What The Oceans Can Teach You About Your Bones - Save Our Bones

My path to discover the truth about osteoporosis has been fascinating and arduous at the same time. As you probably know by now, the hundreds of hours I have dedicated to research osteoporosis culminated with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

But I’m not resting on my laurels; indeed, my research never stops… I am always looking for new knowledge and new frontiers in the osteoporosis arena, so I can filter through to you the most important information along with practical and result-oriented solutions.

Marine biologists are not held captive by Big Pharma

One of the key protocols of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is the importance of maintaining an alkaline body pH in order to build strong and healthy bones, and I reveal some easy “tricks” you can follow to achieve exactly that with little work.

And not surprisingly, many in the medical community under the influence of Big Pharma, completely shrug off and suppress this crucial bone health remedy. This is also the case with many other scientifically sound revolutionary health solutions that can't be patented and are therefore not as profitable as selling a patentable drug.

But here's fascinating proof that the truth can't be suppressed and will be acknowledged by those not held captive by the medical establishment. You see, unlike most doctors, marine biologists openly acknowledge that an acidic pH weakens the skeleton.

In fact, they fear that because the oceans’ pH is getting lower or more acidic, the skeleton of marine animals will weaken even to the point of dissolving, profoundly altering the underwater ecology.

Here's some interesting information that you can use to “shake-up” the skeptics, and it involves an unexpected parallel between your bone health and the ocean.

Ocean Acidification: A Global Case of Osteoporosis

This surprising headline is the title of Kathleen McAuliffe’s article published in Discover Magazine (July 2008). She writes that “industrial carbon dioxide is turning the oceans acidic, threatening the foundation of sea life.”

She explains that as the oceans absorb increasingly large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from atmospheric pollution, the water keeps turning more acidic. And the lower water pH endangers all marine creatures, especially mollusks and crustaceans such as crabs, clams, and oysters that produce calcium carbonate shells.

The author goes on to say that this is not just a theory; it’s a reality confirmed by experiments with compressed CO2 poured directly into laboratory test tanks. To the scientists’ amazement, the acidifying effect of CO2 caused the spines of sea urchins and the shells of mollusks to literally dissolve.

McAuliffe makes the connection with osteoporosis and writes that:

“Like human bones whittled by osteoporosis, their exoskeletons will grow thin and brittle or—mirroring what happened to the test animals at CO2 injection sites—dissolve.”

Simply put, CO2 acidifies the oceans causing….

Osteoporosis under the Sea

Analysis of CO2 preserved in ice cores shows that since the 19th century, the pH of the ocean has dropped by 0.1 measurement unit, representing a 30 percent increase in acidity.

While significant, this number is dwarfed by the acidifying effects of the typical North American or Western diet.

These diets are rich in acidifying animal proteins, grains and chemical additives, while strikingly low in alkalizing vegetables and fruits. This leads to chronic metabolic acidosis, so no wonder we are facing an osteoporosis epidemic. But fortunately…

You can stay afloat

Consider the Osteoporosis Reversal Program along with this website as your life raft.

Thankfully, you don't have to rely on the one-sided “research” of the medical establishment that only focuses on “medicine” rather than “health.” The same establishment that marginalizes all natural and common sense solutions in favor of dangerous and hugely profitable drugs. But as you just read, the truth is out there and little by little, it will reach the millions that are suffering at the hands of this establishment.

When you follow the Program, you won’t drown in the turbulent seas of misinformation, toxic drugs and helplessness.

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  1. Effie Tabbal

    Very interesting never heard it before will like to know more because l’am a sufferer

  2. Mary Connolly

    Vivian thank you for all the valuable research you do on a continuous basis to provide us suffering from osteoporosis with much current information on how to keep our bones healthy suing natural products.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Mary! Thank you for “stopping by” and joining the conversation. 🙂

  3. Darryl

    Don’t forget that the level of co2 was a lot higher back during the age of the dinosaurs and they had quite large skeletons. Don’t know if osteoperosis in dinosaurs can be detected at this late date, but the marine life will find a way to survive an increase in co2. Their ancestors did.

  4. Anath Bhundhoo

    Tks Vivian for this precious piece of info, real eye opener.

  5. Adriana Wang

    I purchased Vivian’s book just because I like to keep informed with the easiest ways to keep healthy. I have many others, purchased 20-30 years ago-for same reason. I am over 50 and thank God never had health concerns ( Stll time, indeed).
    Her book is logic, with lots of common sense and very helpful, based on research. It may not help some of us, but is a book must to have at home, a reading for all family members, no matter if they have the disease or not. It is always easier to prevent… And we anyways have to eat on daily basis. Needs just to watch out WHAT.
    For everybody’s good health! And THANKS to Vivian..

  6. Marilyn

    I would like to know the calcium that was mention in one of the articles .If anyone has that information please pass it on to me. Thanks

    • Jose L Suescun

      I believe is organic calcium. It is included in the supplement “True osteo”

  7. shahab

    Stuff in this article is quite disturbing. What hell we are doing to our beautiful planet just for making money. Without marine life, world will be completely different. Thank God we have some intelligent people like you to alarm about all those misuses of our natural resources. I hope by increasing insight of mishaps due to industries, mankind will be able to tackle these kind of problems.

    • Audrey

      I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia. My doctor advised me to drink plenty of rich calcium milk. How badly informed these doctors are not to know that milk is acidifying and leACHES THE MINERALS FROM THE BONES RATHER THAN SUPPLEMENT THEM.

  8. Richard Brown

    I have read that because of the ocean being more acidic the coral reffs are desoveing.

  9. wendy

    Amazing research – like putting together the pieces of the puzzle…Thank you.

  10. peggy stotz

    please tell me if my calcium supplement is a good one- I am confused—it is KAL brand and liquid cal-mag+ containing300 IU vit d–600 mg of calcium as calcium phosphate -calcium citrate-calcium gluconate(calcium lactate. phosphorous 300 mg-magnesium oxide,magnesium carbonate 300 mg—in one dose a day. if this isnt good-what should I take-I can not swallow pills

  11. peggy stotz

    after reading todays e-mail info , I want to tell you or ask you if you know about Himilayan Salt and its benefits. I started drinking a glass of SOLE( solay) each day a few w eeks ago in hopes of creating an alkaline body. You should research this salt and its benefits as it fits right into your program. thank you for all the information. I found your site just one day before I was to begin Reclast—-you saved me !

  12. Ita

    Thank you , Ita.

  13. JER

    An EYE OPENER truly!! This needs a World wide propoganda to save us and the great Oceans.

  14. Dr.Simonne Jameson

    What wild you suggest with children below 12 years of age with ‘PERTHES” disease,(hip deterioration)

    I have been treating children included, patients with the “MAGNETIC FIELD” very successfully.

