6 Surprising Signs That You Are Out Of Shape [Plus Free Gift]


For many of us, our days consist of running to work, taking care of our families, and if we are lucky, spending time with friends. In our busy lives, our constant running around may falsely lead us to believe that we are doing enough to stay in shape. Savers are well aware of the importance of regular exercise for strengthening … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Plyometric Hip, Core, And Leg Toner


This weekend’s challenge is a dynamic plyometric exercise that’s highly effective at building bones and muscles in the pelvis, core, and legs. It’s also a lot of fun - it practically begs for upbeat music to accompany it! Along with giving you all the details of the Plyometric Hip, Core, And Leg Toner, we’re going to take an in-depth look … Click to continue →

Snack Idea: 3 Delicious No-Bake Recipes For Bone-Smart Energy Bars


If you’ve been led to believe that snacking is a “no-no” if you want to stick to a healthy diet, it will surprise you to learn that snacking is encouraged on the Save Our Bones Program You see, at the Save Institute we heartily approve the consumption of bone-healthy snacks. In fact, between-meal eating (in moderation, of course) actually serves … Click to continue →

Hot Vs. Cold Showers: Which Is Better For Your Bones And Your Health?


When it comes to health, decisions aren’t always simple. Given a choice between behaviors (as we are lucky to usually have!), you must weigh the potential results of each option and decide which one will help you meet your goals. There can be a surprising array of outcomes from even the smallest choice, and today we’re going to look at … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Balancing Femoral Head And Core Strengthener


Scientific research indicates that core-targeting exercises such as the Balancing Femoral Head And Core Strengthener help to relieve chronic lower back pain. This is great news for the estimated 50% of adults who suffer from this aggravating and uncomfortable (and at times excruciating) condition. But even if you don’t experience backaches, this weekend’s exercise is still relevant - in addition … Click to continue →

Scientific Proof That Osteoporosis and Obesity Are Not Diseases (And Why The Medical Establishment Is Dead Wrong About This)


One of the most frightening aspects of an osteoporosis and osteopenia diagnosis is the way the risk of fracture is presented by the Medical Establishment. When a doctor determines that you fit the pre-established parameters of increased fracture risk, instead of helping you understand how you can reduce that risk, they pronounce you with an ominous disease: osteoporosis. Today’s post … Click to continue →

Beyond Bone Health: 3 Evidence-Backed And Surprising Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise


Savers are well versed on the importance of exercise to strengthen and build bone. Wolff’s law elucidates that the stress muscles exert on bone stimulates bone growth and renewal. And this is one of the main reasons why exercise is a critical element for improving bone health and reversing osteoporosis and osteopenia. Today we take an in-depth look at three … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Shoulder Pain Averter And Posture Improver


When you consider the position and operational structure of your joints, you’ll notice that stability and mobility are two key aspects that work with and against each other at the same time. For instance, highly mobile joints, such as the ankles, are closely connected to articulations that are more stability-oriented, such as the knees. The shoulders combine both of these … Click to continue →

Cashews: The Bone-Building “Non-Nut” That Contains 5 Foundation Supplements (Plus A Delicious, Easy Recipe)


Cashews are unique among nuts. They bear characteristics of both tree nuts and legumes, but they are not, botanically, either of these. They hang from fruits that look like pears but are actually a kind of apple, and the cashew is found outside the fruit, not in it! In fact, you’ll never see a cashew “in the shell,” and today … Click to continue →

6 Reasons Why Curiosity Is Important For Your Bone Health


Many great thinkers have argued that curiosity is the bedrock of all of human civilization. Our amazing natural tendency to ask why and how, and to seek those answers has lead to wonders both large and small. From the engineering feats of skyscrapers and space travel, to the technological marvels of the internet and artificial intelligence, science and everything it … Click to continue →

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