Boost Calcium Absorption With Bananas - Save Our Bones

A reader challenged me the other day to come up with one everyday food that will improve her calcium absorption and bone health. My answer surprised her since the food I suggested is so common that it is often overlooked. I decided to share the wealth and write an article about this bone-smart food so that you don't miss out.

And believe it or not, that food is… the banana!

You see, bananas help your body to absorb calcium and other vital nutrients that promote healthy bones. Here’s how:

This amazing tropical fruit is extremely rich in a compound called fructooligosaccharides, which nourishes the bacteria (some bacteria in your body is very beneficial) in your colon, allowing for an increase in the production of digestive enzymes and vitamins that help you absorb important bone-strengthening nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium.

What’s more, green bananas, also known as plantains, contain one other key component, in addition to fructooligosaccharides. They contain short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) which makes them TWICE as effective at strengthening your bones. This happens because your body lacks the enzymes to break down SCFAs, so they pass through your small intestine and are consumed by the bacteria that line the walls of your large intestine. The more SCFAs you feed to these cells the healthier they are, resulting in a more efficient absorption of bone-friendly nutrients.

The bottom line: bananas, especially the green ones, are excellent for your bones.

And it doesn’t hurt that they are delicious, too.

Two Delicious Green Banana Recipes

Try these two recipes that I and my family love. I found it to be an easy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of green bananas.

Caribbean Adventure Salad

Easy to prepare and deliciously bone-healthy.

8 servings


4 green bananas (plantains)
1 large tomato, cut in chunks
1 cucumber, sliced
6 celery sticks, thinly sliced
2 carrots, grated
1 avocado, sliced
1 head of lettuce, thoroughly washed and dried
Sea salt


1.Peel the green bananas and place in pot with enough cold water and add a pinch of salt.
2. Bring water to boil, then reduce heat and simmer with cover on for 10 to 15 minutes or till tender.
3. Rinse and allow to cool, then slice the bananas.
4. Line a large bowl with lettuce leaves, and cut up the rest of the lettuce.
5. Mix all ingredients and serve with your favorite dressing. Garnish with slivered almonds or chopped walnuts, if desired.

Santo Domingo soup

Make a double batch so you can enjoy this soup anytime.

8 servings


8 cups vegetable broth
2 green bananas (plantains), grated
1 garlic, pressed or very finely chopped
Sea salt and paprika to taste


Combine all ingredients in pot and boil until thick.

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  1. Santhrani

    I would like to know the natural ways to maintain my bones as I have osteopenia. Thank you soo much

    • sonia

      Bananas and plantains are excellent source of calcium and delicious as well. Another great calcium food is coconut, grated coconut or coconut milk. And, dairy, of course. Every time when you eat all the healthy stuff which contains a lot of fibres but contains also phytic acid and oxalic acid which need to be bound with an additional source of calcium. I wouldn`t eat the salads, vegetables, cereals, nuts without combining it with of these sources of calcium: dairy – it could be either goat or sheep cheese, mozarella, cheese made from non-pasterised milk which is rich on bacterias, feta cheese, cheddar etc, also yogurt with mascarpone is a good combination with fruits. Oat flakes with milk, bananas and other fruit especially berries is a good source of vital minerals for bones, don`t be afraid to add organic honey to it to supply boron for bones as well. Another sorce of boron are dandelion leaves, caviar and oyster, cellery sticks, Brasil nuts etc. The reason for osteopenia/osteoporosis is not just lack of calcium, it is very often the lack of zinc, boron, manganese, iron. We need to include all those nutrients in the diet.

      • Afroz khan

        I have bones cracking sound in my both legs cannot stand for long time have pain of bones nd my veins gets cramps nd inflammation can u suggest medicine please.

  2. Danielle

    Hi! I am confused by your comment to eat bananas to increase calcium absorption. I read in several other places on the web that bananas have iron and they should not be eaten with calcium as it will inhibit the iron absorption of the banana or any other iron rich foods you eat when taking calcium or mixing calcium foods. Is this true and how do I take my vegetarian iron liquid and calcium pills without losing the benefits of both?

    • sonia

      Hi, Danielle, banana is not a typical iron food, it is a great source of calcium and potassium. Another sourcers of iron for example pulses, nuts, grains,green leaves and green vegetables are high in calcium as well (and magnesium), do you believe you shouldn`t consume them as well? In fact, all these good and healthy food rich in minerals and fibres is going to make you feel weird if you don`t add healthy fat, calcium and zinc to bind the phytic acid and plenty of oxalic acid in vegetables. The reason for iron deficiency is mostly low levels of zinc and you need more calcium if you eat vegetables, cereals or salads to have an ideal ratio of minerals for your body. Adding bananas, plantains, coconut milk or grated coconut and dairy would provide needed calcium. Vegan diet is typically high in copper low in zinc and iron, because of lack of calcium also magnesium cannot bind. This affects the mental health greatly as well because zinc is an absolute basis for brain and nerves. Zinc is needed for synthesis of every protein in the body, without zinc hemoglobin cannot produced, collagen cannot be produced. Although every individual is so unique and has a unique medical condition, the lack of zinc is undermining so many people. The lack of calcium/magnesium follows. Because people lose magnesium when processing sugar and alcohol, associated minerals which bind together are lost as well, so calcium is being lost from the bones as well and what is even worse, it ends up in the wrong places and important organs and vessels become calcified.

