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The testimonials on this page are from real people just like you from all around the world. We can't wait to hear your success story soon.

Read what world renowned Dr. Robert B. Salter had to say about the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Having read the Save Our Bones Program, by Vivian Goldschmidt MA, I am pleased to recommend it as essential for all persons involved with preventing and treating osteoporosis.”

Dr. Robert B. Salter, MD, CC, OOnt, FRSC, FRCSC, FACS, Canada

Dr. Salter (December 15, 1924 to May 10, 2010), a world-renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, professor, author, and scientist, was named one of the 10 most outstanding scientists of the past 80 years by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

Thank you Vivian, These exercises will help a lot. Thanks for sharing.

I have followed your program for about 8 years now and at 70 years my doctor tells me to keep doing what I am doing because my bone density has definitely gotten better.

Thanks again

Pat Smith
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Hi Vivian, Just came back from MD's office. Thanks to you and your program I now have osteopenia rather than osteoporosis.
Lorie Dwinell
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Vivian, I went for my annual bone density scan yesterday and received the results this morning.
Before starting your diet and exercise at the beginning of 2017

Scan completed 13/01/2017
QCT Spine (osteoporosis)
T-score -5.15
Z-score -2.81
CTXA HIP (osteopenia)
T-score -2.37
Z-score -.87

The latest score as at 31/05/2018 after being on your diet etc since Jan 2017
QCT Spine (osteopenia)
T-Score -2.1
Z-score -1.3
CTXA Hip (osteopenia)
T-score -2.2
Z score -0.7

What a magnificent turn around a big thank you to you, your team and your web site. I have also been taking natural supplements to boost my bone strength so an excellent combination of supplements , your diet and your exercise programme gave us the great results.

We have and increase of 3.05mg/cm in the spine on the T-score and an increase of 1.51 mg/cm on the Z-score.
We also have an increase of .17mg/cm in the Hip Neck on the T-score and an increase of .17 mg/cm on the Z-score.(Not as dramatic as the Spine but it is all very positive).

Vivian, prior to this I was on various treatments in Australia and in 2016 my spinal bone density dropped 1.4mg/cc and I finished up with bone lesions which the particular treatment is noted for (naturally this treatment ceased). Now I can look forward to an increase in bone density instead of continually decreasing density. I know I will never be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but this is the most positive result I could have imagined.

So, thank you to you and your team.


Paul Ryan
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I was very proud of bone strength compared to other 65 yr olds Then I had intra radiation therapy. Bone density plummeted, I was given aromatase drug, over a period of four years no improvement. Then I read your articles , threw tablets away and discharged myself from endocrinologist. Followed your exercises and diet for past year, had a bone scan last week, no evidence of osteoporosis. Thank you Vivian.


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You have changed our lives in so many ways for the better. Thanks to you, my severe osteoporosis is completely reversed through the Save Our Bones program alone. I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and told I would be in a wheelchair within 15 years. Instead, at 72, I dance in the kitchen every morning before whispering a prayer of thanks for you and your good work.
Helen S.
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Vivian, Joyce tells a wonderful story and thanks for sharing. I too have a great story to tell: diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago. Three months later I moved home to Texas to a sunny climate and am outside in the sun on bare skin every day for at least 20 minutes, made changes to my diet, and have read and followed many of your suggestions and I continue to read you emails. Thanks you for being here. New test 2 months ago, and I am osteoporosis free and I now have strong and healthy bones again and I shall keep it that way with your advice and all this beautiful Texas sunshine. Sure a person could take Vit D supplements, but there is nothing like the real thing! Thanks, Vivian!
Kate Reed
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Dear Vivian,

Thank you, thank you for your Save Our Bones program. After my first bone density scan in March of 2016 I was told I definitely had osteoporosis. My doctor offered the usual option, drugs. He recommended Fosomax, and said to take more vitamin D3. If I didn’t want to take Fosomax, he’d recheck my bone density in 2 years. I resolved not to take drugs, and found your website, purchased your program and diligently switched to your diet and exercise program. I switched to an excellent Chiropractor/Nutritionist doctor in August of 2016. By November of 2016 my Dexa scan showed only osteopenia. Now after walking 10,000 steps per day, daily D3, and eating an alkaline diet my latest Dexa scan shows NO OSTEOPOROSIS! Thank you again for all the excellent work you do to help so many regain their bone health the right way!!!

Kathy Evans submittedon April 22, 2017
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Hi Vivian

Just wanted to tell you how glad I am that I found you and bought your book Save our Bones. I was in osteoporsis at the time and blood tests showed my calcium levels were fine but D3 levels were on the floor. Doctor recommended the usual drugs and a large dosage of viramin D3. I did not take the drugs I took the D3 and followed your book and took on some food life changes. Three years later after my second dexa scan I am out of osteoporosis. I added the K2 vitamin which directs the calcium to the bones and keeps the blood thin which should be on prescription but is not. My last visit to the doctor they wanted to take me off the D3 I asked why would you do that when It works, lucky for me the doctor I saw also takes D3 so she said I can stay on it for life. I would have anyway no one would have stopped me. I am 65 in three weeks and fit thanks to you, your work is helping so many people.

Thank you

Marilyn Walsh from Cardiff UK,
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Dear Vivian,

Thank you so much for your lovely email.

I have to tell you that finding your website has made a tremendous difference to my life. After a cycle accident when I broke my hip I had become very sedentary because the pin repair that was made had to be removed which meant that for the best part of a year I had little mobility, and osteoporosis set in. At the age of 78, I thought that I would never regain my previous mobility. Happily for me a friend pointed me to your website and I signed up for your program. It was the best thing I could have done. After two years with the help of your diet and exercise programs I regained my lost mobility, and even today two people told me that they couldn't believe I'm 80.

Besides the physical help, you provide us with ongoing information about research, and encourage us with the weekend challenge which I look forward to. I don't take any medication and I can honestly say I feel better than I have done for years. A physiotherapist I went to, said osteoporosis could not be reversed but you have proved her wrong.

I go to two exercise groups every week, one of which is a dance class for older people. Last week we had a tea dance where we performed three of our routines to the music of a swing band. How good is that for our morale!

Vivian, your program really works so keep on doing it and helping so many people. You are providing a great service for older people and you should be very proud. I wish I could give you a big hug!

Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings,

With warmest regards,

Mary Mackinnon submitted November 24, 2017
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Three years ago my doctor prescribed Fosomax as I was diagnosed with osteopenia, having a bone density of -2.0. After a few months, I started to get dreadful pains in my legs and twigged that perhaps it was the effect of the drug, as I had not suffered any injury. I looked up the side effects of this drug and was horrified to learn of the dreadful consequences of long term use. I therefore stopped taking it immediately and made a courtesy call to my doctor to explain why I was doing so and what I planned to do instead to get my bone density back to normal. I had already found the Save Our Bones website and decided to follow a much higher alkaline diet and to carry out a bone strengthening exercise regime daily, along with stretches and mobility targeted at osteoporosis. I stopped taking calcium carbonate and found a local supplier of algae calcium with vitamin K and doubled my intake of magnesium (in the form of bisglyconate). I also stopped taking dairy products and changed to hemp milk; swapped my normal coffee for root dandelion and black tea for rosebush, in an effort to make my diet even more alkaline.

This week, I had the results of another bone density scan and was gratified to find it had increased by 10%. Unbelievably, my doctor still advised I should start taking more medication, which I of course refused. I am hoping now that in two year's time, I will be out of the risk area.

So THANK-YOU Vivian for your wonderful advice because it IS possible to reverse low bone density and I now have the motivation and incentive to carry on with my diet and exercise, both of which I now really enjoy.

God bless.

Veronica Full
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Dear Vivian and Staff,

Thank you very much for all the information you pass on to us. The weekend Challenge is always interesting, and I am sure it helps most of us.

I would also like to tell you, that my Osteoporosis had improved on my last check-up, and I trust with the diet and the exercises it will improve further.

Thanks again.

Kindest Regards

Ingeborg Robinson
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I have been on the Save Our Bones program for one year. Had a recent bone density test to compare with last year's test before starting the program (when I had been diagnosed as having Osteoporosis).

WHOOPEE! I was told that I was no longer in the Osteoporosis level — am now in Osteopenia level with a big improvement in bone tissue density. I am ecstatic and now will report that to the friends I told about this program.

My doctor will go over the specifics on my next appointment. He is a new doctor and was open-minded when I told him a year ago about this program and how I did not want Reclast or other meds.

Thank you again, Vivian and staff, for an incredible program and I will continue it for life (I'll be 85 in March) and hope the program keeps me going for a long time!

Have a happy life!

Virginia Miller, Charleston, WV
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Thanks Vivian for all your research and for sharing your findings with us. You have “saved my bones”. My last 2 bone density scans show improvement in my bone density. My original GP. Continues to ask me to have an infusion. I’m in my 86th year and when I took my first script to my chemist she told me how Foxamax built brittle bones and that some patients developed brittle jaw which continued to “die”. I actually met a lady in her mid 70’s who had Multiple Myloma and had been given many infusions of Zometa – she lost her teeth when her jaw crumbled ( she had that treatment to strengthen her bones and the exact opposite was the result). My chemist told me to google the information for help. I did and I found “you”. Thanks for all you continue to do Vivian. Many blessings
Kelsey Fickling, Australia
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I am a 64 year old woman who has been following your advice for 7 or 8 years now. In my 40's I was having a lot of pain turning over in the bed. I had a bone density test done and they said I had osteopenia. Every two years I had a bone density test done and then met with the bone specialist for the report.

One time my doctor was off on sabbatical and I had to see someone else. Well she was the rudest person I ever met. She was an Endocrinologist who was filling in for my doctor. First off I felt like she was talking down to me. Then she told me I was severely obese (which I never was) and that if I didn't take the Fosamax that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 50.

My mother had osteoporosis and was on Fosamax for 7 years. I saw how she suffered with the medication and saw how her fractures were severe because of it so I told the doctor that I wouldn't take the medication and that I would figure out what to do with my own bones. She was furious with me. I told her off for being rude and left.

I came home from that appointment and cried my eyes out and asked God to help me figure out what I had to do. I was leaning over the kitchen counter crying and talking to God and all of a sudden a ‘warm hand' was on my upper spine and all of a sudden I knew that I was going to be alright.

I searched the internet and found your website. I subscribed from my work e-mail (which I am not supposed to do) but I wanted to print off some of the information as I never had a printer at home. I improved my diet with eating less acidic foods and lots of spinach, lemon juice, nuts, peas and beans, less meat and sugar and others things you suggested and started walking.

When I went back for my checkup and bone density test two years later the bone specialist was amazed at the difference. He interrogated me for 5 hours with two computer screens comparing my report with my mother's. I told him I am not my mother.

I told him about your website and how it helped me. He said he would check it out. He never said how much it improved he only said significant improvement and keep on doing what I am doing and that I would not have to go back for 5 years. I haven't been back since.

I am also following the teaching of Bruno Groening since 2012 and having positive thoughts and not allowing the negative to take over my mind anymore. I have been doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) since 2005 and clearing out old fears, traumas, grief and whatever.

So, from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me and others.

Attached is a picture of me ziplining with my son in July, 2017 and a picture of me at work August 2017.

May the light shine on you that keeps shining on me,

Jo-Anne Parsons
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Thank you for your book. It really works. I am a 55 year old male with osteopenia. Last year, I was a 54 year old male with osteoporosis. Think the cause was i/ being underweight? and ii/ a lifetime of prescription creams and ointments for psoriasis. Followed your recommendations and went from a score of -2.9 to -2.2 in 13 months without drugs.

Thanks again,

R.Y., Honolulu submitted September 21, 2017
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Good Morning, this is Carolyn Gruver. I want to tell you God has a reward in Heaven for helping millions of people with Saving Our Bones. I did the program you sent to me. It is really Remarkable. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. This program really works. I've tried many cleanses and none of them worked. Shortly after doing the program my doctor did blood work, ladies exams, and everything else. It's been 20 years or longer that every part of my body was put back in perspective the way it should be. My doctor was so shocked all she could say I don't believe this. I told her how and why I tired your program, her remark was,”I can't believe this.” I've always been a vegetarian all my live. Ever since I've been in my toddler years. I'm allergic to a lot of things. The only medicine I can take is Children's Aspirin, Tylenol, and Benadryl. I hardly ever take any of those unless I really, really have too. I'm a total natural living off vegetables and fruit. I'm 63 and in the best health anyone could ask for. Your program was sent by God. Thank You, Thank You So Much. I hope everyone tries your program. May God Bless You.
Carolyn Gruver
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I am elated to report that my 2nd Dexa test now shows that I went from -2.5 , 2 years ago to now -2.3. Instead of having osteoporosis, I have been told I am considered osteopenic. I have been following the Save program and feel confident that I can continue to improve now. Thank you for all the vital information you provide.
Rebecca Cooley
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Thank you for your continued, knowledgeable help. Always insightful and spot-on, you keep hope, as well as bones, alive and well. I just had a recent bone scan, the first in five years, and my bones are so much better than before I went on the Program!
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Hello vivian:

Thank you for having this program. I had a bone density test last july, the results were grate, the osteopenia had decrease. I sent my doctor a letter with the good news; also I explained that I had not been taking alandronate, the drug she prescribed; I also said that I believe osteoporosis can be cure consuming foods containing calcium. I sttoped taking calcium vitamins, because I heard they can cause cancer.


Irma Moreno submitted October 31, 2016
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Bravo!! I'm one of your oldest followers–(and I do mean old: I'm now 80), built like a reed, and, of course, was prescribed Fosamax at menopause , which I took faithfully—and expensively: there was no generic—for four years–I stopped abruptly when a science writer friend sent you to me, and I've taken no bisphosphonates, nor any other drug for osteoporosis since then. Both my husband and I are “slight”–(-he is 91!!)—and I follow your alkaline diet regimen more or less to the letter! Neither of us has had a bone fracture of any kind. When I was 64, I tripped and took a hard fall forward onto pavement—(I had been told that I had “severe osteoporosis of the left hip, and osteopenia elsewhere”, and I figured, awash in pain and unable to get up, that I'd finally broken it.) A kind man helped me up and I discovered to my astonishment that I could walk, and that I had only damaged two fingers, and even they were not injured badly enough to have had to be set. I don't see ads for Fosamax these days, but clearly Big Pharma has no intention of giving up in the osteoporosis department! My three daughters-in-law, all pre-menopausal, are getting the same propaganda that I was fed, a generation ago. (Dexa tests,dire warnings,etc.)

