Happy New Year: Your 2010 Bone Health Resolution - Save Our Bones

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday season and that you are as upbeat about welcoming 2010 and the new decade as I am.

This past year has been incredible not only because the Save Our Bones community has grown by leaps and bounds but also because our information regarding osteoporosis truth is spreading. Slowly but surely, the truth will prevail… it always does.

And you, my dear friend, are an instrumental part of this.

Together we are opening the door for revolutionary yet safe and effective bone health solutions. Knowing this, it's no coincidence that The New York Times published an article titled “Exploring a Low Acid Diet for Bone Health”.

Sounds familiar? It seems that even this world-class newspaper is catching up with our bone health revolution. You can read the article here:

New York Times Article

Without a doubt, this article is a breath of fresh air, but let's not fool ourselves… there is still a lot more to do…and I can't wait to start the New Year and continue our quest with you on my side!

The New Year is also a time for reflection and growth, much like starting a new chapter in the book of our lives. And that, of course, includes our bone health. So let me know what your New Year bone health resolution is by leaving a comment below. Mine is to continue my mission of truth and natural solutions with unyielding efforts so the Save Our Bones community can continue to grow to insure that our voices will be heard.

So I wish you all a wonderful, exciting, and healthy New Year, and I'll leave you till the next time with this great and very appropriate quote by Dr. Martin H. Fischer:

“Truth is rarely written in ink; it lives in Nature.”

Please don't forget to leave your 2010 bone health resolution below. It means a lot to me.

With blessings for a happy and healthy New Year,

Vivian Goldschmidt

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  1. maril

    been on the computer for 2 hours after returning from a doctor’s visit. the news is not great….-4.3 lumbar. have been aware of my bone issues when diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago. my initial dexa was -2.9. getting the celiac under control was easy, and initial numbers in later yearly tests went down to -2.4 and as high as -2.8. have rejected fosomax 5 years ago and also tomoxifin (DCIS diagnosis)
    they now want to put me on evista which really scares me. i’m 57 years old, gone thru menopause, and on a gluten free diet. obviously i have stumbled across SAVE OUR BONES on the internet. any suggestions??

  2. Carol Sturm

    I am 61 yrs. old & have osteoporosis. I have purchased your program. I had been on actonel for 8 yrs. Last year I took myself off of this medication. Then I was diagnosised with osteoporosis. My lifestyle, at present and for the last year, is very much what you recommend. My diet consists of fruits & veggies and 95% alkaline foods. I had a complete hysterectomy at age 38. I have had digestive problems & acidity problems in the past. The digestive problems are gone and I am working on the ph levels in my body. I know that there are alot of factors in regard to bone health.
    Question: Based on my history and problems, do you think your program can still work for me?
    If so, please explain why.

  3. Jean Williams

    My husband found your forum on line searching for a supplier of arthronove. I have replied to a post by a contributor on 1/1/10, but did not realise that it would be posted in the comments way back in the list. You may find it interesting so I am sending this message to advise you that it has just been posted there.


    Hi Vivien, Happy and healthy 2010 to you and your familly. I continue to spread the good news about the Bone Revolution.

  5. Veronica

    Thank you so much, Vivian for sharing all the important information on bone health.
    My resolution this year is to exercise more. I continue to do the exercise you sent us last year.

  6. Juliet

    Hi Viv, thank you for all the info you sent to all of us. This gave me more confident that I can survive this without taking drugs. My resolution is to continue following the right food to eat and exercise. Pls. don’t forget to send me email. God bless you and your family.


  7. Janet Talley

    Hi Vivian, I watched the video on the “American Idols” I thought the lady was wonderfully healthy and her bones as well. My New Year resolution is a thing I normally don’t make, but as far as my bones are concerned, I plan to continue to follow your natural healthy recommendations for maintaining strong bones. I like and agree with the quote you shared. I also would like you to continue to share your quest for truth and natural solutions to strengthen our bones.I hope you and your staff have a safe , healthy and happy New Year.
    Janet Talley.

  8. anne

    Hi Vivian:

    I, too, wish you a very happy and safe 2010. I am always referring to my copy of your book and will keep improving my goal. I loved the video. I dance by myself as I have a husband who is a couch potato. I will keep eating all the right foods and continue my exercise and weight lifting. I am due for my next bone density in March and hope that there is an improvement. I am very positive and know that I will find an improvement. Keep the emails coming. I love hearing from you.

  9. Hester

    Hi Vivian

    May you and your family have a wonderful year.

    The information I receive is very informative and I enjoy reading it.

    Take care



  10. Hester

    Hi Vivian

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

    Thanks for all the new information I have received. Learning a lot and I put it to practice.



  11. Nancy Millway

    Hello Vivian,
    Thank you for the continued support and information. If I was to make a resolution it would be to be determined to lose weight, maintain my 80/20 food intake ratio, and exercise daily.
    Kind regards

  12. Melody T. Horner, C.N.

    Happy New Year to you, Vivian and your families, and Staff.