  3. Evan

    Hello Ms. Vivian,
    Both my wife and I are enjoying your program. This is our second week on the densercises. We feel great. We have a question though. My wife’s doctor told my wife to keep calcium rich foods and magnesium rich foods apart from each other during the day. We take our magnesium early morning and before bed and our calcium during the day. He said this is bc calcium and magnesium compete for absorption. When taken together they negate each other. Bananas are high in magnesium. Does this interfere with calcium absorption if we were to have a banana with yogurt? Many thanks for your time in advance,

    • R

      Calcium and magnesium need each other for your body to use it well. You do want to keep calcium and iron separate, as calcium blocks it’s absorption.

  4. Jami

    Green bananas are green bananas. Plantains are plantains, a completely different beast. So, which one should be eaten in the green state?

    • Paul crombie

      Plantains are not “green” bananas. If you want the benifit of plantains you need buy plantains. The artical needs to make this distinction w/o parenthesis and get rid of the “green banana” reference.

    • Jason Tolliss

      Nether, both should be eaten when they have dark speckles when the Natural sugar and potassium comes through at they’re best

  5. George

    SCFA’s are healthy, but they are not in the bananas but instead produced from the undigestible starch fraction that is high in green bananas by gut microbial fermentation in the colon.

  6. Mr Moxie Paddyfoot

    I love ripe and green bananas, i also enjoy eating ripe plantain.
    Eating ripe banana is vital when u high
    blood pressure.

  7. Janet Blair

    I had a cervical fusion Aug 17, 15 .when I went to my post op last week (2nd one) the Dr was amazed at how quickly the fusion was filling in. I didn’t know why either. After that kind of surgery it feels like there’s a baseball lodged in my throat. Obviously soft diet. So I started having fresh banana milkshakes every day, sometimes 2. Now it makes sense; the calcium in the ice cream and milk was boosted by bananas!! No wonder I crave them!!

  8. pat

    I eat bananas to stop leg cramps. It’s good to know that they are also beneficial in helping my bones to stay strong

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Keep enjoying your bananas, Pat!

  9. Liz browne

    Bananas are great. Thanks for your article. Plantain are not bananas. Do green bananas contain short chain fatty acids same as the plantain do?

  10. patience menakaya

    hey so enjoyable and educative reading through all comments thanks so much everyone. I am from Nigeria and I know differences between banana and plantain 🙂

  11. Caroline R.

    A Lady in Mineral Wells said, put a banana, cup of plain, unsweeten yogurt, a hard boiled chickenshell that has been cooked for 8 minutes and this will help with teeth problems. I use to throw chicken shells to keep their eggs hard. May help with bones .

  12. Delia Lutchmeesingh

    Thanks for all the uptodate information on helping with taking care of our bones. All is greatly appreciated.
    I bought the Bone Apetite book and love it but I did not receive the last bonus.
    Thanks again. Delia

  13. Linda

    I live in a banana capital – Ecuador. Recently heard from a good friend that if you boil the green bananas with skins on, blend it all up and drink it – you get a super good source of calcium. Any thoughts?

  14. Nancy

    Are green bananas available organically? I don’t remember seeing them, but perhaps it’s only because my store doesn’t carry them that way. I am concerned about the gassing that is done on non-organic bananas.

    • Sheila

      I talked to the produce manager at my local supermarket the other day about organic bananas and he told me organic bananas are gassed too! Organic only refers to the way they are grown. What happens to them after that doesn’t affect the organic status. And the people who work in those “gassing chambers” have to wear protective, hazmat type suits. I eat bananas only occasionally.

  15. Jose L Suescun

    Vivian: I am trying to place a commentary as recent and on the top of the list. Heather on June 11, 2012 said that her husband has Parkinson;s disease, but does not know that a successful treatment has already been published. I answer her commentary at that time, but I am not sure she will go back to it and read mine. It would be wonderful, if you can let her know and we can return her husband to a better life. Same thing with Alzheimer’s, MS and many other chronic conditions.
    Also, cancer is being cured since the 30’s and even before

    • Laurie

      I sure would like to know about this cure for Parkinson’s. I have Parkinson’s. I am not taking the medication As I want to find a natural cure. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you Laurie

    • Diya

      Dear Jose,
      I happen to read your comment on the cure for chronic diseases. I’ve been diagnosed with MS, at 30. Its 5 years since. I would request for your treatment and help. Look forward to your response. Thank you in advance. Dia

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for your contribution, Jose!

      • Loma

        I just read the post from Jose. My son (44) was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s about 10 years ago and I’d like information on the treatment you are talking about. He’s been on rounds of prescription drugs that help some but if there is something else to treat with I’d like to get that info to him. Thank you, Loma

  16. jasmin

    Is banana allowed when you have gout/arthritus

  17. Julier

    I’ve just read your article on bananas which I agree with thoroughly. There is just one thing I’d like to clarify. I’m from the Caribbean born and bred, and when we refer to a green banana it’s actually a green unripened banana which has been picked before its reached its full size. A plantain is bigger than the banana usually, and is yellow inside when ripe. They are considered first cousins to the banana.

    Thank you,

  18. Denise Gray

    Green bananas and plantains are NOT the same thing. Green bananas are smaller than plantains and come from different plants(trees).

  19. Shirley Gekler

    Thank you for this article. Just another excuse to keep the bananas on the menu. They have to be my favourite fruit.

    • poulami

      I am from india. This article has given me immense education to keep me healthy and fit. I can now workout happily and I can keep my bones healthy too.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        That is wonderful news, Poulami! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to the community.

  20. Jae

    While bananas are of the plantain family, the plantains you should use in these recipes are not simply “green bananas”. When you say banana most people envision the sweet yellow fruits we typically eat raw, ripe, by themselves or in other sweetened deserts, these are specifically known as “dessert bananas”. The plantains used in these recipes should be labeled specifically “Plantian”, which are different than a dessert banana. Using a “green banana” will alter your recipe results drastically as the texture and taste are not the same.

