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17 Bone-Healthy Snacks

A thank-you gift for being part of the Save Our Bones community!

I can't thank you enough for being a ‘Saver' and for being part of this amazing community! The comments, letters, emails, cards, really touch me and give me the inspiration and encouragement to continue.

As a small thank you, I'd like you to have '17 Bone-Healthy Snacks' report as my gift to you.

All 17 snacks in the report are either pH-balanced or entirely alkaline. They're also designed to keep you satisfied and give your body the nutrients it needs to help boost your bone health between meals.

And if you'd like even more snack ideas plus over 200 recipes that are custom tailored to build your bones, you'll want to check out our Bone Appétit cookbook! I've done all the work for you… Inside you'll find all my bone healthy meal ideas in one beautifully printed book. Plus there are bonuses that make eating your way to healthy bones even easier!

Click here to learn more about Bone Appétit – the first bone-building cookbook of its kind →


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  1. Barbara

    Thank you so much for the Bone Healthy Snacks and your articles. You are the Best. Xo B

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Barbara!

  2. joy markman

    Hi Vivian, thanks once again for everything, you are a star*. I would like to ask you if you believe in The Banting Way of Eating. It is very popular here in South Africa. However, I still believe in your way of eating!

  3. Hazel

    Would love to get the 17 snacks but cannot download them

    • emily

      Yes I would love to get this info without down load, because, I do not have my own computer at this time.

      • Jill

        What a beautiful and rewarding gift. Thank you so much. You are so appreciated 🙂

  4. Faye

    Looking forwards to viewing the 17 Alkaline Snack. Many thanks

  5. Divine

    Thank you so much for these recipes. Suely, it would be of help… A holy and fruitful Advent Season. God bless you!

  6. minnie

    Vivian, grateful thanks for sharing those wonderful recipes. It’s truly inspiring to prepare food if you’re sure it’s surely beneficial to our bones health. Thanks God for using your talent in giving us more hope in saving our Bones…more power & congratulations for the success of your new gifts for us

  7. Madeleine

    Thank you so much Vivian for the wonderful snack recipes,

    It is great having something as a snack to curb ones hunger before

    Dinner time.

    Wishing you and your family the compliments of the Festive Season

    which is soon upon us.


  8. Rita

    wonderful. always looking for snack that are good for me and my bones.
    thank you.

  9. Haldi

    Thanks for nice recepies. Are the owen temperatures in Farenheit or Celsius?



  11. Annabelle

    Thank you for the yummy snack recipes. Can’t wait for Monday to order your recipe book! You certainly smooth the way for us making life easier and eating/cooking more enjoyable.

  12. Bonnie

    I just downloaded “Bone Healthy Snacks”. Thank you so much for doing all the research you do. I really appreciate it.
    With the information you give us we are equipped to not only make bone healthy choices in food but also to stand firm on our decision to deal with osteoporosis in a natural way rather than with damaging chemicals.
    Thanks again.

  13. Allison Ifferte

    Thanks so much for all the delicious recipes…..look forward to all your great emails.
    Hope you and your family have a blessed Holiday Season….Best Wishes Always, Allison***

  14. Linda Templeton

    17 Bone Healthy Snacks download does not work; please re-try!

  15. Ann

    I have searched all the stores I go to in Las Vegas and have not been able to find Almond Butter at all. Where does one find it?

    • Rita

      almond butter can be bought at “whole foods” if you have a store near you. they have a machine that grinds the almonds while you wait and you pay by the size of the container. it is very good and wholsome.

    • Mari Tenga

      Wal-mart and Target carry it

  16. Carmel McNally

    Thank you. but it couldn’t be downloaded

  17. Edith Nicholas

    I cannot get the 17Bone-Healthy Smacks to download

  18. Lionel Johnson

    Hi Vivian, Thanks again for the wonderful help you have given us so willingly . I am Looking forward to enjoying your mouth watering recipes. Blessings Lionel.

  19. Jeanne Rozman

    Thank you so much for these wonderful recipes. I tried one today with a few
    additions, using a new item in my health food grocery called Almond Cream, like
    yoghurt but non-dairy and using almond source instead of dairy.

    When my nurse practitioner urges me to get another bone density test I decline
    because I am afraid of the results like the other times. This nurse practitioner pushed me so much to take Forteo, insisting that I would fall and break my back if I did not. After two infections I felt like so awful with several symptoms plus extreme weakness, that I told my husband I could not go anywhere or do anything if I had to take Forteo. This was well over a year ago. Now I am reluctant to even get a physical as all they know how to do is push these drugs. I have always been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis for over ten years; yet I have had six falls but never broken a bone. I do not drink anything carbonated, have given any my unopened bottles of wine, and avoid dairy as much as possible (though do have an occasional latte).
    Thanks so much for your information!!

