Flu Shot Update 2011: Everything You Need To Know - Save Our Bones

They're almost impossible to ignore. From storefronts to highways, you've probably seen the imposing signs and billboards proclaiming “Flu Shots Now Availalbe.” But in reality, there’s nothing new about these vaccines, because this year’s flu shot happens to be identical to the one formulated for last year’s flu season.

Still, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn that even those who were vaccinated last year need to get another flu shot this year. Quoting Dr. Lisa Grohskopf from the CDC,

“If we are looking on an individual basis, we can't tell how quickly antibodies will decay after the vaccine, but we do know that immune response will drop over the course of a year. You can't count on that vaccine protecting you for a second
season.” 1

This is quite a surprising acknowledgement, since it implies that flu shots don’t really provide protection past one year! Yet a normal immune response lasts a lifetime. So what gives?

Once you get a glimpse of how our immune system works, you’ll easily understand.

A Two-Layered Line of Defense

When an invader (a virus or a germ, for example) attacks us, our innate immune system is the first to react. This is a mechanism that wards off unwanted intruders, designed to be our first line of defense.

You are probably familiar with leukocytes; they are but one of the many cells that are active during an innate immune response. You may have also heard of other innate immune cells, such as phagocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells – to name a few.

And perhaps you recently caught news about Dr. Ralph Steinman, a Canadian scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine three days after his death. Dr. Steinman was honored for his discovery of dendritic cells and their role in adaptive immunity. His discovery may play a key role in explaining why vaccines don’t offer long-lasting immunity.

The adaptive immune system – composed mainly of lymphocytes – kicks in after the innate immune response has failed, meaning that the invader managed to enter the body. Dr. Steinman realized and confirmed that dendritic cells – which are found mainly on the skin and in areas in contact with the external environment, as the mucosal lining of the nose – are critical for adaptive immune mechanisms. 2 In essence, dendritic cells act as messengers between the innate and the adaptive immune system.

Normal Immunity Lasts a Lifetime

It’s amazing: our immune system has memory. Once we are exposed to a pathogen, the antibodies formed to fight off the first ‘attack’ will always remember it, and can therefore annihilate it. But vaccines are made from either weakened or killed pathogens – plus a whole lot of other ingredients.

Common sense would then lead us to conclude that the flu shot doesn’t produce the quality and potency of antibodies the body would naturally produce as a reaction to a pathogen. And worse, that the immune system fails to ‘memorize’ the infective agent, unlike what happens without vaccination.

The Flu Shot: A Sneaky Intruder

Since vaccines are injected directly into the body, they basically circumvent the innate immune system. This also means that the dendritic cells cannot alert the cells of the adaptive immune system. In other words, it’s as if you’d invite an intruder into your home.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this ominous ‘shortcut’ can wreak havoc in our immune system, perhaps even weakening it instead of strengthening it. Without an injection, no virus or bacteria is ever offered open access to the inside of the body. They have to first battle the innate immune system, and if the intruder wins, the adaptive immune system has been alerted so as to formulate its own plan of defense.

Upgrade Your Natural Alarm System

Instead of disarming your guards, I suggest you upgrade your immunity with proper nutrition and sensible lifestyle changes during the coldest months of the year.

If you haven’t yet (or if you need a refresher), read my previous blog post titled ‘The Flu Shot: Everything You Need to Know'. You’ll find my common-sense suggestions to naturally arm yourself against the flu and stay in top shape.

To your immune system!


1 https://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/story/2011/08/CDC-Dont-skip-this-years-flu-shot/50056926/1
2 Steinman RM, Hemmi H. “Dendritic cells: translating innate to adaptive immunity.” Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology. 311:17-58. 2006.

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  1. Rachel Armel

    There are hundreds more reasons not to take the flu shot than to get one. I am an RN and before I knew better I received multiple Vaccines that were required as an employee of most hospitals and, as a result, had many health issues such as Autoimmune disease that I am now convinced were triggered by these Vaccines. What they do is artificially stimulate your immune system, causing it to overreact in susceptible individuals. Autoimmune disease is epidemic now and correlates with the increased use of vaccines. I highly recommend watching The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger to get a very thorough understanding of the science (or lack thereof) and the politics of the whole vaccine industry. Big pharma and conventional medicine have pulled off a huge deception. Follow the money and wake up and smell the coffee everyone. Have you noticed that each year they get more and more aggressive in pushing these Vaccines, earlier and earlier.

  2. Barbara Larson

    I am extremely disappointed in your article on the flu shot. I think that you are distorting the truth about the benefits of receiving the vaccine. They never were totted to last more than a year at a time — and they have literally saved millions of peoples lives.
    I am getting close to my 77the birthday and I have lived through the years when we had no vaccinations for anything — and I can testify how terrifying those years were here in the U.S. Perhaps you are all too young, too ignorant and ungrateful for what modern medicine has done for us. I, too, believe in taking responsibility for my own health and educating myself in alternative methods and just plain using the common sense that God has gifted me. Discouraging people from getting the flu shot is, to me, is very irresponsible. I have been reading “save our bones” for several years now and have passed on this website to many women; just last week to my sister-in-law. Now I wonder !!!
    What are you gaining by disparaging the good that comes from another source of information ?? Where is the ethics in this endeavor?

