ALERT: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects - Save Our Bones

US consumer advocacy groups are up in arms. New and devastating Reclast side effects led these groups to demand that new warnings be placed on the drug's label.

As I wrote in my Reclast review, the most commonly reported Reclast side effects are fever, muscle, joint and bone pain, flu-like symptoms, and fever. And I also explain how it can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw and its horrific consequences.

But these pale in comparison to the new concern.

Read the full story below:

03/10/2011 | TRUMAN LEWIS |

Does Canada care more about its citizens' health than the U.S.? It sometimes looks that way.

The consumer group Public Citizen wants the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to do what Canada apparently did five months ago – tell Novartis to warn physicians and consumers about a dangerous link between a widely-used osteoporosis drug and serious renal toxicity, which can result in death.

In a letter to the FDA, Public Citizen's Health Research Group said the Canadian government reacted after learning of 265 cases of serious kidney impairment in patients using Aclasta (zoledronic acid). The drug is called Reclast in the U.S. and is identical to the Canadian version.

Five months later, the FDA has done nothing, said Public Citizen's Sidney Wolfe, M.D., in a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed to take … action requiring Novartis to alert physicians and patients in the United States about the growing evidence linking Reclast to this serious, life-threatening adverse event,” Wolfe said. “We therefore urge the FDA to immediately require that Novartis issue a similar “Dear Doctor Letter” to all physicians in the U.S.”

Reclast is given once a year for treatment of osteoporosis in men and postmeopausal women and once every two years for prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Wolfe noted that more than one million infusions of Aclasta had been administered worldwide as of October 2010. The 265 cases of renal impairment reported in Canada corresponds to a rate of about 20 cases per 100,000 patient-years of exposure. The FDA estimates that no more than 10 percent of adverse drug reactions are reported.

“Clearly, the current warnings and precautions in the FDA-approved label for Reclast about the risk of renal impairment are not sufficient for making physicians adequately aware of this serious, life-threatening renal toxicity associated with Reclast, the very reason that the Canadian government convinced the company to initiate the additional warnings,” Wolfe said..

Source: Consumer Affairs

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  1. Joan E Lynch

    I started getting sick after receiving a infusion of Reclast (age 80) in 2012. It started with flu like symptoms with shortness of breath that never left me me for almost a year. I started feeling better but did not go back on Reclast as I was afraid. However, a year and a half later, I got a compression fracture in my back so I thought I should go back on something. My doctor recommended Prolia. After two shot my shortness of breath returned. I stopped the Prolia but I guess the damage had been done. I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2018. This is a 0.1% rare reaction. Do not take these drugs you do not know what will come in the future.

  2. Bob Steinmetz

    I’ve probably experienced every symptom other people have mentioned. I received my reclassify in 2007 for Paget’s Disease. Now when my body get’s really bad if dogs lick my skin they have seizures and on occasion when visiting shut ins they have called me to tell me they got so sick “they thought they were going to die”. No physical contact involved but heavy sweating precluded the visit.

  3. V Walker

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Already had osteoporosis and now on cancer meds that make it worse. T score is minus 3.4.
    I get Reclast every year. I fact, I get it tomorrow. I walk 5 miles every day. I make sure that I am taking 1200mg of calcium daily and 800mg vitamin D. I hydrate well before the IV and continue to do so for days after. I also have the nurse infuse it over 1 hour. I have never had any problems with Reclast.

  4. janet orseno

    I had two or three reclast infusions in the past 3 years. I have been having severe fatigue the past 2 years and for over a year experiencing weird, deep bone pain in my shin bones. Been to numerous doctors and they just dismiss me like I am nuts. I am so discouraged. Would just like an answer since I worry my mother died from osteosarcoma. I just want to know if this is a side effect and if it will get better because it seems to be getting worse.

    • Gail Lansford

      You are not nuts. I had one infusion of Reclast in August, 2013, and within three weeks I was leaking protein in the urine and started getting extreme bone and/or muscle pain. These are not like regular muscle cramps. Here I am 6 years later, on an immune suppressant (cellcept) for the rest of my life, which has its own problems. I never had a kidney problem in my life. I would strongly suggest you test for protein in the urine tested (there are no symptoms). I had only one infusion and the damage was verified by kidney biopsy (IgA nephropothy). From my point of view it is an immune system disorder. My body responded to the drug by dumping IgA immunoglobulins throughput my body and the kidneys cannot filter them, which causes scarring in the kidneys. Basically kidney failure if not caught. I have other drug allergies. My primary doctor also did not check for creatinine clearance before the infusion. The damage from this drug is real – if you are one of the unlucky ones/ and the damage is permanent.

    • Gluten Free Diet

      I had many years of mysterious symptoms. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. In 2008, I went on a gluten free diet. My MS symptoms lessened within days, not to return 10 years later. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in 2005. I had horrible side effects to Fosamax. In 2008, the doctor wanted my to take Reclast. I refused thinking that it would kill me. She told me to leave the office! How much of a kick back do you think she was going to get? The gluten free diet also helped with my bone density. I also have Celiac disease, which is the ROOT of all my problems. That’s why the gluten free diet helped with everything. NO DRUGS…NOT SIDE EFFECTS. Food is medicine!

  5. Sally

    Have been suffering from constant pain in my hands, right elbow and knees since taking Aclasta (Reclast) in August 2017. Does anyone have any idea how long this pain is likely to continue? I would never have that treatment again. I have oestoepenia but believe the odd break would be less debilitating than constant pain. I live in NZ. They tell me that no one else has had the side effects I have had but from this blog I see it’s very common. Shame on the medical community. I also have some fatigue and my eyes get quite sore and scatchy at times. Recently I have started to feel itchy at times but that doesn’t last long. Anyone know how long it takes for the body to get rid of this poison?

    • Elizabeth

      My Dr said only 10% have side effects from Reclast but from what I’ve been through and read from others, I believe it is much higher. My infusion was in Oct. 2018. I feel worse now than I ever did. My knee hurts constantly and I get easily confused. I would not recommend nor will I have this infusion again. Drs. are not upfront about the side effects.

      • CLVirginia

        I had my first reclast infusion 10/30/18, within 24 hours I had flu like symptoms for 8 days! I am 48 years old and go to the gym for strength training 3 times a week since Feb 2018. Since the infusion, I have gained 12lbs! Despite my continued dedication to diet and exercise. My hip bones constantly hurt and now my bottom jaw hurts so badly I can’t even chew on that side. Of course the my doctor says my weight gain is “probably” not related and that my hips “probably” hurt from all my time at the gym.. so in other words, totally dismissing the fact that I had none of these problems before receiving the infusion. Has anyone had success in losing the weight they gain? Who can help with the jaw pain? And does anyone who has taken the reclast and no longer taking it know how long it takes to get out of your system?

        • Gail Lansford

          My damage is permanent after one infusion 6 years ago. igA nephropothy diagnosed by biopsy. Muscle/bone pain now comes in spurts but still comes. Horrendous pain unlike regular muscle cramps. Protein in urine immediately after infusion. Now on immune suppressants for the rest of my life. Absolutely ZERO kidney problems before infusion. Get the protein in your urine checked- like immediately. If it is abnormal get to a nephrologist. Mine was doubling every few weeks- with no symptoms. Most people present with kidney failure before they have symptoms. Your doctor sounds like my primary care doctor- pretty much useless- because they don’t want to believe what you are telling them (liability). The damage is real, and this drug should only be prescribed to people who have had multiple fractures and/or bone cancer. There are also defined guidelines which the doctor should test you for before giving it to you (creatinine level, etc).

  6. Fern Porras

    I had the Reclast infusion on 9/12/2018. Within 1/2 hour of finishing it, a wave of extreme fatigue overcame me. I rode a bus home, and by the time I got to my stop, I had a hard time getting out of my seat to get off the bus. I was dizzy, confused and unsteady on my feet. For the next couple of hours, I wandered around, unable to figure out how to get home. A stranger helped me find my home, and once inside, I immediately went to bed. I woke up three hours later with violent chills and fever. In the next three days, I developed hip pain, stiff neck, and rashes on both lower legs. My hands swelled to the point I could not use then, and they were extremely painful. I developed viral conjunctivitis in my rught eye, but the PA at my doctor’s iffice assured me that was not a side effect. It most certainly is on the list. It has been a week since the infusion, and my legs are both swollen and painful along the veins. Tonight my left eye is very blurry and itchy, and I believe the viral conjunctivitis has infected it also. I feel as though I have aged ten years since I received the infusion, and I had no prior knowledge of the kinds of reactions that could result. Tomorrow I am going back to my doctor’s office for the 4th time since 9/12/2018 because of the lingering side effects. I will never have the infusion again, and maybe not the oral medication either.

    • Carol

      I am reading side affects and am so afraid to have this treatment. My Dr said nothing about side effects I was diagnosed with mild Paget’s disease I am 69 yrs old

      • Jolene Smith

        Don’t do it….my sister had it done and she is in tears from the pain in her jaws. She had a root canal done on her back tooth thinking that would help…$2000. now she wants that took pulled….$500. on Tues. She lost a lot of weight because of the pain and can’t eat. Dr.’s have been told about reclast and they ignore her pleas for help. I can not believe people are still receiving this stuff….it should be banned and the company sued.

      • Elaine

        My Doctor has pressured me to do the reclast, but I am refusing to do it. ALSO, I found a website that tells how much money the manufacturer of this Drug is giving to doctors to promote and pressure people to take the shot. I have done plenty of research and found that Bovine Colostrum will grow NEW bone in humans, and I know this to be the Truth; because new born babies live off of their mother’s milk for one year and sometimes two years. If a new mother’s milk will do this for babies, why can’t Bovine Colostrum do the same thing for humans.
        Also, Reclast does not grow new bone, it is suppose to repair bone, but from all of my research, it does more harm than it could ever do good. I will probably have to change doctors, but “it is what it is”. I have been taking the Bovine Powder for about six months now, and I am no longer having hip pain.

  7. Linda Gillespie

    I had Reclast and in three days my neck was stiff and I could barely turn my head without pain. It’s been five days and it’s no better. My doctor says he doesn’t think it’s the Reclast but I’m sure it is. Nothing seems to help the pain.

    • Harriet

      I was scheduled to get a Reclast infusion tomorrow, so I decided to type in reviews on Reclast. Am I so glad I did. I immediately cancelled my appointment.i noticed there are many more people with terrible side effects than there are people who came out ok. The nurse at the infusion center said her Dr. wanted her to get the infusion, but she is concerned and won’t get it done yet because she feels going to listen to my mind, not the doctor.
      So sorry for everyone that has taken this drug and has all these nasty symptoms.

      • Cindy

        About a month ago my doctor scheduled me a appointment with oncology for what she said was a once or twice a year infusion. Never said the name. When I got there they took me to a chair and hooked me up. I asked about side effects and they said none. Looks like a little bottle of water. 5 day’s later ended up in er when I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I trusted her. In a follow-up from the er she said that it happens with research drug’s. What does that mean?


    I wish someone had told me about the serious side effects reclast can cause
    before I agreed taking it . Never assume something is safe just because your
    doctor tells you to take it . I just had the infusion and feel like I have the flu. Alot
    of body pain and a popping sound in some joints and pain at the same spot. I am so afraid how long this will continue and what else it will cause.

  9. Kathleen

    I took the infusion of Reclast about 2 months ago and my body hurts worse now than before, especially my hands and all my joints. Now I’m starting to get headaches and jaw pain with this. I had the Reclast in the morning and by that nigh I thought I was dying, slight temp, body aches, muscle and joint pain, could hardly move or even sit up. This lasted for about 3 days and now it feels like I have a light case of this feeling everyday and I don’t like it at all. So when it comes next March 2019 for me to take it again, so sorry but not this gal. Every person is different that takes this med….

    • Mandy

      I had it April 2nd; actually nurse tried talking me out of it since I had reaction to fosomax. I had every side affect there was; ran fever; and still have joint pain everyday. I will never take this again

      • Beverly Coleman

        I thought I was going to die the first 3 months.Also feel like there’s things under my skin.And lots of brown spots on my arms .My neuropathy in my feet got so bad I have been to the foot Dr twice horrible pain.Never take it again

  10. Bridget

    Contact Dr. Iyabiye for HEPATITIS B, C cure if you are a victim through: iyabiyehealinghome (@) +2348072229413

  11. Nan Kivi

    Had Reclast injection 12/21/2017. Two days of severe breathing pain, could not bend forward, lift anything, every breath hurt. It then went to severe headache on left side where injection was, and severe eye socket pain. This continued for 2 days with double vision and eye socket pain on left side. Doctor said go to ER, I did and they admitted me another 2 days. Ran all tests and decided it was Cellulite injection, but I know it was side effect from Reclast, they could not prove it though, seemed they thought so too. I had no elevation of white blood cells, no pain in the redness itself around my eye, just way deep in the eye socket. Never take this again. Still had morning confusion and headache. slight eye pain.

  12. Linda

    There are so many law suits with the Reclast and so many people are sick from it why is it still being used?

  13. Erika Walid

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  14. Rebecca

    I had Reclast in 2015,2016 and next month will be time for another one.But, after reading everyone’s story I realized I too have a lot of the same issues w/the bones n bad pains in muscles,pain in Jaw,Jaw popping when I eat.