  21. calra

    i like the banana article but please please please banana and plantain are two different things, you can eat ripe banana but ripe plantain has to be cooked otherwise it will make you very sick/ill. REMEMBER, banana IS NOT plantain. thank you

    • Sun~Rose

      I have eaten very ripe plantains, not cooked skin very dark, taste, very delicious! Eat lots of bananas now, and feel awesome! Especially good with dates; both organic.

    • mr Paddyfoot

      I have being







  23. Rita

    am taking “bone strength take care” but the reccommended dosage is to take it in the middle of a large meal with 8 onz of water. i normally try not to drink too much water or liquid with a meal as this dilutes the stomach acid making regular digestion that much harder. as a result i am having heart burn.

    • Jose L Suescun

      Rita: I want you to remind you that water is neutral and the dilution of the gastric juices does not alter the digestion. So, if your gastric mucosa secrets, for instance, 10 cubic centimeters to digest the meal, the same 10 will be there doing their job, even if you drink water. However, if you drink cold water, it will decrease the gastric secretion

  24. Robert Blanding, Sr.

    Question:In the soup mix, you only say 1 garlic. Do you mean whole or clove?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The garlic is one clove of garlic. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Robert Blanding, Sr.

      You didn’t answer my question on garlic, waiting.

      • Marie

        Wow, you gave her a whole 19 minutes before you complained she had not replied? lol

        I guess you figure she sits at the keyboard, on the edge of her seat waiting for questions to arrive.

        • Sun~Rose

          Look again. More like 7 and a half months.

  25. Heather

    My husband lost a lot of weight when he was in hospital recently having a catheter fitted and also lost a lot of his leg muscle as he has Parkinson’s Disease and did not have anyone to look after him when he wanted to get out of bed and try walking. I was recommended to give him lots of crea, and other high fat foods and he has regained some of his weight loss.

    With your comments about milk being acidifying what do you feel about rice pudding – a very English food given to children when young when I was growing up in the 1930s and ’40s, and still very available – either homemade or in tins etc. It seems to be easily digested.

    Any ideas you can suggest will be very welcome.

    • Jose L Suescun

      Heather: I could help your husband with the Parkinson’s. There is a very recent treatment, that is not yet in mainstream medicine, which reverses the symptoms and in the best cases returns the patient back to a normal life. I sent a letter to Muhammad Ali through his Parkinson’s foundation and Michael Fox through his agent, but I received no answer!!
      Can anybody explain the mystery?. I suggest that you contact me at and I will tell you what to do. Unfortunately, I believe you will not see my commentary

      • carrie smith

        interested in what to do for parkinsons

        • Sun~Rose

          LDN low-dose naltrexone (no more than 4.5%) for all immune system problems. There are LDN forums on line. Good for autism and all other immune system problems.

          for all immune system problems. Need a compounding pharmacy to make it. Can work wonders. Find LDN website or list for more information.

  26. Lexie Mitchell

    I never knew that you cook a green banana (plaintains). As I would never have known how to eat them. I have never bought them, now I will certainly try out your recipes. Thank you.

  27. peggy stotz

    I am amazed at the amount of info on so many subjects that you ,Vivian, are giving us. I just read the artical on heart disease and calcium and the article on bananas. boy , am I learning a lot. question? I do have heart disease and plaque problems(serious oneS) SO WHAT IS YOUR Advice on calcium for me? I have your program and because i am so low income, I was a bit unhappy about the cost but now am happy because you continue to provide more and more info—-even exercise videos. thank you

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Peggy – If you haven’t already, please read my Ultimate Calcium Guide, which will give you the complete scoop on calcium. 🙂

  28. Elena

    Love the news about Plantains, as the sweet bananas are so full of sugar. Article I have read articles that state the ripe banana is one food to stay away from if you are trying to rid yourself of that “muffin top”…..

    I am off to search for Plantains…….

    • lin

      Actually, plantains are NOT green bananas, they are what they are – green plantains – and yes they can be eaten – cooked – in the skin and then peeled to serve. Green bananas ARE green bananas, and yes they can be eaten – cooked – in the skin and then peeled and served. Plantains can also be eaten when ripe; boiled in skin and then peeled to eat. They can also be peeled and then fried, sliced.

  29. gene courtney

    keep up the good work

  30. L J Haravu

    Very useful information.

  31. dr scott einhorn

    Thanks to Charlie above who points out that green bananas and plantains are not one and the same.

    Next, calcium is not causal to kidney stones. That’s like saying that air causes emphysema.

    • calra

      charlie is correct, green banana is NOT plantain,

      • sonia

        Calcium forms stones, in gall bladder it is calcium carbonate, in kidneys calcium oxalate and plenty of other stones. Calcium flouride and other calcium salts calcify brain. It happens when calcium doesn`t have enough binders. No mineral or vitamin acts by itself, they form more complex molecules and the mineral ratios are very important.

  32. dr scott einhorn

    THis whole calcium issue is massively aggravating. Much more impt are Ca/P ration, mg, etc and all the others I mentioned in my last response, born out out of the propagation of an UNintentioanl disinformation campaign by Ms. Goldschmidt, however well intentioned.

    The presence of SCFA’s are not relevent for those with hypochlorhydria, which is a very large demographic slice, as without being able to separate the mineral cation (Ca) from its amino acis carrier, it really doesn’t matter. If there is any kind of ‘ick’ on the intestinal microvilli, clogging up absorption and trans-membrane transport, then again, it all
    really doesn’t matter.
    Please, I request, to Vivian et al, think through what you write about.