    My new year resolution is to eat more leafy green salads per week.

    Thanks, Melody T. Horner, C.N., Culver City, CA\

  13. hazel

    Hello have just ordered your program, look forward to getting started.
    I have been on Fosomax and want to get off of it as soon as possible. Thanks Hazel

  14. Mary

    I just ordered the Save Our Bones program. I am so ready to try it and pray that it works for me. I am at my rope’s end with osteoporosis meds and doctors.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Have faith in yourself and in your bones. I’m sure you’ll do great! 🙂

  15. Patti

    Thank you Vivian! Your site is a breath of fresh air! My New Year resolution is to start the diet you recommended as a new life style change. I want to see my next dexa scan in October 2010 improve! I really enjoyed seeing the article in the New York Times too! Hopefully more and more women will get the message and get well naturally!

  16. Nelda Magnusson

    My goal is to follow the diet and exercise and see my bone health improve in 2010. Thank you, Vivian, for your words of encouragement and the comments and encouragement from other ladies.

  17. Norma Gottlieb

    I would be curious, if you were to take a survey, how many of your subscribers took osteoporosis medicines, for how many years, with the dexa scans continuing to show worsening. I took evista for about 4 years followed by actonel for about 3 years and my dexa scans every two years showed worsening. I discontinued the drugs about a year ago without telling my doctor.

  18. Pat Boyd

    Thanks Vivian for the article in the paper. Hopefully, one day everyone will know what we know. My goal is to improve my bone density without the drugs. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. Please don’t stop doing this, we need you!!!

  19. kay

    Kudos to you for giving everyone a headsup on pillpushing M.D.’s. I was hit by an out of control Hummer on ice, while waiting at a red light, and my HMO M.D. just gave me pain killers, sleeping pills and muscle relaxants, even though I told her I could barely walk and my hipbones felt loose. After months, I told her I could barely stand up, after having been swimming 612 meters non-stop before the wreck, and was unable to swim, or move, so she sent me a certified letter, dropping me as her patient, saying our patient/physician relationship was damaged by my seeking other help. I went to a chiropractor who X-rayed my hips, saw the hipbone was dislocated about an inch, knocked me back into place, like cracking a walnut, and now I”m on a slow road to recovery after being out of place for 7 months, due to a pill pushing M.D., who should be relegated to a Quack farm. I’m trying to eat yogurt and lose all the weight I”ve gained since the wreck, but it’s been slow going, as well as take calcium, MSM etc.. Keep up the good work.

  20. Consuelo.

    Hi Vivian! thanks for keeping me update, my resolution for this new year is to keep doing what I am doing so far. I stop my fosomax a couple months ago, and I am feeling well, no pain, doing weight lifting, walking a lot, and trying to eat the right food and vitamins. hope you too have a good new year.

  21. Dorothy Bohling

    Dear Vivian,

    Wishing you a Blessed and Healthy New Year.

    I couldn’t get the N.Y. Times article on the internet. I may have waited too long. Also, on anything I have to download, it takes forever. I have dialup and can’t get fast internet service where I live which is very frustrating. It takes 4 minutes to download one second. I love reading your viewer’s comments. I’m always anxious to hear from you.
    You’re a blessing to all of us.


  22. Carol Reed

    Happy new Year to you Vivian, Great video,hope I’m that healthy when I’m that old.I plan to continue the 80/20 diet and work out 3 times a week at the gym. It was hard to stay on track over the holidays. Hope my next dexa scan will show some improvement. One of your fallers mentioned the Mike Ross balance program, what is that all about? What about the Vitamin Code Grow Bone System and taking that along with the 80/20 diet? Looking forward to your responce,for which I am very grateful Carol

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great product!

  23. brenda russell

    I have decided after a great deal of medical intervention over the past year, which has given me no help at all, to rely entirely on excercise and diet, as recommened by you, to see if i can become more mobile again. Keep up the good work.

  24. Esther

    Happy new year, Vivian & thanks for all the info in 2009. I am considering taking a course to become a Nutritional Consultant from an online school based in CA. I love your book & all the advice you give. Keep up the good work. The video was astonishing. I also teach dancing, so I hope to be like that at age 75 as well.

  25. Linette

    As much as I do believe in natural bone density, I cannot but feel that one needs to mix and boil some kind of brew which would taste vile. As a result I prefer to let nature take its course. Nevertheless I wish all those who participate a great success in their endeavours.

