New Year Off To A Bad Start For Osteoporosis Drugs - Save Our Bones

The year 2009 has just begun, and it looks like it will be a year of big surprises – at least for the makers of Osteoporosis drugs. New information is opening up the door to many unanswered questions and suspicions about the most commonly prescribed drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva.

On December 31st, just on time to herald the New Year, Reuters reported the following:

Diane Wysowski of the FDA's division of drug risk assessment said researchers should check into potential links between bisphosphonate drugs and cancer. In a letter in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, Wysowski said since the initial marketing of Fosamax, known generically as alendronate, in 1995, the FDA has received 23 reports in which patients developed esophageal tumors. Typically, two years lapsed between the start of the drug and the development of esophageal cancer. Eight patients died, she reported. In Europe and Japan, 21 cases involving Fosamax have been logged, with another six instances where Procter & Gamble's Actonel or risedronate and Didronel or etidronate, and Roche's Boniva (ibandronate) may have been involved. Six of those people died.

The article also comments on the known fact that these drugs can cause “esophagitis, which is an inflammation of the lining of the tube carrying food to the stomach…which is why patients are instructed to remain upright for at least a half hour after taking them.”

As if this were not enough, on January 2nd 2009 The New England Journal of Medicine
(Volume 360:53-62) published an article titled “Giant Osteoclast Formation and Long-
Term Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy” by Robert M. Weinstein, M.D., et al., that seems to shatter everything we were told about how these drugs work.

Until this study, bisphosphonates were believed to destroy osteoclasts, the crucial bone cells that remove bone so new bone can be deposited. But now – and I’m quoting from the article’s conclusion – “long-term alendronate treatment is associated with an increase in the number of osteoclasts, which include distinctive giant, hypernucleated, detached osteoclasts that are undergoing protracted apoptosis.” And to make matters worse, nobody knows what these strange cells can do!

And last but not least, even though it is a known fact that bisphosphonates can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw, few expected the definitive study in the January 1st issue of Journal of the American Dental Association stating that “even short-term oral use of alendronate led to osteonecrosis of the jaw.” According to Science Daily (January 2, 2009):

This is the first large institutional study in the U.S. to investigate the relationship between oral bisphosphonate use and jaw bone death, said principal investigator Parish Sedghizadeh, assistant professor of clinical dentistry with the USC School of Dentistry. After controlling for referral bias, nine of 208 healthy School of Dentistry patients who take or have taken Fosamax for any length of time were diagnosed with osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). The study's results are in contrast to drug makers' prior assertions that bisphosphonate-related ONJ risk is only noticeable with intravenous use of the drugs, not oral usage, Sedghizadeh said. “We've been told that the risk with oral bisphosphonates is negligible, but four percent is not negligible,” he said. The results confirm the suspicions of many in the oral health field, he said. “Here at the School of Dentistry we're getting two or three new patients a week that have bisphosphonate-related ONJ,” he said, “and I know we're not the only ones seeing it.”

I am really not surprised that this information is now divulged by mainstream medicine because sooner or later, as in the case of Vioxx, the truth will be known. My heart is with all those who are suffering the horrible consequences of being human guinea pigs. As the list of serious side-effects of bisphosphonates continues to grow, I hope that those who are given a prescription will question its value and at least try to discover the truth about these drugs and seek a safe and natural alternative.

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    Hello, I just came across your page. I am an intestinal failure patient and suffer from SBS, malobsorption, osteoporosis, Crohns disease and psoriatic arthritis. Yesterday I was infused with both Reclast and Remiciad. Today I am sick with a fever of 102, severe lethargy, nausea, chest pain and joint pain and weakness. Help! I feel like a major mistake was made infusing both treatments on the same day.


      Try CBDs. I recommend Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp oil extract. Classic 6x. Get off the prescribed drugs, they will kill you.
      I have systemic lupus in remission.
      I used medical marijuana in the form of Rick Simpson Oil to cure the Psoriatic arthritis. It is gone.
      I have no signs of lupus.
      The CBD/THC treatment is excellent. If you use either or both of those and get off the man-made posions, you will feel better. I promise. 🙂

  2. jenifer rose moss

    have been using actonel for 4 months. constant stomach aches, loose stools,
    general feeling, nor good. nervous to eat out. have deided to stop using this. have requestd colonoscopy, and contacted a natureapth.

    anyone else having the sme problems?

    • Diane

      I am completely messed up from one month of Fosamax(generic)! Was unable to sleep,burning stomach, got arthritis pains in fingers and wrists, swelling in knees and elbows. ANXIETY-off the charts. I have been off a month and have severe stiffness in neck and upper back. Also get HORRIBLE neck spasms. Have been back to my Rheumatologist. All blood tests came back normal. He put me on Cymbalta, Aleve and muscle relaxers. None of these are working well yet. I went from a hiking, kayaking,weight lifting 62 year old to a couch residing Momma. Sure hope this pain goes away soon. It’s been a month since I got off the drug. How long till I feel better???

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Diane, it’s so sad to hear about the issues you’re experiencing. If you want to get the drugs out of your system faster, I encourage you to check out Rapid Cleanse. It’s a 7-day cleanse designed to rid the body of toxic osteoporosis drugs. You can get the details here:

        I wish you a speedy recovery!

  3. Jennifer

    Dear Vivian,

    I sincerely appreciate your program and am grateful that you are warning woman about the dangers of osteoporosis drugs. But I think that your wonderful website is missing a key piece of information. Over 1,000 people in the U.S will develop weak bones because of hyperparathyroidism, a disease in which a parathyroid gland develops a non-cancerous tumor. The tumor secretes too much parathyroid hormone, which causes the bones to release too much calcium into the blood. This results in osteopenia and osteoporosis. Exercise and diet will not cure hyperparathyroidism.

    Too few people — doctors included — recognize the link between osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism. This video by Dr. James Norman shows the bone breakdown process caused by the elevated PTH in hyperparathyroid patients. I would be so grateful if you could let your website visitors know about it.

    Thank you very kindly,

  4. Marian Grzys

    Can you address the problem of discordance between hip and spine bone density?

  5. Caroline

    I am 45 years old and have osteoporosis of the hip and ostopenia of the spine. I have purchased your programme and intend to go along this course rather than medicate. However, my endocrinologist has recommended that I go on the Microgynon oestrogen contracepion pill in order to get through menopause without further bone loss. I have started taking these and just do not feel myself. Have put on weight and am more hungry, moody, lethargic and tired. Has anyone else gone down this road? and I am interested to hear your take on this Vivian? Thanks for everything.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Caroline, I don’t recommend hormone replacement; it’s unnatural to supplement hormones that normally dwindle with age. As mammals, we were created so that we can maintain our health without interfering with the normal biological cycles.

  6. Customer Support

    Hi Trudi,

    Just go to and click on any of the yellow “Add to Cart” links below the video.

  7. Karen Stryker

    I have Barrett’s Esophagus after taking Simivastatin for 2 yrs. I quit 2 yrs of aldronate/Fosamax 2 yrs ago and a Reclast infusion 1 yr ago. I’m in pain with this dry chronic bumps throat. I quit all Simivastatin, vitamins, citrus, etc n still choke on foods. My older brother just died after finding out he had esophagus cancer that went to lymph and brain and was dead in one month. I’m scared as I still have a 91 mom to take care of and younger brother died of stroke. I’m normally a VERY healthy 60 yr old. Suggestions?