It's very likely that you've made it possible for me to reach advanced age in reasonably good health—people with very un-dense bones like mine are still targeted by Big Pharma, and some of my contemporaries are not easily dissuaded from it. In my immediate circle, I am the only woman who has never had to have a knee or hip replaced. And my husband, wonderfully healthy at age 91, hasn't either. And inasmuch as he has eaten food prepared by me for almost 60 years–(discounting occasional travel) it's safe to say that you have been perhaps the most positive single influence on both of our lives!

Thanks, and best wishes to you,

Judith Gilbert

P.S. It's not that we have had no illness–my husband had surgery for colon cancer two years ago (as had his father!) and I have a lung disorder (MAI) of some consequence, a microscopic (lymphocitic) colitis, and post-herpetic neuralgia (from shingles which I had 5 years ago, as a result of bad medical advice!). But we're both active, full of energy and, thanks to your intervention, we keep alkaline !!

Judith Gilbert
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Dear Vivian,

I had to write to you because I can't believe how good my DXA scan results were last week!! Last year my T score was -2.5, and my doctor wanted to give me drugs for Osteoperosis. I told her I was going to try to fix it naturally, but I wasn't sure how until I saw your program online this spring. Anyway, my T score is now -2.3, so I'm out of the red zone!! Woo-hoo! I only used the program for about 3 months! I only got your book in March or April, but started right away to follow it. I'm so excited. Thank God for you! I plan to be in the Green Zone next year! (-1 or better!). I want to amaze her!

Judith B.
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You have been among my mainstays for support and good advice for stronger bones and best health for quite awhile.

I am familiar with much of what you share, having been a nutrition and exercise based chiropractor for over 20 years, but it is an immeasurable help to be reminded of individual exercises, good recipes and specific best health choices…, esp when one can be bombarded w/ overload when one researches online and ‘knows so much' in general;-)

Now retired and 71, I am doing artwork and garden up a storm;-) and research and follow you and others to be the best I can be after an osteoporotic femoral hip diagnosis [ -2.5, right on the line] resulting from arimedex which i took post an occurrence of estrogen positive breast cancer 6 years ago. I stopped the arimedex after 3 years. My netx normalized, and my next dexa showed a ceasing of continued bone loss after a 9% decreased bone density the previous year.

So thanks for it all.

Susan Johnson DC
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Since I stopped taking Fosamax over 4 years ago, my bone density is normal, just barely on the border of starting osteopenia. I want to encourage everyone not to give up, and continue eating 80% alkaline and 20% acidity diet as mentioned in the SAVE YOUR BONES PROGRAM for continued bone health. My doctor was also telling me Fosamax was tried and true, but I disagree, and saw it was time to take my bone health into my own hands. These medications interfere with bone remodeling, and a bone healthy diet is the way to go. Good luck to everyone changing over to a bone healthy diet.
Jeanne Brilhante
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I will add my voice to the many I’m sure you’ve gotten, to say thank you, thank you for your website information. I was diagnosed as “osteoporosis” over a year ago, started meds, but then got nervous about all the negative side effects I’ve heard. Fortunately found your website in my search for information. I was “STRONGLY” encouraged to take an injectable medication (costing over $200 a month), but I resisted, I at least wanted to take a year to see if I could improve my number. And guess what, I DID. I went from a T-score of -2.5 to -1.2. WOW!

And I won’t say that I even did every single thing the program suggested, just incorporated the plant based calcium and supplements suggested, upped my yoga and weight bearing, using some of the weekend challenge exercises you have suggested, continued a balanced diet (but not perfect) with lots of fruit and veg. My density numbers improved very drastically. For every section of my spine they tested except for my L3 vertebrae. Which brings me to my question:

Given my overall improvement, I wonder if there is a way to target a specific section or area? My L3 remains at a -3.2, which was the most worrisome number to begin with out of the total results summary.

Any advice for my situation? Again, I can hardly express my gratitude and have shared your website with several others.

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Dear Vivian, thanks for all your help over the last few years – I have just had a bone density scan and have had improvement in both spine and hip. My chemist told me when I presented my first script, not to use it because it built brittle bone. I went on line, found your site with all your great information; then I found a medical doctor who is also a Phytotherapist. I do some exercise, my own yard work (except for mowing), some Tai Chi for arthritis, try all of your weekend special exercises and those I can do easily I continue. I always try to eat a good diet, lots of leafy greens, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruit. I take a calcium supplement that is organic. I also have a great Chiropractor. Next month I will have my 84th birthday; I’m so happy about the improvement in my bone density. Thanks Vivian.
Kelsey Fickling
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I am happy to report that I have had a bad report every year for 15 years on my density test, but after a year on your program I had an increase in 2 areas & was stable in another.
Jan Lacey C.
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Vivian I have good news! I reversed osteopenia from 2.5 to 0.3 in in less than 3 years thanks to you and my strong discipline. I will continue with the alkaline diet for the rest of my life. I am 70, I believe in prevention and I want to stay away from diabetes and osteoporosis.
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This is my first time responding to one of the blogs on Save Our Bones and I have something very important to share. In June of 2012 I was diagnosed as having osteopenia with a T-score of -1.5 on a Dexascan. Then in March of 2014 the Dexascan showed that my T-score was -3.0 and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor wanted to give me the drugs to take, but after researching all of them, and finding the website “Save Our Bones” and reading everything I could on this, I made a decision NOT to take the drugs. How could anyone in their right mind take these drugs after reading about all the harm they do to your body? Not me! My doctor was upset and told me that my bones would get worse and that he would note in my chart that I chose to go against medical advice.

I joined the Osteoporosis Reversal Program immediately after that and received the book and other information. Combined with that I read and researched everything I could on fighting osteoporosis naturally. I began eating the bone-building foundation foods and taking my bone health in my own hands. I followed the recommendation of Save Our Bones and ordered “TrueOsteo” with AlgaeCal from Nature City. It is an organic plant-based calcium that provides advanced bone support. I have been taking TrueOsteo every day since then and following the Save Our Bones dietary recommendations. I just got back the results of a Dexascan that I had done one week ago. Guess what – my T-score was -2.3; no longer osteoporosis, but back in the osteopenia range! My Dexascan report noted that I had made a “statistical improvement” since the last scan! Wow – I was just hoping to not lose any more bone density, but instead I had this improvement in only 18 months! I was so happy! I have hope that I can continue to improve even more before my next scan in 2 years.

I will continue to take my TrueOsteo and eat bone-building foods for the rest of my life. My results prove that bone loss can be reversed without the damaging drugs they want you to take. I just wanted to share this with any other ladies out there that are new to this. I am 57 yrs old and I refused to destroy my health with the osteoporosis drugs; I encourage everyone with osteopenia or osteoporosis to do the same. Thanks so much Vivian!

Sheila Nelson
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I had an early menopause and was prescribed HRT to protect my bone density. I was on HRT for 10 years and my doctor wanted me to come off it and so I had a dexa scan to check out my bone density as a baseline measure. To our surprise my bone density was well into the osteoporotic range despite having taken HRT. I was prescribed Fosamax and had a lot of side effects including acid reflux. My doctor said it was unlikely to be due to the Fosamax and she prescribed Lansoprazol. I had a repeat dexascan and my bone density had increased a little and my doctor said I would need to take Fosamax for life. Seven years later I moved to a new area and my new doctor said I had been on Fosamax too long since the guidelines were now 5 years maximum. I was referred to an orthopaedic consultant who gave me a “drug holiday”, and he said I wouldn’t need the Lansoprazol once I was off the Fosamax (and he was right), and that in any case Lansoprazole makes bones more brittle! He said the best thing was diet and exercise, in other words Vivian’s programme, which I followed, and 18 months later my bone density has increased far more than it did through taking Fosamax, and I am now classed as being in the normal range for my age. And I feel great. Wonderful news, but I am shocked that my first doctor got it so wrong, no doubt she just accepted wholesale the sales pitch of the drug companies. I hope my story inspires others to do their own research and not just accept what their doctors say. Thank you Vivian.

Individual results may vary
Been on your program one and a half years my dexa was -4.9 a year ago went back this year my dexa was -0.7. I am so happy with the exercises and the supplements.

Individual results may vary
I only took bisphosphonates for four weeks 9 years ago and it made me feel so ill I searched the internet for an alternative and found save our bones and thank goodness I did from a score of -4 I now only have osteopenia I am so grateful to you for saving my life Vivian THIS PROGRAMME REALLY WORKS!”

Individual results may vary
Thanks again Vivian! I am a breast cancer survivor and a Boniva survivor. Not sure where I would be now if I had not found you. Diagnosed with osteopenia, started taking Boniva per my doctor, got so sick I could not leave the house, called the doctor, before I could even finish my conversation she said that I should go to the pharmacy because she was prescribing another drug-Fosomax! First I cried, felt lousy because of the Boniva, and because I was upset with the doctor. Decided that there had to be a better way.Then I found Save Our Bones, the rest is history. Just had my physical, full blood work, urine analysis, and exam; doctor says I am extremely healthy on ALL tests! Bones never ache like they used to, energy level is through the roof, attitude is upbeat. Stay the course, there are too many women on these drugs that cut our lives short and take away our quality of life.”

Cherie Postill
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Dear Vivian,

Believe it or not, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes: 1.5 million! That is great! Congratulations! I want you to know that I have an enormous respect for you. What you have done for so many people including myself. No, I am not going to tell my own fantastic story. I only want to say, that I am immensely grateful for finding your site a few years ago. You literally saved me from after the disaster of half a year of Evista, going on with Prolia. Heaven knows what my situation would have been now, if I would have done that! So, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART and may you find the strength to go on with this for many years!

Lots of love,

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I am not sure if you will even read this, Vivian, but on the odd chance you might, I wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate having this resource.

Just as background, my spinal t-score was -4.5 last October — and I was really shocked at that after years of gulping rock-based calcium unawares.

You gave me the courage to ask my doctors for one year on your programme to arrest if not begin to reverse my osteoporosis before I go on the dreaded Fosamax.

I am following your programme as closely as I can. I shared the Densercise programme with my physiotherapist and she has been popping in the exercises into my thrice-weekly regimen. In fact, yesterday, she informed me that the whole hour would comprise Densercise moves. I also do them at home and look forward especially to the Weekend Challenges.

Thanks so much for your diligence and willingness to share information with us Savers out here!

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

You have literally saved my life.

I was devastated with my diagnosis of osteoporosis, and have been told by my gynecologist to just take the Reclast or I'd be hunched over and in a wheelchair in years to come.

I started to believe that my neck had already begun to grow a hump!!! My mind went wild! I was in total denial, and crazy with fear.

I've never been interested in medication in general, or MDs for that matter. I lean mostly towards alternative healthcare. Anyway through the Woman To Woman Website, I found yours. From the minute I clicked that mouse, complete, total sensibility. Perfect! So for a year I followed your program faithfully and my bone density numbers improved.

Then as fate would have it, my husband became very ill, and with work, homemaking responsibilities, doctors appointments (he is a true MD type) and tests and surgeries, my healthcare took a dive, and so did my bone density. And of course I felt horrible, not eating right, not exercising, forgetting to reorder or even take my supplements, and not visiting my alternative doctor for bloodwork monitoring.

Anyway, long story short, I am back on track, following the Densercise Program and of course the Save our Bones Program. In just a few short months I can already see and feel improvement and am confident that I'll be fine. I have the total support of my alternative doctor. But even more than that, your daily messages, weekend challenges, recipes and my “mother manual” (Save Our Bones) are my lifeline and treasured support in my battle against this condition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! In my mind, you deserve the Nobel Prize!

Very Sincerely,

Individual results may vary
My bone density increase after 6.5 years of HGH injections and Bonviva: 0.11%.

My bone density increase after 1.5 years of Vivian’s program: 18%.

That wiped the smile off my endocrinologist’s face.”

Dave Bourke
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

Recently I bought your Save our bones Bone Appetite package.

The recipes are truly good and it Help me to make healthy dishes for my bones.I really appreciate you to bring out bone healthy meals for me and my family

May God bless you”

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

I’m 59 years old and was shocked to learn 2 years ago (after a stress fracture of my fibia) that I had osteoporosis in L2 (-2.8) and L4 (-3.0). My hip and femur scores were just slightly osteopenic.

Ive been following your advice since I decided not to take drugs, which my GP had immediately prescribed for me. I had the blessing of my open minded Consultant Physician, who advised I try your system for two years and have another scan to see how I was doing.

Ive just had the result of my second DEXA scan and the scores have improved L2 now – 2.5, L4 now -2.5. Overall the bone density of every vertebra has improved. I'm thrilled that I've made this improvement in my bone density in spite of being two years older. This makes an improvement even more impressive.

Its really encouraging and I will certainly keep up the regimen as I also feel fitter and more energetic than I've ever felt in my life. Thanks for all your great advice.”

Sue Healy
Individual results may vary
I read Vivian’s book three years ago and have made several healthy lifestyle changes, including more alkaline foods and yoga therapy. My last bone density test revealed significant improvement in my hip score.”

Carol Nickle
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I’d like to chime in this morning as well. it’s uncanny the manner in which this journey from “diagnosis” to bone health mimics all which has come from your book. i consider the day i stumbled upon you on the internet to be one of the biggest life changing events for me and have referred numerous friends to you. the educational component is paramount and grows from there. many, many thanks”

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Hi Vivian, I wanted to share with you, and to reaffirm that your influence and confidence in your work does have positive consequences. Cannot remember when I exactly I bought your book (early 2000s) but have consistently read all your follow up emails with advise and hints, down loading many of them for reference. Back in 2001 after a MRI bone density scan a I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and began a path of Fosamax, Actonel, and others! All of which made me very sick! Diet, exercise, your knowledge, no medications, and a desire to control my own health has resulted in a MRI scan this week which shows mild osteoarthritis from too much heavy work but NO osteoporosis! My thanks for your dedication.”

Lynne, Australia
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Thanks Vivian for keeping me on track. I was diagnosed with -3.9 T -score and last year it had reduced to -2.4 so I’m hoping by my next dexa scan next year it will have gone.You are an inspiration to so many.I’m so glad I decided to come off Actonel and keep striving for more improvement.I have found almond milk and drink fruit teas as well as following your advice on food.