  26. linda reese

    in order to save bones exercise is very important i started doing zumba 4 times a week i feel great lost more weight. i have fun exercising and i love to dance. zumba does many things it gives you a feel-good sensation, it is a fantastic core workout, it reshapes all parts of the body, arms, hips, heart and mind, it is a fat burning workout calories burned from 300-1,000 the workout provides for a great sweat without realzing your are excercising, people have reported losing weight, it provides great interval training. i have a friend with severe joint disease and she introduced me to zumba. i just love it. spread the word to every woman you know to get involved in zumba they will never be the same linda reese

    • Linette

      I absolutely love zumba and rumba. However unfortunately due to a pinched nerve in my neck, my right knee gives way if I dance the ramba resulting in my fall. I used to dance three times a week at a dancing club and would dance daily if I could. Waltzing was my favourite dance folowed by rumba/zumba. I won a prize for dancing all night non stop. I never got tired dancing. But alas those days seem over for the time being anyway until a cure is found to stop me from falling over.

  27. Junette Argyle

    You continue to inspire me! although it is difficult to make neccessary changes, my goal this year is to continue to exercise and strive to eat right and hope to do better than last year. I’m afraid that I am very short on willpower, but will continue to try with your encouragement!
    Thank you for all you do and for sharing it all with us. May you have a healthy New Year!

    Junette A.

    • linda reese

      try to get involved in a zumba class in your area. i joined a gym and do all the exercise classes, zumba is aerobic dancing to spanish music. people say they are not coordinated, it does not matter once you learn the moves. you have fun burn calories and feel great i do zumba 4 times a week. it is like a night out with the girls without alcohol.

  28. Barbara

    Hi Vivian
    A bone test about 6 months ago showed I had osteo! shocked and upset as I am very active and fit, luckily I started to ask and read about the condition immediately as I didn’t like the sound of the drugs and the warnings. Well between your book and other research the truth was revealed. I have made changes to my diet but as I am vegetarian already eat well and added recommended excercise. This personal osteo issue has opened my eyes even wider to the lies behind the drug companies. Thank you for learning and sharing so much vital information. All the success and best for 2010.
    Barbara Australia

  29. Robert Reilly

    Dear Vivian, Best wishes for a Happy,Healthy and a wonderful 2010. Keep up the fantastic information. Cheers Aussie Bob.

  30. Barbara

    Thank YOU Vivian ! You are the best and I consider all your hard work this past year my miracle for 2009. I was diagnosed with osteapenia but refused the meds. I’m following your advise religously and have passed the word to friends and co-workers. I have purchased all you’ve written and will continue to look forward to more info and advise in the new year. Thank you ! Blessings and good health in 2010 🙂

    • Gayle Everett

      hi Vivian
      My doctor said i was ill advised to stop my medication but I did and continue to do so

      gayle Everett

      • Suma G Nathan

        Good for you Gayle!
        ther is so much more
        internally to do for Joints & Bones
        Suma g Nathan
        Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
        Certified Chinese Herbologist
        I totally agree with Vivian~her video is awesome

  31. mary t ball

    Hi Vivian and best wishes for 2010.

    Wow wasn’t the 75 year old lady dancer something. Is she on a low acid diet I wonder!


  32. Dianna Ivins

    That 75 year old woman is amazing, I hope that I can improve my bone density so that I can dance like her, because I love to dance.

  33. Andrea Moore

    The lady in the video is an inspiration to all of us. She represents courage and effort and a strong sense of fun! Thank you for sending this important video, Vivian, and for your inspiration, as well.

  34. Pearl Prisley

    Best wishes for 2010 to you,Vivian and to all seekers of the natural way to health. Haven”t got the book yet but assume the diet is acid/alkaline balance based so have adopted an appropriate diet already. Out went all the acidic foods (yes, even all the goodies I”d been storing up for Christmas . Not easy for a lifelong chocolate addict but I”m serious about this) so I feel I”ve made a start. My new year resolution? To stay on this path and trust the natural way. Bless you Vivian for your tireless efforts on our behalf. Pearl

  35. ella

    Vivian,I wish you healthy and happy New Year!
    I am waiting to have my next bone density test.
    I hope the results will show an improvement.
    Thank you!

  36. Paige

    I was on fosomax for 7 yrs. No improvement. Tried Forteo for a few months. Developed hypercalcium on that drug. I had a xray a few months ago that did not show any compression fractions but did show osteosclerosis.

  37. Jorge

    Just read the New York Times article. Would it not be advantageous to take some sort of alkaline product when we eat acidic foods eg bicarbonate of soda or an indigestion tablet?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      That is not a good idea, and here’s why. Stomach acid is indispensable to properly digest foods, so we can absorb all the important nutrients.

  38. Marysia Dunlop

    Hello Vivian 🙂

    Best wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2010 to you and your friends.

    Thank you for all this past years help on keeping our bones in tip top condition without having to rely on those awful drugs with all the side effects included.

    I watched the lady that you have shown in the video clip, dancing on the television, we saw her while we were watching the news report. She is fantastic.

