Osteoporosis Scare Tactics: Has A Doctor Ever Done This To You? - Save Our Bones

One of my most rewarding experiences is to visit different parts of the country and to lecture on osteoporosis and ostepenia to fellow “truth seekers” like you. All are eager to learn and share their experiences, and I'm eager to teach and listen.

One of issues that never fails to come up is the fear mongering used by their doctors. It typically goes something like this:

“If you don't take the prescription medicine (Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Evista, Reclast, Forteo, Protelos, etc.) , one day you'll fall, break a hip, end up in a wheel chair… and die.”

Now that's a grim outlook, if I ever heard one! But you don't have to stand for it. Armed with the truth, you can “filter” through this scare tactic.

And most importantly, you can make intelligent decisions about your bone and overall health. The key is to make decisions based on knowledge… not fear.

As explained in great detail in The Osteoporosis Reversal Program (Chapters 2 and 3), there is a lot more to predicting future fracture risk than a simple T-score, which is the only guideline doctors use. The problem is that they're missing the other half of the equation.

That's why a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine led by Karen Mauck, MD, MSC, reports that in reality, only 13% to 18% of women older than 50 meet the correct diagnosis criteria for osteoporosis.

So yet again, we have another sobering example of cookie-cutter medicine failing up to 87% of women that may have been incorrectly diagnosed. This alone should be cause for alarm to you when trying to pursue a life of wellness.

So if your doctor ever tries to scare you by painting a grim picture of your future, don't let that get in the way of true knowledge and your pursuit of happiness.

Has your doctor done this to you? Share your story with our community below.

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  1. louise

    Hi Just been told I have advanced arthritic hip and full replacement needed, this flared up after my ONE and ONLY dose of alendronic acid !!!!! BE VERY CAREFUL if you are prescribed this. have Lupus and am on steroids.
    discovered homeopathic remedy— osteocynesine Costs pennies, result =pain lessened immediately, Not limping nearly so badly That’s just with 1 days worth !!!! TRUE. 100% safe.
    Also just ordered Hydrolised collagen / peptide powder- to assist with cartilidge will see how that goes. P.S The homeopathic osteocynesine costs £11.00 including carriage for approx. 200 pills take 2 3times daily between meals Good Luck

  2. Loretta Witomski

    Prescribed EVISTA for borderline osteoporosis at 62. Caused very severe leg pain and restricted leg movement. This continued for a few mos after discontinuing. Endocrinologist said problem could not be from drug because it does not remain in body for thst long. She said that doing nothing is not an alternative and advised me to go back on it. Not a chance. I have no other health issues. So happy to have found your site after much research

  3. Gulay Ahmet

    I have no score not sure why I was x rayed & given movalat. Kind regards

  4. Alina noll

    I have a score of -3.5 doctor scared the lights out if me, I am afraid to take fosomax that was prescribed to me, I don’t smoke, eat very healthy, walk, I don’t strength train but will begin, started taking calcium and daily vitamins. My mother took he fosomax for 9 months and had a femur fracture and stopped taking fosomax she now just takes vitamins and calcium and doing good. She is 78. My gyn really scared me though and I feel as if they just push for the Meds and when you tell them you are scared they become very dismissive because you aren’t listening to them. Help I am really scared and confused!!

  5. Brenda

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  6. eileen

    looking for the right calcium, magnesium, d3 etc. to take for bad bones. age 65 and do weight lifting and zumba. had breast cancer, and low thyroid.

  7. Clarissa

    I’m 51 years old and just received a bone density scan my T score was -2.9. I’m so upset because I weight lift 3 days a week and cardio on the other like running, bicycling , aerobics . I have been drinking 1 cup of a yogurt drink with 1 cup of fortified orange juice 3 times daily which equals about 1800 mg of calcium. So is there anything ele I should do differently I’m not sure. I eat lots of fresh fruit

    • El

      Clarissa, you are already doing a great job by keeping this exercise routine. You can also start shifting your diet to include more alkaline mineral-rich plant foods, and reduce animal protein. Green leafy vegetables like Mustard greens, Kale, watercress are excellent sources of minerals, in addition to Sea vegetables. In additional to purified spring water, nettle tea can be taken daily (a cup of nettles boasts 6 grams of fiber and a whopping 430 mg of calcium). Instead of animal protein, you can take Quinoa (a complete protein) to make woderful and tasty salads in addition to the other whole grains like Millet, and amaranth (either saoked and coaked or sprouted).
      A little Sesame oil can be used in sauteing vegetables as it facilitates absorption of more minerals in the bones. Onion, garlic, parsley, dill, lettuce and cucumber can also be used daily for a better absorption.

      In addition to animal protein and dairy, some foods and habits are better avoided or reduced like taking vinegar, citrus, excess salt, caffeine and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and smoking. Refined and processed foods like refined sugar and flour are better avoided. (if it is white, don’t take a bite). The more food is processed, the more it loses its mineral and vitamin content and the more bone mineral reserves are used to compensate the loss.

      In addition to a a balanced diet, some natural Quality supplements can be used to reverse the bone loss process: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc, B6, Silica (15 to 30 mg daily). In addition to this homeopathic formula Osteocynesine 2 Tablets a day.

      Bones represent “support” and the “structure of life”, it is always a nice idea to enjoy a life where you help others and have others help and support you. All things bound together and all thing connect in this immense web of life. Having the right support is very important to rebuild a new life full of joy and happiness.

      • Connie

        How about, the tests lied to her? Sounds like she’s doing more than enough already. Isn’t anybody going to raise an eyebrow about insurance companies, doctors, pharmacologist, and other specialists pushing us to take exams when actually we feel fine in those areas. I’ve been concerned about my thyroid and now my collapsed septum but my doctor feels I should take a bowel test and a bone density test. What? I was on thyroid medication and stopped because I was allergic to it. I ask for other meds to improve the thyroid and was told my thyroid was better. I had to make an appointment with a specialist regarding the collapsed septum so I’ll find out if that was the dentist’s error in pulling teeth. Gosh, why are we so gullible? We’re certainly not stupid about our own bodies are we? And at some point in my lifetime I will have softer bones…that’s just common sense, but as for now, I do not see why I must be pushed by the insurance company and doctor to take the tests. What could they possibly do to help my bones but put me on medication. Say NO to unnecessary medications.


