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How To Become An Optimist And Why It Could Save Your Life And Your Bones


Life is full of ups and downs. You can’t control that. But what you can control is how you handle those ups and downs. The way you approach challenges or setbacks affects more than just how you feel, or what you expect; it has a direct impact on your health. A holistic understanding of the human body includes an awareness … Click to continue →

Stop Clinging To Toxic Dryer Sheets And Use These Instead


There are quite a number of mainstream studies that have focused on diet and exercise as variables for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. But the role that toxins play on bone health is still blatantly ignored by the Medical Establishment. Unfortunately, we are exposed to a variety of toxins on a daily basis, many of which are in our … Click to continue →

Elliptical Vs. Treadmill: Which Is Better For Your Bones?


Exercising regularly is essential to building new bone. It’s a foundational part of the Save Our Bones Program and one of the most important activities Savers use to reduce the risk of falls and fractures. As we’ve featured here before, running, jogging and walking are all excellent sources of bone- healthy weight-bearing exercise, but some days the weather just won’t … Click to continue →

What Swimming Does To Your Bones (It’s Not What You’d Think!)


Of all the seasons, summer just might be the most bone-healthy. Many of the most delicious Foundation Foods are in season, long days of sunshine make it easy to get adequate sun exposure to produce bone-essential vitamin D, and the warm weather encourages many enjoyable forms outdoor exercise. Today we’ll have a closer look at the effects on bone health … Click to continue →

7 Little-Known Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Walking (Besides Building Your Bones)


One of the most remarkable truths about natural health is that the most beneficial actions are more often than not readily available and quite simple. It’s a great reminder that our bodies want to be healthy, and have evolved with numerous ways to stay in prime working condition. The highly commercial world of Modern Medicine won’t tell you that, of … Click to continue →

Hot Vs. Cold Showers: Which Is Better For Your Bones And Your Health?


When it comes to health, decisions aren’t always simple. Given a choice between behaviors (as we are lucky to usually have!), you must weigh the potential results of each option and decide which one will help you meet your goals. There can be a surprising array of outcomes from even the smallest choice, and today we’re going to look at … Click to continue →

C-Reactive Protein: Fight Bone Loss By Keeping This Inflammation Marker Under Control


Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Month? It’s not a designation that requires a change of pace at the Save Institute, because we are dedicated to naturally reverse and prevent osteoporosis year-round! But having a month dedicated to the topic of bone health and fracture risk is a good reminder that there is always more to learn, to … Click to continue →

How To Beat Seasonal Allergies Without Harming Your Bones


With the warmer weather come many exciting outdoor activities: leisurely picnics, hikes through forests, beaches or mountains, and everywhere you turn, flowers are blooming and golden pollen floats gently on the breeze. Actually, that last part might cause more problems than pleasure. For as much as 30% of the world’s population, hay fever is a seasonal hassle that can turn … Click to continue →

Rebounding: Good Or Bad For Your Bones?


Is rebounding good or bad for your bones? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot and today I’m thrilled to answer it and explore its effects on both your bone health and overall health. Rebounding is an exercise that consists of bouncing lightly on a small trampoline, either with the feet remaining on the surface or with small … Click to continue →

8 Morning Habits To Help You Build Stronger, Younger Bones


When you wake up in the morning are you setting yourself up for failure or success? The Save Institute’s holistic approach to strengthening bones and preventing fractures addresses the whole of the body, and supports your total wellness. This approach is far more impactful than a quick-fix drug, or a diet-fad, because it addresses and improves lifestyle every single day. … Click to continue →

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