    I am a Doctor in Alternative Medicine. very interested in your research in your bone program, I find your
    research in acidity in the Sea, fascinating, Acidity in the body, is today a major problem in people illnesses.

    Thank you for letting me know your suggestion about Perthes disease. Simonne

    • jeanna

      Check out what collagen does for the bones, joints,muscle, skin, organs and every part of the body.
      Don’t use just Type II collagen. Get the one that has five types of collagen. Each type of collagen does something different for the body.

    • peggy stotz

      please research Himilayan Salt and the book water and salt-all about becoming more alkaline.

  15. Sue

    Thank you for all the teaching you have been sending. I find it extremely
    interesting and helpful, although some of the articles are just too long. I
    am also past 80, but still read a lot on nutrition and other things. I have
    been on Fosamax for more than 10 years, exception of 2 or 3 years on Actonel.
    I have had no problems with either, but little improvement in BMD. I would
    like to quit but the doctor says to just keep on a little longer. HA!
    Now I would like to ask if it isn’t possible to just buy the SaveOurBones book alone without the other materials? What would the cost be? One other question: How can I get along without my 100% whole wheat bread, or oatmeal every morning? I have been eating both for years. I don’t find any of the rice breads or others in the grocery stores here. I am quite healthy, widowed and live alone. Am on no other prescriptions except the Fosamax, although I am told that I have COPD. Any natural remedies for that? Thanks so very much for all the advice you send out.

    • Robert

      Is oatmeal harmful to bones? As you know, oatmeal is not a processed cereal. Oatmeal is my favorite cereal.

      I also eat the generic Total Cereal. I am doing all I can to avoid genetically modified foods. Is wheat being tampered with?

      Please publish your reply in a future newsletter, if this is you policy.

      I received an emai, stating any type of vinegar can be used to kill weeds. This means no one needs to use monsanto’s roundup.

      I will be happy to send the email, if you want it. Please provide an email address if you want the email.

      There is a new all natural product called CARNOSINE. Google: carnosine.

      The best sources for carnosine are fish and poultry.

      I will email some articles that discuss carnosine if you want them.

      I had tripple bypass surgery in December, 2010. I take carnosine, because I refuse to take prescription drugs.

      The medical profession canniot help you, unless you take prescription drugs.
      One thing I like about carnosine, it keep arteries open and promotes blood flow.

      Please reply if you like.
      Yours, for the Best of Health,

      Robert Morris

      • Jose L Suescun

        You need chelation therapy with EDTA to clean and open your arteries. It removes the plaque. Forget about more surgeries, which do not prolong life. The best chelation is the IV one, but is bothersome, expensive and not covered by Medicare. However, there is a new preparation (transdermal)which introduces the EDTA into the circulation probably by means of the carrier DMSO. It is called “EDTA Keladine Creme” from Byscaine Laboratories. 165 Pleasant Ave. South Portland, ME 04106.
        Phone:(888)514-5959. start ASAP, before you develop an MI or CVA.

      • Norma Hales

        Yes please do send me emails on both Carnosine and Vinegar
        Thank you
        Norma Hales

  16. ginny


  17. Gloria Jones

    More and more I am convinced that you have it right and the doctors have it terribly wrong. I thing those bisphosphonate poisosn should be condemned and taken off the market. I just went to see one of my friends who is being hospitalized for a broken femur. She said she didn’t fall, but was just going home from grocery shopping and her bone broke for no apparent reason. I asked her what she was taking for her bones other than calcium before her fracture, and she told me Fosamax. When I told her that’s why her fracture occurred, she looked at me like I was crazy. Then I told her about your program, and she said she’s going to find out about it as soon as she is released from the hospital. I told her to do one more thing and throw Fosamax in the trash where it belongs.

  18. jacqueline rosenberg

    This is the one thing I did not realize is that previous fractures cause “melting” of the bones. About a year ago, I noticed that the fingers on the right hand were larger than the left. I broke my wrist when I was 5 years old, now 73. My doctor withdrew 30 cc of fluid from the right hand. My fingers are now equal size. He attributed this fluid from melting of the bone around the previous fracture. Now I have lost 3
    in height from a sternal fracture. I was 5 6 in 6th grade, Now I am 5 6 1/2. This down from 5 9 1/2.

  19. Caroly Fetttes

    I have found a good source of litmus paper for testing Ph levels, someone was asking about this. The company is Inner Glow health products. http://WWW.innerglow.com.au. They ship although like me they are based in Australia. I test each week either with saliva or urine. I started off quite acid at 6.4 and now am at 7.00. I think Vivienne suggests 7-7.4 as the ideal. Thanks again for all your hard work Vivienne, you so inspire me. I look forward so much to your emails, advice and support and love hearing from the community as well. I have also at last found a source of marine algae calcium and spoke the owner the other day, they get the algae from Iceland and Ireland. Wonderful. Best to you all. Carolyn

  20. connie

    A big problem for me, is that I am not able to maintain a healthy weight on the program. I have tried. I have little appetite and a high metabolism. When I went on the program, I dropped 5 lbs., and I didn’t have it to lose. I had to go back to my pbj’s just to stay afloat. Yes, I have tried whole meal and whey shakes. Not enough. Any help appreciated.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Connie, there’s such a wide variety of foods you can eat on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program (and no limit to the amount you can eat) that it should be easy to adjust for either weight loss or weight gain. You can add more complex carbs that pack calories, such as bananas, grapes, alkalizing beans, green peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes with peel, etc. And you can up the calories of the acidifying foods. For example, replacing chicken with beef. What also helps is having multiple snacks throughout the day.

      If that doesn’t do it for you, you could try switching to a 70/30 alkaline/acid balance, to increase consumption of higher calorie foods (pasta, brown rice, bread, etc.).

  21. Li Tang

    I am wondering how soon human being will end. All the misleading informations dominating today’s world. The mainstream say population is the problem, but the cars, industrialization, urbanization, oil spill are not big problems.

  22. Veronica Hughes

    I have recently been taking Pearlcium – a calcium from Pearls marketed in Hawaii. Have you heard of it? It is supposed to be one of the most natural and bioavailable of the calcium supplements. I’d like your comments please.

    • Tina Jablonski

      I am going to try the Dr. Barefoot / Bob’s best calcium suppose to be from pearls of the seas from Okinawa where people have healthy bones and no osteo. I think this ‘save your bones’ program has nothing against it. I don’t see where Dr. Vivian sells a particular calcium pill so I will try the above. The whole thing is so confusing ……….. and to buy a book to read up on it might make it even more confusing. I am 68 and very active I teach belly dancing since 1972 and still teaching. However my last bone density my back was minus 4 and hips minus 2.5 but it’s my understanding that the test does not show how strong the bones actually are. Anyway I will try the calcium listed above and let whoever is reading this what my next bone density shows. kindest regards, tina http://www.bellydancingwithtina.com

  23. Sanda Collegio

    This article on the acidification of the ocean is startling and begs the question, is the commercial soda pop destroying our bones? I use a naturally sweetened zero calorie cola but included in the ingredients is carbonated water!!! I shall now assume this is bad stuff, correct?
    thanks, Sanda

    • Sheryl Ann

      I’m sure Vivian will correct me if I’m wrong (& yes, I’m open & happy to receive correction, as it is one of the best ways to learn), but she approves of both distilled water & carbonated water. Just the other day I read her recipe for lemon-cucumber drink. Right in the recipe it said that a substitution of carbonated water could be made for the distilled water for variety. Colas made w/ HFCS, phosphoric acid & junk like that are the real problem when it comes to carbonation.