    Dear Vivian,
    thank you for this article .i have been suffering of brittle nails from the childhood.i always read your article and do follow the instuructions the way i can.now i am 45 and i was taking garden of life supplements for almost five years.it is really helping me .i trust in God and waiting to do save our
    bones programme.me and my husband are missionries and we are migrated to US almost 6 years back.i was allergic to so many things.i stop drinking milk past one year and start using almond milk .this has really improved my health.
    May God bless you

  9. Rowena Hajjar

    I have restricted range of motion in both shoulders and constant pain in them and my upper arms. I have had two orthopedic surgeons x- ray them,etc. They both say that I need shoulder replacements. I have not gone ahead with that, because I believe that the bone can be restored naturally. Has any of you had this experience?

    • Carole

      Hi Sherrine,
      I have just discovered this message, and I just wanted to let you know that you would be better with your microwave low down as it can affect your eyesight. Also just as an afterthought I would actually ditch it altogether (try reading books on Water and various effects of negative and positive vibes including microwaved water on it) as these are not the best things to use for the human body. It changes the molecular structure of water. Just thought people may be interested.

    • Sherrine

      Rowena, I had low range of motion in one shoulder. I could not raise my arm above my shoulder and putting on deodorant was a trick. I also could not reach being my back. It was rotor cuff problems so I went to physical therapy and learned exercises to help me plus I go for massage therapy and that helps, too. I massage the trigger points for the muscles and now I can raise my arm, put plates in the cupboard, reach in my microwave that is over my stove and it’s only been five months of exercise and massage. I find i am using my arm a lot more now. I still can’t reach behind my back but I can live with that. So you might want to look into this.


    • carole mcdermond

      I had a shoulder replacement and am really glad.

      I could not reach past my shoulder height and could not

      reach around to the back of me.

      I believe it was because of cartledge.? spelling.

      In other words the wear and tear on the bone is because

      of lessening of the material between the bones. I

      This is my experience. Just be sure of the Docs

      credentials and reputation.

  10. Hannah

    My doctor has prescribed a low dose patch of estrogen to help fight osteoporosis in my spine, what do you think about this? He said I may only have to do this for a few years to save my bones from loss. Thank you for your books and programs!

    • Laurel

      Do you have information on k2 and osteoporosis? The articles I have read suggest that you need to take it with vitamin d and calcium for bone heatlh.

    • El

      Hi Hannah, I’ve just posted a reply to Clarissa. It can be also helpful to you. Please check it out. The patch is a nice idea, and naturally balancing the diet into a more alkaline-mineral-rich plant foods diet can offer greater results. Fermented soy products like natto have also been associated with reduced bone loss in postmenopausal women. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16614424

      I hope this helps 🙂

  11. Pat Eppler

    A bone density scan gives you a T-score that helps determine whether you’re at risk for fractures. A T-score compares your bone density to the bone density of a healthy, young adult woman. A T-score of -2.5 or lower is defined as osteoporosis. The lower the score, the greater your fracture risk can be.

    Osteoporosis Bone Density (risk of Fracture) Osteopenia Normal Bone Density

    (-4.0 -3.5 -30 -2.5) -2.0 -1.5 (-1.0 -0.5 0 0.5 1.0)

    At Azalia Clinic: My Wrist (said spine would be same as wrist) -4.4; Hip: -1.4. Told me I had extreme, dangerous osteoporosis and was in danger of spine collapsing. Took me right to an exam room and told me all about getting in the Forteo program and scheduled me for a class the following week. Told me no lifting, no housework, no bending, no twisting, no climbing stairs, etc. Scared me to death! Forteo would cost $900 a month and could have many and serious side effects. I left in a daze which did not go away for a couple of days.

    At Trinity Health System: Spine: 1.3: above normal!! Hip: -1.2. Ostopenia, mild. Femur: -.09. Normal. These were in line with my bone scan in 2010.

    Quite a significant difference! Even if we do have to pay for the follow-up scan. It is worth it!


    I am thanking the Lord for the test results. Do not blindly accept bad results. Investigate further. If your heart is telling you something is not right, follow up. It just might be the Holy Spirit talking to you. At the least, it is the innate wisdom God gave you. Don’t let anyone push you into an extreme situation without first sitting back, thinking rationally and investigating further. Go to your primary care doctor and work with him or her. I have since found out that this same exact thing happened to one of my friends. Same place and same results!! Both referred by an Azelea surgeon. She also had mild osteopenia when tested further by her primary care physician.

    I appreciate all the prayers you prayed for me. They certainly helped. Now I am upping my Vitamin D which was quite low, cutting out diet colas which are not good for bones, and eating more calcium, taking my calcium with meals, and walking and mild weight lifting (starting off slow and eas

    • Irma Jennings

      Quite an amazing story, Pat. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sandra

    I broke my ankle slipping off a boulder in the park. When in hospital on traction I was put straight on medication, I am over 60 and post menopausal of course. I just took the medication as advised but I worry about the assumptions attached to people as they get older. As yet I had been referred for a dexascan but had no results or diagnosis. As it happens I was eventually diagnosed with ostopenia. However I was not advised of the potential repercussions of taking these drugs and was not properly informed about how to take the, i.e. I was told to sit or stand for 1/2 hour but was told to take with water. However I was not told to drink a whole glass of water. I discovered things later when I was able to read the leaflet that comes with the drugs. The most disturbing thing for me is the assumptions made before any diagnosis was available to doctors or me. I am relieved to have discovered a programme to work with to strengthen my bones.

  13. janet millard

    Hello! I’m a 68 year old living in the UK! In 2007 I was in hospital with polymyagia, and the care was very good! I was on a high dose of prednisalone and paracetamol, also Actonal and calcium which I took until March this year! Although the steroids were reduced but I was told People take them for the rest of their life! I was so glad I found the SaveourBones Program,or I may still be ignorant as what could happen to me!
    I Already know that I have small fractures in my ribs and spine and still have pain in my back, but decided in March to wean myself off all the medication! It was very hard but now I just take co enzyme Q10 which I hope is helping me! I’m under 7st. but my colesterol was over 7 and I just found out it is down to just over 5! Than you Vivian for all the information! Janet

  14. Cil

    I am Osteophena and on Fosamax, Calcium, Lactate for 3 years, can my position still be helped to reverse my Osteophena? I developed frequent cramps and only one month ago I was advised to top up my Magnisium to balance out my calcium intake and I am alright now. I do prefer to be treated the natural and cheaper methods. And I can’t afford to purchase your book. Is there any other ways you may be able to help me? Please advise. Thank you.

