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Atelvia (risedronate sodium), an oral bisphophonate made by Warner Chilcott, has been approved in the US on October 8, 2010. Here’s the simple trick used for creating Atelvia: clever marketing sleight of hand.

Let me explain.

Atelvia's active ingredient is identical to its twin Actonel, and similar to its cousins Fosamax (including the generic alendronate) and Boniva (ibandronate).

So what's Atelvia's new twist? It comes in the form of a delayed-release coating which eliminates the fasting requirements applicable to the other bisphosphonate drugs.

It's like a car salesman desperately trying to sell an old, beat up, and unsafe car with a new paint job as a “new” car.

Masters of Disguise

Based on its delayed release formulation, Atelvia was awarded its own patent and joined the rest of the bisphophonate family in October 2010.

Part of my research routine is to closely monitor new osteoporosis drug developments as well as patent expirations for existing drugs.

Actonel was especially on my radar, since its patent was about to expire on 2011, until it received an extension for another three years. Actonel’s future didn’t look too bright. According to the drug’s manufacturer Warner Chilcott, the total filled prescriptions for Actonel in the US declined by almost 22% in the first quarter of 2010 as compared to the same period in 2009.1

But now, thanks to Atelvia’s patent protection awarded in the US until the year 2026, Actonel’s active ingredient risedronate has regained new longevity.

And I couldn't help but laugh when I recently caught a glimpse of Atelvia’s television ad during a brief break. The ad seems to spoof Boniva, depicting it as an “inconvenient” osteoporosis drug because of having to wait at least one hour to have breakfast after taking it. And it attempts to send the clear message that Atelvia is the “smart” woman’s choice for osteoporosis because it eliminates the wait to eat or drink. Well, we in the Save Our Bones community know better.

Same Old Formula, Same Terrible Side Effects

Atelvia has the exact same side effects as Actonel and the rest of the oral bisphosphonates. Hardly a “smart” way to tackle osteoporosis! You may already know the long list of undesirable side effects of bisphosphonates, but here’s a refresher. As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, the most common side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Inflammation and ulceration of the esophagus
  • Chest pain, heartburn or difficulty swallowing
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Flatulence
  • Skin rash
  • Blurred vision
  • Generalized pain of the muscles, joints and/or bones
  • Decreased mobility of joints

And of course, let’s not forget the increased risk of atrial fibrillation, esophageal cancer, blood clotting disorders, anemia, and the horrendous and irreversible osteonecrosis of the jaw. But that’s not all, because there's…

A New Addition to the List

According to a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, using bisphosphonates for at least five years increases the risk for atypical femoral fractures. It reviewed 310 cases of atypical femur fractures and found that a staggering 291 (94%) had taken the drugs for more than five years.2

But the researchers were quick to point out that they don’t recommend stopping the use of these drugs because the benefits appear to outweigh the risks.

In view of this new problem, what is the medical establishment’s best solution? Nothing more than to include a warning about femur fractures on all bisphosphonate drugs!

Watch the two minute video below with the study findings and recommendations, which also apply to Atelvia:


You shouldn’t be. As I explain in great detail on this website and in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, bisphosphonates alter the natural bone remodeling cycle, which affects bone quality, making it more susceptible to fracture.

Fortunately, common sense is slowly but surely filtering through to mainstream medicine. Two studies have recently revealed that long-term suppression of bone remodeling can adversely affect the bone’s mechanical integrity.3

Researchers are finally recognizing what we have been saying here all along: that while bisphosphonates can affect bone quantity, they actually hurt bone quality.

Take a look at the X-rays of atypical femur fractures below, published in the same study. You can clearly see the fracture line right across the bone:

Source: JAMA

The good news is that you have found this website, and that you are part of the Save Our Bones Community. You're already on the right path. Stay with us, explore the website, and I'll continue to do my best to keep you up-to-date and well informed, as we continue on this “health journey” together.


2 Shane E. et al. Atypical subtrochanteric and diaphyseal femoral fractures: report of a task force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. J. Bone Miner Res. 2010 Nov;25(11):2267-94.
3 Kuehn B M. Studies Probe Possible Link Between Bisphosphonates and Femoral Fractures. JAMA. 2010;303(18):1795-1796.

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  1. Lisa Ryan

    I took this for 3 weeks, and experienced many of the side effects. I’ve been off for 3 weeks now, but am still suffering from them, although it seems to be getting better. How long will it take before I feel back to normal?

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  3. jeanne

    I had been on Fosamax for 3 weeks and broke out in a rash (looked like measles) on my chest which traveled to my face. Dr. prescribed 2 ointments Desonide Crm for my face and Triamcinolone ointment for my neck and chest. It took about 3-1/2 weeks to clear up. Now she wants me to try Risedronate 35 mg tab. I’m hesitant to begin treatment as I do not want another rash. She told me it was rare to get a rash. Am I right in not submitting myself to another inflammation?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jeanne,

      You’re “right” to go with your informed decision about taking any osteoporosis drug! You have no obligation to take any drug you’re not comfortable with, for any reason.

  4. Laura

    I’m 56 years old and have been taking Actonel for the past 5 or 6 years. I constantly had a recurring heat rash on my breast. I wasn’t sure if it was the medication. My doctor recently took me off the medication as my bones had apparently improved enough? Now after not taking it for 6 months I’m getting heartburn, aching thumb joints and weird nodules on the arches of my feet and the heat rash persists.

  5. Cheri

    I have tried Actonel, and now risedronate sodium dr, 35mg and am suffering from side effects. I now have joint pain, muscle aches, heartburn, stomache pain, ringing in my ears, and a general feeling of malaise. I am fatigued. This was NOT the case before the meds….my question is, how long can I expect these symptoms to last?

    • Gail

      I have only taken Actenol 150 Mg twice and that has been over a year ago. I recently had my teeth cleaned and my gums are red and painful ever since. I stopped the Actenol after reading the side effects. I was in the process of having dental implants when my doctor put me on it..
      I’ve have 2 dental implants in the last year. I’ve had a lot of side effects from this drug. How is it possible for a drug to stay in your body and do this much damaged for this length of time??

  6. Karen

    Hi all! I recently suffered a fracture to T12. At that time, I found that I have an old fracture to L1. Bone scan came out osteoporosis, with a T score of -3.1 spine. I was actually looking forward to starting a prescription to help heal and protect my bones. I was prescribed the monthly 150 mg risedronate. Today is day five of severe dysentery, headaches, nausea, increased back pain, and a general ill-feeling.
    My 86 year old mother has recently had a second Prolia injection. Her bone scan just came out as mild osteoporosis. I wish I knew before her first injection all the side effects to that. I’m afraid she is in for some months of suffering that she is only beginning to experience. Loss of a appetite, swelling, right knee pain, and general malaise. Unfortunately, my sister is power of attorney health care and stands with doctor’s recommendations adamantly and without question.
    I agree that these medications are poison. Unfortunately, as long as the prescriptions continue to be written like they are, nothing will change. I suspect that the Prolia, Forteo, injection types will gain in popularity because the Doctor’s offices get a cash cow with those; they sell them right through their offices.
    I wish you all well.