  15. Diana Loose

    I had a reclast injection August 17, 2016. Several hours later I was in horrific pain throughout my whole body! I was so weak, dizzy it was awful. I could literally not get out of bed to use the restroom. To this day I have serious joint and muscle aches fatigue and lots of other side effects. The worst one is the lower back pain. This injection was suppose to help me but I feel made my life so much worse. I am doing better now but it has taken a year out of my life! They want to give me another infusion soon and I absolutely will not! I think it does more harm than good.

    • Linda

      I had the infusion 12/9/2016 and have not been right since. Constant pain in my neck, shoulders, arms hands and now hips. The VA wants me to continue to take Prednisone and I don’t want to because that only hurts my bones more and takes away from my strength. I will NEVER take anything like this again. And I just want someone to give me something to take away the pain I am in 24 hrs a day

  16. Mary

    June, 2012 I received my third and final injection of Reclast. This drug has destroyed my life. I live with daily bone pain and have gone through major eye surgery because of this drug. It has been 5 years…will it ever go away?

    • Gail Lansford

      Mine has not gone away. One infusion 6 years aago- permanent damage. One step away from total kidney failure. Immune suppressants for the rest of my life.

    • Syed Ali Raza

      Hi, Mary, sorry to know about your condition and wishing you quick recovery.

      My mother took aclasta for 3 consecutive years. After taking medicine she used to have fever and little pain but she was fine. Last year she didn’t take the medicine and now she is complaining a lot about pain in back and in legs.

      So now, I am confused and thinking to start aclasta again – can you please guide – shall I start and who can better guide in this scenario.

      Thanks and take care!

    • Debbie

      Hi Mary, I can so sympathize with you! I took Reclast 5 weeks ago after a hip op and it has nearly killed me. It’s been worse than any chemo I ever had for breast cancer and I wish I had never taken it. Also having big eye problems, all I can pray is that it will get out of my system quickly and the side effects will settle down. How they can give you a drug that stays in your system for so long is unbelievable, what happens if you have a severe reaction, it’s not like you can just stop it!

      • Gail Lansford

        It never leaves your system.

      • Mary

        Thank you Reclast,

        I have taken Reclast for four years. I had an a typicle femur fracture which in the end became a complete femur fracture. Drs say it was from taking Reclast.

        This happened January 20, 2019 and I am still on toe touch as of April 6, 2019

        I was totally unaware that is is a side effect.

  17. dailyclip

    Regardless of whether a film is a spoiled tomato or a splendid show-stopper, if individuals are watching it, it merits scrutinizing.

  18. Joanne B

    June 20, 2017. Had reclast at 1:00pm. Woke up at 6:00pm with pain, temperature of 102 degrees. Pain so bad I could not get out of bed, had to call my daughter to help me, the manager had to unlock my door because I could not get up, CHILLS and blood pressure went real low. Daughter called 911 they took me to the hospital and pumped me full of steroids because of the reaction, this horrible medication is in my body for a year, still having pain. I want this reclast to be out of my body. What to do?

    • Rita Cartier

      I am a 57 year old woman who received the reclasp infusion on 11/8/17. I have a history of osteoporosis & fractured my back this past summer. I have already tried the shot form of treatments a number of years ago. Because of digestive issues I am unable to do the pill form of treatment. I received the infusion in the morning & by late afternoon early evening I was beginning to ache. My wrists & forearms especially were bad. I wasn’t to concerned because I was told that could be a side effect. However at around 1 am I was woke up to severe abdominal pain, rib, hip, & back pain making it difficult to even taken in a decent breath!! Those symptoms I was not told about. I wish I had know of this site before the infusion. Or thought to check this medication out a little deeper before agreeing to the infusion. I had an uneasy feeling about the medication the whole time & didn’t go with my gut! Now I’m paying for it!

  19. Sharlene MacLaren

    People, do NOT get the RECLAST INFUSION! My best friend got the infusion in the middle of April (2017). She was fine that evening and thought she would be one of the lucky ones that suffered no side effects. BUT…by 2:30 in the morning, she could not move. She had to wake her husband up to ask for help in getting to the bathroom because the joint pain was so excruciating. Now, she is walking with a cane and has seen NO IMPROVEMENT in her symptoms and it is 7 weeks later. She has had at least 20 viles of blood taken from her for tests, she’s had muscle and nerve tests done, she’s had an MRI and CT scan, and this week she will be paying her second visit to the neurologist and also seeing a rheumatologist. Her balance is way off, and now the doctors are thinking the Reclast may have caused severe nerve damage. She is in the middle of a nightmare right now, and she can’t wake up. This is a woman (turning 60 next month) who has always been active, walks, exercises, loves to bake, and rides her bike everywhere. Now, all she can do is sit in her chair and watch TV or read. She is beside herself with angst over this development. All because of RECLAST! Today she said she would’ve rather had osteoporosis than this. Doctors see no end in sight. They have no timeline and can’t even guarantee she will ever return to normal.


    • Camille Jones

      Is your friend still experiencing these symptoms? My mother in law has experienced the same as you described. It is horrible! She was still working as a beautician up on her feet 10 plus hours a day and very independent. After recast she needs a walker to even get around her home. She has severe neuropathy and cannot sleep more than a couple of hours due to severe pain and spasms. I hate seeing her so pitiful! Has anything helped?

      • Peggy Lesson

        I took my first infusion of reclast in Oct. of 2014. I had no problems. The next year after my next infusion on my birthday (what a horrible present) I had hot sweats, chills & fever, red eye, headache, bone ache, horrible feelings around my elbows, wrists, ankles. It would come in waves. At first at night in the middle of my sleep & sometimes during the day. Sometimes uncontrolled shaking., pain in my back, fear of emminant death,. Went to ER & Dr. They thought I was crazy. One put me on steroids which made me worse. After the first 3 months things gradually got better, but I still wake up with the craziness in my elbows, wrists & ankles. Lately it’s getting worse. DON’T TAKE RECLAST, PLEASE!!! It’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve counted 31 reactions including in my mouth, spots on my tongue, feeling like my theoat is swelling, etc. I’ve worked thru it these past 3 years with exercise, lots of water & lots of prayer. The company who put this on the market & the FDA need to be severely penalized for causing so many of us to be in such horrible shape because of taking a drug that’s almost worse than torture by poisoning!!! Praying for all of us & an antidote also. God be with us. I knew in my heart of hearts before I took it to say NO, NO, NO!!!

    • Joanne Deltener

      I had a Reclast infusion over three weeks ago and am still having side effects from it. Like others, I have the severe aches in my body, morning confusion, fever that now comes and goes every couple of days. 6 hours after the infusion I couldn’t move and my fever shot up to over 102 degrees. I have continued to have migraine headaches for days. I wish I had never touched this drug. I don’t know how to get this poison out of my body. Please, don’t let your doctor talk you into having this medication!

  20. Cindi

    Against my Advice, my husband had a Reclast infusion 3 posted 4 mths back. He was already in A-fib. Now A-fib is worse. Loose tooth came, with accurate jaw pain 2 weeks ago. He had tooth extraction, Jaw pain is worse. He’s also APHA-1, COPD part of Alpha1, it eats up body fat. Now he’s having trouble esting. I just got him up to 180, he’s 6’6″ 1/2. Doc EP, wants to put him on a med, while admitted to hospital for Afib.
    He has a dental appt for his jaw this week.
    I feel this Jaw, Pain, needs to be addressed by someone better, than a dentist.
    Like we can a ford any of this. Any suggestions are more than Welcomed. I’m at my wits end, adult son is a Stroke survivor, with major heart problems. Enough is Enough.
    Thank you for this Board

    • Martha Clarke

      I had intravenous Aclasta 5 consecutive years. 3 years ago I had a spontaneous fracture of the roots of two molars, when consulting 2 dentist surgeons for the extraction, they told me that because of the Aclasta in my body, which will stay there until I die, the extraction will produce “necrosis maxillary”, which should be avoided. A university professor of dentistry at University hospital have done special treatment and the molars are there.

      • Laurie Vaughn

        Hi Martha,
        I’m having the same problem that you’ve described. Would you please refer me to your University dentist who performed special treatment? You may call or text me at 754 234 6258.
        Thank you so much,
        Laurie Vaughn

  21. Connie K

    I wish I had found this thread before agreeing to the Recalst infusion. It was the worst health decision I have ever made. My doctor told me the side effects were negligible compared to the risk of fracture, even though my bone density score was borderline for osteoporosis – not even severe. But when I asked her what would happen if I didn’t do it, she said, “Heaven forbid you should fall” which was enough to scare me into it.

    Please note that I am a very healthy, strong, and active 64 year old woman with no pre-existing conditions.

    When I first came home, I felt fine so I thought it went well. By that night I started having severe side effects which lasted over a week and am still suffering 2 weeks later. The”mild flu-like symptoms” I read about were anything but mild. I have never had a flu like this in my life. Symptoms included: Dark, almost brown urine and pain in my kidneys, migraines, nausea, severe abdominal cramps, severe joint and muscle pain, shortness of breath and chest pain, extreme fatigue, chills, night sweats, tingling skin, loss of appetite,

    I didn’t get out of bed for a week. Still struggling. Today, a urine sample showed “something going on with my kidneys” but I am waiting for more detailed lab results. All of the tests to find out what in the world happen are going to cost me a lot of money. I just hope I can get past this and back to walking my dogs and partner – instead of dragging myself around. I am missing out on everything I love.

    I agree with the other sufferers, not worth it at all! My body cried out, “Poison!” and even though they say that the next time the symptoms will not be as severe, I am not willing to take that chance. To my body: “I am listening, and I say NO!”

    • Lindy

      Hi Connie K,
      How are you now?? I do hope you are better! I felt so sorry for you!
      I am 68 and the doc recommended I have the aclasta injection as I was diagnosed with osteoporosis throughout most of my body.
      I fractured two lumbar vertebrae in lifting a heavy object and carrying it a fair way. So, he wasn’t being careless, he asked if I’d considered fosamax first..I had in fact, years ago just started fosamax when a friend warned me against it.
      Now, I am being warned on this site to not have that rotten aclasta too! I will take note of this site and give it to my doctor to read, in the hope he does not prescribe the aclasta to anyone else.

      I feel so sorry for the dear people on this site suffering because of this. I check EVERY thing a doctor prescribes (all contraindications, adverse effects,) and nine out of ten, I refuse their advice on meds.

      • Gail Lansford

        For the first time – in my life- I did not check out this drug before getting the infusion. I took it on my doctors prescription. I am paying for that for the rest of my life. The damage from this drug is permanent. Canada had black box warnings on it. My nephrologist has put this in writing as it pertains to me. I had no issues at all before taking this. I will be in danger of total kidney failure for the rest of my life. This drug should be banned other than if you may be dying anyway. Don’t take it- ever.

    • Debbie

      Hi Connie, so sorry to hear about your experience. How are your kidneys now? I have just had the reclast infusion and I am worried that it has affected my kidneys.

  22. Alex coco

    I am 3 yrs in with Iv reclast .I am one of only 250 documented people in the world with a rare pancreatic cancer. I have no choice but to get reclast.lucky to be alive. Just had my third treatment. Die, die, die! It makes you feel like you should be dead already! Yet, after a few months, I’m no longer breaking bones when I wash dishes, or walking my dog. If you don’t have a life threatening condition, I do not recommend. However, if you should be dead already and are lucky to be alive, you may have no choice. Why anyone would choose a deadly treatment and then complain, I’ll never understand. It’s no joke,and it’s the furthest thing from a quick fix. Do your research. …it’s called Google.

    • Shannonlyn

      Alex coco, that’s crap. People take this wretched poison bc they trust their drs to tell them what is suitable for their specific problems. I’m no stranger to cancer, RA, and many other serious health problems, but when my dr said I had the bones of a 98 yo woman at 48, and needed Reclast, I took it. Now I cannot function. I have every symptom on the list. No one believes that I’m in this much pain. The ambulance driver and ER staff treated me like dirt. My dr said he’d never heard of such a reaction as mine, but when I was able to finally sit up, I searched the internet and have found hundreds and hundreds of bad reactions and even deaths nc of this medication. The fault does NOT LIE W THE PATIENT BUT W THE PRESCRIBING DRS AND THE COMPANY THAT DISTRIBUTES THIS POISON. I truly believe I will be dead inside of a year, and for what? To avoid the possibility of a broken bone? You are out of line putting that on the patient.

      • Marguerite

        Shannonlyn: I could not have said it better then you !
        I just finished another round of chemo and still recovering.

        However, this Reclast is the worse ever exprienced, and I have exprienced lots…….

      • Mary Overgard

        First of all I want to say how sorry I am for all of you and me too
        I unfortunately wasn’t in good health (I’ve had 3 strokes,2 caused by Docter’s but this tops it I thought I couldn’t be in more pain than I was already from not being able to walk, boy was I wrong!, my teeth hurt so bad it’s not even worth eating although cuz of the nauseating pain I’m in I don’t want to eat What happened that I trusted my Docter?, they all must get a cut to push it!! Well I think we should start a class action against this I had “Reclast” a few months ago and I feel like a Zombie, how can they get away with this????, I’m glad I ran across this site I thought I was going crazy, I don’t know if I even have the stength anymore, Mary

    • Bonnie collins

      My doctor wants to start my infusion soon because of my bone density test showed my bones are bad,after reading the results some of you people have,i doubt ill have any infusion

      • Kari

        Don’t get the infusion!!! Received my infusion 3 weeks ago and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. My varicose vein burst in my leg, I have had sudden hives throughout my body.
        , aches and pains worse than before the infusion. I’m 55 yrs old and I have seen the doctor more in a few weeks than a whole year.

