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Please note that the “The Bone Health Revolution” was the previous title for the “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”.

Here are the highlights of the conversation:

  • In 2004, Melanie Haas, from buffalo New York, doctor recommended that she drink a lot of milk to prevent further bone loss evidenced in her Bone Density Scan.
  • Two years later, Melanie was diagonosed with osteopenia, (increasing her milk consumption only made her gain weight) and was prescribed Fosamax. Her doctor also warned her that if she didn't start taking the medication immediately, she could fall and break a bone, and become immobile.
  • Melanie was worried about taking osteoporosis drugs since she knew that they contain harsh chemicals, and read first-hand accounts from people who suffered and continue to suffer from the side-effects of the drugs. After further research online, she came across the Save Our Bones website.
  • Melanie read Vivian's story and noticed how similar it is to her's, and decided to order the Osteoporosis Reversal Program so she could start to strengthen her bone density naturally without taking the drugs.
  • Melanie found the Program very easy to understand and follow, and this further motivated her to stay off the drugs.
  • After a year of following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, she went back to her doctor for a Bone Density Scan and was amazed to find that her spine showed a normal reading and and that her hips had improved to only a -1. She had a great deal of success with the Program.
  • Melanie told everyone she knew about her results, and emailed Vivian to report the good news.
  • This is just one example proving that the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is effective in increasing bone density without drugs. Whether you have osteoporosis or osteopenia and even if you have already started taking the drugs, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program will increase your bone density.

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  1. BJ

    Vivian, I agree with what you are saying about the bisphosphonate drugs. Years ago, my gyn doctor also told me that I needed to be taking Actonel, which is like Fosamax. I took it for awhile and was distressed to find out that I started having pain in my left thigh on occasion and to the point where it was making it difficult to sleep. At one point after having taken the drug for a while, I found myself having pain in my left thigh when trying to climb a flight of stairs or trying to sleep. On my own, after much research into the actions of bisphosphonates, I decided to stop taking it. I felt that the pain may have been caused by the Actonel and in a very short time, the pain went away. To this day, I am not having any discomfort in my leg as I did then. Also, it was disturbing to find that some people reported necrosis of the jaw when on these drugs. My dentist was very alarmed to hear that I had taken Actonel. They are very scary drugs and I was very glad to see this website, as it is the only one that I have seen that really speaks out about the dangers of these drugs. Thanks again for all the info!

  2. Judy

    Do you have any testimonials from women who reversed their osteoporosis following your program?

  3. Marlyn Namato

    Hi Vivian
    Hope you are doing well and would like to congratulate you for the setting up of the `Save Institute`. It is a great idea and a giant leap in the efforts you have already been offering to so many people in all round the world and still trying to do more!!!
    I, personally, haven`t had the Osteoporrosis exam for a very long time. It seems I have no apperant problems till now. During many years I did a lot of hiking in the mountains and I only stopped a few years ago because of a personal reason… In January 2015, after ten years of service, I was dismissed from my job,working in an official organization (government office). The reason was that during all this time I worked without a proper contract. I submitted a claim against this decision as being not fair and that the fault was the employer and not mine. The day of the trial – which it didn´t take place – because everything was already arranged and decided between the defence lawyer and the opposition party. There was only an interview between me and the them, during which the argument took place between the opposition and myself,as the lawyer didn`t say a word. Therefore, I was left alone and helpless!!! I had waited for over a year for the trial during which I felt very ill mentally and physically. I couldn`t sleep normally, waking up during early hours and not being able to gp back to sleep. Above that I started having a kind of palpitations in my stomach. Now I feel a bit better and am trying to recover my normal state of emotions and not to think, over and over, about all this period of my life. I am sure this has had a very negative consequence on my body and, probably, the results will come up sometime later. So I need to take some steps before that happens, and I would be grateful if you can advise me on this matter, also if your book `Save Our Bones` would be of a help for me,
    Thank you very much Vivian, wishing you all the best with big hugs, Marlyn

  4. Manuela

    I fouded your site and I red about your Programme. I want to buy your book because I believe in what you say. I am from Romania – Europe and I took OSSEOR – Strontium Ranelatum about 1 year ago and now I stoped, because …I don’t no why, exactly.
    Please, what do you say about Strontium Ranelatum?
    Thank you very much!

    • sima skarica

      some questions do not seem to relate much to osteopenia and osteoporosis.

  5. sheila

    Seems like the questions of people slamming or questioning your program go unanswered. Why?

  6. Diane Hopson

    I have read your information carefully over the ladt few weeks. You have a lot of good information to offer but I do think that medical scence still is worth considering. I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis since 2000 and to date have had 8 vèrebral fractures, broken ribs, wrist, ankle (2) and fibula fractures. I have had reverse shoulder surgery abd total knee replacement in then last 2 years. When will it end is a question I often ask myself. I have just finished an 18 month course of Forteo and do not know where to go ffom here. Am now back on crutches due to a ruptured PCL onthe knee that had surgery. Is there any evidence that one can have poor muscles and ligaments as horrible bones. Have often wondered if there is any connection after 2 Rotator Cuff failures. I enjy reading your site
    Regards Diane

  7. Emma Bledsoe

    Hi, I have pagets disease. I had reclast infusion almost a month ago and it still has not helped me. My knees and legs have so much pain in them, some days I can hardly walk.Do you think this will help me in any way?

    • Annette Phillips

      Hi –
      I have Paget’s, too, and all of these doctors are trying to convince me to take RECLAST, but so far I have refused. Whenever I read stories like this, it only makes me more adamant not to take it. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has Paget’s disease, because it seems as though there are NO other options but those miserable osteoporosis drugs! Hope to hear from some others who is suffering from this disease. Thank you!

  8. Maria

    Hi Vivian and everybody, I have steoporosis and I’m in a very healthy diet, suplementes stec. Dear Vivian I will don’t mind to buy your book but I need a bit of more information what is in there, because you don’t say much, practically nothing more than other website talking about the same thing, so I feel that it will be good for your busness and integrity of your presentation as bone saver to share more with us, because if we really feel is right everybody will buy your book, but is need it to hear more what is it in there. I’m sure you understand that. Is bit halow the presentention, with all my respects. I hope hear from you. Much love to the bone of everybody and my.

  9. Enas Ghaly

    I was diagnosed with being menoposal when I was 34 back in 1995 and my doctor recommended Fosamax right away the first week I took it completely destroyed my bones because I felt like I couldn’t stand up to even go to the bathroom and my hubby had to carry me. However, I thought the medication will still help and I took it for 10 more years. Then my doctor recommended to change the medication because I have bone loss in my mouth and my dentist recommended getting off the medication. I don’t drink milk regularly but I do drink milk. If God put a food in this earth for our use I would use it as nature intended to. However, after being off the medication for almost 7 years and going to natural food altogher I completely eliminate all my health problems but I stumble into your book and I would like to see if my natural changes made any differences into my ability to eliminate more bone loss. Thanks for your research, I wish that it was available back in 1995.

  10. Nancy

    I am 68 years old and was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 53. Doctor prescribed Fosamax. Between Fosamax for a number of years and then Boniva, I chose to get off. I couldn’t find any information as to how long it was safe to take these drugs. A couple of years later, my gynecologist ordered another bone density which showed that I had progressed to osteoporosis. She sent me to an endocrinologist who was concerned with my scores and prescribed Forteo. I’ve been on Forteo for a year and the most recent bone density did not show any improvement. In fact, the score on my right hip was worse. She wants me to increase my calcium intake, add Vit. K2, drink more milk and eat more yogurt. Now, I’m reading on this website that milk isn’t good for osteoporosis. Reading about Forteo is a little scary, too. Now I have no idea what I should be doing. I sure don’t want the osteoporosis to get worse. I’m a very active 68-year old. Any thoughts?

