3 pH-Balanced Bone-Building Avocado-Based Dessert Recipes


Your liver is critically important to the health of your bones. It’s your body’s natural filtration system, and when it is not able to adequately remove acidifying toxins and other harmful substances, once bicarbonate reserves are depleted, your pH becomes acidic. To restore the pH balance, alkalizing minerals stored in bone, such as calcium and magnesium, are utilized, weakening your … Click to continue →

New Study Proves That Exercise Slows The Cellular Aging Process


It is well known that exercise has a plethora of health benefits. In addition to strengthening bones, regular exercise has been shown to boost the immune system, enhance sleep, and ward off age-related diseases, such as dementia. While the research is conclusive that exercise halts and even reverses aging, the biological mechanisms behind the process are only beginning to be … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Knee-Protective Pain Reducer And Injury Preventer


This weekend’s exercise is a great place to start. It helps relieve knee pain - an all-too-common problem - and prevent knee injury. Interestingly, it does this primarily by working the muscles of the buttocks, or glutes, which has a tremendous number of benefits besides improving knee joint health. I’ll explain, next. Working the glutes is usually promoted as a … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Isometric Posture Corrector


This week we’re targeting posture with an exercise that flattens the upper back and counteracts forward head posture (FHP). All you need to perform this exercise is a wall. It’s an isometric exercise, which means that most of the time you’ll remain in a static position with the goal of activating postural muscles to promote proper, bone-healthy posture. Savers surely … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Forteo Proven Dangerous Yet Again, Meat Consumption Down In US And UK, New Osteoporosis Drug Alert, And More!


This month’s Bulletin covers new research that shows once again how ineffective and dangerous osteoporosis drugs are. This time the daily injectable drug Forteo (teriparatide) is on the stand, facing evidence that its already detrimental effects on bones are further confirmed by the chaos it wreaks on the bone remodeling process after ending treatment. Then we bring you good news … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Neck And Shoulder Pain Reliever


This weekend’s challenge is one of my absolute favorites. You can’t beat it for releasing tension and easing pain in your neck and shoulders, and it can be done while seated or standing. The Neck And Shoulder Pain Reliever stretches the trapezius muscle (“traps”), which can become very tight for a variety of reasons. And the effects of tight traps … Click to continue →

Feeling Tired For No Reason? It Could Be One Of These 8 Health Conditions


Have you been noticing that even after sleeping well you still feel tired all day? Do you think that it’s inevitable? Fortunately, it's not. There are many easy-to-correct health conditions that can cause excessive fatigue, and today we’ll look at eight causes, how you can make positive changes to feel more energized and awake, and what those changes can do … Click to continue →

7 Evidence-Backed Foods That Stop Hair Loss And Build Bone


Have you been noticing more hair than usual in your shower drain or hairbrush? If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss, medically referred to as alopecia. You may know that alopecia is an expected aspect of the aging process, influenced in part by your genetics. While … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Relaxing Spinal Stretch


There’s no doubt that with the holidays quickly approaching, life can get hectic and stressful. So this weekend’s challenge is a relaxing move that incorporates breathing and stretching to help you achieve inner calm while you stretch muscles that typically get tight when you are tense. It’s done sitting down, so you can stop anytime and take a “stretch break” … Click to continue →

Myricetin: The Flavonoid That Builds Your Bones And So Much More


Myricetin is a polyphenolic compound that belongs to the flavonoid class. Structurally similar to other bone-building polyphenols, such as fisetin, luteolin, and quercetin, myricetin is found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, tea, and even red wine. This powerful bone-smart antioxidant also has antidiabetic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. A single compound with the ability to improve the wellbeing of everything from … Click to continue →

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