why people with extremely deficient vitamin D levels (Less than 29 nmol, and I had severe Vitamin D deficiency as well), don’t get better supplementing Vitamin D or getting sunlight. Go to (multiple sclerosis, and go to their Vitamin D forums).

        Why would this happen? Well because when the body is becoming calcium deficient AND there is very little intake of calcium in the diet, the body shuts down Vitamin D synthesis and PTH acts to break down the bone for calcium and other minerals. If you are simply calcium deficient, then PTH acts to break down bone AND increase Vit D synthesis. Vitamin D increases calcium metabolism, but if you are not even eating any calcium, the body has no use for it and it’s a very taxing process to synthesize Vitamin D (because it’s a hormone), so the body slows the synthesis down.

        It can get complicated but no…this all has nothing to do with a hidden agenda. Seriously, i’m just sharing what I know.

        My point is: If you connect all the dots, it becomes increasingly clear how important calcium is for the body (and it’s implications in chronic depression) and unfortunately no matter what you say, science supports the fact that milk and dairy products are by far the best source for calcium, and without them, you will inevitably become calcium -deficient, whether it happens in 3 years, 5 years or 15 or 25 years. It depends on your lifestyle.

        Also, yes the fact that milk is still here after 10,000 years, is a testament to it’s value and nutritional benefits. I honestly don’t get why you don’t understand that. Your argument does not work with FOOD. Milk is still around because it’s good for us and for thousands of years, humans were agreed on this. Otherwise, they would have stopped drinking it. Arguing against this point is foolish. And it’s not one part of the world, milk is drunk all over the world, in all cultures , before globalization or technology was evolved. Cultures and societies separately valued milk.

        And please, raw milk or milk from healthy cows is expensive compared to commercial dairy, but it’s also extremely filling and if you drink it regularly, you will lose your cravings for crappy food and save there. Anyone living in Canada or US has no excuse not to prioritize good high quality food. People waste money on so many random things they don’t need. It’s not about the price of the healthy milk, it’s about what people prioritize in their life and what they care about.

        Jean Baker:

        Why are you assuming things out of nowhere? Did I anywhere in my post advocate mass production of raw milk for everyone in the world? If you want to drink milk from unhealthy cows, be my guest. All I was trying to convey is that milk is good for humans and should be from healthy animals.

        So your whole comment makes no sense in reply to my comment. On it’s own, your comment makes sense but I don’t know why you’re replying to me with that stance.

        Obviously I understand raw milk cannot be provided for everyone, but whoever loves milk like me and wants to drink it, should support local farmers. And if enough people show an interest, more people would return to agriculture and farming.

        In fact, Jim Rogers (legendary investor) thinks our society will shift back to agriculture, farming and mining.

        Another example, where I live, they are working on a 100 acre Co-op farm, where each farmer can own 1 acre for $5000 and grow what they want. The farm is pesticide free for 50 years and has good soil. And thousands of people have shown interest because they will be able to grow organic fruits, vegetables and get healthy dairy products, and sell to local community members who purchase a premium membership for $100/yearly.

        The project is pretty much done.

        The point is: Food is something EVERYONE should be involved in, because we all need to eat to survive and our health depends on the quality of food we ingest. And by everyone, i mean all families or local communities(not literally every single person). Instead of giving everything to the big corporations and letting them dictate the prices/products.

        And believe me, you don’t know how much $$ people waste on random supplements, random food items (junk food & eating out) and on other things for entertainment, when really, good quality food should be one of the biggest priorities. So yeah, many people can afford good food, if they prioritized their health more.

        For example, people nowadays work hard and sit on the computer for hours a day and build a good career and put all their efforts into making money. Then what? When they are past 30 or 40, they spend the same money they earned, on their health.

        No CEO of a big company is going to come to your doorstep and offer you your dream job. You have to work hard and put in hours. But when it comes to health, people think being healthy is the ‘norm’ and whatever they go through in their daily life is ‘natural’. When really, it’s not. And if you want good health, you’ll have to work hard and put effort into attaining it. And so many ‘symptoms’ of health issues people have just become accustomed to, as if it’s normal to catch a ‘viral flu’ or ‘allergies in summer’ or ‘stomach flu’ or ‘sinus’ or ‘headaches n migraines’ . No, these things are your bodies way of telling you that you are doing something wrong. Don’t just pop a tylenol to make the pain go away. Unfortunately, doctors endorse these things now and any symptom is ‘viral’ or ‘seasonal’.


        What really is the point of you comment? Did you actually mean the things you said in capslock or is that just a mockery?

        Also, I don’t know what to say to your other point. I mean, milk is a food and animals produce abundant milk. Just like you can hire a woman to suckle your baby for you. If you are saying milk in ‘inhumane’, that’s another argument altogether. And I agree cows should not be ‘raped’ and tortured or have their kids taken away.

        and if only you took the time to do the research and figure out that chronic depression is actually curable easily. Why would the big pharma companies want to cure it though? Of course not, because they are making BILLIONS of dollars….and why I would advocate an alternative that brings me $0, on the contrary. Think about it.

        Many cultures and societies didn’t have epidemics of depression or heart disease, and some didn’t even hear of something like that.

        These things are only recent, in the last few decades. Acute depression is understandable (loss of loved ones, etc) but chronic depression is an unheard thing according to history (look into it please).

        To Bob Lake and Sara:

        Bob “Cow milk is not designed for humans”


        Prove this to me. Instead of just saying some bullshit like every single person who is against milk does, please prove that MILK is not for humans.

        Milk is milk. If you say cow milk is not for humans, then is goat milk okay? Considering goat and human milk are extremely similar. And the size of goat babies is similar to human babies.

        I’d love to hear any argument you have to prove that ‘milk’ is not for humans.

        • NiceJokeMate

          75% of adults are lactose deficient. Instead lactase is added to make us digest the milk.
          That’s unnatural don’t you think?

          • Arggg

            That’s because it’s normal and natural for adults to be “lactose-intolerant.” We’re NOT supposed to drink it and that’s our bodies’ way of telling us, kind of like getting a hangover is telling us not to drink so much booze.

  80. Sabrina

    Just curious, was this article, by any chance, endorsed or written by PETA?

    Just wanted to make sure these claims are based on actual facts and not biased by the opinions of people’s personal beliefs.

    And for the life of me, I can’t understand how milking a cow is considered “cruel.” As any lactating mother knows, it’s actually cruel to NOT drain the milk and let breasts get engorged.

    • Whoopsie

      Sabrina, the entire useful life of a dairy cow is producing milk. If that was my entire existence, I would think that cruel. No titties are designed to produce milk without end, are there?