  15. Bettie

    Yes, my gyno tries to use scare tactics to get me to take prescription drugs. He even told me if I was his wife he would get down on his knees and beg me to take them. That’s going a little far, I think. When all they have on their mind when they come in to do your exam is talking about the osteo drugs then it is time for a new gyno and that is exactly what I am doing. I am changing gyno’s this year and letting them know up front I do not take the drugs and have no plans to and if that is a problem for them I can look for another gyno.

  16. Larry

    Yes I know what most main stream doctors are nothing more but percription drug pushers they make all there money on week mineded people I don’t like doctors and I don’t trust them.
    I do use alternative docters when ever I can,and but I do not let them use me.



    • rosemary bouwer

      Vivian, I do not go to doctors! I live a healthy life (as far as is possible) and leave the rest to God. love Rosemary

  18. Anne Carson

    Although I’ve had a hip replacement 4 yrs. ago…..I am happy that I have never been on any of the bisphophonates….and don’t intend to after reading your book.I am 81 yrs. old,so I need to be pretty caustious.Thank you for putting together such a wealth of information……Anne

  19. mlbravo

    continuation- I gave a BIG NO to the Doctor who try to convince me to take Fosamax wit the argument that woman have less fractures since the drug is in the market . I said to him : give me a natural way by which my body can repair my bones and I will do, as I was living he told me to use the way lifting of 3 lbs and to walk up the hill with a back pack wit way .
    about the milk , have intolerance but I would like to know , the information about milk is done using raw milk , produced by caws raise the natural way feed with grass w/o pesticides , free of hormones , reciving plenty of sun , drinking clean natural water , fed also salt an molasses ???? that is the way our milk was in my south american countries before I came here . where I used Alta Dena raw milk until the FDA forced to put something in it then my intolerance began .

  20. mlbravo

    I have not been able to afford your book jet , hope to do it may be with a friend , since I was diagnose with bone density loss in my second test progressing , and the calcium I have taken for years was making deposits in my salivary glans instead of bones my doctor abroad gave me an homeopathic version call Osteocynesine , from BOIRON Lab, in Lyon France , is not available in this country , it has improve and repair my finger nails taken also natural Vitamin D3 and K as well as liquid trace minerals with Magnesium and Boron , without them does not work as efficiently I notice .

  21. Carol

    I have done Reclast 2 years now,had very bad side affects,my legs would hurt unbearable,to the point I would have to stop in walking.i recommend taking calcium with maginesium,if you think about a drug that is so strong that it last a year.i would read more about this drug before injecting this in my body.I wished I had read all the reviews before I had this done.most of the time the Dr’s really haven’t done research on some of the drugs there prescribing.please do your homework,before you inject Reclast in your body.

  22. Gail

    My doctor informed me several years ago that I have osteoporosis. I was on Actonel for several years and now being off of it for over a year, he wants me to start Forteo. I have a -4 on my last bone desity scan. But, I have several more problems: I had polio at the age of 15 months (paralizing my left side from my hip down) and now I am suffering with Post-Polio Syndrone. I have been walking with a cane for several years. I have always tried to eat the right foods, take my calcium and Vit. D and do exercises that I was able to do. I am so undecided on what I need to do about the Forteo drug. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Gail Burkhart

    • Carol

      Time release citrical,I can’t swallow the large calcium pills,I take the ones that have petite on them.with magnneisum.

  23. Rebecca

    Hello, I would like to know exactly what kind of calcium do you recommend?
    Carbonate, glucanate etc…? I was told I was low on calcium but I do not
    what kind is best. Aren’t they all just crushed up rocks?

  24. cathy ferree

    I’ve been to may doctors, men and women, who have tried to use scare tactics. It only worked to make me nervous but I never did anything I didn’t feel was correct for me. I was made to cry several times. Even if I’m wrong, at lease it was my decision.

  25. Ruth purvis

    The alkaline diet is fantastic as is your programme but some people do really need to take osteo drugs because of other meds they must take that cause bone thinning. So please stop scaring them with side effects as we know all drugs have side effects but followiing your programme whilst also taking strontium ranelate can be nothing but helpful to strengthen bones not everyone gets all side effects from drugs and for some drugs the benefit outweighs the risk. sincerely Ruth x

    • Consuelo Steley

      Carol from August 14 wrote ” … ,had very bad side affects,my legs would hurt unbearable,to the point I would have to stop in walking.i recommend taking calcium with maginesium,if you think about a drug that is so strong that it last a year.i would read more about this drug before injecting this in my body.”

      I also experienced the same as many other friends I talked to. Mother Nature gives us all we need. Our duty is to be healthy. We must do some research and use our intuition when choosing which medicine is good for us.

      We do not need to suffer. There is always other ways …

  26. Nancy Boyer

    HI Vivian my nane is Nancy ,The Dr. told me that I have Osteoporosis for
    the last many years,I Do not take any drugs for it.I just take some supplements for my bones.I don’t believe in drugs unless its really
    necessary.could you give me some advice on my osteoporosis.
    thank you very much.

  27. jack cohen

    I refused the drugs except Forteo which really helped my spine and releived pain, 2 years. I follow Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s bone building protocol, brilliant holistic doctor, follow his salmon and salad diet, thanks.

  28. Josie Blackford

    My doctor gave me actonel. I took it for two years and the results from taking this medicaton caused me to get acid reflux and panic attacks and being in and out of the ER. Even today the acid comes up my breath stops, I get light headed and my heart starts beating real fast and I have to just go through these systems until they stop. It is such an awful feeling. My heart use to beat for a couple of hours and now I am learning how to deal with this and it last now for about two or three seconds. I have to be very carefull of what I eat. My life has been very miserable from taking actonel. Now the doctors want to give me more medication for the acid feflux and I refuse to take anything for it other than natural remedies. So please, please stay away from actonel. I am very sorry for taking this medication it has really done a lot of damage to my body.


    I was told this and refused to take the drugs. Did everything naturally. Im a raw food eater. Im 63 and work in a paint shop picking up 10l pales of paint and mixing the colours all day long for retail and trade customers> A bit scary based on Drs coments. My bone density has not changed in 3 years. But they do try and put you on drugs and change your diet.

  30. Lucia

    Just clarifying, the URL https://www.mayoclinicproceedings.com/content/81/5/662.full
    that was not found is one given by Vivian in this comment section.