  33. Jean Carter

    I am kind of confused now…have been trying to follow the alkaline/low acid diet and have read on several lists of alkaline/acidic foods that green bananas are highly acidic and that if you do eat bananas, they should be ripe (speckled). What to do?

    • Diane @ lifeflow

      Green bananas are toxic. we think Vivian was meaning to say Plantains ,which are similar in shape but larger than bananas we commonly see. Plantains NEED to be cooked. You are correct in eating bananas that are slightly spotted with brown

    • Elena

      A handful of natural almonds will give you your calcium for the day also.

  34. shahadat

    very very informatic article. we should identify more natural food materials that can helps us to be healthy man. special thanks to tuthor or team who has made this valuable article.

  35. Charleen Gorbet

    I just read your article about green bananas, with recipe. Green bananas are not plantains…they are regular bananas, not ripened. Green bananas are eaten boiled and served hot with butter, or made into a soup. They are hard to get in regular grocery stores, but Caribbean stores will have them. Plantains are a related but different fruit. Which did you mean for your recipe??

    Plantains can be cooked green or ripe. They are not eaten ripe, as bananas are. But sautéd sliced ripe plantains are very sweet and delicious, a traditional accompaniment to the Janmaican national dish, Ackee and Saltfish.

    • calra

      please be consistent with given information as others follow what you write. PLANTAINS ARE NOT FRUITS. you have to cook them. boil, fry, bake, steam or any way you want to cook it, but don’t eat it raw, its not a fruit


  36. Mohamed Arif

    Banana helps absorb Calcuim for bones. Since Calcium deposits help create kidney stone, will eating more bananas cause kidney stone (I have had one 15 years ago).

    • sonia

      Dear Mohamed, you can have calcium stones if you have too much unbound calcium in your body. People who have kidney stones are mostly those who are on some medication, for example aluminium salts surely form kidney stones. Calcium binds with phosphorus (obviously calcium phosphate is the main ingredient of bones and teeth), magnesium, silicon and some other minerals as well, but if you are losing magnesium by eating too much sugar, alcohol or by neutralising your poisonous medication, then you would have free unbound calcium in the body and calcified arteries, joints, kidneys, or another organ including brain structures. To digest the P and Mg from the lovely vegetables and nuts and pulses, you need to add more calcium food to it. People traditionally eat or ate grain with milk (poridge), and have cheese with their meals or salad, beans are eaten with sour milk and cheese (Mexican combination) and traditional cuisines in Asia and Africa and Caribean used coconut products with their meals to add calcium so that all the minerals could be bound and utilized. Bananas are another and very delicious source of calcium and I am grateful for the bananas rich taste. I only have plantains on holidays but then I eat them every day. I would recommend banana milshake or banana with cream though.

  37. Jeanie

    What would be another food that would do about the same thing that Bananas do? I am allergic to bananas unless they are in ie banana bread.
    thanks for all your help.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jeanie, it’s important to keep in mind that no single food is responsible for bone health. When I talk about a specific food, it’s just one of the many choices you can make. If you can’t eat bananas (or any other food or food group), don’t worry about it. There are tons of other foods to choose from, and you can still be successful on the Program!

  38. Shabnam Rashid

    I was wonderign if diebetic patient can eat bananas……………

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Please check with your doctor about any food restrictions for your condition, Shabnam.

  39. Theresa

    I am wondering about the green bananas. Do you
    mean NOT RIPE or are you talking about another
    variety of bananas.
    I appreciate your e-mails about bone health.
    thank you so much.

    • K Croi


    • Brigitte

      I found some information on this web-site:
      But the question is not completely solved because they say that plantains must be cooked.
      Perhaps Vivian can help?
      Greetings from Italy to the whole community! Brigitte

  40. hildy varney

    Thanks Vivian, you are a treasure a houshold word and a friend of mine AND myfriends.
    I am 83 live alone and wecome you sensible and affordable (gratis) advice .
    I enjoy your book and will soon feel better following your advice
    My best wishes to you and your team

  41. Diane

    Over the years we have always avoided eating unripened/green bananas. I was taught that until a banana has a few brown specks on it that it is toxic/poisonous to human system. Too over ripe is not good either. Thanks for mentioning Plantain – although similar in shape it is very different than bananas

  42. Sherrine

    Vivian, I have an ileostomy…no colon. Would the bananas help me? Can I still absorb calcium that I take? You said that calcium and magnesium are absorbed in the colon.

    I just ordered your program and am reading and trying everything. I have stopped Prilosec and Evista but now I’m concerned that since these nutrients are absorbed in the colon, I’ll still have problems. Thanks for your help.

  43. Renee

    Hi, ViV.Firstly I want to thank God for blessing you with the knowledge and ability to share with so many people like myself on how to take careof our bones.Thank you for this remedy and thank God none of the forsamax and forzavance medications just never agreed with my body and thank you for revealing and exposing all thee bone drugs to so many desperate people.
    I have a constipation problem for the past 5 yrs is it bocoz I take caltrate + and omega 3 and vitamin Dd3 as I also had a very low vitamin d deficiency?How can I get back to normal again?

  44. Barbara

    yum thanks for that info will make soup tomorrow 🙂

  45. Dottie

    Hi, I cannot eat Bannanas, anything else would help me….also NO Mushrooms. What else might help me?

    • Clinton

      If you cannot eat some foods there is a probability you have a porous gut caused by candida albicans. Look into probiotics and eliminate wheat rye, barley and milk from your diet. They contain gluten and A1 Beta Casein.

  46. iwalani

    i’m always excited to read all about being and keeping healthy..thank you for all of your knowlwedge you always share.i’m a 2 time cancer survivor and being healthy is so important to me…life is being HEALTHY..ALOHA FROM HAWAI’I.