    • Norma Meyer

      Hi Jeanne, I really related to your comments. I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis as well. I put of getting tested for 2 years ,because each time it is lower. This year my back is 13% lower and hip 3% lower. Which makes it – 3.5. I took Fosamax for 8 yrs. and Bonivia for at least 3 yrs. And now am being told I need to take Forteo or one of those. This was a shock because I have been going to the Gym, exercising (walking -weights etc.), distilled water. No carbonated beverages. Little dairy. I do not know what to do next. Afraid to take Forteo and afraid not to.

      • Sue Broman

        I sympathise with these views. I have not accepted medication at all and still have osteoporosis. However, I have fallen a couple of times with no breakages and remember reading in Vivian’s book that 64% of bone fractures are experienced by people who do not have osteoporosis. That knowledge keeps me going.

  20. Lidia

    Thanks Vivian for this wonderful gift the “17 bone healthy snack”
    God bless you

  21. janette lo

    Thanks for the great tasty treats I had been running out of ideas. I did how ever discover the almond butter some time ago and use it a lot with toasted spelt bread and sliced banana on top.Yum !! bit confused about the spelt as in your book it is in the alkalizing and acidic columns ?? could you please let me know ?
    I had a bone scan last week and it was stable at -3.2 but still severe .I have been following the food programme for the last ten months and had hoped for a slight improvement but not yet.
    I was wondering what your starting point was when you were diagnosed with Osteoporosis may be not as bad as mine ?
    I do find your book has so much to offer for a more healthy way of living.
    Thank you.

  22. Dr. Pamela Wilcoxen

    Thank you very much! Congrats on the cook book!

  23. Judy Gabor

    Vivian – – Thank you, thank you, thank you for EDUCATING US and GIVING US HOPE with regard to bone health/osteoperosis and the IMPORTANCE of PH balance life!! I never heard it from any doctors; but rather, only from you and the SAVE OUR BONES website.

  24. Ruth Simmons

    Thanks, Vivian, because of your program and great research–I improved my bone density and didn’t have to do battle with my “medicine man” doctor who thinks that Reclast is the answer to everything. 🙁 You are a blessing to many!

  25. MARY

    Hi Vivian
    This will make life so much easier, with all these great ideas. No need to figure things out. You did it for us.
    A huge thank you

  26. Mary

    Hi Vivian:

    I follow the alkaline diet pretty closely as I am also gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. As a result I have gotten even thinner. I think I am about l02 lbs now and much too thin and unable to gain weight. Would eating a lot of bananas help or would that be too much sugar? I am at a loss for what to do as I have severe osteoporosis, eczema, and last year diagnosed with all four valves of the heart leaking moderately.

    I stopped Fosomax years and years ago as it was doing an awful job on my digestive tract. Any help you can give Vivian would be greatly appreciated.


  27. GLoria Bott

    I cannot get the 17Bone-Healthy Smacks to download

  28. jane broderick

    I love you Vivian ! And I love reading your emails and all the great idea’s.
    I’ve been off fosamax, forteo, calcitononin, actonel for several years now thanks to You, but I now have a damaged esophagus , stomach and all kinds of health issues, thanks to the Dumb Dr’s that treated me !!!!!! And none of it even worked !
    I continue to try and do my best with not taking meds ! Thank you !

  29. Judith

    Hi Vivian: Thank you for all you do for us. I am 65 and have no lower dentures and am unable to chew nuts and other hard foods. Can you recommend other foods I could use to keep my bones strong. The Doctor tried to put me on Actonal also because he said I MAY have bone density problems down the road. I said no thank you, they love to push the drugs no matter what harm they do.I drink Almond milk when I can get it and fruits[which ones are best?}. I live a fair distance from good stores [one hour] so cannot always get foods I need. Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Judith, unsweetened nut butters are a great way to get the healthy benefits of nuts without having the chew them. 🙂 Do you have the Program? If so, it has an extensive list of foods that are bone-healthy, including fruits! You can also search this site for bone-building recipes with fruit, such as apples (wonderful sliced with almond butter!), cranberries, strawberries, and pineapple. 🙂

  30. Nu Ly

    I am sorry, I was very sick in few months ago. I thought I was dying. I am not young,
    I am 79 years old. Suddenly, I had bloody eyes, and suddenly , I couldn’t breathe,
    back pain, foot pain, this pain and that pain, lost hearing, hopeless for my life, but I
    still remembered to open your e-mail to read to increase my knowledge. I am
    heartily thank you and thank you all your kind and generous.

    My bad days were all passed, your idea for distilled water is very help, since last year December, I begin to drink it until now, during my sick period, I drank 2 cups of
    mineral water, almost every day,these distilled and mineral water make me recover from illness quick.