  31. Lucia

    Tried to access this URL https://www.mayoclinicproceedings.com/content/81/5/662.full
    but it came up “Page not found” ??? Also said it was not valid.
    I’m wondering why?

  32. Gloria Jones

    This may be slightly off-topic, but maybe not. I’ve read all these reports of the terrible side effects from biphosphonates, and have refused to take them. I threw away the prescription the doctor wrote, but because of this, I was unable to obtain a Medicare supplement insurance policy. There is an organization that keeps tabs on the prescriptions people take or don’t take, and they send these reports to insurance companies, and if something doesn’t set well with them, i.e., a woman refusing to fill or take a prescribed medication, such as Fosamax or Actonel, they can report back to the insurance companies and in turn, you can be banned from getting insurance. That’s one of Big Pharma’s sneaky ways of getting you to take their poison. According to an article in “Prevention” magazine, most states in the U.S. have gender bias; wherein a woman usually pays four times more than a man for similar insurance coverage, just because she’s female, and “goes tot he doctor more frequently”. They can refuse coverage to a woman who has been sexually assaulted, or who has had a caesarean section, or any other asinine reason to reject her. So beware. If you have refused your doctor’s prescription, even though it might kill or disable you for life, you may not be able to get an affordable insurance policy, or any insurance at all. Just a word to the wise.

    • Dena Hart

      When a person is turning 65, they are in their open enrollment period for purchasing a medicare supplement. They can actually purchase one without having to answer any health questions. After their open enrollment (which is 6 months past their 65th birthday) then they must answer health questions. FYI

    • Skeptik

      Just fill the scrip and dump it.

      • Grace Spence

        excellent idea

  33. Gloria Jones

    No, my doctor does not use “scare tactics”, at least not for bone density. He always recommends calcium supplementation with vitamin D3, and told me I was not a candidate for any osteoporosis drugs like Actonel, Foxamax, Boniva, Forteo, or Reclast, as he knows my system would not tolerate these drugs. Also, I have a recurrent duodenal ulcer that contraindicates those drugs, which are also hard on the stomach. What’s really scary about them is the rotting jaw syndrome which has been reported and confirmed. He does have me on calcitonin, in the form of a nasal spray, and totally bypasses the digestive system. He is neither pro nor con about strontium, which I take alternately with calcium (One day on calcium and the next on strontium, since they cannot be used concurrently at the same time. He also recommends weight-bearing exercises. So I feel he is on the right track, and since he has been our family physician for years, I trust his expertise.

  34. Rennnus Crossley

    My local Doctor said to me that I needed to take a drug because of my Barrett’s disease that If I did not take it I could get cancer and that was a dreadful death. I knew that I did not have any of the symptoms I was supposed to have and realized that the Reliv Nutritional supplement I have been taking for some years is well on the way to healing the problem. When I contacted the Specialist doctor he agreed that if I did not have the symptoms I did not need to take the drug daily for the rest of my life!!!!! and that he would review the situation for me in 2 years time.

  35. Christa Heck

    A Very reassuring artile sine I have been doing these things for years. I do get very angry at doctors who advocate milk. i wlaways thought it was pure poison and refused to drink it in school. They didn’t like that at all, until I learned the word “allergic” which wasn’t rue of course. Thank you so much for informing people aout this. I guess I am lucky that my own research has reached the same conclusions and that I did have osteoporosid ( could feel the softness in my bones. Burt they are strong now. I am 71 years old.

  36. Douglas Biggs

    Oh. You do discuss vitamin K. Never mind.

  37. Douglas Biggs

    It’s nice that you are so thorough explaining the acid/base diet. But you don’t say much about other natural approaches. Do you have any comments about vitamin K2 or natto?

    • NaturalOnly

      K2 is critical for directing calcium to be resorbed into your bones instead of your blood vessels. Be sure to use only natural K2 and not synthetic garbage.

  38. Sally

    A few weeks ago, my doctor said this to me:
    “Someone could come and hug you too hard and break your spine.” my t score is -2.5 and it has been that way for the last 8 years. After a week of fear…and not letting anyone hug me :),
    I am finally taking my health seriously by following the SaveourBones program.

  39. Linda Sullivan

    oops, I meant 1800 mg of calcium dayly in my last post.

  40. Linda Sullivan

    I can go one step further, my doctor insists that I take 180 mg of calcium per day. 2 years ago he sent me to a cardiologist due to a rapid heartbeat (iMO caused by the calcium overdose), and yet he STILL insists that I continue to take it with Actonel, which I stopped taking 2 months ago. I also cut down my calcium intake after the cardiologist was done with me. He would rather see me have a heart attack, that break a bone to save his rear and I won’t sue him for malpractice. What a doofus!

  41. Barb

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis of spine L2-L4 and a crush fracture at T7. Saw an endocrinologist who wants me to take Actonel. I have spoken to GP who agrees with specialist. I have decided not to take Actonel COmbi due to all the literature regarding horrific side effects that can happen. I have ordered your book and hopefully will arrive soon. ALso seeing a Naturopath today to see what alternatives I can do. Endocrinologist also said bisphosphonates got a bad rap – only 1 in 10000 can get osteonecrosis of the jaw! That’s one too many in my book so I am going to try to treat myself with correct food, weight bearing and resistance exercise and walking. I have also talked my older sister into having a bone density test just in case. My mother has osteoporosis but she will be 90 next month and her back pain is controlled by pain patches. Thank you for all the information provided on the website and keep up the good work.


    • NaturalOnly

      Bone density tests are not necessarily accurate and are often based on averaging your scores with those of healthy younger women. Be sure to get a real expert to evaluate your density score results before you take any action.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I commend you on your decision not to be a “statistic” and I wish you great success moving forward, Barb!

  42. Bonnie


    Where can I find this article:
    That’s why a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine led by Karen Mauck, MD, MSC, reports that in reality, only 13% to 18% of women older than 50 meet the correct diagnosis criteria for osteoporosis.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Here’s a link where you can find more info about this study, Bonnie:


      • Darcy

        Sorry, but this hot link does not work. It says, “Page not Found” Not available. I would like to read the article. Can you email it to me?f

  43. Julia

    Regarding your “Has a doctor ever done this to you” article, have you realised you and your team tend to use a very similar strategy, but applied to the ills of drug therapies? Aiming to produce shock, fear, etc., a strategy that undermines your own words and messages and leaves many of your readers wondering how serious your research and information really are.