    • Arggg

      I’m not a PETA supporter but I know this article is based in truth, just because of my own experience for the past 20 years, and some seat-of-the-pants research. I get my calcium from a liquid supplement – pricy, but much better than the swill they call “milk.” When I drank milk I was often depressed, lethargic, dizzy, with stuffy sinuses. I found out I had some bone loss when I was in my 30’s. When I was 50 I did another bone test and I had actually gained some bone mass. The only major change in my diet was a LACK of milk. I eat junk food, don’t exercise, and I’m a major candidate for osteoporosis, supposedly. But I have good bones (and no more sinus infections) because I don’t drink milk. Please, people, this article is based in fact. If you don’t believe me, keep researching.

    • Sally

      The bit about cruelty of milking in and of itself is kinda debatable. I actually didn’t have enough milk when I was breastfeeding. My sister had the same thing. A lot of mothers don’t need to pump milk, or don’t need to pump it as often as others. It’s a results may vary kind of situation.
      With cows, without human interference, the calf would drink the milk, and many cows would only produce as much as the calf needs. Some would probably have more, but not all. People think cows need to be milked because we’ve created a world where cows are habitually separated from their calfs, and as a result, their milk needs to be removed. It wouldn’t be the case if humans didn’t decide to make cows into food machines that are run in the way the people want to run them. If you didn’t take the calf away from the mother, she wouldn’t need to be milked. Some might have too much milk, and I’ll agree, that milk’s not cruel to take. But that’s not the milk you’re drinking. That’s not the milk anyone’s drinking, except maybe like a farmer with a family cow and they only take the milk for themselves. There’s no way to make a profit on surplus milk from a cow that got to stay with her calf. There’s just not enough of it.
      Cows have a really strong bond with their calf. If we’re talking about cruelty here, don’t you think removing the calf from the mother so that people can take her milk for their own consumption is cruel? Even if we don’t talk about factory farming and bad conditions and all that, taking the calf away is an inevitability that happens in any dairy production scenario. Organic or not. It has to happen or there won’t be enough milk to sell. That alone is cruel. And then there’s the fact that most people don’t drink organic milk. They drink the stuff from farms where cows are forcibly impregnated several times, pumped with hormones, hooked up to machines, and killed in 4 years because they aren’t producing anymore. And the male calfs are always beef/veal. Even on organic farms.

    • Jack

      As any mother knows, you have to be pregnant to give milk. Cows are forcibly impregnated so they can give milk. Then their children are taken away from them to be made into veal, and which point the cows are impregnated again. This goes on until the cow’s body breaks down and can no longer produce milk. Then she’s killed off for low-grade meat.
      No, sure, that’s not cruel at all.

      • Mujtaba


        Milking a cow is not cruel. Sabrina is 100% right about that.

        What you have mentioned are the wrongful practices of the big dairy corporations. Those practices are cruel. Milking the cow in and of itself, is not cruel, in fact if you talk to farmers, cows are happy to oblige and will go out of their way to not hurt you and be patient with you.

        Instead of attacking ‘milk’ as a food, we all need to be attacking the big dairy corporations and farms, that operate with 1000-5000 or even 10,000 cows and mass-produce unhealthy milk, which has to be ultra pasteurized to insure nobody gets disease from drinking their filthy milk.

        In fact, sometimes that’s not enough, because as you will see frequently, Nestle and other big dairy sellers, often recall MILLIONS of bottles/packs of milk they sold for contamination of Salmonella or listeria. There was just a recent recall for 2 million Nestle chocolate milk because of 1 of the diseases.

        And of course, those big corporations can afford to settle the disputes out of court and pay $500k – $1 million to the families affected. And everyone is quiet again.

        • Robin

          Yeah, sorry, but Jack’s right on this one. You can’t provide good, humane milk for everyone.

          Like, if we just set aside ethics for now and only talk about quality – imagine that I was making homemade jewelry, and it was pretty and unique and stuff. But then more and more people started buying it, so I wanted to make more, and I had to hire workers. Then I got machines that started stamping that jewelry, and it became crappy and cheap-looking and repetitive. Then you come in and say, hey, stop making that crappy jewelry, make good, handmade stuff like you used to. And suppose I do, but then I’ll be making far less of it, and it’ll be more expensive, and fewer people will have it. Even if there’s thousands of such jewelers, if everyone wants a new pair of earrings every morning, you can’t handmake them with care and still provide for everyone who wants them.

          On a global skale, where everyone wants milk, everyone is constantly told they need that milk, demand is so high that good milk can’t be made for everyone. Some farmers can make it humanely, but that will be a short supply. It won’t satisfy demand.

          You say mass-production is cruel, but you tell everyone to consume dairy.

          You can either have a lot of bad, unhealthy milk produced by hurting cows, or you can have a little healthy milk from happy cows that’s going to be very expensive. You can’t have both. It just cannot be done.

          Jack makes a good point too, that healthy milk isn’t necessarily humane. A lot of organic farms are not that much different from regular mass-production. They just don’t use hormones and conditions are better so that cows don’t get sick as much and milk’s cleaner, but it’s done for the quality of milk, not for animals. Even in organic farms cows have to be impregnated when the farmer needs them to be pregnant, because they wouldn’t be competitive if they didn’t have enough milk with minimal cows. And the cow’s kids are still taken away from them, they’re still killed when they’re spent. The milk’s good, it’s healthy, because the cows are kept in good conditions. But they’re still exploited, they’re still hurt, they’re still separated from their young, they’re still killed when their production decreases. And the more milk people want, the worse the exploitation gets, even on organic and local farms.

          The only way to make milk without cruelty is on private farms with a few cows, where they are not forcibly bred, and only the surpluss milk is taken. But you can’t do that for the planet’s whole population. What you’re suggesting – everyone consuming dairy, but there not being cruel mass-production is just not doable. I don’t know if you truly don’t understand that or if you don’t want to admit it because that would make your whole argument fall apart. You need to realize that you are either telling everyone to consume dairy, which will create demand, and as a result create cruelty to cows, or you stop telling everyone to drink milk and stop pretending like that can be done without cruelty. There’s either no mass consumption or no cruelty. You really, really can’t have both.

          • Liz Gober

            Just don’t drink it…

          • Mujtaba

            To Jack & Robin:

            I understand your points I read all the posts.
            And you both make good points, sincerely.

            However, think of it in a long-term perspective.

            Did our world population grow to 7 billion in 1 day? No, it took decades.

            Did the milk production grow to current amount in 1 day? No, it took decades.

            Are people going to jump on healthy whole milk in 1 day? No, it will take decades.

            And around here where I live (Toronto, Ontario), the change is happening fast. People are becoming aware of health and food and the organic/raw industry is emerging and booming.