    • Carol

      Drink unsweetened almond mike. Blue Diamonds is the only Brand and I found that does not have the carrageenan in it which also causes cancer. Be careful you get the one.

    • Lysa costuck

      I took forteo for two years had a slight increSe in bone density came down with cancer.i blame it on the forteo.i am in good health and good not take forteo

  11. Eve

    Living in UK, I have not been able to find Boron – seems to be on the forbidden list! Any comments/help?

    • VeeGee
      Toxic effects of excess intake
      Toxic effects appear at intakes of about 100 mg. The World Health Organization has banned boron (in the form of boric acid) as a food additive and preservative. Toxic effects include a red rash with weeping skin, vomiting, diarrhea characterized by a blue green color, depressed blood circulation, coma and convulsions. A fatal dose in adults is 15 to 20 g and in children 3 to 6 g. Repeated intakes of small amounts can cause accumulative toxicity.

  12. Kris

    Hello Dr.,

    I fell down 13 stairs about 7 weeks ago and shattered my fibula, clean fracture of my tibia (along with dislocation of talus and very bruised and contused face with hematoma). Thank GOD I didn’t break/fracture my back or neck in this or even die! Anyway, I had an ORIF with plate + 13 screws and am 50 year old post menopausal. The Ortho Surgeon stated that my fibula wouldn’t have broken without my having Osteoporosis. My Internist stated just last year that my bone scan did NOT show Osteoporosis or Osteopenia (had been diagnosed with it about 10 years before) and took me off Boniva. Never had any issues with Boniva (or Fosomax) by the way. Now, my question is that I want to increase the bone knitting rate to heal me quicker. I also will have to go back to have all the screws, etc removed so want to prep my body for that healing process. Have increased my Calcium/Vit D3/Magnesium/Vit K2 intake. Will your program help my bones knit faster, etc, etc? I really need to go back to work ASAP. Thank you.

  13. jenny

    waiting for my Save Our Bone Program to arrive

  14. Dhruba Kasaju

    Hi Vivian,

    Almost all people in my country has a notion that drinking milk makes your bone strong. Even the doctors suggest the the same thing to the patients. The problem of after 50 is the same to all and the message of natural process of strengthing the bone has to be widely spread to all the people of this age group.

    So now on I will try to develop a society of Save our bone Community in my country through email and other media. Can you support me in increasing this idea among the mass. Because, in the intial stage people would not trust me in this matter since they will believe to the doctors.

    Anyway, I will put on efforts from my side to share the idea with the people of my country.

    Dhruba Kasaju
    Cell: 0977-9851064216

  15. We

    HI Vivian
    I haven’t seen any info on this site that encourages me to want to subscribe. All the info in your newsletters are generally known by anyone who would research. It would help to get one or two things to do on the site, to show that you are really sincere about sharing.


    • pam

      I kind of agree with what the woman said below. Not enough of your program is shared on this site–i understand you want to make money from your book, but if you really want to help women you’d put more of your special secrets on the site. What ive read on here i have read in countless other places, so it’s nothing new. Also why do you tell women to take calcium supplements? The latest research shows they increase the risk for heart disease. Much better idea to get your calcium from food.

      • CASS HAAF


  16. Jill

    Hi Vivian,

    At age 48 I had 113% bone mass. I had just started menopause. I was told to come back in 10 years for another screening. I watched my calcium intake, I live a very healthy life style, am a avid excerciser with weight bearing exercises as well as cardio. I choose to ask for another screening after 5 years and had experienced at that time a 25% loss (5% a year)of bone density in my spine and much less in my hips plading them in the low normal range but none the less a loss. I increased my calcium and vitamin D intake, my exercise program etc. went back just this past week and although I have slowed the bone loss down I have not stopped it. I continued to loose 2% a year. I truly believe it can be managed natually and through diet. I truly believe that Dr’s are not giving the correct information about what nutrition you need to prevent bone loss and will live an breath by your book and report back to you in 6 months to a year my results. Which I anticipate to be truly a major break through for me as this has consummed my life at this point. I have shared my findings with many other women and will my results from this adventure.

  17. Gayla

    Hi Vivian!
    I also was just given a prescription for ost. & also just came across the information that u are giving,so i did not get my prescription either,very anxious to have the book too.

  18. Mary


  19. bea mowry

    vivian iam 75 years old and i have osteoporsis i have been on fosamax and a year ago i got my first reclast shot i do not know what my tscore is i will find out dec.30 i am suppose to have another shot then .i have your save our bones book i want to start it but i really dont know how to go about it it confuses me this 80/20 if i will do it right because i dont get another bone test for another year please help me. bea

  20. Georgina Walsh

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 7 years ago.,it was recomended that I start on Boniva, I refused & continued taking my calcium everyday.
    I recently had another bone density test done & the Dr said that I had actually improved, Iam on the borderline of osteopenia & osteoporosis.

  21. Helen Harris

    Hi Vivian, I am 69 years old and 2 years ago I broke my femur from a fall and my doctor diagnosed osteoporosis and put me on fosamax. I came across you website a couple of weeks ago, and have ordered your book, cant wait to get started, I have stopped taking the drugs.Will let you know how things are going. Regards Helen.

  22. judysmith

    I would like to get your book but i do not use credit cards.Do you accept checks? I have osteoprosis and have joint inffusion in 3 compartments of my left knee.bone spurs joint narrowing which is loss of cartiage..thank you judy..I get your EM’s of course

  23. Debbie

    I have been on Boniva for 4 years and just had another bone density test and it appears that my hip has improved, but my spine has gotten worse. They want to put me on Forteo (I am only 54 years old) and I have done a lot of research and it scares me and I am looking for another alternative than drugs. I like hearing good news that your program works.

  24. Rene'e Taylor

    A wonderful encouraging story. I have just begun this process. I have been told that I have osteoporosis, “severe”. I will not take the chemicals. I am eating more fruit and vegetables and following the nutrition guidelines, of course I am trying to do better as time goes on. Thank you….
    (my name is Rene’e, not TRene’e)

  25. Cathy Van Ember

    Here’s my story. I have severe osteoarthritis and have had it for 30yrs+ getting worse with the aging process – I am now 68 – I had my throid gland removed at 24 and have been on synthroid since, Went through menopause – clear sailing – but did not take any supplements – no way – 10 yrs ago I got severe acid reflux and a hernia and was put on Previcid. Now I have been told I have osteoporosis and have been put on the co-etidrocal calcium regiment. I am leary of this whole thing but I have started. ps – I do not take previcid any longer have moved on to ranitidine. I druggest made the suggestion that the previcid stopped my body from absorbing calcium – you take on all this would be appreciated. Thanking you.

  26. Susie Laan

    Just discovered that I have borderline osteopenia in the hips, definite osteopenia borderline for early osteoporosis in the lumbar spine. Terrified to take the drugs prescribed. I am thin and had early meno pause. I am now 53. I am shocked. Never thought with my healthy life style, so much exercise and a good diet, that this would happen to me, I should have been taking a vitamen D supplement and Calcium supplement, or even HRT. Why did I not have a discussion with the local GP about this? Why was I not made aware of the danger of getting this? Both my parents died at around 64 of cancer, so I assumed I should not take HRT.
    Now I see your book Vivien, but how do I know that it is not just another way for someone to make money from the vunerable. It all sounds convincing, but how do I know I am not just been persuaded because I am scared, to buy your book? Why are you trying to make money out of this? Why not just tell everyone what to do if it is so simple? Please answer my questions if you have time as I am really very down about my diagnosis and do not want to take drugs. I also have a trapped nerve in the this lower part of the spine and the referred pain goes through to my left hip, both these areas seem to have the worse density readings. I would like to hear more people remarks before I purchase you book.