  31. Sue

    Thankyou for all your emails I am so grateful for your help and support it has given me a purpose to go forward. I do not have your programme yet I am from England and wonder whether I can get all the things you will recommend. Thanks again, Sue.

    • Sarah

      I’m from England too and though sometimes its hard to get products in the supermarket they are usually available in the health stores or online. Hope that helps!

  32. Edna Lee

    Hi Vivian You just dont know how grateful I am for your valuable advice and genuine concern for others. You are my saviour and God sent angel to help the ill informed people like me. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and prescribed Actonel. I took this for a year and no improvement. In my internet surfing, I happen to come across your website and from that time, my life has changed. I purchased your book and kept up to date with your postings. This meant of course stopping Actonel and making sure our diet is alkaline and lots of fruit and vegetables. 6 months later was my scheduled bone density scan. And to my surprise as well as my doctor’s, my osteoporosis has gone and I’,m now back to normal. My only regret is that I should have stopped the Actonel months earlier. But at least, better late than never or better late than later.

    I owe you Vivian my good health as your advice is so sound as compared to some doctors. Some doctors just want to make us like walking chemists with all those drugs they prescribed. Since I followed your advice in your numerous email and newsletters, I’ve never felt so good in my life. and I owe my life to you. I hope others will also benefit from you the same way I was benefited.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for helping me and many others. God bless you.

    Kind regards

  33. Kishore

    Thank You !! , We are very grateful to you for knowledge that you have imparted to us .

  34. Sarah

    Isn’t 350 degrees too hot for baking the kale chips with olive oil? I read you shouldn’t use olive oil above 325 degrees.

  35. Ruth E. Miller

    Thank you. I just downloaded the 17 Bone-Healthy Snacks. I will be going to the grocery store in the morning. I love everything and I really need these for my bones. This is a wonderful program.

  36. Marceline Gbla Nadje

    Many thanks for all the enriching information about our bones.


  37. Catherine

    Hi Vivian, Just what I needed fantastic recipes that are quick and easy, will be trying them soon as I go shoping. Can’t thank you enough for your time and support that you give to us so often, like many others look forward to your emails. From not very sunny England. Catherine

  38. Verna

    Thanks so much Vivian. I am anxious to try the snack recipes right away. What a nice gift for my birthday on the 14th Nov. I am on your program a few years now & hope to get a good report on bone density test in Dec.

  39. Roberta B.

    So happpppy things are going well, and we will continue to be blessed with your info. Many thanks for all you do.

  40. Sue

    Between exercising more at the gym and eating better, I’ve lost more weight than I needed to and now can’t seem to gain any. My BMI teeters on the line between “normal” and “underweight”. I don’t want to resort to my old eating habits but would like to re-gain 5-8 pounds. I’ve been following the program for 3+ years (not perfectly) and would like some suggestions. More snacking, perhaps? I’m 64 and love my fruits and vegetables but they are not high calorie. Thanks, Vivian, for all you do to help us and our bones.

  41. Ita

    thank you, Ita.

  42. Crete Sham

    Thanks Vivian, the snacks sound really delicious! And so simple to make. Looking forward to trying them out. Love, Crete.

  43. Patrick O`Keeffe

    Thank you Vivian, I look forward to using those recipes, they look gorgeous

  44. mary

    Wow Vivian, these recipes are Soooooo GOOD! Many thanks. Mary

  45. Andrea Scobie

    Thank you so much. It will help my children also.

  46. LISA

    A BIG THANK YOU……. so very much for your amazing single serve ”snacks”.
    So easy and quick to put together and very tasty……
    What more could a busy person on the fly possibly make for a nutritious snack
    and know you are looking after yourself and your bones at the same time…..
    BIG UPS TO YOU VIVIAN ………on behalf of all those who do not drop you a thank-you
    I write and thank you on behalf of them all…..

    LISA… 🙂

  47. pegge

    I was so excited to see your snack menu : ) I love it!! Thanks so much for making it easier for us to eat good & healthy snacks. I always like your ideas, sometimes I’m creative on my own, but your suggestions help. Thanks again! : )

  48. joyce cormack

    I copied one recipe for beets–my only caveat is that they all look good, but would need to be prepared ahead of time, since they take several steps of cooking or prep work to be ready.

    I like roasted pumpkin seeds and/or raisins and/or Greek style plain lowfat yogurt for small snacks in between meals; also rice cake crackers , all of which take no time except for toasting the pumpkin seeds.

  49. Jael Schwab

    I just printed your 17 Bone-Healthy Snacks. At a quick glance, they all look delicious.
    I will read them carefully and will try them. Thanks Vivian for your continued concern
    for our bones. A Bear Hug!