  7. Joyce Miller

    After enduring one year of extreme thigh pain and not being able to sleep, I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease of the hip. I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis three years previously and tried to treat the osteoporosis naturally & not use a bisphosphonate. An endocrinologist prescribed Atelvia and I don’t have the pain anymore. I hate taking it but what can I do? The pain was horrible.

  8. Susan

    I have been taking risedronate for nearly two years now.(Once a week) Most of that time I have not felt well,None of this started for the first few months, so I did not associate them with the drug. Slightly nautious most days, extremely tired and not able to breath comfortably. If I breath normally, I feel I am suffocating. I belch constantly and have now developed a very sore joint in one hand. I feel like someone is standing on my chest most of the time. I just never feel right any more, the breathing is the worst. I was putting it all down to old age, but decided to look up info re the drug and found you, thank goodness. Too many coincidences going on here. I took a pill last saturday and that will be my last one. Now I am concerned as to how long before these side affects go away, and if any permanent damage has been done. Does anyone have any answers re the time period for these horrid things to hopefully go away..

  9. Vivian

    I took actinol two days ago for the first time. It was a once a month pill. Ten hours later I developed an extreme coldness in my hands and feet. Then a half hour later I began vomiting. This was so severe I kept thinking I was going to need am ambulance. I passed out around 6 am only to wake up and vomit some more. It’s now been two days and while I’m not vomiting, my stomach still aches and I have had some terrible diarreah this morning. I would like to know if anyone knows how long it will be before I am back to myself again. This drug is poison!!!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That must have been a terrible experience, Vivian! I am glad you are now on the mend, and I imagine you’re done with osteoporosis drugs!

  10. Penny

    I wish I would have read the many comments that have been posted before I took the new medicine that my gynocologist prescribed me. She gave me samples of Altevia because I have osteoporosis. I had tried Boniva and told her it gave me severe stomach cramps. She told me Altevia was different that it was coated and I should be ok. OMG! the first day I was ok, then the next day, I had horrible back pain, head ache, stomach cramps, spasms and diahhrea. I still feel like I am having contractions every 30 minutes or so… Severe abdominal pain lead me to go look on line. I feel a bit of relief to know that I am not alone and this is why I feel horrible. Thank you to all that took the time to share your information and experience. I wish I would have been one of the so called “many” that it supposedly helped but I am not…. These bone meds are deadly!!!! not for me. Wondering how long these side effects are going to last, and now what………

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are definitely not alone, Penny! On this site you will find the information you’re looking for to get started on a drug-free path to better bone health. Welcome!

      • Dianne Saharic

        How long do side effects continue after discontinuing Atelvia?

        • Louise Bin

          I have taken Atelvia for almost a year with minimum discomfort. For me so far it’s ok. I did phone the company and learned from them that it stays in one’s system for about 530 hours (about three months) which is OK too. What I want to know is if it stops osteoclasts, do these drugs allow for new growth to occur?

  11. Radwane

    Craig: The flying nun aside, the diefnrfeces in efficacy between the bisphosphonates at various locations is far from clear. You are correct, the initial studies only showed a reduction in spine fracture reduction with Boniva, but there have been no head-to-head studies of any of these drugs, so which is better at which location is unclear. Per FDA recommendations all three require the patient to take the medicine with water on an empty stomach and not eat or lie down for at least 30 minutes. DrP.

  12. MickaelAnn Angus

    I am a 49 year old and my doctor wants to put me on Forteo,after going over the side effects I am not so sure I want to do this.Does anybody know if it is some form of a chemo therapy it sounds as harsh as the treatment for Hepatitis C. I would like any feedback that anyone might have thank you

  13. Gloria

    It just goes to show how different we all are. I have been unable to take fosamax and actonel, and actually failed several other medications due to reflux. I have been on atelvia for three months and have had absolutely no side effects at all ever, wouldn’t really know I have actually taken anything. I am sorry that it has not worked for so many of you, but for me it has been ideal.

  14. Carol

    I took a bone density test in October which showed some bone loss. My doctor prescribed Atelvia. I had tried Actonel three years before, but had to stop it due to severe reflux problems. She assured me that the Atelvia would be easier to tolerate since it was a coated pill. The first time I tried it, I had very little problems, just a bit reflux & stomach bloating. The next week was a completely different story! That afternoon after taking it, my back, lower hip area felt sore. By the evening, I could hardly walk. Then my thumb joints, of all things, were sore. My stomach was bloating, & I just felt weak. The next evening I developed diarrhea that last for 12 hours. It came on so suddenly that I barely made it to the washroom. I decided that I would not take Atelvia again, but double up on my dosage of calcium. It has been three weeks now since my last pill and I still have some residual pain in my thumb joints and stomach problems.

  15. Martha Fulghum

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis last year and was prescribed Fosamax by my OB/GYN. I filled the prescription but when I read all the warnings, I didn’t take it because I was dealing with bad acid reflux at the time and didn’t want to aggravate it. My primary doctor suggested I wait until my reflux was better before taking it and that took almost 6 months. I decided to wait until my next OB/GYN appointment and ask him for alternatives. He sent me to a rheumatologist to try Reclast. That doctor wanted me to try Atelvia first and gave me three samples to try. He told me that there had been fewer complaints with this than with Fosamax. I took the first pill two days ago and all was fine until yesterday around noon. I started having chest pains. I thought maybe it was irritating my esophagus like the warnings said but it didn’t feel like reflux normally does. I called the doctor and he suggested I take a Tums and if it got worse to go to the ER. As the afternoon progressed I started getting chilled, and began hurting from my hips to my jaw, but most intensely in my chest. I was shaking and convinced that I was having a heart attack by the time I went to the ER. They did an EKG and it was normal and did other tests but said all was normal. I was thankful for that but still in agony. They gave me pain meds and told me that this medicine could be the cause. Today I felt a little better but still achy and have the chest pain especially when I move or breathe deeply. I did a search and found this site. Now I’m wondering how long this will last. I saw where some said they have had symptoms for many months. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t trust the doctor to try anything else.

  16. Karen Burstyn

    I’ve taken Atelvia twice. The first time – no issue. Second week I have crippling pain in my hands and a terrible stomach ache. I don’t know what to do to get rid the these side effects.

  17. Catherine

    I admire you for writing this book. I am sure that it is packed with good information and is a worthwhile read. Do you know if it is in the Library in Canada?. I am a senior and in very bad pain. But I cannot afford to purchase the book. However, if it in the libraries in Ontario Canada, I may be able to borrow and read it.
    Thank You again.
    God Bless

  18. julie

    If you paid by credit card, they may be able to help you. I would check to see. Good luck.

  19. Nicky

    I tool my first dose of Atelvia on Thursday. By Friday evening, I had chills and thought I was coming down with something. On Saturday morning, my head felt like it was about to explode, along with severe stomach cramping, leg and joint pain. I just couldn’t get out of bed. The same thing on Sunday. I can’t wait for this dosage to leave my system and I’m never taking any more of it. I would rather break a bone than endure these side effects. Especially if I’m expected to deal with these side effects each and everyday.