      • Sally Rust

        I really would like to know if carbonated water, since it contains CO2, is safe to drink.

      • Sheryl Ann

        Oops! I cut & paste my post from my notepad & posted it to the wrong question. I don’t see a way to delete my comment so here is my answer to your question.
        Yes, I would stay away all colas, whether no calorie, one calorie or a week’s worth of calories. HFCS may not be in there, but usually the artificial sweeteners which replace it are worse & the coloring can’t be good either. People across the board consistently gain weight while using such products, their blood sugar gets or stays out of whack & their hunger increases. Keep in mind that even if you put something into your stomach, if it is nutrient deficit which low calorie sodas are, your body will still hunger.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        You’re absolutely correct, Sheryl Ann! 🙂

  24. VictoriaLl.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading all the comments regarding Vivienne’s Saving our Bones and Oceans, commentary. I have shared my thoughts under particular comments already posted and am looking forward to emails from Vivienne, herself.
    In Appreciation,Victoria.

  25. Joyce E Hall

    I am taking Raw Algaecal Calcium 756mgxfive and it’s helping. I am taking B12, C500, D1000, & UbiQuinol CoQ-10. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis the last month of 2010. I began researching ways to build my bones without taking the controverseal Drug Remedies offered by doctors and the medical community. I hopped online and discovered Vivian& the “SaveOur Bones” Program. I have found the support and information I have received and continue to receive is invaluable. Just when I think I have a question I need answered, sure enough it is the question that is the subject of the next article that vivian puts up for comments by those of us in the SaveourBonesProgram community who are looking to live our lives a better way! “Thankfully, we don’t have to rely on the one sided “research” the medical establishment has contributed only focusing on drugs and “medicine” rather than “long term health.” The same establishment that marginalizes all natural and common sense solutions in favor of dangerous and hugely profitable drugs. But as you just read, the truth is out there and little by little, it will reach the millions that are suffering at the hands of this establishment. So I quote Ms. Vivian.

    “When you follow thesaveourbonesprogram, you won’t drown in the turbulent seas of misinformation, toxic drugs and helplessness”.
    And so we listen and learn and take advantage of those articles that answer out cares and concerns about “Osteoporosis”.. “Yes we can” get better as we advocate for ourselves. Using invaluable infomation researched, tried and true. If we believe and stay interactive, take good advice, support eachother and follow the “SAVEOURBONESCOMMUNITY” I say we can improve our bone strength without toxic drugs, quick fixes;and experimental/trial/outcomes.


    Very interesting parallel Vivian and this is very sad to attend the destruction of nature by human beings who are considered living beings with more intelligence but lacking in wisdom.

    As a metaphysical principle says: “what is inside is outside ” and what happens outside now is a reflection of what is inside the human mind.

    As part of a whole that we are each of us I think we should start taking care of our bodies and our minds to try to restore the balance.

    • JER

      Well said. More people should understand that. Our Human Race is the most selfish, most unclean and Most Ungrateful of all Creation….It is said that Human Life is attained after going through the complete life cycle at all different levels of Creation for which ‘REWARD’ we ought to be most grateful to the Creator, instead, we defile Nature, we pollute and destroy everything even other living beings including our own Race… our kith and kin and more so our own selves by misusing our beautiful bodies, minds and emotions. All human creativity other than Art and those attuned to Nature are destructive in some way or another and we really have nothing to be proud of….and now going to other planets to further destroy and upset the balance of Nature we should put a STOP somewhere.

  27. Loni Gregson

    So, OK – you say to keep your body more alkaline than acid – – well, this works just fine for those of you who do not get KIDNEY/and/or Bladder infection at the drop of a hat! I have to be very careful to keep my body on the side of acid, rather than alkaline, because the last few times I’ve had KIDNEY infections it just about killed me off !
    So, what works well for one, doesn’t always work well for everyone.

    I truly wish we didn’t have to go through all this trying to figure out what works best, but that is the name of the game. Sometimes, I am tired of playing the game.

    • Mary

      Check out using d-mannose for your UTI’s. If the infection is e-coli it will probably help.

      At worst, it most likely will not harm like most pharmaceuticals can.

    • Jeanne Brilhante

      Hi Vivian,

      I just got the results of my bone density test and everything is normal. I’ve been trying to eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic, and it seems to be working. I even have a small salad for breakfast with eggs and 1 slice of whole grain toast. I like PAM OLIVE OIL SPRAY. It’s great instead of butter, and use it on baked potato along with Walden Farms dressing, (Zero fat, carbs and calories).
      Checking into Phoenixnutritionals.com for absorbable biocomplete calcium recommended by Dr. Whiting: (888) 454-8464


  28. A. Donohoe

    Hi Vivienne
    What is your view on Protelos? Can’t find much info on it. It has been prescribed for me. I’m a bit confused with all the conflicting info, Would appreciate your comment. Thank-you. A

  29. Dijana

    It is powerful to read this example of the effects of acidity on the oceans animals and how it can be used as a demonstration of the effects of PH levels in the body. I continue to be so impressed by what you uncover and share Vivienne. There will always be detractors who can’t judge the well intended who believe in natural processes as correct, and i suppose that is because we want to believe the corrupt nature of the Pharma system is not corrupt. I prefer to play safer than that. With warm gratitude and respect. D

  30. Lynette Samuel

    As you seem to be saying that the ocean is becoming more acidic, is it still safe to take AlgaeCal, which I have just bought as I thought you recommended it, as this states it is an ocean algae?
    I would appreciate a reply to this question as I am uncertain what to do now.
    With thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lynette,

      Algae-derived calcium is just fine! Algae absorb oceanic nutrients but are not affected by their surrounding pH.

  31. Margaret

    I didn’t read anything in the article about how the medical profession suppresses information about key osteoporosis remedies. Where does it say that this is happening?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Margaret,

      It may not be true in your experience, but many doctors are not open to natural solutions. It’s certainly not true in all cases, but for a majority of medical professionals, “cure” equals drugs.