  50. Dolores

    Can’t wait to go shopping for the ingredients to make your yummy snacks!

  51. Janet Kirch

    Hi Vivian,Thank you for your great email, the calendar, the information you have so thoroughly researched. You are the talk of my entire gym! I was recently diagnosed with 10% bone loss in my right hip and 6% in my left. I was told I can reverse it. I am 60 yrs old. I started drinking smoothies, chi, whey grass, fruits, kale, veggies everyday. Question: I read somewhere that Eggplant is not good for my bones, and Squash is related to eggplant, does that mean this is not good as well? I am trying to find an easy list of the best fruits and vegetable to eat to help my bones rebuild. I bought your Posture Confidence and other literature. I need something I can just hang on my door and refer to when cooking or making a smoothie so I know what is good for my bones to rebuild them and what is not helpful. I need to work hard on this rebuilding as I am sure time is running out. I have been exercising for 5 years and now I am doing more weight baring exercise. I truly believe that I loss so much bone in one year after eating a specific cold cereal everyday for breakfast, even though I had it with almond milk, I believe cereal is the cause of my severe bone loss in a short period of time. The cereal advertises loose 10 lbs in I think 3 weeks, but what I learned is that for me I also lost bone. I loved the cereal, but the cereal I believe caused the bone loss that I had in one year. I did loose the weight as it mentions, but loss bone too. Do you have a simple list for hanging up, foods to build bone and foods to avoid, which would be fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. Thank you again for everything, stay well and stay strong. Jan

  52. Alisa

    I have been advised by holistic practitioners that I work with that I should avoid almonds. Is there a substitute nut or seed for your recipes? Also, I avoid dairy.
    Any replacements?

    Thanks so much,

    • Sue

      I would love to know why you were told to avoid almonds. I chop them each morning to put on my oatmeal and I drink almond milk each day instead of regular milk. Is there something we should know about avoiding almonds? I would hate to give them up for whatever reason!

    • Eglee Paskulin

      I would like to know what are the best vegetables and salads for a sensitive stomach.
      I do not know what is going on in my stomach….doctors do not know…yet…!!!
      Thank you for your kindness…!!!

  53. carol blair

    I cannot get the information on the 17 healthy snacks on my computer

  54. Lynda Eldridge

    Hi Vivian.
    I have just managed to download your free healthy bone snacks and can not wait to try them out. thank you. lynda

  55. Kathlynn Arledge-Johnson

    Vivian, I thank you, thank you, thank you. These recipes are super and I have shared with family and informed them of you and your endeavors….hope that’s okay. Greatly appreciate all the help you render. I have a testamonial about how Enalapril [and probably Actonel also] nearly killed me [AND I MEAN THAT LITTERALLY….NO EXAGGERATION]. Actually I would like to send the letter I wrote to all of my Doctors, Merck & Co , Center for Disease Control, FDA and U.S. Food and Drug Adm., but first I wanted to get your approval and see if your site is able to accept a lenghty, page and 1/2, post…..it could help others to be aware of what these dangerous drugs can do to some people. Factually the letter is mostly about Enalapril [Blood Pressure Medication] because at the time I had already [without Dr’s. knowledge/consent] stopped taking Actonel several month before. I was diagnosed in about 2001 [at about age 64] with Advanced Osteosprosis and High Blood Pressure and at the time was prescribed the said medications and took them until about 2010 when I stopped taking both. I am now age 76 and although I currently have none of the horrible symptoms that I was having, damage has been done and I’ve been told can not be restored, especially hearing, weight, and muscle mass loss. Please inform me if okay to post my lengthy letter. Thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, Kathleen! 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear that you’re yet one more victim of Big Pharma. By all means you can post your letter so we can read what happened to you. But don’t fall for the negativity of the Medical Establishment… the body can heal itself it it’s given what it needs. I wish you a speedy recovery.

      • Kathlynn Arledge-Johnson

        The following is a copy of a memo I sent in Feb. 2011 to my PC, Otolaryngologist [E.N.T.], Neurologist, Cardiologist , Merck-Product Control Dept., Merck-National Service Center for Disease Control, FDA Food and Drug Administration. My purpose for sharing “my story” is to alert others that may be having concerning health issues they may want to first and foremost consider the possibility that the *medication* their Doctors have prescribed ….*COULD BE” be causing them. [To me, it is unbelievable how they are allowed to refer to anything as medication that has such dibilitating effects].