            Does everyone in the world have the knowledge you and I have? No. And they won’t have it tomorrow.

            Change takes time. And adaptation to change will take time as well.

            People are moving to healthier food choices and bigger companies who no choice but to accommodate healthier food choices for consumers. For example, even smirnoff (alcoholic drink) is advertising gluten-free fruit flavoring in their drinks.

            The power is in the people, it always has been. If more and more people demand healthier milk, they will have no choice but to make standards stricter and supply healthier milk.

            The problem isn’t that everyone wants cheap milk. The problem is that people don’t care. I’ve talked to 100’s of people that are scared death of raw milk (even though i suggest to boil it or just buy VAT pasteurized milk from healthy animals).

            People are happy buying the milk from stores, they don’t care. But when more people become aware and start caring, things will change.

            We have to be more positive and optimistic. Change can happen (and with good results). It’s not going to happen in 1 day so don’t think there will be some economic collapse or huge supply/demand issues. It doesn’t work that way.

            If more people wanted healthier milk, more farming jobs would become available and I also (i’m 24) when I grow up, can get a farm of my own and some animals.

            And one more important point, I’ve talked to many farmers and they are bullied by big companies to sell their milk to them. They really have no choice, the government is involved and the banks are involved.

            Yeah some big companies have huge farms with 1000s of cows, but a huge chunk of their milk comes from small local farmers who sell their milk to them dirt cheap (like $0.50/liter or less). And they mix it all up and pasteurize it.

            So don’t think that cruelty can’t be handled. Yeah for the greater good, there might be some, but it can be greatly reduced.

            And nothing will change unless the government, banks, private investors, elites, and big corporations have something to lose.

            And even if by stricter standards, the burden of price shifts to consumers, milk wouldn’t skyrocket, because like I said, more farmers would joii the market and people would seriously start thinking of farming as a career.

            Still, milk is a cheap food if you use dollar to calorie ratio and I don’t think people will be affected too much. On the contrary, the better health benefits and peace of mind will positively affect overall health and can reduce health expenses (supplements, disease, prescriptions, fractures, etc).

            I KNOW I went all over the place but on my screen the comment box is so small, I can only see a few lines of my whole comment and it would take a lot of time to make everything coherent and flow smoothly.

        • Jack

          And by the way, I wasn’t attacking ‘milk’ as a food. I was responding to a comment about why people consider milk cruel. Because the vast majority of people who drink milk buy it from corporations that rape, torture, and kill their cows when they are no longer producing.
          You might be able to afford that spiffy raw milk, but most people can’t. Most people want their milk cheap, and in abundance, and that’s how the horrible conditions happen.
          If everyone were to want that raw milk, then there would be no way to make it. And even that raw milk from healthy cows still means cows are separated from their offspring. It still means they’re killed off when they are no longer useful. Because the quality of milk is not affected by the emotional pain cows suffer, or by how quickly they’re killed off.
          You may not care about this. But please, don’t deny that it’s happening. The more you tell people to go buy dairy, the more demand you’re trying to create, the more supply is needed, the more those horrible practices are necessary to meet the demand. You may not care about the cows or have some delusions about how we can live in a happy world were 7 billion people get their daily dose of milk from cows on green pastures that aren’t raped and killed off at the quarter of their lifespan, but claiming that milk is not a source of tremendous cruelty is either very ignorant or intellectually dishonest.

          • Jack

            Sorry, I think I should correct myself a little here – you weren’t denying that the cruelty takes place. You did admit that it does. It’s just that you claim that the corporations are the problem rather than the humans who create the demand. I suppose if we do what you say and somehow magically manage to shut down mass-production of milk so the only milk that was produced in the world was produced humanely, then the milk production wouldn’t be AS cruel. Except then billions of people would be forced to quit milk at they could no longer afford it, plus there simply wouldn’t be enough of it. But I doubt that’s what you want, since you’re telling everyone to consume dairy.

        • Jack

          There’s one tiny problem here though.
          There is absolutely no WAY to produce healthy milk for people in humane, healthy ways.
          If a cow were to breed only when she wanted to and milked only when there was excess milk, allowed to stay with her calf instead of having it taken away for veal, allowed to live out her natural lifespan even when she can no longer breed or produce milk, can you imagine how much it will cost? Can you imagine now long it would take? Can you imagine how much space would be needed for that?
          Sure, if there were only a few million people in the world, then milk could be produced humanely, but there’s 7 billion and everyone wants their milk. So cows HAVE to be kept in horrible conditions, raped repeatedly, pumped full of hormones, then discarded when they are no longer of use.
          In order to stop that from happening, in order to have happy cows instead of factories with thousands of them in horrible conditions, we would have to significantly decrease the demand for milk. There is simply no way, no time, no space to provide for the current demand without resorting to the cruel practices. It’s not physically possible.
          So sure, you can attack the big companies, the factories, but what’s that gonna do? If people still all want milk, the only way to provide it is with the mass-production. So how do you cut the demand enough that it actually can be met with humane conditions for cows?
          You can’t. Even if everyone were to significantly cut down on their milk consumption, the demand would still be very high. The only way to make milk humanely is to provide for a considerably smaller percentage of humans. And billions would have to give it up completely. So who’s that gonna be? You? I’m guessing not.

  81. ducted heating installation

    lol, I adore Miley! She is so crazy !

  82. David brenner

    Hi, you know the world sells you so much crap its hard to believe. The milk industry tells you milk is good for you, you tell me milk is bad for me, so many studies,so many opinions. If i stop drinking milk and your wrong i lose, if i stop drinking milk and your right i win, i have two young kids that means the world to me and we give then lots of milk because doctors say to do so, i believe in what you say because cows milk is for cows, but did our lord put cows on earth to inrich us, or is it all bulshit and you are correct, i am so confused, i want to start a dialog with you about this, please i care so much for my family i am ready to give up all dairy products. Please i need to hear more from you because i have herd the same things from many other people. Please you have my e-mail address i have to know more. Thanks.

    • cyp

      well milk from supermarkets i.e. milk industry is bad for you, milk from private farmers is good. The difference is that when you try to mass produce something like milk things go out the rails.

    • Redneck raper

      Raise your children on red meat and dairy only. Who you gonna believe, people on the net or the government?

      • Whoopsie

        You rape rednecks?
        Red meat and dairy = certain doom

      • Liz Gober

        Certainly not the government…are you kidding?]