    • Rachel Armel

      With all due respect, I am an RN and after doing a lot of research I have concluded that the risks of getting a flu shot far outweigh the benefits. I highly recommend that you watch the series The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger. Once you learn how dangerous and mostly ineffective Vaccines are, you will never look at this the same way. There’s a lot of propaganda from Big Pharma and the medical establishment out there. Don’t fall for the deception. Follow the money!! Wake up and be healthier.

  3. Rick

    One of the main purposes of the flu vaccine is to immunize the herd. We are the herd. The more people who are effectively immunized, the less the virus is spread, and the less people will die. Most people will recover from the flu, but there are many who will not, and there are many who aren’t medically able to get immunized. The susceptible people who may die from the flu are the ones we are protecting. It’s unfortunate that we are living in a selfish world where one exaggerates the individual risks and ignores the real risk to others. It’s irresponsible in a public forum to recommend that the people should not get a flu vaccine.

  4. Abby Pariser

    Who remembers Polio? Diphtheria? Measles? Mumps? German Measles? Chicken Pox? SMALLPOX? Vaccines prevent all of these. Influenza is the same; people die from the flu, especially seniors and babies. Get your flu shot. It may save your life.

  5. Greg

    In reference to your statement on Flu Shots / vaccines… I agree with your take on them, but… it’s also important to understand what’s IN them, that we should cause us to notice.
    Vaccine manufacturers are quick to embrace their products for perceived protection against ear-marked illnesses and using ‘fear’ to ‘encourage’ men, women and children to stand in lines, and GET THEIRS, asap before a Bird Flu or Swine flu gets them, as well as, the usual suspects ‘ every’ given year..during their season to offer vaccinations to an unsuspecting public.
    Recently, Baxter and others have been caught with their syringes in the cookie jar and thats just for openers. Its BIG business and trying to FORCE children to get vaccinated using ‘mandatory’, treatening language, regarding certain vaccines, prior to being accepted in school, is just plain ludicrous, and a lie, in most cases and states. ie. the Tdap vaccine. Nonetheless, people should be aware of what’s IN the vaccines and the potential dangers and the past track record of vaccines, let alone what’s been found in them recently. It appears that 80% of cancer victims and 90% of North American population now have MYCOPLASMAS in their systems, as per very reliable sources and top researchers in the field.
    So, the question is..where and how did the Mycoplasmas get into our population ? The reply was.. via the vaccine manufacturers. It appears that the tiny, lipid, fluidic mycoplasma slipped through the vaccine labs filters and was introduced into our population, in this manner. But, my question is… How did such a volume of mycoplasmas, suddenly find their way into a supposedly sterile vaccine lab and ‘ slip’ into the filtration process and find themselves in varied vaccines?
    20years ago.. Dr. Garth Nicoloson, found these mycoplasmas in our vets, returning from the Gulf War. Our vets were given a host of vaccinations prior to deployment. Mycoplasma Incognitus, Fermentans, Brucella species were identified. But, the whole scenario was worsened by the fact, that these mycoplasmas were laced with 40# of the HIV envelope gene. Yes, and many of our returning vets had it in their systems and it was airborne and could pass the species barrier. The gov’t. discharged some 400,000 soldiers back into the population after Desert Storm. I don’t have to tell you what occurred after that. Dr Nicolson was one of the top 100 Nuclear microbiologists in the world, and his wife who was a noted microbiologist, as well. For exposing this to the public, Garth lost his position and world class labs at MD Anderson, Texas. Since that time, 20years ago, Dr Nicolson and key Mycoplasma researchers from Armed Forces Institute and noted by the famed San Diego Clinic and others, have determined these mycoplasmas, that were once thought to be a benign organism, is now a causal component of many chronic degenerative disease, we are now experiencing today.
    I could go on but, the point is… Vaccines have ingredients in them, that are potentially dangerous to human health. ie. Squalene, a blood adjuvant that was never approved for human use and was used on our vets, as well as, PB pills, Pyridostigmene Bromide. There’s the Thermisol controversy, as well, and more. So, as you can see, there’s a whole other side to this, that needs to be brought forward to the public. In many respects, we’ve become Big Pharma’s Guinea pigs, and like sheep, we march to the constant beating of their disinfo and misinfo and the end result is what we’re seeing today, I’m so sorry to say.
    There are plenty of ways to protect ourselves from many viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other ‘sudden appearances’ of pathogens ie. the so-called West Nile virus, Staph, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Pertussis, W.H.O.Flu etc.
    Anyway, thought I’d mention it.

    Best of Regards, Semper Paratus

  6. Aaron

    Hey, I’m just wondering – if the flu vaccine is so risky as not to be balanced by an acceptable benefit, how is it that the smallpox and polio vaccines seemed to have had a better history?? Vivian, maybe you or some of your readers could put a clear perspective on this question?