  32. Anna

    I note your concern (justified) regarding genetically engineered soybeans. I also watched your video recipe for raw burritos and noted your use of corn kernels. Corn is another major genetically engineered crop in the US (see the documentary ‘King Corn’) and I wonder if another product could be substituted?
    Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re right, Anna. Corn is often genetically modified. Buying organic corn would be a good way to make sure you’re getting a non-GMO product, but you could certainly either eliminate the corn in the recipe or substitute another vegetable. The Raw Burrito recipe is just an example of a raw food meal; feel free to be creative with it.

  33. Margaret

    Hi Vivian
    I do appreciate all the information that you send me. Keep up the great mission that you are on, in revealing to me all that is untrue out there. A big thanks from the Heart for sharing what helps. I do the heal lift and jump exercise every day. I find it very helpful.

  34. marie carr

    Thank you Viviana for the recipie for Baked Tomatoes, they are delisious and definately a keeper.
    For those of you who take VitD, I have been taken 10,000 IU’s daily for several months with no obvious side effects, I will increase the dose to 15,000 for the winter months. I purchase the liquid drops and mix them in with my morning protein drink.

    • Gloria Jones

      I’ve heard that an excessive amount of Vitamin D is worse than too small an amount, because Vitamin D can become toxic at certain increased levels. I was taking 5000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 last summer, and my doctor told me to get off of it for several months. I am now on only 1000 units. Also, there is controversy about how much natural Vitamin D you can get from the sun. The winters here are pretty much devoid of sunlight, and with my blood pressure medicine, I’m supposed to stay out of the sun because I develop rashes and hives, especially in May and June when the sun is much stronger. There seems to always be conflicting advice from the experts, and I really get confused. Just when I think I’m doing something right, it turns out wrong, and vice-versa.

  35. Monique Dawes

    I ask the community. Does anyone know if the T-zone vibrator machine, or any other similar machine is good for bones? Has anyone tried it and had results? I had planned to buy one at the Whole Life Expo in two weeks in Toronto. Would very much like to know more about your results on anything. Pleases let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  36. Virginia Davidson

    Talk about drowning is a sea of INFORMATION. I
    wish your book was more succinct and had a list of foods, supplements,etc. you could easily refer to. Frankly I don’t have the time to go through this page by page at a leisure I do not have yet????? I still work 10 hours a day.
    Also, each time you slam the medical community, I am reminded of the recent political campaigns, very negative, a turn off.
    I am a teacher, no great ties to the medical community so I’m just offering my observations.

    Write less, give brief usable information, and
    locations where products mentioned can be purchased, such as supplements.


    • Jane

      Hi- I find your email abrupt and rude, at least she is doing something positive. As for working 10 hours a day- do you think that has anything to do with why you have a bone health issue (presumably since you bought the book). Stress leaches bones! NOTHING is worth costing your health although that’s easy to say in this consumer driven world. Personally, I find the woman an inspiration. As for too much information- imagine if you had to find it all out yourself, how overwhelming would that be. As a teacher you should understand criticism should be constructive! Good luck on your quest! As for providing locations for supplements- Google!

      • jim

        We need to be tolerant of this persons occupation. It’s not something I could do, and obviously taking its toll of her patience. There’s a list in Chapter 9. The program needs a little reading time, but once you sit down to it, it’s really quicker and more interesting than you expected when starting. I believe that this program would be very beneficial to many ailments, not just osteoporosis. Yes, if looking for a product just google its name and your town or city name. For supplements I find iHerb very good online.

        • Lee

          Well, I am a teacher, and find that our profession should not be used as an excuse for rudeness! I agree that her remarks were abrasive, and as such, not so helpful. Also, as a teacher, you would think she’d know how to skim a book for the information she is seeking! Yes, our job is demanding, but that doesn’t give us license to give sarcastic feedback!

  37. EVA

    Dear Vivian
    Thanks for all the emails you send. I do appreciate all that you so kindly do in sharing your findings with us. I find this article particularly sad and informative…


  38. Allison Ifferte

    Thanks for the information on “What the ocean Can Teach you…People just fail to research what is good for them and what is not….they think just because a doctor prescribes a med, it must be right. This past year, I had two doctors give me wrong information. First of course, was the Bone med. which I reacted very badly too, the other was an unrelated foot problem, that the doctor wanted to operate. My gut feeling told me NO…as fate would have it, I found a sports-chirpractor who solved my problem naturally!! Viv, you are so right “Knowledge is Power.” Thanks again!!

  39. catherine smith

    Vivian, that was very interesting about the ocean etc.What would cause this?Thank you, so much, for all the info., you give us.

    • Jane

      Co2 is a greenhouse gas, made by human beings.

  40. dorothy

    Vivan, I very much appreciate your articles and wish I could afford the book. Is it available at a library?


  41. jane tregellas

    Are blueberries alkaline or acid? What about raspberries and strawberries too? Is there anywhere I can buy the Save our Bones Program in the UK? One more thing? What is the vibrating plate which can be stood on – is it very beneficial? I fear it is expensive.


    • Gloria Jones

      Unfortunately, I have heard that blueberries, despite their antioxidant benefits are also one of the fruits that are acidic. Acidity, incidentally, does not have anything to do with the taste of the fruits. For example, lemons, which are undeniably the most sour, are not acidic; whereas blueberries, which are relatively bland, are. So you can’t judge a fruit’s acidity or alkalinity by its taste. I was very surprised to learn that blueberries are acidic. Also, disappointed, because I really like them.

  42. bev

    I’m 43 & have have my first bone break at 40 yes I have osteo too, I dont want to take Alendronate. How do I check my Ph levels for acid ? I have pain always in my hips but nothing came up on the xrays, I would say I am on the go all the time but I’m no daily fittness freek. Where do I start?

    • Denise

      Dear Bev
      Try taking a joint formula containing glucosamine & chondroitin for your hip pain as I too was experiencing this. Since taking the joint tablets I no longer experience the discomfort. Check your pH levels by buying
      some pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips available at https://www.alkaway.com.au/products-ph-test-kits.html or check with your local health store as they may stock them. Hope this helps.

  43. Heidi C Brown

    Dear Vivian,I quit taking medication for my bones.The pharmaceuticals are Enemies of the people that are sick and you have to be your own advocate.Thank you for all the helpful info.Have to by your book soon. God bless you Vivian.

  44. Luc Chene

    A Merx index of 1968 talks about potassium citrate and sodium citrate used for alkalizing the urine. Perhaps in those years Big Pharma was less greedy ?