    • Mark

      Hi there.
      I appreciate that you love your kids. That is exactly why my family went vegan and stays away from sugar-enriched processed foods. I am off all of my medications and my gout and heartburn are gone. I have never been healthier or stronger!
      I am a teacher and I am astounded that we still have a milk program, considering the facts that have been proven about cows milk (and the high sugar content).
      The problem lies within the dairy and meat industries who don’t want anything to change. There are 10 lobbyists for every politician in the white house “convincing” politicians to tell the public that milk is good for you. Probably the same reasons why Trump wants to back out of the Paris agreement…
      In the end, believe the people that have no outside interests and check who is funding studies or who the people are on the publishing councils.
      The more control you take in your food, the better off you will be.
      Check out Forks over Knives on Netflix. They backup the claims in this article.

  83. Breeze

    What is up with some of these ridiculous comments? Calling the author a “dumb slut?” Misspelling “you’re” to boot. LMAO and you call HER dumb?! And the cola bit. Are you honestly using the “cola defense?” Last I checked, cola, while also not healthy for you, as milk isn’t, wasn’t laden with antibiotics and growth hormones like milk is. This is why many girls are reaching puberty at a younger age. Not to mention how gassy many people get drinking milk. Would you drink cat’s milk? How about rat’s milk? No? Why not? Why in the world would anyone in their right mind drink liquid coming out of animals? When you think about it, it’s nasty! We were all brainwashed in grade school learning about the 4 major food groups. Guess who subsidizes those programs? The meat and dairy industry! Not to mention the cruelty on factory “farms.” Do some research on how cow’s are treated in the dairy industry. If a male is born to a cow they are stilen away at birth and placed into dark crates to be slaughtered as veal. Let’s not forget the disastrous environmental effects resulting from factory farmed animals. Air, water and ground pollution. It’s solely about money. They don’t care about your health, the animals or the environment. Wake up people.

    • David brenner

      Hi, i am sorry for all the idiots with rude and unkind remarks, i on the other hand need and want to know more about this, i need proof of this, i need to know for sure that i am not going to hert my kids if i get rid of dairy products, i myself love soy products but i do drink milk, and my kids drink lots of milk, but if its going to hert my kids or me, well i rather never touch it again. You have my e-mail i need to know more lets right to eachother and pass info to one another, i also wrote the auther of this post and asked for help, o yeah and dont bother with rude ignorite people, its more importent to get the message out. Thanks

    • Brin

      hell yes i agree!!!

      • poop

        RIP the cows 🙁

  84. Chris

    Clean water pH 7… milk pH 6.4 to 6.8 (hardly acidic)… Cola 2.5. No wonder you can clean oil of your drive with it, imagine what it does to your bodies natural balance! Instead of using milk, a drink people have enjoyed for thousands of years, as a means to bring about awareness of animal cruelty think about this…

    The countries (pertaining to this article) that drink the least amount of milk no doubt consume the least cola also (and other sodas), have a better diet rich in vegatables not processed meals, and lead a more active and less sedentary lifestyle. Cola, enjoyed by millions, does far more damage to the body than milk ever could and has none of the health benefits of milk, perceived or otherwise.

  85. Mujtaba

    This woman clearly has an agenda. I hope God exacts justice from her. This is one of the most misleading articles I’ve ever read. Milk is a blessing and a wonderful complete food, in fact, eggs and milk are the ONLY two whole foods that have the full nutritional profile to sustain LIFE. (eggs have everything inside them to facilitate growth of life and similarly, milk facilitates growth in newborns and sustains life).

    Raw milk is THE best food on the planet. This woman needs to examine her head lol but clearly she is just lying for some other agenda she has.

    Anyone who seeks the truth would understand this basic fact: Cows have been domesticated for more than 10,000 years and so, milk has been drunk by humans for similar amount of time (completely raw until the 1800s when pasteurization was introduced DUE to malpractice of farmers).

    Conclusion? If MILK was so BAD for us, it would have been removed from our diets 1000’s of years ago……but it has PERSISTED throughout our diets after 1000’s of years of observations and experiences and people living on milk and milk is still here.

    If milk was giving people weak bones and other problems, just after a few generations of drinking milk, people would have learned and told their children to not drink milk.

    The only reason MILK persisted till now is because it is so good for us.

    And your reasoning is bullshit. LMAO it’s actually laughable. Milk can be slightly acidic BUT all the minerals and vitamins it has in it have the OPPOSITE effect because they are alkaline. You said yourself that calcium is one of the biggest buffers of acid in the body……and Milk has A LOT, and to get it from other sources is REALLY tough.

    And again…LMAO. Milk has so many things in it to facilitate BONE GROWTH. LOL.
    Milk does not help pull calcium from the body, it helps to PUT IT BACK IN.

    The fat in the milk (especially guernsey/jersey cows with 5% fat milk) is a major factor for bone growth (in fact, butterfat/butter increase bone density the most out of any other fat, followed closely by olive oil)….meaning saturated fats in the milk.

    The potassium in the milk helps bone growth and to RETAIN CALCIUM..LOL.
    The vitamin K2 helps to absorb more calcium and to PUT IT IN THE BONES…again LOL.
    The Vitamin D again, helps to absorb more calcium and utilize it.

    oh…and the MAGNESIUM (yes raw milk has a A LOT of magnesium) helps to increase bone density and retain calcium.

    oh…and the B VITAMINS….and etc GET THE POINT I HOPE LOL.

    One more thing, vitamin D deficiency is actually CALCIUM deficiency…so get the hell outta here with this milk myth…..people are getting so many diseases because they LACK CALCIUM to buffer the acidity in their body (your point!).

    the study above shows that increase in calcium intake, INCREASED serum vitamin D by 20% or more, in just ONE MONTH.

    I had weak bones for years and injuries/fractures in my wrists, my shoulders, my ankles and my 2 fingers. They didn’t heal for 4 years!!! Then when i started drinking raw milk, they fully healed in 7 months!!!!! During those 4 years, i was having an “amazing” diet i thought, full of nuts seeds, vegetables, fruits , some occasional meat.

    My experience with milk has been the complete OPPOSITE of this dumb article. And I can prove it with studies if someone doesn’t believe me.

    Calcium is the MAIN mineral in the body for a reason!!! God created us perfectly, the only reason we can survive so long without food (just water) is because our bones break down to provide calcium !! In comparison, Magnesium (which is so highly regarded these days, only has storage capacity in body of 30g!!!!….whereas calcium is up to 1.2KG or 1200g!!!!) We need Calcium WAY MORE THAN MAGNESIUM and other minerals.

    And I firmly believe all these diseases people are getting is because of lack of CALCIUM.

    Studies even show, that LACK of calcium causes kidney stones, especially with a high vegetable diet (with lots of oxalates and phytates).

    IF ANYONE READ ALL OF THIS, THANK YOU, and YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE I SHARED, IT REALLY IS THE TRUTH, SO FEEL FREE TO BELIEVE IN IT 100% !! (Do your own research too and you will know i have spoken the truth, whereas this woman has lied to thousands or millions of people!)