Nancy Hughes
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Hi Vivian

I am getting a lot better these days . I was to see my family doctor on May 26th 2010 and the report she gave me was that my bone density has increase to 4.8 percent , And also asked me what I was doing to turn this problem around .So I told her , she than asked me that the next time I come in to see her to bring in all the natural supplements that I am taking. So this was a great break though for me

Thanks for all the advise that I have received from the book that I have order from you”

Bertha Williams, British Columbia Canada
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I have improved my bone density score following your advice I am 81yrs and was told to go on Fosamax about 7yrs ago I refused as I did not want to take any medication having seen the affect it had on my sister I walk a lot with my dog and do obedience training I take some minerals also as I know that the soil is lacking in some in the area I live.”

Mary Deacon
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Hi Vivian Just to let you know my bone scan went from osteoporosis to osteopenia!! My T score between -1 and -2.5 SD. So happy, thanks so much for your good work and emails!! May you always be Blessed. Warm wishes”

Allison Ifferte
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Hi Vivian,

Thanks to your Osteoporosis Reversal Program I have successfully changed my osteoporosis diagnosis in my hips to osteopenia (improving from a -3.0 in my left hip to -1.5 and -2.7 to -1.3!) at 49 years of age. That’s a 50% increase in the left and 48% in the right!!

I started your program of diet and exercise last September and achieved these great results in just 9 months! Now, I eat a great deal more fruits and vegetables, cut back on breads and sugars, have done your 10 minute Densercise exercises with other weight bearing exercises three times per week and take the vitamin supplements you recommended.

So glad I followed your program instead of taking my doctor’s advice!”

Claire C.
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Dear Vivian,

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was advised to take Evista. My t-score was -2.8 of the spine and -3.6 of my left femur. I researched and discovered your Save Our Bones program. I even studied your letters as to how to address my doctor and I sent him this message: “I have been studying a nutritional and drug-free way to conquer Osteoporosis that has no side effects whatsoever and I would like to give this plan a try in order to improve my bone density.” My recent bone scan shows that I am now at +1.0 and at a very low risk for Osteoporosis! It is thanks to you Vivian as I had taken your action plan and followed the foods 80% Alkalizing and 20% Acidifying from your Bone Health Success Chart. I also stuck to only drinking distilled water and used fluoride-free toothpaste to list a few examples, and practiced your Densercise Program. I am forever grateful to you, Vivian for all your research which is why I no longer that this ‘condition’ called Osteoporosis. I wish to tell everyone to embark on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to rebuild their bone density without the dangerous side effects from the prescription drugs. THANK YOU, VIVIAN! You have been a God send to so many people!”

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I finally have the great news I had been searching for from the moment i found your program. I am 53 years old and found out I had severe osteoporosis about 6 years ago. I went on Boniva given to me by my doctor at that time for one year. By the end of the year I had severe issues resulting in many doctor appts trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had issues from the medicine- So i went off of Boniva and desperately prayed for God to help me. He did! He helped me find your program and learn how to eat healthy and exercise–(take care of my body)-since my body does not belong to me but to Jesus who lives inside of me. I followed your program to the minute with changing my water system at home, calcium pills, eating, and exercising, etc. My first bone density test was the same as the last. So i thought …. well i need more time. The following year i did it again and there was slight movement downward. I was so depressed. the doctor insisted I take a different kind of Osteo medicine, But i did not give up and i did not give in. I worked hard at building my bones, because i knew there was some way to do this naturally. I try to keep foreign things out of my body and eat well and do not take meds if i can get away with it. Some people must take meds for medical conditions, but for building bones it can be done if you work hard at it. i just had my last bone density test yesterday and the movement this time was up. I was so thrilled. I praised Jesus for hearing my prayer and answering it. My suggestion to all is….don’t give up! you can do this!! Just follow the proper eating (alkaline) and exercise (so important as well-and i hate to exercise but know i need to), and keep God close. Thank you for sharing your story with us Vivian. I am so blessed and on the road to stronger bones.

Individual results may vary
I just got the results of the first bone scan done in five years. Since that time, I discovered you and your incredible Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I’ve tried to follow your wisdom in adhering to an organic, alkaline diet rich in minerals, avoiding pesticides and chemicals, drinking pure water, and getting plenty of exercise and sleep. Results: increases are 6.3%, 16.2%, 7.2%, and 8.6% in various places in the spine, neck, and left femur. Tears are in my eyes as I write this. THANK YOU, VIVIAN!! The diagnosis of osteoporosis was given to me nearly 20 years ago, with the comment that I’d be in a wheelchair 15 years from then. Not now, not ever, thanks to you!!”

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Hi Vivian,

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try them. I go to Mayo Clinic for physicals and brought some of your articles to my reluctant Doctor. My T scores are getting better since using your program!”

Individual results may vary
Thank you Vivian! This makes it easy. What the doc told me to do is eat healthy snacks and now I don’t need to think about figuring out different ones. I can’t wait to try all of these and they are BEAUTIFULLY put together. BTW, thanks to your directions and encouragements my T-scores are getting better!!!! Yay! Thank you, thank you!”

Linda Kay
Individual results may vary
I love reading this latest blog. Please believe what Viviene says is correct. I have had 40% scoliosis all my life from mild polio in the 40′s. Had full blown osteoporisis 15 years ago. Today I am almost 70. I took Fosamax, Reclast & Boniva (where did Sally Fields go?) for 15 years. I began to get jaw rot (osteonecrosis) & ear aches. I found Viv on line & began to eat 80% alakline & 20% acicid and threw away all the meds. Today I am swimming 72 laps a day (1 mile at high school,Jr. olympic pool), riding hunter/jumpers & jumping 3 ft. ( you use your legs) and x-country skiing 30K, 15K & 10 K & just competed in the Asiago Master’s Olympics in Italy last March. I promise you it is an easy program. Toss away ALL those RX’s & believe in yourself. And don’t worry about it or think about it a lot. Also, I still date a well known spinal surgeon who has been in practice for 32 years from Long Beach & I argue with him every time I see him. It is all a bunch of you know what. Love to everyone & get your heads on straitght & believe in yourself. PS/ I have wanted to email this for a long time, but now after one year I know it is soooo true.”

Jan Toohey, Laguna Beach CA
Individual results may vary
Hi, Vivian, Your articles are so helpful and informative. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was told to take Fosamax, which I did for 3 years. I developed joint pain, heart palpitations, and sleeplessness. I told my DR. I wanted to go off of Fosamax, and she replied, “Do you want a broken hip?” I followed your suggestions of ridding my body of acid, exercised, and went to my endocrinologist this past week. He had tried to put me on a diuretic to stop my body from leeching calcium into my urine. I DID NOT TAKE THAT MED EITHER! My latest bone density test improved greatly. I am no longer in the osteoporosis category, but I am osteopenic. My endocrinologist was amazed! THANK YOU AGAIN, VIVIAN!!”

Individual results may vary
After I have been following the “Save our bones” program for a year my T scores are better. I am sooooo happy. I went from osteoporosis back to osteopenia. I will never stop with this program. Thank you very much for your regular posts. I do not believe in medication, rather doing the right things and eat healthy food.”

Elize Barkhuizen
Individual results may vary
Vivian, I am so happy to tell you that my latest Dexascan showed improvement. I credit that to your program. Before I had Osteoporosis in my spine and the latest Dexascan showed I have Osteopenia in my spine, so that is an improvement! Thank you for your dedication!”

Individual results may vary
Thank you so much for your wonderful program. When I first joined the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I had a bone density of -2.8, two yeas later my bone density was -2.4. Needless to say I was as happy as a pig in mud. The following two years I was not quite as good at staying with the program but certainly aware of what I should and should not be eating. Last week I had my Bone Density again and would you believe it is now -2.00. I no longer have Osteoporosis. I now have to work on the Osteopenia. I am over the moon. Thank you Vivian”

Gay Ihaia
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 39. I resisted treatment until I was 50 by which time my bones had become very thin. At 55 I fell and had a serious fracture of my hip and upper femur. I started to take bisphosphonates. I became very unwell and then I found you!! Thank goodness!!!! I took myself of alendronic acid after 18months. 3 years ago I read what you said and changed my whole lifestyle. I started taking calcium gluconate, magnesium, vitamins C & D and selenium and few other supplements. I began doing Tai Chi. This year I started going to the gym 3 days a week & swimming once a week. I am now 59. In the three years since I came off the bisphosphonates my latest DEXA scan has shown an overall 10% improvement in my hip and my spine is now virtually normal although on the edge of being thin. On this evidence, where will I be in another 2 years when I have my next scan!

I cant thank you enough for all the help and advice you have given me over the years since breaking my hip. I have to admit I was nervous about making the decision to ignore the medical advice but wanted to give it a go. It has certainly paid off for me. My family are absolutely delighted, especially my daughters who are very interested in making a start to preserve their bones for the future as we know osteoporosis and early menopause run in my family.

Many thanks again and carry on the good work.”

Ann Shepherd
Individual results may vary
Dear Ms. Goldschmidt… My name is Eloisa Vennesi and I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 3rd degree on my hips and Osteopenia on my spine in January, 2008 in Orlando, FL. My doctor in Orlando prescribed me Fosamax 70 mg once a week plus 1200 mg of Calcium + Vitamin D. I took Fosamax for 2 1/2 years until I saw your add in July 2010 on the internet and decided to stop taking Fosamax on my own and started following your diet through the emails I started receiving from you. Well… 2 1/2 years have gone by and I just had my Dexa Scan done and guess what ? My osteoporosis got reduced to Osteopenia on the hips and I still have Osteopenia on my spine, but I managed to reduce the Osteoporosis on the hips from 3rd degree to Osteopenia. I walk a lot everyday, get some sun, take my 1200 mg of Calcium + Vitamin D and also 600 mg of magnesium chloride plus eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken and turkey. I have been following your advices on my everyday diet and it helped me a lot. I am here today reporting this because I know it can help other people with osteoporosis. Thank you very much Dr. Goldschmidt for all the info you have been posting for all of us… This is the real healing for our problems…. I appreciate every email I receive from you and read them carefully… they are the only thing I really pay attention now… Please, keep on taking care of us as you have been doing all along… Thanks a lot for everything…”

Eloisa Vennesi
Individual results may vary
Three years ago I underwent a bone scan and was told – not by the doctor, but by the scanner tech – that I had advanced osteoporosis in my spine and hip bones and was in danger of breaking a hip. “You can never replace the bone mass you’ve lost. You can only arrest it before it gets worse,” she gravely pronounced, and my doctor sent me home with several samples of Actonel.

After reading about side effects, I became concerned enough to find out more about what I was about to start swallowing every month, to the tune of $95 a pill. On the Internet I found Vivian Goldschmitt’s website and ordered the Save Our Bones book. With this guidance I chucked the pills in the trash and treated my “condition” by endeavoring to eat for bone nourishment and taking in sufficient calcium & Vitamin D in supplements. I believe it has paid off.

Last month I was riding on a motorcycle that collided with a deer at 50 mph. I was thrown onto the asphalt highway, and if I really had serious osteoporosis, my skeleton should have shattered into a million pieces. Although I got plenty of hide scraped off, no bones broke, and I’ve suffered no back pain from the impact. Healing of scrapes comparable to 2nd-degree burns has been rapid, and is not expected to leave much scarring.

Certainly I was lucky not to have been killed or maimed, but I believe maintaining a healthy body by proper nutrition enabled me to survive this accident – at 64 years of age – with minimal damage. Thank you, Vivian!”

Anne MacFie
Individual results may vary
I wish I had started Save our Bones program years ago… however, in less than 2 years I have gone from severe osteoporosis to “mild/normal” (first time there has even been an improvement. Thanks Vivian! (I’ll be 80 in August 2013).”

Individual results may vary
Yes, they do sell their drugs in Australia under the same name. I was a ‘victim’ of FOSAMAX, then my doctor put me on ACTONEL. I stopped taken this poison after doing some research on the internet a few years ago and finding/ordering Vivian’s book. Since I changed my diet my bones have improved drastically, from mediate/high fracture risk to low. I also swapped from inorganic to organic calcium and follow Vivian’s guidelines. It’s worth it!!! Unfortunately too many women follow their GP’s advice, and we see where this leads to! I am appalled by the verdict in MERCK’s court case. These drug companies should be held accountable. It all comes down to greed.”

Individual results may vary
Thank you so much for providing information on Prolia! After building my bones up naturally, and before ordering a routine bone scan, my doctor recommended Prolia as a matter of course. He assured me, “It builds bone.” I just smiled and nodded, snug in the tremendous comfort and life-changing strength your program has provided. You and program are treasured gifts.”

Individual results may vary
Several years ago, when I told my doctor I was not going to take Fosamax any more, he said, “That is your prerogative, but as your doctor I need to tell you I think you should continue taking it.” I told him that was my decision, and I would accept any repercussions. To shorten the story, I started following Save My Bones, and the next bone scan I had, my bones had increased significantly. My doctor was amazed. By the way, I am 81 years old.”

Barbara Dodge
Individual results may vary
I became a Fossomax victim in March 2011, when my right femur broke as I walked on a level floor in my home. I lay on the floor for over six hours waiting for someone to come. I was told by the Surgeon it was definitely a stress fracture caused by some medication. Naturally I did not ever take Fossomax again, and finally was led to the “Save Our Bones” program. I have just had a Dexa Scan after one year on the program and I was classified as a marked improvement….some areas as much as 67%. I was so pleased I just felt I should share the good news.”

Marjorie Mangrum
Individual results may vary
Since I have been improving my diet by following most of the recommendations in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I have been noticing my skin is better. My muscles are building better. I haven’t checked my bone density again, but am sure it’s better. Even my hair is a nicer color.

Since I am eating a hearty, healthy diet filled with lots of plant foods, I have been able to get off all my medicines except a single dose Armour Thyroid.

I hope everyone can get on the healthy food; make food their medicine and get off the chemical fix its. Many medical doctors and other advocates are joining in to reverse illnesses that we always thought couldn’t be reversed. You can too!

Thanks, Vivian for bringing us all this information. You and people like you make is easier to make these changes. I’m glad I am doing it. Even being a person who can be in denial and often resistant, I’m enjoying an improved life.”

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian:

I do not comment much on your articles but I want you to know I appreciate them very much. I have found by following your advice on your information, my doctor reported good results from my last test. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mary Anderson
Individual results may vary
It’s impossible to thank you enough for all you give to all of us. You’ve changed my life, literally turning fear of a doctor’s prediction I’d wind up in a wheelchair, to the joy of facing each new day knowing my bones are not just OK but getting stronger through diet, exercise, the right supplements, and meditation – all the hands-on wisdom you have bestowed on us.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 19 years ago, and am just fine, thanks to you.