    • Julia

      I just want to add that I am completely reluctant to take drugs for osteopenia, but sometimes the tone of your email messages and articles does make me doubt.

      • Marg

        I must admit I feel as you do. I am almost 64 and have avoided taking anything for my bones until May when I discovered my L1-L4 T Score is now -5.1. I began taking Fosomax but am worried about long term side affects. I have signed up for the save our bones programme and took my last Fosomax on Wednesday. I am very apprehensive as really can’t afford to lose any more bone, but I really want to give this programme a try. If it is a hoax, it is very amoral and we are the ones going to suffer.

  44. Darlene

    Told my doctor that I was not going to take the medication he prescribed to me and went through his nurse and told me that I would fall and break my bones if I did not take it. I told her that I would try naturally and she said he wouldnt talk to me. He told me I had Osteopedia

  45. Bernadette

    My Dr. told me i have osteopenia and i have to take Fosamax. But i refused and did research on the problem. I do excercise, eat a alkaline diet,and take my vitamins. I use free weights and jump rope to build my bones. Osteoporous is not a disease, its what you eat and you have to excercise

    • Carol

      This may sound crazy,but when I was exercising,was using the treadmill,20 min then for a week was unable to barely move for a week.i have severe osteoporosis.joined weight watchers aprox.6 mo.ago.great program,has helped so much,but would still be in so much pain,was reading on a box of Epsom salt,for sore muscle,sprains,bruising,I purchased a $3.00 box,have been using this for 2 weeks,soaking after exercising.i am amazed how much it has helped my muscle pain.i am barely 5 foot and have lost 24 lbs total,which has helped.i know this simple just soaking in Epsom salt has truly helped.amazed

  46. elaine

    My doctor insisted that I had osteoporosis and RX Boniva for me. I took it as prescribed, in the morning with 8 oz of water, standing and not reclining. Once I get up in the morning, do not lie back down until bedtime anyway. After reading the contraindications I decided to drink 16 oz of water instead of the recommended 8 oz. I wanted to make sure that pill got out of my esophagus. Well, after taking this medication for a year, I ended up in an ER one night. Seems I had developed “reflux”, the going fad disorder at the time. I had never had indigestion and I was 64 years old. The “reflux” got worse so I visited a gastro doctor. He ran a camera down my esophagus and discovered an erosion at the base of my esophagus. I stopped taking Boniva immediately. It took about 6 months for my esophagus to heal, with the help of an aloe drink. When I told my gynecologist(who had insisted I take Boniva) that I had quit taking it, she said, “Well, need to put you on Evista.” I had posed the question to her pre-Boniva why I had to take a drug. Won’t nutrition and weight bearing exercise do the same thing for me? She pooh-poohed the idea. The pharmaceutials are bedpartners with the doctors. I get mad all over again when I see the commercial that Sally what’s her name does for Boniva. Makes me want to write her a letter!!!

    • Gloria Jones

      Sally Field and other celebrities are paid plenty to advertise certain products, whether they take them or not. Don’t believe everything you hear, especially TV advertisements, unless they emphasize the horrific side-effects which they are supposed to do. Never take anything without hearing both sides of the stories. TV promotions all pertain to the money paid to get the message out to the unsuspecting public. I say shame on Sally Field. I used to admire her, but not anymore.

  47. Marvin Sommers

    Thanks for all your Information share with me.But I had an M.I.R taken on my right knee they said I mild osteoarthritis.I never had any thing done to my knee. Thier findings said moderate effusion,moderatesized popliteal cyst,evidence of synovitis in the joint,ther is no evidence of loose body.Cystic degeneration anterior cruciate ligament is demonstrated.The posterior cruciate ligament is intact.The medial collateral ligament demonstrates significant attenuation in size.A portion of it does appear intact suggesting prior sprain.The lateral collateral ligament appears intact.No significant marrow signal abnormalities. Chondromalacia of both the medial and lateral compartments is observed. Moderate patellofemoral chondromalacia and mild osteoarthritis.My knee is swollon and inflammed. The doctor gave me naproxen to take. What would you suggest. thanks

    • Laura

      Marvin, this site is about osteoporosis and your question is about osteoarthritis, so I think you’d be more likely to get the right answer on a site about arthritis. There’s a forum where people post alternative treatments for many conditions called earthclinic.com, where you might get some help.

      • Sheryl Ann

        Sure, there would be more specific information on a site for osteoarthritis, but I do not see any indication that any of the information on this site would be detrimental to those with arthritis. Save Our Bones promotes good bone health, the strengthening of bone structure & overall healthy behaviors with much the same overlapping goals. Combining information gleaned from various sites in a logical manner would possibly be more beneficial then focusing on closed-end research.

  48. Rita Chauvin

    Dear Vivian
    Thanks for the message very interesting .i am seeing a Dr. on Monday for my back as there is a lump took extrays thinks it maybe a calcium depositi will learn more this week as im seeing a chiro good one he works with all the athletes
    Hopefully he finds the problem
    Again thanks your friend Rita

  49. Tamara

    I too have had the pharmaceuticals pushed at me. What they don’t get is that jaw necrosis is a big deal, especially when I lost my teeth and had to pay big bucks for implants. They just don’t get it!

    • Terry Reno

      Tamara………Same here, Gyno pushed the pills on me, but I was lucky enough to have a daughter who is a dental hygenist who said , “dont take them Mom” your teeth will fall out or you will have a ton of problems if you need a crown. I just take 1800 mg Calcium everyday & hope for the best. 56 years old here.

      • NaturalOnly

        Be sure you are taking magnesium citrate with your calcium tablets. They help to keep the proper balance in your body. Most people need a ratio of 2:1 of calcium to magnesium. My teeth start bothering me when I miss a magnesium tablet for example.

    • Sharon

      My dentist wants me to have an implant at the end of a bridge. I just stopped taking Boniva after two-and-a-half years, and after hearing news reports about thigh bones snapping in two as people walked downstairs. I’m now starting the Save Your Bones program.

      My question: how long did you have to be off Boniva before having implants?