  47. Monica P. McCutcheon

    After having a colonoscopy (just a precaution), and all being okay, my doctor suggested my taking Benefiber and Miralax every day, along with drinking lactose free milk. My digestive system is a mess. I am 75 and in pretty good health. I have eaten bananas for most of my life, just about every day and I also have milk in my coffee and my oatmeal. I eat yogurt, most often the Greek. I would like to get “regular” again. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Terri

      Take Magnesium Glycinate, 600mg at night before bed and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the morning. Not only is it tremendously beneficial for your bones but will help with elimination.

    • Jennifer

      What made a difference for me was eliminating sugar and cheese, chewing my food more thoroughly, every single bite, and drinking bottled water – I filter our tap water and pour into cleaned bottles. It seems the water in the gallons of tea and coffee I was drinking was disguising my real thirst for water. It really is important to “get regular”, including of course adding exercise – just simple walking every single day. Avoiding all baked foods, especially anything prefab (wrapped in cardboard, plastic or paper from the store) helps. Think of the holding power of white flour and water paste.

    • yvonne

      greek yoghurt can cause stomach problems try a few weeks without

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Monica,

      You might try adding some flax seeds (preferably organic and freshly ground) to your cereal or a smoothie.

  48. Yalta

    Does anyone know whether this programme can reduce the side effects of having taken Fosomax for 10 years.

    I stopped one year ago because my digestive system has been damaged.

  49. Veronica

    Thanks Vivan, this informations came at the right time in my life .
    God bless you

  50. Marian L. Gordon

    Great information. Lucky me. I eat a banana every morning with my oatmeal. Having had open heart surgery I need the potassium I get from the bananas. I will for sure try your recipes. Marian

  51. Annie McAteer

    Dear Vivian, I have my first carton on almond mild but find it too sweet, also same with the rice mild do they do an unsweetend one. I live in the UK !

    • Tine

      Make your own almond milk. Soak some almonds at least for 2 hours or overnight. Drain, add water to nus in ratio at least 4:1 in blender and run on high for about 1 1/2 minutes, strain through nutmilk/jelly bag. You may add vanilla flavouring to add different flavour. Will last in fridge for about 4 days. Enjoy

    • Daljeet Chana

      Yes, Holland & Barrett do the Sugar Free Almond milk and if they don’t stock have any in stock, ask them to order it for you. The Uxbridge branch was ge-great, int at they ordered two boxes just for me!

  52. Deborah

    I have a question not a comment. Natual yoguart is said to be a very good source of calcium. I am wondering what the difference is between the unsweetned natural and greek since the greek yougart seems to be the fashion of the day.

  53. maryse

    Please tell me what is your opinion on cow’s milk for babies and toddlers, same as for adults as you recommended (almond milk? soy milk? anything else?)

    • Clinton

      For youngsters Casein can be a problem. It has been linked to type 1 diabetes if given to babies. For older people, the lactose can be a problem when the body begins to shut down on lactase production. The big problem is that lactase intolerance is mostly undiagnosed and the victim can undergo many years of treatment for the many problems it causes.

    • CGS

      Cows milk is for calves and once they are weaned they dont drink it anymore!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Exactly! 🙂


    There are so many fruits that I can not afford to eat all day, but thanks to the recommendation of Vivian, banana I often lacking in my diet. Also see fruits of all colors make you happy.

  55. Donna

    Im am not surprise about this information, I consume alot of ripe banana, because I know of the its importance to the production and maintainance of the blood. We consume a lot or green banana, both plaintain as well as the green version to ripe banana. It is 18 years since i was diagnose with stage 2 cancer, have not been on HRT but try to ensure that i eat healthy, taking calcium tablets with vit D from time to time. I will now increase my consumption of green banana to benefit from what it provides. Thanks for the information.

    I also found out that calcium is not the main soure to strengthen and maintain bones but iron. Whin my iron is low my nails go thin, when i take my iron the grow to good length.

    I take suppliments on an on and on basis and does give my body a break sometimes.

  56. Vicky

    Could You tell me what you think about Reclast
    once a year injection.Will I fill better after taking injection?

    • Mary

      I had a very bad reaction to the Reclast IV…I had flu symptoms nearly all winter last year and just could not get over the flu…Please rethink taking the IV…Try Vivian’s methods, read her book, use the vitamins she suggests and go for a more natural way to help your bones…Exercise helps strengthen your bones too.. I am not an exercise “nut”, but I looked up osteo exercise on the internet, bookmarked them and do them daily.. I ride my exercise bike every morning..I do a special exercise for my hip.. I picked exercises I can do anywhere in the house at any time..very simple, but seem to be helping me…I have bad knees, but I am exercising, managed to stay off the Celebrex or NSAIDS and am in general doing better…I split the exercises up during the day.. I ride the bike first thing in the morning and to the exercises later in the day…


  57. Mae Devaney

    Thank you for the information Vivian.

  58. Betty Scott

    I am looking into the Save our bones program as I now went off of Actinol. I have been informed that I have lost -3 bone last year…. I am so scared and I need help. I am 61 yeARS OLD and desperate for help. I am so anxious about stopping the actinol but it seems like it is not helping. My diet is not great either…I use a lot of salt and I eat plenty of candy.(sweet tooth)….I read your ads and mail each day and am almost convinced about the save your bones program….please comment to re-assure me as of today, my doctor wants me to go on “Forteo” Thanks for you assistance Betty

    • Mary

      I had -2.5 on my DEXA scan for close to 10 years, despite taking Actonel at the recommended dosage. I decided to stop the Actonel and started taking 10,000 I.U. of vitamin D-3, plus 600 mg of magnesium and 1,200 – 2,000 mg of Omega 3 from Nordic naturals, plus 30 mg daily of zinc. I could not believe it, after one year my bones changed to bones of a 21 yr old, when I got my next DEXA scan. I do blood work every 3 months to make sure I am not taking too much D-3. Do not take calcium or calcium food products when taking vitamin D-3 as can raise your blood calcium levels too much. But the 4x yearly blood work helps me to know that my blood calcium and D-3 levels are good.