    • Aaron

      Oh, maybe I’ve at least partially answered my own question! I googled up and found this article: https://www.vaclib.org/intro/present/index3.htm#3. It gives an indepth historical account of the very strong controversies surrounding both the polio and smallpox vaccines. For example, it was shown that in England, that even after mandatory smallpox immunizations, occasional epidemic outbreaks occurred. And one small city (I think, Leichester) experienced phenomenal success by cutting their vaccinations to only 5% of their usual amount of coverage, and concentrating on sanitation and isolation practices. For similar accounts about the polio vaccine, click on the tab, “polio,” at the top or bottom of that website (see above).

      • DocT

        By the time vaccines are typiclly introduced the disease in question has already began to significantly phase out of the population. They would have you believe that the vaccine was introduced before the sharp decline in number affected by disease, however this is the opposite of what happens.

  7. Araxi

    Hi Vivian – thanks for the valuable information.I do not like the idea of getting the flu shot,and I have never had one.Thanks also for your e-mails.They are very helpful.

  8. Lucy

    I understand your finding on the Flu Shot, If I
    do not get a flu shot each year,I will come down with the flu virus. The flu serum is not
    a live. Some people need a little more help with their immune system. Some people have less
    antibodies than others. Last year, My husband
    side of the family his cousins boyfriends niece
    3yrs old passed away from the HINI. She had a
    little cold. The parents waited to long to take
    her to the doctor. She did not have any shots.
    Some people can fight the bacteria and some can’t. I believe in the Flu Shots. LC

  9. Kitty Broeder

    One of my favorite natural flu shots each fall is the use of elderberry, either as a drink (from a syrup) or available as a tea.

    It has been used for generations in Europe and it has been of great benefit for me and my family over the years.

  10. Nu Ly

    Thank you for the update information, Vivian,
    Which food can increase the immune system? my
    skin and hearing are a little degenerative.

  11. hana

    It would seem that the argument against flu shots would apply to all vaccinations. Don’t they all operate similarly?

    • DocT

      They call them booster shots.

  12. jean

    I worked at school for 16 years with hundreds of children and never had a cold or flu. 3 years ago I had the flu jab and was told I could have the pneumonia one which was a one off, I have since had this burning sensation in my left lung and when I had a chest x-ray was told by my g.p. that I had c.o.p.d but all the test show that I am not text book patient ???? but bring orange mucus up, mostly when I clean my teeth. Confused as are the medical staff. Another thing a doctor and a dentisdt when asked about the flu jab SAID WELL LET US PUT IT THIS WAY I WONT BE HAVING IT.

    • shelly

      I got the flu shot 10/16/2011. 11/19/2011 woke with fingers and hands still. Now being told I probably have Raynauld. doctor said 1 in 100,000 chance flu caused it.

  13. Glory

    Dear Vivian

    I have worked in a hospital in the UK for 26 years and every year the flu shot is offered to all employees. I have never had the shot, as I always felt uneasy about what was in it. I am so glad I have never had it and thank you so much Vivian for letting us know the truth. I was made to feel uncomfortable for not having the last shot, as I was told that I could infect someone else by not having it. I have probably had the flu once in 60+ years, but I can see how someone could feel obligated and pressured into having the shot. We should be able to trust scientists and doctors with our health. Your emails are really helpful and I look forward to getting them. Please keep up the good work. Glory

  14. Adriana Lepadatu

    Dear Vivian.Thank you for all your beneficial Information.Like you know after I had an autoimmune reaction from the flu shot,that leave me w/joints and muscle pain,from a healthy person,I do not take any flu shot and I advise all my clients to think two times before jumping to have the shot.Of course the best are to increase your immunity w/good organic diet and supplement.Thanks again.
    Adriana organicfacial California

  15. Elaine Schaeffer

    Thanks for the update. I did not take the flu shot since I first read your info and did fine. My doctor did not try to push it on me. I do try not to speak abt it as those who take can be very smart talking. Thanks for the update on on what to take and most of them I am taking except the mushroom complex and will check this out as I do like to eat them all the time.

  16. rhonda australia

    Dear Vivian,regarding the flu shot containing mercury,I have just recently discovered that the pink decease I suffered as a baby was actually mercury poisoning due to mercury in teething powders. due to this My future grandchildren will now have a high risk of problems if any child immunisations contain mercury,therefore there are people who have a predisposition and sensitivity to mercury and “no I will not have the flu vaccine”
    Regards Rhonda

    • Sharon

      The flu shot contains Mercury?????? One of the ladies at work told me that also and I told her she was NUTS. Maybe she isn’t. That doesn’t seem right. I guess, I won’t get the flu shot this year.

      • James

        I know this is old.

        The single flu shots DO NOT contain mercury. The multi-use vials do, the amount of mercury injected into you is about half that of whats in a small can of tuna fish.