        Subject: Enalapril Blood Pressure Medication = 10 mg 2 X daily

        Memo: Just for the record, I am totally convinced that all of my previous EXTREME health problems/concerns WERE definitely caused from Enalapril BP medication…..based on the FACT they all [listed as follows] went away after I stopped taking it:
        1. Extreme Weakness [total lack of energy/stamina].
        2. Extreme Back pain [with intense muscle spasms at bra line area after a minimal amount of time being in a vertical mobile position], plus unusual amount of all over muscle cramps, plus upper thigh muscle ache.
        3. Total lack of appetite [absolutely no desire for food, what little I ate was forced].
        4. Extreme weight loss and muscle tone [about 3 years ago I weighted 134 lbs, currently I weigh 105 lbs., and I look anorexic.
        5. Numb pinkie and ring finger [left hand only].
        6. Sudden Instant Hearing Loss [left ear only ] diagnoised by E.N.T. doctor
        7. Syncope [= Cardiologist diagnosis]. However, since I have never totally passed out, I describe it as: *feeling like my Prana [life force] is instantly zapped from me.* I had minor episodes daily, for years, and a major one last year where I involuntary/unknowingly urinated on myself in public [I didn’t even realize this had happened until after I recuperated and discovered my clothes were wet]……and this one sent me to seek help.

        After months of testing last year [Cat Scan, MRI, MRA, Carotid Doppler, including 72 hour in home brain monitoring for seizures, and seeing all of the above said specialist] I was informed, by Cardiologist, during my last & final visit to specialists, that my Blood Pressure was dangerously low and he instantly said all my Syncope episodes was caused from too much BP medication [not from Seizures, not from an Embolism, not from Hardening of the Arteries]. And he cut the daily amount in half [5 mg in AM & 5 mg in PM]. Many Kudos to you Dr Radish.

        HOWEVER, for the week following I continued to feel soooo bad that I decided, with the insistence & assistance of my daughter, to closely monitor my blood pressure and found that it was still consistently low, so I gradually stopped taking any Enalapril and within a few days I was able: [a] To stay in an upright mobile position ALL DAY……[b] Able to do the normal customary duties of life without having to go and lie down to recoup after the least of any minimal task or activity……[c] My appetite and desire for food returned……[d] I had no more upper back muscle spasms, all over body cramps, and upper thigh aches……[e] The numbness in my fingers started to get better and are currently back to normal……CONCLUSION: Enalapril caused all of my problems.

        Bottom line: I started having all of these problems soon after I started taking BP medication about 6 or 7 years ago….and for about the last 3 years they have worsened to the point that I had reconciled to the probability that I would not be living in this body and world for many more years AND I started “getting things in order” to the best of my ability for the condition I was in…..AND I MEAN THAT LITERALLY….NO EXAGGERATION. And I STILL believe, based on how good I feel now that I’ve stopped taking Enalapril and how absolutely horrible I felt when I took it, I wouldn’t be here much longer IF I had continued to take it.

        I must add: Altace was originally prescribed [about 2002] by my PC doctor at the time, not by my current P. C. Based on the fact I had changed insurance providers that required a change of doctors and the new provider didn’t cover Altace, my current P. C. changed the precription to Enalapril in about 2004.

        Another noteworthy mention: When this medicine was first prescribed, the best I recall, my BP was in the low 130’s / high 80’s ….wasn’t even that high!? And I do remembering questioning this. At the time I was told that current research had determined that 120/80 was now considered pre-hypertension, anything over was hypertension and because high BP ran in my family, I did need to take it.

        Re: Back pain, please understand that I still have a weak and damaged disc [cushioning] between the 4th. & 5th. lumbar area of my spine, and I could, and still can, always manage the pain in this area by not doing a lot of heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, twisting, etc. In the past, I was told by more than one doctor that the 5th Lumbar holds up all of your upper body weight and my weak and damaged Lumbar was no longer capable of this task and was placing the burden on my upper back and thereby causing the muscles to ache/spasm……seemed logical to me at the time and until recently I believe that.

        However, it was not until I stopped taking Enalapril that I realize:……[a] the pain at my upper back area, that has always been the area that caused me so much misery and the only way I could manage it was to lay down frequently throughout every day and put a pillow under my back, apparently was NOT caused by my damaged 5th Lumbar……[b] based on the fact that within a few days after I stopped taking Enalapril I stopped having any problems with this said area. CONCLUSION: I am convinced that Enalapril caused my chronic/acute upper back problems, thence, probably caused all muscle deteriation.

        Re: Loss of Hearing, Although I still can not hear as good as I use to out of my left ear, I CAN hear a little better. And definitely all of the crazy feelings in my head IS GONE……felt like a jet had landed in my head and it was stuffed with cotton, accompanied with LOUD roaring and other cacophony which nearly drove me bonkers. Therefore, I am inclined to believe Enalapril also caused this problem.