    I dance too but I am not as good as she is, but I come fairly close enough….. just about towards the end of the queue 🙂 … or so I say 🙂 and I will continue to dance so long as I can still hear the music and my feet begin to tap in time with it.

    take care
    Best wishes from Bonnie Scotland
    Marysia 🙂

  39. Sandra

    Hi Vivian, Happy 2010, and many thankyous for all the helpful advice. I normally have a restricted diet due to Coeliac disease, but have ‘fallen by the wayside’ over the holidays on the ‘sweet’ side. Must get back on track quickly as I still teach and occasionally perform Spanish dance at almost 70, despite RA. Still having the Discussions with my rheumatologist re not taking bisphosphonates –
    according to him “bad side-effects are only
    based on anecdotal evidence”. A pharmacist
    friend has recommended ‘Stem Enhance’ to stimulate one’s own stem cells. Have you any
    information on this product?
    Many Thanks and Best Regards

    • Suma G Nathan

      Hi Sandra
      Lots of work here with RA (not Meds) can be done following Vivians Program and also working with the right Nutritionals. RA is inflammation can be controlled!
      Suma g Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
      Certfied Chinese Herbologist
      29 yrs exp

  40. Julie Hernandez

    Dear Vivian:

    Happy New Year to you! I am glad that you shared the video of the older woman dancing with terrific body flexibility and good move-
    ment. Her bones must be in excellent condition.
    It was awesome to see her physically young as an example. Thanks for your continuing research
    to help us with our bone problem. Have a nice
    day! Julie Hernandez us

  41. Laurent Guay

    I have been reading Save our Bones with great interest.
    You say that tap water is unsafe.
    I have a ten stage water filter (New Wave Enviro) purchase at wholefood for $60.oo
    What is your opinion on that…
    Thank You

  42. Suseela Dasari

    Dear Vivian,
    It is my new year resolution to help women of all ages to let them know about your diet how to keep our body in alkaline or neutral medium, improve bone density by natural means with exercise & ezorb calcium.
    Love & grateful,
    Thank you,

  43. Mardi

    I hope the New Year is good to ALL of us, Vivian! I emailed you a few weeks ago asking if you’re familiar with the “Vitamin Code Grow Bone System” and if you recommend it but have not heard back. You can check them out at http://www.GrowBone.com. Please let me know your thoughts. It seems to align with your program and possibly they could advertise on your website as well. Thanks!

  44. Evelyn Morris

    Enjoyed all the information you gave us and my gratitude. Kept me from accepting hormones my Doctor wanted me to take. I also want to wish you a wonderful exciting 2010. Your theory about hormones is really catching on. I hope more women will listen to your input. You have been a tremendous help to me Sincerely Evelyn Morris

  45. Cheryl

    Good article – -I read several mags and articles on nutrition & try to practice the mostly alkaline diet, but didn’t know how to determine the amount of protein you need. This gives the formula. Keep up your good work, Vivian!

  46. Kelsey Fickling

    A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2010 to you and yours Vivian!! I love the quote “that truth is rarely written in ink -it is in nature” I believe that what you are writing, Vivian in ink or e-mails is truth!!!! Bless you for the information you continue to give us. Now my resolution for 2010 is to continue following your advice – drinking my “ruby-red grapefruit and apple juice” plenty of leafy greens, and I must start getting the green cooking bananas again – walking more – and doing the exercise you showed – Mike Ross balance exercises too. This morning I received from Mike Ross a “Dynamic Warm up” to do half hour after you get out of bed. So that’s a long list of resolutions – but I do want to get my bones strong – so I can do that “Salsa” too. Blessings from AUSTRALIA.

    • Julie

      Happy New Year Vivian.
      I will continue to follow the bone health diet. Prescription drugs for bone health I will never use. I am so happy that I found you and the great info you keep sending my way. Thank you. All the best for the New Year!!

      • joyce

        Read your comments–I started the daily injections of Forteo almost a yr. ago (when I fell & broke vertrabrae-osteoporosis) & am prescribed to take it for another 15 mo., BUT this drug scares me!
        I have taken Fosamox, etc,and others, but do not like taking anything.
        Can you tell me what the diet is please?
        I want to get strong naturaly and stop the injections completely within 3 months–once I learn the diet,etc. to getmy bones ready. Anything.
        any help appreciated.

        • Suma G Nathan

          Hello Joyce
          Sound like you have been thru a lot! Vivian’s
          Health diet is a must and so is certain Nutritionals a must.
          Suma G Nathan
          Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/
          Certified Chinese Herbologist 29 yrs exp

  47. Linda Policicchio

    Hi Vivian! Happy New Year! I have missed your emails. You are definitely an inspiration to me with your information and optimism. I am going to continue to work hard in 2010 to eat a healthy and alkaline diet! Thanks for all your continued help!!!!

  48. Terry Page


  49. Dolores

    Hi Vivian,
    I have your book, but would like to know how to get your 80/20 program. I am so thankful you are there to be a great help to those of us with osteoporosis. Thank you, thank you.

  50. Marion

    Hi, Vivian
    Your program for bone health gives me confidence to continue to eat a proper diet and to exercise regularly. I am waiting to have my next bone density test and see the results which I know will show a great improvement.
    A Blessed New Year to you.