      • Gracie

        Dear Peggy Fong,
        I feel your pain about the prednisone. I also was put on prednisone by a very bad neurologist. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called CIDP. I went undiagnosed for 15yrs. This neurologist who did finally diagnosed me unfortunately did not explain all of my treatment options to me. She could have treated me with an IVIG treatment, made with human plasma-with virtually no side effects. Instead she asked me if I was ready to “bombard” my body with prednisone. She promised it would reverse my condition and I wouldn’t be on it long enough to harm me. I was totally ignorant, just desperate because the CIDP (which causes extreme nerve damage and weakness, numbness in the limbs,feet and hands, and is incurable and progressive although treatable) She started me on 60mgs and said i would be on for 6wks then taper. HAH! She missed several app’ts. and never left instructions to decrease my dose. Long story, short– I ended up being on for 1year. I had all of the most RARE side effects a person can have, like weight loss, vomiting, extreme weakness and flopping over at the waist (cannot keep body erect in a standing position,etc.) Apparently this doctor had never encountered these rarest of symptoms and sent me to many specialists trying to find out what was wrong with me. Most of the time I just lay in my bed half alive. Anyway towards the end of the year she took me off the prednisone too rapidly and caused me to go into adrenal shutdown and was so near death. But this is not about the horrible drug prednisone. This is about Reclast. My bones had been so destroyed by the prednisone that I broke the front of my tibia, fibula,and pulverized my ankle joint so severely that I required an Ankle Fusion Surgery; and that all was caused by just doing an ankle stretch. I had then been prescribed Fosemax and then switched to Boniva (both oral) and after close to 3 yrs, there was absolutely no improvement. I then had to wait 6mos. for an appointment with an endocrinologist who was, at first ,not at all convinced it was the prednisone that damaged my bones,maybe because I had just turned 60yrs. old??? Or because doctors never want to admit the another doctor could be so irresponsible. Anyway I said to her that I hope she didn’t mind being wrong. I don’t think she liked that remark, however, after all the tests were done and analyzed, she had to admit that the severe osteoporosis WAS indeed due to the prednisone. So now I can tell you the reason I am writing a reply to you. The endocrinologist I was just telling you about recommended the Reclast infusion. I must digress and inform you that after just a few months on the prednisone I had become so weak I was barely able to walk anymore. This was also partially due to the advanced condition of the CIDP having gone so long without diagnosis and proper treatment suitable for me. Soon after, the prednisone made me so ill that I became bed bound. It has been 5 years and i am still bed bound. I am desperate to get out of this bed and out of this room and out of this house. I live in a walkup apartment building and cannot go out without the EMT’s carrying me down and up the steps and only for medical appointments. I am trying to relearn how to walk. It’s so difficult and incredibly painful as I have bone on bone osteoarthritis in my knees, left shoulder, other joints, and both my hips are prosthetic (before prednisone). So as you see I am a mess! The endocrinologist who recommended the Reclast did explain there might be some side effects , similar to the flu. I was o.k. with that because of all the hell I been through in recent years. So, January 3rd 2018, I had my infusion of Reclast. It took only a half an hour. I must tell you that I did not experience any discomfort or illness or side effects. Granted, it was almost a year ago so I don’t recall exactly, however I DO know that if I had any serious side effects or sickness due to the Reclast, I would have remembered. As a matter of fact I am going for my second Reclast infusion this upcoming January. I hope all goes well ,and the same day I will also have another bone density scan and see if there is any improvement since last year’s infusion, my first one. I am lucky that I have no bad experiences with Reclast. I am blessed by this because I need to get well and resume my life. I will never be the same after the prednisone and it’s so sad because if I had been started on the IVIG infusions right away instead of the prednisone, none of this tragedy would have befallen me. I am happy to say that I been on the IVIG for a little over 3 yrs now and I am actually am improving from the CIDP neuropathy. Now I just have to pray to the Universe for the healing of my bones. So Peggy, not all people have horrific experiences with Reclast. Maybe you should think twice about refusing it. It’s an option to consider. Whatever you decide,I wish you much Luck, Light, Love and Laughter!

      • Peggy Fong

        I’m glad l read this before my appt next week to do this. I’m going to cancel it. I’m recovering from 3 spinal fractures, and I have RA & Pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in 90% of my lungs. There’s also stone in my. Left kidney. My vision is lowered because of the scarring.
        I used to be fine until a year of (20mg) of Prednisone rotted my bones, but l needed it to breathe (along with my portable oxygen).
        Anyway, the side effects sounds so awful that l guess I’ll have to break more bones!!!

      • Lyn de Perlaky

        I had it a month ago. Am fine except
        Fatigue. Drink loads of water day before and day of infusion and day after. Also ask for it over 45 min rather than 15

  23. Mama C

    I have Addison’s Disease, Polyglandular Autoimmune Disease, Hashimoto’s, and Osteoporosis. I’ve done several pill form treatments and have a lot of bad drug reactions. I’m scared to death to do the Reclast Infusion!!! There is no antidote to counter react the symptoms. I’ve talked to others with Addison’s who have had debilitating reactions to this medication. No thank you!!!

    • Gluten Free Diet

      Thank you for all the feedback on Reclast. My doctor suggested that I take this drug. However, I had horrible side effects when I took Fosamax. Why should I risk a stronger drug. She also lied to me about my test results in order to convince me to take the drug. How much kick back was she getting?

      I have MS and severe osteoporosis. I have improved my bones and my MS symptoms by a gluten free diet. NO DRUGS…NO SIDE EFFECTS FOR ME!!

  24. Patti

    I had reclast in Oct 2016and one week later ended up in the icu with angioedema. After 2 days of treatment I was released. I now have bone pain thruout my body but especially having issues with my right foot/heel and right elbow. These 2 places are new pain and not getting any better. My rheumatologist suggests I see an orthopedic and when I called, they all specialize in one area so I actually have to go to one for my foot and another for my elbow!

    • Susan

      I wanted to thank you all for the information. I have always been a healthy person and then began have problems with my teeth developing cracks, had to have 2 pulled while the dentist is trying to save the others by placing caps on them. Then I began having pain in my right hip, running down my leg, then felt a muscle tear in my right shoulder with pain increasing each month, then having the pain run down my arms, then developing muscle pain in my right leg, behind by knee, know have pain in my back running up my neck. My physician feels it because of my age, late 50’s. That is unacceptable, I’ve always been healthy and active. Now i am miserable and could not figure out why. I’ve had my second reclast therapy around 10 months ago. That has to be why I am so uncomfortable and in pain. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in months because of all the discomfort, including rapids heart rate for no good reason. I am trying to get by with taking mega doses of ibuprofen 3x times a day but that only dulls the pain. I now know I am not losing my mind and will not be going for anymore treatments. I cannot thank you all enough for sharing. I’ve never done this before but needed to provide you reinforcement. It’s a shame big money wins over human life.

      • Virginia

        Susan, I am serious when I say I am glad you realize you were/are not crazy. For years I complained of severe jaw pain. After almost four years, I was essentially written off as a crazy lady. I wasn’t. I now have bilateral artificial jaw joints. It wasn’t due to Reckast or similar. I tell you this 1) so you keep fighting/stand up for yourself! and 2) no way in hell will I ever go near these drugs! NO way!

  25. Lisa C.

    I had flu like symptoms for 2 days. Had elbow pain, burning, tingling through forearm and into hand for 2 days. Woke me early 2 days in a row. Extreme fatigue too. I’m hoping side effects taper off soon.

    • Susanne Heiberg

      I am from Denmark . I had Reclasta the 29 of August 2016. Two days after I had pain and burning feelings in both of my elbows and a swollen bump in the left elbow joint. Further then my fingers on both of my hands were swollen, painful.
      After two weeks I called the hospital and spoke to a nurse and she told me it’s not normal to have the symptoms more than 4 days. She told me to contact my doktor , she thought I had arthritis ( I have never had that before). I went to my doctor and she send me to a rheumatologist at the hospital and I got a lot of blodtest. They were all normals. The conclusion : side effects from Aclasta.
      Now 5 months after I still have pains daily in my fingers and elbows and sometimes burning feelings. The first of December I got three lumbs on my left leg, they are not sore, but they are still there. I haven’t been to my doctor yet. I still hope it will disappear. I hope the best for you.
      Susanne H.

      • judith ferrell


  26. Chris

    Fosamax destroyed my stomach, so the doctor prescribed a Reclast IV infusion. I reluctantly agreed, and almost died later that night. The bone pain was so severe, I could not expand my lungs to breathe because my rib age and back hurt so much, and nearly suffocated to death because I was unable to pull in enough oxygen and too weak to move. My fever was 105, and I have never smelt that sick in my life. That was 5 years ago and I have not fully recovered. I now have hair loss, unexplained itching on my arms with no visible rash, and chronic pain in my neck, hips and excruciating jaw pain which I did not have prior to the treatment. I am petite … 5′ tall and 100 lbs, yet they gave the same dose to me that they would give to someone 3x my size because they said size and body weight don’t affect dosage. Please don’t take this drug. It ruined my life.

  27. Neha sharma

    My mother used aclasta last evening but today at 4pm she is shivering and feeling heavy cold. Is it adverse effect. What to do.Please reply fast.

    • Cindy

      My 79 yea old mother had the infusion 3 days ago and now she has the flu symptoms!! She is miserable. She just got over the real flu!! How long can we expect this to last?

      • Tamara Figge

        Flu like symptoms last 48 hours. Just had it and it took that long. Hope she feels better soon!

        • Linda

          That happened to me and I waited 3 days before I went to the ER and found out I was severely dehydrated, 102 fever and BP of 90/40. I could barely move. GET YOUR MOTHER TO THE ER NOW.

  28. Leticia

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article, it is helping towsand of woman we already have this poison in our bodies.
    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2006, I take Fosamax for two years and had problems with my stomach, also take Bonita for a short time and gave me stomach pain, then my Dr. recomended Reclast one infusion a year for tree years.
    What a mistake, since then I have been suffering from rashes, back pain, burning in my feet and more…..
    I aks my self when all this side effects going away from my body? Let’s pray for each other and maybe one day our síntomas goes away.
    Mather nature has the best medicine on earth.
    Thanks again.

    • I have had a rash on my back and sides of my face since dealing with this crappy reclast Benn going crazy w it. When does it stop?? All this is doing is horrible. Hate it!!!!

      I have had a rash on my back and neck ever since I’ve had this crap reclast. It’s horrible What do you do about this severe rash and itch that it produces!!!

      • June Bailey

        I had reclasp 2 years ago and am still having bone and muscle pains. doctors have no idea why it won’t go away, stay away from reclasp, it is deadly, anyone have the same experience or know something that will help?

        • Geneva

          Hi June,

          I took the Reclast infusion February 2016 and my health has declined dramatically since. I had my suspicions that several problems were related, but now I feel certain they are. I suffer with excruciating all over body muscle cramps and bone pain. It seems I’m battling trying to keep my magnesium levels up so get yours checked too.

        • judith ferrell


          • Peggy Lesson

            Judith, I had my second dose of RECLAST in Oct. 2015, and got so bad thought I might die. Never got completely better but now it’s getting worse again. Am scared & yesterday my eye started to bother me. Thought I had something in it. But now think it’s due to the RECLAST. Headed to urgent care this am to see what they think. Discovered I have lesions on my lungs – could that be Recast too.??? Am scared.

          • Lindy

            Judith Ferrell: Yours is probably the worst of all the other terrible side-effects posted on this site! I do feel so much for you!
            How are you now? We are 30th November 2017 and I do hope you are alive!!!
            I will pray for you if you are alive and really press in. I have occasionally had some very powerful answers to prayer to the Lord Jesus over the last 43 years.
            Anyway hon, you have nothing to lose.
            Please let me (us) know how you are doing, I am so concerned for you.

  29. Kathleen lorah

    I had the poison put into my vein 4 weeks ago and my jaw is killing me and my face is all swollen. Any advice?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That sounds miserable, Kathleen! Have you checked with your dentist or regular doctor about the pain and swelling? The more the medical doctors see the side effects, the better – and hopefully they can help you find some relief that fits your approach to health.

  30. Linda

    I am so happy for these reviews. My doctor has suggested I get the reclast infusion for osteoporosis …I am 58 years old. After reading these reviews there is no way in hell I will be getting this treatment. I will look into a pill form like maybe Fosomax because then I can just stop taking if experience any unbearable side effects.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Keep gathering information and asking questions, Linda. It’s commendable that you are taking that step first!

  31. Judith Stilphen

    I also had reclast infusion August 25, 2016 wish I had never had it. Pain, tired, fever first couple of days. Thirty days later thought I had the flu now I believe all was from reclast iv. Never so sick, tired, weak, 103 fever, eyes burned and sore. High heart rate, shortness of breath, headache. You name it I had it. Not like any flu I had in my 67 years. Lasted three weeks and still don’t have my full energy back and it has now been five weeks. Had blood work, liver enzymes elevated, white blood count high. WARNING NEVER HAVE RECLAST IV INFUSION. They have made over three billion on this deadly drug. They need to be STOPPED. I will be calling the FDA and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.


    While using advent related to cloud digesting now properly upon most of us, many companies continue to be struggling to understand its implications as well as the way this particular works.


    f an individual or someone you understand is missing numerous teeth or experiencing severe the teeth decay next dental implants may be an outstanding solution.


    Life can be very hectic for almost any person particularly if they are usually overburdened with a range of responsibilities they are afflicted by.