    • Redneck raper

      You mean you hope your radical Islamic god strikes her down?

    • Bala

      Lovely high horse you have there. I hope some god or another executes justice on you too. For claiming you know what gods want anyway. That’s ridiculously arrogant.
      Yeah, milk has been around for a long time. So has genocide, rape, slavery, and a myriad of other things that are just to great for people because surely, if they were bad for us, in a couple of generations, we’d stop.
      I love how you think that if just throw whatever you believe in at people and claim it’s “basic fact”, then it makes it true. Surely. Also, insult the writer a few times for good measure.
      LMAO at you as well, love. May god strike you down for your ignorance and your arrogance. Keep telling people to consume things that are destroying their body. I’m sure your deity of choice will just love that.

    • Gail

      Great response, thank you for taking the time to share this information. I tend to agree with you, milk is healthy.

    • Roderick Ewins

      There are so many of these sorts of “scare” posts on the internet, that it pays to check them with REPUTABLE sources. The Mayo Clinic has a number of articles online about calcium intake, and lists milk as one of the appropriate natural sources. One article is but there are a number — check Mayo Clinic site. I would sooner believe their experts than this person.

      • Redneck raper

        Mayo Clinic is s for profit corporation
        Go ahead listen to them, dipshit

    • Michelle Dinova

      So misinformed, you are. The so-called “scientific research” was done by scientists paid for by the dairy industry, whose goal was to produce outcome-based results.
      Dairy is said to be the most successful marketing scam since the tobacco industry’s 1950’s & 1960’s compilation of lies that “scientifically proven”, tobacco is non-addictive and non-harmful and even had doctors promote it in advertising. These scientists were also paid by the tobacco industry, just like the dairy industry. Research and know the truth.

      • Mujtaba

        Gail and Roderick Ewins, thank you for agreeing with me.

        Michelle Dinova:

        None of the “scientific research” I was referring to in my comment is related to the ‘dairy industry’. They are independent studies that have nothing to do with dairy but more with how our bodies work. I did not even mention any study that can be related to the dairy industry. I had major health problems for years and I can say with confidence I have done much more research than the average person. The knowledge I shared in my comment is a culmination of the bigger picture. Notice that I mentioned “raw unpasteurized milk” which the dairy industry is against and does not want to be made legal because they loose profits and small farmers expose their bad practices with regards to the health of animals and quality of milk. I am advocating raw milk in my comment, not the commercial low quality milk from the supermarket.


        I am the one with the agenda? Please try to be sensible. I am not selling anything nor do I have any explicit benefit from sharing the information that I did. On the contrary, this author Vivian, has a lot of benefits by writing an article like this. This is a big website and it is selling products. I think you should be more concerned with the author and the website having an agenda, than with me.

        Further, yes my claim that milk is legit because it’s still around is NOT flimsy. The fact that milk is still around is a testament to it’s nutritional value in a healthy diet. It seems like people nowadays take our ancestors (even our grandparents) as a joke, as if they weren’t independent thinkers or as if they didn’t have the capability to differentiate between what’s good and bad.
        For example, for Hindus, in ayurvedic teachings, milk is the highest form of food. And Hindus have consumed milk for thousands of years. And even they advocate RAW milk, not the supermarket commercial milk.
        And like Khen said, are you really comparing twinkies to milk?
        The bottom line is: Milk is really good for you (if it’s raw and comes from healthy cows).


        Yes I used “LOL” in my argument because I was laughing out loud while reading this article and as I wrote my comment. It’s laughable because she is twisting up some generic studies on dairy products and making huge conclusions based off them. There are a thousand factors you have to consider to make conclusions like this and it’s clear she didn’t consider them. Like someone else pointed out, those countries with lowest dairy consumption also drink less cola soda and processed sugars. Further, it’s commercial diary, which I am not advocating. My argument is for raw milk from healthy cows.


        You call my comment ignorant but fail to tell me why? You did not even give any counter arguments. Please explain why my comment is ignorant? I presented many different ideas and proofs for milk being good for humans.


        I don’t think I am full of it. And I mentioned God once (because I believe in God) but it was not part of my argument, I was just hoping that this author gets justice.

        Raw milk contains lactase which is the enzyme needed to process lactose. People wouldn’t be lactose-intolerant if they consumed dairy products the way they were meant to be consumed.

        And most people can tolerate yogurt, because of the probiotics in it that help digest lactose.

        In fact, if you really look into what you eat daily, there is so much food that we ate that contains dairy products or has dairy added into it. You wouldn’t really know unless you were actually allergic to dairy and had to read the label of everything you bought.

        Cows make so much excess milk and it is not too different than human breast milk. And cows are happy to share their milk.

        And if you look at goat milk, it is the closest to human breast milk in composition and structure.

        The argument that ‘cow milk is not for humans’ is repeated so often and is honestly the worst argument.

        Is meat for humans or is it only for predators like lions and hyenas and crocs?
        Are the vegetables for humans?
        Are the fish for humans or is it only for the other predators in the oceans?

        The point i’m trying to make is who decides cow milk is for humans or not? The bottom line is milk is a food. If it is good for us, we should drink it. If it is not good for us, we should avoid it.

        And milk from my knowledge, is one of the best things a human can have, so we should drink it.

        You can drink human breast milk if you want, but it would be extremely expensive because well…humans don’t produce much milk.

        We drink cow milk or goat milk or camel or sheep milk, because they produce milk in abundance and they can share with us.

        Whether it’s human breast milk or other mammal milk, it’s the same. People even drink WHALE milk. Milk is just a food.

        DRINK MILK PEOPLE! DRINK RAW WHOLE MILK. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS. EAT YOGURT AND EAT CHEESE. IF YOU CANNOT TOLERATE MILK, THEN EAT YOGURT. THE CALCIUM WILL KEEP YOU SMILING AND DEPRESSION FREE, AND KEEP YOUR BONES STRONG. (it’s not JUST the calcium, dairy products have the fats and other vitamins and minerals that have great synergy with calcium and aid calcium metabolism in order to keep our bodies full of energy and disease free).

        • Tyler

          If you have Netflix, watch this documentary “What the Health”

          It’s pretty eye opening.

    • Breeze

      WRONG. If anyone has an agenda it’s you. Your claim that milk is legit because it’s still around is flimsy. Twinkies and child prostition have been around a long time too. Do some more research.

      • Khen

        Are you honestly comparing milk (a natural product consumed by humans since the dawn of agriculture) to Twinkies (a manufactured good that first appeared in the 30s)?
        Look, when the national health institute, the mayo clinic, and constant doctors insist that we need calcium, I’m not going to be so easily swayed by a single blogger with a clear agenda.