  51. Elvia Banegas

    Happy New Year Vivian!

    I thank you very much for awakening me to the reality of staying away from the medication that is supposed to help you out but instead is the opposite. I will be making every effort to exercise by using a treadmill, watch what I eat and how much I eat. I have been having some stress without me feeling it. Although my body does feel it and therefore increasing my weight via rising of my corisol levels which I was not aware of. I have taken action on bringing down the weight by taking a liquid adaptogen called TheraStress which I researched on the internet. Although it was recommended to take it with organge juice which is acidic I only take it with 8 oz. once or twice a day. I hope it will bring down my weight and stress very soon. The stress is being brought on by being responsible for my father’s care at the nursing home and now that I will be bringing him home after suffering a stroke back in Mar 09 which left him without the ability to walk. I will have 2 caregivers to help out when he comes home so it won’t be too hard on me physically as well as emotionally. Vivian, let me know if taking this orange juice on a daily basis will be harmful to my bones. As maybe I can hopefully find something else to take it with.


    • Suma G Nathan

      Hi Elvia
      stroke can be tken care of Nutritionally! And you might also follow the diet Vivian explains and also why not take your juice in the form of veggie juice instead.You can buy V8 in the market low soduim. If still with fruit juice, I tell all my clients to water down any fruit juice of because too much sugar & acid.
      Suma G Nathan
      Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Chinese Herbologist 29 yrs exp

      • bernie

        Thank you Vivian for all your valuable information. i read all your emails and make note of the useful hints

  52. Rita Allmon

    Happy New Year ! Save Our Bones Community!

    I want to remember to thank God everyday for this exquisite design, the body, that He has given to me.
    And be grateful for the strong bones He created for me…
    and let my bones KNOW that I am thankful for the work that they do for me…
    by feeding my bones a healthy diet everyday and
    jumping with joy with them everyday and
    supporting them with strong muscles so THEY can continue to be strong and healthy…

    Speaking and doing positive things for my bones!

    God’s Peace and Blessings to All This New Year,

  53. Erlinda Siaton

    Happy New Year! Thank you very much for the information to save our bones. Thank you for the vedeo, God Bless her. She is 75 yrs. old and can dance the salza. I am a member of the USABDA (Ballroom dance association of the United States) but I have not danced as good as her. For 2010, I promised to keep my bones healthy, watched my diet and exercise in the YMCA daily and dance more. Keep up the good work. Congratulations.

  54. Amitie-

    Happy New Year Vivian and to everybody on the site. Hope you all had a very happy Christmas. l don’t usually make New Year resolutions as l generally don’t keep them ! However, l think this year my resolve will be to endeavour to keep to the Alkaline diet and to do as much exercise as l possibly can. This is a particularly difficult area for me as l have other health issues. l will also share my new found knowledge with others. Best wishes to you all and good luck.

  55. Frances Miller

    Vivian, thanks for the video and Happy New Year. My resolution is to put my exercise first. Sometime back I always did low impact aroebics EVERY am. Fractured my back from lifting something too heavy a year ago. Did not know my osteopenia was that bad, so, everyone who has bone problems, MAKE your doctor discuss it thoroughly with you so you know what you CAN & CANNOT do. If I had been informed I would not have spent the past year in pain. Vivian, thanks for your book and all the info you send. I feel I need all the info I can get on having be best bones possible!!!

    Fran Miller

    • joyce

      Ibroke my loe\wer back when I fell almost a yur. ago & was in a brace for 3 mo. I’d been taking Fosamox for years & it did nothelp my osteoporosis. Dr. has had me on daily injections fo Forteo & it has horrible scarey possibilities-brare bone cancer can result, not all time, but even a bit is TOO much & it terrifies me, but I do not know what to do.
      Am new to saveyourbones.
      Recommendations on diet & exzercise because i was thinking of starting gentle rope jumping to strengthen & make my bones start rebuilding but am not sure this is good advice.
      Any help thanks,

  56. Betty

    For the new Year I will continue to eat more fruits and vegetables. At times I am confused because what is alkaline and what is acidic varies by who is making the list. I had not been exercising as much because my husband had beeb ill but plan to get back to it now. I got the osteoball for Christmas. Without finding this website I would probably be taking fosomax. My doctor recommended Reclast. I am glad I did not do it.

    • Millicent

      Dear Vivian,

      A Very Happy New Year in 2010.
      I enjoy dancing and loved seeing a 75 year old lady dancing the Salsa so excellently, awesome!
      Yes, dancing is great for the bones as well as it makes you feel really great.

      Have a great year ahead.