  35. Theresa

    I am 56 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was prescribed Fosamax and it gave me terrible heartburn and I was told to stop taking it and have a Reclast infusion. After reading the possible side effects I asked the specialist why she wanted me to have it and she said the risk of breaking a hip is greater than the risk of the side effects of Reclast. Reluctantly I agreed to have an infusion. The first day I felt fine but in subsequent days I felt achy and feverish. I called the office and was told it should pass within a few days and it did.
    Months later I broke out in a terrible rash on my torso and back. My primary care physician was stumped by it though I did mention my Reclast infusion.
    She prescribed a cream for fungal infection even though it didn’t appear to her to be fungal. It did not work.
    I decided to go to a dermatologist and told her of my infusion months earlier. I am not on any other medication so she looked at my rash and looked up possible side effects of Reclast and concluded that it was the cause. She took photos of my rash for the record and wrote me a script for a steroid but warned that it too has side effects. She told me my rash would go away in time with a wash called Restoreaderm. I chose the wash over the steriod.
    I have not had and will never have another Reclast infusion! I haven’t had another instance of the rash thankfully.
    I hope this stuff leaves my body if it hasn’t already.

    • Karis Alderson

      Infusion in 2008 with all the horrible side effects listed in these various comments. Couldn’t lie down for two months due to ruined stomach. Sleep was also ruined and still is. Took three years to begin to feel better with recurring side effects such as the rashes. Wrote detained journal to FDA. Response: “will place on file as unsolicited comment.” One Google search stated there was a “ten-year half-life” for the drug. Lots of eye problems. At one point, University of Arkansas Medical School had a research project on effects of RECLAST on the eye. SURELY there is research somewhere!

      • Jennifer

        Can you describe your eye problems? My mother had a Reclast treatment last week and she now has one eye that is swollen shut, she describes “pressure” behind the eye, and a film. The doctors say they don’t believe it’s related to the Reclast since it’s only in one eye but I think it’s too much of a coincidence.

        • Linda

          My right knee swelled up and when they got 2 drops out of it they found calcium crystals and RECLAST. Yep it incapsuliated behind my right knee. A woman in Spain and a woman in France had the same problem. Have them check her eyes better.

          • Debbie

            I had a Reclast Infusion Wednesday around 2:00 PM. I felt great until 3:30 this morning when I awakened with deep eye socket pain and a left eyelid that is swollen and I can hardly touch it. I’m drinking lots more water to try to wash this stuff away as soon as possible. The eye pain is very weird and feels so deep back in my eye. NO more Reclast for me! I won’t forget this awkward feeling.

  36. Paulette

    This is surely one of the most toxic drugs on the market. How did this get approved by the FDA!

    Un the middle of a cardiac workout for arrhythmias that were not present before I took Reclast. My vision has changed and the fatigue at times leaves me unable to do anything but sit.

    I am looking any class action suits.

    • Nancy

      I had a Reclast infusion in Oct of 2017 and I found out it was NOT for me> This poison landed me in the hospital. At first I started shaking uncontrollably from my head to my feet; then this horrific pain hit me and I could not move. No matter how hard I tried I could do nothing but scream at every breath. I had never had such pain. When I finally got to the hospital there was NOTHING they could do for me because I am allergic to every narcotic known to mankind. After 48 hours I was able to go back home to write a check for that very large hospital bill. Since this Reclast ordeal I have told everybody I know not to have anything to do with Reclast. why this drug is on the market i the first place makes me think the medical field has bought in to it and making a ton of money off of it. Since the Reclast ordeal I am searching for an attorney who knows about this drug and can help me. THIS DRUG SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF OF THE MARKET IMMEDIATELY IT’S DEADLY! I am still having terrible bone and muscle pain from the Reclast infusion. The doctor’s nurse did call me a year later and ask me if I would like to schedule another infusion of Reclast. I can’t tell you what I told her!!!

    • Jennifer

      Can you describe your eye problems? My mother had a Reclast treatment last week and she now has one eye that is swollen shut, she describes “pressure” behind the eye, and a film. The doctors say they don’t believe it’s related to the Reclast since it’s only in one eye but I think it’s too much of a coincidence.


      I’ll be the first to join you. Had an infusion in December 2016, and it has about killed me. Couldn’t move for weeks. Now I itch all over and still have very little energy. This medicine needs to be removed from the market.

  37. Roxanne Pope

    I will never take Reclast again. The past 4 days since my infusion have not been good. Day one after the IV temp of 102, pain in my neck, hips & back that last for 2 days. Then yesterday I was nauseated and have had no appetite. You all know that Drs and pharmacies get kick backs from the drug companies for using all these new drugs. I will never take this stuff again, if I get over this I’ll count my blessing and be done with. I pray for each and everyone of you that have had severe and long lasting side effects.

  38. Colleen Anast

    How long does the reclast to get out of your system? I had three treatments do not want to continue, can I refuse?
    I had 2 fractures pelvic Feb. 2015 and continue to have dizzy spells. How long will that last. I do not want the reclast.

    • Judith Stilphen

      Don’t have anymore reclast iv infusions. It is your body just say No! Wish I had never had that poison put into my body. All they care about is money…….not your health.

    • Chloe Gunnell

      Of course you can refuse the medication, remember it’s your body, not theirs.

      • Colleen Anast

        How long does the reclast injection stay in your body?

  39. Barbara

    Thank you so much for this website, for all of the information it contains and for the personal comments from those who have tried Reclast! My doctor has recommended this treatment because I have osteoporosis and recently suffered fractures due to a fall I had. It’s great to be able to research a treatment before you submit to it. I believe in a more natural approach to health care and let my doctor know that I would look at what information I could find about Reclast. I thank God for the honesty of the testimonies of those who have suffered adverse reactions to this drug. I won’t be going forward with this treatment because of your information.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for your for doing your research first, Barbara!

      • Rebecca Duhon

        I started Reclast infusions 4 years ago for Paget’s disease. Have had severe thigh pains ever since. Recently tripped and broke my femur. Dr. Said it had been fractured for a couple of years before finally breaking. Now having MRI, as Dr. Thinks left femur may be fractured as well.
        All problems started when I started Reclast infusions. I now have read where femur fractures may be side effects of said medicine. I will not take anymore and will encourage my Dr. not to recomnend it as well.

  40. Karen Gardner-Ogg

    It is sad that these detail sales people in US continue to push Reclast on our doctors. It is our job to know these drugs are dangerous and make others aware before it’s too late.

  41. Mary Ann mandy

    Was given Reclast via infusion in July 2014. Within 4 months my teeth started to rot, break and fall out. I had to have tooth # 8 pulled yesterday along with some dead jaw bone. I still have more teeth that are dying and will need to be pulled. Who knows what my jaw bone will look like when I no longer have any teeth in my mouth. Right now a bridge is out of the question because of the other teeth that need to come out. The end result will be implants. Do the makers of Reclast have any idea what a mouthful of implants cost? I seriously doubt it. Also do they plan on paying for my loss? I doubt that too. I contacted the FDA and filed a complaint. Was added to the list. There are so many complaints about Reclast and Class Action Law Suits that the attorneys who handle class action suits are no longer taking any new clients. Imagine that. MY ADVICE TO ANYONE CONSIDERING RECLAST…STICK WITH A DAILY DOSE OF CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D.

    • Angela Robbins

      I have tooth loss and damage also. Oral surgeons refuse pulling teeth due to risk of necrosis of jaw……god help us

    • Veronica

      This is my 3rd infusion the 1st I was very very sick buy got better. The second time not as bad but notice my hair thinning I thought it might be due to stress. Now I resently went to the dentist and having problems with my teeth. They gave another infusion after my dentist appt. and I noticed my hair thinning even more I still need to go to the dentist for 2 more procedure when my sister came over to see me July 4, 2016 she said OH MY GOD why is your hair thinning so bad I told it must be the reclast that is the only thing that is different as far as my med go She suggested I make an appt with her dermatologist ASAP. Now I read your comment and realize that calling the FDA wouldn’t help me any but I’m glad to see I’m not alone this is very depressing for me. Thank you for your info I will ban from ever taking the RECLAST ever again. I pray I’m able to save my hair…..

  42. S.k.

    Are you kidding me????? My mother has had 3 reclast infusions as recommended by an osteoporosis clinic that she was sent to by her physician. Now, FEMUR fracture, kidney issues, swelling, uti’s, irregular heartbeat, the list goes on…. Why wasn’t this more closely monitored??? I attended these info sessions , no mention of these serious side effects and when the warning signs started, why didn’t some healthcare professional make the connection????!

  43. Debbie

    Please tell me how to reverse these side effects this is miserable! Why are Physicians giving this poison? Help please!

  44. Debbie

    I had my first recast injection on May 9, 2016 ever since I’ve had horrible back pain, hand pain, tingling and burning in both feet. My God I doubt I’ll ever do this dang infusion again it does not help at all why are they poisoning us with this? I’ve been to my Dr, Chiropractor, Physical therapy and also have started acupuncture. I won’t allow this pain to continue I’ll fight it but boy oh boy is it nasty!

  45. joanne

    I have been reading this blog for days now, and all the stories of women who are suffering after reclast. My biggest regret is why I didn’t research and find this blog before I submitted to reclast infusion 6 days ago.
    I am 60 years old and have severe osteoporosis as a result of cervical cancer 30 years ago, in which both my ovaries were taken and no estrogen replacement given.
    After the reclast infusion, I felt tired and weak, but went to work that night. During the course of my shift, I began to have the flu like symptoms, bone and muscle pain (which the Dr had informed me might happen).
    I took advil in the morning and went to sleep. Suddenly, I was awakened with the most severe crushing substernal pain that I never before experienced in my life. I have no cardiac problems. I was sure I was having an MI. I called the endocrinologist and was told it was normal and just take motrin, but if I felt that bad, I should go to the ER. At the ER, I was given morphine IV, and EKG, labs, CXR were all normal. I was discharged with norco for the pain, and told it was a bad reaction to the reclast.
    The next 4 days I spent in bed. I could barely move, and would wake after the pain med would wear off in severe pain and drenched in sweat. The pain continued throughout my body and I barely had strength to change my soaked to the skin clothing. Finally on the 5th day I woke up dry, and pain was controlled with advil. I went back to work. Yesterday, I noticed pain in my right ankle and swelling and tenderness. Im now limping.
    I really don’t know what to do because my endocrinologist was completely unsympathetic and unconcerned. ER dr was great but he didn’t even know what reclast was used to treat.
    I am praying that I won’t develop more severe problems. I am so empathetic to all of you on this site. It does help to know I am not being a hypochondriac or as one medical staff asked me in the ER, “did I have an anxiety disorder?”
    thank you for allowing me to share and I welcome any one who would like to contact me personally and /or has any new info regarding this horrible drug.

    • Marion

      Thanks for sharing this confirms my thoughts of not taking this awful medication

      • Carol

        I received reclast infusion about 4-5 months ago. It has been hell ever since. The doctor told me, “you might feel a little achy after. If so, just take some tylenol. It will go away.” Ok, I thought. No big deal. Well, a day or two later it hit me like a ton of bricks! I almost forgot about the infusion. I thought I had a bad case of the flu! I got a fever, hurt everywhere, and was feeling terrible! I had tingling feelings in my hands, feet, face, arms, etc. It was just awful! It would NOT go away. I could not sleep, think, anything. The tingling started to dissipate after about 2 weeks or so, but I still did not feel like myself.

        I had this pain in my Right foot/heel that would not go away. It still has not gone away. It hurts all of the time. It feels like hot burning nails driving into my heal. It hurts to even put it on a pillow. I told the doctor, but he told me to take tylenol. It does nothing. I have had it X-rayed, and just a couple days ago had an MRI, as I am fearful that it is avascular necrosis. I have seen that the FDA has just this month updated their site to include the the heel, femur, hip, etc to the areas of possible avascular necrosis that could be caused by reclast.

        I will be seeing orthopedic doctor in another week. The other doctor was trying to say, “maybe it is a heel spur, or diabetes”. Then admitted to not knowing much about avascular necrosis.
        I suggest you all do your homework, and I would never have this medication again!

  46. Judy Tucker

    I had Reclast in an IV solution over a week ago. I have so much bone pain in my hips, legs and back that I can’t walk anymore. Is there anything I can do to alleviate these side effects? I saw the doctor this week and she said I must be allergic to Reclast, told me to increase my Tylenol dosage and to increase my dosage of muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine. I am really tired of the constant pain.

    • anne lynch

      I just had my 1st infusion of reclast 3 days ago. Other than nausea, not too bad UNTIL last night! Pelvic bone pain on my left side, now today it’s starting on my right side, along with my right elbow.
      I (thought) I did do my research on this. I’m a kidney cancer survivor and reclast was actually the “safest” drug for me and my kidneys. Of course it’s the weekend, and they did say day 3-4 could be the “worse”. Guess I’ll have to wait it out. Anybody have some GOOD NEWS to report? I’m in the middle of a disability case at the moment, if this causes more issues, how on earth do I PROVE IT? Now I’m crying from the pain. Extra strength Tylenol is what I was told to take, nothing else.