  17. Betsy

    Isn’t the bottom line of all this that each body is different, and will respond differently to the shot or lack of one. Does it matter that my husband (a dentist) will not take flu shots anymore because whenever he did he immediately got really sick? This may not apply to you. Does it matter that someone tells us they have had shots for the last 50 years and they worked fine? This may not apply to you. Some people smoke and get away with it. Others don’t. The point is, every one of us has to learn what our body can and cannot deal with, and no one has the right to call someone wrong for whichever they choose. What Vivian has done is to educate us and allow us to make our own choices. What the medical system does is put forth their OPINIONS as the only fact, and denigrate other views. Hopefully this is changing with a new generation of doctors. Bottom line – we all need to do what we know feels right for us. I wouldn’t touch those shots, there are so many other ways of fighting viruses – and it would certainly be nice if the medical community were honest (or maybe knowledgeable?) enough to present their option without the scare tactics. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

  18. Elaine

    I was leaning toward really believing in your theories about bone denisty but now saying the flu shot is not good for us, well It is mandatory that I get a flu shot to protect me and patients,

    • DocT

      You don’t have to believe in her “theories” because they are not a religion, they are factual. Mandatory shots are typically not that, they just make you think they are so you do them and don’t make a fuss because your job is at stake(correct?)

  19. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Sending An Update On The Flu Shots. This Is VERY GOOD ADVICE! And I Thank You VERY MUCH For SHARING IT With Us!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  20. Lydian Belknap

    OOPS! I meant to say I haven’t had a flu SHOT for that length of time! Sorry!

  21. Lydian Belknap

    I’m 87 and haven’t had a flu for at least the past 25 plus years–and I’ve only once had a mild case of the flu. I’m not a “pill” or a “shot” person. We are vegetarians (almost vegans) and have been since I was in my late teens,
    I’ve had five kids and No. 1 delivered on my first labor pain. The rest were very easy also and all came very fast–so fast that the doctor forbade me to get further than three blocks away from the hospital from the 7th month on. (Fortunately, we lived three blocks from the hospital and we always made it in time–but a couple of times we barely made it! I walked in, changed clothes, got up on the table and BINGO! they arrived. Our oldest is pushing 60 and all five have been sick very little.
    I feel very blessed
    My sister only had two–and nearly died with both of them. They wanted more but the doctor said absolutely NO! Don’t know what made the difference
    but I suspect our diets had something to do with it.

  22. Penny Owen

    The public is being conned into having flu shots, there is a bigger agenda at foot, the public are being groomed. The model requires a Situation to occur, a reaction from the public, then the powers that be offer the solution. Wake up everyone – you are being conned.

  23. Carla agless

    I found your article to be very informative, although where I am employed (Hospital in Ohio) we are forced to get the flu shot or we will not be able to work.

    • John Powell

      That is nuts, whose body is it yours or theirs. They are clearly stepping over their boundries. I just read about another person that happened too and they threw a stink and the hospital backed down. The only stipulation was that if they missed work from flu, they didn’t get paid for the days missed. If you keep your immune system working and watch your nutrition, you be at work when the flu shot receivers are off work. I wouldn’t worry about. I sure wouldn’t get a flu shot.

  24. Marilyn

    You can go to the CDC and they have a list of manufacturers and which ones do not have mercury. Target has single vial Flu Zone without mercury here in the Phoenix area. I did miss a year getting my flu shot, and caught the flu. My lungs were severely damaged (under a doctor’s care the entire three months) and even now 6 years later, I cannot go outside in the regular air. My lungs cannot tolerate dust, allergins, car exhaust – none of these problems were there before. I live inside my home, unable to play golf, take my grandkids to the zoo or go on vactions. I am not disputing anyone’s right to refuse the shot, but be aware there can be complications that can change your life forever.

    • Gill

      Is it possible that your immune system was undermined by all the flu shots you received, thus leaving you open to attack when you missed one? I’m hoping to build up my body’s immunity against flu by not taking the shot.

  25. Edgar

    When all medicine was natural, life expecency was under 30. Modern medicine really messed that up.

  26. Maryann

    I have read that 100% pure coconut oil protects your body against the flu virus by boosting up your immune system. Proponents of these claims also make other wonderful claims about pure coconut oil.

    Vivian, I would love to know your thoughts on the benefits of coconut oil.

    • Lori

      I too have heard many wonderful benefits of coconut oil. My nutritionist told me that Alzheimer’s patients who were given 7 tablespoons (seems like a lot)a day of the oil had great improvement in their cognitive function. You can find all kinds of good information on line. I am now using coconut oil in place of all other oils, except olive oil for salad dressing.

    • joy st john

      After taking olive leaf extract(chose the one with peppermint oil in)on the 3rd day of my head cold the symptoms were relieved on that same day.
      Feels like my immune system has been given a boost.
      Day 4 have no fuzzy head no sneezing or runny nose.
      we are all so individual i know this is about flu jabs.. but remember folks all the cures are in nature checkout you websites and see..vivian has the right to speak her truth as we all are..

  27. Jean

    OK, you’ve got me thinking. I’ve taken the flu shot for many years, and the truth is, I’ve never been sickened by the flu shot, and never got the flu once I got the shot. Prior to that, I was very flu susceptible, and usually had flu/bronchitis/pneumonia every year. But I don’t like the mercury connection; may try to do without the vaccine this year – but my doc tends to be quite insistent…what to do, what to do. My husband never gets the shot, and rarely gets flu, and he also is far less careful of his diet than I am.