    • Akshay

      If the problem is brekon auto-responders then try to solve that problem. I was the Director of Support for a good size startup. Our emails always had reply-tos that went into our support system. And I my email account was set up as the catch all . There is room for tools to manage this situation but it’s really not that big of a deal.The thing that is exasperating is that these companies otherwise spend millions of dollars trying to talk to customers and prospective customers. And yet refuse to accept email from them.

  8. Debra Stepp

    I am interested in finding out since I have suffered 3 fractures to the T8 T9 if there is hope for me. I to experienced the scare tactics from my Doctors but choose to tear the prescription up. I am suffering with my hip and my spine. Is there something out there that I can do to stop and reverse since I am already fracturing. I am 56 and the suffering is becoming unbearable. I have not be able to find out from any Doctor what exercise I can safely do it seems like they do not want to talk to you if you do not take their prescription. They actually get mad at me. Please someone help me.

  9. a barnes

    Please tell me your opinion of Evista as a treatment for my osteoporosis of the spine, and osteopenia of both hips. Some articles I have read say that once you have osteoporosis, it can’t be changed but only halted. Is this right? I realize these are two separate questions, but would sincerely appreciate your opinion on both. Thank you

  10. Betty Scott

    I have stopped my medication Actinol now for one month now! My doctor ordered Forteo for me last month. Instead,I have now ordered from the dent sale “Save our bones program…I believe I can improve my own bones> I am so hopeful to see results by my next bone density tests which I also read are not always accurate…Vivian can you comment or do an article on this info on bone density testing? Thanks Betty

  11. Brenda Poynter

    Thanks for the information on osterporosis drugs. I have a dental history so I have decided against the drugs. Brenda

  12. Martha Combs

    A doctor gave me a free 4 months supply of Actonel a few years ago, when I read the directions on the pkg. I threw it all in the trash, I have gerd, and I will not put that stuff in my stomach. He also gave me a prescription for Vioxx, and I took it for a while, but, since it didn’t help me, I quit its use too. Later I saw the recall. I just live with the bone loss. I am afraid of doctors, anymore. Have had cancer three times. I did have the Chemo treatments the last time, and Retuxin. I am 76 years old.

  13. Sujatha Mathai

    Hi Vivian
    I have been taking Fosamax since 2003. I also take a large dose of calcium every day. A dislocation in my back causes me quite alot of difficulty.I cannot exercise and walk as much as i used to.
    I also notice difficulty in swallowing, and have to drink alot of water to get my food down!
    Is it safe to STOP Alendronate at this stage?

  14. Max Bennett

    I agree with you re: the potentially negative effects of these pharmaceuticals. However, I would also like to hear your perspective on Forteo which is a different approach. It is a teriparatide developed & marketed by Lily.

    My wife has (had) an osteoporosis condition so severe that a minor backyard fall shattered her L1 & did other major damage resulting in 3 surgeries in just a 9 day period. Post surgery her last Dex was 50% WORSE than the previous 6 month scan even tho she has been on mega doses of Calcium carbonate (I now know this is not the “GOOD” calcium) and substantial doses of D3.
    She is in such chronic pain & fear of additional fractures that she is bedridden 50% of the time. Please tell me what you know of the functional mechanism & methodology of the Forteo medication, as we are currently trying to evaluate it. She has been taking it for a couple months now. Thank you very much for your work, Viv
    Max Bennett

  15. Lynda

    I recently had a baseline bone desity at age 50 and the results showed Osteoporosis! My mom has it and my bone doctor has ordered a MVI, Vit D 1000, and continue with my Soy milk and yogurts, as well as strenth training and walking(which I already do). I am confused as what I should be doing in regards to the milk?Yogurt? Vitamins? Any help?

  16. Joyce

    I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient, have been receiving Remicade infusions for about a year. just recently I am diagnosed with ostoperosis. the scan showed 4 stress fractures on top of each other.My doctor suggested that I take forteo and I do not agree with his suggestion. my question, in your opinion, am I forming a bad relationship with the doctor, or in your opinion,does this decision make me a “bad person”? I am female, 73 years old, need response.

  17. Cheryll Valero

    my mother always said ‘you are what you eat’

  18. Patricia Davis

    Re: your last paragraph on the “Bad Start for Osteoporosis Drugs”, I did doubt my doctor’s prescription for Fosamax, when he wrote it for me. By questions, searches and luck, I ended up in a clinical trial that compares results between Reclast and Fortero (double-blind study). I will send an update to your website comment list in about 8 months when I am near the end of the study.
    People, check your states and local universities for these clinical studies. They may help you.

  19. Judy Ericson

    What can you tell me of the shingles vaccination and the pnumonia vaccination that is recommended for elderly people?? Thanks

    • Patricia Davis

      I just received the shingles vaccination this last Friday, because it was offered as part of a TARP program in our state. I had one mild bout of shingles 4 years ago, will not court having another. No reactions. Just like a flu shot.
      The pneumonia shot is even more important, especially if the person is older, less active, and on his or her back a lot. Pneumonia is more pervasive in hospitals and care homes than chicken pox or shingles!
      Get the shots if you can.

  20. Karen Pontzious

    I have taken bisphosphonate drug Aredia for metastic breast cancer to the bones for 10 years. I have fractured both femurs in last 3 years and am learning it is the drug use that is causing fractures in other womens femurs. Those were takin Fosamax for osteoporis and there is a support group and all in the group have had femur fractures after long term usage of the bisphosphonate drug.

  21. MaryJane

    I need to gain weight. I am 5 ft. 4 inches and weigh 106. The wonderful alkalizing diet is great for losing weight. But how can I gain a few pounds?

  22. Brenda

    My doctor took me off Fosamax for a year after a diagnosis of colitis. My number was -2.5 at that time. I have since developed growing pain in my shoulder and hip and an x-ray showed no broken bones but a demineralization of the area. He had me taking 4 calcium pills a day during that time. Can that cause the pain? My doctor insisted that I go back on Fosamax this month. He is urging Reclast due to my colitis. I am very nervous about doing this.

    • RITA


  23. Shirley Lowes

    Since I’m in a wheelchair & can’t walk, will this program work for me. Drs. want me to try forteo, but this wasn’t tested on someone like myself, only mobile persons were tested.
    Thank you

  24. aisie

    Dear Vivian,

    I have severe osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia of the hips and have recently come off fosamax which I took for about 6 years. I have had 3 ops for prolapse so the jumping exercises may not be the best thing for me – also I have spondylolisthesis and a previous spinal fracture.

  25. Trudy

    why do you citicise the author, her book & her website? Are you a doctor, pharmacist or did you have a positive result with this drug (Reclast) yourself?
    I would appreciate some information.
    Many thanks! Trudy

  26. Kathy E

    I live in Australia where the Aclasta infusion has recently become available on the Pharmacutical Benefits Scheme. Thus being given now to the general public.

    I was told that after having approx 3 (yearly) infusions I would most likely never need anymore infusions for the rest of my life.

    This encouraged me to have the procedure but the after effects I had were quite severe and I wonder if this is ‘normal’.

    I was told I may experience flu like symptoms, which began almost 6 hours after the infusion but proceded to make every part of my body sore. I couldn’t even bear the covers on my bed to touch me. Also I had a slight tightening of the chest.

    These symptoms decreased over 4 days but I still felt very unwell and proceeded to get a head cold which then lasted another week.