    • Jeanne Vanderkooij

      I have been on actinol before,but stopped as I had site effects.I am grateful that I found out in time that those drugs makes it worse instead of better.
      I have used natural progesterol cream for a year and that has helped me.For any inflamation i recommend olive leave axstract and lypronol.
      Take the step of change or you will not see any improvements.

  59. Josephine

    I have been eating two bananas daily for many years and only recently have questioned whether this was a good idea. On a chart I downloaded recently, bananas were listed as a slightly acidic fruit as opposed to other fresh fruit which is generally more alkaline. I appreciate your reassurance that bananas are actually beneficial and help the body absorb the calcium and magnesium that are so vital in restoring the bone density. I have gone back to two bananas a day instead of one. Thank you Vivian, Love Josephine.

    • Sheryl Ann

      Remember that every piece of food does not have to be alkaline-forming. The preferred balance should be about 80% alkaline-forming foods & 20% acid-forming foods. It only makes sense to avoid the worst offenders, which are the highly acidic, processed foods from our diets. However, it would not be wise to eliminate every acidic food from one’s diet. As the saying goes: Moderation in all things.
      Besides, bananas are only slightly acid-forming. They make for a perfect snack with no or little preparation. No bowls or utensils are necessary to eat it. Afterwards, one just properly disposes of the peel. They are commonly available & portable. Even 7-11 carries bananas, so few would have reason to avoid a food which is so wholesome, natural & just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you crave more.
      So make your slightly acidic 20%, a fun & tasty part, that helps your alkaline 80% rebuild your bones. Eat a banana & smile.

  60. Patricia Buchanan

    I have been on Fosamax for over 10yrs. A year age I noticed swallowing food was different. I noticed everytime I swallowed I could feel the food go all the way down. I had a scan and found out I had irregular cells at the end of my esophagus, so was put on Nexium for four months. Which I think,absorbs calcium, I do not want any injections, so I joined the Save Our Bones Community. I have not received my book yet but I hope I can find out how to attack my osteo head on naturally. Pat

  61. delma

    im 49 yrs old and would like to know how much vitamin d3 is good for me. i have been diagnosed with osteopenia

    Thanks, d

  62. Jessie (Mia)

    If you wanted to take a calcium supplement is there a healthy one? Also my multivitamin has calcium carbonate 200mg concerned. I ordered you program but have not recieved it yet. I went and got vitiums according to your list.The doctor told me to take calcium 1200mg per day. Now I am concerned I do not need a heart attack. I have osteoporosis -2.0 in my spine.My viltamin is a complete multi and I take fish oil with omega3 350mg and magnesium 200mg. My husband is a heart pt. We are going to the heart doctor monday will talk to him about calcium also. Please e-mail me back. I want to use your program to rebuild my bones. thank you. Jessie

  63. John Weber

    I have lifelong food allergies, two of them life threatening. If your research uncovers foods that strengthen the immune system I am sure I am not the only person who would like to hear of them.
    (Bananas are not one of them!)

    • Clinton

      If you have allergies, look into probiotics and quit drinking milk…it is the primary cause of osteomyelitis and can cause parkinsons, alzheimers and a litany of other problems. You have probably had a session of antibiotics that have destroyed your beneficial intestinal bacteria and let candida albicans take over. The candida can make your gut porous, releasing your gut contents into your body and activating your immune system.


    I love your information. I just quit Actonel (have only been on it for about 5-6 mos), have purchased my last jug of milk, plan to eat an apple a day and already I eat tons of bananas. Why don’t our doctors tell us this stuff instead of prescribing all these harmful drugs. Bottom line – – we have to look for good information and take care of our own bodies.

  65. Pauline Pohorski

    I have purchased and am reading your book with great interest. I have been told to take calcium tablets (Caltrate (calcium with vitamin D). What is your opinion of Caltrate? I am constantly brushing my teeth because I do not like how they feel after taking Caltrate. Would you take it?

    • Luc Chene

      The best calcium you can take is MCHC micro-crystaline hydroxyapatite crystal from organic grass-fed cattle.
      You may try at
      Also it is important to add magnesium about 500 mg per day, ideally in the form of magnesium citrate or lactate or gluconate and vitamin K2.
      You may consider adding organic silicium BioSil is good and also Milk Basic Protein.
      Include onions each day.
      All this will improve your bone density, matrix and strength.

  66. Marie Thompson

    Thanks Vivien for your e-mail.I find the information you forward to me very helpful. As we grow older (I am a Senior Citizen) we need to keep up-to-date with information, especially “medical”. Again, much appreciated. Marie.

  67. Gail

    Vivian, just had my yearly paps exam and my doctor renewed my prescription for fosamax, then I saw your info about these osteo drugs, which I have used all three so far. Have decided not to continue taking the fosamax, but my prescription was already in the mail. Will eat the loss since my cost was only $20.00. Plan to get your book and start eating better and exercising. Eating bananas whole is a problem for me they make me gag but ok in in liquid form; got any recipes for good fruit drinks such as smoothies?

