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Growth Hormone: The Fountain Of Youth For Your Bones (Plus 5 Easy Ways To Naturally Produce More!)


We tend to relate growing to our childhood, and aging as the end of growth. But this is not necessarily applicable to our biology. While we may not be getting any taller, we are continually growing new cells and replacing older ones. This process is vital to bone health as well as to overall health, and one of the major … Click to continue →

Ditch Toxic Skin Care And Use These 3 DIY Natural Alternatives For Facial Toner, Cleanser And Shaving Cream


You wouldn’t think of rubbing nail polish remover, antifreeze, or embalming fluid on your face. Yet these chemicals are pervasive in personal care products, including facial toner, cleansers, and more. To help you avoid such toxins - which can damage your overall health and your bones significantly - I’m thrilled to bring you three do-it-yourself natural alternatives to cleanse, tone, … Click to continue →

Fight Pain Naturally And Increase Opioids With These 13 Scientifically-Backed Tips


Bone loss can have a very real impact on your body. It can leave your bones weak and susceptible to fracture. But the bone loss itself is an invisible process. You cannot see it, hear it or even feel it. If it were painful, it might be easier to know it’s happening, but in fact it doesn’t hurt at all. … Click to continue →

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vagus Nerve And How It Affects Your Bone Health


The nervous system is the central portal to all body systems, including your bones. The process of bone remodeling cannot take place unless the appropriate signals are sent along the nerves to regulate the process. As a part of the autonomic nervous system, the vagus nerve is the “head honcho” of involuntary biological processes. It stimulates and sends feedback from … Click to continue →

The Intriguing Connection Between Building Your Bones And Fighting The Flu And Colds


Autumn is in full swing in the Northern hemisphere, the holidays are just around the corner, and the weather is getting noticeably cooler in many areas. With the cold comes flu season – or more correctly, “respiratory infection season,” since colds and other respiratory woes tend to increase during the autumn and winter. But here’s something many people miss: it’s … Click to continue →

Fight Dry Skin Without Harming Your Bones With These 3 DIY Antioxidant-Rich Serums


Savers in the Northern Hemisphere are surely getting ready for cooler weather, and part of that preparation involves having plenty of moisturizer on hand. As temperatures drop and central heating systems get activated, air becomes moisture-deprived indoors and out, drying your skin. If you take a look at the ingredients in a typical moisturizer, though, you’re in for a shock! … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Antidepressant Prescriptions At An All-Time High, Fosamax Promotes Bacterial Infection, Doctors Amazed By Study Results Of Popular Low-Dairy Diet, And More!


It’s time once again for the Save Our Bones Bulletin, a monthly post that keeps you up to date on the very latest osteoporosis news. September has seen some fascinating developments in several key areas relevant to osteoporosis: according to a brand-new study, the use of bone-damaging antidepressant drugs is on the rise (you’ll be shocked to learn why this … Click to continue →

Alert: Brand-New Research On Damage Caused By Prolonged Sitting, And 10 Tricks To Counteract It


I have to admit, I was guilty. And unfortunately, I know I’m not the only one. Due to all the research and typing, I would often find myself sitting down for long periods of time. Until I found out that it is unhealthy and that it actually hastens bone loss. To solve this dilemma, over the years I’ve developed a … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Lead Found In Majority Of Municipal Water Systems; Organic Food Demand On The Rise; Fast Food Consumption Linked To High Toxin Levels; And More!


This month’s Bulletin is all about awareness. We’re going to expose important topics of public health, such as lead in tap water across the country, the dangers of conventional farming methods leading to greater demand for organic foods, and industrial toxins in fast food. Let’s begin with a brief look back at a controversial scandal in Michigan, the home of … Click to continue →

Boost Your Brain Health And Avoid Fractures With These 6 Easy Activities


It never ceases to amaze me that there is a connection between our brain and our bones. Of course, the brain connects to every body system in some capacity; but the way in which it interacts with bones is really fascinating. We’re going to delve into this topic today, touching on two important bone health concepts: cognitive function and fracture … Click to continue →

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