    • Nancy

      Your story sounds a lot like mine! I wound up in er with dehydration and upper left abdominal pain. I was in bad shape for weeks. It seemed to shut off my appetite( i lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks) and when i would eat 15mins later i would get bad cramping and would feel my heart pound in my belly. I have since seen my GI MD who put me on Nexium but it has not gone away yet! It has been 5 weeks and i am better by 75% but am not normal yet.I am praying that this goes away. Good luck to you. Are you better?

    • Mary Lee Marshall

      I took my first dose Friday morning. This is the second time I have tried this but my Dr insisted as they now have a coating that should protect me from the problems I had last time over 3 years ago.
      I sat for a full 45 min. after taking to be sure I did cause any problems. I felt fine all day.(Good sign,feeling hopeful) By 11:00pm Friday I noticed pain in my ribs and back. Within 1 hour I could not take a deep breath with out sever pain. even laying down was very difficult and made me cry out in pain.From my waist to my neck felt frozen and any attempt to raise my arms cause me to cry out in pain. It is now Sunday and am able to get out of bed. The worst is over but am still in pain.My Dr will hear about this. I am a very healthy 65 year old with mild osteoporosis in my hip and osteopenia in the rest of my frame.I will never take this drug again no matter what my Dr says.

  20. B. J. Davis

    My doctor just prescribed Atelvia and I’m VERY hesitant to start taking it. I’ve had bad reactions to several other medications and after researching this drug, I’m terribly anxious about it. The information about the dentist is even scarier. Thanks for the updates.

  21. Mayra Reyes

    I was recently prescribed Atelvia by my Gynecologist. I had been previously diagnosed of having osteoporosis by my primary care physician who prescribed me Fosamax which I took for about a year or so.

    After ordering a new bone densitometry test, my gynecologist prescribed me this “new” medication called Atelvia. I took my fist dose of Atelvia last Sunday (Dec. 9, 2012), I took but only one pill and have since been feeling like I am about to die. I feel a terrible and acute pain in my middle abdomen, I also feel the symptoms of something like a strange flu. I have lived in the tropic all my life and never felt anything like it before, including acute pains and a burning sensation like that caused by reflux that goes all the way from my throat to my nasal passages, and also this generalized feeling of illness and discomfort.

    My husband began to research the web about Atelvia and came across your Website. I was astonished to read your article about Atelvia and see all my symptoms being described. I decided to stop taking it.

    I will call my gynecologist early tomorrow morning and let him know my feelings about his new “magic” medication.

    Thank you;

    Mayra E. Reyes
    Cidra, Puerto Rico

  22. Barb

    I have taken Atelvia for two weeks. I am 53 and now I feel 75. I have severe neck pain, nausea, and chronic fatigue. I felt fabulous two weeks ago. Needless to say, I will cease the treatment. My hip bone density was -1.9. I will supplement with Vitamin D and more Calcium. Enough. I feel like these pills are the twenty-first century equivalent of medieval leech therapy, where the cure is worse than the disease. NO THANKS!

  23. Lisa M

    I started atelvia 3 months ago and have been stiff and sore ever since. I didn’t think I had any options? Do I?

    • Pat Kelly

      I am 64 years old and have been taking Atelvia 35 mg for 2 1/2 years. I have persistently had back and leg cramps which are worse at bed time. The muscle aches keep me awake during the night. In the morning I am extremely stiff with back and leg aches. Theses symptoms will decrease as I move around and begin my day. I have reported this to my MD who basically felt that my risk of bone fracture outweighed the side effects.
      I also have Raynaud’s disease. I feel that my intolerance to any cool enviorment has become less tolerable since I’ve been on this drug. ( Could that be possible?)
      My last bone scan indicates I remain osteoporotic with a 0.2 improvement in the left hip.
      I’m struggling with the decision to stop the drug ( Atelvia) or continue to take it and deal with the side effects. I would appreciate any feed back.
      Sincerely , Pat Kelly

  24. keto diet foods

    Thanks . I have been looking for something like this . Good info I will check back for any info in regards to keto diet.

  25. Sandra J. Kattelus

    My doctor asked me to do a bone density test which I did and I like millions of other aging women (66) am ostiopennia. My Dr. then prescribed Atelvia. I took 1 pill following instructions @ 9:00 am on Tuesday morning. I don’t lay flat in my bed to sleep because my bones are more comfortable in my recliner so I slept in my recliner until 5:30 am on Wednesday morning. Immediately after laying down I went into convulsions. I have no idea how long they lasted but when I was able to get up I could hardly walk. Every joint and bone in my body was on fire and hurting so badly I could hardly breathe. I called my Dr. who was out for the day but she called me back and said go to the ER if the convulsions started again and to come to her office the next day. She gave me a cortizone shot and and a prescription for steriods. I finished the medication and I still could not walk without assistance. I went back and she gave me another cortizone shot and another prescription for steriods. It was getting better. I went to my orthopedic Dr. and he gave me a cortizone shot in each of my hips because they were still hurting so badly. I went back to him in 2 weeks and got my synvisk injections for my knees because they were hurting so badly. Bottom line, my lower back is still hurting and I have difficulty standing and walking and my orthopedic Dr. said he could not help with that. This all started May 24, 2012. It is now August 11, 2012 and I am still in pain. I do not understand why the FDA would approve such an awful drug knowing that it could have these severe side affects. IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW TO PRESCRIBE THIS JUNK TO ANYBODY. I wish they had to live with my pain.

  26. Nancy

    I just took my last Actonel; my gynecologist prescribed Atelvia. I did not have any of the listed symtoms attributed to taking Actonel, but now I’m wondering if I should start Atelvia in July.
    I quit HRTs when I was 60 years old; subsequently, a bone density test revealed bone deterioration. So, Actonel was prescribed.
    Now, I’m confused. Do I need this new med or could taking Citracal be enough?

  27. Connie

    My rheumatologist just gave me a rx for Atelvia. I have ra and some decrease in bone density and am an active 64 yr. old. I told her I didn’t want to take any if these meds, but she said this was different. Have not filled the rx and am going to continue to think about it real hard for awhile.

  28. Maria

    I have been taking Atelvia 35 mg once weekly for two years and my last dexa-scan results showed improved T scores … yeah … so my doctor refilled the prescription. I am concerned about the refill … my home delivery pharmacy changed it to a lower cost formulary alternative, Alendronate Sodium. The letter said they got “approval” to change the prescription and I plan to call my doctor. Is there any difference between Atelvia 35 mg and Alendronate Sodium 4’s?

  29. Paulette

    Sunday Morning I took my first dose of Atelvia. I am 62 years old, very active, with wight training, long walks, tennis, skiing and kayaking. My GYN has been trying to get me on osteoporosis medicine for years. My most recent bone density shows only borderline osteoporosis.
    Well after taking my first pill, several hours later I began having chills and felt tired all day. I fell asleep at 7:30PM, and slept for 11 hours. I never do that! It was difficult to get out of bed this morning. I hardly have the strength to lift a mug of tea. I am writing this laying in bed and all my joints are aching and I feel terrible. Also I am nauseous and having only been able to sip tea and coca cola, and even that makes my inside grumble and ache. I know we are all different, but I would say stay away from this drug. I can’t belive I was just running in snowshoes at high altitude and now I feel like an invalid.