    • Jean B. Stowe

      peel, freeze a banana overnight… using blender or food processor, put in banana that has been cut into 4 pcs…add about 3 pcs ice, little over a cup of almond milk, 2 tsps each of cinnamon and turmeric…(same amt of ginger if you like)… blend – just until looks thick …. delicious! this is my b’fast about 3/4 days a week…. (plus, I drink lots of hot Green Tea …. jbs

      • Clinton

        You might also freeze a lemon, grind it up and add some to the mix and maybe a little honey or xylitol. The skin is the most nutritious part by the way.

  68. Jean

    I found I’m allergic to bananas! I’d love to know if there are other foods that can help my bones be stronger.

  69. Jody Wood

    I hope the roasted plantain chips from Trader Joe’s also have the same beneficial nutrients as raw ones. I’m addicted to them, and used to feel guilty for eating them. Now I can consider them a health food!??

  70. ruthie

    prunes are also excellent for calcium absorbtion, as they are rich in magnesium.

  71. ruth

    Is tai chi good for osteoporosis/

    • Maria J.Mckenney

      Thankyou Viviam for de PLAINTAN. I ate alot de bananas, green Plaintains, all my life. I ate regular bananas too. I hope this work better in my life now. Thankyou so very much… Sincerely, Maria J. Mckenney

  72. ruth

    Is tai chi good for osteoporosis?

  73. Joyce Kennedy

    Vivian, read your book, lots of good info.I would like to know the name of a good calcium/plus, so many on the market,also what about a mul-vit. with everything in it? should a seperate calcium+ still be taken? Thanks joyce

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joyce, look for organic sources of calcium derived from plants, as is the case with some calcium supplements made of algae.

  74. Amy

    I read recently that plums (or prunes) are beneficial as well. Any input on that?

  75. Raquel Rego

    Thanks so much for this knowledge sharing.
    Very interesting.
    I’m taking note from now on.
    I appreciate it.

  76. Ann

    How Marvelous! Especially since I have been a “1 banana-a-day” girl for over 20 years.

  77. Karmen McCoy

    I know this will not aply to everyone but I am alergic to Bananas. they cause my tongue to swell up my throat to hurt. So I would like to know what you would recommend that would be close in nutrition or as the second choice. I am alergic to rubber and the banana is a relative to the rubber tree.
    Apreciate your messages.

    • Viola Anderson

      My son was alergic to bananas but seems to do ok when using them in smoothies.

  78. T.Nachuk

    Enjoy your updates. Interesting to read what others have gone through. I wrote you about Aclasta which I am to have injected the end of April.Any comment on this drug.I don’t think I will follow through. I have taken actonel. fosamax forteo over the yesrs can’t see any improvement. thanks Theresa

    • Cindy

      Hello. I would not ever use any of these drugs, simply because they produce fossilized bone, not denser bone, even though a scan cannot tell the difference. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a year ago, had a bone scan again April 12, 2010, and have been upgraded to osteopenia, a fact that the doctor said could not possibly happen – I have reversed my condition by stopping antidepressants, which I did not need anyway, and any type of antacid. I exercise daily and try to maintain an alkalizing diet. In addition I have started tha “Garden of Life” grow bone supplements, which I researched thoroughly before beginning. Garden of Life is a whole food supplement, and their grow bone system has a terrific guarantee-check out their site. I wish you good luck, and please question your doctors, they do not know everything! Sincerely, Cindy

  79. Nuala

    Thank you Vivian and all who post comments.
    I am a UK resident and find the notes very supportive and interesting. I only discovered 2 months ago that I have osteoporosis following a broken ankle, with a T Score of – 2.7. You are not offered dext scans here routinely, only after an unexplained break!In my case it was after a comment that a doctor made, that I had a tendency to develop it. Biphosonates are handed out routinely here too.My doctor made no mention of the side effects of the drugs nor was I told to get my dental hygene checked out when handed the prescription. After checking the drugs on the internet I was alarmed as my dental health is not good. So I am going the natural route with diet, exercise and solgar’s Ultimate Bone Support. I am very lucky as locally we have a pharmacist who only practises natural health, runs detox programmes ( 80/20 percent alkaline/acid diet)and has a Health Shop selling reputable health products. After extensive reading I am now eating 9 dried prunes per day,(approx 135g), after reading research that this was one of the few fruits proven to improve bone density in that amount daily. Unfortunately there seem to be very few Physical Trainers qualified sufficently in dealing with osteoporosis to advise on the right exercises to build bones through weight training, without doing any damage! I have being doing Pilates for years but have stepped up the regime, am walking with a weighted backpack, do vigorous dancing weekly, swim and am about to join a gym. Hopefully I can halt the decline and with a bit of luck reverse the scores a bit.
    Keep up the excellent work.

    • June McKale

      I am also from UK. I would like a recommendation for either a liquid calcium or powder calcium as I have a problem swallowing tabs. It seems that all algae calcium comes from US and is very expensive but am not sure which is best. Would love to find a UK supplier.

      • Daljeet Chana

        Me too. Any suggestions?

    • Lesley

      What part of the country do you live in? I could put you in touch with my physio.

    • Lesley

      I’m from Engand too and my doctor was horrified that I refused Fosamax. Like you I research it and am totally at peace with my decision. I have a physio who has worked out a programme of exercises (15)that I do twice a week. This will last for a few months before progressing on to the next level. I take Nature’s Plus high potency Cal/Mag/vit D with Vit K2.I take 3 tablets a day giving 900mg cal, 450mg mag, and 750 iu of Vit D and 25 mcg Vit D. (What levels are in Solgar’s Ultimate bone supplement?) I am also seeing a nutritionalist. I will see in a year or so’s time when I will ask for another Dexa scan, whether all this has worked!!

  80. Shirley Booth

    Love all the comments, have a question. Is sprouted grains used in pastas and etc. considerd acid?