  57. Judy Gerber

    Well, I am a vegetarian and have osteoporosis. Took Actonel and Foxamax for 4.5 years. It did nothing for me. Then went on Forteo after breast cancer surgery a year ago. Also taking Arimadex so both meds are fighting each other-one to build bone; the other taking it away. Had my 1-year bone density test. My spine improved a little, but arms and legs got worse. Also take Freeda Fem-Cal Citrate Vitamin combo and magnesium and extra 1000 iu D. I am afraid of what is going to happen after I finish Forteo, as 2 years dosage is the maximum.

    • jeanne

      Am also taking Arimidex for breast cancer and started on it, already having bad osteoporosis in my hip, and spine ( had a pelvic fracture lat year, due to falling). Had been on Fosamax for years but due to a parathyroid adenoma, saw absolutely no progress. Now that I had the adenoma removed (after the pelvic fracture), am hoping to be stable with regards to bone loss AND, perhaps I’ll be able to build bone , keeping in mind Vivian’s suggestions! It’s all very challenging!

  58. Gisela Rogers

    Hallo vivian ,

    Happy Newyear!

    Iwould like same information about Bsphosphonates
    und problems.How can the doctor diagnose ostioporosis from a normal Xray.
    I have Arthritis und been told I need hip replacements.At the moment I am taking Arthronove in the hope that it will help with that pain “auu”

    • Jean Williams

      We moved to France 10 years ago for health reasons -I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the UK. One downside is the attitude in the French medical community to alternative medicines. I have been involved for many years in this field and have to obtain my supplies from outside France. We both take aloe vera juice every day and for the last six months or so I have been taking Arthronove to ease the pain of arthritis. I have found considerable relief from this product, and my husband was searching the net for an alternative supplier – ours comes from Belgium (the French will not allow the sale of this and other similar products)- and he came across your forum with a post by a lady on New Years Day who was asking for further information. I would be happy to recommend the product, as it has given me much more movement and less pain. An interesting fact is that the price charged on the UK advert is approximately TWICE the price we pay (in euro equivalent)to Phyt’Origine in Belgium ( and was even less before the pound dropped in value )

  59. Cathy Court (UK)

    Well done, Vivian, for getting us all onto alkaline eating before the New York Times got wise to it. I’ve just cut my fingernails which were longer and more bendable than I’ve known them in years. I’ve been on the diet for 7 months and I feel years younger. My resolution for 2010 is to carry on. This will not be difficult because I really don’t crave any of the sugary foods and fatty high protein foods that I’ve given up. I wish good health to you all.

  60. gordon hunter

    is there any way of rversing the effects 1e jaw condition caused by taking actonel please

    • Alice Cable

      Thanks for your contacts. I continue to look for ways to help my bones since I quit taking fosamax almost a year ago. I do exercise and am trying new exercises plus keeping my system akalinic. Pray this new year will bring some strength to my bones.

  61. Cheryl Parsons

    Hi Vivian,

    I have a copy of your book.I also’have’ Osteopenia.My aim for 2010 is to get serious about using the information.
    In addition to this I MUST quit
    smoking in order to make any effective change.

    Happy New Year from Australia!

    Regards, Cheryl.

  62. julie

    Hi Vivian, Happy New Year!
    I am 48, and have been taking osteoporosis drugs for the past year because it has been bought about as a result of the epilepsy drugs I also have to take. I am due to see my G.P. next week, armed with your information. I remember saying at the time i was first prescribed the osteo drugs, shouldn’t they be balanced in ratio with a magnesium supplement to work properly? But was told they don’t supply magnesium prescriptions.
    I don’t drink milk at all, I don’t eat meat, and as well as eating lots of fruit and veg, and taking loads of supplements, I STILL have lousy health! It seems so unfair, particularly as I don’t drink or smoke, or even drink tea or coffee.
    I am unable to work, because the epilepsy affects me so constantly. I am there for unable to buy the supplement or books you recommend, but would value your advice, please. Thank you. Regards, Julie.

    • Gabriel

      Hello Julie, read your comments, hope you are well.
      I am interested to to know what anti-epilepsy drugs were possibly resulting in your bone-loss condition?
      I am aware of other medications being “culprits” but didn’t realize I might be at risk from epilepsy treatment drugs. (Everyone knows about Prednisone and osteoporosis connection)
      I would be interested in personal email contact with you. I live in Canada.
      Wishing you Happy, healthy New Year,

  63. Irene Ellena

    Happy New Year!

    For the past 5 years I have a severe case of Paget’s disease, it has been getting worse over the years, every bone in my body hurts. My bone density tests were always normal for my age, but because of an X-Ray I found out I had Paget’s. I am also allergic to the sun, so I increased Vitamin D on my own, I have taken extra Calcium most of my life. Now they want to give me Reclast, that worries me! I eat very little, can’t tolerate most fruits, vegetables and juices. Also can’t exercise and tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Irene Ellena

  64. Joan Kuchta

    Thank you for your dedicated words of wisdom to keep us in the fight for our bone health. I watched the great lady in the video and concluded dancing is a good exercise for bone health fostering confidence, self-esteem, and much needed stamina.

    happy new year. Joan

  65. Margaret Loftus

    a very happy new year Vivian,ordered your book waiting pashantley for it to arrive,carnt wate to read it,all your coments on your 2010 resolution looks very promising in deed, yours Maggie Loftus, Happy New Year2010

  66. Rochelle

    After seeing that video I am about to start training to increse my bone density immediately!
    Happy New Year.