    • Jack

      You argument is for the cows!! You left the F out of LMAO. Drinking all that milk from the utter is causing you to lag. Who uses LOL in a respectable argument. Go take a Valium with your milk.

      • Breeze

        HA! Good one Jack .. agreed. Maybe she needs 2 V’s.

    • Kelly Foster

      wow this is the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. Do some research before you start acting like you know anything.

    • Grant Kennedy

      Mujtaba it seems you are full of it. And you bring god into this?

      Approximately 70% of all people are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk protein. It is a horrible food for humans. Luckily I was told by a doctor 20 years ago that milk is good for baby cows but not people!

      • Breeze

        Exactly. Maybe she works for Oberweis.

  86. Darwin

    I never could drink milk… didn’t have much of a go at mom’s milk cause her teats were too small… and couldn’t drink cow’s milk… it always settled too heavy in my stomach… the only exception is the occasional drink at 0600 of fresh raw chilled milk from Mother Dairy… by 12 years of age, I had already figured out and made clear to my mom, cow’s milk if for calves, not adult humans, period…

  87. Advoc

    Everything is bad for you in some way, and everything has a small benefit is someway or another…
    I’ve drank milk, chocolate milk for 30 years probably more than I should and I’m one of the strongest men at my job site …. has this been proven by scientists experiments having humans drink large amount of milk as their only beverage or is this just another theory made by individuals who hate the taste of milk ? … Europe and America have the largest amounts of osteoporosis because of milk or is it the processed gmo foods injected to grow faster be larger, stay on the shelf longer ?

    If this is true and you drink milk, don’t be lazy… get up and move and make sure your eating and exercising to build bone mass, the older you get the less your bone has to work will when it’s tearing down and rebuilding

  88. A guy who took 7th grade science

    MILK IS NOT ACIDIC!!! ITS A BASE!!! Like wtf, you’d think with all the good reasons to be vegan, you wouldn’t see so many dipshits on the internet.

    • Liz Gober

      Wrong, milk’s pH is 6.5-6.7, clearly acidic

    • A L Chong

      What did 7th grade science teach about protein digestion? The end product of protein digestion is amino acid! Hence the theory that milk is acidic AFTER it is digested.

    • Alex

  89. Casper

    Ya know what VEGANS? Why do we insist on trying to convince Animal-eaters to come over to veganism (Or at least plant-based nutrition)? Why? Let them continue to listen to Weston A. Price and William Davis… they’re so brainwashed by the Meat-industry that they refuse to look at science. They can’t even use common sense anymore.

    Even a 7-year old, can look think and draw a logical conclusion without scientific evidence… and ask “Mommy, why do more than 1 million people die in America in diet-related deaths and you are feeding me the same crap that 98% of the people eat? Aren’t I also going to get diseases like these other people?”

    • Johndoe

      It’s pretty ignorant to use America’s diet related death count. Or maybe you know that diet related death is only connected to meat by heart disease which is only a threat for sedentary people who eat a lot of red meat.

      You’re right, meat it’s generally bad for the human body, but don’t argue it with vague statistics that actually say more about our unnatural food stuffs and fast food. No other country has diet related deaths like the US, but it’s not because they’re all vegans. Lol.

  90. Pat

    I only use unsweetened almond milk. I was watching TV one day and saw a infommercial for a new type of milk made from peas. It’s not widely available yet. Could this be another form of non-dairy milk to use and would be good for you?

  91. Carlos

    This article has some serious flaws. First off, using calcium to reduce acid is NOT the body’s first line of defense. Bicarbonate is by far the #1 buffer in the human body capable of handling large amounts of both volatile and dietary acids. “New” Bicarbonate is made every day in the kidney, and our serum has approximately 24mmol/L, which can prevent fairly significant pH swings. As an example, our metabolism alone creates enough endogenous acid that if you hold your breath for one minute without a buffer, it would kill you! Lucky for us, we have a great buffering system. That just shows how powerful bicarbonate is, and how much it can handle. Drinking a few glasses of milk WILL NOT make you acidic enough to need calcium to balance the charge. I would like to see more studies published, as I believe that science moves forward based on evidence from research, but until more research is conducted showing a direct link and not just a association, keep drinking milk.

  92. Ben

    So if milk is acidic due to the fact that it’s an “animal protein” and ” all animal protiens are acidic” – as you claim – why is yogurt not acidic? Isn’t yogurt an animal protiens? One with an even higher protiens concentration than milk? Also, after slamming milk, you recommend people use honey??? Numerous studies have shown honey to be much more damaging than milk could ever hope to be, not only is it a sugar – which, surprise, is acidic in nature – it’s partially broken Dow making absorption into the blood stream quicker, which causes hard to control and severe blood sugar spikes,and contains digestive enzymes from the bees… like cows milk being made for a calf, honey… is made for bees. Being ” natural” doesn’t always mean it’s good. Finally the typical gallon of almond milk has something like 4-6 whole almonds in it… There are no health benefits associated with almonds, in almond milk. Soy also contains absurdly high levels of estrogen… Not God for anyone. But hey, slam whoever you want! Write articles with no sources listed except two poorly sighted statements.

    • Got Milk

      chemistry wont debunk the myth of whether milk is good for you or bad. ask those who been drinking it for years , im sure you will get an answer. I have been drinking milk for 40yrs now and not a broken bone or fracture for that matter and I have been super active from early childhood.

  93. Guest

    Take chemistry 101 as you have lots of wrong scientific information. You have no understanding of basic chemistry and you allow yourself to go deep into basic. Iochemistry and you are Wasting readers time and derailing them from what really happens when one drinks milk. Your calcium depletion explanation is wrong and has nothing whatsoever to do with science.

  94. Jessica

    I like how very little sources you provide to back up your argument and the fact that what you do present is from the 90’s. Your information is outdated. Read some current research and then present these so called “facts”.

  95. david west

    there’s something here that everyone is missing. Except for the 100% fact that cow’s milk is meant for calves, have any of you ever asked yourselves what happens to the calves that are born from these dairy cow’s? The meat, dairy and fishery industries are an absolute disgrace and it doesn’t matter what excuses you continue to make about the supposed “need” for these “food” items…

    • Breeze


  96. Ross

    As a nutrition student I had to write a paper about a food myth, I chose whether or not milk is harmful to consume or not and after reading this article and researching the claims I can tell you this article is very weak in support.