  30. Emiliya R.

    Dear Vivian,

    As per my Dr advise I took Atelvia one tablet last Sunday, and since then I experienced muscle and joint pain, which is getting worse every hour.
    I’m 63 years old, and working, I have not taken a sick days in years,my health is good, I used to walk long distances, and now I’m falling apart.
    Is there any antidote to make my condition improve?


    • Hussnain

      You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incldeibre!

  31. Jess

    Hola Dinorky, sabes, mi madre le diagnosticaron osteoporosis en el 2005 o 2006. Estuvo tomando Fosamax y una dosis de vitamina D con calcio, cambio un poco las comidas y en el 2009 le dijeron que no tenia osteoporosis pero si osteopenia. El gran problema es que tuvo un gran deterioro en su dentadura y hasta necesito cirugia. Bueno, actualmente ella no usa Fosamax (primo de Boniva) pero usa una fuente de vitamina D excelente de igual manera calcio y elimino productos lacteos, carnes, productos refinados y azucares. Tambien usa buenas fuentes de multivitaminas y minerales, lo cual sse absorben mejor ahora que las tripas no estan recargadas de cosas que no puede eliminar tan rapido ya que tambien tiene un estomago y colon sensibles. Acaba de tener un nuevo examen de densidad y estamos esperano resultados. Aumentaremos el consumo de vitamina D y calcio siempre en cuando estos tambien esten bajo control, pero no empezara con medicina sintetica. Espero esto te de alguna luz en tu camino.

  32. cynthia adams

    I just started Atelvia this week. So what do I do? I have exercised most of my life on a ‘on again, off again’ program. I may exercise 8 months, then slack off 3 months and then start again, depending on my opportunity to work. I have no children and I know I will be my sole caregiver if my husband precedes me. I will teach him all I know and he will follow it for himself. I don’t expect him to stop his life because I have a condition. He has been helpful and thoughtful, but he has had to give alot to care for him Mom in the past. So, I want to do all I can do now to prevent being a liability. I already have glaucoma which I have managed with the Lord for 37 years. It is progressively worsening but it is still manageagle. So what do you suggest I do for this new disease I just found? Where do I go for a better medication or what can I do, if anything, to reverse the condition? Thank you.

    • Carole

      Get off any scripts for Osteoporosis. Instead go to a ful spectrum prescription grade anti-oxident program with proper diet and exercise. I did, and it works. If your body gets what it needs to stay healthy, it will. The worst thing you can do for Osteoporosis and your health, is to take the drugs marketed for this disease.
      I am an x-ray tech. I have Osteoporosis controlled. I have seen the carnage from the use of these drugs and I understand why they don’t work. I know what does work. It is not hard to figure this out. Especially today with the information gathered and available. If someone wants to discuss what I am doing specifically my email is

      • Sonya Spence

        Help! I just started Atelvia, been thru breast cancer, heart failure am only 53 years old, my bone scan showed lower spin -2.0 and left femur -2.2 I would prefer to take another approach to this thatn Atelvia.


  33. Bonnie

    My gyn just told me I have to start on Osteo Med since my dexa scan showed a bone decrease in the spine of 6.6% since last test in 2008. Even though my hip showed improvement. I take 1 calcium pill (osseoapatite plus) and 1 bone pill (ipriflavone) each day. I get these supplements from my chiro who is also a licensed nutrionist and who strongly disagrees with taking osteo meds like fosomax, boniva and now atelvia which is currently recommeded by gyn. My question is does anyone know if ipriflavone for bones has any of the bisphosphanates noted in the osteo meds that is so dangerous. I’m wondering if I increase my doses of my current supplements if that will be as good as staring the seemingly harmful atelvia. Any thoughts? Thx.

  34. Pansy Hogan

    I have been taking Actonel since Dec. 2010 until recently when I realized that after taking the medication on Saturday mornings, I experienced chills and fever (102+ degrees) on some Sunday evenings. It was always a one time event and once the fever went away, I did not experience it for another week or 2 or more. Has anyone else reported this experience after taking Atelvia? Over the years, I have tried Fosamax, Fortical, IV Boniva, and Atelvia – all with unpleasant side effects such as esophogeal stricture, irritated stomach, joint pains and now chills and fever. I am 76 and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2002.

  35. Abby


    I know that you are trying to throw out information to patients and be informative, your information is not unbiased or TRUE! Maybe all of these people should go see their DOCTOR who actually knows what is involved particularly with their health, instead of taking the advice of an Medical Assistant!

    Patients should know that each of these drugs are VERY different. When you know one, you only know one. And worse case scenario- if a patient experiences some side effects (which I know isn’t fun)there is always an alternative to try. Each body takes to a drug differently.

    I tell patients: no matter the case, we are trying to prevent them from fractures which are debilitating and leads to patient death. For this reason, it is best for patients to be ON an osteoporosis medication! I, for one, am excited about the improvement that Atelvia has brought to the market for patient bones.

    • Tess Gotesco

      I had a very bad experience with Atelvia. I am 58 yo and used to be in good and fair health considering my age. However, My doctor gave me 2 tablets of Atelvia few months ago (around April 2011). I took one which she said is good for a week. Just a few days after taking it, I had an ankle fracture but cannot remember how I got it. I used to carry at least 25 lbs of garden soil, but now, I cannot even carry 10 lbs without hurting my back, neck, hips and most of all my left foot.
      So it never dawn on me that this Atelvia was the culprit.
      So after 3 weeks I took another tablet. The ankle fracture got worst. I thought I really was having osteoporosis but I did not have, thanks God. I went to different therapy to see if it will go away, I spent a fortune already fixing this fracture. Aside from that, I had a lot of side effects with nausea, bloating, stomach problem, gas, etc…It’s been 4 months already and the ankle fracture on my left foot didnt go away until now. There are times that it is in worst pain, there are times that it is okey. My left foot and legs, hips and back suffered from this ankle frac. I read in one of the flyer about Actonel and the rest of the oral bisphosphonates and made my own research and found your article very informative and interesting and I think I now got an idea why I have this ankle fracture which now affected my whole being and my general health. I used to be so healthy but now I had all those side effects you mentioned here in your book. Nausea
      Inflammation and ulceration of the esophagus
      Chest pain, heartburn or difficulty swallowing
      Abdominal cramping, Flatulence, Skin rash
      Blurred vision, Generalized pain of the muscles, joints and bones and my ecreased mobility of joints.
      I experienced all of theseand is now in poor health condition compared to before taking that atelvia. I hate my doctor for giving that atelvia to me. Now I feel like I am so injured that it is harder to move without pain in the back, neck, hips and most of all my left ankle. My walking is somewhat weird because I am trying to compensate the pain with good posture. Why do we allow these companies to use bisphosphanates? Thanks for your article and for watching medicines that are killing us. I will continue to do my research as well and will tell my doctor and friends about these killing medicines.