    As posted earlier by Vivian, a few hundreds hours to make the Save Our Bone Program brought tens of thousands of people buying the book, so that is about $60 X 50 000 = $ 300 000 for 500 hours of work, so it comes to $600 per hour. Not bad ! This might compare to high management wages at Big Pharma …

    • Sheryl Ann

      I don’t think it even comes close.
      If Big Pharma can spend $89K per doctor to push their wares, they are making a lot more than $300K.
      Also keep in mind, There are publishers, an editor, printers, shipping supplies, & Vivian’s staff involved in each Osteoporosis Reversal Program purchased. She is constantly adding time, attention & hours to the numbers you cite & it is not free to create & maintain this website either. I am sure that it is a labor of love & passion for her though I am glad she is doing well as the message gets out.
      Big Pharma has repetitive sales, doctor’s promotion (Rx) & TV/newspaper ads drawing business from every nook & cranny. We have had to actually seek her information out or be told of it by someone.
      Thank you Vivian.

  45. JOANNE


    • antoinette kreutzer

      .I live in the Netherlands and received the book within 2 weeks after ordering.I am also very pleased by the information and and support I get from Vivian and her team.

    • Margaret

      Yes I too am waiting on the talking book of Save Our Bones.
      I am so confused by all of this

  46. Ms. L. Carmel

    I Really Enjoyed Your Article. It Was Very Informative. And Also Scary Too. To Think That Our Oceans Could Become So Acidic That It Could Destroy Our Sea Creatures, Like Crabs, Oysters, Clams, And Other Sea Life.


    LOVE, MS. L.

  47. shane


    Is baking soda (NAHCO3) alkalizing? Can you add small amounts of baking soda to your drinking water to raise your body’s alkalinity?

    • Sheryl Ann

      Using baking soda habitually is not good.
      Most adult Americans suffer from having too little stomach acid (I kid you not!) which adds to the prevalence of vitamin B-12 deficiencies, among other things. You need stomach acid to properly digest your food & to receive proper nutrition from it. Habitual use of baking soda counteracts the natural functioning of your digestive system as it neutralizes your stomach acid. Bad idea.
      Help your digestion, don’t hinder it. Someone else gave the advice of adding lemon to water. That is very good advice. Lemon is acidic due to the citric acid in it, but it has an alkalizing affect during digestion. Lemon is better than either lime or orange, but that you can use those too.
      I have read that using lemon in hot water first thing in the morning at least 15 minutes prior to eating reaps the most benefit, though honestly, I have yet to drink that way as I live in South Florida. Lemon in ice water usually seems the way to go, especially this time of the year.

    • Tracey Duke

      Beware of making your body too alkaline as this can have dangerous to your health. Your body’s ph is a fine balance. And the body can apparently manage acidousis (spelling) more easily than if it is too alkaline. Obviously by leaching calcium from the bones to counteract the acidity. So err on the side of caution and don’t go overboard with alkalinity. I was reading a very informative article written by a critical care nurse in the forum of the alkalinity diet website.

    • Diane

      Apparently baking soda does help. Also, squeeze juice from a lemon or lime into water that has been boiled, first thing in the morning before eating helps. I’ve been advised by someone who knows lots about alternative medicine. It is worth a try. The baking soda is cheaper and easier, but not as tasty.

    • Jim Geater

      I need some good suggestions for bone building exercises for the thorax area of my back

  48. Lauren

    I have auto-immune hypothyroid and osteoporosis as well as high blood pressure. I have been researching the acid/alkaline issue.

    I find some information that recommends Coral Calcium because of the other minerals it contains (if it is not the fossilized kind).

    What is your opinion of this?

    Thanks for all the great information.

  49. jane

    Hi Vivian, I am almost ready to stop taking “Evista” ( I believe this drug emulates progesterone – one of the side affects is hot flushes and this certainly is true. I don’t see much mention of Evista in the talk back, does anyone else take this? Thank you again. Jane

    • Diane

      I took Actonel for 5 6 years and did well then Evista for 3 and it didn’t help (BMD went down). Now I take Forteo. Apparently, Evista helps prevent breast cancer. I had lots of leg, foot and hand cramps when I took Evista, but nothing else from either previous drug.

    • martha

      I also take this medication, but have not experienced any side effects. Evista is a brand name for Raloxifene hydrochloride….it’s a selective estrogen receptor modulator. As I understand it, it acts like estrogen in some parts of the body including the bones, but not like estrogen in other parts of the body….it promotes the building of new bone. To me, this seems a more positive treatment for osteoporosis, or prevention of, than medications such as Actonel, etc. Along with proper foods, vitamin D and calcium supplements, exercise and sleep, my Bone Mineral Density tests have steadily improved (the test is not an ideal indicator, but all there is for now as a benchmark.)

  50. Sharon Bouchey

    I personally am still acidic, not as bad as I was in the beginning, but am slowly changing my diet. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I must admit I am walking now with less pain. I am exercising etc which has helped a lot. Thanks ever so much Vivian.

  51. Elizabeth

    Please talk about the effects of PPI’s for GERD on bones. What do you do when you have to take this medication for severe acid reflux. I have now read that it affects calcium absorption. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  52. marianne

    My husband eats a TOTALLY non alk diet yet his PH is perfect. How can this be??!

  53. Lori Magee

    Hi Vivian, What are your thoughts about the Garden of Life Grow Bone System? I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a year ago after taking Kal Citrate for years. I will be sending for your program this summer. Thank you for your many words of wisdom. Lori

    • Kate

      I use Garden of Life bone growth vitamins also. When I tried to get information on it last year from my gynocologist, she turned away from the bottle like it was a cross being shown to a vampire, and said she didn’t know anything about supplements. She had wanted to put me on actenol for osteopenia but I refused. I can’t wait for my bone density test this year to see if Garden of Life made any difference.

  54. Irma

    Thanks for the info,on bones and the ocean.

    Also very good info. on the video.I will be

    reading labels closley.

    Thank again.


  55. anna

    What will happen to our oceans now with the oil debacle in the Gulf ???

  56. Nu Ly

    I appreciate your help in getting my answer in our community, I don’t need the rice replacement.do as balance my diet 8:2.

    I also thank you the information acidic levels in oceans water, I get more knowledge.

    thank you

  57. Joyce Kennedy

    Friend thanks for the info.Would like to know why it is so hard to find calcium citrate without having to take so many a day(4) as to get the amount of calcium plus D, as to calcium carbonate,(which you say is not goodto take)only 2 calcium plus D carbonate gives me the same amount as calcium citrate.Its hard to find citratte most all in the drug stores are carbinated. If someone knows where to buy calcium citrate with out taking so many a day please let me know. Thanks, Joyce

    • Sheryl Ann

      Keep in mind, you can actually make your own calcium citrate from eggshells soaked for 6 hours in lemon juice. Half an eggshell yields approximately 500 mgs, which is a good dosage size. It can taken several/many times a day & can be stored covered in the refrigerator. There are recipes online (at least, that’s where I got mine). I always use carefree, organic pasture fed eggs as the shells are thicker & so contain more calcium.
      Just make sure that you also take your magnesium citrate at the same time or it’s all for nought. And don’t forget to round out everything with the other essentials: vitamin D3, etc.