    • Lise

      Hi Susie,
      I understand your reluctance to follow this program and I was the same at first. I was in the same situation you are and since I started on the program, I feel stronger and the pain in my left hip has decreased tremendously. I have been on the program for about 1 year now and can’t wait for my next bone density and I know it has improved.
      I refused to take medication because I strongly believe in the power of good nutrition and exercises.
      What is more important is a good source of supplements (organic)such as Calcium (no more than 500mg a day) and the rest comes from dietary, Vit D3, Magnesium which helps me a lot with the muscle spasmes that I had, a buffered form of Vit C.
      I also do the liver detoxification because a congested liver cannot metabolize the supplements properly. Therefore, we don’t get much from them.
      I also use fresh squeezed lemon juice in my drinking water to keep my PH on the alcaline side, because an acidic PH id hard on the bones.
      By the way, I am a nurse and I can’t help talking to my patient the inportance of what Vivian is teaching.
      I hope this helps ease your mind.

    • Bonnie Currah

      I was surprised when my bone density scan indicated borderline osteoporosis. My doctor said I (current age 59)am at risk of a hip fracture within 20 years, so he prescribed Fosomax. After researching osteoporosis on the web, I came to realize that this drug holds onto old bone, perhaps hampering with the creation of new bone, thus making my bones potentially more brittle than they are now. Thanks for all of your free info on-line–I’m already implementing much of it. I’ll probably order your book on-line if I can’t find it in a book store.

    • Patricia Leadbeater

      I would like to ask the same questions I have to-day just had dental work done and i am astounded of the 10% ratio of the possibility of the jaw condition that maybe caused by the medication also I have a Hyatis Hernia and worried if I take the medication I have to go back to the doctors soon now I have had the dental work done but I am so worried that my Osteopenia will get worse please help me to make a decision as I do not want to make really any life changes.
      Thank you.

      • Kathryn L. Guthrie

        I also have a Hyatal Hernnia.

        My physician has stopped me from taking strontiom due to a high rating on a kidney test. I have osteopenia. Of courese, he wants me to go on Fosamex. What do I do now?

        I’ve ordered a copy of Save our Bones Program. It should arrive soon.

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Hi Kathryn,

          Check out Doctor Communication Tutorials (it’s one of the supplemental reports that came with your program). It’s full of tips on discussing these issues with your doctor.

  27. Nancy Violet Herrera

    Hi Vivian:
    In January 2010 after a fall in November 2009 I was diagnised with (Osteoporosis)with a lumbar fructure.
    In the middle time I went through agony with a coktail of pain killers and no real treatment for the condition.
    After the bone density results and the perscription of Fosamax. I said to myself. It’s no time to cry or be upset. It’s time to fight and find a cure. must to be one now.
    I frantically went searching for a cure and
    side effects of the drug. It was very frightening what I found took me a month to excepted.
    I couldn’t find nothing different in my Natural Medicine studies and resheach.
    Only diet and a complex of vitamins,minerals and diet, that I follow.
    By the way our family diet is very healthy based in my studies. No cow’s milk, plenty vegies and fruits.
    Untill few days ago I came across your web side and i willing to try it.
    I think I found the anwser and a posible cure.
    Your faithfully. Nancy Violet

  28. Helen Mitchell

    I am in the process of ordering your book but would like to know if one of the side effects, although not mentioned is a cough. I have had a cough for almost 20 years when I used to take Didronel and then Actonel. I cannot get any help from my Doctor – they just don’t want to know!

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    • clara smith

      I have been worried about a cough I have developed over the last year. I took Fosamac,Boniva<miacalcin,and actonel several years ago. I developed several side-effects the Dr. gave me pain medicine,to no avail. I finally stoped the medicines myself. I have improved a great deal,but now have a cough I can't seem to overcome with any medicine the Dr. has me try. I did,t know a cough was one of the sideffects. What is your opinion? Clara

  29. Barbara Marks

    I am in my seventies and have osteoporosis for many years. In my fifties I was put on HRT which I discontinued after two years and some time after was prescribed Fosamax by a Professor at the Hospital which I took for six years, but my bone density scans did not improve at all. I decided after reading about osteonecrosis (which frightened me to death) to discontinue Fosamax of my own volition. The
    Professor disagreed with me but could not suggest an alternative! I live in London and
    would very much like to know if your book is
    obtainable here. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know.

  30. Barbara

    I am 62 have been on Fosomax,Miacalcium,Actonel.I reacted to all. The last one caused severe choking in my sleep.
    I have Hypothyroid,angina and high blood pressure.For many years I was on estrogen (no hysterectomy)I just followed my Dr’s advice,he said it would make the change more comfortable( my mom managed without) . One day he asked why I was on it,because you perscribed it. His answer was to tell me they never give estrogen alone to any one who hasn’t had a hysterectomy, can’t say that now. I weaned myself off it as well as the osteo meds. I’m still on levothyroxin,0.125,Vit D Diltiazem 120 plus vitamins.

    At this time the Dr’s want to give me something by intraveous that will last a year. Both my husband and I are very concerned, since I have had such terrible reactions to anything the Dr’s have perscribed.
    I am interested in knowing if I will benefit from your book and will anything affect the other meds I’m on. At this point I have loss faith in the medical profession , it’s all about perscriptions.


  31. Margaret O'Donnell

    I was delighted to read about Melanie’s success in strengthening her bones after undertaking Vivian’s “Save our Bones” program.
    I look forward to hearing more of these examples.

  32. Catherine Ash

    This video is very good i feel the as Melonie. Having just beinf told i have osteoporosis.Waerly awaiting delivery of Saves Our Bones book. The drugs the doctors advocate are frightening and terrible side effects too.

  33. Bette Piccoli

    after 2wks of not taking Actonyl on the once a wk program, I went to pick up my prescription and the drugest gave me a generic substatute named Novo-Risedronate, say my drug plan did not cover Actonyl any more, I took one pill this morning and I am having joint pains already in my hips and knees. I am not happy about the change, and I don’t have any say in the matter. I am seventy yrs young with no problems and very active in summer sports. At this age can their be a reverse in bone density

  34. geecee

    I am told that the correct dose of magnesium & vita D will reverse Osteoporosis. IS THIS TRUE?

  35. Ray H Watson

    My wife has recently been diagnosed with ostepenia. She also has just completed a series of prednisone treatments for Temporal Arteritis.
    She no longer takes the Prednisone but her Dr. wants her to start Forteo, We are anxious about the possible side effects as well as the Exorbatantly high cost of the Forteo injections.