  36. Christiane Higbie

    I just turned 50 and was recently diagnosed to osteoporosis to a bone density scan my doctor said was needed so we could establish a baseline. Okay great I thought. Imagine my surprise when my L1-L4 results came it to a T ( -3.3 ), my neck to a
    -2.0 and my hip to a -1.5….my doctor was in shock over these readings and insisted I begin taking Atelvia immediately (and thankfully I have not been with any of the side effects I am reading least not yet ) however so, I sought a second opionon on the results of the scan and the second doctor was in shock as well. Gee whiz, given that these readings seem to be shocking everyone including myself, wouldn’t it make sense to have the scan taken again, this time at some other facility, just to see if there was an error ??

  37. liz vickrey

    Several years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia and was prescribed the drug, Evista. I had taken it for approximately 18 months when I stumbled and broke my ankle. Surgery followed and as I was leaving the hospital I had a blood clot in my lung. Long story short, thanks to very quick acting nurses, I recovered! Then, I discovered from my ob/gyn that Evista can sometimes cause a clot! Took me off Evista and put me on more calcium. Now, two years later, she wants me to begin taking Atelvia because the osteopenia is “a little worse.” In looking up this new drug, I came across this site. I really don’t know what to do! Take it or not? I will be 70 in a few months and have no health problems…..I DON’T WANT ANY!! Any suggestions?

    • Trisha

      I am 52 yrs old. I had a dexa scan a yr ago. I had been having hip pain.Turns out I have AVN (avascular necrosis) My dr had put me on Evista. After reading the reviews I refused to take it.I had a total hip replacement on nov 7 2011.It was painful for the 1st few weeks,now its doing great.I still have the other hip to do :(. At any rate my Dr has now put me on Atelvia.I have taken it for 3 weeks now.I havent really had any problems with it. I had heartburn 1x a few days after the 1st dose. Not sure if it was from the med or not.Since then seems to be fine. I dont rec the evista.. nightmare reviews

  38. Peggy Stoterau

    Hi I just read about your friend jesse Cannone from The Healthy Back Institute. I was reviewing the anti Inflammation and Pain med. “Heal-N-Soothe” I was curious what your take on this is, as I suffer from allot of pain and back problems along with osteoporosis. Do you take this or recommend this? Is it safe to take without causing any further damage to my bones. Do you know of any one on this? has it worked. IS this legitimate ? Please answer asap,as I do suffer from allot of pain… I did just get your Book and Download, should I see if that helps first? Should I wait and try some of your recipes first? Or do you believe along with your info, this too will help????? HELP Please 🙂 Peg..I want to get off the Diazepam and Norco!!!!

    • Bharat

      I also started taking Heal N Soothe by JC Connors. Would you please tell me your response.

  39. Ruby Parker

    I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis about 15 years ago. I am no 68. I tried Fosomax, the nasal spray,and Evista. I experienced side effects with each that I could not live with. It has been about 3-4 years since I stopped taking Evista. My doctor (who I really like and she is open to research that I present to her) really feels I need to be on medication. I agreed to try Atelvia and have had two doses. The side effects are debilitating: nausea, abdominal cramping, muscel/joint aches (I already deal with fibromyalgia)and headaches. I spent all day yesterday (Tuesday) in bed. I had taken the Atelvia on Sunday. Today I’m up and about but still feeling miserable. I’m a teacher and return to school in a couple of weeks and I know there is no way I can function feeling the way I do. I really need some other options. I understand the risk of a hip or spine fracture and want to do whatever I can to prevent that from happening. I exercise 5 days a week for 20 minutes each day. I ride my recumbant bike, do stretching and hand weights. I have knee problems so I switched from walking to the bike. I am soooo open to suggestions. Thank you for listening.

    • Anna

      I (45 years old) have taken Atelvia for a few weeks, and today I had some of these terrible side effects you described. I took the pill yesterday in the morning, and this morning I woke up with joint and muscle pain and a severe headache. My stomach felt bloated, and I dragged myself through the day. Like you I am a teacher, and I can’t imagine going through another workday feeling like this. My doctor insisted that I take Atelvia after I had tried several other biphosphates, neither of which I could tolerate. The worst one was the once a month dose of 135 mg, which made me feel so sick that I thought was going to die. After today’s experience, I have decided not to take Atelvia again. I will need to get my osteopenia under control another way.

      • pat

        d. just precribed atelvia, ostepenia/osteoporosis. gave e 3 months supply soI start right away. not me!
        i’m investigating every angle before i’ll ever take such chemicals. what’s your angle?

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        I’m sorry you experienced these side effects, Anna, but glad you stopped taking the drug before you encountered potentially more serious effects. If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, take a look at Doctor Communication Tutorials, one of the supplemental reports that was included with the program. It’s full of tips for communicating with your doctor. Just remember that you’re in charge and that the ultimate decisions are yours!

  40. LeePhila.

    My doctor just gave me Atelvia to begin to take for osteropenia…I was taking Actonel for over a year. I keep reading about all the side effects of these medications. I have been going to the gym again and lifting my weights. Not sure if I will continue on the Atevlia. I have only taken it for three weeks so far. Just scared of the osteroporsis. I am taking Caltrate 600 -D and a vitamin D/2000 ri… fish vitamins when I remember. Need to have a bone scam to see how the osteropenia is….so we shall see. I have been really interested reading all the feedback from your viewers.