Abundant joy to you in the coming year. You’ve certainly given that to me.

Individual results may vary
I live in South Africa and was diagnosed in March 2011, used prescribed drugs for 8 months, then discovered the information you supply via e-mail and stopped using the drugs. I have made changes according to your information and went for a bone density test in October 2012. My AP Spine (L1-L4) g/cm2 changed from 0.774 to 0.810, T-Score -2.5 to -2.2, Z-Score -1.2 to -.08. Femoral Neck (left) changed from g/cm2 0.722 to 0.739, T-Score from -1.1 to -1.0. The diagnosis is now Osteopenic and I know if I carry on applying these principles, the result will be normal when I have to go for a test again in 3 years’ time. Thank you so much for all the valuable information I receive regularly. Kind Regards, Minnie

Minnie Brummer,
Individual results may vary
Thanks, Vivian, for giving us all the healthy tips and advice this past year to help us keep our bones strong. You are to be commended for all the research and hard work you do for us. If it weren’t for the your informative and bone saving info, I would be taking drugs for my osteoporosis. After following your program in 2010, my bone density greatly improved in 2011, and I’m sure I’ll have even more encouraging scores, when I have my next bone density exam in 2012.

May you and your family have a healthy, happy New Year!

Evelyn Slusky,
Individual results may vary
2012 was the year I reclaimed my bones thanks to the Save our Bones program. I didn’t follow it strictly. But it gave me the information I needed. I went from having severe osteoporosis of the spine in Sept 2011 …to osteopenia in Sept 2012. The program helped me to learn about the bad drugs the Dr wanted me to take. I will continue to follow the program the rest of my life. I am a 78 year old lady. I feel better then I did a year ago, and will always be thankful that I had the information to heal my bones.


Ann C.,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

I took osteoporosis drugs for 5 years and my Dexa scan worsened anyway and I officially had osteoporosis according to the numbers. Two and a half years ago I found your site and ordered your book. I quit Boniva against doctor's orders and followed all your advice. I also saw a naturopathic doctor who gave me the same nutrition advice and put me on whole-food calcium and other whole-food bone building supplements. Of course I also did, and do, bone-building exercises.

Just had my scan results. The doctor called and said: “I don't know what magic potion you are taking, but this is amazing!” All my numbers have improved and I no longer have osteoporosis. He was totally bowled over. I told him: check out saveourbones.com !

Thank you, thank you!

Wenda Zeevander,
Individual results may vary
Recently I noticed a commercial on Television regarding Foxamax, Actonel, and Boniva. It was a commercial sponsored by a local law office. They were notifying the public regarding the three above osteporosis drugs. It stated “if you have experienced a fracture or broken bone while taking Foxamx, Actonel or Boniva you could be entitled to financial commensation.”

This tells me that we are beginning to identify these drugs as harmful…finally!!

I am soooo glad I steered clear of these drugs. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis when I was 45. I am 55 now. I eat properly, exercise, etc…however no improvement occurred for the first 3 or 4 years after being diagnosed. Then I went to a Dr. that practices more nontraditional therapies. She tested my parathyroid and found that it was completely out of control. She mentioned that until the parathyroid was within the normal healthy range, nothing I did would help my bones. She tested me thoroughly through blood tests, etc. She then prescribed a thyroid pill, whole food vitamins, and told me to stick with my exercise and healthy eating lifestyle.

Last year, age 54, she tested my bone density…..what an amazing change! I now not only do not have osteoporosis but my bones are in better shape than the average woman my age.

I have used your exercise and nutrition advise.

I am one of the people that “believed” the information about distilled water suggesting we needed minerals. After reading your information and feeling that it was well researched I am changing to distilled water. I have not gone through menopause yet and I am a small boned woman so I must stay consistent and continue to learn through your wonderful website. Thank you for all your help.

I can't wait to purchase the ankle, wrist, and waist weights.

Thank you,

Linda Brunisholz,
Individual results may vary
I have been following the advice in your programme for about 9 – 12 months, having been on drugs for about three years previously for osteoporosis. I recently had a scan result, and my doctor was delighted to tell me yesterday that I am now osteopenic and my bones are improving. She told me to carry on in the same way, and did not try to persuade me to take drugs. I’m now 78 and am thrilled to find that your programme works for someone of my age.
Thank you!

June Ross,
Individual results may vary
I had a bone density in 2009 and HAD osteoporosis, with Vivan’s help I improved my bone density by 16 percent. Now I finally did a saliva test and I have adrenal fatigue which is lots of stress for long periods of time. I am working with a wonderful Dr. and hopes to get me well in about 6 months without drugs, just supplements and the right diet. I believe if my adrenal was normal I wouldn’t have osteoporosis. Vivian is so right about getting your stress under control. My blood test never showed that the the adrenal was abnormal, saliva test is the most concise.

Individual results may vary
I followed your save the bone program and just had my yearly bone density test……Yea!!!!!!I no longer have osteo. Thanks again for your inspiration.. Your book is most helpful…..I was determined not to take biophosphates…..I have been smiling ever since I got my report……My Dr. was really surprised. He was shocked….Thank u

Gloria Kelsey,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Save Our Bones program. I had been on it for about 6 months when I had my bone density exam. For the first time in ten years, instead of the continuing downward trend that has taken me into the severe osteoporosis category, my graph stayed even! That may not be earthshaking but I was absolutely thrilled. I am faithfully adhering to the supplements and exercises in you program and expect even more progress! Your weekly emails are timely and helpful and filled with the spirit of sharing. Thanks for making a difference in my life!

Leanne Hoole,
Individual results may vary
Hello, I just turned 59. I have your book and exercise plan. After following the plan in your book for the last 6 months (just started the exercise plan), my bone density test last month showed NORMAL from having had osteopenia for the last 6 years. Thank you. Your advise just makes sense to me. Thank you for shining the light on this subject. I plan to continue with the plan and taking the suggested supplements.

Linda Schultz,
Individual results may vary
Follow this program and you WILL repair your bones. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with osteopenia and had two bone scans with worse and worse results. Then I found Vivian online and bought her book. I followed her plan and just had a bone scan…all my numbers are within normal range. You can do it, too!

Individual results may vary
I’m so happy I found your information on the web. I have already been diagnosed with osteopenia, and am nervous about my next bone scan. It’s so great that you provide us with the knowledge and information to help ourselves without resorting to dangerous drugs.

You provide a wonderful resource for those of us who want to educate ourselves and not have to resort to what mainstream medicine is telling us to do.

Wishing you all the best in fighting the “good fight”.

Rivka Leah Goldman,
Individual results may vary
Approximately two years ago, my bone density scan showed problems at L1,L2, L3, and L4. Three were at osteopenia level and one at osteoporosis level (just slightly into each, but nevertheless, there). My doctor suggested I go on Boniva. I researched all osteoporosis medications and decided I did not want bisphosphonates in my body: I simply said “No” – at least until I tried every other way to improve my bones.

I purchased Save Our Bones and chose the parts of it that I felt I could comfortably do. Recently I had another bone density scan. I was somewhat concerned because one year into my personal efforts to save my bones an autoimmune disorder struck and I was on prednisone almost a year. As you know, prednisone is detrimental to our bones. My best hope was that I had held the bone density at the level of two years before. When I got my report, it showed no osteoporosis. L4 had improved. L 1-4 are still in range of osteopenia. Because of the usage of prednisone, I consider this to be a huge success. I fully expect to see improvement in two years – provided I don’t have to go back on prednisone.

Vivan, thank you for sharing your ways to improve our bone density.

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

Thanks in large part to you and your program, today I have perfect bone health. But that was the case three years ago, when my bone scan showed -3.86 in my spine. I was shocked as I am a fitness trainer and was walking daily and working out with light weights every day, teaching classes. I am, however, the perfect osteoporosis candidate: white, thin, 5′ tall, and post-menopausal.

I researched Fosomax, which my doctor recommended and rejected it. Then I started researching natural ways to strengthen my bones. I followed your plan, and others, combining your diet, wearing a weighted vest, working up to 10 lbs (10% of my body weight), and changing my weight-training program to heavier weights and fewer reps leading to muscle fatigue. I also started jogging or using a mini trampoline to create more bone stimulation in my workouts through impact, and began taking B-12, D3, and calcium.

Like you say, I didn’t follow all aspects perfectly everyday, but I did do some things every day. Last week I got my results from my latest test: Below 2.5 is considered osteoporosis. In my first test, I was -3.86. Now, I’m perfect 1.0! Am I stopping my program because I succeeded? No, I’m so excited I’m working it harder than ever, now 100% fully confident that it works! Thank you, Vivian for all that you do!

All Best,

Alexandra Eyle,
Individual results may vary
Just want to make sure everyone knows how great this program is. I was diagnosed with osteopenia two years ago. When my doctor started talking about drugs, I started doing research and found Vivian and her program. I have been a faithful follower and just had a new bone density done…spine is normal and hips are low normal My new doctor (I have moved) said everything is fine!!!
I was a believer and now even more so. Thanks for sharing your research with us, Vivian.

Robin Gray,
Individual results may vary
Despite living on a regime of drugs for my kidney transplant my bone density has not deteriorated since the surgery in 2010. I have followed Vivian’s 80-20 balance alkaline food diet and defied my doctors with the figures from bone density tests. My doctors have to admit that, allowing for different test machinery and the vagaries of the test, my bone density has not got worse, which is what they predicted. I walk 6 days a week, up hill, and try to do weights three days a week. I put 7kg of weights into a back pack and wear it on the front of my body – not the back – which I find much easier. I then do 100 sit ups, 25 at a time, with a small break between. I know my bones have improved just from the strength in my finger nails. Apart from these successes I feel really well. My renal doctors say they would be out of a job if all their patients were like me!!

Susan Broman,
Individual results may vary
I quit taking Boniva after 8 years and starting taking high doses of vitamin D3 (6000 IU) per day. I am on Synthroid, so that is a risk factor for bone loss because you don’t absorb calcium for 4 hours after you take it so I wait before I take my calcium sup. I also cut back on caffene which also hinders absorbtion. I take a calcium and magnesium supplement called Cal-Mag Fizz. It is a powder you mix with water and drink, so it is already desolved when you drink it. In just a 18 months my bone scan only showed osteopenia in the hip and none in the spine, 2 years before I was close to being osteoporosis. I was very happy about this.

Individual results may vary
I have been on this program for two years and gave up milk and most dairy products. I stay as close to the program as I can, eating organic foods, and including lots of fruits and veggies in my meals. I find breakfast the hardest to alkaline. Anyway, my bone scan improved and I am delighted that I do not have to hear it from my doctor to take those meds.
I truly appreciate all your great work.

Many, Many thanks,

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I am 50 years old and was first diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 46 years old. I began menopause at 39 (that I know of). I was put on Boniva, which I took for almost 2 years apprehensively. I did everything the way I was supposed to. Sally and I were best friends.:( I began having side effects of this drug and decided it was time to go off. I had a bone scan in the middle of taking this medicine and my numbers were great. After I stopped taking the drug about 6 months I had another bone scan done and my levels dropped severely. I was terrified. I thought, here I am only 50 and my body is going to break into little pieces and I will die if I do not find something to help build my bones back. My doctor recommended more drugs. I went home and cried. She gave me samples of another brand until I decided if I wanted to take pills or have a shot. I didn’t touch the samples. I threw them away. I was so depressed. I didn’t know what to do. I am a vegetarian and eat right. I knew there had to be a way I could do this without drugs. that’s when I came across your program. Now of course I was skeptical at first, but the more research I did, the more information I received that I knew was correct. I have had many biology classes to know much of the material you were saying was true as well as the examples you have given from the effects of the drugs were right on spot. I had found other woman taking other name drugs other than boniva and found your descriptions of these side effects was all too correct. And with the forum you have here from real people, I knew this was the answer. I ordered your book and have been following the program for about 7 months now. Once in a while I slip up, but I do follow the program about 90% of the time. I have just had another bone scan and I am so HAPPY. My scores, while not by a large margin at all, have moved in a positive direction. I know it is very slight, but it has only been 7 months and I am so happy that they haven’t move to the negative that I had to share this news. It is the best news I have heard in a long time. I am going to be a first-time Grandma this June and I now know that I will be able to run and play with my grandchild and my bones aren’t going to crumble. I can’t thank you enough Vivian for a new chance in life. Anyone who has any doubts, please just follow this program -including Vivian’s articles on the water, toothpaste, proper calcium pills and vitamins, exercise and more. She really knows what she is talking about. I am living proof of this miracle. I am so looking forward to taking another scan in 6 months and getting more positive results. I even have the ladies at the health center monitoring my progress. Thank you Vivian for saving my life!!!!!

Just a real person with a real success story

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I was actually given a year’s worth of Boniva samples but something inside me told me not to just blindly take them. I never took one of them, especially after reading the warnings regarding gastric disturbance if you cannot stand up for an hour after taking it! So a year or more later when I had another bone density test, he actually sent over a prescription to my drug store of Fosamax and told me I had to take it because I had gotten worse. It was then that I discovered the “Save Our Bones” program & I am so amazed & happy to finally have the truth! A friend of mine was on it and developed jaw problems & suffered major pain & tooth removal. I now know it was probably from the Fosamax, I am so grateful to Vivian for the enlightenment. THANK YOU!

Charlotte Parrilli,
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I WAS TAKING Fosamax for more than 8years however the sbone scan did not show improvements. I had car accident and had fractures,Idid not think it was a cause of Fosamax side effects.When i eat I hear crackling in my left jaw,sometimes i have a slight pain,In year 2010,I fell,not a hard hit but I broke my femur,had surgery and therapy.also sometimes had difficulty swallowing asif I am choking. I was alarmed what is happening with me.I read about Fosamax side effects and told the Doctor.He did not seemed to be alarmed about the side effects of this drug.In later part of theyear 2011,I decided to stop the Fosamax and i also told the doc of which he did not approve my discontinuing of the drug. I began searching informations about Osteoporosis and found Save the Bones Program/Vivian Smith. Thanksfor her efforts. I bought the book.My bone scan this month showed a minimal improvement per my doctors info.I might not be following the program right. The calcium and Vitamin levels are okey. I am taking raw calcuim in capsule form 750mg and Caltrate(calcium) 100mg per day. Is there any suggestion for other supplements to take to improve the bone mass?. Thanks Vivian for any information.