        Please be informed: I did get approval to stop taking Enalapril. Soon after I stopped taking it and realized how much better I felt, I did call & scheduled an appointment with my P.C. to discuss this issue and she said: “Do not take it anymore”……”not necessary to monitor my BP but once in the morning when I first get out of bed”……”normal for BP to fluctuate and as long as it didn’t go over the 140’s over 90’s and stay there consistently for days, all would be well” NOW HERE IS THE KICKER: My BP is, more often than not, in this higher range the first thing in the morning, but when I take it again in an hour or so both upper and lower reading is about 10 points lower. CONCLUSION: IF I reported readings taken only one time a day as soon as I got out of bed, I most likely would be subjecting myself to being put on medication again!?

        I’m still concerned that I am not gaining my weight back fast enough, although I am eating more, and I hope/pray it isn’t permanent.

        The conundrum remains [and this concerns me greatly]: Why would any Pharmaceutical Co. be allowed to produce & distribute a DRUG [and refer to it as medicine] that would cause this kind of debilitation? And why would any BP medication be precribed to anyone [and be kept on it] without utilizing every effort to make sure they needed it? I have never, throughout all these years, been told to keep a record of daily reading and bring it in next visit, so it can be determined if I needed to stay on it!

        Anyway, thanks to all of you, and especially Dr. Redish for at least giving a *push start* so I could do my own evaluating/discernment that definitely put me on the road of eliminating the cause of all my serious health problems.

        I feel G-R-E-A-T now. I can go all day long doing whatever I want to do. No more lying down and sleeping, several times daily, to get out of my misery.

        Respectfully Submitted

        Kathlynn Johnson

        • Lidia

          Tnaks so much for sharing your story with us.
          God bless you

        • catherine

          Hi Kathlynn, many thanks for all your info, we can gleen so much when the members in our bone community write down there stories, you never know when this most vital info will be needed. Much appreciated Catherine. England

          • Derek Williaws

            Dear Cathy , My recommendation is to take Lemon juice in filtered water with a little Honey ( warm water to melt the honey EVERY morning. Do not use any processed sugar . This will get rid of toxin build up and condition your liver. Go to see a Good Hypnotist who can teach you how to control pain. Also buy Adaptol tablets that are non addictive Mebicar used by NASA with no side effects to reduce stress and is the third most used drug in Russian Mental Hospitals to treat for stress. Its derived from Urea which our body produces naturally . I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND BELIEVE IN SELF HEATH CARE

          • Pearl

            Thanks for sharing Kathlynn, I have found most of my GPs over the years just don’t consider side effects of the drugs at all, being very sensitive I often have reactions that “they” say no one else has, they usually just write a script to take, when asked about side effects, I am told to ask the chemist when i get the scripts filled, so often I feel the Doc’s don’t know anything about the drug, except what there info tells them to prescribe it for.

  56. Paula Clement

    Thank you for the bone-healthy snack suggestions! They are just what I was looking for to keep me away from my usual too sweet energy bars. I read your emails thoroughly and appreciate your work in passing along all the good information.

    • Marie

      Ditto what Paula said – Big Thanks Vivian for all you do for us.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        I’m so glad that you like the snack report!

  57. Janet Steele

    Thank you, Vivian! These snack recipes are the next best thing to an actual bone-healthy cookbook with menus for a 14-day to a 30 day period based on the bone healthy program. I would really like to see that. We need more recipes than appear in the basic Bone Healthy Program in the SAVES OUR BONES book. Thanks so much, Janet S.

  58. Micky

    Hi Vivian, thank you once again for all your brilliant information and wonderful ideas for healthy snacks.

    A friend of a friend of mine has been told that she could damage her lower spine as she pushes her mother around in a wheel chair. As I push my granddaughter around in her buggy, I am a little concerned. Is this possible? I would be grateful to find out what you think.

    Also, have you heard of the drink ‘OATLY’ I can’t see anything nasty in the ingredients and now use it to make my porridge.

    Thank you again.
    Kind regards

  59. Jan Musgrove

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful snack recipes. I have ben a follower for 3 years.

  60. Tess Blanquera

    I’m sorry I cannot open the file!

  61. Billie O. Burns

    I have printed the 17 bone-healthy snacks – it would be great is it included less color in order to preserve our tricolor cartridge consumption. Printed these can become costly, but the info is great.

    • irma

      you can chose to print it in black and white. check your printer properties. best

  62. Kathleen Jennings

    Thank you so much for sharing the snack ideas. I already eat some of them. Have tried the Kale chips and they are really delicious. I’am allergic to almonds 🙁 which I love. Any ideas on which milk or nut I can swap out and get the same benefit?
    Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

  63. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You For All Your Informative Articles, Your Tips, Your Recipes, Your Gifts, And For Everything!

    Take Care, And Stay Well!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You too, Leslie!

  64. Barbara

    Vivian, thank you so much for the snacks. They will give me an alternative to my standard snacks….and I do love snacks.