  28. jane broderick

    I was told over 10 years ago I have Severe Osteoporosis. My Dr prescribed miacalcin nose spray, I used it, then was also put on Fosamax with it I took it, had severe esophgeal problems, have had it stretched 2 times now, then was put on Forteo injections, did that for 2 years and hung over the toilet like I was going through chemo treatments it was SO bad, was through with that then He wanted to put me on Actonel, I finally read Vivian’s book and told him enough already and stopped going to him. I treat myself now and feel better. I take calcium, magnesium citrate liquid naturally blueberry flavored walk when I can take 1000 mg of Vitamin D3 and think to myself I’m 53 and I will not be told what to do by a Dr that could care less about how I felt on all that. Thank you Vivian for all your research. My husband would refuse to ever let a Dr treat me that way again and think the getting sick was “all in my head”!! Jane Broderick

  29. ruth wilday

    I cannot BELIEVE the number of people who just take what their doctor recomends without doing any research or even asking their pharmacist about possible side effects! Now, with computers available to anyone, I do not understand why everyone does not google (drug name) side effects and check for themselves.

    I get Dr. Mercolas’ newsletter and he had an excellent article relevent to the subject of osteoporosis ” The Miracle of Magnesium” by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Have you seen her research? She recomends starting with a 1 to 1 proportion of calcium to magnesium and my altrenative practitioner verifys that he treats bone density problems with magnesium very successfully. He uses muscle testing to verify frequency and dosage.

    Ruth Wilday

    • Karen Pontzious

      Ten years ago we were not aware of researching out what the doctor prescribed for us. And once you have the bones that keep fracturing it is little to late for herbs only! I do believe in naturalpathic medicines but there is also a place for pharmeacutical medicine. Depending on your disease. I have breast cancer which has metasized to the bones really don’t think magnesium is the solution to my problem.

  30. Christina

    Dear Vivian
    Is it possible that after stopping Actonel some four months ago, on reading your site, that the upper back pain I have developed is a side effect of having taken it for 3 years. The pain is very strong and is mainly neck shoulder to the left and down the left arm, and it is the first time in my life I have suffered any form of back pain. (I guess I am lucky). I have had to visit a chiropractor which has helped, he said it is a joint but that I have muscle spasm which has to be dealt with first. Is this just tension which has built up, or could it be related to having taken Actonel once a week for 3 years. (The pain is unbearable without painkillers). I do thank you so much once again, and hope for a reply to my email address preferably and on line too for others to see. thanks again

    • Diane

      Have the same symptom and got it after only a month of Fosamax….am on Aleve, Cymbalta(only a week so far) and muscle relaxer…nothing working too well yet!

  31. Marti

    I have received your book and read it at one sitting. I have been prescribed Fosamax and taken 3 doses, but will take no more. However, I am in a pickle because of diet retrictions (cancer survivor with soy restrictions, also). As I read, it seems this diet is essentially a vegan diet, but without the use of grains (the exception being millet!). The 80/20 recommnedations for a meal seem almost impossible to achieve. Are there any courses or dietitians out there who could help with this? For the time being I am stopping drinking any large amount of milk, using yogurt regularly, and reducing the amount of animal protein and upping my exercise. I have shopped in “Whole Foods” type stores for years now to get rid of additives in our food.
    I am 62 with osteoporosis in spine and osteopenia in hip. I have also a compression fracture in spine. Thanks for your efforts to help us all who are living long lives with more problems every day.

  32. Shirley

    After being on Fosamax for about 10 years and w/o much improvement in bone density, I am wondering if my bones will ever have any flexibility again if I follow your method. I have suffered 2 broken legs in the last 10 years so I guess I have brittle bones. My spine and hips are -2.4 and -1.5 respectively. Thank you for answering my question.

    • Margaret Kerr

      I would appreciate knowing what you replied to these questions.

      Thank you

  33. jane broderick

    Hi Vivian,
    Where have you been? We have moved to CO and didn’t know if my emailed followed.
    I missed you. Hopefully I will hear from you.


  34. Linda Hirsh

    Thank you very much for this very informative information. I have shared this with the women at the Curves where I exercise. Sincerly, Linda

  35. jane

    I just recently had a dexa scan and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. The Dr. put me on Fasomax and the first week I felt dizzy off and on,also felt funny when I laid down. By the third week, which was my third dose,my legs from my knees down had a slight warm numbing feeling. Very restless, expecially at night. Headaches, back ache and horrible neck pain. Went back to my Dr. and he wanted me to get off of Fasomax and start Evista, I read the side effects and couldn’t believe it. It mentioned it could cause a warm feeling in the calves,leg pain,chest pain, back aches, which I have already experienced with Fasomax. So I have decided not to take any drugs and try natural means you have suggested. I have increased my vitamin C with D seems to be helping already.
    The next thing I need to do is read your book. Can’t wait to see what else I can do to reverse this horrible aging process. Thanks for all of the info and for every comment I have read that has helped me make this important decision in my life. I am an active 62 year old and want to stay that way. Jane

  36. kate gubbins

    For those of you in the UK, there was a piece in the press yesterday which says that according to the Nat Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence, doctors are ONLY allowed to prescribe alendronate, the cheapest drug for osteoporosis, even though 1 in 4 women suffer crippling side-effects or do not respond to it.
    The article says ” those who cannot tolerate it must wait untreated until their condition worsens by up to 60% before they are allowed alternative medication, which can take up to 5 years”
    Apparently the cheapest form of alendronate costs £2.00 per month, whereas Protelos, which causes fewer side effects costs £1.00 per day!
    Not that I would ever take alendronic acid after everything Vivian has told us about it.

  37. marcia

    To Nancy who is taking acisphex for Barretts esophagus. I see a gastroenterologist in Marietta Ga. who has a system called Halo which he uses to treat the condidion. A slender tube is inserted and the patch off Barretts is burned off. When it heals the normal tissue is restored and the Barretts is gone. There is a lot if info on the internet on the procedure.

  38. Elena

    Comment by Vivian Goldschmidt
    2009-01-09 01:04:22
    Hi Beverly,

    It depends on what type of calcium you are taking.


    Reply to this comment
    Comment by Elena
    2009-01-12 23:33:32
    Hi Vivien,

    I am a heavy coffe drinker myself, and I keep ‘postponing’ my Calcium intake during the day, because I am having more than one cup of coffe.
    You are not really answering Bev’s question: can we have coffe with Calcium, how much do you need to wait? Most of the supplements require that you take the Ca with food. Could you please ellaborate on how to take the Ca, carbonate vs citrate and other types? Is the “Tums” a good alternative to the big pills or we shoud avoid it if we have osteoporosis?



  39. Heather Cavaye

    At the presnet time, I am taking “Didrocal” by Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc. In November, I had a bone density scan which showed quite serious bone loss. The same test taken by starting Didrocal was normal. As a result, my doctor has now prescribed Fosamax which fortunately for me, I have NOT started to take and with this news, I will go back to calcium citrate which I was taking when the bone scans were normal. Thanks for keeping we lay people informed. Looking forward to receiving your book.

  40. Patricia Ducey

    Hi Vivian, Happy New Year! I love your book. I’ll never take any of these drugs they try to push me. As a matter of fact I’m changing doctors.

  41. Lottie Bendele

    Dear Vivian,
    I am so greatful to have found you when I was looking for the side effects on
    Actonel, which I only took 1 month and didn’t like the way it made me feel. Before I was on Boniva for around 6 months and was swelling so bad that’s when Dr took me off and then I just took myself off it all. After about 10 months I finally feel like the same person I was before all the medications.I’m trying to get my sister off the Fosomax but still working on that one.
    Bless You for helping Others,

  42. Christina

    Thanks very much Vivian. I stopped taking Actonel almost as soon as I had read the first e mails from you, however I have taken it for 3 years up until then. I do have, and it is very, very recent, an aching jawbone on one side only right near the ear. I had major dental restorations in May 2006 and have never felt my bite was right (my occlusion), so am hoping it is more likely this causing the pain.