  50. Amelia DesRoberts

    Vivian, I have just had my second major back surgery in 2 years, going in again on 6/6 and there is nothing you can do for me. I have nothing in my lumbar spine except the large prosthesis the doctor put in there. He is taking out the screws. I have been in pain 40 years, but allthe time for 4 years. The problem that I have seems to be in my left femur called (pre-osteoporosis). I took various things but nothing helped. Perhaps you can help me, but my back is the worst problem. Thank you. A.DesRoberts

  51. doris

    this is exactly what happened to me and after about 10 yrs on fosamax i now have femur fxs–now the new dr wants to put me on forteo, i tried it for 3 mos and went off it against the drs wishes-side effect of that one is possible bone cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will now take me chances. the drs are supposed to help you but so far i am out of luck— thanks for letting me comment–no more osteoporosis meds for me

  52. Barb Rysdale

    Yes, my doctor did say that to me. Told me I would end up in a nursing home. He put me on Actonel. When my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer and I asked for a lung x-ray- he refused – when I asked about the signs of lung cancer, he told me I would start spitting up blood. I don’t have much faith in traditional medicine anymore. So thank-you very much for being another avenue for alternative treatments. And I did quit Actonel a few years ago. My new MD is bound and determined that I take a statin for my LDL. I’m bound and determined I’m not.

    • Gloria Jones

      Stay away, far away, from statins. They cause some terrible side-effects, such as muscle damage. The latest reports I’m hearing are that they are not effective in lowering cholesterol in women, anyway. I have refused to take them, as well as all the other drugs advertised on TV. They list the mile-long report of side-effects, many of which include death. I often wonder who in their right mind would take something that might kill them????

  53. Helen

    I went through menopause at 37 year old after having three babies in 10 months ,all up i have 7 grown children i am 56 year old and i was told if i did not have hormone replacement i would have severe bone loss,this has not happened ,sure i have some bone loss but not severe

  54. Dee

    Thanks for your dedicated work I have not got any of these problems yet
    as I am 52 and still do yoga and intend to continue, I am always interested in what others have researched and find the greater majority of recent studies have proved that we must keep active.
    Best regards

  55. sandy

    thanks for all the info. i dont like taking pills but sometimes you have too but not for building my bones. i want to do it naturally without having to take another pill. keep the info coming i tried the boniva & it tore my stomach up so i am suppose to take another pill to calm my stomach down. no way !! this is not going to happen. enough said about PILLS

  56. Gerda J Hayter

    I have been off the Computer for about four weeks due to the serious surgery our daughter had and just read several comments on your web site. I also have been given the scare tactic approach . Several years back Fosamax did a serious number on me and then yet another Dr sent me to have the Reclast Treatment. I felt I would die from it and could never speak to the Dr. only the Receptionist who kept telling me it would pass. It took well over a year and I still do not feel up to par. Now an other Dr. told me I must have another Bone Density test done as I shall be so hunched over and shall fall and break a hip and die. I saw your web site and ordered your book and canceled the test. So I shall read your book and take care of myself and see where that leads. Thanks for offering your insight into this condition.


  57. althea hill

    I still havent told my dr. that I am no longer taking fosamax.
    I am very conscious of my diet Have natural yoghurt which I make with EasyYo Yogurt maker–use Natural Yoghurt with Fruit usually and with my morning cereal
    I eat alot of vegetables and some fruit (fresh)
    I have always been interestedin eating Alkaline foods but enjoy meat and wholemeal Bread –often making my own sour dough
    I guess that I should do more weight bearing exercises but nhave some Lymphodaema of left arm.I am active in Garden and am 83yrs.
    i hope that I am doing the right thing –not taking Fosomax
    Althea Jean Hill

  58. mary kilby

    I’ve been on Actonel for 6 yrs and just recently or in the past 6 months my jaw hurt. I read on the direction sheet along time ago it can cause cancer of the throat. But my doctor said I needed it to keep my bones strong. I also take coumadin and can’t eat to many green for the vegetable part. I have a very thin spine. I’ve been told they can see thru it.
    I’ve had 2 fractures in the past 10 yrs and they turned out ok. i take 35 mg weekly but recently i quit taking it for 3 weeks Just doubled up on my Vit D and Calicum and I bowl 2 times a week.. have to start walking more and my working in my little garden.

  59. Katie

    My osteoporosis medication Actonel caused me significant gastic distress. My doctor told me my GI upset was from drinking coffee. I stopped the coffee drinking but the pain became so severe I went to the emergency room with chest pain radiating to the jaw and down one arm. An MI was ruled out. Subsequently I had an upper endoscopy, and a diagnosis of gastritis confirmed by biopsy. Later when I visited my doctor and told her I would not be taking anymore of the offending medication due to the pain, she rolled her eyes, said that was ridiculous, she never had any pain from it, and that I was a wimp and foolish to refuse her knowledgeble advice.

    • Can't believe how you were treated

      You need to find a new doctor. You should also check out http://www.greattastenopain.com and take a natural approach. Doctors get one class on nutrition and are only able to help you by pushing meds or surgery- all reactive not proactive because they aren’t trained to be proactive.

  60. Debi L. Zeiger

    Dec. of 2006 I started taking Evista via orders from my gynodoctor & all it has done is make bad matters worse. She recommended that I lose weight (I have lost without any sugery 90 lbs., that I walk (I have walked consistently 6, yes SIX miles everyday, no excuses)& that I take Evista everyday, which I have done faithfully. Because of the price of Evista she even gave me samples throughout this past year because of my income being depleted by the down economy. A couple of months ago I had a stress fracture in my left foot which healed okay & then a month ago I had the same 5th metatarsal bone fractured in my right & it isn’t healing as well as the left did. Now the ortho dr. has sent me back to my gynocologist who prescribed the Evista for further testing for jaw bone rot. Lovely…huh? I am depressed & also angry. Your emails give me hope, thank you! Debi L. Zeiger.

  61. Janice Wojcik

    Funny that I read the same scare tactic my primary doc. used on me this week, regarding my bone densinty test. Was told I need to take the med. to correct problem. Going to a Rumatolagist Dec. 1st. Sorry unable to spell name of med. doc.

  62. Sue

    Is it true? If you are low in vitamin D you well get osteporosis. Can you tell me what’s the difference of vitamin D and vitamin D3.

  63. chistina


    • NaturalOnly

      Excellent Christina! Be sure to take K2 to be sure the calcium you take goes to your bones and not to your blood vessels!