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One year ago, my hip t-score was -3.1. Now, a year later, it is -1.7. I no longer have Osteoporosis. Save our Bones got me started!!It gave me hope to not need to go on Forteo and live in fear. I started her program, PLUS went on a 100% gluten-free diet. You must do both in order to have success. The GF diet enabled my body to absorb the calcium and vitamin D. As a plus, I am absorbing so well now, my Synthroid doseage went from 175 mg to 100mg!!

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Vivian, Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!! I hope your day is as special as you are! Sharing this information has made a huge difference in my life and I couldn’t have been happier than the day I found your site on the internet. I now have osteopenia in my spine and my wrists are back to normal. God bless you!

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Hi Vivian, Thanks so much for your program. I have just received a great report from my doctor. I’ve shown improvement in the hip area in my recent bone density test. My doctor wants me to take one of the meds, but I have refused and continue my calcium and other vitamins you have suggested. And I love walking and gardening. The doctor WILL become a believer.
And thanks for your “PROGRAM” and the free gifts. Happy Mother’s Day.

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Vivian, thank you so much for these gifts as well as all the information you give us to have a healthy and active life. From the first day I was diagnosed with Osteo I have never taken one of those prescription pills and never will! I have reversed my wrists back to normal and my back is now osteopenia. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! You are such a blessing and have been a very large part of my success. I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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I’ll certainly try these two simple challenges! This is good advice, Vivian, and something we can all do. After following your acid/alkaline balance advice, I’m delighted to tell you that my last blood test showed I had no inflammation at all in my body and that my bone profile (not sure what that is in blood test terms) and cholesterol levels were also healthy. At last!

Feona, 5/7/2012
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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 14 months ago at age 52. I refused to take medication for it and instead purchased and started following the Save Our Bones program about two weeks after the bone scan. I live a relatively healthy lifestyle but I do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. So the only other change I made was to eliminate gluten seven months ago to see if it made a difference to my thyroid levels. My blood test this month showed a significant increase in free T3, which led my endocrinologist to lower my supplemental thyroid hormone. And even more exciting to me, was my DEXA result which showed a bone density increase of 2.5% in my lumbar spine and 14% in my hip, with a new diagnosis of osteopenia. I now know for sure I am headed in the right direction.

I couldn't be happier. I am telling everyone about your program and just ordered my 83-year-old mother her own copy of your book.

Thanks for all of your research and sharing it with the world.


Mary A.,
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Over the last couple of years I have been modifying my diet according to your Save Our Bones program…nothing too drastic…just a better acid-alkaline balance, i.e. more vegetables and a lot less meat…also no milk..switched to Blue Diamond original unsweetened almond milk. I was on Actonel for about 6 years, then Fosamax for 2 – during which time I acquired 2 or 3 compression fracture in my thoracic spine (from lifting heavy stuff while working in the garden). I stopped Fosamax in February 2010 after discovering your program. First bone scan after that was a very modest improvement -2.6 after being as low as -3.l. However a very recent scan shows me now in the osteopenia range – -2.2 and -l.9. I am 81 so don’t think you have to be young to take these steps to healthier bones! Thanks for all your work providing us with important information.

Ann Chambers,
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Dear Vivian,

I have a copy of your Osteoporosis Reversal Program and I have taken your advice about stopping the Fosamax. I have not taken it for almost three years now and I feel much better. My last bone density was in November 2011 and I am happy to say there has been an improvement. I have been watching my diet, I do some exercise with weights and I square dance which is great for the bones and the brain as well.
I am so glad that I received your email about your program and that I have your book. Thank you so very much. I also want to thank you for your continued emails and all the valuable information that you send my way.


June Tripp,
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Hi Vivian,

My diagnosis was sudden. One day bent over to wipe the floor and suddenly knew I had done something. Did not fall. Really painful but as I had not fallen was not diagnosed for another 4 months when I mentioned my difficulties to my specialist for another condition that I have -Ulcerative Colitis.( That wasn't diagnosed for 46 years but that is another story) The resultant X-rays showed 3 compression fractures. I believe the U.C. had much to do with the Severe Osteoporosis with a – 4.2 t score of the spine. I started with the usual Fosamax but was depressed about it and started searching for something ,anything that would help me and not be on what I believed would be a terrible life with those drugs. Within minutes found Vivian and the answer. I also took myself off my Ulcerative Colitis drugs during this last 3 years but couldn't complete the extensive course of the expensive alternatives and recently returned to those drugs for that. However when I was ordered to do another Bone Density scan, I had improved 12.3 % . I am thrilled and now have I think enough money to get off the UC drugs (acidic) again. Yes, I still have Osteoporosis with a way to go but shall continue and see what I can do in the next couple of years with the alkaline diet and more exercise. I am 76 years old with a chronic condition but its worth it and never too late. Thank you Vivian for being there when I needed you.

Shirley Blundell,
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Thanks for your article on Yoga, I have been trying to get into a Yoga class in my town since we travel so much its hard to stay with a class, now I can just order the DVD and take it with me wherever.

Just returned from my doctor with excellent results from my DEXA scan. 2010 right hip was -3.36 today it was -2.93 and 2010 spine was -2.15, today it was -1.59. I have been on the Save Our Bones program since Feb. 2010 and not only lost some weight, but getting great results and feeling good too.

This is really exciting to me since its been an uphill battle with my husband and the diet changes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…I will spread the good word.

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Hip Hip hooray! I had my bone density scan done today and the results were beyond my wildest expectations. Just a year ago my oncologist wanted me to go on Reclast. I made a deal with him and we agreed that I would try to reverse my high numbers by eating differently and getting on some very good supplements. I bought Vivan’s book and went to work. The technician was so pleased, she could hardly contain herself. My guess is that she doesn’t see too many 80 year old women who can reverse their bone density numbers in a natural way! I’m beyond grateful!!!

Bev Smiley,
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Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at a reknown college University Medical CenterOsteoporosis Clinic. I had gone a year ago, with a hip t score of -3.1. A local doctor had wanted me to go on Forteo, and I didnt want to because it caused bone cancer in rats. I fouind Save Our Bones, which gave me the courage I needed to say no. I went to see a local Natural Medical Doctor who put me on a gluten-free diet. My doctor at the Medical clinic and my own primary care doctor were supportive of the change. I went gluten free and changed my weight work out. I have gluten sensitivity and not celiac disease.

Within 3 months, my nxtelepeptide test went from a high of 52 to a 23! They said my bone loss was suppressed. recently, my Synthroid level for my hypothyroid went from .175 micrograms to .100, and the best of all-my t scan reduced as well. According to the tests, my doctor at the Med Center told me that my results were WONDERFUL. I no longer have Osteoporosis, I have Osteopenia, and that my results are more in the normal range. She said to keep doing what I’m doing and to see her in two years. I can’t tell you how important it is to have doctors who are open to natural remedies. I take Osteoprime Ultra by Therapeutic Therapies(3 twice daily) along with 2000 units of vitamin D twice daily. I would run to your local bookstore and gluten free area. I also did a complete blood allergy test to see what else I was allergic to. I am still off eggs and dairy. I have seen other improvements as well-no more sinus infections, back and shoulder inflammation is gone, etc. It isn’t difficult at all. Just be steadfast to be healthy. More people are gluten free now.

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I have had osteoporosis for 5 years. I started on Boniva per my doctor. Two years ago my doctor took me off of Boniva and wanted me to take Actonel because my scores kept going down. So, I started doing my own research. I took myself off of Boniva and never started Actonel. That is when I ordered your book. I began the habit of walking every day and eating more and more vegetables. My osteoporosis has improved to osteopenia, even though my doctor only gives credit to the previously taken Boniva. Thanks for improving my health with your recommendations. I am a firm believer in this program.

Neita D.,
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I was diagnosed w/ osteopenia 4 years ago. For the first 2 years my bone density decreased but then I read your book made many of your recommended lifestyle changes. This years result show an increased bone density! I gave up cokes, dramatically increased fruits/vegetables, decreased sodium, added more exercise, cut back on meats and transitioned to plant based calcium and it paid off without using any drugs. I feel great. Thanks so much!

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All of your information is so good. I have and am still saving all your emails and articles. I still need to get my blood platelets up to normal so that the Dr. will slowly take me off Prednisone, but my posture is very good and my bones must be strong now, because I missed a small step in our garage and fell full weight on the cement floor landing on my left hip and elbow and did not break a bone. I do have a huge black and blue spot on my hip, but I presume that is because of my diagnosed ITP. Thanks for all your wonderful research. Quite a while ago I did purchase your Save Our Bones program and enjoy it very much. Thanks again,

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I'm bursting with excitement. Just had my one year Osteoporosis Checkup. To refresh memories; Last year I was diagnosed with “Severe Osteoporosis”. Hence, I've been following “Vivian Goldschmidt's”outstanding “Osteoporosis Diet,and reading her SaveOurBones Book. As well as following everything else she has suggested. Over this last year we have shared diets, recipes, books, exercises, friendships,and Osteoporosis.

Before going out the door to my Dr. appointment this morning I listened once again to The “SaveOurBones” presentation by Vivian. Which I might add I've listened to many, many, many times before. At first I wondered “why am I listening to this AGAIN?”. The nice part is I always seem to catch something new that I didn't catch the last time I listened. So I looked at my watch and thought “I've got a little time…. And I did HAVE A LITTLE TIME and I did LISTEN”. I had a ten o'clock doctor appointment and it was 9AM.

First thing the Dr. asked me when I got in the exam room was, “what drug did you decide on for your Osteoporosis???”

I said “I didn't.I decided on a “Nutritionist”..and she has been a God Sent for me. “Doctor, I have seen and heard so many negative things about all the Osteoporosis Drugs on the market. You know, the ones you wanted me to take”! He raised his eyebrows and said well O.K. I asked him if he was going to do the Dexa Scan today and he replied yes, I must repeat the test due to the severity of the Osteoporosis Diagnosis last year. I'm also concerned that you have not taken any of the suggested drugs. We must check and see where you stand with this problem.

Well it was good news. I have gained 0.+7 in my left Femur. I have gained 1.1+ in my AP Spine. The doctor shakes my hand and says “Your are gaining bone density where people your age are beginning to lose density, in the hip joint”. Good for you and your Nutritionist. He was sincere about that.

You no longer have Osteoporosis, it's Osteopenia now, much less threatening. Please keep up whatever you are doing because it is working.

I am sincere in telling each of you women, that when I was diagnosed I was sure I was a goner. My sister died two years ago with Severe Osteoporosis, her back collapsed. The very day I was diagnosed, I sat down at the computer in complete depression and within five minutes a screen popped up and a Nutritionist asked me some very pertinent questions about my bones?????. I called that encounter “A God Thing”. I also called it a “Good Thing”.

Thanks to Vivian Goldschmidt, I'm going in the right direction.

Vivian's book and exercise do make the difference, they worked. “Yeah Vivian”. I am living proof that her suggestions worked., and to think I was given something that really worked to increase my bone density. A diet, and exercise. Not a pill, not a shot, a diet that builds bones, and uses vegetables and fruits to gain Calcium WOW. Vivian turned me toward Good Bone Health! Thanks for listening, Best regards for “Your Good Bone Health. I think we are all Blessed because we were given Vivian. She has given us what we need to gain bone density without drugs. Onward and upward with this program and lets all look forward to good bone health.

Joyce Hall,
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After taking Actonal for seven years and going from osteopenia to osteoporosis with a spinal T-score of -2.62 in October, 2008, I was very happy to come across the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

By doing away with Actonal and eating the 80 / 20 Bone Revolution way, my latest bone densitomrtry study in November, 2010 showed an improvement in my T-score to -1.40, mild osteopenia.

I have continued with the program and can't wait to see where my score will be on my November 2012 study.

Thank you so much Vivian.

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Hi Vivian,

I have just had the best news ever.

My bone density has improved. I don't know by how much, as I got the news over the phone.

I was told that with medication, my bones had improved.

After taking medication for 13 years and never ever hearing the word “improved” it came as music to my ears.

I went off the medication in December and had my test in August. Before this, I would always hear: “it's the same or it's worse”.

I'm still working on my diet and do a lot of tai chi every day. I will now take your advise and chew a little longer as well as take deep breaths throughout the day. I'm at fault on both counts.

Thank you for your wonderful advice.”

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Don't know if you answer these emails, but thought i'd tell you that my density improved….slightly…since i started with you last year.

Flame S.,
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Hi Vivian,

Many thanks for keeping me up to date with all the latest information. I look foward to receiving your e-mails.

I do not take any medication for my oesteoporosis, as I prefer to treat my bones the natural way, and your tips make this very easy and simple to follow. My bone density has changed from -2.9 to -2.6!! I am very pleased.

Once again thank you so much for keeping me so well informed.

Kind regards.

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Dear Vivian,

Thank you for the work you are doing to inform women about the serious side effects of drugs. I am 78 years old and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I have been fighting off doctors' insistence that I take drugs for years. I have been following your advice as well as other things.

My last DEXA scan showed improvement of 16%. Maybe this will get the doctors off my back. They threaten that I will fall and break my hip. So I have been fearful of that. I encourage other women to take your advice.


Myra W.,
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First of all, I wish you a very happy New Year full of joy and continued good health throughout 2012.

We don't have Facebook hence my non-replies to your suggestions and exercises. This does not mean I have not appreciated all your correspondance, on the contarary your new suggestions have either been
most helpful, or confirmed what I already suspected, or sometimes knew.

I'm delighted to report that my recent Bone Density checkup discovered a just under 12% increase in the vertebrae and a little under 6% increase in the hip. This occured in the past 12 months. I intend to keep up with your programme till I'm out of the Osteoporosis zone, and always to keep a weather eye out for the acid/alkaline balance. I take plenty of exercise, only keeping in mind a mildish case of Fibromyalgia so sometimes cut down on the repeats.

I'm a fine boned Caucasian aged 72 1/2. and have passed on your website to 2 similarly built women in our village who have Osteoporosis too.

My G.P. is delighted. She is a wonderfuil open-minded Practiciioner. Thanks a million for the help you have given me and for the many people you have saved from the destructive drugs.


Sue S.,
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Thank you so much for looking out information like this for us. I watched that news too. Luckily I have been following your program last 1 1/2 year without taking those horrible drugs, and my osteoporosis has shown improvement gradually, the recent bone density test results is just little bit osteopenia. Thank you again for your help.