  81. Shirley Booth

    I’m waiting for the book,it is on backorder. I would like to know if sprouted grains used in pastas and etc. is still considerd acid? Thanks, Shirley

  82. PJ

    I am a raw vegan and have been diagnosed for osteoporosis. I am not willing to take drugs and have committed to doing weight bearing exercise, strength exercises, changing my diet and supplements where needed.

    Plaintains… can they be eaten raw? Any other way to get the SCFAs?

  83. Marie

    Hi, enjoy your news letters on the internet,
    I’ve had Crohns disease since my mid 20’s,at least that was when finally diagnosed, now 81yrs and just retired from nursing. Osteoprosis was diagnoed when in my fifties and have been taking fosamax for many years and concerned about this. Of course I have had my share of prednisone over the years which is one the contributing factors to osteo
    Can’t eat fresh fruit or veggies without risk of obstruction. Now I’m concerned about canned products,I do eat bananas, not plantain yet.
    Any suggestions.??

  84. anna chandler

    Vivian thankyou so much for all your Inf.
    I will try that salad! have a great evenig!

  85. myrtle barker

    thank you so much for onfo on bananas & plantain. love them both

  86. Winnie Chase

    Appreciate the comments on beer and banana. I have a separate Q. A few of my knuckles(finger joints) look swoolen but I was told it is not inflamation and certainly not RA but osteoarthritis. The “swell” is hard…could that be bone spur(calcium?) due to injury or ???Is that an indication of calcium deficiency although my blood level of calcium is actually slightly higher than the normal range.

  87. Helen

    I truly appreciate all this valuable information you feed us. It is amazing the simple things it takes to improve your bones and yet one would pay a fortunate to go to a exercise club and still not find the main sources of help. Thanks again!

    • Roy Johnston

      Vivian I have tried sevaral time to get your free hand book no reply. Thank you Roy.

  88. sherry fernandez

    Thanks for the tip-my husband loves plantain lightly browned in a pan with olive oil and makes a sandwich with it. He also puts it into soups.Its a carribean thing since we were both born in Trinidad and Tobago.

    • Renia

      What is your opinion on eating bananas while on warfarin (coumadin) ? My doctor told me, that many
      types of food, which I used to like very much, are not available or in a very small amount daily. Bananas are among them, and I “compromised” by eating only 1/2 yellow banana with my cereal.

  89. Patti

    I am not a fan of ‘green’ bananas..will ripe bananas not give you the same benefits?

  90. RUTH

    Should COQ10 be taken with a fish oil pill? Thanks in advance

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Not necessarily. Just make sure your CoQ10 is a capsule instead of a tablet, since it gets absorbed a lot better 🙂

  91. Hester Greyling

    That is amazing advise. Thanks Vivian I really appreciated all your advise.

    I am going to try the recipes.



  92. heather anderson

    I have started making a mug of very quick tomato soup. 1 big spoon of tomato puree (with no extras), mix with very hot water, add a small pinch of salt and or herbs. Stir well and enjoy before lunch.

  93. Myrna

    Thanks, Vivian. I love plaintains. Have you tried frying them when they are not green? Since reading your article I will be eating more of them.


  94. carol

    Thanks for the banana tip….will do starting tomarrow. Meanwhile….I only took Fosamax a few times, but got side affects right away….but one side affect that isn’t listed…I got…terrible blood shot eyes. Went to the eye doctor and he said my tear ducts dried up…$350 Later…still have blood shot eyes and pain. Tried everything and nothing helps….yet….could take time. I blame it on Fosamax and eye doctor couldn’t disagree….for sure. Never had anything like this till ”Fosamax…..NEVER AGAIN. Thanks for the info…V.

    • dee


  95. Jean Whittle

    Re my comment in answer to one that said that Fosamax has only been on the market in Australia for about 5 years. I said that I live in Australia and had taken Fosamax in 1999. This is true, but I remember now that it was specially prescribed for me by my endocrinologist and I had to get it from the hospital pharmacy. It’s probably correct that it wasn’t generally available in Australian commercial pharmacies at that time.

  96. Jean Whittle

    Kelsey Fickling says that Fosamax has only been on the market in Australia for about 5 years. I live in Sydney, Australia and took Fosamax for a few months in about 1999. I had terrible problems with it – it caused me to throw up every time I tried to eat and I couldn’t breathe during these attacks, so I stopped taking it. However, these effects continued for many years after discontinuing the Fosamax, but all doctors laughed at me when I tried to explain this to them.

    • georgia

      Any Doctor that makes a joke of your side effects is covering up from his lack of knowledge to determine the cause.GET A NEWER,YOUNGER DOCTOR,fire the dead beat you hired to protect your health.

  97. Wilda Fancett

    Vivian, thank you so much for the recipes. That information is so good to have, and I need all the help I can get in trying to eat properly.


  98. Joanne

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I believe that biophosphanates can do more harm than good over the long haul so I am skeptical as to what real choices do women have to make in reversing bone loss? Joanne

  99. Sharon

    Bananas and I don’t get along to well. Thank you for the reciepes and I plan on trying them. I’ve noticed that I look at food differently now than what I did even 6 weeks ago. I’m eating a lot healthier now and feel a lot better. I’m sure going to try that banana a day. Thanks for all your e-mails and support.

    • Joel M. Wilson

      Dear Sharon,

      I used to think that I could not digest bananas. But a few years ago when I started to focus on a more vegetarian diet, and thus eliminated most red meat and even a lot of white meat, and also added a lot more other various fruits and vegetables to my diet, then I found that I could digest bananas. Same way with whole oranges.

      Joel M. Wilson

  100. Margaret Coles

    Please reply Margaret

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