  41. Devin

    While I do not suffer from any bone disorders, and do not take any medication in this category, I do myself suffer from a physical disorder involving the degradation of essential function and composition of a key system in my body, not too unlike how osteoporosis and osteoarthritis affect bone density, growth, etc.; and I do take medication daily (3 actually) daily for my condition. My medication has some pretty significant side effects, and has fallen under fire recently on a nationally publicized level. I am also a plaintiff’s attorney practicing personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, wrongful death, etc. I have handled everything from lead poisoning to soft tissue car crash neck and back, to municipal and state liability for sexual assault in school, and wrongful death/bystander emotional distress. I can honestly say I have handled, personally as managing partner, 5 cases where an elder woman with osteoporosis, not medicated with any drug like ATELVIA, fell due to negligence on a premises (currently a church and a hospital case are pending), broke her hip (all-out, multiple breaks…equivilent to what I would call “shattered”) and died as a result of said break. The defense is disputing the causal relationship between the break and the death, which has to be their position, as there is nothing else to reasonably contest (since the dangerous condition which caused the fall is ALWAYS so flagrant), and regardless of the actual death, what always seems to happen related to damages and is also irrefutable is the decline in quality of life following “repair” of the hip and physical therapy, as opposed to how each woman was living before the fall and break. Each lived alone, was self-reliant, still operated a motor vehicle, cooked and cleaned their own homes they owned, etc. Prior to death, these women were “healed” but wheelchair bound, in elder care facilities, unable to tend to their own simplest hygiene, and usually (and strangely) also experienced almost immediate degradation of mental function, even to the point of total onset dementia less than 2 months post-op repair of the hip. My point: the medication on the market in the USA is the best available in the world (I’m FOR socialized medicine, but can’t deny these facts) a statement I will qualify with: 99.9% of the time, has gone through the most rigorous screening ANY drug(s) in the world face (at the hands of the FDA), and represent the best available pharmacological treatment of whatever condition it was designed to treat (plus usually some off-label conditions as well) one can acquire at that given time. Are they ever perfect “cures”? No, or I should say, very rarely. Side effects, risks, ineffectiveness, and a host of other issues will vary from patient to patient, and may even result in a recall (a la “Vioxx”). But the point is, the people suffering the condition somehow ALWAYS want to complain about these (we will call them “shortcomings”) of the drug(s), when without said drugs, same patients would be much worse off, and possibly dead. The POSSIBILITY OF hairline femoral fractures, “the trots”, irregular heart beat (which I was born with and hasn’t affected me for my 33 years of life thus far), migraines, blurred vision, dizziness, etc. (I’ve seen meds with POTENTIAL side effects like blindness, suicide, night terrors, and death…and some of these are for smoking cessation meds that MIGHT effectively end smoking, and were STILL approved by the FDA). For example, did it occur to u that 291 of 300 on these meds mite experience femoral fracture because THEIR CONDITION increases the liklihood of same? That’s like a lung cancer patient complaining chemo leaves them feeling short of breath. The point is, hosting a website titled “Save Our Bones” and using it for criticizing the only people truly attempting to do so pharmacologically because they haven’t found a 100% cure, with no side effects, seems like…well…the ultimate case of misplaced aggression, and lack of gratitude. Especially when no one has forced any woman to take these meds, and they can easily refuse and take their chances untreated; they just better hope every place they visit has well-shoveled walkways. As someone who suffers from a condition which has causes me to take “imperfect” medication, I just wanted to explain that I find the premise of “Save Our Bones” criticism of these meds, and the people who make them (who are trying much harder than anyone I’ve found on “Save Our Bones” to actually “save your bones) offensive, petty, misguided, and counter-productive. If you want to spend your time and money wisely, instead of criticizing these companies…donate $$$ to their R & D depts. That mite be a more productive step toward saving bones. Just a thought.

    • Sharon

      Devin, I am truly sorry that you have a condition that negatively effects your health. However, I highly doubt that you have done much research into the Save Our Bones program or their success rate. Yet, you seem angry towards those of us who have had extremely horrible reactions to various bisphosphonate medications. I was diagnosed with extreme osteoporosis and am only 57 years old. I was prescribed the once per month 150 mg Risedronate Sodium Tablet and will NEVER take it again. I am not angry with my doctor. You seem to have an issue with people expressing their experiences. I would not wish mine on ANYONE. I took the first and last pill 9 days ago and am still miserable today; severe abdominal/stomach pain (have barely eaten in 8 days), severe lower back pain, chills, acid reflux, and general flu-like symptoms. I am going to do everything I can taking a natural route from now on. You need to do some actual real research on our FDA yourself, instead of just repeating what certain people have said or written (probably affiliated with the FDA). This is still a free country and we have the right to hear, read, research, etc. all information that could so profoundly effect our health. You should not be discouraging this dialogue. As I hope my terrible symtoms go away quickly, I also wish you improvement with your issues.

    • Barb

      Look, whoever you are, you’re right. No one tells these women to take these pills. But they take them in good faith, thinking the pills will help a health problem. Instead, however, the pills make them sick and diminish their over-all well being and make them hurt. It is unconscionable that the USDA (regulated by large conglomerates with extensive lobbying dollars) can even get these drugs on the market.

      So, instead of using your precious time ranting half-page blogs about what is wrong with this site, maybe you mite (sic) or might, want to be productive and help people become aware of the potential side effects. People vote with their dollars. If no one buys toxic, government approved medicines, maybe the drug company will stop supplying them or be forced to stop making them.

      To some women, a broken femur and chronic pain ARE a death sentence when they have children and a job and a home and, likely, ridiculous health premiums, or worse, no insurance at all. Sorry you sound like an angry man. Or worse, an angry woman.

      Hmmm. Just a thought.

  42. Pam

    What about Reclast? Any info on this?

  43. Jesse

    Doc Vivian,
    Your article made sense.
    At 53 I have worked out vigorously all my adult life. Weight lifting is a passion of mine. In fact, I have a full gym in my garage rather than my car. For instance, I still run and bench press 300 for starters. I had a back injury in the military, but ironically, working out keeps me pain-free. I warm-up and proceed cautiously. Never any pain or problems.
    Recently, during an annual physical, I was given a bone density scan. Surprisingly, the pharmacy called me to pick up an Atelva prescription called in by the doctor. As ALWAYS I read up on this med before blindfully taking it. After my readings, including your info, I absolutely will not even start this stuff. Now, while I read that we naturally begin a bone-loss progression after a certain age or event, I also read that certain measures may mitigate the loss such as frequent exercise, calcium-sufficient diet, etc. As I mentioned, I have a weight-bearing exercise regime. I am determining for myself that I do not need this and will return it to the pharmacy along with informing my doctor that I decline the prescription.
    The thought of any or all of the side-affects is more scary than the thought of developing osteoporosis.
    I’ll take my chances with nature, or perhaps even better, take a look at the options in your book.

  44. Erlinda Siaton

    I love reading the comments. I learned more from it.

  45. Pauline

    Now that actors such as Sally Field and Dee Wallace are hyping treatment for Osteoporosis I am looking forward to Jack Nicholson being hired to hype Viagra. That would really sell a lot. LOL.

  46. Pauline

    Does actress Dee Wallace actually have Osteoporosis? Or is this commercial a sort of farce just like when Florence Henderson was hyping denture adhesive when, in fact, she doesn’t have dentures.

    I don’t know how many “cures, treatments, etc” we are going to hear about once there’s one on the market for yet another ailment or condition.

    My feeling is that commercials using women/men who do not actually have a condition that they are hyping should have a disclaimer at the end that – this person is only an actor – or just paid – and we don’t guarantee they themselves have this condition. There’s nothing like being honest with the public.

    • San

      Interesting post by the disclosure by this dotcor. And for those of you who don’t know, the big pharma companies treat thier sales force in a similiar way, with the perks and abnormal excitement in obvious attempts to resist your temptation to analyize the situation occuring such a time frame. Some do choose to apply such a corporate mask, yet it’s far from realistic.

  47. Gemma

    Thanks for info. Can your books and programmes be purchased in the U.K.? If so please let me have the information and telephone numbers etcc. Thanks

  48. Nancy Herrera. (Australia)

    Dear Vivian:
    I can’t thank you enough for all the information you are givig to us with the book, my bible now, and your advise on the web.
    I feel alive again wanting to get up in the morning plan my day and my studies.
    I has enroled myself in an Environmental course
    in which I am passioned about it.
    BUT fosamax and the coktail of drugs given for my spine fracture had let me with a large hiatus hernia, ulceration and stricturing of the area.
    My digestive track was completetly healthy before.
    I am treating these with natural medicine and I am not felling sick every time that I have a mouth full of food.
    Thank you once more for the blessing to find your web site in net.
    Faithfully. Nancy Herrera.