    Once again, thank you so much.

  43. Susan Lillard

    Dear Vivian,
    I just started taking Alendronate Sodium because of a recent bone density test.
    My Rheumatologist put me on it. I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis. I sure do
    not need any extra joint pain. I am very confused, please help. I do not like
    the things I am hearing about it.


  44. Bonnie

    These letters scare me. I have taken Boniva for 2 yrs. My recent bone density test shows it isn’t improving my bones. I just received a shipment of Forteo. My Dr. wants me to use it for 2 years, now I’m afraid to start.
    I should tell you I have severe Scelosis in my back, it is quite curved but I still do most things. I am 77 yrs. old

  45. Gerry Hilton

    Good morning,
    received your book yesterday and spent the night reading it. Good stuff! I’m 72 yrs. old and was told I had Osteoporosis by my Dr. 3 weeks ago. He made it sound like I’m gonna die if I don’t take his crummy pills. Obviously, there’s a better way and I’m going to try that. THANK YOU.

  46. Evelina

    Thank you Vivian for taking your time to research all this. I’m so happy to know that I have not taking this medication. The doctor prescribed Fosomax to me few years ago but after reading the side effect I decided to research it before I start to take it and that’s how I found your web site. After reading the information you are giving us that was the confirmation I need it to trashed the Fosomax I bought. One more time thank you for doing this and may the Lord bless you mightly.

  47. Delores

    There is something very wrong with the osteophrosis diagnoses. It seems incredible that a bone density scan alone determines the present of weak bones. I do believe that medications also play a part in weakening bones; but this does not appear to be a concern of doctors. When that bone density scan comes back from the lab, it is “Bible” to the doctor. I have refused to take any medication for the bone density report of 2.66 reading. My refusal does not please my doctor. I am 73 years old with no other conditions. I eat sensibly, and I exercise regularly, and I feel just great all the time. I appreciate this reasearch from Vivian and will continue to follow up on findings.

  48. Faith Mccann-Mangione

    WOW!! I am amazed with all the reports and various experpeinces people have shared. And I thank everyone who has. I am in my early 50,s and I too ,have been informed of my lumbar,is very low-.0.3. I was also recommended to take Aclasta, or the actonel tabs. But after reading all the reports,,hm hm Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be heading down to the pharmacy for any of those drugs.Not now, Thank-you for the eye opener. whew! that was close. thank-you Vivian,,,,, Faith

  49. Helen Techmanski

    Have had compression fractures in my back. Very painful. I have been on sterioids for pulmonary fibrosis. (I believe was caused by chemo treatment for colon cancer. also have neuropathy hands and feet). Think that Prednisone caused my osteo. Now they want me to take Fosamax Don’t I have enough side effects from medication. I am 75 years old and was very ac tive and healthy and strong before chemo. Its been downhill every since. Maybe you should check out some of these other medications they give us. I am following your advice and taking calcium supplements and vit. d i get from health food store. Keep up the good work and go get those drug mfgs Vivian.

    • George

      Anyone being prescribed chemo should ask their doctor about IPT. Most doctors are not familiar with this therepy, which allows a 10% dose of chem to be as effective as a full dose. Much lower, or non existant, side effects.
      For more info check website George

  50. cheryll valero

    Hi Vivian,

    Have been aware of you and your work for several months now. Feel I should have done my research when starting to take alendronic acid, over 2 years ago. My dentist alerted me to osteonecrosis and at that point I stopped taking it and have no intention of ever taking it again. Have felt fine ever since. Doctor definitely appeared miffed at my going against her advice. Never had a problem taking it – no obvious side effects – however, a over a year ago a tooth split in two and it got me wondering why this should have happened and eventually found a dentist who I felt comfortable with, who, fortunately, alterted me to osteonecrosis, as mentioned above. I believe I have read somewhere that alendronic acid can cause teeth so split. I began to wonder whether other teeth would follow suit. I definitely get some unusual sensations in my teeth but my dentist managed to salvage half the tooth as the remaining half was firm whereas the other half was wobbly and had to be extracted. He said that in view of the alendronic acid I had taken there was even more reason to try and salvage the firm half.

    I have tried to take good care of myself and my body over the years and, on the whole, in spite of under active thyroid (for which I have taken thyroxine for the past few years) and some allergies, I feel quite well most of the time, even better since spending a week with my elderly father who is cared for by a Hungarian nurse, who prepares good, wholesome recipes for my dad.

    It takes courage to go against the medical profession but I am very glad I have done this. It is sad that they are so obviously at the mercy of the prospering drug companies and that ordinary people are treated like guineau pigs.

    I will continue to take much interest in your postings.

  51. maria

    Hi Vivian

    Hope you reply to my inquiry if Actonel can interfere with walking and balance? I have another question–does it cause high blood pressure? I follow a good diet, buy organic when possible–no meat, plenty of vegetables and fruits, home made vegetable/fruit juices, Noni and Pomegranate juices, soy milk light, tofu, raw unsalted nuts, seeds, soy protein, baked salmon, beans, brown rice, egg beaters, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, red apple cider vinegar, herbs, garlic, turmeric, ginger, stevia, no salt, high fiber cereal low on sugar, oatmeal, vitamins, supplements and green tea sans caffeine, adequate amount of good water and yet even with 3 meds my BP at times gets dangerously high and have heart arrythmia with supraventricular tachycardia and fibrillation. Almost died last year–pretty scary. Doctors don’t seem to know the cause, and I surely would like to get off BP and arrythmia meds. I seem to be tired all the time and get short of breath and stressed out easily. These problems started before I went off Actonel.

    Appreciate other readers’s comments and yours in particular. Thank you very much. Blessings in your path. Maria

  52. mona

    Hi Vivian. Thanks for your all valuable information about all the killing drugs, Pls keep us inform about any new research, Once more a big thank.

  53. Sheena

    For years doctors have been prescribing drugs for my osteoporosis which promptly made me feel so ill that even the doctors told me to stop taking each one before insisting that I try another one. The last was Boniva which gave me severe heartburn, something I was lucky enough not to have before.

    What angers me is that the doctors always imply that I have done something wrong, that I don’t give each prescription enough of a trial. They seem to have no concept that their patients are not dummies and in this information age are well-informed about their meds.

    In my own family a close relative had a doctor who insisted she take cholesterol-lowering drugs, and keep on taking them even though she developed weakness in her legs, said to be a side-effect of statins. The doctor said that would pass when she stopped taking the drugs. It did not improve even though she stopped taking them, and walking became more difficult, yet she lived to 87 years old. We must insist that the slavish relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical companies be studied and results brought to light.

  54. JoAnn Streit

    I was told I have osteopenia after a bone density test. I am 58 and up until I took Fosomex I was very active. I run in races ( 10k or 5k), golf, rollerblade, and life weights. After being on Fosomex I became winded, could not run a mile, could not run up stairs, had a constant cough and mucous dripping down my throat. My doctor thought it was an allergy and tried MANY medications. He finally sent me to an allergist who did extensive tests. After the tests she said to me “you won’t believe this but you are allegic to nothing. The Fosomex is causing your problems. The reflux is causing an irritation, causing the mucous and the cough. All of this was affecting my stamina and breathing. I stopped taking Fosomex and am 90% better. I will never take bone medicine again!

  55. alice kahl

    I have refused to take the drugs in question because of possible dental problems. I have been told to take calcium with D—1800 units a day; however, I now have still been diagnosed with 50% deficiency in Vitamin D. This must be the latest out in the medical community….what gives???