    • Merle Waldrep

      I had my first (and LAST) Reclast infusion December 1, 2015! Within least than thirty minutes I was in so much pain I could hardly bear it. My hips, legs, back and rib cage ached severely. I developed a UTI, started having stomach problems, fever and other issues. My urinary system is still sensitive and feels as if it is blistered. I developed lower back pain and suffered through a MRI and a complete body bone scan. Today is April 2, 2016, and I still have days when I can hardly function due to hip, groin and back pain. I hope you soon begin to recover, but, my road after Reclast has been a nightmare. I called my doctor three times to see if there is some way to flush this stuff out of my system. She says there is nothing they can do. Should be a crime to administer this “poison”. Merle

      • Debbie

        Oh my gosh I’m thinking the same there has got to be something to reverse this crap out of our system. I’m in tears as well! I’m normally very active but this has taken its toll on me. I’ll never do this drug again.

        • Klb

          I had my infusion Friday the 27th. Began vomiting Friday night- i was prepared for this. However woke up Sat morn unable to get out of bed or walk! My knees and wrists were swollen 4x the normal size! (Am recovering from knee surgery so use a walker – so knees and wrist swelling was incapacitating.) Doc said I had allergic reaction and has put me on aspirin, steroids, and benadryl. After 3 hours improvement began.

          • Roxanne Pope

            July 2, 2016 I had my first Reclast infusion and my last. On July 3rd I hurt all over, temp of 102, no appetite, that lasted for 2days. Yesterday nauseated and no appetite. This morning feeling better and pray the day stays good. To all of you have had severe reactions my prayers go out to you. I will never take this poison again.

          • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

            I hope you feel better soon, Roxanne. I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you!

  47. Kathi Mazzola

    Please send your free national Bone-Building kit. Thank you.
    I have severe osteoporosis & have virtually fractured every bone in my body. A test for multiple myeloma was negative. I have taken Fo samax, Forties for 2 years everyday, Bosnia And had my 5th Reclast infusion today. I have 3 compression fractures in my spine, woke up with L-1S2 fracture while sleeping and had to have a mastectomy & 32 radiation treatments followed by 5 years of hormanal thrrspy with Tamoxofen.

  48. christine brosend

    Dear Vivian, I had another bone scan after a 2 year period & was hoping for better results since I have been on the Save Our Bones program for 5 years. My hip went from -2.2 to -2.3 & my spine went from -3.5 to -4.0. I work out 5 times a week, lift weights with a trainer 2 times a week & do yoga once a week. I don’t want to take Reclast!!! What else can I do? I’m healthy as a horse otherwise.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Don’t worry, Christine! Remember, bone density is just one aspect of bone health, as I write in the Program. 🙂 Mainstream medicine focuses so much on density because it needs numbers (i.e. fixed parameters) to prescribe drugs. While density is an indicator of bone metabolism, the main focus of bone health is simply to prevent fractures, and less dense but healthy and renewed bones have better tensile strength than thicker, denser, older bones.

      Also, please don’t forget that machines are not accurate, which means that your DEXA may not reflect a good comparison. The bottom line is that you’re not taking toxic (and often dangerous) drugs, and that you’re allowing your bones to remodel as they should. Bone health is not a density “pageant”; it’s all about not breaking bones, and so far, you’ve had great success!

      So please don’t think that following the Program was for naught. Don’t give up!

  49. June A Davis

    I started on Reclast on July 6th. Three days in I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck.. My neck was so stiff I went to the ER and went on a muscle relaxant and a cervical collar. I the next day had severe wrist pain. Within the next week I had a vitreous tear and had floaters in my left eye. The next week I started having heart irregularities. I was told I had numerous pvc’s. The doctors all said it was the drug.
    That drug goes for any weakened area in the body. it is a horrible drug. I am in PT
    now for my neck. now. .

  50. Bob

    Six months ago my wife, P-Vine (Eve to y’all) was a very active 70 year old managing our 2 acre ornamental garden with several thousand plants… Then Reclast… Today she is more like a sickly 85 year old suffering from weakness, depression and confusion… The flu-like aches have subsided, thank God… I need to give her hope so how long before the side effects will subside???

    BTW, her doctor refuses to accept the fact that the Reclast caused these symptoms and is blowing thru a lot of Medicare $$$ trying to find another source of her symptoms but no no avail…

    She keeps asking why no one is suing the drug company???

    Okay, that’s it…


  51. James Wolfe

    Plan on calling my doctor once his office opens. After 2 years of taking Boniva, my BDS showed no improvement. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after suffering several bone breaks with ligament damage which required expensive surgeries.

    Had my first Reclast infusion one week ago. I’ve never had BP issues but after finishing the infusion, my BP skyrocketed. It finally got back to normal but I didn’t feel right. I was confused and dizzy.

    A week later and I’m still having these episodes. I have to be careful if I stand too quickly as I actually stumble. It’s almost as if my BP is “bottoming out”. I’ve also experienced vision issues and have a difficult time bringing things into focus.

    I just simply don’t feel “right”. I had severe muscle cramps for a few days but that has lessened.

  52. Marilyn

    I had 1 iv treatment of Reclast in2013. Soon after my RA had a big flare up and I was in a lot of pain. Within a few weeks of the infusion I went to the dentist with pain in my jaw. He said I had infection in one of my teeth and did a root canal. A few weeks later another root canal then weeks later another root until I had 5 root canals all on the same bottom side. I became so sick and my jaw became so infected that I had to go in daily for 12 weeks for strong IV antibiotics. When all was said and done I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis of my jaw. My teeth are now loose and I have continuing dental issues. I also have bad neck and spine pain which the Dr. thinks could be a problem caused by the reclast.

    • Marilyn sdmith

      Omg..I’m going in my second month with excruciating neck pain..had reclast dec 2016…the rhuematologist gave me muscle relaxants which did nothing….then said he couldn’t do anything for me…I’m hoping this won’t be permanent…neurologist sent me to physical therapy…helped some but I still need neck brace to survive the remaining hours in a day…I called drug company in New Jersey…they said reaction to drug only lasts two weeks….what a joke…

  53. cheri

    I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis throughout my body and have tried most of the meds including forteo but due to reactions had to stop. My rheumatoid dr suggested reclast and i was afraid of the side effects but went ahead anyways. BIG MISTAKE! About 3 hrs after the infusion i started feeling very stiff and aware of it. The next morning i could barely walk. The pain was so intense in my spine lower and upper, my leg muscles cramped the pain would travel from my hips ,to my lower back up my spine to shoulders, i though i was going to scream. I couldnt stand for more than 10 mins without nearly falling down.. after 1 week of this intense pain i called my dr and was rx some pain meds. The following week, i called again and recvd 4 cortisone shots in my back which didnt help and now 5weeks later still in the same amount of pain, still can barely walk, but then had a breathing attack where i couldn’t catch my breath. Went to er was cleared and was sent to my reg dr who honestly blew me off but sent me to a pulmonary dr. He said yes this is related to reclast and gave me an inhaler and breathing exercises to do at home. Now i have this horrible feeling that something is caught in my throat and really bad gerd!! Oh and not to mention im losing my hair now also!! Really !! Was now referred to an ent. I haven’t worked in 5 weeks… this drug is horrible and it needs to be taken off the market. Im so upset this has happen not only to me but to alot of other people! And the fact that some drs are blowing it off and making us feel like we are idiots.

    • cheri

      Ps my rheumatoid dr is wonderful and has been helping tremendously but the other drs.. well.. yea!! I hope everyone here can get the help we all need. My prayers go out to each of you! !

  54. melissa

    I also wanted to mention in addition to my last post, someone below mentioned this also and my aunt is having these problems also. A crazy fluctuation in b/p, sometimes high and sometimes 77/44 and she cant remember crap and took to much of her other meds because she couldnt remember if she took them or not (and not has help with them) and woke up in ICU. This drug almost killed her! Also people with thyroid problems are not to have Reclast, no one checked that before giving it to her, and her hair fell out also. They might as well have hooked up Red Devil lye and give it to people in IV, it would probably not be as bad, it is around 1500 or 2000.00 per injection, that is why they push it so hard, do I smell a kick back?

  55. MelissaMinton

    My aunt whom I havent talked to in over 6mos called and said she had only one Reclast injection and it messed her up so bad. She has had kidney trouble, it messed with her mind even. She lost 30 lbs and has ongoing swelling/fluid problems. I know only one person this drug has helped. I am an RN and I would do calcium and vitamins, diet high in calcium and weight lifting, anything but this drug, it is poison. A class action lawsuit is in order. Doc’s in this area were not reporting side effects to FDA. Now if you go to them with complaints they are dismissing patients (some docs). They know!! whats coming. If they gave it, they dont want to be sued. Report your symptoms to the FDA website. Its not worth the risk, of adding more pain and possible permanent damage, you think you have problems now? It can get worse.

  56. bandaid1

    I have just had my third infusion of aclasta having been on fosamax plus for some years.
    I have feeling of sadness at the listings that I have seen here in this discussion. I would like to give a good news story.
    My ostoeporosis runs in the females of my family. There is not much that I can do about that! Since I am active in the outdoors, I have decided to do something about my thin bones. I have had several bone fractures the latest being a triple pelvic fracture. It was not symptomatic and undiagnosed for some time. I can assure you that when it became apparent, it was very painful and disabling for a considerable time [greater than a year].
    My bone mineral density is slightly increasing.
    My doctors are professional in their education of adverse possibilities with the treatment, check out calcium and kidney function, have vitamin D and calcium loading and ensure adequate fluid intake for the day before and after the infusion.
    I will continue to be active as in a recent ski trip for 3 weeks, but I know that I will have to be careful to minimise any traumatic event.
    Please believe me when I say that I am sad to hear of the ones with side effects. I wanted to say that there are lots of people out there who have had good experiences with this medication.

    • Ann Marie

      I was on Reclast for five years and never experienced any side effects. Guess I’m lucky. I went on a holiday for awhile and my BD declined. I’m 69 and I’ll be starting it again. Hope it will be as uneventful as before.

    • Lori

      Diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago and took oral medication with good results. So good, in fact, the doctor took me off the oral medication. Fast forward to 2015, my bone scan shows osteopenia again. Just received my first infusion of Reclast yesterday and no side effects. I was told side effects are much minimized if you have already taken the oral medications. Keep very hydrated for at least the 72 hours drug is in your body and empty your bladder as often as possible keeping risk of kidney damage low. This drug can be used very safely and effectively by many….instead of reading on-line horror stories, talk to your doctor or nurse in detail and get all the facts. Good luck and good health!

      • RM

        I hate to tell you this but my side effects did not start for 3 months after the IV infusion. I actually was doing better prior to the Reclast. I took Boniva for 2 or 3 years and stopped because it was not working. It has been a couple of years since Boniva and was assured by the doctors that Reclast side effects are not that common. My grandmother and my mother both had osteoporosis and broke their hips. I am 65 years old and take care of myself but since the Reclast I am a mess. My back and neck feel like they have been cemented together and I was walking 4-5 miles approx. 4 times a week. I have had to go to physical therapy for help since the nasty infusion. They tell you not to have any dental extractions and last week a tooth broke off and part of it is still in my gums and I have no choice but to have it extracted! My jaw is hurting and I am very worried about osteonecrosis of the jaw! I am afraid to have it extracted as the oral surgeon says it could cause my jaw to freeze. I so regret taking this medication.

    • Evelyn

      Done fine for about two yrs taking the reclast then about 6 months after the 2nd one I started having terrible joint pain in the knees, did not associate it with the med and took the third one from there on I have had one knee replaced, the other née is now bad and I need it replaced. It is bone on bone the X-ray shows I have nothing between the joint…also in this time frame I have had 3 lower back surgeries….my back pain was so severe and I could not stand up…now I suffer in pain every day..I take pain med just to get me through my days…force myself to work…but end up hurting all night…never again will I take any bone density med.

      • Evelyn

        Hello Evelyn,

        I am scheduled to have infusion on 9/30/15 and the more I read, the more I am thinking hell no, I have enough health problems!!! I have a thyroid problems & my doctor never said that I shouldn’t have reclast due to thyroid problems! Who can you trust!?

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Evelyn, I am so sorry you’ve experienced that kind of pain and difficulty. I am sure you are on the path to recovery, and that you’re nurturing your bones and body with healthy foods, fresh air, and sunshine. Your body was made for health!

        • Evelyn

          Also I have had my hair to come out in clumps, but since I refused anymore reclast it is doing better…still very thin but not coming out in clumps anymore…some days the pain is really debilitating and yesterday was one of those days…thought my hip and tail bone were broken…not as bad today but it will be really bad one day and after a day of taking the pain med it will let up but returns quickly…wished I had been given the stats on this …I would not have taken it…but was set up with the Hospital and no one I formed me of the information.

          • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

            That’s one of the missions of this site, Evelyn – to provide the information the Medical Establishment should provide, but doesn’t. 🙁 Thankfully, you have the knowledge now, and you can begin your journey toward better health and stronger bones.

    • Terese

      I also ad my second infusion two weeks ago. The first one left me immobile the day after but this one I hardly even had side effects. I also have had very poor bone density results for over 5 years. I was told I was at a high risk for developing bone cancer. I am not getting any density improvement but it hasn’t gotten worse either. The only side effect to me us my gallbladder. I am having trouble getting my regular physician to recognize it since my gallbladder doesn’t show signs of problems but that pain is real.. So we will see where it goes but I will continue on the Reclast. I sure do not want bone cancer!