    • kc darr

      I too get bronchitis or pneumonia when I get the flu, and I have only one good lung to deal with all this! So I have continued to get the flu shots because they do help me stave off the flu…yes, the mercury and ingredients in the flu shot probably aren’t all the best for your body, but the pneumonia is more likely to kill me if I get it again! You have to do what is right for YOUR body.

  28. Diane

    I would prefer not to get the flu shot but the hospital where I work has made it mandatory. Unless I have a letter from a doctor, I must have it or be terminated. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a doctor who will write such a letter. It seems that all physicians are on board with this, as they are with using scare tactics to convince you to use bisphosphates. Thank goodness no one can force me to take those!

  29. Pat

    I had the good fortune to have an MD who refused to give flu shots! He firmly believed that because the vaccines were produced sometimes a year in advance and usually didn’t match the current strain, that your BEST flu shot was to get the current strain of flu and let your own immune system activate ongoing protection. Good old common sense! Never had the flu shot but pneumonia vaccine–sick for a week!

  30. Gayle

    I was just thinking of getting my first flu shot. I’m 56 years old. I did get influenza A last year while traveling. Trying to avoid getting the flu this year. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews…but never felt comfortable with the shot. I thank you for the information. It came just when I needed it, I think I’m going to pass on the shot. Thank you.

  31. Sharon

    I am 66 yrs old and I will never get a flu shot. My husband is recovering from a bone marrow transplant and they insisted he get a flu shot. He got so sick, and his immune system couldn’t support him during his recovery. He had all the flu symtems, which were very hard on both of us, on top of him having all the graft vs. host problems. I was not in agreement with the hospitals decision for him getting the shot. He will never have another one as long as I am his caregiver.

  32. Debbie R.

    On October 15th, I had my 2011 flu vaccine at approximately 2:00 pm.
    By 3:00, I began to feel rather tired. By 8:00 pm, I was sick. Body aches, fever, chills, and cough throughout the night. I took aspirin, drank fluids and went to bed. The next day, I felt much better.
    I KNOW the vaccine caused this as I was fine beforehand and had not been around anyone who was sick. In addition if this were a true illness, these symptoms would have continued longer then just overnight.

  33. Hester

    Hi Vivian – thanks for the valuable information. I think a lot of people do not do any research regarding the flu-shot.

  34. Karen

    We are 67 and my husband and I have had flu shots every year for the past 10-15 years with no complications and no flu for either of us. My husband recently retired after teaching and being a principal for 43 years. Prior to getting flu shots he was frequently down with flu picked up from his hundreds of students. As a result I would get it from him frequently. He is a heart patient and his cardiologist as well as our primary care doctor have both recommended flu shots every year and we trust their advice. Thousand of people die from the flu every year. Don’t be fooled by scare tactics!

    • Annie

      You only hear about people that did NOT get the flu shot, and how they got the flu and died etc.

      You’re very naive.
      The Pharma Houses control what gets out to the press/ public.
      Of course its only good news about getting the shot, they would never say how many times they have been sued for a terrible reaction..Duh

      I think you’re spreading Scare Tactics!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I don’t use scare tactics, Karen. Quite the opposite. Quoting scary statistics that thousands die from the flu every year is a scare tactic!

      Because the only information available is that those who died succumbed to respiratory and circulatory problems. There are no records that show if they actually had the flu.

  35. Valerie

    I did not immunize my 20-something sons,who did get a few colds and flu growing up; and I keep refusing the flu shots continually offered my 91 year-old-mother, who is now in a nursing home. None of them get the flu now. My Mom hasn’t been sick with a bug in the 5 years she’s been here. I was immunized quite a bit in school as a child, and can, when stressed and not properly taking care of myself, come down with a flu. We have trained for and used “natural” health care methods when needed, and find ourselves overall better off than our friends who go for the allopathic doctors, immunizations,pharmaceuticals and antibiotics that are constantly pushed. Thank you for validating this approach, that can often be reproached.

    • Lori

      Valerie, I too chose not to immunize my daughter (21) and son (25). They were two of the healthiest kids amongst all of their peers. My doctor told me I was giving them a death sentence! I didn’t go back to him, but rather found a great naturopath who agreed with my decision. Medicine has it’s place, but unfortunately far too many people rely on their doctors advice without seeking any other options. I am thankful for Vivian and other’s who have done research and provide us with healthy information and options!

  36. Marie Alvarez-Calderon

    On Dec.8, 2010, I got a combo flu shot at Walgreens. Began feeling bad that p.m. Two days later it progressed to vomiting. Went to ER. Tests showed abnormal drop in electrolytes. Gave me IV fluids (bad idea). Long story, but I went into convulsions. Four days in the hospital – two of which were unconscious. FIVE months of terrible pain recuperating.
    Drs. in US couldn’t find my “problem”. I live in Peru half the year, where Drs. weren’t afraid to identify the technology of how the flu shot attacked the hormone regulating electrolytes!
    In Peru, five women died of this flu shot. In Switzerland, a friend’s granddaughter (21) got the same shot and had the EXACT SAME reaction as I did.
    Something wrong here isn’t being told the U.S. public. Don’t recommend this shot!