  67. Joyce

    My New Year’s resolution is to keep reading and learning about this condition, to apply what I’ve learned, to keep breathing, drinking that water, exercising and staying upbeat and motivated. I thank God that I found this site, for the information you share gives me hope and courage to keep working toward healthy bones and body.

    Peace and blessings to all in the new year!
    Joyce B

  68. Fran Koch

    Hi Vivian,

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. It has been extremely helpful!

    Have A Happy New Year!


  69. Lilian Lee

    Hi Vivian

    Thank you for your timely advice and articles on bone health.

    May your success continues to flourish in the new year.

    Best Wishes,

  70. Audrey

    Thankyou for your email good wishes to you,I look forward to news in
    2010 I would be interested in any ”new” safe treatment available, I refused to have an injection of Aclasta [once a year] for 3 years and with no research after that the side affects to me were horrendious,I cannot
    take any medication with a Bisphosphonate base,I take Magnesium Chloride 1 teaspoon daily and Natural Calcium [100% Lithothamnium
    calcareum sea-vegetable] I was taken off Esterderm Patch in March which
    kept me stable for years by May my hip wasBMD 0 628 . t score -2.57z score -.46 Nov6th hip .565 Tscore-3.10 z-0.95 spine bmd 0. 820 T-2.10 Z-0.33 May spine bmd.811 t -2.17 Z -0.40 spine slight increased i have lots of fruit and vegetables hoping the problem improves

  71. Harry

    Happy & Prosperous New Year Vivian
    After reading that Times article, I’m reminded
    of what God told Adam to eat for meat: Fruit!
    I have already begun to reduce all animal protein & consume more fruit & vegetables.
    I would certainly appreciate a non-injectable
    sub for Lovenox, if anyone know of one!
    Have a great, blessed, New Year EVERYONE.

  72. Rosemarie Proper

    Happy New Year Vivian,

    I am starting my cardio, core & weight bearing exercise program 3 x wkly, which I had to stop due to abdomen surgery last May. Also starting my juicing 3 x wkly again.


  73. carol ahern

    My doctor tells me I’m putting myself in danger if I don’t take the drug. Tried drugs and felt awful…terrible side affects. Reported them to him and his answer was..”I should not ”read” about the side affects and ”just” take the medication. I don’t think so. Trying to pay attention to everything you say. Doing my best and feel fine. Just turned 60. Thanks!

  74. Avis Mawson

    Very er but I’m afraid the Video did not turn up on my copy. In any case the rest of the article regarding Low Acid Diet to improve Bone Density is interesting.

    Thank you for your periodic informative letters and also for alerting us to Mike Ross – I find his Balance Program excellent and but for you I would never have hear of it. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Love Avis

  75. Rodney Clotz

    I’m on a disability pension ( epilepsy , under control nearly )& get 1 free bone density test per year . I’m 58 in March , can get a test then , after a life of alcohol(thru AA been off for 20 yrs ) drugs & bad diet, have certainly diminished acid intake over the past 9 months so will see how I fair .

  76. Loretta

    Am off to a good start: Switched to Distilled h2o, stivia, soy milk, and am working on the 800/20 balance and exercise,as well as trying to help my sister see it can work. The supplements are next for a work over and with the computers help I find what you have to offer. Thank you.

  77. Junko

    Happy New Year, Vivian!
    Thanks a million for your dedication to improving our health and enjoyment of life.
    Keep up the good work.


  78. Margaret Baun

    I will continue to learn and practice good nutrition, and excercise! I will continue to avoid drug therapy and stick to the natural way of health.

    Thank you for all your help in getting me on the right track. God’s Blessings for the New Year.

  79. Elaine Langdon

    Happy New Year , Vivian!!
    I wish you continued good health & thanx for your help, you are such a great person, always helping all of us w/ osteoporosis. “The Bone Health Revolution” is so informative!!
    Thanx again……………..

  80. Chloa

    Hi Vivian,
    I look forward to your e-mail. I’m still learning about which foods to, don’t quite know all I should but really want to know more and I thank you for exercise for the hips. Does this also help the spine?
    Hope you have a happy new year and good health.
    Bless you.

  81. Mildred Johnson






  82. Suzanne Cranston

    i got the hours for the rink- I’m going skating-haven’t been in years(watch out gluts and quads)- and maybe I’ll learn to salsa!
    and thank-you Delina- it’s never too late to become what you might have been!