  49. Carlal Peltonen

    Please respond to my inquery about Didronel.
    Carla Peltonen

  50. lynne burgess

    Thank you so much for your latest reports.
    Not only do they keep me focused but they help my husband to understand why I take the decisions I do with regard to my bone health!
    Best wishes

  51. Carlal Peltonen

    I have known these drugs were poison for 15 years. I had osteopenia but my wonderful doctor prescribed Didronel (etidronate), an old drug indicated for Padgetts Disease but which works for osteoporosis. Hardly any doctors in this country know about it. I have been on it for over 15 years and my bone density has gone up. It should be in wider use. Has anyone else heard of it????

  52. Jackie Waite

    Just came home from the oral sugeon’s office after my dentist sent me there for a consultation to see about removing some “tori” bones in my mouth under my tongue. When I told him I had taken Boniva and Fosamax (I quit months ago) he advised against any surgery due to risk of jaw deteriation which could happen due to the length of time I had taken these drugs. I thanked him profusely and thanked God again that I have quit these horrible drugs with their horrible side effects. I’m grateful it wasn’t an absolutely necessary surgery or I would have been terrified. Thanks again for keeping all your loyal followers on track.

  53. Allison

    Atelvia is just another makeover of poison. Tomorrow, I go to my ob-gyn for a pap test. He put me on Boniva last April-May…after that I could not bend my one knee without pain. So, I stopped it…he wanted me, at that time, to go back to him for another kind of drug….I never went back. I read the Doctor Communication Tutorials you wrote, and hopfully will be able to get my message to him about the “Natural Approach” of Bone Health. Wish me Luck Thanks Again!!

  54. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Was A VERY GOOD Article. And As Always You Do Your Homework, And Give Us The Facts About The So-Called Osterporosis Drugs Out There That Are Suppose To Help Us, But In Reality Do More Harm Than Good! Thank You For All Your WONDERFUL RESEARCH!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  55. Wanda

    Thank you Vivien for staying on top of all the new malarkey ( drug world with new products) and providing us the bone damage of thier products in laymans terminology.

    I agree the Atelvia commercial was a hoot, especially implying there would be time for intimacy now with spouse or significant other. And with your continous communication with the informative Save Our Bones Club, we beg to differ with the crappy drug world. In a nutshell, more damage than good.

  56. Nu Ly

    I don’t take any drug for osteoporosis since
    last April, I got my right arm joint pain for ten months, I listen your advice and stopped the Foxamax. Now all my pain was over, I am
    very appreciated your help.

  57. julie

    I have osteoporosis and I get a lot of back pain. I purchased your Osteoporosis Reversal Program book and try to eat the right foods and exercise.. I do not take any drugs for osteoporosis. I was also told I have myofacial pain syndrome as well as degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my spine. I have mild kyphosis also and I do not want it to get worse. I do exercises, and I have gone for physical therapy and was given posture exercises, however, they do not seem to help. My last physical therapist , I went to for 13 sessions and my back started feeling worse.
    Would you know if this pain is from the osteoporosis?
    I would appreciate your response. So far, I did not get any satisfactory responses from my doctors-they just say go for physical therapy which does not seem to help me.
    Thank you.

  58. Jackie

    Very informative book. Well worth buying.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words about my work, Jackie!

  59. Mary Anderson

    Vivian: I have 100% faith in the information you have supplied your readers. My doctor has just recently asked me to have Prolia injections which are given twice a year. When I read the possible side effects, I do not feel this is what I want in my body. Do you have any feedback on this product? I would appreciate a quick reply because he plans to give it to me April 14th. Thank you for all your good advice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I appreciate your faith and trust, Mary. You can read all about Prolia on this blog. The article I wrote is titled “Prolia (Denosumab): My Review”.

  60. Ellen Schamberger

    Thank you Vivian, your book is a big help.

  61. Rimma

    Thank you, Vivian, for your are Honest person and tell to us truth. I have 1.5 month experience with Atelvia and stop two week before now because it changed my teeth, spine, stomach and more. THank you for your job .

    • Kathy

      First of all-thank you Vivian for all the good information on these drugs. I was on Actonel a few years back for about a year. I was in pain. Pain in my joints, muscles and started getting heartburn at night when I lay in bed. I am 59 and have been fairly active all my life. I just left the doctors office with some sad results. I have gone from osteopenia to osteoporosis. And a 3 wk. sample of Atelvia in hand.
      My back feels better now than a year ago. I was in alot of low back pain. I know the EZorb calcium and vitamin D, exercising with weights and yoga have helped because my pain is 98% gone. I am just surprised at the new bone scan results(-2.72 T- score).
      Now, (sign)I am reading this new drug is not the answer either.

  62. Paulette


    I so appreciate you and all you are doing to help all the women being mis-guided. My doctor has been trying for over 12 years to get me to take Evista. I have reflux and can’t take the other drugs. I have a really bad esophagus. I also have osteoporosis and have reversed it by following your plan. When the bone scan came back and it was good the Doctor’s office never even bothered to called me and let me know. I had to call to see what the results were. I hope everyone will be brave enough to not listen to all the hype that is out and follow a more natural health plan like yours.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great news!! I love the way you’re proactive about your bones.

  63. Brigid

    Vivian, you gave me the courage to be bold & to stay away from all forms of drugs. I had a 1 yr later repeat DEXA scan a wk ago & the improve ment in my bone density is remarkable. I’m encouraged to keep on doing what I’m doing only more consistently. There’s hope for everyone & I’m 72. Thank you!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Congratulations, Brigid! Keep up with what you’re doing 🙂

  64. Bettie

    I have a good gyno, but he can’t seem to quit talking about taking drugs for my osteoporosis. No matter what I go to him for he always comes back to this. He told me yesterday about the new drug Altevia. How wonderful it was and then he told me I was prime candidate for the drug that you only take a shot every 6 months. It is Pativa or something like that. He was so forceful about he told the receptionist to check with BC/BS and see if they would pay it. I told her I would check if I decided I wanted to take it, but I just felt like the pros outweighed the cons. I am doing your Save our Bones program and hope this will help me to reverse some of my bone loss. I may just change drs. because I hate the pressure to use the drugs. He even said if he was my husband he would get down on his knees and beg me to take this drug.

  65. Liz Nowak

    In 2008, I was lucky to go to an oral surgeon who was smart on osteoporosis and would not work on my teeth until I stopped taking Actonel. I had been taking it for eighteen months. I have since bought nearly all of your offered books, and have learned a lot. The reason for writing is that I want to list the symptons that I have experienced. I have had severe anemia (6.6 bloodcount), two broken femurs (2008 and 2010), trouble swallowing, aches, and probably more symptoms. I am now on the way to getting better. My doctor was going to try and give me another prescription for Actonel, but decided I was more osteopenia than osteiporosis. I was never going to take it.

  66. Esta

    Thanks again and again for the information, Vivian… It’s good when someone “smells the rat” for and with us!

  67. John

    Thank you Vivien, your advice re:-my wife,s mother being prescribed Actonel by a doctor in the Philippines, as a treatment for Osteo,your advice saved her from a life of pain and misery. We printed out a copy of your response to our questions for her personal information and she took it to the doctor. He apologised profusely and said he “Had no Idea as to the ‘Other’ effects of the drug” He also said he would NEVER prescribe it again.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Love my Save Our Bones “Ambassadors” in the Philippines! Give my best to your mother in law, please.