    • shelly

      I got the flu shot 10/16/2011. “/`9/10“ woke with swollen and stiff fingers. now they think I have Raynauds. Saw Rheumatology doctor yesterday and he said ciukd be,,1 in 100,ooo. did more lab work, my fingers are ourple and white. 214 676-4136 cell I am one sick puppy

  37. shirleena

    I am 66 and never have had a flu shot – yes, I have had a cold and I do watch my grandchildren who get colds and probably give them to me. I thought I may get the shot this year but when I asked the pharmacy if there was Mercury in the shot – she said yes, so opted to not get the shot.

    • Annie

      Thank you for telling the Truth about Mercury..

  38. Carol

    Thanks Vivian! Your information makes perfect sense. I am 81 and not about to get a flu shot. I remember the hue and cry last year that everyone must get the shot but I ignored it and stayed healthy all winter and intend to do the same this year!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      And you will, Carol 🙂

  39. Joel M. Wilson

    Getting the flu has not generally been a problem for me. But just since focusing diet all the moreso on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and dropping meat and meat by-products from my diet, (about 95%, I have never had the flu since then and the common winter cold does not last as long nor get as severe. (About six years ago). I am finding in more ways all the time that natural health care is best.

    Joel M. Wilson
    Ceresco, NE

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, natural health care is the answer, Joel!

  40. Kathleen S

    I have not taken the flu shots for over 10 years. We take all natural immunity supplements and eat good foods. I get looks from my doctors, especially since I have asthma. Last winter I did get a cold, but nothing more than that. We do stay away from the grandkids when they are sick because they are school age and pick up every bug there is in school.

    I will take my chances that my own immune system will protect me.

  41. Happiness

    I have taken the flu shot this year and last year and within a couple of dsys have gotten sick with respetory type illness. However, I don’t get the flue either. I don’t know who to believe the “yes” get the shot or the “no” don’t get the shot. I am 73 and want to live as long as I can. Help

  42. Kelsey Fickling

    Thanks again Vivian, I have not had a flu shot since I’ve taken your advice – and each year I have had a cold – a bit of coughing and sneezing, but this year I had bronchitis – I had shivers and a temp., I took antibiotics – but the cough is still with me – My Doctor was pushing for me to have the flu shot – I mainly do not want to have it because it has the swine flu virus in it. About 4 years ago I had a pneumonia shot – and I think they want you to have another shot every 4 or 5 years. What can you tell me about that? Bye Kelsey.

    • Carole

      Hi Kelsy,

      I too had a terrible cough for weeks after travelling on a long train journey. Here’s what I did and it has finally cleared. Take a cod liver oil capsule each day along with up to 1000mg Vit C plus fruit and veg. If your chest is painful you can put a small bottle of olive oil in a pan of almost boiling water to heat this, don’t fill it to the top of the outside of the bottle just about half way up. Pour a little onto your hand to test that it is bearable and rub this on your chest at bedtime and the base of the back of your neck. You can do and this as often as you feel it is needed and it soaks into the chest and takes away the pain of a cough from colds or flu. This was my grandmother’s remedy and she never went near a doctor or dentist and lasted until she was almost 84 when she unfortunately fell and lay for hours in the cold stairway until my mother found her.
      So this is not cod science but is cod liver oil, and it all works!-On lots of people who have tried it.

  43. Judith

    Another load of cod science. At least it confirms what I already suspected – that your website is a waste of time.

    • Augusta Rae

      Seems like Judith needs to get herself educated regarding the human body’s natural ability to fight off invaders. “COD??” This website by Vivian Goldschmidt has been immensely helpful with my osteoporosis so I trust her advice on other things too. Vivian has done her homework – she doesn’t just make this stuff up. BTW, I had the flu shot and pneumonia shot only one time several years ago. I let my doctor talk me into it one late October day while in his office. Between Christmas and New Years of that year, I got sick for 2 days with flu like symptoms. I am 75 and cannot remember the last time I was sick before that or after. I will not get the flu or pneumonia shot.

    • Joanie

      COD science? I’m curious about that also. This is a great website and is helpful to anyone interested in truly preserving their health without drugs and unnecesary chemicals. I’m 61, don’t get colds, flu NOR do i get the flu shot. If i feel a symptom trying to attack my body I work a little harder at building up my immune system. Our bodies can fight off most anything if we give them the right ammo. A positive attitude is helpful also. I don’t get sick.

    • Diane

      just wondering…what is cod science???

  44. Donna Bradbury

    Hi Vivian,

    I have never taken a flu shot and in my lifetime had the flu twice. Both times when I was younger. After reading your article, I totally agree about all these shots doctors scare you into getting. My 26yr old son used to get one because he had asthma as a young child and the doctor told him he needed to have it to stay healthy. Now we know better and he does not have asthma and does not get the flu shot. His doctor is also trying to get him to take the chickenpox vaccine because he never had chickenpox. He received all the shots as a little boy and was exposed to the virus, but never had it. Now the doctor is scaring him by saying he could get shingles if he does not have the vaccine. I never had chickenpox or any vaccines for it. What are your thoughts on this subject?