  37. Carolyn Nahabedian

    Hello Vivian,
    I am listening to the story and can relate to the things that happened to Melnie. I started Foxomax the fall of 1995 and took it faithfully for 9 years and then was off of medicine for 6 months and then started on Actenol but did not take it too long. Presently I am not on any medicine for the osteoporosis that I have. I was under the care of an endocrinologist and he is the doctor who started me on the Fosomax. The endocrinologist I am going to now wants me to take a medicine that I have to inject but I have indicated that I did not want to take it. I have had several compression fractures on the thoracic spine since the first time I was told of having a fracture. This whole experience has caused a lot of pain. I also have had jaw problems.
    Regards, Carolyn N

  38. Barbara

    I am going to the Dr.’s today with the results of my Dexa Scan and do not want to go on drugs as my Dr. will try to push on me today. Is is too late for me to go without drugs, as my T scores were all 3.6. There is no mentions ofscores over 2.5 in the info that I have read so far for your program. Please let me know what your opionion is. Thank you, Barb

  39. patmcaleese

    It’s great to hear success stories using natural methods, however these cases seem to me to be about relatively mild cases where the patient has ostopenia or -1 etc.I imagine that in these cases bone density would be easier to reverse. In my case after I broke my hip at the age of 56, just over two years ago ( while incidentally looking after my mother who was recovering from a broken hip at the ripe old age of 93)and insisted on a scan afterwards I found out what I had already suspected. I had severe osteoporosis of -3.7, in my spine and -2.5 in my other hip. I was prescribed Actonel and have been taking it for two years.It has not improved my bone density so far, but I have been told by doctors that it takes up to 2 years to “kick in”. I,m now pretty desperate to improve my bones and was wondering if in extreme cases like mine, if natural remedies would help.

    • Mary Beth

      I underwent a hysterectomy @ age 38 causing surgical menopause. I tried hormone replacement, but it didn’t agree with me, so I believe that is the main reason I have osteoporosis. I am now 52. I had a knee fx in 2002, and am currently recovering from a hip fx, which I got from stumbling on a sidewalk. I have taken biophosphenates for probably close to 10 yrs. (evista, then fosamax, currently actonel). I stopped the actonel because of the fx, but do not want to do these meds anymore. I do not feel they helped. My t scores have slowly declined the whole time I have been on the meds, with the exception of the last one. I had always been active, but embarked on a big excercise regime, which I think was why the t scores improved. At the time of my fall, I was training to walk in a half marathon. I was up to 10 miles and I’m sure I could’ve finished. It was my goal just to finish, I didn’t care about my time. I’m so confused and discouraged-I don’t know what to do. I will see my osteoporosis dr in July, I’m almost certain she will recommend Forteo. I just recieved Vivian’s book and am currently reading. I already eat most of the foods listed, not too sure about the ratio thing yet, I hope it becomes clearer the more I read. I also am very into excercise. But at this stage, will the program help reverse my scores?

  40. Golriz

    Dear Vivian : thank you for the copy of book. I am practicing Nursing for last 32 years. I have come to believe the mega concern for Flu and H1N1 is more about creating panic for peaple, and big copanies are benefiting from it. I have never had flu shot , nor H1N1 although I have given it to our residents and our staff by orders. My mother lived till 88.5 , she never had flu shot. I expect our body in normal condition should be able to fight the antigens, and survive, Unless one is in critical condition or compromised states.
    Therefore I agree with your conclusion about flu and bone treatment. All we need to think is to deal with these ailments in natural way.
    Best regards.

  41. molly

    It’s simple, yet supposedly effective. Thanks for the demonstration and the info about doing it 50 times.

    BTW is the beginner’s heel lift similar to calf raises?

    Many thanks again for sharing by showing and explaining!

    • Claire C.

      Hi Vivian,

      Thanks to your Osteoporosis Reversal Program I have successfully changed my osteoporosis diagnosis in my hips to osteopenia (improving from a -3.0 in my left hip to -1.5 and -2.7 to -1.3!) at 49 years of age. That’s a 50% increase in the left and 48% in the right!!

      I started your program of diet and exercise last September and achieved these great results in just 9 months! Now, I eat a great deal more fruits and vegetables, cut back on breads and sugars, have done your 10 minute densercise exercises with other weight bearing exercises three times per week and take the vitamin supplements you recommended.

      ISo glad I followed your program instead of taking my doctor’s advice!

  42. Joan Sandlin

    I am 78 years old and have just returned from my doctors office visit only to learn she wants me to go on Boniva for Osteopenia being close to Osteoporosis. I was on Fosamax several years ago but stopped taking it because of jaw and teeth problems. I am a widow, live in the country so must do a lot of chores around the house and and around the property–am very active. Ordered your book and can hardly wait for it to arrive!!! Joan S.

    Will let you know the results…

  43. Eugenia

    Dear Vivien!

    I am waiting for receiving my order. Every day I am reading all your news relating osteoporosis.
    Thanks heavens for enlighten person who did so wonderful discovery. Millions of women knows already, that politician are double-dealing that means doctors are used to managing people in wrong direction with our health. Poor doctors they are study for so many years and pay big money for they education but they are with they knowledge on high school level.
    Thank you Vivian you jump with your intelligence above avarage doctors.
    I hope using the essence of your knowledge in your books will help me overcome the pain in my jaw I have for so many month.


  44. irene Forshew

    I have just ordered your book and cant wait to get started. After 3 years of misdiagnosis 2 spinal fractures and now my breast bone has been fractured during a mamogram in October 2009 I have decided to take my osteoperosis by the neck and try to help my self. I am stuck inbetween 3 surgeons who cant decide whether or not to repair my spine with vertabro plasty or just leave me in agony taking pain killers. I desperately want to reverse my osteoperosis as soon as possible. I have been taking Alendronic Acid once a week for 16 months with no effect on my fractures. I was told to drink plenty of skimmed milk and exercise. (Very difficult wheh you cant stand up for more than 2/3 minutes at a time). I hope your book and programme helps me. I am just 59 years old and have been suffering with my spine since 2006. Prior to this I swam every day and have been exercing my entire life. I look forward to hearing from you Best wishes Irene

    • SAlly

      I feel for you I am also 59, It sounds like you have been exercising a lot. Weight bearing exercise is considered the best for the bones. I don’t think swimming provides much (although that is my favorite form of exercise)DO you do much weight bearing exercise? Also I am curious to find out if you think you were eating a good diet or if it had alot of process foods and was short on fruits and vegetables. You seem too young to have this degree of osteoporosis although you didn’t mention your Dexa scores. I wish you the best and hope the program helps you. I have just started trying this but it is hard to do the 80/20. So I just eat a small serving of protein 2-3 ounces and eat 2-4 vegetables and fruit at dinner and lunch. Breakfast is usually organic yogurt with lots of fruit and flaxseeds. I don’t know if my scores will improve but it is a much healthier diet. I am more regular and I know it is better for my heart plus overall health.
      my best to you, SAlly

  45. Judy Walker

    I’ve been listening to these comments, but want to know what is in milk that is not good for you? Or is it just cow’s milk. What about goats milk? what about organic or raw milk? I can’t believe that milk is a bad food. People have been drinking for years. Is it the way its processed that makes it bad?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Judy, your questions are answered in my blog post on milk 🙂

  46. Renee

    I was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which has spread to the bones and other areas. My oncologist put me on the drug Femara and said my prognosis is good. The main side effect of Femara is weakened bones and osteoporosus. The doctors’ solution to this is to give you Zometa, a biophosphate. I haven’t started the Zometa yet and am wondering if I can follow the save-our-bones program instead. I understand that you can’t give medical advice but I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar probem.