    I ordered Densercise a few weeks ago and really like the variety of exercises, that keeps it from becoming the same boring routine. My mother has severe osteoporosis and has shrunk about 5″. I was taking Actonel as a preventive but quit at least six years ago and was happy my new GYN said they don’t recommend them that much anymore.

    Sorry, I know this response area was for the snacks, but I thought I would give a thumbs up for Densercise.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      And thumbs up to you for dropping Actonel, Barbara!

  65. Margo

    Just tried the yogurt with chopped dates. It was delicious and very satisfying. Thank you for the other ideas also. Keep up the encouragement.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  66. Sue

    What is the percentage of cacao that should be in the dark chocolate? I assume we can use dark chocolate chips instead of squares if the chocolate is high quality??

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sure you can, Sue! Get chocolate chips of at least 80% cacao, and you’re good to go 🙂

  67. Shahnaz azam

    One less thing to worry about,what to eat for snack? Thanks a lot. It’s a wonderful combination of all the healthy foods/snack. Amazing job Vivian.

  68. Janet Pender

    Good morning Vivian…. Would love to get this free gift. After multiple times and several days ttrying, it still won’t download. I’ve never had this problem downloading anything from you before. Is there a printed copy you can send to my e-mail? I love snacking and would love to learn these ph and alkalizing recipes.
    Thank you for all that you do for us.

  69. Terry

    Thanks so much for the recipes! I basically live on snacks throughout the day. Happy to say that I have been snacking on many of these all along.

    Also wanted to let you know that I have been taking a calcium supplement for many, many years. Having kept track of my blood levels, I recently came across something interesting. My serum calcium levels have been on the high side of normal for the last ten years (between 9 and 10.0), EXCEPT for the few months I used TrueOsteo based on your recommendation a few years ago. My level had gone down to 7.5!! Unfortunately, it repeated on me so much that I had to stop taking it. Now that I’m aware there could be a connection, I am trying it again. It still bothers me somewhat. I’ll be rechecking my blood levels in a few months to see if there is a connection. Any ideas to reduce this side effect? I take it hours after my morning multi with lunch and at dinner…correct? THANK YOU all for your comments! One of the only emails I open on a regular basis 🙂

  70. Helen

    Thank you, thank you, as always, Vivian, and for everything you do for us. Just love receiving bone and healthful tips from you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  71. Ian Roberts

    Sounds Fantastic Vivian, what a great selection we have.

    Note, I am having trouble downloading it just yet.

  72. Pearl

    Thankyou Vivian for you thoughtfullness & generosity, it is very much appreciated. I am a bit restricted as to what i can use out of it, but I’m used to that now, gluten/dairy/fodmap/hot&spicy free, the millet one sounds good, i will change the honey for organic blackstrap molasses, not as sweet but I have got used to it.
    I have done something similar with Quinoa & Chia for pudding/sweets.
    I am doing good on the diet, & keeping to it easily, lost a lot of weight though, but with the exercises I am feeling good, but seem to eat bigger meals than I used to.
    I have a snack for morning & afternoon tea every day, just a 80/20 balance of various nuts & pumpkin & sunflower seeds.

  73. Zoya Strainic.

    Dear Vivian!
    Thank you very much for the snack recipe, I did get it, but didn’t try yet.
    Soon I will.
    Thank you again.

  74. Liz Roberts

    Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for all the great information. I do plan to get your Save Our Bones programme – but not right now.
    Unfortunately, I can’t access the download on the ph balanced recipes.
    Thanks anyway.
    Liz Roberts.

  75. Lesley Steenbhom

    Great ideas thank you – it is the second time in a month that I have seen the Kale chips – I have made them before and they are very nice and something a little different.

  76. Christiane

    Thanks Vivian, I will try those snacks for sure, alkalizing foods are part of my life since I follow your Save our bones program. I am 65 years old, I never take any medication, and I can tell you that your program really works. About 6 years ago, my doctor sent me for a bone density test, and a few weeks later she wanted to see me, she told me I was starting osteoporosis and she gave me a prescription, Fosamax and she said I had to take that for life. When I came home, as I don’t believe in any medication, I shredded the prescription, and that’s when I made research on the Internet, and found your site and ordered the program. I followed it, and I went back for a bone density test this year, and unbelievable, my bones are perfect. Thanks for your great advices.

  77. Laura Cole

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  78. Ashley

    Wow! I love the snack report. So useful!! Thanks Vivian!