  64. Jean Berg

    Yes -you say anyone can achieve optimal health – I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -Fibromyalgia – Polymyalgia Rheumatica- please tell me how I can achieve optimal health as I live with fatigue and pain 24/7 – and now the ostoporosis. Thank you

    • Maria

      dear Jean,
      check out the website called “great taste, no pain”. I too had
      Fibromyalgia and a lot of pain everywhere in my body. I can
      talk in the past sense, because all the pain went away and I’m
      slowly regaining my strength and energy back. it has to do with
      food combining and eating an alcaline diet. I ate an alcaline
      diet, I haven’t changed anything in regards to “what” I eat.
      I had to change how I combine foods. the key is to not combine
      meat and fish (flesh) with any starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes
      and rice or any other starches. that is the main key to having
      pain vs no pain at all.


    • Katie

      Have you checked Vitamin d level. Anyone deficient in D will have chronic pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I no longer have pain. Vitamin D 2000 – 4000 units day for the first 30 days, then reduced to 1000 daily. Iodoral 25mg, d- ribose powder, lavender and pepermint essential oil topically, Ester C 3-5 G/day,and fish oil. Cucumbers are magic food, eat them every day. Frozen acai pulp is also magic. you can blend it in a blender with a cup of water 1 organic cucumber an organic apple, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, add the 1 Tbs d-ribose powder to make a delightful cold sweet drink to reduce pain, give you energy and nourish your muscles.

      • Julie

        I too have been interested in your findings. Not that I have osteoporosis yet, but it is a possible side effect of being on Arimidex for breast cancer. My bone density has stayed very good, probably because I work very hard at other peoples housework, sometimes up and down the ladder. My surgeon encourages me to keep very active. And so I do. I encourage all to keep working hard and stay active. Good for you all round. I have past your info on to others to help them out too. Thanks.

    • Carol

      I think it’s mostly diet – remove things like sugar (all, even the artificial ones), gluten, caffeine, meat (highly acidic) – look online for alkaline diet and follow that. Most diseases don’t manifest unless you have a very acidic body. Add dark green leafy veggies, add whole food supplements to fill in the gaps.

  65. Joyce

    I have 2 Orthopedic doctors and one Gp tell
    me DO NOT take BISPHOSPHONATE drugs.

  66. Shirley Carroll

    I did leave a comment a few moments ago but forgot to mention that my doctor never tried to get me to start medication until after I had broken my 4th of 5th bone & had xrays & scans, bone density tests, etc. She was very thorough then referred me to a Specialist who put me on Fosamax. After 5yrs, he insisted that I change as he said that not enough was known about the long term effects of Fosamax & put me onto Evista. I was on this for another 5yrs & now am taking Protos for approx 3 months. I also take Caltrate with vitamen D, OMEGA 3, Multi Vitamis, etc., etc.
    During all these years, as I mentioned previously, I have broken 18 bones, some, such as wrists & ankles, as many as 4 times, fractured my spine, & my bone density in my hips get worse with each test, so I have decided “ENOUGH”. “NO MORE’.
    If I break bones on this medication, I may as well not pump any more poisen into my system. I am going to do it the Natural Way.


  67. Shirley Carroll

    I have broken, at least, 18 bones over the past 15years whilst taken 3 of the medications mentioned above. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thank You.


  68. carrie

    Yes, osteopenia gone to osteoporosis so my internist wants me on Fosamax. I said I’d think about it – have thought and can;t be convinced tho dentist and a chiropractor have also suggested it – scare of breaking my back. BUT, at 73, I’ve fallen 4 times since osteoporosis – not broken a thing! (I’m very active – walk much, garden, work out with weights, stretching).Do take calcium/magnesium/D and an osteopath found me deficient in D, prescribed extra and I’m in range.
    Internist won’t prescribe bone scan unless I agree to consider Fosamax (or so he says). We agree on one thing: in annual physical, he says, ‘we’ve discussed Fosamax’. I agree, ‘yes, we have’. On to next topic.
    Two chiropractors are very much against use of Fosamax, etc. – I go with them!

    • Carol

      Fosamax (and other drugs like that) only make your bones denser – but they also make them more brittle. That’s why people are getting broken femurs, and also degeneration of the jaw bone. And now I read about esophageal cancer because of those drugs. Stay far far away from them. I am taking a certain strain of red yeast rice that has been proven to lay down new bone.

      • Mary

        I read your post on the Save our bones site and was interested in the kind of supplements you are taking.. Can you tell me the brand name, so I can try it…(the red rice)

        I was on Fosamax and it just tore up my stomach big time and I have an ulcer…I bought the Save our bones book and read over half of it last night.. What an informative read!!

        Thank you,


  69. mecdes

    I know when I was diagnosed with osteporosisi after being on stiroids I was doubtful fro te begging ,and I said ,do I need the tx, Iwas given ? if not ten what wil I do as I am aready developed weakness in my joints. Now your saying and the research done totally convinced me I should not take the tx.Tell me what I should take. Reading the boook is good but what about the damage. Thank you

  70. Donna Sikes

    My doctor just told me he didn’t think my -2.6 score would change with just vitamin D & calcium. I’ve just finished your book and I’m starting the program. I’ve let the nurse know to cancel my appointment and I’m treating the natural way. I was supposed to go back and tell the doctor which treatment I wanted after he gave me literature on all prescriptions available, including IV and shots. He wouldn’t tell me which one to take. It had to be my decision. But he did say he was hoping I’d go for the new once a year IV because he hadn’t had anyone try it and wanted to see how it went.

    • Joyce

      I tried the new once a year IV,that was in Nov of
      2009. I broke my arm in July of 2010. I was on actonel for 5 years before that. I too have had 5 broken bones while on some kind of med.

  71. Judy K

    Astronauts lose bone density in space. Look at how healthy and fit they are before they climb into the “ship.” When they get back, they have to rebuild their bones…we should all have that information.
    I took myacalcin for years and my t-scores were worse every time. I took reclast last spring and have vowed that I will do everything to avoid taking any more of the bis-phosphanates. Also, I had breast cancer before I learned about ph. and then I learned that a slightly alkaline ph might have protected me from cancer. I had to beg my doc for a Vitamin D test, the results came back at 25, he said to take a supplement… hmmm. I then found out that the reason I didn’t have good bones was that I hadn’t ever taken a D3 supplement! A year later I learned of the breast cancer and the need for a D3 level of 70 – 90 if you have had a serious health challenge. Some doctor!

