Weekend Challenge: Isometric Neck Strengthener And Pain Reliever

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It’s no secret that weight-bearing exercise is an integral aspect of rejuvenating and building bone. But you may not have considered strength training and the remarkable number of body systems - including your skeleton - that are positively affected by it. For example, strength training the neck, as in today’s exercise, actually influences your breathing. And that’s not all. As … Click to continue →

These Three Studies Will Change The Way You Think About Probiotics And Bone Health Forever

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The holiday season is upon us. For most people this time of year is stressful, and for good reason. Between planning family get-togethers, shopping, and trying to keep day-to-day life running throughout, quite a bit of stress and anxiety can build up. You need every bit of help you can get to fight the harmful effects of that stress. Today … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Salt Causes Premature Death, Harvard Nutritionists’ Shocking Malfeasance, More Of The Usual From Big Pharma, And Much More!

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The holiday season is full of temptations: to eat poorly, to grow lethargic, to accept what is offered without questioning, so I’m glad I can offer this month’s Save Our Bones Bulletin to bolster your resolve. It’s stuffed tighter than a Thanksgiving turkey with nutritional news that is sure to surprise Savers and rattle those who haven’t yet started doubting … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Dynamic Upper Body Strengthener

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This weekend’s challenge targets the chest, upper back, triceps, biceps, and core muscles. And all you need to practice this exercise is a common household item – a chair. The Dynamic Upper Body Strengthener also makes a perfect addition to your wintertime exercise routine, providing you with a powerful weapon for beating the winter blues. This has been confirmed by … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Shoulder Mobility Plus

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It may be a few weeks past Halloween, but go ahead and grab your broom – you’ll need it for today’s exercise! You’ll be using the broom for stabilizing your arms as you perform this move, which improves shoulder joint mobility and flexibility. The Shoulder Mobility Plus also counteracts forward head posture (FHP) and strengthens your hip and thigh bones. … Click to continue →

Fight Pain Naturally And Increase Opioids With These 13 Scientifically-Backed Tips

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Bone loss can have a very real impact on your body. It can leave your bones weak and susceptible to fracture. But the bone loss itself is an invisible process. You cannot see it, hear it or even feel it. If it were painful, it might be easier to know it’s happening, but in fact it doesn’t hurt at all. … Click to continue →

Bone-Smart, High-Protein Versions Of Pancakes, Doughnuts, And Cake (Yes, You Read That Right!)

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I’m really looking forward to the holiday season. That’s when I strive to get creative in the kitchen and prepare a variety of healthful, scrumptious dishes for my family and friends. It’s so inspiring to see how surprised they are when they discover how delicious “health food” can be! And I’m quite sure you’ll be surprised and delighted, too, with … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Hip And Pelvic Toner

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This weekend’s exercise is both effective and convenient. That’s because the low-impact Hip And Pelvic Toner directly targets the pelvic girdle, the femoral neck, and the femur by engaging the muscles of the hips and thighs. And you can practice it in a relatively small space. These crucial areas need to be strengthened against fracture, especially if you’ve taken bone-damaging … Click to continue →

Vitamin D3 And Calcitriol: Why The Difference Between The Two Is The Difference Between Strong and Weak Bones

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You surely know by now how important Vitamin D3 is to building younger, healthier bones. But you may be surprised to learn that getting this essential vitamin to where it needs to go, in a form that your body can use, requires some additional steps. You see, unlike other vitamins, before Vitamin D3 can perform its functions, your body must … Click to continue →

Reductionism Vs. Holism: What They Mean And Which Is Better For Your Bones And Your Health?

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There is a battle raging in the fields of medicine and biology. It’s been going on for more than a hundred years, and probably even longer. It’s not a disagreement over how things work or why, but over the best way to make physical changes to the biological systems that keep us healthy and happy. Today I’m going to strap … Click to continue →

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