    • George

      Two comments on vitamin D: 1. Always use vitamin D3, the natural form. 2. The amount needed varies with the individual. Levels up to 20,000 I.U. per day have been required. Do not take high levels without consulting a good doctor.

  56. Clara

    Hello Vivian
    Thank you so much for all this information.
    Please keep your articles coming as I do appreciate it very much.
    I am terrified of the side effects of this drugs for osteoporosis ,I am so
    relieved no take any more.
    You have actually opened my eyes as to what some medications can cause more harm than good.
    I am very glad to read all the comments.
    Sincere thanks and appreciation. YOU ARE MY ANGEL.

    Best regards

  57. Patsy Bartee

    I go to an ND. He told me even if I have all the calcium in the world it is like having bricks, but without enough hormones – no mortar! He tested my hormones and I was very low in DHEA (a precursor to hormones), and PET (progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone). He also blood tested my Vitamin D (explaining it is more like a hormone than a vitamin)and “loaded” me up, then retested and put me on a maintenance dose. He said bones need 13 different minerals, etc. I have found transdermal magnesium to be an interesting addition to my regiment (taking calcium without enough magnesium is a very bad idea!).

  58. Ruth Cherico

    Thank you so much for your information on Fosomax, Boniva, etc. The doctor put me on Fosomax about 10 years ago. I have been taking one pill once a week without fail. I have had no side effects and my bone density studies are excellent. I am still 9′ tall and my weight has remained the same. Admittedly your article has scared me as who knows what ugly repercussion can arise for me in the future. I down loaded your article and forwarded it on to my doctor today asking for her comments.

  59. Kathy

    Hi, Vivian:
    I just ordered your book- I’m excited about receiving it and looking for needed advice. I have RA and am on Enbrel, Methotrexate and Plaquenil, meds which are keeping me in remission and preserving my joint function, but can adversely affect bone health and my exisitng osteoporosis. I have been on Fosomax for 4 years- hasn’t helped but this may be because of the RA meds. My rheumotologis has suggested I read about Forteo- I have and I am petrfied. Is there a way I can balance my RA and osteoporosis( I’m ready to give up the Fosomax)? Thank you!- and a healthy, happy new year to all of us!

  60. Donna L.

    I have been diagnosed with osteopenia, but my doctor did not prescribed anything for me (thank God!) I ordered the book for my mom who was diagnosed with osteoporosis after she fell and broke a wrist. She was put on Fosamax for a while but when we found out her doctor was not even checking her liver enzymes since taking it, she took herself off of it.

    I am a Christian and take the word of God, the Bible seriously. I find it interesting to discover the our word “pharmacy” comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia” and can also be translated as “witchcraft”! Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit when He ascended into heaven and the Holy Spirit will lead all who will follow Him into all truth! His word commands us not to have anything to do with “witchcraft” and I for one will not!

    I am looking forward to reading your book when my mother is done with it.

    • j

      if this is the case take nothing science give and trust in the lord. At least your mum has tried

  61. Mary

    Thank you so much for the information. I have been advised to take these medications, as the Doctors swear by. I refused after I took one pill and it made me sick for a week.I think you are on the right track. Your information is good to know.

  62. Lynn Baynham

    Hi Vivian,

    Life is so interesting! I was diagnosed with severe osteo in my spine and my hips last year. I am 57 years old, and was told that my bone density is way below the normal level for someone my age. I also have a very high fracture risk in the thoracic area. My doctor prescribed Actonel, which I picked up, but after reading the possible side effects, I just could not bring myself to even taking one pill. I can’t explain it, but my gut instinct was not to take this medication. I was scheduled to have dental surgery last Fall, and because of the effects that Actonel can have on the healing process, and jaw pain, I decided not to take this medication. My dental surgeon was very pleased that I had followed my intuition.

    The doctor has done many tests to rule out secondary causes of this low density. So far, nothing has shown up. My mother had severe osteo, and so does one of my sisters, so the doctor said it is probably hereditary. I have a lot of back pain, and have been off work for almost a year. An MRI showed a herniated disk which is pressing on a nerve root, which is probably the cause of my pain. I exercise each day, and try to go for a walk every day. If it is too nasty outside, I walk inside and up and down my stairs.

    I am scheduled for a nucluear bone scan in March, but am very anxious about having this done. I am very concerned about the intraveneous injection (tracer) used for this scan, and the risks of expsure from the scan process. I am seriously considering canceling this scan, but am concerned that my insurance will dismiss my claim for not cooperation. However, I am a firm believer that we have the choice about what is done to our body. This type of testing seems very invasive to me and my gut instinct is telling me not to have it done.



  63. Beverly Bippes

    I have taken fosamax over ten plus years. I have been taking so much calcium that its coming out my ears. My doctor insists I continue the drug. My bone density tests are not the best. I have read many comments. I do weight bearing exercises and walk 5 miles everyday. I am on a vegetarian diet eating very little meat. I am following your ideas in your book about diet. Hopefully, I will see results. I showed my doctor your comments along with others, and he insisted the information is just selling books or meds. MY question is I am a coffee drinker-only one cup. When should I take calcium before or after drinking coffee. I have been waiting an hour before taking it. thank you for your website bev

  64. Marlene Chapla

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia.

    I took Fosamax for appx 4 years,but no more. Lately I have been diagnosed with Barret Oesophagus Helicobacter Pylo. I also have a Hiatal Hernia. My doctor said I should have a scope done every couple of years as sometimes it can go into cancer.

    I am taking Prylosec and fear it will interfere with my calcium.

    Thank you for your time.

  65. Jean Blackad

    Very interesting article. I took Actonel for 5 months with increasingly sore muscles and joints. The osteoarthritis I have in my hands got so bad that I could hardly make a fist. When my jaw started hurting, I quit taking the drug. My last monthly dose was 10/16/08. My jaw has quit hurting, and my wrists and hands are better. The neck pain is slowly going away. However, I still have some pain in my shoulders and upper arms. I went to see a rheumatologist last week to see if the pain in my joints is from arthritis (still waiting for test results). This doctor suggested Evista for the osteoporosis since it is not a biphosphonate. Do you have any information on this drug?

    I am a very active 66 year old who does a lot of cycling, swimming and some running. My concern is that I will have a bike crash and break my hip/back if I my bones don’t improve. I am taking 1600 mg of calcum daily plus 1000mg of vitamin D and 40 mg of soy isoflavones.

    Thanks, Vivian, for your research.

    • Pat

      I had the same fears about riding a bike. So I bought a recumbent tricycle and love it. Recumbents are not cheap but you might consider it.

  66. Esta

    Thanks for your good work and info. I have been diagnosed with full on Osteoporosis and took one dose of Actonel which rendered me almost immobile by later in the day… dizzy, nausea … told my Doc about that… said we could do the dosing either daily or a big infusion… I thought why poison myself either slowly or a lot at once… read your book.. doing diet and went to the physiotherapist who KNOWS a great course of exercises to strengthen the muscles and bones…. better treatment for sure!!!
    Thanks again….

  67. Bobbi

    Vivian, spot on. I am an RN. I have been studing nutrition longer than I have been a nurse. This information is great for validation of what I have believed for a long time.

  68. anne olssen

    I have written before and can’t tell you how much your info and support has helped me. Keep the e-mails coming. My doctor was a little annoyed with me when I told him about five years ago that I refused to take Fosomax. Each time I see him he brings up the subject. I have since given him some of your e-mails, info. etc. and for some reason he is not moved – but I am. I will continue listening to you. I have read your book and it is a life-saver. In addition I have friend who was on Fosomax for about five years and developed jaw problems, heart problems and digestive problems. She was urged by her Cardiologist to stop the Fosomax. She is now getting the Reclast injection which I urged her not to get and I hope and pray she will wake up before it is too late. Thanks again, Vivian. You are a blsessing.