  57. Sharon

    I had the reclast done in June 2014 and wish I would had found this site before I did it Losing weight , my feet hurt and my hip started first then it went to my lungs and I couldn’t get a breath blood pressure dropped it’s just terrible want I am going though and everyone else

  58. Susan hall

    My son is 23 years old. He has celiac disease and can’t have wheat gluten in any form. This autoimmune disorder caused malabsorption and he has advanced osteoporosis as a result. He had the reclast infusion a year ago. The rheumatologist is pushing for another one. He had flu like symptoms the first time. They did the infusion to avoid oral meds like fosamax that could inflame his gut. We are thinking of saying no to this second dose and just doing diet, exercise and supplements. Does anyone with celiac have any thoughts on this?

  59. Jilzy

    I had the reclast injection in January 2013. A month later I woke up in the middle of the night with severe head pain and my right eye was swollen. My Eye doctor sent me for a cat scan and all the muscles in my eye were inflamed. They also found aneurysms (4) which I had one clipped in June 2013, I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem when having the injection. And is there any law suits out there from it.

    • Mary

      I had my last infusion of Reclast in Sept. of 2012. It was the third injection. I had not had any side effects with the first two so I was not prepared for what happened. Immediately the next day, I was in severe pain all over my body and within three days I noticed that my eyelid had dropped. I made an appointment with my eye doctor and was told that that muscle-tendons had let go and I needed surgery. I had surgery and the eye continued to droop. He wanted to do the surgery again but I went for a second opinion and then was sent out of state to a specialist. The diagnosis was that I had a mass growing above my eye pushing my eye downwards. i had been his 6th patient who had taken Reclast and had this happen. I had immediate surgery and only a portion could be removed. My eye is better but even after 2 years I am still experiencing bone pain. This is a terrible drug with terrible side effects. Something needs to be done. Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits that we can join?. Maybe together we can get the warnings about this drug exposed.

  60. Belinda

    On Oct.16 ’13 I received RECLAST – for three weeks my hands/ feet /joints hurt & have fever,thirst and my out put of urine is low…my doctor put me on a pack of steroids and the first hour after taking it my hands started to feel better . Yesterday (11-18-14) was my best day but also the LAST day on the steroids. I’ve started swelling up again and my fluid output isn’t matching my input. I’m starting to think something isn’t right. How long does this stuff stay in ya…my research indicates about a year – The least of my concerns is the hair loss….turns out this stuff is also used as chemo..

  61. Annette Phillips

    Hi –
    They want me to take an IV infusion of RECLAST for Paget’s disease, which is treated like osteoporosis. But now that I am reading the terrifying side effects, I really don’t want to do it! Does anyone know of any other treatments for Paget’s disease besides these horrible bisphosphonate drugs? I would appreciate your help!

    • Robin Hascall

      Do not get this shot I’m suffer day after day because I took it for osteoporosis . I was on it two years and now I’m so messed up from it. I feel like I’m dieing. I lost my hair , got big sores Ive been going num all over I feel weak and so much more . My name is robin Hascall u can call me 810 444 7833. I need to talk to a lawyer I’m scared .ive been off a year now and still having problems.


        This message is to Robin,
        Hi I have had 2 IVs of Reclast. I am losing most of my hair. Did your hair grow back? I hurt all over. I am worse now than ever. I had my last IV in December. I really feel bad. You have been off it for 1 year? and still feel bad? I am a small framed petite woman. please contact me and let me know what i can do.
        Thank you

  62. Cindy Potts

    I have su much pain even the morphine I’ve been taking for a broken back does nothing to relieve the joint and muscle pain .I have an appointment today but after reading about reclast what a mind opener have 90% of the symptoms. Will the pain ever stop or will I die first?

    • peggy lee

      i received iv reclast treatment first treatment
      i still have some mild upperback pain , and now i get burning sensation in upper gi tract in oesophagus
      i got iv treatment i never too pills
      thanks please comment
      and i feel hot and sweat a lot, please if some one can make comment or give input the experience,thank you

    • peggy lee

      i received iv reclast treatment first treatment
      i still have some mild upperback pain , and now i get burning sensation in upper gi tract in oesophagus
      i got iv treatment i never too pills
      thanks please comment

  63. betsy haberer

    I had reclast infusion on 8-4-08. had all the side effects. dysphagia was terrible. now I am allergic to all antibiotics–they cause severe rash. also lost 5 teeth and havdgrinding in jaw. Is there a class-action lawsuit available?

    • betsy haberer

      please let me know if there is a class-action suit in the works

      • Susan Owen

        Have had two infusions of Reclast and was prepared to get another in two weeks, but twice blood work came back indicating renal problems, and infusions were refused because of kidney problems, GSR, Creatin, bun. Dentist also warned of bone loss in jaw.

  64. Charlene

    I took my first and last Reclast IV on June of this year. Have been reading all of the comments, but found nothing about the kidneys which is my problem.
    I am very tired and unable to do my usual chores.

    Did anyone have a problem with kidneys?

  65. Jenab

    I am 61yrs old female from Asia origin. Sufering from severe osteoporosis (that’s what my Dr. told me). After reading comments i “Our Bones Community” I had refused to take Fosamax. Recently I had dislocated my right ankle, Xray shows strain ligament no fracture. However, the doctor insisted this time I should take “Bonviva 150mg once a month
    Can somebody kind enough tell me whether I should take it? Any good reason? Or is there any alternative?
    I would really appreciate the help

  66. Linda selby

    Had a bone scan and my doctors nurse called and said it showed osteoporosis and they were going to schedule me for a reclast IV treatment. Since I never got to consult with my doctor I did alittle research.Thank you ladies for all your real life(tragic) stories.Thanks to you all when they tried to confirm my treatment I canceled.I have since talked to a dear friend (25yr RN) who got the same diagnosis 3 years ago.She is treating hers with large doses of Calcium & D3,excercise and diet.Going on 4yrs and so far fracture free.Thank you again!

  67. Shirley gold

    One month after receiving an infusion of RECLAST my husband took me to. The hospital with acute renal failure. It was life threatening and I was unconscious for two days. Dialysis was started immediately and I had ten treatments. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I am still under two doctors care, a kidney doctor and a heart doctor which is also a side effect. This happened the first week of November.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Shirley, how horrible! I am so sorry you experienced that. I wish you a full and speedy recovery!

  68. Rachel Sherman

    Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates in Wash DC provides no drug information, not even the medguide.

    Women should be informed so they can hydrate and pre medicate with antipyretics

  69. Charlie Bowers

    I may be the only man posting. Took my 1st reclast infusion on 31 Jan 2013. Have protein M in my system and below number which may label it
    multiple myeloma. Had thyroid nodule biopsy before influsion and VA took
    endless blood tests. Result of biopsy was hyperplascia. I read up on
    reclast before I took it and decided to let them do it. My osteoporosis is
    at critical stage. So far I seem to be okay, but my heart goes out to you
    ladies and what you are going thru. I have good lady doctor, a good lady
    PA, excellent endrochronologist (48 years of experience). My prayers are
    with you girls. God bless you all

  70. Eve Imperale

    Thank you Vivianne for this great web site
    I have been hearng such horror stories from women who took fosamax and Reclast – its just greedy MD’s pushing these rotten drugs that they know are killing women .
    I was diagnosed with osteopenia 2 yrs ago and now I after doing your advice and doing some serious weight bearing exercise with a weight vest by nyknyc and it is a must for strong bone because it evenly distributes the weight all over the body plus it looks very nice and feels good to wear. I tried one before but did not like the look of it so I got the one by nyk which I love.
    Now my osteopenia …. is gone. I am back to normal again – thank you vivian for helping women to have naturally strong bones!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Wonderful news, Eve! How inspiring. Thank you for sharing that with the community!

  71. James

    My mother received a Reclast infusion Friday Oct 21, 2012. She died 24 hours later with flu-like symptoms, excessive phlegm and a quivering heart. She was in poor health as she has had MS for 40 years so I suspect her reaction to the drug was more severe then most people.

    She has had periodic episodes over the last 10 years where she can barely move, becomes delirious and has been in Hospice care 6 times. After she passed away yesterday I got suspicious that her last episode on Sept 29. 2011 was also caused by a Reclast infusion. Sure enough, she had been given the infusion the day before.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      James, I am truly sorry for your loss. Such tragic stories as your mother’s are one of the main reasons for my crusade to find drug-free alternatives to osteoporosis drugs. My condolences to you and your family. <3

  72. wanda

    I had an eclast infusion about 3pm yesterday and woke up about 1am, both my legs were hurting so bad I could’nt hardly walk, tooka a pain pill (hydrecodine) and rubbed my knees with icy hot. Didn.t help much so I got up and put ice onmy knees. Seems like that is where most of the pain is. Thats where I am now.

    • Carol Bohn

      My sister had that infusion in Dec 2011. She is having terrible leg pain and coldness in her legs. They have run a lot of tests & cant find anything wrong with her.
      How are you doing now?

  73. chani caplan

    I was just diagnosed with osteo on my spine. My dr. recommended i take reclast infusion. I just read your comments on it and now i see i have to do an alternate route. can you suggest what to do? Yoga? weights? etc….

  74. Sharon

    Since my last Reclast treatment I have had severe night time leg and foot cramping. It is getting worse. Could this be from Reclast?

  75. Dearia Hunt

    I received two infusions starting in 2010. Received useful info regarding checking my density before getting additional infusions…got the BD test and was told that osteopenia had improved but stIll need infusions. Am reluctant thanks to reading your comments to continue. SO sorry to hear about these side affects that many of u had to suffer. Sharing your troubles will help so many. Don’t think I will continue with reclast even though I had no side effects. I walk, do gentle deep stretching daily, sit for awhile daily surrounded by trees and try to quietly speak of all the things that I’m grateful for before I fall asleep. I will also step up my at home strength building exercises. Please know that your sharing comments have helped, I will try to pay it forward and possibly help someone else.

  76. June Sutcliffe

    I am scheduled to have my first Reclast infusion in July but reading all the comments I have decided to cancel . June

    • Marion Doering

      I was suppose to schedule a Reclast infusion Also, But not after reading all the comment here. Thankyou everyone for posting.

    • Margarita Diaz

      Just had my second dose of Reclast and am feeliing fine. My first infusion did give me flu like symptoms but that only lasted one day. Taking a couple of tylenol exra stength was all I needed. I am in my very late fifties and have other conditions which require me to take other medications but the Reclast did not cause me any problems with med interaction. Make sure your doctor does the necessary blood work and make a list of all those questions you may have about the infusion so that you can go into it with peace of mind. I have gone from a diagnosis of osteosporosis to osteopenia in just one year and plan on continuing with the reclast unless something better comes along. What made my decision even easier was the fact that I could not tolerate oral medication of any kind and was showing a bone density lose of about .6% a year since menopause set in. I had the brittle bones of an 80+ female. No way. Wish you the best and stay positive.

  77. christine von senden

    i was given recast in aug 2011 against my better judgement. I have been throwing up from sept 1st 2011 till dec 3rd 2011. i take the stongest nauseua pills available usually used for cancer patients as i twice was yrs ago. I can not gain weight. I way 100 pds. When I tried to call my dr about my concerns, i received a very ugly letter in the mail saying i was no longer his patient. One of the things ihave learned about reclast, is it should not be given to people with thyroid problems, I had thyroid cancer. It should not also be given to people with certain conditions. I have them also. I am having so much trouble with my jaw, and bones. Some days it feels like my jaw will lock up. I have to keep movin it. and my gums and throat now hurt. My bones hurt more than ever. I do not know what to do I am trying to find me an attorney but finding it hard to do. Is there any more information you can give me on reclast? thank you christine von senden


    Hello everyone,
    I was recently diagnosed with Pagets disease of the skull and legs and my Endocrinologist has recommended Reclast infusion. I am scheduled to have my first on Fridah 6/8/12 but I am disturbed at some of the side effects of the drugs that you have all mentioned. I am already experiencing the burning pain and swelling in my face, especially around my eyes and the soles of my feet. Whenever I am immobile for long my feet feel like I am being turned to stone. I was actually looking forward to the infusion hoping that it will reduce not only my pain, by my Alkaline Phosphatase levels which have been elevated for the past 5 years. I am now really quite concerned about the possible side effects. I pray that the Lord will give you all strength to endure, its been quite a while since I had a totally pain free day, and I am not looking forward to add anymore discomfort to my life. Good luck to all.

  79. lorna

    any new information you can put on the web please send because i am concerned about the side effects of the reclast. i had the first injection on dec. 22, 2011.

  80. marge sundberg

    I was scheuled to have an infusion this morn. I have been aprehensive since my Dr. advised me to have it. After much reading up on it, I decided NOT to do it. I just pray I will not have fractures, or broken bones. I have gone into osteopennia. I feel so bad for those of you suffering from these infusions. It shows we never know what will happen to us, when given a drug the Dr, seems to trust. Good in some cases, and so horrible for others. I hope the FDA nvestigates these dugs with more concern for the patients. Marge.

    • maria

      At least 4 doctors have advised me I have severe osteoporosis and highly recommend that I “do something about it ASAP” but have many doubts after reading about the negative side effect of even the pills. I stopped taking those years ago on my own. I am 65 years of age and have DM, HPT, scoliosis, DDD, and a host of other issues, including leucopenia (low white blood counts), so I am really afraid. They all are pushing me to do it, and I was almost ready to do the Reclast; however, after reading more about it on your website and others’ remarks who feel the same, I will not do it! I just will not call back the doctor who is trying to schedule my infusion–I think they’ll get the message. Thank you for this website, and I will most likely join your saving bones community and followers!