    • Carole

      Hi Donna,

      I am in my sixties and only ever had measles. I have no intention whatsoever of ‘catching else’, but pay attention to what my body is telling me. e.g. If I feel tired, then I rest. If as happens every winter and my body wants to go into a sort of hibernation mode I give in and go to bed earlier to sleep becuse that is what it is telling me. Likewise in the Spring if I awakw earlier with the sunshine then I get up out of bed earlier. If I take a notion for a certain food -providing it is not sugar or something which is a bit adverse – I mean foodstuffs, then I eat it. It’s not rocket science. A GP gave me this advice around 35years ago about listening to the body, he said if more people did this then he would not have so many ‘customers’! Don’t be frightened of shadows. We did not come into this World to be constantly assailed by other peoples frighteners. Just do your best as you go along. All the very best.

  45. James Morley

    I received the pneumonia vaccine, and since then I have had pneumonia twice. I am not a true believer in vaccines. Perhaps they were necessary when we did not appreciate hygiene and correct sustenance, but nowadays I avoid having foreign substances pumped into myaged body.

  46. joyce mccarter

    I took the flu shot 1 time and was sick for weeks that was 7 years ago never again i,m 73 now and take nsc bata glucan every morning with noni juice, haven,t had acold or flu since you are right about the flu shot. thanks.

  47. Susan

    I’m 57, never had a flu shot, neer had the flu. I’ve heard that flu shots don’t cover all the many strains of flu that exist, and many get the flu anyway after taking the shot. The mercury factor isn’t encouraging either. As far as building up your immune system, Vivian’s plan I believe does just that so I believe she’s done her job. If you follow the SOB book, there’s no way your immune system won’t be strong, and I’ll take the natural route any day of the week.

  48. charmaine

    Your comments about the flu shot and our immune system makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks for your information.

  49. Barbara Hirsch

    I never get flu shots, but when I get really old I think there could be value. And especially so for a pneumonia vaccine for elderly. What do you think about shots for elderly people. I’m only 63 but am considering the pneumonia vaccine since I am often in Asia where everyone coughs in your face and seldom washes their hands.

  50. Jeanann Watkins

    I believe everything you wrote about the flu shot and I have never had one; my question is this: what can you do when your pediatrician(s) threaten you to be charged with child neglect if you fail to have your little one(s) immunized? My sister lied and said her little one was allergic to eggs; I am not prone to lying – so what can I do?

    • Lori

      Jeanann, I just wrote earlier (see above) that I did not immunize my children, they are 21 and 25. All I had to do when they started school was to sign a waiver that said I decline immunizations for personal reasons. You can also claim you decline for religious beliefs. I was told if there were an outbreak of measles I would have to keep my children home. There never was and it was never a problem. After all I read regarding immunizations, I could not do it! Autism is linked to the DPT vaccine! Find a good naturopath, they will support your decision and you and your kids will get healthier information, things your medical doctor probably wouldn’t even know!

    • Carole

      Hi Jeanann,
      I agree. Get a new doctor! But before you do ask the present one to give you a list of all the medications he has given your family with mercury as a carrier!

    • Rosemarie

      Get a new doctor!Get a new doctor!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        That’s a terrible threat! It’s not my field of expertise, but I think that since the vaccine is not mandatory, the doctor has no recourse.

  51. Dortha

    I am 70 years young and had a flu shot when I was 24 and spent 3 days in the hospital. I have not had another one since!! I am very healthy – except for a bone density problem. I do eat well and exercise and enjoy every day in the sun that I can. I praise the Lord for good health and Vivian’s consistent support!

  52. Angelica

    I am taking Prednisone which supresses the immune system. Do I need to get the vaccine? I am 68 years old

  53. Janis

    Please only use my first name. You just printed my entire name under my comment. Please correct now. Thank you.

    • Geri

      Pretty sure that what prints is the name you typed when you posted. So solution is to type in what you want to appear….even though it says NAME (REQUIRED), it doesn’t mean you have to type in your full name.

      • Sherry

        Like maybe erase her whole comment?

      • Sherry

        She has asked that you remove her name from the comments. Is there a way you can do this?

  54. Janis

    In your paragraph The Flu Shot: A Sneaky Intruder you state Vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream. This is FALSE. They are injected IM (intramuscular) or SQ (subcutaneous) I have given many as an RN. And they are never given IV (into the veins)

    • Rosemarie

      Go back and read it again. I don’t believe she said anything about IV.

  55. Julie


    Your email re flu vaccine is very informative. Two years ago, I decided not to take a flu shot
    because I get more sick when I do. It is true
    that a strong immune system is what is needed to defend us from the virus infection. Keep the
    caring spirit for the Save our Bones community.

  56. Mary

    Every time I have gotten a flu shot, I have gotten the flu and been sick all winter long… I don’t take the shots either..I refuse them….