  69. Marilyn Swanson

    hi Vivian, really enjoy all your articles but still remain confused on all this info. I have osteoporosis and choose not to take meds as they have given me problems. I do take calcium and D and try to exercise but my tests still show no improvement. what more can I do to get better? I’m almost as bad as a person can get(density wise) but I feel great. I’m 71 and active but would like to get more density in my bones. thanks

  70. Connie

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia at my yearly examination and mammogram and given the prescription for Fosamax. I took it for about a month and found that my throat felt like it was starting to close up on me. I stopped taking it for about a month and started taking it again to see what would happen. Again I got the same feeling in my throat. I waited again for about a month and tried it one more time and the same thing happened. I gave it 3 strikes before I decided they were out of my life. When I went for my yearly examination and mamogram again I told the Doctor and she then prescribed Evista. After a short while I had such cramps and pain in my legs that I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t sure if it was from the Evista or not so again I stopped taking them for about a month and then started on them again. The same thing happened with my legs so I quit taking them. I didn’t try them again and have not been on anything since. I will be going for my yearly examination again next month and I refuse to take any other prescription expecially after reading your book. My daughter has been telling me for a few years to follow what Dr. Joel Fuhrman says about health and eating the right foods. He basically says similar things to what you say regarding food for health and not taking medications that could harm you. My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis and never took anything for it. She fell a few times and nothing ever broke a bone. She was active until she died at age 89 of colon cancer. I think eating right and being active is the key to being healthy.

  71. Cyndy Osborne

    In response to the person who wrote and grapefruit causing breast cancer, I seriously dought that the grapefruit was at the root of the cause but some other personal or dietary habit or environmental influence that caused the cancer. If you eat a 80/20 alkaline/acid diet it is difficult to develop cancer. Through my reading and personal research I have come across a great deal of information that states cancer requires an acid rich environment to develop and flourish. My husband and I began eating a vegan diet about two years ago, after his open heart surgery. He no longer takes any prescription drugs for anything! He exercises daily and I am right there with him. If you want to read about the prevention of cancer get a copy of The China Study by Colin Campbell, PhD.

  72. bonnie holloway

    Hi Vivian: Thank you so much for all the research you have done regarding osteoporosis and especially regarding the drugs prescribed to treat this condition. I appreciate immensely your sharing this information with all of us who have this condition. Your work is invaluable! This latest finding about a link between these drugs and cancer is just another reason not to take any chances by taking these drugs.
    I would like to be able to eat red grapefruit but because I take Lipitor for my cholesterol, have been warned not to consume this fruit. Is it really OK to take my Lipitor at night and still be able to eat red grapefruit in the morning? I read a comment by one woman on this site who was doing just that and wondered if it was OK. I have yet to see a definitive answer to this problem. I also agree that a natural fruit like grapefruit, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants should not be harmful when eaten in moderation. I believe this general rule holds for most foods that we consume. Kind regards, Bonnie Holloway.

    • George

      Bonnie’s mention of Lipitor struck a bone. There are natural means of lowering cholesterol without resorting to statins, wich lower CoQ10 production in the body. CoQ10 is necessary for cardiovascular and neurological functions. No one mentions taking CoQ10 when using statins. Best. Don’t use statins.DO NOT stop statins without a doctor’s assistance in weaning off your dosage. The best aooroach is to start with vitamin B3, niacin, not niacinamide. Some folks do not like niacin due to flushing. I was taking 100 mg a day and often would flush. Not good for someone working in a public enviroment. Switched to 250 mg, time released and had no problems. Also, regular oatmeal, once or twice a day will lower cholesterol.

  73. Eve Levine

    I have read all these commnets with much interest…I dislike prescription drugs immensly, however I do take them for BP, Cholesterol & Thyroid. I have had bone density tests & told that I have osteoporosis & osteopenia & prescribed drugs for it. I left my last Doctor, as she was constantly trying to force me to take these drugs. I am with a new Dr, who I like now & am scheduled for a bone density test this month. I know what it will show & I know he too will prescribe a drug. I hope that I don’t lose him as a Dr., when I refuse to take it. I have read pages & pages of testimonies of the horrible side effects from all of them. I have a friend , who felt like she was dying from taking them & another one who has cancer & a hole in her jaw bone, that can’t be fixed from long term use of biophsonates. I am 67. My Mom lived to be almost 86 with osteoporosis & took no drugs. I will never take these drugs. The more I read, the more horrfied I am that they have not been taken off the market!
    Thank you for getting the message out!
    Eve Levine

  74. Shirley Ewoldt

    My doctor wants me to go on the once a year Reclast. I just can’t seem to do it. I have had cancer of the breast and am afraid to do that, I take Calcium and Vitamin D once a day and some supplements. My bones are getting worse. My friends are getting the Reclast and are doing fine so far. Thanks for your articles , I appeciate the advice and letters from others.

  75. Vernelle Brockington

    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for the info i try to read them every time i see a emial for you.I am taking Actonel but i have no side effects that i know of,but i am going to talk to me doctor to see what else can i do and get off this medicine my bones does get better when i get my check-up yearly so i’m glad about that .
    keep the email coming


  76. larraine barnett

    i thank my lucky stars (or my angels) that i listened to my gut reaction that i was not happy taking these drugs. on 2 occasions i was persuaded to try them but after the first dosage my gut reaction was “not for me”. i found vivian’s site when i decided to find out if i could help myself – it has been invaluable.
    i have invested in a vibration platform, so will be interested at my next scan to see if my bone density minerals have improved.

    kind regards

  77. kate gubbins

    Hi Vivian
    I have just read in the British press the latest scare about osteoporis drugs, especially in relation to the jaw bone.
    I was diagnosed with osteopaenia in my hip a year ago, and was prescribed alendronic acid. I tried one tablet which gave me such severe heartburn for 4 days ( I already have stomach problems with acid etc) that I have not touched it since. I do take the vitamin D and also magnesium tablets. I also go walking/ jogging most days, and keep fit once a week to build up my bone density. I have another bone scan in in a year, so will be interested to see how my bone density has improved.
    I have not told my doctor that I am not taking the alendronic acid!
    thanks for all your emails and advice and a Very Happy New year to you
    Kinds regards
    Kate Gubbins

  78. virginia Hobby

    I have taken my first treatment of reclast,, with no ill effects last April,, I realize I will be due the nest one soon… I woud llike to now more about it..
    I previously took Fosamax and had so many bad effects I was taken off of it. I hafe reflux desease and it kept my stomach up set and I could not swallerwith out choking… thanks for any info on this….

  79. Lisa

    The very day I was prescribed Boniva I found this web site, ordered the book and ignored the calls from the pharmacy. I dream about asking my GYN if she would take this, or give it to her mother. I’m even treating a sinus infection holistically why in the hell would I ingest laundry detergent for treating my supposed bone health risk? I will soon be consulting with a naturalpath as well as a DO from this point forward with whatever ails me. All medical doctors want to do is prescribe drugs. The days of treating the symptoms have got to stop. It’s time to treat the cause. Thank you so much for blowing the whistle on this.

  80. Sharon Mac

    I was diagnosed after a wicked fracture in my tibia at only 46 years old. It took 2 months for diagnosis because I am too young and active to fit the typical disease disorder profile checklist. I am so grateful to this site for continuing osteoporosis education. You kept me away from these drugs when I was first diagnosed. I also verified your information with some research and interviews on my own. You set me onto a protective path that may have preserved my health. I won a road race in December and expect a lifetime of strength with God’s grace and good nutritional support. Viv is my SHERO!