Best wishes,

Mary H.
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Hi Vivian,I stopped taking my Osteoporosis Drugs when I received your book. I try to follow it and seem to be doing OK without the drugs. The book is easy to follow. I haven't had a bone test since I started following the program. I just seem to notice it, my dentist comments on how my gums and teeth have improved. My arthritis doesn't bother me as much and my fingernails are much better. Thank you so much.

Phyllis T.,
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Dear Vivian,

Two years ago you gave me the courage to quit Actonel. I am 76 and happy to tell you that my bone density has actually increased with your help in creating greater consciousness about food and exercise. THANK YOU!!!

And big best wishes to you,

Claire D.,
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Thank you very much..

I want to tell you that since I bought your book and followed it to watch my diet, and took a one hour walk everyday although I did not adhere exactly when I was traveling, but my last two bone density scans ( scanned six months after I followed the program and scanned again after another six months ) both have shown improvements, the recent scan result about my osteoporosis has improved to osteopenia -0.8 and -0.9 for left hip and right hip.

I have told many of my friends to stop taking those horrible drugs and to follow your book to save our bones.

Thank you again.

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I have bought and read your “Osteoporosis Reversal Program” book.

My wife have followed some of your recommendations in this book for about one year. Her DEXA scan results have improved to osteopenia from osteoporosis.


Kirk C.,
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Dear Vivian,

When I bought your book, I stopped being afraid as you made so much sense, subsequently I ditched the awful Fosamax against my Doctors advice and found a personal trainer who gave me a very good price for 3 weight sessions a week.

My Dexter scan last September showed that I had gone from “high risk” to “mild” to the amazement of my Consultant.

Thank you so much, I would not have had the courage without you, I look forward to seeing your video.

Kindest regards

Susan B.,
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Hello and thank you for keeping me in the loop.. My last two bone scans, were osteopina.. yeaaa because 4 years ago, it was osteoporosis..

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Dear Vivian, I am so pleased that yu have written the truth about these gold-digging doctors that are doing us such harm. Since I have been using your advise my bone density has improved twice in a row. and it .. is not the medication that the doctors have tried to get me to use, all they ever did was to begin rotting my jaw bone. I am forever thankful for your advise and intend to continue using it as my bone bible. Again thank you so very much for your honesty and straightforwardness. I thank God every day that there are honest people like yourself.

My most sincere thanks,

Linda F.,
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Hi Vivian thanks for all the updates etc. Thought you mau be interested to hear that recent Bone Scan proves I no longer have Osteoporosis. Now reduced to Osteopoenia. This is has changed in the 14 Months, since I stopped taking Bisophenates, and followed your way of eating. I feel very well. Love,

Jean S.,
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I am very excited to report, following a recent Dexa Scan, I no longer have Osteoporosis. I have been upgraded Osteopenia and this was achieved without medication!

Two years ago, when they wanted to put me on Fosamax and given my other issues, I opted to seek natural treatment. I found your web site: Vivian Goldschmidt, MA and followed the information provided.

Yes, I cannot state for a fact that eating tomatoes has reversed this disease, as I also quit smoking and started power walking, in reality it does not matter because I feel great and love the upgrade!!!

Thanks for all the information you share!

Janice F.,
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Hi Vivian,

I had a bone density scan done 2 years ago and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I ordered your book and started following your advice for supplements and food.

I just had a bone density scan done a week ago and the diagnosis is now ostepena – not osteoporosis . The supplements and food changes have definitely made a difference. I decided not to take Boniva as recommended by the Doctor and I am so glad that I made that decision.

My sister took the injection and has the jaw disease now. It is horrible. On top of all of that, her osteoporosis remained the same after taking the “Bone Density” drugs.

The Doctor was surprised by the change and I told her what I was doing. She told me to continue what I am doing – since it obviously works.

Thank you again,

Mary M.,
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I have managed to evade drugs although my osteo specialist tells me I should, especially because my over-all excellent health, be on any of various shots/infusions/pills in order to avoid fractures or finding myself bed-ridden. I have gone to Curves for 7 years and find myself getting stronger with muscle development and can do many things, painlessly, previously impossible – like vacuuming my entire house, raking, shovelling snow, getting out of bed, in and out of a car etc with no pain and no difficulty, unlike 7 years ago. HOWEVER, since being on the alkaline/acid foods program, 18 months or so now, I have an actual stabilization re my T- Score in my hips at -1.7 and an improvement in my spinal T-Score at -3 from -3.1. It doesn't sound like much but till now there has always been an INcrease in negativity in both, so I am happy. Sometimes it's difficult to access or afford certain foods, but I manage. Thanks for all the research and sharing!

Miriam S.,
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I LOVE getting your e-mails – they are always so informative! I wanted to share my good news with you – I just had another bone density test and was thrilled to learn that my bone density has stabilized in some areas and INCREASED in many areas! I had a bone density test in 2009 which showed osteopenia and they wanted to put me on their so-called bone building drugs which I declined – so I went online and started doing research. That’s when I discovered your website! I began your program and started taking pilates classes from my beautiful daughter and I do a lot of power walking. Lo and behold it has all paid off! 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH Vivian!


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Vivian – I recently went for a Dexascan (it’s been about a year and a half since my last one) and my bone mass in my spine has increased by 12%! The technician asked “What have you been doing!?!” and my doctor was very excited and wanted to know if it was the exercises that you have on your website that made the difference. No, it wasn't but you’ll see.

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and given Boniva. I didn’t want to take this medication and fortunately I found your website. After buying your book and reading your articles I decided this makes sense and adopted your plan, not the Boniva. I informed my doctor what I was doing, gave her your website address and she looked into it a bit and that’s where she discovered your exercises. But I have to tell you it’s not the exercises I’ve been doing, although I want to and I will. It’s your diet I’ve been following and for me it was radical because up to then I was eating a diet of animal protein and not many vegetables. Animal protein is lean, low calorie, low fat, less calories BUT, highly acidic! This fact really struck a chord with me so now I eat very little animal protein and eat lots and lots of fruit and vegetables. [So much so that in my last blood test and urinalysis, the pH is 8.0(high)]. But I no longer have osteoporosis! I am just below normal range, so I have a little osteopinea. I wanted to let you know of the impressive results of my bone scan and how amazed and pleased the ‘professionals’ were. Thank you and I am telling everyone about you. Keep up the good work, Vivian!

Thank you so much,

Richelle Sommer,
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Hi Vivian!

Thanks for all that you do! With proper nutrition and exercise I have gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia according to my latest bone scan! I think your program is great!

I wanted to know- is there a Densercise hard copy book and CD I can get i nstead of a digital download? I usually prefer something I can “get my hands on”.

Individual results may vary
I love receiving all your tips Vivian. It makes me feel so much more in control of my own health. My bone density increased by 4% last year and I am hoping that will improve more this year. More importantly all the things that you mention are good…..I absolutely love so I trust my body to do the right thing!!

Many many thanks for all your wonderful help.

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Hi There

I joined your programme two years ago after a diagnosis of Osteopenia and a progressive decline after taken prescription calcium carbonate.

Two years later my latest bone scan shows no further bone loss in my hips (which in itself is an increase) and an 8% increase in my spine. Are my doctors interested at a top London teaching hospital? No, they just laughed at what they called my ” concoction of tablets”. More fool them.

Christine. London UK,
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Vivian,two weeks ago I had a tumble on a sidewalk and had severe injury with subsequent massive bruising to my left temple area, eye, face – also left hip area. ER the next day with numerous x-rays, CT scan of head, showed NO fractures; only a sprain of the right wrist! I had ordered your book probably two years ago and had been following most of your suggestions on diet and the refusal of the suggested drugs for osteopenia. BTW – I’m 83 years old and on Coumadin.

I seldom eat red meat, use only almond milk, eat mainly fruits and vegs. as per your acid/alkalin guidelines. I’m now convinced that NOT taking the drugs saved me from broken bones. Everyone is amazed that I didn’t have a broken bone.

Just wanted you to know that your plan seems to have worked well in my case. Incidentally, I had to cancel an appt. for a bone density test. I told them I had already taken the test! Just wish mine hadn’t been so painful.

My e-mail address is above if you want to contact me. Keep up the good work.


Marie Pinschmidt,
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Dear Vivian:

Thanks for your information on chamomile, exercises, and your book. I had been on Fosamax for 10 years and was worsening. I followed your plan and in 18 months I no longer had osteoporosis. I’ve been sharing your information on acid/alkaline foods. Thanks again, and keep on researching and sharing. God bless!

Gloria Josiah,
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Dear Vivian

You are truly a force to deal with. I am also very impressed that in you article on chamomile on the web, there is no apparent attempt to merchandise chamomile (or anything else, for that matter.)

I followed The Osteoporosis Reversal Program got rid of my osteoporosis very quickly.

Lloyd Clayton, ND – Founder, Clayton College of Natural Health (the largest school of natural health and healing),
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian: This is yet again to express my appreciation for the courtesy extended for being such most effective inspiration to me.

l have never had such experience, inspiration etc. from other sources in my lifetime.

Thanking you so much and wishing you the very best.

Dr John Dzineku,
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Tap dancing can certainly help if you have osteoporosis. I joined a class about 3 years ago , and I go 2 x a week. I gradually went from beginner to intermediate/advanced to be safe.(They told me I had severe osteoporosis.)

Well,I just had a DEXA scan, and I was told my bone density had greatly improved. I have one thing to say. Be careful, but keep moving. By the way, I am 70 years old.

Thank you Vivian for all the information you have provided, and I also have your book.

Gerri D.,
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I was on Actonel for 4 1/2 years and had Osteopenia but when my doctor took me off Actonel I got Osteoporosis. She prescribed 1 a day Actonel in the spring of 2009 but I never took it. I went to the nutrition store and bought a bone builder formula containing calcium magnesium, vitamin d, and vitamin k.

I had a bone scan in November 2011 recently and I do not have any osteoporosis and my condition has reverted to osteopeniaI also bought your book Vivian and follow the diet and healthy eating.

Thank you so much.

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First of all, I wish you a very happy New Year full of joy and continued good health throughout 2012. We don't have Facebook hence my non-replies to your suggestions and exercises. This does not mean I have not appreciated all your correspondence. On the contrary, your new suggestions have either been most helpful, confirmed what I already suspected or sometimes knew. I'm delighted to report that my recent Bone Density checkup discovered a just under 12% increase in the vertebrae and a little under 6% increase in the hip. This occurred in the past 12 months. I intend to keep up with your program till I'm out of the Osteoporosis zone, and always to keep a weather eye out for the acid/alkaline balance. I take plenty of exercise, only keeping in mind a mild case of Fibromyalgia, so sometimes cut down on the repeats. I'm a fine boned Caucasian aged 72 1/2. and have passed on your website to 2 similarly built women in our village who have Osteoporosis too. My G.P. is delighted. She is a wonderfuil open-minded Practicioner. Thanks a million for the help you have given me and for the many people you have saved from the destructive drugs, Vivian.


Sue S.,
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My name is Vickie Willbrand. I've been on your Osteoporosis Reversal Program for almost two years.

I had my DEXA on December 19, 2011, for the first time since being on your program.

My doctor weas real happy, saying that my bone density had increased since my last DEXA two years ago. She said to continue on with what I have been already doing for my bones (which is to remain on your Osteoporosis Reversal Program).

Thanks again so much for giving me (and many others!) a bone-saving and bone-building program we can use all of our lives!

I appreciate you so much! Thanks again!

Lots of love and best wishes,

Vickie W.,
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I stopped Forteo after 2 times and the prescribing doctor told me I was going to die!!!!! She is the idiot and I never went back to her, and I never will take any meds for my bones.. Following your advice, I changed my diet, I have eliminated meat, but I eat chicken and fish,and veggies. Surprise my cholestol was fine and all blood work showed up just fine( for the first time ever) at almost 83 I am delighted with eating well, enjoy the apple and cucumber for lunch. Got barley (hulled) flakes. Thank you so very much for your help. After breaking my back twice in a year I am doubly grateful for your good advice…”

Maxine Hirschel,
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Hi Vivian, After a year on your program my dexascan showed a 3.5 % increase in bone density which was called substantial by my doc. She has stopped insisting that I take that annual shot for my osteopenia that was bordering on the osteoporosis Now I can incorporate this exercise during the cold winter months. I live in the midAtlantic and don’t have your Florida luxury of year round good weather to exercise. Thanks for all you do. You saved my bones!!!!”

Paula Blake,
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Hi Vivian,

A few years ago I was diagnosed with full blown osteoporosis. I was on Fosomax and Boniva and suffered terribly while taking them.Nothing changed the numbers.Osteoporosis was getting worse. I found Vivian and abandoned all medications and followed her advise in her book. Just had another bone scan and although bones are thin, bone strength has increased.I give the credit to Vivians treasure of info concerning bone health ,and E-zorb calcium.

Thank You Vivian .I could never have done it without you.”

Gerri D.
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I read your books and have been taking your excellent advice.

In May I fell and suffered a compound fracture of my right ulnar and wrist. Since I am 81 yrs of age my recovery was considered to be guarded at the best.
However I had complete healing of the bones in my fractured wrist and ulnar within 6 WEEKS!!

Consider this confusing fact- My diagnosis is still severe osteoporosis- even after such a rapid bone healing.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, that your advice has caused me to heal from a serious fracture in less time than most teenagers would have taken.”

Doreen Hamilton,
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Good morning Vivian

I hope you don't mind me using your first name but over the last couple of years you have been “in my home” every day and I feel I know you.

I have just returned from the doctors where I received the results of my latest bone density scan and the first thing I wanted to do is to send you an email and give you the good news, as thanks to you, my bone scan is normal!!!!

Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in me having a full hysterectomy, after which the Doctors advised having yearly bone scans. After the first scan I was given the devastating news, I had osteoporosis! Having survived cancer why was this news so much more upsetting? I couldn't understand my complete and utter devastation, apart from the usual feelings of having some incurable disease again, I felt that my young life was over – I was now officially and old woman. I must have cried for a whole week.

I had also recently purchased a beautiful horse. I had wanted one for over 40 years as they have been my passion since I was a child and as I had just turned 50 and felt this would be my last chance of having a horse of my own but the thought of riding knowing I had brittle bones was terrifying! Needless to say I had to sell the horse.

I was given a prescription for Evista but in my heart I knew I didn't want to take it because of all the side effects. When I told the Doctor her reply was horrifying the things that were going to happen to me if I didn't take it! I never did take that prescription to the Chemist. Instead I miserably trawled the internet and was lucky enough to find your website and the words written started to give me hope. I read with encouragement, all the advice available on your site and then ordered your book.