    I eat yogurt daily….I eat a low fat yogurt with some fruit….I am doing better with the diet and have it drilled in my head to eat the most I possibly can from plant based foods….I also drink pure Almond Milk…

    Does anyone have any simple recipes for a soup that stays well within range of the foundation veggies…


    • Joyce Spangler

      We were drinking what we thought was pure almond milk.I looked on the box to see the actual protein contents and it was so low I decided there could only be about 3 or 4 almonds in the box of almond milk.So we decided to buy our almonds and make our own almond milk.We just soak the almonds over night in filter water and put them in the blender for a little spin and now we are getting lots more protein contents when we make our own.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Sounds good, and well worth the extra work 🙂

    • amelia greene

      Does anyone have any simple recipes for a soup that stays well within range of the foundation veggies…

      Here’s the “recipie” It’s called “clean out the frig” soup. Get a large pot, add your leftovers from the frig (within moderation). Chop up any legal veggies – carrots, cabbage, celery, onion. Add veggies from bags in freezer. Add a 16 oz can or two of diced tomatoes. Add water to cover all. Can also add some lentils or split peas. Cook about an hour. Don’t add too much of each veggie – just a cup or so – it’s amazing how fast the pot fills up. You can also make it without the “leftovers from the frig”. Somehow it always turns out delicious.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Love your recipe, and its title too! Thanks for sharing, Amelia.


    A couple of days ago one of my co-workers mentioned he’d just had his annual flu-shot. I listened as he described the event, and then commented “I’d never do that”. I was bursting to tell him I’ll take my chances and trust in my own immune system rather than subject my body to foreign invaders voluntarily. He wasn’t interested in my remarks, which bothered me no end, and believes he is making the right choice. I appreciate your explanation which makes perfectly good sense to me.

    • Karen

      I know where you are coming from – I am sure people think I am from Mars or something when I try to explain things regarding eating habits etc that I have learnt through the Save our Bones program – is it truly that alien from the wider community – I unfortunately think it so!!!! One day maybe!!!!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Oh, well… Here’s the good news… There are hundreds of thousands of aliens on this planet… I meant Save Our Bones community members…

  58. Daphna

    Dear Vivian,
    In your previous blog you recommended eating at least 8 oz. of unsweetened plain yogurt each day as a natural source of probiotics.
    It’s an open secret that dairy food, mainly yogurt, causes mucus, which creates respiratory problems and is not recommended particularly during the winter, when our breathing system is more prone to be affected by germs etc.
    I’d apprecite your response.
    Thank you

    • Lyn

      I am “lactose intolerant”, but eating good quality yogurt (regular or “Greek”) doesn’t produce any symptoms whatsoever for me. I had heard that yogurt is the “non-dairy dairy” and I knew I could eat it with impunity, but I didn’t know why until I found this explanation today… and it makes sense to me: “Lactase is the enzyme missing in the gut of lactose intolerant individuals. It breaks the lactose down into two simple sugars: glucose and galactose. The yogurt cultures consume these to make the yogurt. So if the milk did not have any lactose to start with, it would not work. With that said, there is not much lactose left in the finished yogurt even when you use regular old milk. As a result, many lactose intolerant individuals can enjoy yogurt.” (from https://www.makeyourownyogurt.com/homemade-yogurt-faq.php)

      I know your comment related to dairy’s tendency to thicken mucus and this information doesn’t relate to that effect directly – But I can say that, in my experience, the “mucus thickening” symptom of lactose intolerance is NOT experienced when eating good quality, plain, yogurt. I learned a lot about yogurt at the “make your own yogurt” web site quoted above. Lots of info there. I love yogurt and am thrilled that I can eat it without experiencing any negative dairy (lactose) symptoms. 😀

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Lyn, my comments about dairy don’t apply to fermented dairy, which is what yogurt and kefir are 🙂

  59. Annie

    This is the True dirty secret about the flu shot, that I did not see here at all, or did I miss it!!

    The real truth about the Flu shots is, they have Mercury in them as a perservitive.

    I would not get a flu shot, but if you must have one. Ask your Dr. for the one with-out the Mercury.
    He/she will not be happy about it, cause then they have to keep the shot in the Frig..

    Vivian , I think you need to tell people here how to build up there Immune Systom..
    It’s mot my job to tell everyone. I think its your responsibility.!!

    • JJ

      All flu vaccine is kept in refrigeration. I am an RN and my dialysis clinic had to have all flu, hepatitis vaccines refrigerated. Almost all vaccines have mercury in them – but that is only one reason why I will not take vaccines anymore. I am 61 and have never had a flu shot in my life and am not starting now.
      Research has actually shown that if vitamin D is adequate the chance of getting flu is much less. But remember everyone – one of the best preventions is to wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face until you do.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Amen, JJ!

        • Annie

          Please tell everyone how to keep there immunity build up, so they do not get sick.

          JJ ,
          I have to differ with you..
          NOT all Shot have Mercury in them (have to ask your Dr.), and NOT all shots go into a frig!
          Our 3 Dr. friends can reafer that.

  60. Feona

    I’ve just had a reminder from my (UK) doctor to get a flu shot ‘now that I’m elderly’! (I’m 66, so I think that’s pretty insulting.) I’ve already phoned to refuse it and I’ll be following your excellent advice instead. Thanks, Vivian.

  61. LynnCS

    Definitely something to think about. Thanks for the info. Lynn

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