  68. Alaine


    I feel I have to let you know of my experience with biphosonates. 10 years ago I had a bone scan and was told I had osteoporosis and was put on Fosamax. After a few years I had stomach pains and heartburn so was put on Actonel. The same symptoms happened and after reading your book (I live in the UK) I came off the pills and followed your diet. I had to plead with my doctor to get me a bone scan and was willing to pay for it myself. I had a bone scan recently and now I find I never had osteoporosis just osteopenia. the nurse tells me that the scanners used now are much more accurate than the old ones and that I was only on the cusp (-2 Hip and -2.5 spine) and should never have been put on the drug. my reading now is -1.8 Hip and -1.9 spine). Having had a tooth problem recently and my dentist frightened to pull a tooth it has all been so needless. I am very annoyed but will carry on with your diet and will never take these awful drugs again. I put my faith in my doctors but from now on will question taking any drugs at all. Thank you for all your sharing with us your findings.

    • Adele

      I too was put on Bonviva for similar readings, I had osteopenia and was on the drug for 2yrs 9months until I had dental problems… only then did I learn the real ugly truth… that was 12 months ago and 9 months drug free… I am still under the dentist and hospital as they can not operate and do not want to remove the tooth etc. I worry every day, my GP was unaware or the side effects and was at a lost as what to do next…
      I refuse to take any drugs and am following the SOB programme or trying to stick to as best I can.. I have good days and better days. I am 48 yrs old.

      All the best.

      • Angelique

        Barbara Quart, in her first visit to a medical cionevtonn discovered: “The emperor had no cloths.”I feel the bigger issue is: Have doctors become such a part of the sell, sell, sell, atmosphere that they embrace this business model? This being only one of a a number of legitimate medical issues that, while needing attention, are not the sole medical concerns of the population at large.As patients we are constantly bombarded by the need for testing and medicating these “silent” killers. The higher the profit, and lower the perceived risk of drug therapies, the higher the noise level. Statins come to mind. BMI calculations are very big as we see diet drugs, only available through you doctor, being advertised. The list goes on.Doctors need to come to grips with the selling nature of these conferences. When a doctor participates they will take away an altered perspective of the drugs available, and the need to medicate. This is the purpose, and if they were not successful, pharma would not sponsor the gatherings.Steve Lucas

  69. sonja

    With just a short time use of Acetonal I had rectal bleeding. I also was not able to find any Dentist who would extract my infected tooth for over a year. Finally after signing that I would not hold him responsible for any Fosie Jaw he did the extraction. His comment was “Wow” That was really bad”
    After reading this article I will be sure not to try the “New?” Acetonal.

  70. Patti

    Thank you Vivian….as always!! Your dedication and research is a blessing to all of us!

  71. Carol

    Has anyone tried Adora which is a calcium supplment wrapped in chocolate?

    • Hmmmmm

      I have. I love them.

  72. Michael

    I have to say that you are relentless in your cry of FIRE in theatres and homes throughout your readership. These medications have helped far far more people prevent fractures than you want to admit or understand. You are the Glenn Beck of the bone world. You need to tone down your comments and try to stick to interpreting the science for your readership rather than spout your predjudice and hurt far more people than you will ever help.
    Stick to the facts if you know where to find them.
    I’m glad to get your emails because it gives me plenty of incentive in my seminars to explode the myths you are perpetrating in your rants.
    Till next time,

    • Sonia


      Which drug company do YOU work for???

      Vivian’s “rants” are based on fact – not myths like Glen Beck’s.

    • E. Loraine Hopper

      Maybe Michael you should do more research. Having been on Fosamax for 5 years I now have a tortuouse oesophagus and a large hiatal hernia. I have to watch my diet as I have difficulty swallowing. I went off the Fosamax before I had a knee replacement. The surgeon’s first words to me.” You have terrible bones!!”

    • Esta

      for those of us who had tried the prescribed medications and had the side effects and worse, we are grateful for alternative measures for bone health… gives us free choice. And BTW, I had been advised by a young facial surgeon whom I met on an airplane “by accident”… that the bisphosphates were invented in response to chemotherapy bone leaching… and not for our garden variety osteopororis that we old ladies (and men) have to deal with… he had nothing good to say for their use unless it is for very special reasons…. it was an unsolicited conversation between two strangers and the encounter was further confirmation of what my body told me…
      passion is passion and choice is choice…

  73. Eva Baker

    I learned the hard way that you don’t take anything that comes along for osteoporosis. I took once-a-month Boniva and I got in such a run-down condition after the 4th tablet that I wanted to sleep in the afternoons every day.I told my Bone Specialist NO MORE! I started on a Vitamin and mineral diet and I refuse to go to a doctor for the condition.I got all my energy back after several months waiting to get my system cleared of the poisons.The Rheumatoid specialist I was seeing had not even checked my Vitamin D levels before starting the Boniva. When he finally did, he found I was severely deficient on the D vitamin and there is no way you can absorb your Calcium without it.He gave me a very strong D for a month or so and that took care of it. I take all my vitamins now and get lots of sunlight and I am the old active person I once one! Needless to say, I do not see any doctors for the bones anymore and no way will I ever take another bone scan. What I don’t know, won’t hurt me! I feel great now and can do light lawn work, clean my house and still have plenty of energy. I am 78 years old! Take Vivian’s advise and treat yourself with exercise and Vitamins!

  74. Irma

    Hello Vivian:
    Big Pharma continue making new drugs because they sell, regarless they are good or bad; its like comparing junk food with healthy food; people know junk food is bad, but they buy.
    People need to make smart decisions,make their own researches. Here in USA people dont have time, they see the advertiment and buy because its more convenient. In the case of Altelvia, is more convenient because there is no time waiting. People, open your eyes and see that those drugs dont cure us but make BIG PHARMA rich.

  75. mary robin

    I have had a severe skin rash on my arms and torso and on my head but I am very unclear as to whether it is caused by the use of strontium ranelate 2g daily taken since December 2008 and then because that was considered to show a poor response I was given my first infusion of yearly Zoledronic acid in July 2010.

    My skin has always been very sensitive ever since I was wrongly prescribed Betnovate a powerful steroid cream over 50 years ago which I used full strength for 10 years before doctors became aware of its damaging effects!! All I had at the time was dry skin with some eczema.

    So my problem is, are my rashes caused by my infusion or just a continuing result of my damaged skin. I know I cannot expect you to come up with a definitive answer! I have asked my hospital osteoporosis nurse and she says that since the rash did not occur immediately after the infusion it is unlikely that the infusion is a cause of this really severe rash, severer than it has ever been in my life.

    Sorry for such a long rambling question but maybe you can help, all the best Mary

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mary,

      As you correctly write, it’s impossible to know exactly what has caused the rashes. However, when it comes to skin inflammation, less is more. So double (or triple!) your efforts to stay natural; that will help your liver and kidneys cleanse your body and get rid of what’s causing the rash.

  76. Sonia

    thank you Vivien
    i’m soooooo glad i found your website

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