    • Sally

      I just went through treatment for breast cancer and was put on Arimidex which also causes osteoporosis.
      My oncologist knows I do not want to take bone medicine and is not pushing it at this time even though I have a DEXA score of -2.3. She thinks as Vivan does that this is overblown and is a natural part of aging. She will keep an eye on my bones and recommended I take a Vitamin D supplement. I am trying to follow this program hoping it will keep osteoporosis at bay.
      My best to you, Sally

  47. virginia

    vivian my main concern is if I take strontimu would I need to continue taking 1500 mgs of calcuim I am alergic to dairy products and definetly can not take fosamax or the related perscriptions my doctor wants me to take!! please respond thanks virginia

  48. Elizabeth M. Wright

    Hi Vivian…
    Five days ago while I was shopping, and had to go to five different places to do the bills, I noticed while walking in a store, my hip started to pain while walkiing…as soon as i got home, I had to lay down on the sofa for relief. Before this I had no trouble with my hip.
    I take 2 calcium tablets a day and 2 baby aspirins, plus a vitamin. I don’t smoke or drink and am not overweight…I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, mostly chicken and fish, sometimes meat. I go bowling (no pain) and exercise (no pain) but when I walk, my hip starts to pain me. What am I doing wrong??? I can life my knee up on the bad side with no pain… Only when I walk it bothers me.
    I hesitate going to my doctor as I don’t want to take any medication.
    Please tell me what I should be doing…I would appreciate it…THANK YOU VIVIAN… Elizabeth M. Wright

    • Pam

      Elizabeth –

      You might consider orthotic shoe inserts. That might require a referral to a podiatrist, or one of the stores that specialize in these might have something that is adequate. It depends on the severity of your problem. If you have any postural misalignment, it leads to stress on various joints. Orthotics help correct that and can really go a long way in pain relief. Your bowling and other exercise may simply not require protracted standing straight up, and the movements are likely very different from walking, so the effects you fell are different.

      I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful mine have been for me! However, I have a narrow foot, which required custom orthotics as all the ready made ones are for medium to wide feet and wouldn’t properly fit into my shoes. It is really important that they fit your arch length, so you need somebody who measures that and evaluates the bone/ muscle/ tendon alignment in your feet.

    • diane mc cauley

      i went last month for a bone scan, i’m 64. test
      showed my T7,8 &9have collapsed, Dr. didn’t
      give me anymore info, even when I asked how about the rest of my bones, she recemmended Fosamax, which I said no to because I wanted to give this much thought. I did see 2.5 on the result
      paper she gave me. I have awful burning pain on my left side in middle of back which Dr. said was
      the spine damage pressing on nerve. What kind of results was this, normal, very bad, quite aggressive ???? How can this 7,8 & 9 be repaired or can it, Can I find out my hips and other bones from this bone scan t. Why didn’t she tell me, do I just need to know that she said the spine problem was enough to diagnose me with osteoporosis. Please share any information that might help me to understand. It is only one month from the scan and I am trying to learn and read as much as I can. Thanks

  49. Linda Wilson

    I am 64 and have never had any bone pains or fractures. But after taking the test for osteoporosis, I find that my bone density is -3.7! The doctor wants me to take Fossomax, which I am reluctant to do, but I also have never heard of anyone having a reading like -3.7. I plan to begin the Save our Bones program, but I am curious if anyone else out there has had a score as low as mine is. Thanks for reading this. Linda

    • Vivian W

      Linda, I had a -3.6 score on my spine T score reading also. However, I was diagnosed with parathyroid disease, which causes osteoporosis. I had one of my parathroids removed. This type of osteoporosis is reversiable. Maybe, you should go see an internist for further testing.

  50. Jean Kuehl

    I was recently diagnosed w/worsening osteoporosis; doc recommends Actonel, which I took for 18+ months about 6 yrs ago, w/no improvement in t-scores. Then about 4 years w/increased calcium and v.D, some slight improvement in t-scores; then 2 years same regimen, and abruptly worse t-scores. I’m finding several sites on the web addressing these problems (I told doc I won’t take bisphosphanates) and I’m strongly considering the saveourbones program. Here’s why I hesitate: 1. I was treated for Grave’s disease 30 years ago, with radioactive iodine, and still take Levothyroxine .088 mg daily (I don’t think that’s negotiable)2. I also take Femara, as a 4-year breast cancer survivor (my primary care doc thought the medical oncologist could switch that to Evista, but I don’t want that, either). I also take Diovan/HCT for high blood pressure. I will soon have my 78th b’day. I’m not an exercise nut, but I rarely miss my 3 mi daily walk, and usually get 10,000 steps daily. Also, I recently had a laminectomy and spinal decompression for sciatic pain, results excellent.I think I need to do something other than expensive prescriptions!

  51. june ross

    Thank you so much for the free down-load. I would like to buy your book – is it available in the U,K. from Amazon? I have been on Protelos for about 3 years and am having problems with muscle cramps and pains etc.

  52. Jossie

    Hi Vivian, I’ve been taking Fosamax for over five years now as recommended by my family doctor. The Osteo specialist is recommending that I begin additional drug treatments due to a continuing decrease in measured bone density -3.5. I am balking at this latest recommendation. So: If I come off the Fosamax, do you have any idea how long the residuale effects would remain in my system?
    Do you have any other thoughts on getting off of Fosamax? I am age 70 and I suffered a crushed disk earlier this year so they are urging me to take immediate action.
    Thank you,

  53. mabel

    i want to now is you have the book in spanish is it posible? i have osteopenia. please help mee

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mabel,

      For now, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is in English only.

  54. JOANN

    Hi Vivian-thank you so much–it must have been “divine intervention” that i found your web site–I too have a dx of osteoporosis-(spine and hip) I am 50 years old had have had mild RA (untill recently) and I take synthroid .Could you please tell me your medical qualifications? And how do I order your book? Is it a program or a book? I also tool 2 doses of Boniva and upon my research-it was my answer to my SEVERE bone pain and wild muscle aches (I couldnt walk)pls email me-I would appreciate the info and def plan to try it–if this works I will be your largest endorser!! thank you

  55. Marie

    I am a senior citizen and my doctor toll me that I have to started to take actonel, I went to the pharmacie 1` pill a month for 60.00, I said no way I have to find another way to do that and I went to google for research and I found your information, thank you,at the end of the month when I get my ss check I will order the save the bones books. thanks again, God bless you.I AM IMPRESS OF ALL THE COMMENTS.

  56. Lorraine Lunz

    Dear Doctor Goldschmidt,
    I was diagnosed with celiac-sprue 6 years ago and have been told that I have osteoporosis
    due to mal-absorption. My Doctor suggested that I have a reclast IV, but I read of the side effects and refused. I follow a gluten-free diet….no wheat, rye, barley or oats.
    Would your program be suitable for me?
    Sincerely, Lorraine Lunz

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lorraine,

      You can benefit from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program following the gluten-free diet.

  57. Clemence

    Hi Vivian
    i did descover that i have ostoprosis just two years ago,i used see a doctor & she lift after she did send me for bondensity & the result came to her, at that time i went got a new doctor, the new doct send me for bonedensity after two years, my new doct ask for my old file she did compar to the new one it was bad since the last one i have, they describ Fosomax & 1000 calcum with vitm D 800 every day,i also take B12 1000 every day & multvitamin centrom,
    I had my period until i was 58 years old,
    now i am 62 i am active walk & excrises my diete is well eat right food most my food eat at home no JUNK food,
    I am so worry if i do stop my pills what will happen? i did ask my doct she said no not to stop,
    is this pills make my stomk big? i hope not my waight is 160 pound & my hights 5.4 i hope i am OK, i really want to be 135 to 140lb if i could,