  81. Jeannette

    Hi! I had a Reclsat IV Infusion last November of 2011. Since then I keep losing weight, where as I am down to 100 lbs. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Tori Collier

      I wish… :S
      I was on Actonel, extra Calcium & tons of D (especially where I live, in Alaska)after being diagnosed in 2007 with Osteoporosis in all bones at 52 years old (had hysterectomy at 48). Actonel didn’t do it. Dr.put me on Boniva & I had another Dexascan in 2010 & all bones into Ostopenia – yay. In the meantime, I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Syndrome (Barrett’s Esophagus) & had to have Esophogeal TIFundiplication surgery due to my esophogus valve completely burned away. My boss calls me after watching a Boniva commercial & tells me that I am not supposed to be taking Boniva if I have it… Big mistake my Dr. made… I do the research & realize the only thing I can do is have Reclast Infusions to not harm my ‘inner organs’ anymore. First one was 2010 & I still take extra calcium & D but just had another Dexascan & my spine, wrists & ankles are back in Osteoporis & hips in Osteopenia… ugh. Had a Reclast Infusion yesterday (11/20/12) & today I feel like I have the worst cold/flu, eyes hurt, feel like @&%#. My current Dr. does send blood tests to check kidneys/liver, etc. beforehand. It’s all I’ve got besides weight bearing exercises. Hoping to feel better over the Thanksgiving weekend.

    • Margarita Diaz

      I doubt the Reclast caused the weight lose. One of the main reasons for the infusion is that it by passses the stomach so as not to cause any stomach prolems. Your best bet is to get checked out by your doctor to make sure it’s not something that can be taken care of sooner than later.

    • christine von senden

      yes, its happen to me, and i can not gain a pound. since aug 2011 till june 22 2012 the pain i endure the shocking of my feet the pain joints and muscle spasms and pain and the bone pain is incredible. I think we all need an attorney i’m trying to search for one now, anyone interested?

      • janet rizzo

        I also had a reclast infusion on june 28 and wound up in ER the next day with horrific symptoms. Have not been the same since. Horrible drug!!!! Have seen a lawyer only to be told I have no case. This needs to be addressed!! Too many people suffering!!

  82. Paula freedman

    I wish there were answers to the questions we all have. I want pain relief and find no one know what to do. Does anyone? I took Reclast June 2011 and still have pain in my hands and feet and knees too! The hands are the worst!

    • Annette

      Jeannette: I have had two Reclast infusions, one in Feb. of 2010, the other March 2011. During these months I have had growing fatigue, an inability to stand for very long, and chronic pain in various joints. Is there a connection? I sure would like to know. More than any-thing, I would love an antidote to get me back to my old energy level.

      • Linda

        Hi I have had one infusion of zometa and a month later still get these bouts of extreme tiredness I never had before this drug all through my treatment I was fine until this.

  83. mary

    On 1/27/12 I took reclast . My hands are stiff hurting . is that a side effect that was not mention. i am whating to hear what the Dr. comment will be.

    • paula freedman

      yes it’s a side effect-one i’ve had since june 2011 when i had my one and now only-iv infusion. i have pain in my feet too. i was sick the entire summer after i took the infusion. i had severe and sudden pain in my hip a few days after the infusion that led to sciatica that persists still. i went to orthopedist-had an mri and then a rheumatologist-who both told me the pain was from RECLAST and all they could offer me was pain management. I did one round of prednisone just to get a break from the pain-it worked for the 3 weeks i was on it and i had less pain for a few more weeks-maybe even a month or more-but am back with the same amt of pain since then. i only take ibuprofen b/c the prescription pain meds make me feel awful.

      • Annette

        Paula: Your comments are discouraging. I keep hoping to hear of something positive to alleviate the various aches and pain I feel in my body. Sitting for an hour or two almost disables me when getting back up. Does it ever go away on its own?


        • Margarita Diaz

          Go to a rheumatologist to check out your symptoms. I have RA and your symptoms sound very familiar.

  84. G-G-inFLA

    By the way, if any of you have solved the problem of pain and burning on the soles of your feet, please post as this is a constant problem. I am using a prescription topical anesthetic which helps some but has not alleviated the pain and burning completely.

    • peggy

      yes, I had reclast in oct. 2011 and I still have pain in my neck and shoulder, burning in the soles of my feet, gallbladder and kidney issues, elevated PTH. what an awful drug. when do the side effects ever leave? my side effects wax and wane. sometimes are hardly noticeable and then wow for no apparent reason all the side effects come back full force.

    • paula freedman

      did you ever get a reply? i too suffer this pain and have not seen any replies?

  85. G-G-inFLA

    I just found your website. I had my first (AND ONLY!) Reclast infusion December 27, 2010. By the time I went back for my follow-up lab work and appointment the following month my creatnine level was 6.8! The endocrinologist called a nephrologist and asked him to see me, which he did the same afternoon. Diagnosis: Acute Tubular Necrosis. In other words, acute kidney failure! I was just at the point of having to go on dialysis. After that I had many, many terrible side effects, some of which are still with me after a whole year. I am angry and disappointed that at 68 my life now does not even resemble the life I had before the infusion. I was very, very active, working two days a week and volunteering three days a week at my church, plus numerous other volunteer activities. I was (and am) no longer able to do any of those things. I am blessed if I make it to church on Sunday. My blood pressure goes from very high to very low and this has occurred ever since the infusion. For example, yesterday it was 177/84 and within an hour I felt it drop drastically–checked it and it was 72/44. I know this cannot be a healthy thing for my body and it’s been going on a full year. No one has helped me with this yet even though doctors have changed my BP meds many times and I am now allergic to most of them. I experienced muscle pains and cramps, soles of my feet burn like crazy, depression, anxiety, edema, fatigue, exhaustion, palpitations, hair loss, anemia and the list goes on and on. I kept notes on all this because I had a feeling I would not remember all of them. But next to the BP problem, the problem that concerns me most is memory loss which began after the infusion and has not improved AT ALL. I experience, confusion, lack of concentration, inability to focus and my short-term memory is awful. I accomplish almost nothing and it is tremendously frustrating. After finding your site and one other, I feel relieved to finally know I’m not the only one–that there are many of you out there. I have not reported to the drug company as I feel it would be a futile effort. I have also not reported this to FDA although I plan to, and am unsure whether the doctor who administered the Reclast did or not. I know he should have. I never imagined that one infusion of one drug could possibly result in such a drastic change in my life. Thank you for providing this forum for our comments. Perhaps it will save some ladies from going through what we have experienced. God bless you all and I hope and pray that something positive will come out of this. BTW I never had low BP in my life and did not have kidney problems before either. Now my kidneys have healed I guess as much as they ever will and they function at 45% which I can do OK with. But I’d prefer to have my healthy kidneys back! Along with my beautiful life.

    • Annette

      I appreciated your thorough comments regarding Reclast. I have declined a third infusion since experiencing fatigue, pain in my joints and an inability to sit or stand for very long in the two years since my first infusion. Is it possible these side effects won’t go away? I too have been actively volunteering and participating in many events.


  86. Linda Cox

    I had a reclast injection in march 2011. I recently was told by a dentist that i had a tooth that needs pulled, I have been to 3 dental surgeons none of them will pull the tooth or do a root canal because of the injections. How long will i have to wait befor the drug is out of my body. Linda

    • linda gaudet

      I need a root canal today Nov 8, and have had reclast infusion in Septembe. Is this a safe procedure?

    • Angeliki Fryda

      15/4/2012 – URGENT
      I put the ACLASTA injection on 15/3/2012 (third time).
      I just learned that I have an abscess inside the upper gum and must do root canal treatment after taking antibiotics for five days to reduce the infection and pain.
      Thank you very much

    • Huda melky

      I have taken Reclast on sept 15, 2011, I have
      Been experiencing sever swelling, itching, hives,
      All over my body, but mostly my eyes where
      They swell shot, my hand, arms, legs, it moves
      all over my body. I have been taken Antihistamine ,
      And Steroids directed by family physician and Alergest.
      To date I had no relief !! Please let me know
      How long i have to endure such a painful experiense!!
      I have lost days of work because of this shot.

      • Kathleen Teall

        Did you ever get a reply to your question about Reclast and how long it stays in your body. I, too, am suffering frm hives – been going on for 3 months now. Taking antihistamines steriods etc.


  87. Pat

    I am very unsure about taking drugs. The doctor’s have advised Raloxifene, as I don’t want to take anything else.

  88. paula freedman

    I called Novartis today and gave a report on the side effects I’ve had since taking Reclast in June. The woman told me someone from the company would contact me and my doctor. She also said she’d not had a call about these side effects before(she must be new at her job!)

    I then called the FDA and that woman told me she’s taken many reports on side effects from Reclast and couldn’t believe the Novartis woman said what she said to me.

    So I ask you all the call both Novartis and the FDA!! They need to have this information.


    • Huda melky

      Would you please send me the Company and
      The FDA phone numbers?

      • Paula freedman

        I’m sorry but I haven’t looked at this site for so long I didn’t see your request til now. I just googled the drug company and got the phone number that way, same for the FDA.

        I still have the pain in my fingers, less in my feet, but in general i know this drug has hurt me in ways that have made me very sad. I keep trying new ways to feel better. Mostly I just pray that time will heal me too.

    • AD

      Could you please send me the phone numbers you have for the company and the FDA?
      I would really appreciate it.
      Thank you

  89. paula freedman

    has anyone found something that helps with the severe pain in feet, hands and generally awful muscular-skeletal pain throughout the entire body from Reclast?? I had my first injection June 24th and I have never experienced pain like this on a daily basis. I just started taking a generic form of Voltaran orally-it’s an NSAID. It relieves some of the pain for a few hours after each dose-but the pain is so depressing. PLEASE-any suggestions???

    • DL

      I took Neurontin for my pain issues about 5 yrs and it has many uses, neuropathy is generally related to Diabetes, however the Neurontin is used in pain management settings for patients and I did get relief from my muscle spasms and nerve pain, in addition to having Fibromyalgia now as well. Ask your physician about this med and also, chiropratic/yoga daily/massage therapy can all be useful and helpful. Good Luck, hope this helps. Forgot to mention, Botox injections are used widely now for pain management, & I suggest you find either a D.O.(Doctor of Osteopath) or a physician who is a Doctor in Medical Rehabilitation trained in nerve conduction studies, specially a Physiatrist.

    • Susan Happe

      I had a reclast IV in late Feb. 2011. After feeling
      like I was run over by a train for two days, the pain
      did go away but within a few months other aches and
      pains started developing that I didn’t realize could
      have been connected to the reclast. I had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, was sent to P.T. for back related pain, which only made things worse, and diagnosed with anxiety. The Dr. recommended pain
      management, my internist recommended me to a Rheumatolgist, and my knee Dr. thinks it could have
      something to do with neuropathy and has recommmended a
      nerve conduction test. After all I’ve read about the
      side effects of reclast I’m thinking that must be the
      problem with my body since no Dr. can come up with
      any other reason yet. I intend to tell them all about
      the “side effects” that I’ve read and hope for some
      resolution to my problems.

      • Linda

        Hi I too am suffering from side effects from reclast. I had my third injection in December of 2012, had the normal cramping in the back of my legs for 24 hours, but this time I started having back pain a few weeks later, never thinking it could be related to this injection. I literally could not walk for about 6 weeks without help, dragged my legs by my pants to get them to move. It went from there to my arms where it has been for more than 2 months now. Thank goodness I had a doctor that listened to me She ran every test possible to try and find out the cause and finally agreed with me it had to be the reclast. The only thing she could find is inflammation in the muscles. Not much helps. It gets bearable once in a while and then hits hard all over again. Not to many pain meds seem to help. Hoping this will go away as the reclast clears up

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Linda, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve experienced those effects. 🙁 If you want to get the Reclast out of your system sooner rather than later and start your path to healing, I encourage you to look into Rapid Cleanse. 🙂 You can read about it here:

          I wish you health!

  90. milia shanlikian

    I used to take fosomax and actenol at that time no body say any thing about it,but my doctor prescripet for me again because the bone density is bad now after I took prednisone for 8 months. I like to use natural things for bone density now, if you have any suggestion let me know, thanks.

    • DL

      Sorry to hear about so many things going on for you..You asked for natural bone density, take Vitamin D3 1200 at least 2 x daily along with drinking Milk that is Calcium fortified, like Lactaid brand for Lactose intolerant people, also drink Coconut milk which has even more calcium than regular milks…In addition to your D3 supplement, a regular routine of Calcium 1,500 mg daily should be most helpful. I have had osteoporis for almost 6 yrs and Fibromyalgia, these are the natural things I do daily and have been given the blessing from my physicians…Bless you and good luck, hope this was helpful!

  91. Bonnie Nelson

    I had bone density test today; told I have osteopenia. I am royally confused! I have a hard time believing all this negativity, most written by people who have NO skills in writing and punctuation as to seem like made-up tales supposedly by poorly educated ‘common people’ rather than educated persons who have done their homework. Where my health is concerned, I prefer the educated comments.

    • Monica Kuhn

      Bonnie, I have a few skills in writing….I also am a victim of RECLAST. I’ve had two injections and have debilitating Bone pain. I can’t even move during this pain. Best of luck with regards to your educated doctors!!!!!