  79. Catherine

    Thank you very very much Vivian these recipes will get much use. I wanted to ask a question..if your D vit levels are good (doc called me yesterday to tell me this), then how come bone density can get low? Sorry if this is a silly question but just beginning to educate myself on the bone health. Thank you again. Catherine

  80. Derek

    A well thought out pot puri of wonderful dishes all made with love and possibly the biggest health kick for the human structures. These fantastic dishes will support and fight my newly diagnosed lung cancer .The main of which is keeping my Ph at 7.4 ( 7.365 to be exact.All these wonderful health giving foods excite me, like a beautiful spring day -love and thanks with great respect derek

  81. Jeanne Brilhante

    Hi Vivian,

    Thank you for all the snack recipes and wonderful exercises and tips to keep our bones healthy. My bone density has been normal for 3 years now since going off Boniva. I also hesitated in taking the medication, and actually put it off for 2 months before I started it. The doctor said because I skate, I could fall and fracture a bone. I was on Boniva for 3 years, when I read your book and decided to stop the medication. My doctor is still saying these medications are good, but I have told him of your research, and he doesn’t have much to say. I am grateful for your Osteoporosis Reversal Program, and for being able to take responsibility for keeping my bones healthy.


  82. Philomena

    God love you Vivian! for your generosity in sharing your “bone health” research – by avoiding those prescription medication and replacing them with proper exercises and specific foods. (Philomena )

  83. Janis

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  84. Janis

    Dear Vivian
    Thanks so much for the snack recipes. Just what I needed. Sometimes it is just knowing what to put together for new ideas so I don’t get bored and slip back into old routine. The recipes are very practical, using ingredients that are not difficult to have on hand.

  85. Terry

    Sorry Vivian:

    I just cannot retrieve the 17 delicious bone-healthy snacks!
    Could you please re-send the information to me again if possible?


    • Terry

      Terry, I had to download Adobe Reader to open the file 🙂

  86. Betty Lou

    Hi Vivian,

    I tried your Cauliflower Bread a few weeks ago and loved every bit of it!! My Sam enjoyed it too! THANK YOU!

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    They sound very inviting and I will certainly use some of them. You are a very
    dedicated person to so many. I can’t thank you enough for helping so many

  88. Oda Johanna.

    I can.t give you any feedback right now.
    It is that I am bot been able to download.
    Maybe the reason is that your letter landed in my delete box.
    But you are doing a marvellous job,thank you Vivian!!

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  90. Anna Ovich

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    Thank you very much for your recipe. Your information is very helpful as always.
    Of course, I am going to make these delicious snacks and thanks for sharing this.

  91. Janet Pender

    I love this program and would love to have this gift of snacks, but it won’t download. I’ve downloaded other things that you offered but can’t get this one to. Thank you Vivian for this program. Like one other reader, I too am without my book. I didn’t leave it anywhere but I think it got tossed with old magazines . Can’t figure out any other way for it to be missing….. anyway, thanks again so much and have a blessed day .

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    God bless you
    Love. Crete

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    Thank you again. I really enjoy receiving your emails.

  94. Jane

    Hi Vivian,

    I am so excited to try your recipes. Thanks for doing this. Tomorrow I will go shopping and get some of the ingredients. One question, do you do the ULTIMATE BONE SUPPORT? I was using that at one time and ran out about a year ago. I would like to know if you are still promoting that product. Thanks for all you do to help us take care of our bones.

    Sincerely, Jane

  95. Marg

    It’s Christmas in November for my bones – thanks for the wonderful treat ideas!

  96. Brenda Glasgow

    Thank you for these wonderful suggestions. Yes, Vivian, you always seem to come to the rescue when I am floundering. Looking forward to trying these “bone’ snacks.
    thanks again,
    Brenda, Australia.

  97. Terri Bradley

    Thank you Vivian for this lovely book.
    Have a look at the strawberry face in number 16 with the chocolate. It looks like a cat with the eyes, nose & mouth. Did you do that on purpose?

  98. Rita

    I just wanted to let you know that after stopping Boniva just over a year ago my T scores have made a MUCH greater improvement than any of the 6-7 yearly scores while I took Fosamax or Boniva. BUT I love milk and drink a lot of it (my whole life) and have been more careful to have 2-3 servings/day instead of 1-2/day previously. A lot of my milk servings are with a banana or banana and peanut butter which maybe supports your position of needing to pair an alkaline food to neutralize the acid in milk. I appreciate all your advice.

  99. Ellie

    Hi Vivian,
    recipes sound great. Besides having osteopenia, I also have BPPV, hypothyroidism & fibromyalgia (both of which I self diagnosed & told my doctors to check for). I thank you for putting the doubt into my mind about trusting my doctor & stopped taking Fosomax
    about 3/4 years ago. I try to following a more alkaline, sodium reduced diet. More fruit, veggies etc. Exercising is a bit harder to keep up due to Fibro pain but I do some.
    thanks for your help & continued support to all

  100. Marion

    Hello Vivian
    I took one look at these recipes and I said YUM.
    Thank You So Much.

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