  58. Nancy Millway

    Hello Vivian,
    I have just listened to the interview, and read your story that you e-mailed to me.I’ve also read the comments from everyone. Before finding your site I had found another site which had many stories of adverse effects from a range of osteo medications. I had my first bone density assessment in 1998 after a heavy fall, which indicated a problem,although I had no fractures at that time. Other than taking a few herbal and/or vitamin/mineral supplements, I took no further action. In the intervening years I have had several thoracic crush fractures, which have occurred when heavy lifting at home.Despite having X-rays at my place of work,(I was an emergency nurse specialist) I was only offered advice re medication when I had my last lumbar fracture. I declined the offer, much to the exasperation of the orthopaedic registrar. It is almost 2 years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and I have been on Thyroxine since that time. I had another bone densitometry at the beginning of this month, and am seeing a new doctor, as we have relocated since I retired. I have heard the same story of the high risk of fracture, especially the hip, if I don’t take the medication. I was told today that in 30 years of general practice the doctor had seen only one patient who had had an adverse reaction to medication, and that was blurred vision, which cleared when the medication was stopped.I was also told that anyone can put anything on the internet, and that it was better to stay with the people who had the knowledge of evidence-based practice. I explained to her that I was waiting for your book, and would try this alternative method, that I am making an informed decision, and that I would keep her informed. I have another e-mail address which I used when I purchased your book, as it is more secure than this one. Many thanks for the information received thus far, and keep up the good work. I will be letting my sister know about your work, hopefully she will take note!
    Kind regards

  59. C

    Thank you for the freebone guide. I am a diabetic but can not take drugs as I am allergic to chemicals. I also have numerous food allergies. i cant have wheat,corn,milk, chicken,etc.etc. I have taken actone, and 4 other osteo. drugs but the side effects were so horrible that the doctor stopped them. Now I was asked to try the liquid form of Forsomax and metformin for diabetes but after having gone on to google and reading your story I will not get the prescriptions. The only thing that works seems to be vitD 50,000 mg? once a week. i will order your book at some point when I am in one place for a while. Thanks again-we need more people like you.

  60. nirmala

    Great to know there are many more people who have come off Fosamx,i have been on it for the last ten years after my breast cancer, and on antihypertensives for high blood pressure plus calcium with vitD for osteoporosis. i have not ordered my book yet but sounds more and more convincing after reading other people’s accounts.

    would like to know about osteoporosis after having pappilary thyroid cancer.Would be greatful if anybody can help.

    • Sue

      I had breast cancer almost 10 years ago. I was on Tamoxifen (for 5 years which didn’t help my osteoporosis)& Fosamax for 7-8 years. I just had a bone density and my results were -3.6 on my spine & hips. From all I’ve read from this site-I’m changing my lifestyle. Better diet & excercise to hopefully reverse my osteoporosis. The doctor put me on Forteo which I agreed to do for 1 year, then we’ll decide what to do from there. It seems we have much in common & wanted to share my story.

  61. Julie

    Hi everyone this is just a note to say the programme is great I tried it, Algae plus and spirulina is fantastic also. you can also contact Tiye at who writes while she sleeps on various subjects, Tiye had a near death experience and gets a lot of natural remedies for people with various ailments. Check the site, read and ask questions. good luck to you all. Tiye helped my sister who had cancer I hope she can help you to.


  62. Annette

    I was so excited to hear that there is hope for me without taking these prescription drugs.
    I am 47 years old and about 7 years ago, my doctor had told me that I had osteoporosis, probably due to an early menopause at the age of 30. She prescribed Fosamax to me and told me if I didn’t take it, I would develop a hump and be all hunched over and my bones would be very fragile and they would begin to break. I asked her if there were any alternatives, or if I should drink milk and take more calcium, or what exercises would help. She said that there was nothing that I could do and that this was irreversible. She said that I should have been doing things long ago to prevent this Osteoporosis and now that it was too late to do anything but take the drugs prescribed. Not long after taking Fosamax, I developed a problem with swallowing. I went for tests and they told me that my esophagus had shrunk and that I would have to have it stretched if the problem continued. I still have these problems today. I complained to my doctor after reading the side effects which was one that I had developed, so she put me on Actonel. I have been taking Actonel since then off and on, but mostly off as I was really worried about the side effects. I am very anxious to receive your book and try your alternative.

    Many thanks,

    • jenny

      I have been on Fosamax for 6 years but my latest bone scan showed no improvement. My dr then prescribed Actonel, but after reading all the side effects online I decide not to take any more medicine for osteoporosis. I am ordering the Osteoporosis Reversal Program! and reverse my condition.

  63. Debbie Watson

    Ten years ago,at the age of 44, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I had my first bone density at that time at my dr.’s suggestion because I had an early menpause. Back then, EVERYONE was expected to take estrogen auromatically at the first signs of menapause. I refused–even tho the med community kept insisting it was safe and that everyone needed it or dreadful things would happen –bone loss, heart disease, our skin would age, etc, etc. I refused mainly because breast cancer is big in my family and even I realized at that time that artificial hormones can stimulate breast cancer. Then news broke out how dangerous it was and everyone was being taken off it–some people had been on it for years and years. The very next time I went in for my yearly pap/breast exam the very same dr that had been hounding me to get on estrogen was now hounding me to get on Fosomax. I do not put anything in my body without researching it, even so called natural products. I live a healthy lifestyle. I have researched these drugs thru every known source for 9 yrs–I could probably even write a thesis on bone formation. The pushing of these dangerous drugs by means of scare tactics and mis-information is insane. We are being brain washed as a society by drug co.s to believe only drugs can fix things-even drs. are being brainwashed. Just watch all the drug commercials on TV. People need to wake up and take responsibility for their own health and realize that there are no miracle drugs –everything has side effects. There are no quick fixes. As more of us become aware of these scams, it will pressure drs to become more informed. If your dr is recommending tums, milk and fosomax to ” cure” your osteo, RUN, don,t walk. As shameful as it is, as archaic as this kind of info is, many still are. Thanks for letting me express my thoughts.

    • Vivian W

      AMEM SISTER!!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      And thanks to you for taking the time to write so eloquently!

  64. Lindsay Blair Rennie

    Vivian this was very interesting about Melanie very good. My specialist has an open mind but I have to stay on my epilepsy medication medication. Will talk to him in December. I to am drinking milk products and yogourt, gained weight. Bone density test August 05 2009.

  65. brenda curry

    Dear Vivien’ I can’t wait to to get stated with my Reuolution, them I can give my testimonial too. I havent recived my package yet . I just put in my order on july 22rd.

    • Charlene Stringer

      I have a question:
      Will I be getting the Handbook in the mail.
      I do hope so. I will appreciate that.
      I do not do e-books.

  66. Ron Johnson

    About a month ago, my orthopedist told me that my severe back and hip pain was caused by spinal arthritis and osteoporosis. I was very upset, and had never heard of a man having a diagnosis of osteoporosis. At any rate, I knew that I would never take any of the medications developed for treating this condition. I searched for any information I could find on the internet. One of the interesting finds was Vivian’s book, which I purchased. I also found numerous articles detailing how magnesium supplementation could help these conditions. I immediately began taking the supplements. When the book arrived, I adjusted my diet as much as I could and began to follow its guidelines. After only one week, I still have pain, but I think it may be a little less. I have taken very little pain medication. I have lost 7 pounds, and my high blood pressure got so low that I am seeing my family doctor to see what to do about it. I guess I could say that these things are making me hopeful that I may be able to alleviate and, hopefully, reverse my condition.

  67. Margaret B.

    For “Mary” post of April 30, 2009. In regard to your thyroid, please go to Dr. David Brownstein’s site, he is an expert on thyroid and iodine (and salt). The thyroid is responsible for regulating our hormones, all of them. When the thyroid gets out of whack, it generally means that your iodine levels are insufficient. When that happens, the thyroid will pull reserves of iodine from your ovaries, the 2nd largest store in the body, and then from the breasts, the 3rd largest store in the body, with the thyroid being the primary store. when this happens for years at a time,the results can be devastating including fibroid cysts in breasts and cysts on the ovaries, not to mention a host of other issues including bone issues. Please check out his book “Iodine and why you need it!” (Dr. david Brownstein, M.D.). He is a traditionally trained (allopathic) doctor who turned to natural medicine as he felt he was killing more people with barbaric pharmeceuticals rather than actually healing them. At any rate, your thyroid would definitely be a contributing factor to your bone health problems.