    • ANNA

      Try a health food store. You might consider calcium citrate with D and magnesium in liquid form. Two tablespoons, one in the am and one in the pm do the trick. Hope this information helps.

    • h haven

      You can purchase calcium citrate online – go to luckyvitamins.com. I order the “Now” brand from them. You can order either powder or capsules. I mix the powder with applesauce in the evening – it’s an unusual taste but I got used to it. Also sometimes use the capsules.

      Here’s the link:


      Lucky Vitamin is a great website – their prices are the lowest I’ve found for many brand items and I get a lot of my vitamins and skin/bodycare products from them.

  58. Jean

    Hello Everyone and ofcourse Vivian, Have just gone through all the e-mails and would like to say I have made a note of all the Fruits etc., to help with osteoporosis, thank you so much Jean xxxx

  59. Susan Colvin

    I support what Vivian is doing. Without people like Vivian we would be drowning in a world filled with sadness because we can’t look beyond our pocketbooks. When I think of all of the processed food I have consumed over the years, it’s no wonder I feel tired. Today I am trying to eat plenty of plaintains, pink grapefuit and savory olive oiled tomatoes. Carry on regardless of what others think.

  60. Katie

    Thanks Vivian for all the emails you send. I do appreciate all that you so kindly do in sharing your findings with us. I am not big on forums so you will not often find a comment from me, but rest assured I do read your emails!
    I find this article particularly sad and informative…

  61. Cherie Postill

    Thank you! I took Boniva for 14 months until my stomache protested and I was not able to leave the house for 4 days! I called my OBGYN, who prescribed the Boniva, only to get a call back from the nurse with a prescription for Fosomax! That did it for me, I am now on your bone saving/building diet and Feel better about myself and confident that I can save my bones through diet and exercise. By the way I just had a bone scan after being on Boniva for 14 months and my scan was worse! I will stay in touch and let you know how things go. You are a bone saver!

  62. Jeanne Thomson

    Vivian: Thanks so much for all your input into the osteoporosis issue. When I subscribed to your book I was concerned at the price, but now I know that I’m getting much more than a book. I appreciate all your e-mails with further information and research.
    I love vegetables, not so much fruit, but I have increased the alkaline veggies.
    Many years ago I took Fosamax in liquid form because of a swallowing problem.I hated it and I stopped when my numbers indicated osteopenia and the numbers have not really changed in a few years.
    I really admire the amount of knowledge you have regarding what we put into our bodies and how it affects us. I admire your knowledge of nutrition. I was especially concerned with the information about the ocean becoming acidic. Thanks for the ongoing e-mails, exercises, diet and concern about this issue. We need you to keep this info coming.
    I am 76 and doing well.

  63. Leida Hanning

    I understand animal protein and chemical additives as acidifying. The grains as part of this leave me with questions. What is the difference in acidifying effects of grains verses the other two? Does this include all grains if so are some less acidifying than others? Where could I search on this computer to get answers? Sorry this is more questions than comments. All of your informatin is vey helpful. Thank You Leida

    • Earla Jean McFall

      I would like to know about which grains are
      best also. I know corn & rice are o.k. for gluten
      intolleramt diets. I always use lemon or lemon juice
      in my water each meal to alkalize my body.

  64. gina iraola

    Is drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar, with 8 oz of water daily, alkalizing?

    • Earla Jean McFall

      I use lemon juice or lemon wedges each meal with water to alkalize my body. E.J.McFall

      • Sheryl Ann

        BTW: I don’t eat the peel. I pop that into the water for a lack of a better place for short-term storage.

      • Sheryl Ann

        I do too. Heartburn is a thing of the past. I thoroughly squeeze the lemon into water & if I’m in a place where it wouldn’t be socially unacceptable, I immediately eat the rest of lemon. My friends say they could never do as I do, due to heartburn issues. That gives me the segway to teach them about alkaline-forming foods & the dangers of all those drugs they take due to their acid issues. Most are shocked to hear that an acidic food helps solve acid problems & what they & their doctors think of as too much acid in their stomaches is actually a problem of too little to digest their food & that every time their stomachs attempt to make an adequate supply they go & shut it down again with the magic little purple pill or one of its cousins. This, of course, only make things worse & causes more problems/disease. They’re floored as they’ve usually already spent thousands of dollars on doctors, tests, procedures & drugs with little or no relief. Cheap, fresh lemons, yummy organic vegetables & better eating choices overall are usually favored compared to what they’ve been through & suffered & will suffer, if they continue w/ their doctor’s advice. To put it lightly, they’re eager to at least hear about the concept.
        All that from the using a simple lemon wedge, not as a social statement or drink decoration, but as an honest to goodness food, the way it was intended.

        • Terri Bradley

          Do be careful eating lemons as it eats the enamel on your teeth. I had a friend who as a child would always eat lemons & he ended up having all his teeth removed as they rotted due to the lemons he ate. His teeth all went brown. The acid did that.

  65. gina iraola

    Is drinkiing 1tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar in 8oz of water everyday alkalizing?

    • Darinka

      Yes it is, I drink it every morning with a teaspoon of raw honey as well as before lunch and half an hour before dinner, or you can use lemon juice instead

  66. Irene Turner


  67. Malinda Sloan

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 55 two years ago. I was put on alendronic acid which I had to stop because of digestive problems (chronic gastritis and Barrett’s eosophagus.) I then tried Protoles which seems to be hurting my bowel. Since January I am suffering terribly with back and hip pain which my G.P. is pretty sure is spinal fractures. My T-scores are in the -2 to -3 so is quite severe. I am now trying Vivienne’s programme but cannot keep my weight up. ( I am of slight build and can’t afford to lose any weight.) Can anyone offer me any advice or hope as I am feeling quite depressed about the whole situation now.

    • Earla Jean McFall

      High calorie food should help you gain weight. If you have diarrhea, you may be gluten intollerant
      which removes nutrition from your body before it has
      a chance to absorb & nourish your body. Have a celiac test for gluten intollerance. The only cereal grains you can eat is corn or rice. Gluten is
      in wheat products,breads etc. & added to soups, sauces read labels. E.J.McFall

      • Faigy

        As far as I know, I am not gluten intolerant, but I am of slight build and cannot afford to lose weight. How do I build a high calorie diet on fruits and vegetables? Whenever I cut down on bread and other whole grains, I lose weight.

        • marianne

          take high calorie fruits like avocados and mangos and fry popatoes in olive oil. That ought to keep your weight up

  68. georgia

    Your wonderful research on bone health is not reaching enough people.Have you ever considered writing for http://www.newswithviews.com ?
    Dr Richard Byron,Shane Ellison,Dr.Howenstein and several others do and people are paying attention.
    You would be such a terrific asset.

  69. susan

    dear vivian ,many thanks for this common sense approach.in england the chemist does not sell saliva strips for testing ph levels.is there another way of doing it besides just trying with litmus paper?