    1. In the article the first claim she makes is that “milk depletes the calcium from your bones” rather than the bones absorbing the calcium. However the only support she provides is “But many scientific studies have shown an assortment of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption.” There are no graphs, data, quotes, or any reliable form of evidence provided in this claim.
    2. Goldschmidt claims that milk is pulling calcium from the bones because milk is causing an acidifying effect in our body. However milk is a base, and the body pulls calcium from the bones when the body is breaking down proteins. The body releases acids into the bloodstream to breakdown proteins and then pulls calcium from the bones to neutralize the pH level. According to Harvard University “Nurses’ Health Study, for example, women who ate more than 95 grams of protein a day were 20 percent more likely to have broken a wrist over a 12-year period when compared to those who ate an average amount of protein (less than 68 grams a day).” Harvard University also points out that this is still a controversial topic because studies show that high protein diets also lead to high bone density.
    3. Goldschmidt also claims that countries with low dairy intake have a lower chance of fractures but still lacks to provide evidence to support her claim. After that she then states that healthcare practitioners ignore these so-called “Facts” (which she still has failed to provide support). She then goes on to point out that cow’s milk is designed specifically for cows. She claims that it will only cause metabolic disturbances. However this is an assertion because she does not address lactose intolerance which not everyone has.
    4. Harvard: “When researchers combined the data from the Harvard studies with other large prospective studies, they still found no association between calcium intake and fracture risk.”

    • Marie petite

      She is selling a product…almond milk.

      • Breeze

        Well she must be selling so and rice milk too cuz she mentioned both of those as well. Idiot.

    • Josh

      Milk is actually slightly acidic.

    • Robyn

      Thankyou. I will research current information. If i hadnt read these replys and comments i may have been fooled.

      • Rex

        Okay, so I thought I would read this article to look at the ‘other side’ of the dairy milk discussion.
        I am not a scientist but as a sustainable horticulturist I do understand some basics of chemistry.
        Any credibility in the argument put forward in this article fell apart thanks to this…”milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction. You see, calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer…”
        Let’s just dissect this shall we?
        – Milk does not acidify anything. It is pretty darn close to pH neutral. That is one of the reasons it is very useful for mild heartburn – it can re-balance stomach acid.
        – Nothing, repeat nothing, ‘acidifies the body’ or the blood on any more than a minor and temporary basis. If your blood or body was ‘acid’ (or alkaline for that matter) you would know about it. Big time. You would be very, very ill with renal failure or very unpleasant severe GI symptoms.
        – Please someone explain to me how milk is apparently acid or has an acidifying effect yet it is pH neutral & is rich in calcium & this sentence then tells us that this same calcium, which in milk is apparently acidifying, is “… an excellent acid neutralizer…”
        Look, sorry, but there are some basic & immutable principles of chemistry that are being disregarded by this milk/calcium/bone theory – the pH scale & acids & bases – these chemical reactions are facts, not theory.
        I won’t even get into the fact that pH regulation in your body is performed mainly by your kidneys, not somehow magically by your bones.
        I have a very open mind but I start from the point of facts. I am yet to see any substantial ones in this argument.

        • Liz Gober

          The pH of milk is 6.5-6.7, clearly acidic!

        • Shocked

          Shockingly stupid response. Anyone thinking milk is ph neutral needs to try to make cheese. Milk will drop to 4.0 if left too long on the counter. Almost vinegar.

          • chemster

            Milk sitting on the counter drops its ph because there is bacteria in it, and as the bacteria metabolizes the milk (eat the milk for an energy source), its waste product is acidic.

  97. Blaise

    After doing additional research I can only come to the conclusion that the author is either a Peta member or just dumb. It’s unfortunate that people will read this and take it the wrong way.

    • Eric Davidson

      I Drink milk all the time, and it “increases fracture risk” ive fallen 5-12 feet before and landed on hard ground directly on my arm with my hand stretched out and havent broken/fractured any bones. i played hockey for 10+ years being slashed by hockey sticks quite alot and no bone fractures either, do i just have strong bones or is the “increase fracture risk” completely bullshit.

      • Maze

        You are honestly are praising milk because you have not broken bones…
        Read the comment you wrote several times to yourself …………holy cow

        • chemster

          I’m a Christian, and God mentions “a land flowing with milk and honey” many times in the Bible to indicate peace, well being and prosperity. In Isaiah 55:1,2 “Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. . . . Listen to me and eat what is good.” I believe God made milk for us because it is good for us, and I do NOT believe a newly man made substitute is better. I was also a chemistry teacher before my children were born. Milk is considered a near neutral pH. It does contain many vitamins and minerals that the body needs. In ancient days, most people only had a cow or a goat with limited fruits and vegetables. It sustained them and kept them healthy. In America today, we have an obnoxious amount of food and snacks, both healthy and unhealthy. We eat to much in general and do not get enough exercise. The main thing that causes your bones to be strong is weight bearing exercise. That is why the hockey player has strong bones. We need to get off our bottoms, walk, lift, and move things. Eat food for enjoyment and nourishment and GIVE GOD thanks for the beautiful life we enjoy.

          • Shake

            You’re citing the bible, really? The bible is basically ancient advertising. They stuck whatever they wanted to sell to people in there so they’d buy it. That’s why it says you’re not supposed to grow different plants in the same garden, or wear mixed cloths. Are we going to stick to that as well?
            Milk did not keep people in ancient times HEALTHY. It sustained them, yes. But they were neither healthy nor did they live long. You’re talking about a time when life expectancy was 25 years.
            Milk can sustain you, sure. So can mashed potatoes. People lived off nothing but turnips in war times. Just because something can sustain you doesn’t actually mean it’s healthy.
            God did not make milk for us. Even if you believe some sort of higher being made everything, then it made milk for cows. To sustain and raise their offspring. We just usurped it from them like we do with everything, because we’re arrogant assholes that think we’re entitled to just about anything so long as we can take it and get away with it. You can justify that with god’s will, but then you’re just making god look like an asshole that put cows on Earth so we’d torture and rape them, then take their milk and kill their children so we can have a tasty milkshake and veal. I don’t think god is that horrible of a being.

  98. James

    I consume 18 pints of cows milk a week which only cost me £4.35 if i where to swap to an alternative like almond milk it would cost me £16.20, that’s almost £65 a month just for milk, so unless i become rich i will be sticking to cows milk, milk alternatives are a rip off and the production does not justify the price.

    • Tara Prasad Tripathy

      You don’t need to consume milk substitutes which are either overpriced or too much for your budget. Milk substitutes are only sold for helping people transition from the vegetarian diet since most people are addicted to the taste of milk, cheese and butter. If you just want to keep your bones healthy and need calcium you can consume any green leafy vegetables, carrot, cabbage, etc. To see a detailed list of plants that contain calcium visit this link and click the link titled ‘Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Nutrients’. The only reason cows milk has calcium is because cows feed on grass which is rich in calcium. But that calcium from cows milk as explained in this article is not absorbed by our body and the other byproducts in milk actually lead to decrease in bone health. By the way, if you still need a substitute, you can prepare oat milk (which is really healthy), by soaking the oats overnight and mixing them in a food processor. If like me, you are wondering why the hell were we taught that ‘milk is good for bones’ I have no idea, since every evidence proves otherwise. If you have any doubts please reply and ask.

