Thyroid And Thyroxine - Save Our Bones

Q: It is obvious you have studied the human body so I would like to ask you a question regarding another drug I am reluctantly taking.

I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid gland so have been put on thyroxine tablets – I have a blood test yearly which shows that the levels are correct – is this a drug that could cause problems down the track or is it just something to replace what my body is not producing

Would appreciate your opinion

A: To answer your question, thyroxine replaces the normal hormone that the thyroid gland produces, which in your case, seems to be underactive. It doesn't have any bad side-effects as long as it's given in the proper dosage.

One of the reasons why the thyroid may get “lazy” has to do with high levels of ingested fluoride, since in some cases it slows down the production of the thyroid hormone. Due to the high content of fluoride in some city tap waters and with the normal fluoride we unknowingly consume, such as in black and green tea (as an example), there has been a huge epidemics of hypothyroidism in the past few decades.

I recommend that you find out if your city is fluoridating the water, and that if you're currently drinking it, try to buy bottled water purified by reverse osmosis. None of the commercially sold filters (including Britta) filter fluoride, and boiling the water actually INCREASES the fluoride concentration. If in doubt, check out your toothpaste: it will say that fluoride is a poison and that if ingested, to call the Poison Control Center. You might notice an improvement and maybe the doctor will be able to wean you out of the thyroxine.

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  2. John Weber

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