    • Bev Ohara

      I just had a heart attack 4/8/13. What a shock as I have no family history of heart disease & my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. were normal or below normal.
      I have read all the comments up to this point & was very surprised that I have just about every side effect people have listed
      Had my one & only infusion about 2 years ago & am still suffering with hip,bone & muscle pain. The extreme fatigue is unbearable. If i’m lucky my laundry & house cleaning gets done once every 4-6 wks. I’ve become a recluse which is causing depression.
      Most recently I am experiencing A-FIB which starts every evening, so i am now taking flexeril at night to relax the heart muscle along with all the new cardiac meds. that I am now on so I can get some sleep. I now am convinced that I will never be the same since the reclast infussuion.
      To those of you whom have had no lasting side effects I am elated for you, but please keep your negative comments to those of us who continue to suffer. 🙂

    • Beverly

      The “common people” who have written here are in deep anguish from pain associated with their reclast infusion..perhaps their hands hurt, maybe they feel awful all over and can barely think straight..severe pain has that effect on some. I think I’m intelligent enough to know you shouldn’t be on this site putting people down who are hurting. Good for you,you only have ostopenia, try osteoporosis and then a potent drug reaction, then slip into our shoes. I believe I had good diction, punctuation and spelled everything correctly. Shame on you! Beverly, 64 and suffering with the others…

      • Bev Ohara

        Writing & punctuation have nothing to do with side effects from medications
        You truly are an ignorant person!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Margarita Diaz

      Sorry I don’t see it your way about the people writing on this site but what seems really suspicious about all this is that this site promotes the sale of other meds and methods and all the posting is negative. ? I use it and feel fine. I did a lot of research and have doctors that did the same before they recommended the Reclast infusion and my decision was based on that. We just love to blame our doctors and pharmaceutical companies when things don’t go well for us. We must do the work and be very clear about our selections in therapy or medication for our individual conditions.

    • Patricia Bagley

      Pain has no respect to the educated or uneducated . Some just know how to express it more clearly.

      • Beverly

        Amen Patricia…

    • christine von senden

      sorry if the people who are suffering from this is not trying to use there perfect writing skills. I tell you what smart ass. go get the reclast, Then use your writing skills to tell us how you feel. I can’t wait. I am 52 yrs old, beat not one but two types of cancer, raised 2 children in the mist of all this and lost my husband. So, i truly don’t have much to complain about. Except the poision i let this dr put in my body and lied to me about it. Please Please go get it done. i’ll give you my e-mail address I can no longer live day by day, not even hour by hour, more like minute by minute. You wanted an educated comment, bitch you got it.

    • Lena

      I AM an EDUCATED person! You say there is so much negativity in all the comments! You should listen to these people, they took the time to warn others. I had the reclast done in 2011, and have lots of unexplained pain. I am 53, and feel like I should be 73! I can’t hardly walk anymore. It has ruined my life. So go ahead “Miss Educated”, take the stuff. In about 6 months or so, see if you haven’t aged 20 years.

      • Julie Mcdaniel

        My Mom lives in New Zealand and also can hardly walk anymore due to reclast. It happened almost immediately. Is there a way you can get it out of your system? My Mom is 78 years old so it has really messed with her life.

      • Beverly

        Lena, I applaud you, you told her way better than I did!

      • christine von senden

        i agree, just wrote her a piece of my mind. body and soul. takes alot to get me upset, but this b…. did

    • Linda Thoma

      These are exactly the people I want to hear from. Who cares if they punctuate, spell or say things as precisely as you. They are living this apparent nightmare.

      I want to read these stories because my sister who is sickly and weighs only about 70lbs was told to get this treatment, and I want her to be aware of what she might have to cope with. I personally turned it down several years ago because of the stories I read, but I wanted to see if there was any change or improvement since then. Obviously there isn’t.

      Okay, is my punctuation correct……you pompous A__!

      Keep going real women…..

    • Ms. Bonnie Nelson

      I have taken Fosamax, and Although I may not be as educated as you, I can asure you, that the pain is real, I took myself off the medication and the bone loss accelrated. I am fighting back with the gym and plenty of calcium, vitamin D3 and K. Sorry if my punctuation isn’t correct but these happen to be TRUE FACTS and I don’t care whether you choose to believe or not.. Uneducated in Missouri

    • PSput

      First of all, we could try kindness and compassion. Many, many people here are elderly and do not have the benefit of education -outside of their life experiences.
      I prefer to hear what they are going through, and am educated enough that I am quite capable of deciphering their effort, their words.
      Thank you.

  92. Madeleine

    According to a Johns Hopkins’ health alert Reclast also increased the incidence of atrial fibrillation in women.

  93. louise nelson

    well its over 3 mo now & iam still in thw worse pain you could emagin ,all from the reclast infusion i had on feb.3 2011. iam so scaired moor things will pop up. my hair is fallinout,brest pain ,{xtreme pearcing head pAin witch comes & goes usualy followed by a headach. & once & a while a breef second ofa black flash where the eye witch experanced the stabing pain accured in. iam tired & if i try to move around to much ,>y pain increes tpo the point all i can do is hope for a bit of sleep. the pain in my long bones witch feels like the bones Are about to explode has now travled to my joints . all & all my life is just not of any quality worth anything… iam at my wits end reading all sots of info on reclast & others reactions . sick of the runaround from the reclast co. dissapointed they will -r cannot help my dr. help me. and so angry iam about to blow up…. iam only posting this becouse i feel as a human to human my reched experance will not happen to any one else.any one with help? reclast was BAD for m

    • christine von senden

      same here, where r u from? i live in ms. i am facing all this alone. I am 52. i feel like 80 Ihave been trying to find a lawyer to help all of us. Maybe u can do the same. my e-mail address is hope to hear from you soon

  94. bea

    vivian i took the reclast shot for one year i was suppose to have another one last october well i read all of your information and i said no way will i ever take it again well now i want to have two theeth implantsand because of the reclast i dont know rather to have it done or not . do you know how long this stays in your system ?also i am on zocor do you think i should get off of that also my ldl is 65 iwant to get off all my meds because i want my bones to get better please answer my question. thank you bea

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Bea,

      Please check out my blog post about what happens when you stop taking osteoporosis drugs: And if you’d like to cleanse your body of the Reclast more quickly, check out my 7 Day Rapid Cleanse.

      I can’t comment on Zocor specifically, but all drugs are acidifying. And although drugs may help temporarily in some situations, unfortunately there’s always a price to pay.

  95. Kathleen Koonjy

    Today I took particular notice of the advertisement for Reclast. I coldnt believe the side effects. thankfully I have never taken any drugs. I try to follow the Save Our Bones program and do my strengthning exercises. Kathleen

  96. Ruth

    Hi Vivian
    You sent me an e mail on March 17/11. How to Test Your Bone Health At Home.I lost that e mail so could you please send it to me again..
    Thanks for all the e mails they are very helpful. Ruth

  97. elizabeth Lewin

    I had reclast last year and suffer from extreme pain. My life has not been the same since taking it last Spring. I have been quite upset and tried to get someone to take it seriously, but to no avail. I tried talking to the drug company them selves, even my doctor has. I sent a complaint and have no response from the complaint. I spoke with a woman who took my information and this company soes not take any responsibility what so ever. I wish I knew before I took it. Thank you for all you do. Elizabeth

    • Ilene Liberman

      I took my infusion of Reclast on Feb. 18, 2011. It was the worst decision of my life. It is know 14 months later and there is no let up on the pain it has caused my body. My legs are the worst. They ache and burn all at the same time. It has also caused joint pain that has been migratory. It also caused popping in my jaw that I never had before. I have all my doctors scratching their heads not knowing what to do for me. My internist has ordered numerous blood studies that come up negative. Although one showed a concern for my kidney function the next blood panel was normal. I was truly concerned when I read about the problems some people were having from Reclast. My endocronologist wants me to be seen by a neurologist and have a nerve conduction test done. I said hell no! My nerves are fine this is all from the Reclast. When the weather is threatening to rain it is even worse. This drug has caused me unending pain that does not let up even if I take asprin or Tylenol type drugs. My biggest concern is that it is permanent. The cherry on top of the agony is that my last bone density reflected no improvement from the Reclast. I have never wanted to sue anyone as much as I do Novartis. I called several times with no help or advice from them. Maybe its time to form a class action suit against them. I’d be in favor of that.

      • Carolyn

        Count me in! I had an infusion in December and have since lost 25 pounds with no end in sight. Reclast is the only change I have made in the last year. Fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite. It’s time for a class- action suit

        • Sherry

          I am so pleased to have found your site, and look forward to learning a great deal about why Reclast has caused a deal of harm and no discernible good thus far for me. I’m very willing to be part of a support or action group on this business.

          • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

            I am glad you “stopped by,” Sherry!

    • louise

      had a reclast infusion on feb.3 & have spent the last 2 months in constant unbarable pain . no meds have helped. my dr. is frustrated. the co. refuses to do anything to help me &all they respond with are request for moor test. they dont even give the curt. of calling my dr.back. he has chased them down & so have i ,but receive NO HELPFROM THE RECLAS CO. all i can do is rest & hope for some resolve. my life has come to a brick wall of pain. feeling like a big lab rat at the expense of my life , $ spent on testing ,dr. apts &~drugs witch do not give any relief. the reclast co. is shamefully unresponsable to my need for help with this problem caused by there bad drug. louise

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        I’m so sorry you’ve been a victim of this drug, Louise. You might want to take a look at my 7 Day Rapid Cleanse, which is designed specifically to speed up the elimination of the osteoporosis drugs from your system.

  98. Nu Ly

    Now, I don’t take any drug for osteoporosis,
    just fllow the Save our bones program, the nature way. Thank you for your information.

  99. Chris Alexander

    Will oral Hyuronic Acid make me too acidic, or does it become alkaline through digestion? I find it helpful for my joints.


  100. Michelle

    This information is so one sided it should be considered propaganda. What was the kidney function of the patients before they were infused. I wouldn’t trust information from someone selling competing products such as this book. Beware of where your information comes from. Reclast is a good drug, helping many many people if given correctly.

    • Patricia Bagley

      I don’t know how Reclast could be given incorrectly but since my infusion,July31,2012,I have been in horrible pain. It started out as a sore throat then my ankles ,feet,hands ,fingers,wrist, elbows.knees ,shoulders,neck and on each side of my head. I guess that includes my whole body.I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist next week,Sept.2,2012.This pain is real and doesn’t seem to be going away.I hope There is relief in sight for all of us. God Bless !

    • Jeni Rader

      my husband lies in ICU on life support 6 days after being given RECLAST, had to have exploratory surgery due to side effects of stomach and intestinal distress…now has developed ARDS and in critical condition…ARDS IS ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME, some call it ADULT RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME. this is a secondary infection or devastating condition of the lungs…GOOGLE IT AND BE PREPARED TO BE SCARED after reading the info available on this. oh, by the way, my husband developed kidney trauma also, got down to 27 percent function only. my husband also had severe pain thru out his body in all muscles and bones and joints…all the way down the hall while being wheeled to emergency surgury to relieve the distress in his gut. AND BECAME SEPTIC AND WENT INTO SEPTIC SHOCK!!! THERE IS MORE TO HIS STORY, BUT ALL HE WANTED WAS STRONGER BONES BECAUSE HE COULD BARELY WALK ANYMORE..I PRAY, AND EVERYONE THAT KNOWS AND LOVES ALBERT DOES ALSO, GOD HELP ALL MEDICAL PEOPLE INVOLVED IN SAVING HIS LIFE FIND THE WAY TO DO SO QUICKLY…”WE LOVE YOU ALBERT, BLESS YOUR HEART, BLESS YOUR LIFE, BLESS ALL THOSE HELPING…” THANK YOU, JENI………..

    • louise nelson

      you my friend sound alot like a co. plant from reclast! YES you do ,Or perhaps a plant from the FDA? they realy shouldent have allowed this reclast drug on the market. i know we ,The people with life changing reactions, are only a # to you,perhaps just the cost of doing biz. but let me tell u my pain is real ,it is every day all day all night with NO RELIEF. the pain only gets moor intense & now along with my long bones its in my joints. i havent been able to do a thing since my reclast infusion feb 2011. thats a lot of life to lose… if you serach around on any sights out there u will find so many people with even worse reactions than mine , so many it will make you sick to think our gov. allowed this tragic drug to happen. you may read alot of bad reactions here becouse we need help. we are searching for any answer. i for one m so mad & so terrified i will look at almost any straw of hope to rid my body of this . just hope you arnt a plant . that would make me realy sick. if u r. ell them iam still in pain

    • Terri Barlow-brown

      Interesting response, did you say that you worked for that drug company. Just make sure you do your own research on this drug before you go ballistic about conflict of interest bias.
      We are all capable of making our own minds up on things not taking just one side of things.

    • elizabeth Lewin

      I have nothing to sell. Never had any signs or complications with my kidney or liver and within 10 hours after this drug infusion, it felt like someone was twisting my bones without relief. I can not say anything about other people and the use of this drug, but I can say that this drug drastically changed my life for the worse. I have had chronic pain for almost a year now. The last month I have finally started to tolerate the level of pain compared to months of extreme pain where the swelling, bone pain and muscle aches were unbearable. I think that yes, it is true some people do use propagana, but I will do anything in my power to NEVER use this drug again.

    • Carole

      It is one thing to question the efficacy of certain reports but it is another entirely Not to question how drugs, which have at the heart of their very constituents the same stuff which is in Tide washing powder etc., could possibly do a human body any good whatsoever. Unless that is if one is used to consuming dregs from sludge as in some of our foodstuffs such as trans fats, soya protein from GM, glucose syrup etc., in which case one can always find a justification to suit an argument!

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