To start with, I found it very difficult worrying whether I was eating the correct division of 80 alkaline – 20 acid and whether I was taking enough supplements but by continuing to read your articles and dipping back into your book, in no time it all became less daunting, now it is almost second nature. Not a day went by when I didn't “check-in” to see if there was any new articles. Then you started sending me emails all the time with fantastic little tips which I can honestly say really helped and encouraged me to keep going. I find myself looking for your emails when I log onto my computer at work in the mornings.

After the first year I was a little disappointed because my T score hadn't improved, it was -2.8. I still had hope and faith that your advice would work, so I persevered and the following year my T score had improved – 2.6, the second year it improved even more, the third year (last year) was very exciting when my result was “Osteopenia – primary stage” I really felt as though I was achieving something.

I started having riding lessons again, feeling much more secure in the knowledge that my bones were not as bad as they had been in previous years! I am convinced that the exercise I did twice a week, every week on that horse helped my bones. We ride slightly different here and we do what we call “rising trot” which means we have to sit and rise from the hip in pace with the horse! What excellent exercise it was, the pains in my hips although at first seem to get worse eventually they disappeared completely!

Today my bone scan says in big bold writing “NORMAL” I cannot begin to thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me over the last few years! I do not intend to stop – I am going to keep it up, I will be checking-in with you every day watching and waiting for all the fantastic advice. I have and will continue to sing your praises and recommend you to everyone I know!

I no longer feel like an old woman in fact I feel 10 years younger!

THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK AND ALSO FOR ALLOWING ME TO REALISE A CHILDHOOD DREAM. As you will see I have taken the liberty of attaching a picture of me and my “passion”, my new horse Americano!!!! I have finally achieved that dream!

Thank you

Best regards,

Lorraine Lockert,
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Vivian -I am so excited I have just had my new DEXA scan and the results are amazing – I have a 10.3% bone mineral increase on my spine and 9% on my hip. My doctor is amazed.”

Individual results may vary
THANK YOU VIVIAN!!! I just received the good news that my T-scores have made a “significant improvement”. Although I am still in the “Osteopenia” category I am heading in the right direction thanks to your Osteoporosis Reversal Program and the information and encouragement on your website. May God continue to bless you and your work.

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

I can’t thank you enough for your good advice (your book & emails!).

I got off Actonel 2 years ago (taking it for 5 years without any improvement)after doing extensive research on the internet & becoming aware of the shocking side effects. I bought your book & followed your advice re alkaline diet, organic calcium etc.

I went for my DEXA scan again yesterday after three years & my results were the best ever (in 11 years!)- from -2.49 in my hip/spine to -1.9 & from 1.94 in my fem.neck to -1.4. I went from moderate/high fracture risk to mild fracture risk. Your method/advice really works!

Everybody should follow your recommendations.

It is really easy & only requires minor changes in your life style.

Thank you so much!!!

Cheers from Australia,

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Dear Vivian: It is important I share with you how much you have helped me with my bone situation. After being on Fosamax and calcium for many years and having the problem of my calcium being absorbed severly into my blood; having my doctor thinking I should have the parathyroid removed because of the calcium situation (until I went through a special test to find the parathyroid was fine), I am very relieved to hear things have been corrected. I can truthfully say it is because of you and your advice regarding my diet, etc. that I am on the road to recovery. Yesterday the doctor gave me the good news and the only medication I am to take is Vitamin D. I am very grateful and give you the credit. Thank you.

Mary Anderson,
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Hi Vivian,

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago and unfortunately took Fosamax for 10 months. By that time my left leg had become very weak and my left hip was almost immobilized. I ceased Fosamax, bought your book and I think everything you have said makes perfect sense to me. My symptoms have improved, but are not completely better. Last week I had my two year DEXA scan, and was so happy with my results. Bone density in both hips had improved by 20.4%, now osteopaenia. My spine bone density improved 6.6% and now within the normal range. The radiographer was amazed at this result, she had never seen such an increase before within the first two years. I was happy to tell her how I achieved this result. I really love your program Vivian and will continue it as a way of life. Thank you so much for your fantastic advice, I hate to think how I would be if I had continued with Fosamax.

Warmest regards.

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Hi Vivian

I’ve had your book for a couple of years and since following your programme (with particular emphasis on exercise) my first year, my bone scan showed no bone loss and my second year showed an increase of 4.1%.

My consultant initially thought there was something wrong with the scanner!!! I believe I can reverse it, but my consultant said I will need to be on drugs by the time I’m 60. I’m 55 and have no intention of killing myself with drugs.

I have an allotment and do many hours of heavy digging etc. and purchased a treadmill. I make sure I do over 5000 steps a day and that way I can monitor if I’ve done enough exercise throughout the week.

I don’t eat meat (only fish), butter, milk, or cheese. I have plenty of fresh vegetables, take an osteoporosis supplement, kelp and fish oil.

I feel so lucky to receive all this wonderful advice that you kindly send out regularly.

Many many thanks Vivian for taking my fear away.

Kind regards

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Dear Vivian,

I will be 92 years old in November and cannot believe what has happened since I discovered you and your book. In 2008 my bone density was -4.3; in 2010 it was -4.1 difference. This was from taking Fosamax.
When I discovered you about 6 or 7 months ago, I told my doctor I was through with Fosamax and going with your program.

On June 6 I asked for another test to see if it was working and I am so hapy to tell you that my one number went from -4.1 to -3.7 and the T(?)number went from -3.0 to -2.1. This is only a few months time which I think is great. I am also walking my dog about 40 minutes a day and go to the gym with a personal trainer twice a week. However, I was doing that before I discovered you!
So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for my improvement.

Ellen Law,
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Thank you, Thank You Vivian,

I got on your program 2 years ago after finding out about my bone density. I just got my bone density and I have improved 16% in my hips and 2% in my spine total. I feel if I can do it, anyone can. I admit I cheated some on the weekends. I like the way I eat so much, I will never go back to eating processed foods.I feel so much better health wise, now it is part of my life. Vivian you are a life savior. I hope everyone will do the program and I know you will get great results.

Pat Boyd,
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I got the best news!

I have a hip t-score of -3.1. On April 6th, my n-telepeptide test was 52. This urine test measures bone loss. Normal is 4 to 64, and you want it to be as low as possible. I started the Save our Bones program, a gluten-free diet, and an intense weight workout. I took another test on July 14h, and my tesgt results were a 23!! My doctor said my bone loss is suppressed. When I spoke to an Osteoporosis specialist, she said it was due to my diet!!! So, the gluten-free diet and the changes with Save Our Bones made the difference!!!

Individual results may vary
Wow! Great news for me. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with “severe” osteoporosis after I had radiation for uterine cancer. I even had a couple of small fractures in my hips and a pretty severe groin fracture which caused me to be on crutches for 6 weeks. I vowed then to start exercising to help prevent more fractures. I was still drinking carbonated beverages and eating all wrong even though I am at a good weight. I was also taking Fosamax and later, Boniva because I didn’t know better. Thank God and thank the Osteoporosis Reversal Program from Vivian, I changed my eating and drinking habits to conform with the advice in the book and stopped all drugs. I just had a bone density and thanks to all the changes I’ve made I have now reversed my “osteoporosis” to “osteopenia”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my healthy bones Vivian, for your part in the changes I’ve experienced.

Jackie W.,
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My second dexa scan came back with an improvement of 10% in bone density. The doctor thinks I take Evista but although they are prescribed for me I throw them away, I do this to avoid being bullied into taking them. So why the increase in bone density? I can only assume that it is due to my daily walking with the dog for an hour and a half and my dancing which is a major part of my life. I have adjusted my diet since reading Save our Bones and have a well balanced diet and a Gold Standard Multi Vitamin supplement. What else can it be? I am so glad I read your book and decided to avoid the nasty drug remedies.

Jayne P., 7/16/2011
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Hello Vivian – I have had good news! My bone density has significantly improved.

Lumbar spine from -1.9 to %change +17.84

Hip from -2.0 to %change +1.08

I attribute this improvement to my alkaline diet, and to calcium, Vit D, Magnesium, and exercise. Dr comment: “continue present regimen”

Joy J.
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Hi Vivian,

I like your recepie and I am very excited to read your e mails,my mothers bone density test is already better, With thanks Slavica.

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian….of all the places I’ve looked you are the only one I’ve seen telling the truth about the cause of bone loss. You were right on about the foods that cause so much damage. I even know how your treatment works, and again your right on target. Thanks again for being truthful and honest and not trying to rip people off.

Gary L. A.,
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Vivian. I can’t thank you enough. In the last four months I put in a reverse osmosis water system, and have been following your counsel about eating. I am 63 and have had osteoporosis for about 15 years. My last bone density was in December. I went to the doctor last week and blew her mind. I have lost an average of five pounds a month (and I’m never hungry), my “bad” cholestrol dropped 50 points and my good cholestrol stayed the same (it has always been very high). My finger nails are strong and healthy–that’s really new. I feel great. Am off all anti-inflamatories, anti-histamines and am weaning myself off anti-depressives. My endocronolgist is amazed and neither of us can wait for my bone density test. My friends are telling their doctors about your eating plan. They are all waiting for my bone scan with great anticipation.

Individual results may vary
I wanted to say that my bone density test came back Great, compared to what it used to be.
My readings were previously -3.6, but now are -1.6
I have been trying hard to follow the Bone guide for several months, I took myself off of the Forteo injections after 18 months last August & I am very happy about the new readings.

Joyce S.,
Individual results may vary
Thank you for your common sense wisdom and well-researched information. I send many of my patients to your site, and realize that I will be opening a second practice counseling women in South Florida, close to Hollywood. I hope some time that we may meet, and enlarge our circle of beneficiaries– folks that can thrive with a healthy lifestyle and relinquish the fear of invented diseases.

Keep up the good work. Hugs,

Helene B. L., MD
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Vivian, you gave me the courage to be bold & to stay away from all forms of drugs. I had a 1 yr later repeat DEXA scan a wk ago & the improve ment in my bone density is remarkable. I'm encouraged to keep on doing what I'm doing only more consistently. There's hope for everyone & I'm 72. Thank you!

Brigid G.,
Individual results may vary
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago this January with T scores of -2.5 (Spine) and -2.9 (femur) and Z scores, -1.9 and -2.2 respectively. My family doctor freaked out and said I must take Fosomax even though he knew I had acid reflux which prescribed medication was not completely taking care of. I was sure there had to be a better way so I did research and found your website. I purchased your first book and started the diet. I have emailed you over time but I don't know if you remember me talking with you about coming off Prevacid. I was able to do it much faster than you thought I would. I have been on the Saveourbones diet for two years. Not long after going on the diet, my toenail that had the white line and was split in half, came back together. I must confess that I have cheated on this diet some since I went back to school and won't be having another bone mineral density scan until next month. So I don't know what my present T
scores are.

I am almost 55 years old but still physically active – as active as chronic pain will let me. I walk, climb stairs, ride my bike, hike. I have been riding my bicycle to run my dog as many days a week as possible for his sake. A week ago I was doing just that when a stray dog and her charge aggressively and noisily rushed us. I had been traveling at about 20 MPH when this happened. My dog mistook my OK (I was telling myself , apparently out loud, it will be ok because we are almost to our turn) for a “go get them.”

I do not attach his leash to my bike but rather lay a portion across my handle bars with light hand pressure so it doesn't fall off but if he pulls, the leash will not affect me or my bike. However, when he took off in front of me after the aggressive dogs, somehow the leash handle caught onto the end of the handle bar on my bike. He and my bike crossed the road sending me airborne and landing on pavement. I landed on my right arm just below the elbow and right hip then the side and of one knee and the knee cap of the other knee. What I want to tell you is that I did NOT break any bones. I have large contusions and a sore pelvis but the doctor says I'm okay. I still have to take an anti-inflammatory for another week. I'm reluctant to take anything due to how it affects the pH balance and thus the bones but in this case I need to do it.

I know you have talked about flexibility of bones being important just like building bone. I believe that being on the Save Our Bones diet has contributed to my lack of broken bones in this accident. Apparently they had enough flexibility to survive crashing to the ground when riding at 20 MPH was interrupted and I flew through the air down to the pavement. I did have on a warm jacket which may have helped my arm to some degree but not my hip as my jacket rode up with my outstretched arm. I am thankful to have been on this diet for two years before this accident.

Thanks Vivian,

Individual results may vary
Well am I a happy bunny today.I have just had the results of my Dexa scan. AMAZING.

L 4 -3.6

FEMR -1.o

HIP -1.8

I refused to take the medication that I was first prescribed, a yearly infusion or tablets. I stopped these six months ago and followed Osteoporosis Reversal Program. What a result. Thank you so much.”

June G.,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,
I was in touch with you and purchased Save Our Bones in Dec. 2009 after I had bad bone density scores. I went on the war path!!!! I stopped taking Fosamax and started using your 80-20 success sheets( really, to be honest, I ate most of the things on the alkaline side and only meats on the acidic side).

I was not going to be bent over like my paternal grandmother. I started drinking distilled water, cut the caffeine and most of the alcohol.

All this said, the good news is that my recent DEXA( one year later) showed improvement of my spine bone density. It went from -3.0 to -2.2. I'm so happy about this.

My femoral neck of my left hip went from -1.7 to -2.0. Don't understand this loss, but I am no longer osteoporodic, only severely osteopenic. I am very encouraged overall and will continue to work on my bone density. It is a new lifestyle for me. I share your program with everyone who will listen!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Sharon H.
Individual results may vary
I have been on your program for one and a half yrs. I had my bone scan 2 weeks ago. Great news. I know have osteopenia instead of Osteoporosis and my scans were better than they were in 2005. I want to tell you thank you so much. I'm glad I searched instead of going on Boniva! My doctor said I made great progress and how did I do it? I told him it was thanks to Vivian.

Diana N.
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Dear Vivian Thank you for the E-mail about CoQ10. I have been taking it for about 10 years.I have been off Boniva for close to 4 months.I can't tell you how wonderful I feel. No more gastric problems and a general malaise that I couldn't put my finger on.Only now that I am off Boniva that I realize that the meds were the problem. I owe it all to you Vivian , because if I hadn't found your website I would have continued to be intimidated by the blatant lies of my doctor! I have your book and I am so encouraged that I can take care of my health in a natural way. Thank you again Vivian.