      You can order litmus paper from BOOTS THE CHEMIST.also bobby’s health shop online DEVON also HEALTH LEADS WALES
      their vitamins have no fillers in,SEVENTH WAVE also have no fillers in their supplements I get my salt from them,
      and my cider vinegar with mother from bobby’s.
      hope this helps

    • Carolyn Fetttes

      Hi there, have just posted a reply on this. Inner Glow Health Products sell this. http://WWW.innerglow.com.au. I live in Australia but they ship. You could try Nelsons or Ainsworths homeopathic stores in London too. I have started testing and started at 6.4 (quite acid) but am now up to 7.00, a much better balance. Good luck. Carolyn

    • marianne

      You can get it on line. I am sure some send overseas. Just google PH strips. They are cheap. I get mine from Swanson

    • Earla Jean McFall

      You can use swimming pool strips or testing strips
      also spa tub shops sell test test kits etc. to test
      You can use saliva or urine with some tests. Call
      the shops & ask what they have & how they work.
      E.Jean McFall

    • James Gleason The same James [JIM] yes

      Vivian: Thanks for the information, and keeping us informed.
      as you know, I took action in 2008 and adding bone. I hve a bone scan on March 24,2010. I will keep you posted when I get the results.
      Sincerely Yours


  70. Harry

    Hi Vivian,
    I must say that I strongly disagree with the
    research, if you can even call it that. They poured compressed CO2 into a tank of water & made it acidic. I’d like to know how they did that stunt, what the water temperature was, etc.
    At room temperature, (70 deg. F), 1 unit of pure
    water will dissolve 1 unit of CO2, at normal atmospheric pressure, (sea level). This makes a very weak acid at best. Ocean water is very far from pure, being very salty with NaCl, &
    a great number of other metals besides sodium.
    Oceans are also polluted with a vast array of
    compounds from farms, factories, power plants,
    that is carried by rivers to the oceans proper. This story is almost as bad as Global Warming!

    • Sheryl Ann

      Well Harry, something is going on in our lakes, streams & oceans. And I’ll tell you, it’s not good. Ask any fisherman about his yields, ask seasoned divers about condition of the ocean’s floor, ask oceanographers about whales beaching themselves for no apparent reason & then get back with us about nothing being somehow amiss. Here in South Florida we can’t even eat the fish from our lakes & canals anymore due the fish being so contaminated.
      Your comment makes it sound like the marine biologists are alarmists or liars. Maybe they’re right, but then maybe they’re wrong. I’d rather investigate what their take on everything is than to just bury my head in the sand & wish it away.
      I’ll assume that you didn’t mean for your comment to sound so caustic.
      BTW: Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand.

  71. Leo Lundgren

    What type and brand of vit & calcium do you recomend. Not found on your supp. webb site.
    I appreciate your continued information. I’m almost 82 and am trying hard to adjust to a new way of eating and activity. What PH should we try to achieve ? We have a spa that uses an all Nat conditioner, no chemicals, maintains water at about 7.5 PH. Much Thanks, Leo

    • Earla Jean McFall

      We have a spa & the ph of 7 is good. A balance of
      acid & alkaline. I understand health food stores sell test strips for alkaline testing & tells you
      on the box the colors it turns & the reading for both acid & alkaline is close to 7.
      E. Jean McFall

  72. ANN Rappa

    Vivian, all your advice is great & true, just wish my computer would work better or you had it all in abook I could buy from you or amazon
    but I am still trying to work it out, Ann

  73. Selma

    Thank you!
    I had been using Foszmax for 6 years and lost not gained bone density! My doctor prescribed
    Forteo and I received the information from Lilly which you wrote about. It causes bone cancer in rats! That is all I could think about. Imagine paying a fortune and going through the injections etc. with the possiblity of cancer looming over you!

  74. Wendy Taylor

    Vivienne: It is really quite astounding what I am continuing to learn with the Save Our Bone program and all the articles that you are continuing to send our way. One really needs to take our health into our own hands.
    The parallel between the ocean and our own bodies is amazing. This continues to reinforce what you are saying!

  75. Irma

    Vivian, that it means that is not safe to eat fish anymore?
    Thank you for the information.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      This is not affecting edible fish. However, there are other issues with fish due to pollutants and contamination, especially mercury. But that’s a completely different topic…

  76. Ann


    Would like your advice on Wheatgrass Juice which has a very high alkalizing effect. My source is a very reputable Canadian company that freezes the extracted juice that has been grown outside organically.

    Thank you.


  77. Babs

    My PH level is 7.5 (5.0-7.5) and I am very concerned. None of your info. talks about being too alkaline. Please advise me as to steps to take to have a normal, balanced PH. Of course my doctors are not concerned…I had to stand on my head to get the order.

    • marianne

      7.5 is perfectly fine!

  78. DaveNJ


    ALKALIZING is great -I eat more fruits and veg. for 2 years and feel 15 years younger already and back aches stopped. I also take and recommend 400 IU Vitamin D per day. DAVE


    • marianne

      400? Thta is Not enough!! I take 4000!

  79. Diana Davidson

    Dear Vivian,

    Have not had time to call you but I love your book. I read it and have lent it to two friends who felt they could not afford it. I too am short on funds but I knew your book was a bargain. I was on zoloft for 4 years in my 50s(yes, it has a side effect of osteoporosis, but I did not know it then). I am slender, small-boned, and at age 60 was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My family dr. insisted I go on Fosamax. I knew an older friend of mine had problems with it and got arthritis in her hands to a greater degree than before the drug. I first took it in Jan. 2002 and my hands began to look like claws, my lower intestinal tract rebelled also. I kept taking it for 17 months until my body rebelled so much that my dr. told me to stop. By then I had symptoms of interstitial cystitis which did become lesser once I was off the Fosamax. I did go to osteopenia, which I am still at at age 67. I LOVE your analysis of the situation and the need to alkalize our bodies. Your book has helped make eating fun for me again as I hunt for food, cook, and eat to alkalize. My cholesterol has dropped over 20 points and I am walking as much as possible for exercise. Thanks for all your helpful research and ideas to help us.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Way to go,Diana!


    My experience with ACTONEL and FOSAVANCE
    My dentist asked if I was on any medications.
    He went BALISTIC when I told him onlyACTONEL and explained the adverse effects.
    I was indeed skeptical until over a 2 year period 5 teeth fell out and all but 8 had to be pulled and DENTURES WORN!
    Yes, ACOTONEL and FOSAVANCE indeed had adverse side effects.
    Just look at the teeth and gums of anyone taking these DRUGS.
    Sadly, the OSTEOPOROSIS SOCIETY of CANADA does not and claims they “CANNOT” warn CANADAIAN women of the potential side effects!
    I suggest any doctor over 40 re-educate him or herself. The sad thing is Doctors are still flogging these harmful drugs and have no idea of the reality of the potential side effects which affect YOU the patient.