    Good luck!


  68. Gerri

    I’ve just listened to the audio and I am so encouraged. Being at the mercy of Drs is very scary, that is why we have to take responsibility for our own health.I am not saying that we dont need Drs,we do,but we cannot just accept whatever they prescribe without researching it first.I know first hand what some of these medications can do.Now I am looking forward to your book and a succesful outcome.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  69. Madeleine

    I am not able to play the audio. The page loads but with errors on the page. I do not see an audio link to click either. Any ideas? Thanks, Madeleine

  70. Kay Keenan

    I have been on Actonel for 10 years, now using the 150 mg one time a month. My Bone Density it terrible and has continued to go down the entire 10 years. I have ordered your book but I sure hope it’s not full of lots of pills, hard to swallow, and terrible food items as that doesn’t help any of us as we will not continue to follow them for any length of time. I’m 74 years old and stopped drinking milk 4 years ago but do still enjoy Cheese on a daily basis. I hope your book has good information as I do exercise and try to eat properly but do NOT like diets and pills. Hope it has good things in it for me.

  71. Eva Smoke

    Dear Vivian,
    I am interested in purchasing your book. However, I wanted just a little more information before I do. So far, I know it includes information about exercise and supplements. Can you tell me what else it includes? – just general information.
    Thanks & Best Wishes,
    Eva Smoke
    6200 Windermere Place
    Fort Worth TX 76112-3132

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Eva,

      Your questions are answered in the free Natural Bone Building Guide. You can get it here:

  72. Mary

    I want to purchase the book because I have severe osteoporosis. My problem is I also have an overactive thyroid which seems to be rare and is stripping my bones and I haven’t been able to learn of a natural treatment for this. I’m wondering if the book covers this problem. It is very easy to find info on an underactive thyroid but not an overactive one. Does anyone have any answers for this.

    Leona W Martin, you said you have been taking 1,000 daily of ius for your bones. Can you tell me what ius is? Thank you

    • Sandra Bowman

      You might want to Google Mary Shomone (not sure if name has an e on the end or not). She is quite the expert on the thyroid and has a site up as well as moderating another site on the topic. HTH.

  73. Karen Clayton

    I really want to purchase a copy of your book but am reluctant to put my credit card details through the net – how else can I obtain your book. I am 50, just been diagnosed with Osteo quite severely in my back and mederate in my hips. Doctor wants me to take the Osteo drugs! I am very reluctant, after only a little bit of research.. I have just been to a naturopath who has found that although my mouth acidic reading was reasonable my urine ph was as bad as it gets. Therefore need to go on a alkiline diet – is this the type of things you write about. Other research now on alkiline food is rather daunting. HELP! Have stopped drinking COKE! and now regularly exercising.

  74. Gai

    Yes JoAnne I was thinking the same thing. It would be good to have a “recipe” tag or even a place where I allow my email to be sent to others that would like to share recipes or other ideas.

    Thank you

  75. JoAnne Rissmiller

    I just finished reading your book…it was very informative. One question though.. Do you hav a sample diet plan for alkaline foods? It is hard to get a good idea just from the lists. Thank You JR

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi JoAnne,

      The Bone Health Recipe Guide has ideas.

    • jacki dugan

      If you do get the information that you are requesting could you please pass it on . I as well am at a loss on the eatting plan am a vegetarian so do get lots of veggies and fruts .Have recently started juicing as well. Good luck with your journey be well

  76. lisa

    how well is egg shell for the bones?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Eggshells are not well absorbed because they are inorganic calcium. I don’t recommend it.

  77. Gai

    Hi June I am also from Australia and have also been perscribed Actonel. I am so sorry for the results you have had with it but with you writing on this site it has really backed my decision not to take it. I actually filled the perscription and just could start it and was ill just reading the stuff that was in it.

    I am at present waiting for the copy of Vivian’s book, and the moment I pressed the button to order it, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    I am hoping that I will be like many others in a years time and say how well everything went and how much better I am.

    Good luck and healthy eating to everyone

  78. Lee

    when people say they are off prescription drugs, does that include heart, water ect. pills too? I’m a 76 year old male. In the last two years I’ve developed little callauses ect. I think the pills caused them.

  79. Mick

    I am a 57 year old male diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in 2003. At that time my t-scores were in the upper -3 to lower -4 range hip and back! I had been physically active all my life, non-smoker, decent diet—-no indication of any problem. Then one day I felt a twinge in my lower back—tried to stretch it out and rest up to no avail. Next day it got worse, by the 4th day I couldn’t get out of bed so I went to the ER. I spent two weeks of that next month in the hospital—again no answers–they recommended prescription pain killers, drugs like Boniva and physical therapy but while I was in the hospital they also tried an epidural pain block injection treatment (three shots in 8 days). After that within a few weeks I developed severe shoulder pain in both shoulders! The diagnosis? Osteonecrosis (bone death). Two shoulder replacements later I’m still extremely sore with limited mobility even with daily stretching and exercise. I’m convinced (and so is my shoulder doc) that the sterodal pain block injections are responsible for the osteonecrosis though of course that’s just our opinion. At any rate I am now 5’5″ tall (down from 5’10” 6 years ago). My t-scores have dramatically improved but still above -2 and they have been up and down. I took Forteo for two years then switched to Boniva which I finally stopped taking for good about 4 months ago. At this time I’m not on any prescription drugs or any prescription pain killers or over the counter drugs—just trying to eat right and stretch and exercise. I never suffered from the known side effects of Boniva and to be honest I haven’t felt any different since stopping. By pacing myself as far as physical activity and by stretching, I have found I can live with the pain but I want my life back!
    I know we can beat this!!

    Thank you for letting me vent.


  80. june margetson


    Presently in the process of taking up a court action against Actonel here in Australia.

    My condition has become worse since using this drug and my teeth have broken off at the gum. Had to have other teeth removed as they had cracked and a lower denture put in. Facial infection followed and the gum is very slow in healing. There was also a hole in my face which has proven not to be caner thank god.

    The QC asked who said this and who said that – when I referred him to your site he scoffed and replied that it is only the internet, dont believe everything you read.

    Are your details listed here such as:- the drug described as being used in cleaning products etc., true.



    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi June,

      Of course the info on drugs is true! Even the scientists that discovered them recognize this. Check out the quote by Dr. Fleisch in Chapter 5 of The Bone Health Revolution.

  81. Susan

    All woman need to know that it is very important to keep our HORMONES balanced throughout life not only to PREVENT OSTEOPOROSIS, but to have overall good health. It has been researched and advocated by Dr. Lee that PROGESTERONE builds bone. PROGESTERONE is the most beneficial hormone in our endocrine system. It can prevent breast cancer and osteoporosis. I challenge every woman to look into the wonderful benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones. They are made identical to actually what your body makes and are extremely safe and beneficial. I am a Bio-Identical Hormone and Health Coach. I give woman the knowledge thay need to empower them to have a partnership with their dr. so they can live the rest of their journey healthy and diseased free. I do 1 1/2 hr. consults for $25. I have researched BHRT for 14ys and have written a book. You can email me at so I can make a difference in your life. Thank you, Susan

  82. Chrissie

    Hi Very inspiring, I too hope to have the same success as Melanie by following the bone revelation… I would recommend everyone gives it a try

  83. Leona W. Martin

    Thank you so much for the audio discussion. It is very worthwhile and helpful. I have not had another bone density test this year. but, my bone density level improved to normal after 3 months of 50,000 ius twice/week. Now I am on 1,000 daily or 2,000 every other day.