Individual results may vary
A good news posting and compliments to Save our Bones. I have managed to not only maintain but to actually increase my bone density (spine) by following your Osteoporosis Reversal Program! About 18 months ago as a result of a bone density test I was told I had osteopena and the doctor gave me a choice of prescriptions to choose from. I was horrified to read of all the side effects of each of these and therefore refused to start taking any of them. While searching the Web I found your site and decided to try your program. I have followed it quite closely, changed my diet to incorporate more alkaline foods, taken the requisite supplements and tried to exercise 3 times/week. I had been drinking lemon water for over 20 years but coffee is non-negotiable. I have to have my cappuccino twice daily! At best I had hoped to keep my bone density at the same level but to increase it in my spine was more than I had anticipated.

The doctor told me I can no longer go back to her (rheumatologist) as I am no longer in the “at risk” category. I shall have to go to my GP to be monitored every 5 years.

Thank you for all your research and a great program Vivian. I am most grateful to you. I shall keep to this way of eating for life.

Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can't thank you enough for your fantastic programme.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, two years ago with Osteoporosis with a T score of -2.6, last year I had a T score of -2.7.

After following your plan for just over a year now, I received my latest results today and I now have Osteopenia Primary Level! I am so happy I could cry! Next year I feel sure I will no longer have either and will continue with your programme forever, thank you.

Kind regards,

Individual results may vary
Have just had a fall but thank goodness no broken bones, very sore hand, bet it will be black and blue soon but thats better than a broken bone. Thank you Vivian and Vit B 12 my bones are stronger now. Speaking as someone who has had in the past a broken ankle broken wrist and broken elbow Oh yes and a broken thumb and was taking medication Need I say any more. Thank you again.

Individual results may vary
I just wanted to share with you that I read your book, cover to cover, this evening and absolutely LOVED It. As a medical professional, it makes SO MUCH sense to me and clearly confirms the work of other substantial researchers such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Your research and principles are clear, easy to follow and remarkably powerful! I am eager to alkalinize my diet and use exercise and the supplements recommended to increase my osteoblasts! Thank you.

Individual results may vary
The Osteoporosis Reversal Program has been great for me. I only took 4 weeks of the Fosamax cound not take it I broke out in a rash was always sick to my stomach for most of the day (the day I took it)had a head ache every day. Then I found the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, ordered it that day (5-26-11) My life has been so much better. I am learning to eat right and I know I can reverse my osteoporosis. Thank you Vivian Goldschmidt.

Marilyn B.,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

Two years ago I had a bone density test with a -4 T score in my spine, made with Dexa. Now I had a test with a sonogram for bone density, I had to put my feet in to a machine and the result -0.1for bone mineral density and saying that I am a low risk for osteoporosis. How is this possible?

Two years ago I start to fallow your diet. It is possible that I recovered in 2 years?

I turned to sonogram test because Dextra work with radiation which I try to avoid.

What would you think it happened?

Best regards,

Individual results may vary

My second dexa scan came back with an improvement of 10% in bone density. The doctor thinks i take evista but although they are prescribed for me I throw them away, I do this to avoid being bullied into taking them. So why the increase in bone density? I can only assume that it is due to my daily walking with the dog for an hour and a half and my dancing which is a major part of my life. I have adjusted my diet since reading Save our Bones and have a well balanced diet and a Gold Standard Multi Vitamin supplement. What else can it be? I am so glad I read your book and decided to avoid the nasty drug rememdies.

Jayne P.,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

as a medical doctor I thank you for your publication Save our Bones. After 30 years of my clinical practice I have turned on natural medicine.

Many thanks for your work, that is helpful and useful for others. You have spent your time to bring this knowledge to many peoples and thas will be appreciated.


Ass Prof Jaroslava W., MD, PhD.,
Individual results may vary
Just a quick note to let you know that your program is working for me. The doctor wanted to place me on prescription meds but the side effects scared me so I never took any. Heard from the doctor's office yesterday that my scheduled repeat bone scan results show improvements in my bone density and to keep up the good work. They were excited and so was I.

Thanks so much!

Individual results may vary
Hi Vivian.
Just thought I'd let you know. Got my DexaScan results back from my latest test a few weeks ago. My previous DexaScan taken a year ago produced an average of -3.1. The doctor wanted to put me on Forteo but I declined, electing to go with the natural approach instead. Everyone thought I was crazy but I believed in your work. It made sense to me. My latest Dexascan averaged -2.2. Wow! To be honest, it was a different machine but the tech said that might account for a point or two but not this big a difference. I have actually built my bones back up to where I am no longer in the osteoporosis category. Hoping I can continue to improve. Thank you so much for everything you do. You've made a big difference in my life.


Sandra A.-D.,
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian, You keep sending me repeat reports , but have never responded to an individual email I sent you.

On 16th April I slipped running on a wet floor in Pittsburgh and cracked my pelvis. Nothing displaced. I have 4 days in hospital, then 6 in a motel before flying home to Australia. I could not put weight on my left leg, and was advised not to do so for four weeks.

I returned wheelchairs on Friday, and take a walking stick with me, and am back to walking short distances (1/2 km or so each time). My friends are astonished how it has healed up and how well I look. I attribute it in large part to your diet. After six months on it my spine reading had improved 5%

We'll see what the readings are next year.


Margaret S.,
Individual results may vary
I have your book too and am getting better and better. My recent scan says my T score is 0.3% better so I am back to where I was 2 years ago. A way to go but I am so confident I will improve even more.

Thanks so much.”

Veronica H., submitted 4/13/2011
Individual results may vary
Dear Vivian,

The last time I received an email from you was March 24. I mentioned this to my sister a couple of days ago. She was puzzled because she has continued to get them. I don't know the reason why, but I'm hoping you'll put me back on your email list. I have enjoyed receiving them and have learned a lot. Would it be possible for you to send the ones I've missed out on? I'd really appreciate it.

I have a question regarding the use of Stevia. My daughter has used it for several years. She said it is kind of hard to know how much to use — if you add too much, there is a bitter taste. I've seen Stevia with maltodextrin added as a filler, and is much more convenient to use. I'm wondering how bad it is to use this product?

I started your Osteoporosis Reversal Program in January. After only a few days on the 80/20 alkaline/acid diet, I was able to quit taking Omeprozole after many years! Such an easy solution for heartburn and GERD, yet the conventional advice is exactly the opposite of your program. Also, I quit taking Evista after many years, and I am confident that my next DEXA scan will show improvement in the health of my bones. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! =D

Individual results may vary
I have really enjoyed reading your book – it is very inspiring and uplifting – every sentence is full of important information. Thank you so very much for your book and for your help.”
Irene Earl
Individual results may vary
Another ‘thanks' to you, I am feeling much better, finding that following your tips and recipes is a pleasure and I know my bones are better for it.

To You Health and Happiness also.”

Jean France, Selah, WA
Individual results may vary
Thank you. I just received the results for my bone density test. My previous diagnosis of osteoporosis has improved. I owe it to you. Thank You.”
Individual results may vary
Thank you Vivian. I just want to say how much I appreciated the wealth of information in your book, Save Our Bones!
It is truly an eye opener. Thank you for writing it and sharing with others.”
Donna Aal, San Rafael, CA
Individual results may vary
Thanks for you wise advice….and i really am learning alot thamks to you. i have just got my bone density test back and have gained 4% with out any drugs. tg my osteoporosis is not high risk any more. so now i have to work on the hip.
Individual results may vary
Last week I was given the good news that my bone density has increased by 16.4% and I'm absolutely thrilled with that. In August 2008 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was put on Fosamax which I took for 6 weeks. I felt so ill and uncomfortable taking it that I went back to my GP and she then prescribed Strontium for me. That didn't make me feel any better or agree with me. And one afternoon I was searching the internet looking to see if I could find anything that would tell me what would happen if I gave up the medication in regard to my bones and came across your website. I decided to buy the program, found it very easy. If anybody's out there wondering whether they should ditch their medication or wondering whether they should start on this program, all I want to say is go for it, because it really works! I'm absolutely delighted and I'm so grateful to Vivian for all her research and for making this available.”
Pamela Ward, United Kingdom
Submitted on 07/16/2009
Individual results may vary
After a year of following the guidelines in your program, I have successfully raised my t-scores without taking any drugs. My spine was -1.0 and raised to 0.8 which is normal. My left hip was -2.1 and raised to -1.7 My right hip was -2. and raised to -1.5. I am very grateful to you for trying to help all of us with bone density problems. Thank you.”
Melanie Haas, Buffalo, New York
Submitted on 02/18/2009
Individual results may vary
When I visited my new internist last week and told him about my 8.8% increase in bone density, he said it was incredible. I am ecstatic. Your book is amazing and I share it with everyone who will allow your research to trickle in. So many are skeptical! Thank you for your good common sense research, and thank you for sharing it with all of us!”
Marce Welch, Houston, Texas
Submitted on 11/05/2009
Individual results may vary
I wanted you to know since i have stopped the Fosamax and using the info in the book my T Score has gone from -6.2 to -5.1. It’s going up. Thank you Jesus and thank you too.”
Janae Sturgis, Baltimore, Maryland
Submitted on 10/09/2009
Individual results may vary
I have been following your eating plan since last March and have just had a follow-up bone density test. Guess what! It has increased, not a lot, but, it has increased. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We must remember, this is a very slow process. Any increase at all is to be celebrated. Congratulations on two very successful years of helping people all over the world with their bone health in a natural way.”
Marg Anderson, Fredericton, Canada
Submitted on 04/10/2010
Individual results may vary
Prior to having access to your bone saving research information, I had taken Fosamax for very low bone density. However, my jaw started clinking and I had read the description of potential side effects, that accompanies the Fosamax. So, I Googled “osteoporosis” and your name and “SaveOurBones” came up. I printed and read the information. I am now exercising daily and eating the recommended foods. Thanks to you my bone density has increased and I have little or no aches in my bones when walking and exercising.”
Betty Greathouse, Phoenix, Arizona
Submitted on 04/08/2010
Individual results may vary
I feel wonderful! I have stopped all medications the Drs. recommended for my supposed severe osteoporosis. I am following the advice in Vivians book. I have a spring to my step and lots of energy. I am also 68 years young, and I owe it all to Vivian. Thank you so much.”
Gerri D., Huntington, New York
Submitted on 01/13/2010
Individual results may vary
After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, being on Fosamax for 2 years, and suffering side effects such as heart palpitations, pain in my joints and muscles, I decided to cease the Fosamax. My doctor was not happy with me and used the scare tactic of saying I could have a broken hip. I followed your program and guess what? I went from osteoporosis to osteopenia in less than a year! Both doctors, endocrinologist and gynecologist were amazed. Thank you, Vivian, for your helpful information and research that you provide your readers. I only hope I will continue to improve in my bone health.”
Sue W., Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Submitted on 04/10/2010
Individual results may vary
I love Vivian’s diet and recommendations. It's the best medical advice I’ve received in 20 years.”
Mary Lapos, Baltimore, Maryland
Submitted on 05/05/2010
Individual results may vary
As a doctor with many years of experience in the field of osteoporosis and bone health, I’ve seen how dangerous and ineffective standard osteoporosis treatments can be. Having read the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I am impressed with how comprehensive and well researched it is. There is no hype – just factual information that anyone can apply to naturally improve their bone density. I have used the approach explained in the program with my patients and I give it my full endorsement. I recommend Vivian Goldschmidt’s fantastic work to anyone seeking a safe and effective alternative to osteoporosis drugs.”

Dr. Craig Curphey Barrie Canada
Submitted on 12/10/2008
Individual results may vary
The Osteoporosis Reversal Program has changed my life! I was almost “paralized with fear” about having osteoperosis. When I first found out that I was loosing bone, many years ago, my doctor prescribed Fosamax and after just one dose, my previously healthy digestive system developed unrelenting heartburn! Of course I was told to discontinue taking Fosamax, but no doctor believes that I could still (15 years later) still be taking Nexium due to that one pill. Thankfully, I know I’m not alone. Following your instructions has improved my overall good health, including my last dexa, which has improved to osteopenia! Yeah! So, thank you Vivian. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Shirl Abrams, Cherry Hill, NJ
Submitted on 04/08/2010
Individual results may vary
Hi Vivian, This past September, my doctor was strongly urging me to take an annual infusion of Reclast. I had been following the recommendations in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program for the past year and not taking any Fosamax or Actonel as I had over the past 15 years. I agreed to take the Reclast, but only if we did another bone scan to see how I was doing. To his amazement and total shock, I had increased my density by 10% following your recommendations. He wanted to know what I was doing to have this much improvement. I now have osteopenia in my spine and no small fractures and the density in my hips has improved. I am thrilled. Thanks, Vivian!”
Carol Reilly McDermot, Sarasota, Florida
Submitted on 01/13/2010
Individual results may vary
I am 62 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis last June. I too was advised to take the “bad” drugs. I thought there had to be an alternative way. Then I found you Vivian, who relieved my mind that I was doing the right thing by not taking the perscribed “drugs” and doing it my way by researching and living life healthier. Thanks to you Vivian and my self determination I have shown a vast improvement and I am hoping the next bone density test will reflect the same. Vivian you are a godsend to all women please keep up the work you are doing to help us!”
Carole, Middletown, Delaware
Submitted on 04/09/2010
Individual results may vary
I have an 11 year old daughter that has ostopenia. Her last bone density showes a 6% improvement. I am so grateful for all your information.”
Cindy Davis, Dallas, Texas
Submitted on 04/08/2010
Individual results may vary
I just received my latest bone density results and I am so happy to tell you that there has been a significant positive change since my test in 2008. Thank you for your program helping all of us. God Bless you.”
Anne, Bohemia, New York
Submitted on 03/29/2010
Individual results may vary
I’m a middle-aged male that was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My latest scan shows that I reversed it without the use of dangerous Rx drugs. All I did was follow Vivian’s recommendations.”
Robert, San Francisco, California
Submitted on 03/29/2010
Individual results may vary
Thank you for all of your helpful info on Save Our Bones. I am so happy I found your website. You have been such an inspiration for woman's health issues. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis four years ago and now things have improved somewhat. My recent bone density test came back “osteopenia”. I am telling my friends and family about your program. I am a health care professional by profession, but you are a Godsend. Thank you for being you!”
Kristine Varzal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Submitted on 03/29/2010
Individual results may vary
Your book is the best investment I have made. I really enjoy taking care of my body. I feel great.”
Gayle Toloff, Livonia, Michigan
Submitted on 05/05/2010
Individual results may vary

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