    CANADAIAN women are being misled by MANY”professionals” Unlike the US there are no CLASS action suits against the Manufacturer’s.
    Take CHARGE if your health and research every medication which goes into your body.

    Take charge and be informed.
    We are FORTUNATE to have VIVIAN !

    • Betty Scott

      Unless you spelled Actinol and Fosamax incorrectly…I never heard of the drugs in your reply to Vivian. Sorry

    • martha

      I disagree with these comments. I have taken Actonel for a number of years and my teeth and gums are very healthy. My dentist informs me that the use of Actonel is only a concern when doing certain periodontic work or when the bone is exposed for specific dental procedures. She follows a strict protocol in these cases.

  81. jyo

    We don’t get very fresh fruits in cold Canada as in Florida but still we can get fruits from other countries. HRM has developed method of safe Sungazing that will keep our health+bones in good shape. People should refer to his http://www.solarhealing.com website for more information. Our good SUN and proper gazing can also make a difference.

  82. Janet Talley

    Hi Vivian, it’s good to know acidic ph in ocean water weakens the skeletal of our bones. Thanks for the use of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, we can help prevent this. Keep in touch, I appreciated your assistant for answering my question concerning the plants in the home. Janet Talley.

  83. Mrs. Kim Mack


    I really appreciated this article as another means of realizing the balance needed in ocean as well as our own body. This symbolically brings the information home.

    I also want you to know that articles of yours that are truly informative and impacting I print off to add into my Osteoporosis Reversal Program Collection. Thanks,Once Again, Kim Mack

  84. maria Fama

    my ph is very low , i need help how to alkaline probably i have to eat more fruit .
    have a Marry Christmas to every one.

    thank you Viviana .

  85. Marie

    thank you again Vivian, and you all commentators. I am on a strict budget but I have been following your suggestions. I am very appreciative about the 80/20 Alkaline/acidic diet. Expensive to stay healthy. God bless you all.

  86. Edline Shelton

    Dear One: I feel almost like I know you because of the articles such as this one you have continued to send me. I am following to the best of my ability the counsel given in your book. Thank you so much for all your help as well as continued encouragement. May you receive many blessings. Edline

  87. Marion

    I live in Canada and would like to know trade names for PH testing strips.

    • marianne

      Buy them on line! Just google ph strips. I get mine from Swanson. they are cheap

  88. Louise M.

    Thank you for all the emails and vital information. I am doing one of the exercises you recommend and am hoping for improved results when I have my next bone density test. However, due my taking coumadin I am unable to eat the veggies and other things that will improve my bone density. While eating the proper foods is important to your program, I am hindered by the medication I take which I believe also leaches the calcium out of my bones (coumadin). So , I am only able to partially participate in your program. Any advice?

  89. Kelsey Fickling

    Thanks Vivian for this information, I have only skimmed through it (I am so tired -and it is 11.40 p.m.) and I must go to bed. I can see the point though – and I know that my body was acidic when I found that I had osteoporosis – too much grains and beans and lentils etc. – all things I thought were healthy – but too much of anything is out of order. Blessings, Kelsey. Australia.

  90. Janet Miles

    You are the “true” pioneer in knowing how to care for our bones, and I deeply thank you. I do your hip bone density exercies and eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

    Thank you, Vivian. You have a good heart.

  91. Rosemary

    Thank you greatly for all the information and knowledge.
    J JUST LOVE MY FAMILY doctor. She saved my life(literally). She, like you, wants the best for her patients. No money or “medical establishment” would make her harm people.
    J can not imagine how 1000s of doctors wouid harm patients despite taking vow NOT TO HARM.
    Happy Holidays,


    i love you for opening our eyes!!!!

  93. Allen Sziklas

    Thank you very much for your research into osteoporosis. Your insights are much appreciated!

  94. Margaret Coles

    Very interesting, I am confused as what to eat as Grapefruit, Oranges, and Pineapple are very acidic. Please advise.

    • Rhona Rapoport

      Dear Vivia

      Please tell me what fruits affect the ph level. I know some fruits are very acidic & I have been told not to eat them. Others, like Papaya, are recommended

      • marianne

        I think the only one on the non alk list are blueberries

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Citrus fruits and pineapple only TASTE acidic. They are actually alkalizing.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Please don’t confuse acid tasting foods with foods that have an acidic ash residue. Citrus fruits are alkalizing, and so is pineapple.

      • Carol Mitchell

        Thank you very much for this info. I always thought citrus & pineapple were acidic.


      read about digestive enzymes and how your stomach works.

  95. margarita Rodriguez

    Hello Vivian.
    Thank you for all your information about the osteoporosis and bones.
    The beautiful nature teach us many good things.
    People do opposite or wrong things. as like the Denmark, Some people kill the calderon delphins and make the sea red on blood.

    Learnning to eat is very important, because no every kind of foods are excellents for our body, so the acids and acids uric produce a lot of health problems.

    Vivian Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year with your family and friends.

    My regards Margarita Rodriguez

  96. Monica Phillips

    Hi Vivian – It sure makes about keeping acidity down in the body when reading the ocean article. Very interesting – thank you – best wishes Monica

  97. Judy Rowland

    I would like info on taking baking soda for ph balance.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Not recommended, except in very small quantities. If you neutralize stomach acid, foods will be improperly digested and end up as a toxic acidic mass…


      read many topics http://www.mg water.com

    • Monica Phillips

      I would also like info on taking baking soda for ph balance – Monica

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Monica and Judy,

        Sodium bicarbonate is alkalizing but if you take it by mouth it neutralizes stomach acid and prevents proper digestion. That in turn causes malabsorption of important nutrients.

  98. June Glover

    I was very interested to read about the marine biologist’s findings. This is information that could be used to convince others of the importance of keeping our bodies alkaline.
    I am sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your Thanksgiving offer, Vivien. I was away over that period.
    I am grateful for your continued research.

    Best wishes and thanks to you.

  99. Sue

    Hi, Vivian, Your articles are so helpful and informative. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was told to take Fosamax, which I did for 3 years. I developed joint pain, heart paplpitations, and sleweplessness. I told my DR. I wanted to go off of Fosamax, and she replied, “Do you want a broken hip?” I followed your suggestions of ridding my body of acid, exercised, and went to my endocrinologist this past week. He had tried to put me on a diuretic to stop my body from leeching calcium into my urine. I DID NOT TAKE THAT MED EITHER! My latest bone density test improved greatly. I am no longer in the osteoporosis category, but I am osteopenic. My endocrinologist was amazed! THANK YOU AGAIN, VIVIAN!!

    Sue, age 61

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Way to go!

  100. Genevieve Smith

    Thank you once again for your information concerning Osteoporosis.
    We need all the help we can get, and I appreciate all of the
    information you send to me. Thank you very much.

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