    Trying to do better naturally.



    Hi Vivan thankyou for yr help,Mellanies story was very interesting,saw my gp last week admitted two him i had been using progesterone cram two try and increase my bone density,he didnt recomend this cream as being not safe,my next bd test is November,if there is no improvement he said i would have two start taking Actonel again,it is going two be awaiting game.I was wondering if anyone else has used progestrone cream and the dangers if any eg cancer from cream,I hate the thought of having two take Actonel again or Fosamax seems pretty scary,Regards Stephen.

    • Judy

      The natural progestrone creams are wonderful and will not cause cancer. I have used them for years.

  85. Ginger

    I am hesitating on ordering the book because I’m wondering if there are a lot of special foods to buy. Also, I am 70 and in good health with osteopenia. I do regular exercise, but will I have to devote much time each day to doing more? Also, how much calcium should I be taking per day? I would so appreciate any help in these areas. Thank you. Ginger

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ginger,

      It’s all about common sense and achieving good balance with foods, exercise and peace of mind.

      And about calcium: the body does not absorb more than 500 mg. at one time. The recommended dose is between 800 to 1,200 mg/day.

  86. Arlene Kubart

    Dear Vivian, I listened to the audio and I hope my news is good after my next bone density test. I was on Actonal for seven years and went from osteopenia to osteoporosis. BAD TO WORSE. My wisdom teeth came in at age 67 with a growth in the jaw bone on one of the impacted ones. During that dental exam in June of 2007, the oral surgeon would not remove any because of a low blood count for bone healing as a result of Actonal in my system. Four months after stopping Actonal my blood count rose to a satisfactory but not great level and he was able to start work on my jaw. Needles to say I never resumed taking Actonal.
    It’s been since the end of November, 2008 since I started your Bone revelation 80-20 diet. HEARS HOPING ! Arlene

  87. susan palmer

    Hi I have just listened to the audio and can’t help wondering why I have been so lucky because I have been on Fosamax for 11yrs and seem to be ok, I am 74yrs old but since I had all your very good advice i took myself of them last May and now take vit D plus exersice I feel fit for my age once sgain thank you very much susan

  88. Jafra Austin

    Oh, dear Nona, I am so sorry you are still on Prednisone!! Although, like you, I was previously a very healthy woman for more than 70 years, I TOO was diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis — a very dangerous, rare disease. In my fear of its potential “end results”, I made the mistake of going on Prednisone — the “immune system killer”, one of the most disastrous mistakes of my life. I hope you can get off it SOON, even if you have to take yourself off it, as I did. The side effects of that drug are worse by FAR than Fosamax, a drug I never took. During the only three months I was on Prednisone, I lost a great deal of hair, had a terribly puffy face, and countless other serious side effects, but the WORST of them was that my spine, which had only been mildly OSTEOPENIC before I took Prednisone, became thoroughly OSTEOPOROTIC, per MRI, in only three months of Prednisone use! The osteoporosis became so bad that I developed FIVE compression fractures from the lumbar area on up into the thoracic region.

    Fortunately, even before I discovered this osteoporosis had developed, I looked at my puffed up face one day and decided that enduring my side effects was beyond insane — that doctors knew so little about true health that they were required (by lack of any other DRUG solution) to KILL my immune system to supposedly save my life! Personally I believe that’s both insane and barbaric. So, that day I simply decided to cut my Prednisone dosage in half, and from there I kept carefully decreasing it every few days until I was able to stop taking Prednisone on my own, with no medical permission, and no apparent damage to my adrenals.

    I then looked online for a “natural doctor”, found Dr. Pepi, here in the Los Angeles, CA area (she has a website full of success stories) and, at GREAT expense, in three appointments she opened what was actually an energy blockage in the arteries of my skull. She did this through specialized energy work, changing my diet, and putting me on enormous daily consumption of Super EPA (fish oil) made by Nutri-West (at least 36 capsules/day!). It cost me far more than $1000, but I DID END the danger from the T.A. AND, by ceasing Prednisone, the GROWTH of osteoporosis was STOPPED cold! It has been one year now that I’m T.A. and Prednisone-free, thank God for that blessing, and I’ve been steadily rebuilding my spine since then, while avoiding the lifting I used to be able to do so easily, but which caused those fractures. With the help of the Bone Health Revolution program I INTEND to return to “normal” in a couple of years, as you have. I have NOT had a bone density exam since right after starting the Prednisone, but I am CERTAIN it will not be as “bad” as it could have been if I had not ESCAPED Prednisone, and it will continue to improve as I follow this easy, natural, and drug-free route.

    Nona, I recommend you find any kind of “natural doctor” who has experience with your rare T.A., or with “miraculous” reversals of ANY other dangerous diseases and do whatever it takes to get OFF Prednisone and NEVER get on it again. It IS a bone KILLER. Even if you continue to have a high SED rate and C-Reactive Protein AFTER leaving Prednisone, don’t give in to the statistics MDs will throw at you, because I’ve learned that there may be OTHER reasons why that are NOT T.A. related. That same natural doctor should also have a way to help reduce your blood pressure. However, whatever the cause of any disease, there is almost ALWAYS a better alternative available to be offered you by a “Complementary” or Integrative Medicine practitioner! And God bless you!
    Jafra Austin

  89. Nona Benbow

    Dear Vivien,
    I have just finished listening to the audio and it was most informative. I have always considered my self a healthy person taking vitamins,protein etc. Other than accidents & and very rare illness such as my last one being temporil Artitis, which after having a biopsy was confirmed in April of last year. I was pur on 60 mg.of predsone a day I am now down t 3 mg. and hoping after my next be off of it or at least a lower dose, I also hve been on fosomax for about 2 years, I have checked this drug out and have been very concerned about the side effects of this drug. They also have me on high blood pressure medicine. I am a small boned person and always have taken good care of myself, I am always looking for answeres and to put myself back on a drug free existance.
    About 3 years ago after falling over a bage of groceries on a hard wood floor I broke my hip and had a partial hip replacement. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    I am looking forward to the book I ordered from you.

    Thank you,
    Nona Benbow

    • Sherry

      I have not needed a Fosamax-related Dr. visit as of yet, but had some severe hormone issues a few years back. The “tried and true” automatic suggestion of stick it out and here’s a scrip for Wellbutrin was what I received! A long search led me to an Wellness Dr. an hour and half away from me, but she has been my medical salvation. PLEASE hear this: everyone needs an Alternative care person to walk them through these very hard decisions which can make one feel like an ‘imbecile’ if they do not heed the Western doc’s advice! Understand that as a nurse, I fell for these ways of thinking for many years and did the old routine for care: antibiotics, milk, OTC meds for whatever ailed my kids. But my personal wake-up call has brought me full circle…medicine may be fine for emergency care, but otherwise, I believe there are completely sensible and healing ways to care for our selves holistically.
      A few years back I was introduced to Essential Oils and watched my sister heal from a 12 year upper respiratory cough! I now use these therapeutic grade essentials oils daily, as does my family. Look up for more information on other great healing additions to your healthcare…your personal ‘medicine chest’ of healthy alternatives!
      We need more people like Vivian to help us and I am grateful to pass her book on to my mom and any others who come to my business for help. I love to spread the word of alternative knowledge to others, so keep seeking until you have the peace of mind that what you are doing for your body is not harmful, but restorative. Don’t feel ‘bad’ for questioning what a ‘doctor’ wants to put in your mouth. Ask them if they are on the same drug or have family members taking them! The truth will be told!
      Blessings to health!

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