  83. olga corry

    Happy New Year Vivian.Thanks for all the great advice in 2009.I plan to keep on following it in 2010.Always a pleasure to hear from you.I am getting stronger each day as I recover from my hip replacement surgery.I believe eating all those lovely fruits and vegetables has really helped my recovery.

  84. Joy

    I to am grateful for the advise you offer I have been following the 80/20 programme since May 2009. I am due for a Dexa Scan later this month and am anxious to see the an improvement. I have sent several questions and as yet no response, because I live in Australia I fee isolated as there seems to be no one here that I can talk to when I have a question

  85. Mary Geraets

    Thanks, Vivien, for your sharing of research to help us have strong bones and good health. I really appreciate your care.


    Happy new decade too you Vivian,
    As you know the only drugs I use is Warfrin it is used too thin the blood & stops blood clots from forming. Although I’m not an Osteoperoses
    sufferer. You poor People who suffer from this
    shocking desease.Please be guided by Vivian’s
    expetise & you will stay well!

    Regards Bob Carroll Australia.

  87. Helen Schulman

    I just read the article from the NY Times on Low-Acid Diet for Bone Health. Wow! That is very enlightening. I have a friend who sells “Kangen” water machines that turn ones filtered water into alkaline water and I was debating whether this is good to do. It is expensive, so I’m looking for better ways to alkalinize. Besides eating fruits and vegetables, which I do, any good suggestions? Someone did suggest to me taking one of those green supplements. What do you think?

    • Marianne Barry

      I have been using a Reverse Osmosis system, which is way less expensive. The water tests a perfect PH with litmus paper.

  88. Deb

    Hoping to eat more veggies and follow vivian’s diet more closely in 2010, and continue to resist drug therapy as I’ve been doing (to my doctor’s dismay). May everyone have a healthy, fracture-free New Year!

  89. Karen

    Vivian, I must share this exciting event that happened to me just last week. I am 67 years old and had colon cancer in 2006. With the radiation and cemo my bone looked like swiss cheese at the spot near the place where I had cancer. I had two hairline fractures in the lower vertbrae and the doctor put me on alendronate. After a year of that I did not feel good an d was sore in my joints. I found your website and began following your suggestions on diet and stopped the drugs.
    Last week I was out on the driveway shoveling snow and fell backwards on my back. Immediately, I thought I must be in for it. However, I didn’t feel any pain so I turned over, got up and walked around. I was OK!
    No soreness of muscles and no pain the next day! If I had been on the drugs, I know I would have broke a bone or fractured My vertibrae. I really believe because of eating the right foods, I had given my bones a chance to restore them selves. I don’t recommend falling to discover this, but I am grateful for following your diet and giving my bones renewed strenght. Karen

  90. Lali

    Just had a bone density test. My score look to be -5.8 but I am waiting for the official results. I am only 58, so I am very concerned…just starting to investigate my options but am taking calcium d3 k2 with other apprpriate minerals and getting more exercise and I have a new love of green veggies. Happy 2010. I wish everyone peace of mind good health and an open heart to receive all the love spirit offers…

  91. Elaine

    Thanks for keeping us informed of Bone Health- related information. Much appreciated! Inspired by the knowledge you’ve shared, I plan to continue using proper diet and exercise to enhance my bone density until I am free from “osteoporosis”.
    Thanks for your great work! Wish you a healthy and prosperous 2010!!

  92. Joan Jenrich

    Thanks, your advice is very helpful.

  93. goga

    I will try to be more active and eat more vegetables .I love fruit and sweet way too much
    (I don’t know how I am 120 lb).Still waiting for
    package I ordered.Happy New 2010 year and thank you for what you are doing. Gordana 🙂

  94. Delina

    Thanks sooo much for sharing this post and youtube video! 🙂

    My brother is faithful to remind me…

    “It’s never to late to become what you might have been.”


  95. Beeble8

    Six months ago the Doctor told me I have ostopenia, which made me quite frantic and her angry because I did not want any of the prescriptions that she wanted to geive me.
    I have increased my weight lifting, walking up to 2 miles per day with my dog, and eating healthier food that is more on the alkaline side like lots of fruit and veggies as I am a vegetarian. Happy New Year to you and thank you for such positive writings for us to read. It has helped me a lot.Am taking Vit.D3, calcium and magnesium x3 times a day. Feel a lot stronger now.

  96. Carol Cook

    I plan to continue trying my best to eat properly and get plenty of exercise in 2010.

  97. Celestina Marie

    Hi Vivian,
    Happy New Year and thank you for all the info this past year for better bone health. I plan to continue with natural and drug free solutions for stronger bones that reflect in better bone density.
    Looking forward to more of your articles that help us all make informed daily decisions.
    Blessings for a great year ahead.
    Celestina Marie

    • Florence Iovene

      A good friend told me about Vivian and the good work she is doing. I have always been a very active person. Aerobics 3 times a week,walk 3 miles a day, but now I have allergies & breathing problems. I look forward to the letters I receive from Vivian.
      Keep up the good work!

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