  81. maria

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for all the info. I had stopped Actonel because of horrible neckpain, couldn’t even turn my head. My doctor told me it wasn’t the Actonel, but after several months of not taking it (it takes a while to eliminate it from the body) the pain stopped. As for the grapefruit, it interferes with some heart medications so I can’t eat it even though I love it. My husband read your info and decided not to continue taking Actonel. He has osteopenia of the back. Do you know if some side effects of Actonel are interference with walking and balance? Would appreciate your comments. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Maria

  82. may

    I was prescribed alendronate acid 3 months ago ….I havent started the prescription yet.. and after the most recent research I most definately will not be taking this drug.I hesitated at the beginning because I read about a possible connection between the drug and atrial fibrillation(which I have been diagnosed with!)……Now I read there is no significant connection..However I am working on the basis of ‘no smoke without fire’
    Ive also had active stomach ulcers in the past…why on earth would my doctor prescribe me this drug.??
    In the meanwhile I have ordered your book and anxiously await its arrival!

    Thanks for making me think twice…May(Glasgow..Scotland)

  83. Marion Paul

    It is very interesting to read of all he people who have stopped taking Fosomax. I was also told to take the drug by my doctor just a month ago. However I do not take & never have taken it as I saw bad reports about the drug on the comuter (not your sight though) & also in an article in the Australian Herald. I showed these to my then doctor, who had also seen these articles, so advised me, as I had thought already, not to take Fosomax.

    Thank-you for all your information. I just hope that my osteoporosis will not get worse than it is now, & will have it checked once a year

    With many thanks for all your articles,

    Marion Paul

  84. Suskia

    I was taking Fosamax for five years and was told by the doctor to keep taking them even though it has distroyed the stomach lining and i find now that a lot of food i eat irritates it so i have been on a constant testing food diet for years. I have now stopped taking any kind of medicine for the osteoporosis as i am not sure of the consequences of what i take

  85. Alison

    Hi Vivian,
    I live in UK. I am 51, had menopause in mid 30s and have Osteoporosis of the Lumbar spine (T score -3.3) but my hips score is +0.4 so I attribute this to the amount of walking I do. My GP rang me with the news of my DXA scan Monday between Christmas and New Year – not a good start to 2009. The ‘Bone Doctor’ wants me to start taking Actonel once a week my GP tells me and could I come in straight away to get a prescription? I said hold on!! I have been doing a lot of reading and told my GP that I felt that there were as many things against taking actonel as there were for it – she agreed(!!!!!) I told her that I am getting married on the 17th and no way am I taking anything new before then. I am so glad I gave myself that breathing space! I found your website Vivian and also did some reading about the benefits of rebounding exercises for osteoporosis and have bought myself a mini trampoline (which is great fun) and means you can do low impact exercise without injuring yourself. I have started taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplemenet (My GP wanted me to take Calceos Calcium and vit D supplement which I agreed to do but got such bad headaches and tummy trouble that I stopped after only four days). I will also be ordering your book Vivian as it is good to hear someone talk sense and not use the scare tactics which seem to be employed to get women who are already feeling vulnerable to take something which is going to make matters even worse! One last point, I have been using ‘Serenity’ Natural Progesterone Cream for the last six months and I have felt great since starting it. My bone density has gone down 2.5% in the last 18 months (since my previous DXA scan) – what are your thoughts about the benefits (or otherwise) for bone density of Natural Progesterone. Kind regards and keep me posted! Alison

  86. Pauline Eborall

    I have been taking risedonate for 3 yearsw since being diagnosed with oteopenia. I have suffered from severe indigestion including oesphegal problems in the past year and having taken non prescription medication without reusult am now takening pescribed drugs. No connection with risedonate has been suggested I was very intrested to read your website, and will now present my doctor with this informtion and hopefully will throw light on to my problem. I have ceaed taking risedonate and just hope I do not have something really horrible attributable to this drug.

    I have undertaken strength exercising for the past few years and benefitted in all ways from it, in fact I wrote a book in 2006 with the exercises I and some friends do as a reult of my research into bone deterioration. I am just about to publish a second edition. I have not had another bone scan but hopefully the exercise has given benefit, certainly the slight osteoporosis diagnoed on xray prior to exercising and dietary improvements has not worsened and I have not needed the surgery forecast.

  87. Norah Schwartz

    Hi Vivian,

    Obviously, a lot of us are concerned with the same situation. Thanks so much for keeping us informed and tuned in. It helps break through the feeling of isolation and hopelessness!

    Can’t wait to read your book!


  88. Pete Mattli, D.D.S.

    As a dentist who keeps in touch with dental practices throughout the state (FL), I can tell you the down economy has not touched us. Thanks to
    Big Pharma and the biphosphonates (fosamax, etc) dentistry is booming. And yes, the time interval between biphosphonate use and osteonecrosis (death) of the jawbone is right at two years for both IV and oral application.

    Sad!!! Yet the TV advertising goes right on unabated (in US only; not permitted in Europe and most other countries). Reports sent to two nationally recognized newspapers were not published, presumably in deference to income streams from Big Pharma ads.


  89. Jean

    Thanks so much, Vivian, for this article. I took Fosamax for a few weeks ten years ago, but stopped taking it because the side effects were so bad. I had difficulty swallowing, but it was very hard to explain exactly what the effect was and no doctor would listen to me when I tried to describe it. I do read all the information provided with medicines, but don’t remember anything like the effect which I had being described. Maybe the drug was new at the time and they didn’t know this yet.

    After stopping taking the Fosamax the worst of the effect disappeared, but every now and then in the years since it has happened again. It is most distressing and even frightening, as I find myself gasping for breath and sometimes this seems to be actually life-threatening. I keep telling my endocrinologist that I still have effects from taking Fosamax so many years ago, but he scoffs at me (so what’s new!).

    I have been taking Evista for many years since stopping the Fosamax, and recently thought maybe the specialist was right and the present-day difficulty in swallowing was caused by something other than the Fosamax, i.e. the Evista. So I stopping taking this also some 6 weeks ago and then found your website and sent for your book and read it. So I’m taking no drugs at all now, but still get this distressing condition quite frequently.

    On reading this latest article I looked up “esophagus” on the internet and have at last found a name for my condition. It seems to fit the description for “achalasia”, which is a failure of the sphincter at the lower end of the gullet to relax on swallowing, to allow food to enter the stomach, probably caused by damage to the nerves that control the sphincter. I feel sure that in my case this damage was done by the Fosamax I took for quite a short time many years ago.

    So thanks again, Vivian. I found on the internet some very helpful tips for managing this condition and look forward to a somewhat easier life in the future because of this.

    Something I have noticed is that I used to have quite frequent nosebleeds – once a week or so – but haven’t had one since stopping the Evista nearly two months ago.

  90. Margaret Spellman

    Hi Vivien:

    At 70 years old, I’ve had osteoporosis for many years and been under treatment yea,for many years also. Just recently I was struck by the fact that our bodies (and bones) are in a constant state of renewal – I had forgotten this simple fact, and I started to try to relate this to my own situation.

    I have tried many different bisphosponates, went on Nexium for the discomfort from the Fosamax (which really relieves the heartburn but takes considerable effort to STOP taking). Didronel and Actonel brought along really bad bone and joint pain, and at that point I swore off the bisphosphonates, despite my Dr’s urging to try yet another brand name. I was urged to take the infusions, but thought that wouldn’t be acceptable to my body considering the range of pills I’d already taken and had bad reactions from.

