What's The Proper Calcium Balance? - Save Our Bones

Q:  I came across a web site where they suggest 1 part calcium to 1.2 parts magnesium (250 mg calcuim – 300 mg magnesium) do you agree with this?

A: The ideal balance between calcium and magnesium is 2 to 1, but here's the trick: what counts is not the total mg. but the elemental quantity which may or may not be disclosed on the label. Check it out and let me know when you have a chance.

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  1. bobbie saunders

    Hello – I am 65 & recently had a bone densitometry test done- Impression-Lumbar spine -17.1% decreased bone mineral density. Femurs -15.2% decreased. Lumbar spine -2.1% decreased bone mineral density, femurs -1.8% decreased bone mineral density. am taking Vit D3 1000mg 3x’s day & citeral calium 1200 twice a day. I have M.S. 21 years, Fibro 8 years, knee implant 6mtns, L1-L4 pinched nerve surgery, lumbar stills painful & butt bone hurt when sit on it. Roxicodone 15mg 4x’s day 4years. Still have great pain in lumbar. Help – Thanks

    • Reach

      Are you working on lonisg weight so the weight gain mentally stopped you? There is a transition period of approximately 2 weeks that you could see a slight weight gain on the scale but then it will drop back down again. The majority I work with do not see that weight gain as they are being strict on their diets so they are still lonisg.If you are retaining water I would double check your sodium intake. The majority of issues I run in to are clients not sticking to their diets or lonisg weight slower than they want. So their clothes may get tighter until they decide to get strict on the eating like they are supposed to. The muscle will be building but unless you get the fat off the top of it then it gives the impression that you are gaining weight.Instead of the scale as your deciding factor, how did the clothes feel? How was your posture? We all look much slimmer when we can hold ourselves up tall

  2. Heather S

    I am interested in a brand of calcium supplement that you recommend.


  3. Vali

    Thank you Vivien for your wonderful advises. I got Actonell three weeks ego, and after the first pill I got so sick that I got my family worried. I still have stiff joints and I can not run, Will it go away? After the first (and last pill) the 3 months package now is in the garbage. I started to do research and found your site, I hope to receive your book soon. I also have high blood pressure, is there a similar source as yours for getting well without medication as yours?

  4. susan atwell

    Hi Vivian,
    I am in the exploration phase of finding the best approach to treating osteoporosis(documented and worsening)Long story and long time search–I asked to contact you re:a program I am trying(with supplements) and wanted to compare that prgm with yours and was told you would be calling me.I may decide to go with your program-I just want the opportunity to compare.Maybe the prgms are the same.
    I meet with my MD tomorrow and will present to her why I do not want to go on Forteo.
    Thank you for your attention,
    Susan Atwell

  5. Barbara

    I went on the site that advertises their proprietary 90% absorbable calcium. I really wanted to believe it, but I think they may not be trustworthy. There is no information on their site about where they’re located, where the manufacturing takes place and when I called customer service (an 800# from who knows where), I got a recorded message that they’d call me back if I left my name and number. That’s not much of a business.

  6. Margy

    I too am reseacrhing different calciums and have heard that Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous is 90% absorbable. This touted percentage is much higher than anything i have seen for the Carbonate or Citrate types of Calcium. Is this false advertising or is it true? Thanks.

    • Roberto

      Hey guys, this is too funny and too cute! I loved the video. This is the first time I’ve seen you guys hug and hold hands and it’s really cute. Congratulations again and wnihisg you two many years of happiness and lots of kids!

  7. Eva Vandrei

    Hi Vivian,
    Which calcium supplement is the best one to take? I was told the calcium citrate was good, certainly better than carbonate or oyster. But I’ve also heard that there are some other kinds that are better, but possibly quite expensive. Which do/did you use?
    Thank you,

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