Save Our Bones Bulletin: Exercise Pills, Brain Poisoning Pesticides, A Food Pharmacy, And More!


This month we have a mixed bag of news, running the gamut from the latest research on proteins that inhibit muscle development, to an innovative health organization that is replacing pharmaceutical drugs on pharmacy shelves with natural foods. Staying on top of the latest health information plays an important role in improving your bone health and staying healthy, so I’m … Click to continue →

The Top 13 Most Hydrating Foods Your Bones Crave


On average, the human body is composed of 60-70% water. Considered by many to be the most essential nutrient, water is not only healthy, but deliciously refreshing. But in the midst of these warm summer months in the Northern hemisphere, it’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated. Most people know that proper hydration is vital to good health, but many do … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Spine And Hip Strengthener


This weekend, we’re taking a fresh look at an old favorite: the bridge. This move has stood the test of time for several reasons. For one thing, it is an effective and relatively simple exercise. For another, they target the spine and hips while working the buttocks and hamstring muscles, which are very important areas of the body that tend … Click to continue →

7 Little-Known Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Walking (Besides Building Your Bones)


One of the most remarkable truths about natural health is that the most beneficial actions are more often than not readily available and quite simple. It’s a great reminder that our bodies want to be healthy, and have evolved with numerous ways to stay in prime working condition. The highly commercial world of Modern Medicine won’t tell you that, of … Click to continue →

Confirmed By Science: Flavonoids In Tea Lower The Risk Of Fractures


Discovered in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, this 5,000-year-old beverage is steeped in history. As legend has it, the skilled ruler was boiling water as was customarily done to render it safe to drink. While boiling the water, a dead leaf fell into the pot. The emperor drank the beverage and thoroughly enjoyed it, and thus, tea was … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Complete Knee Strengthener


Did you ever stop to think why something dramatic or beautiful is sometimes described as “knee-buckling”? Or perhaps you’ve been overcome by something and found yourself “weak in the knees.” These are descriptive terms for a response to extreme events, because normally, it takes something really major to cause healthy knee joints to give out. Unfortunately, if knees are unstable … Click to continue →

The Secrets Of Muscle Memory And How It Helps You Build Bone


Strength comes in many forms: mental, emotional, and physical. Some people have incredible strength of will, or of character, or of spirit. It requires great strength of curiosity and determination to embark on a new lifestyle to improve your health. You must have the strength to break bad habits, the strength to start healthier behaviors, and the strength to persevere, … Click to continue →

9 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Processed, Ready-Made Meals [Plus Free Gift]


Throughout history, humans have been processing food mainly as a form of food preservation. From salting to canning, many of our beloved foods, such as yogurt, were discovered through food processing. But the evolution of the way in which we process foods today has created a health crisis in modern society. From drive-through restaurants to take-home frozen pizzas, our fast-paced … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Body And Waist Toner


If you live in the northern half of the world, then you are in the middle of summer, and that means swimsuit season is in full swing. This weekend’s exercise can help you look your best while spending time at the pool or beach. Of course, that’s not all. The Lower Body And Waist Toner works to build muscle in … Click to continue →

Confirmed By Science: Sulforaphane Is More Powerful Than Osteoporosis Drugs, And Is 100% Safe


This time of year there’s green on the trees, green in the fields, gorgeous green plants sprouting up everywhere you look. But are there greens on your plate? Your body and your bones hope the answer is yes. Today we’ll have a look at a compelling reason why, by examining a powerful compound found in green cruciferous vegetables: sulforaphane. Sulforaphane … Click to continue →

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