    After a year or so of calcium citronate and D3 as a maintanance dose, I did daily injections of Forteo, knowing it was still “new”, and feeling like a guinea pig. That I did for a year, until I started having dizzy spells. The benefits were minimal. After Forteo it is now suggested that it be followed by infusions of the Reclast or Actonel. Nuh, huh

    Taking a long look at these remedies, I will be looking to your book for guidance. After all, this is supposed to be PREVENTIVE medicine. Obviously, the remedy is no better, or worse than the problem.

    I am so glad I’ve found this website, and will be looking for your book when it becomes available.


  91. Darlene

    Thanks so much for all your articles on Fosamax which I have followed closely.I have quit taking Fosamax even though my doctor thought I should stay on it. Still have heartburn but not to the extent it occurred while on said medicine. It is truly scary that one can spend so much money on prescribed medications that in the end can kill. You are to be commended for seeing that information is getting out to hopefully prevent many people from being harmed while the big pharmaceuticals make millions.

  92. Corinne Saad

    I just received a “Worst Pills, Best Pills” flier from Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D.. It states that Boniva and Fosamax are on their ‘DO NOT USE’ list. I was wondering if you use this organization in any of your research?

    Thanks for your research and updates.

  93. Barbara

    Hello Vivian, enjoy your mail, and I wish to ask a question about Evista,
    I took it for about five years, and in August 2006, I went for my annual mamogram, and they did a second and a biopsy and told me I had invasive breast cancer so I went through radiation but no chemo, after I was reading the side effects of different durgs although I at the time was only taking
    Evista. I read that those that have had breast cancer should not take it so I stopped taking it in Dec 2006 so in may 2008 I went to my GBYN and he said are you still taking the evista I answered no, I stopped and I told him what I had read on webmd and he yelled and told me he did not care what I read, evista did not cause breast cancer, and that if I did not get back on it I could fractor a hip and then I would wish I had takenn his advice. I took it again for about 6 months but have stopped. and then I ordered your book, but have not received it as yet, but I want to ask you is evista a harmone drug
    is it considered the same as boniva and progestrone estrogen thank you Barbara Houser

  94. Mary

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and my doctor wanted me to take medication for that which I refused. Then after a second dexascan he wants me to take Fosamax. I took it for a month or so and quit. When I told him he convinced me that it was really beneficial for me. After about 2 months I just decided I didn’t want it in my body so I quit again. I will see him in a couple of weeks and will assure him that it is not for me. I am 73 years old and want to keep what is left of me in good shape. I will be ordering your book tomorrow and look forward to reading it. I want to do all I can naturally to help myself. Goodbye Fosamax.


  95. C. Rodarte

    When I went to the Endodontist for a root canal procedure one of the questions, was I using a Bisphosphonate? If so the procedure could not be done. When I asked why. the Endodontist said such drugs hinder healing. I had refused the use of the drug prescribed by my Dr. I am now on a program of vitamins, exercise and a ph balanced diet. My fingernails are growing. I hope to see arrest of bone loss at my next bone scan. C. Rodarte

  96. geri schwartz

    I’m almost 70 years old and was on Actonel for a few years, then was switched to Boniva a couple of years ago. I work out,do and take a bone formula vitamin. 2 years ago my bone density improved so that I had only -3.0. in my spine, and -2.1 in my femur. Recently my bone density was worse, my spine was -3.4, femur -2.5 so I had osteoporosis in both areas. I told my gyn Dr. I will not take anything anymore, no Boniva. He suggested Evista or fosamax. I laughed in his face. I told him that I will be trying strontium and increasing my Vitamin D3 intake. He said”ok, let’s see how that works for you for a year. I found out his own nurse takes strontium and Vitamin D3 and she’s fine, as well as the friend who is knowledgable in nutrition and another friend who is a nutrition expert. I told my Dr. that after taking these meds for almost 5 years I got worse. I have shrunk in height almost an inch, however, I’ve fallen a number of times over the years and have never fractured a bone[as far as I know]. I will eventually buy your book. Thanks for all the info, vivian. I appreciate it.

  97. Dr Dorie Erickson, Ph.D., C.N.C.

    Hi Vivian,
    With a diagnosis in July 2008 of osteoporsis in spine, wrists and ankles my Med doc wanted me on one of these chemical drugs to strengthn the bones. I have a history, earlier in life, of the worst case reaction listed in the literature about the drugs. I said “No thanks. I will take all the natural precautions and help for rejuvination of bones, as possible.

    I triped and sprained both writs two years ago. They healed in 10 days with ongoing therapy to keep the tendon in my index finger strong and in place. The doctor never heard of healing that fast. I twisted my ankle a month ago. No break but a sprain ~ healed in 3 weeks. Doctor never head of that either. No borken bones. No pain meds required. Two years ago I lifted my fallen husband the wrong way. That cracked the inside of the 3rd lumbar. It healed in three weeks. So what is all this about osteoporsis?

    I ordered your book. It is very encouraging. I am also taking from Progressive Labs in TX, Dr Jonathan Wright’s AM and PM Osteo Formulas and extra sea minerals, exercising, and going to the gym for strength training. Please keep enouraging us women to help ourselves! I am Still working part time. Born in Nov 1930!! I was one whom all the neighbors and relatives wanted my Mom to abort, because of the economic downturn!! She said, “No, this baby~ my fifth, will be my best child!” I followed her footseps as a Teacher and a Nutritionist. She was my heroine! Yours For health and wellness, Dr Dorie Erickson, Ph.D.,C.N.C.

  98. Da Bushilla

    I’m 60 been on Fosamax 5 years. I been telling my wife that baby it is no good for me then I found your sight. I’m not A reader but will probley need your book. And we have A friend on Fosamax also. We will have to inform her. She is A nun In San Fran. After today I’m taking no more Fosamax.
    Thanks Dan

  99. cathie Bair

    I have been giving myself Forteo injections for a year and should continue for one more year. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporsis a couple of years ago. After reading all this info I am scared that I am doing more harm than good to my body. I have suffered some of the minor side effects like leg cramps,dry tight esophagas and the last couple of days I have heartburn which is something I never have a problem with. I have been a vegetarian for 34 years,do not drink or smoke. Two years ago I fell from a twelve foot ladder while trimming palm trees in my yard, needless to say I broke a lot of bones. I landed on my right foot breaking my calcaneus,ankle, femur ,hip and wrist. I was told those injuries would have happened to a 24 year old in the same situation but doctors still wanted me to go on these meds. Now I am really scared. Should I STOP cold turkey?PS I am 64 and was an avid skier until my accident.

  100. Kristi Zahos

    Thanks for the article… is really scary to hear that….
    I was dianosed with Osteopenia at 36. I started taking calcium 1500 mg a day for the next 2 years. After another bone scan at 38 my bones were getting worse so they put me on Boniva. I had alot of problems swallowing and my espophagus was tightening up alot. I stopped taking if for a year and then got back on Actonel 75mg twice monthly. At first I was okay but had to take Prilosec a few days before and a few days after taking Actonel so my espophagus wouldn’t act up. I did this for 3 months and it seemed to be okay and then all of a sudden i started getting severe chest pains for the next 2 months. I then had to stop taking it and since then i haven’t had any chest pains so I know this medication has bad side effects for me. I am scared and worried what is going to happen to my bones if I’m not taking Actonel. My doctor said taking the calcium alone will not be enough. I am trying to eat healthier and walk but I don’t know if they will be enough. I am too young to be going thru this at 41!!!

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