      • Samuel

        Ok. Wait. Go it!
        Everyone, nearly in this comment section is saying this article is old, outdated and completely wrong. And I don’t know what to believe anymore. LITERALLY, I’ve been seeing so much evidence that milk is good for you, and I can’t find enough evidence to support that it isn’t good for you. I am REALLY desperate to find enough evidence and information to prove it’s bad for you.

        • Sola

          There’s actually plenty of evidence to support the fact that cow’s milk is bad for you. This article is not the greatest, but it’s not the only one. There are plenty of reputable sources that try to nudge people away from milk, because even if it has some health benefits, its hazards far outweigh them.
          I don’t know how you’d be struggle to find information on this, because a lot of health organization these days are being more and more open about the dangers of milk, even as they have to go against the monstertruck that is the dairy industry.
          Of course there are plenty of places that will tell you that milk is good for you, because the dairy industry is massive and they pay people to conduct inherently flawed studies that support a desired result. Independent studies are harder to come by, and when you do, there will always be people that claim that someone’s independence just means they’re vegan or something and they want you to stop torturing cows, so they tell you milk is bad for you.
          There are some health benefits from raw milk, which is ridiculously expensive and difficult to come by. But those health benefits are much better acquired from other foods that don’t have the health hazards that milk does.

        • Michelle Dinova

          Forget whether a female cow’s breast milk is good for you. Go onto Glass Walls fb page for a behind-the-scenes truth about the dairy industry. Repeated rape of each female cow, while in a “rape rack”, the kidnapping of her babies, almost immediately, they both cry for each other until they lose their voices in about 3 days, at which point their tears continue to flow for about 3 weeks. Men kicking, punching, calling them ‘Bitch” and “Cunt”, because their bodies are so spent that they can’t walk or get up, so while being kicked they are yelled at by men abusively yelling, “Get up bitch”, or “Get up you fucking cunt”. Of course they want to get up but can’t, so then are then dragged by a forklift which have them chained to one of their legs, even attached to their broken leg, and dragged as far as needed, along gravel and concrete in excruciating pain and ultimately terrified until their horrific slaughter.

          • chemster

            I live in Florida, and there are cow pastures all over the place. The cows are seen with their young nursing in the fields. It’s cute to see the baby cows every spring. Not all farms rape their cows, and what a horrible thing to have happen to all those cows. To please God, go on a mission to help change legislation for those farms that allow the raping of cows. To please the LORD is to get justice for the oppressed, the homeless and the widow, and that includes animals too!

  99. Janine Goodwin

    I have switched to goat’s milk, as reading up on it, they say the body absorb’s this milk more easily than cow’s milk, I found with drinking almond milk, I wasn’t getting enough calcium. Do you agree?

    Regards Janine

    • Michelle Dinova

      Go onto Glass Walls fb page for a behind-the-scenes truth about the dairy industry. Repeated rape of each female cow/goat, while in a “rape rack”, the kidnapping of her babies, almost immediately, they both cry for each other until they lose their voices in about 3 days, at which point their tears continue to flow for about 3 weeks. Men kicking, punching, calling them ‘Bitch” and “Cunt”, because their bodies are so spent that they can’t walk or get up, so while being kicked they are yelled at by men abusively yelling, “Get up bitch”, or “Get up you fucking cunt”. Of course they want to get up but can’t, so goats are then dragged by a man by their hind leg, cows by a forklift which have them chained to one of their legs, even attached to their broken leg, and dragged as far as needed, along gravel and concrete in excruciating pain and ultimately terrified until their horrific slaughter.

    • Avi

      I don’t believe that the author would agree, especially since she has advocated that all types of animals on this planet once they would have weaned their young off of milk, there was no turning back. Humans are the only ones it seems who seems to want to regress instead of growing and thriving in the way nature intended.
      I also understand that Goats multiply in body weight more quickly than cows, it has more fat in it, its intended for goats and not you, in addition to almond milk and other plant based milk (that’s perfect for human consumption) green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of calcium, you don’t need to resort to the animals to get your calcium, just look at what they eat to get their calcium…and leave the goats alone.

  100. The Milk Man

    Please link me to these ‘scientific studies’ you mention in your article. You include no sources where this information is coming from and I cannot find similar research on the Internet.

    • Blart

      Are you the same Milk Man from HWNDU? The guy who ate the raw cow brains in front of vegans?

    • Jon

      From the Nutrition article / study mentioned by Eclipse:

      “Numerous studies (see below) have shown the effect of individual nutrients on calcium status and bone mass, but only 2 studies compared the effects of different dairy foods. In both studies, milk had a favorable effect whereas total dairy food and cheese intakes did not have a favorable effect on bone mass (17, 26).”

      • Michelle Dinova

        The bigger problem is not whether or not cow’s secretions are good for humans is the cruelty and torture of the dairy industry. Go onto ‘Glass Walls’ or ‘Mercy for Animals’ fb page for a behind-the-scenes truth about the dairy industry. Repeated rape of each female cow, while in a “rape rack”, the kidnapping of her babies, almost immediately, they both cry for each other until they lose their voices in about 3 days, at which point their tears continue to flow for about 3 weeks. Men kicking, punching, calling them ‘Bitch” and “Cunt”, because their bodies are so spent that they can’t walk or get up, so while being kicked they are yelled at by men abusively yelling, “Get up bitch”, or “Get up you fucking cunt”. Of course they want to get up but can’t, so then are then dragged by a forklift which have them chained to one of their legs, even attached to their broken leg, and dragged as far as needed, along gravel and concrete in excruciating pain and ultimately terrified until their horrific slaughter.

    • Eclipse

      Not the person who wrote it but here is a website with research on it,

    • I. N. Telligent

      How retarded do you have to be to think milk is bad for you? Apparently quite a bit.

      • Tara Prasad Tripathy

        You may find this video by Mark Hyman (MD) helpful to understand why dairy isn’t good for our health. There are other videos on youtube which are also informative. Please search around and educate yourself. It’s on your own and you family’s health. Don’t believe what the society and media tell us.

        • Samuel

          The media can never be trusted. Especially when it comes to feminism. Gooodness me! Media promoting feminism is one of the worst things ever. Because it’s a complete lie.

      • John

        Passing judgement on a subject you have obviously not researched really shows your level of ignorance. It’s never to late to try and make some changes.

        Good Luck.

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