  72. J. Gould

    Yes, I have had this conversation with my endocrinologist many times. However, it was refreshing to talk to my P.C.. When I told him I was uncomfortable continuing with Fosamax because bone building is a natural process, not a disease and I explained the bone building process as described in your book and said that exercise and the right foods should do it and he concurred. Hooray for one doctor!

  73. Fran Cooksey

    Vivian, I’m so happy you are on the internet. I sent the information to my daughter “Terri Morrison” to look up & read. She has two daughters, 19-25 and I wanted them to start eating and drinking the right foods too. Because I’m only on Social Security and can’t afford your book. I was pleasently suprised when Terri said, “You will receive the book in about a week”. Needless to say I will read every word. My bone density is -3.2 due to a 2003 accident & compplications, loss of appetite, energy etc.

  74. Vicki Kidd

    Im 51 and have Osteopenia. I dont smoke, or drink alcohol. I am physically very active. I have always eaten well, lots of fruits, veges, whole grains and high quality supplements. I have never taken drugs for osteo. I purchased your book in hopes of learning something new. I have not. DID I MISS SOMETHING???

    • Veronica Hughes

      What a great many people don’t realise is that to maintain health one needs to maintain a correct acid/alkaline balance in the body. Undue mental or emotional stress creates an acid environment. To correct this the body leaches calcium from the bones to correct this. Over time with some people Osteoporosis is the result despite appearing to do and eat the right food. Correct the imbalances of the mind too. Try yoga, meditation and change negative thinking patterns if you can. Up the VitD3 too and lots of walking. Did you know that you can actually ‘walk away from your problems’ and don’t engage in other peoples’ problems if they affect you adversely. Oh yes, and be happy!

      • NaturalOnly

        Ashwaganda is a natural supplement that can be taken to ease mental stress. It works naturally and with no side effects.

    • dianne

      Grains acidify, check your pH.

  75. carolyn

    I was just diagnosed with osteopinea,I’m 47 and have been on Fosomax for 6 or so years and at my last appt.with the specialist I told him I did not want to take it anymore.He said after 5 years he feels it’s in my system enough and said to get another bone scan in a year to see if my bones are holding up.Thank God for a patient of ours at a Dental office I work for, who shared with me her experience and gave me all your information. I want to be able to do this on my own naturally.Lupus (SLE)
    was diagnosed when I was 21 yrs old.I feel better today than ever,and I look forward to learning more natural ways of keeping healthy.

  76. Cheryl Forge

    I would like to open up a dialogue about the drug strontium ranelate(PROTOS,for the treatment of osteoporosis.This drug was prescribed for me in early 2009 without any discussion of the possible side effects.My pharmacist alerted me to the side effects and put me on a user register.A doctor phoned me several weeks – she was doing a survey on behalf of the manufacturer and asked me if I had nausea,skin rashes etc.
    I had not connected my daily nausea nor a skin rash on my arm with Protos.After discussion with her I googled for more informetion. I ceased taking it immediately and the side effects disappeared within 48 hours.

  77. susan lipsett

    glad to be part of a sane approach to my bones and general health. The dairy industry and the calcium industry have really done a number on us ladies. Nobody, but nobody talks about absorbtion and make it sound like you have to eat 40 lbs of broccoli…absurd.

  78. Mary laird

    My Dr. did use scare tactics using almost identical words! My reaction was to tell him”So be it” and left never to return.

  79. mary godfroy

    I’m in England and consider my doctor is very good and supportive. However, when I told her I was stopping my Actonel she said she was fine regards my hips as they are just Osteopenic but was more concerned as my back shows severe Osteoporosis. This has of course caused me some doubt as I’d far sooner improve it with good diet but don’t want to risk my back breaking, Have other people been told just one part is Osteoprotic and what did they do.

    • Barb

      Hi….yes, my back has osteoporosis (-2.5) and my hip is osteopenic (-1.8). I am NOT taking the medications….my good friend who has been on the drugs for years and actually was only osteopenic JUST broke her femur at the exact place the FDA warned about in the fall and had to be sent in a helicopter to the hospital and have surgery. After telling her about everything I have learned about the drugs, her husband called her dr. and had a discussion with him and now they have taken her off the Boniva and are sending her on to a bone specialist. I am CONVINCED it was the Actonal, Fosomax and now the Boniva which caused her problem. I am willing to take my chances and try to work with my diet, exercises and supplements.

  80. mary bushma

    I am really enjoying your e-mails on this subject, I went to my Natural medecine Dr yesterday and he said the very same thing, keep up the good work you are helping a lot of us women, again thanks

  81. almas mswji

    i enjoy learning new things and discovering that there is so much one can do to prevent your bones getting weak. thank you

  82. Jennifer M.

    My doctor had me on Etidronate Disodium+Calc Carbonate for life (I’ve recently quit taking it). I don’t see this drug on the Save Our Bones list of dangerous drugs to avoid. Does anyone have any information to share with regards to this medication?

  83. Denise G.

    I have osteoporosis, which I had reversed through diet, supplementation, pro-gest cream, and exercise. My scores went from -3.4 to -2.5.Life was good and then I suddenly became ill and a year later I had breast cancer. Now I am cancer free but I take arimidex to suppress estrogen. This drug also increases bone loss and gives joint pain. My osteo scores have gone to -2.8, primarily because of 2 years with little exercise. Now my onc wants me to take fosamax or boniva, but I am concerned about the side effests. Oh, did I also mention that I have dental and chronic back problems. It is all very overwhelming. I have increased my VIt D, take stronthium and tissue salts, plus calcium and other vitamins.I take daily walks, and have begun to lift small weights.I eat mostly organic foods. What else can I do?

  84. Patricia Stoddart

    The Specialist that reported on my Bone Density Scan suggested that I take Prescription drugs however my GP does not like prescribing them especially as I take a lot of medication for MS and he advised me to just take Calcium and Vitamin B and advised me what to watch out for in my diet. Pat Stoddart. Worrigee NSW Australia

    • Denise G.

      I have had osteoporosis for about 6 years. I tried evista for two weeks and then became scared of the side effects, so I discontinued taking it.Through exercise, diet, supplementation,and pro-gest cream I reversed the osteo from -3.4 to -2.5.Life was good and then I suddenely became ill.I had breast cancer last year and am now taking arimidex, which increases the possibility of bone loss. It also gives me joint aches, plus I have chronic back problems. My onc wants me to take one of the osteo drugs but the side effects scare me -plus how much more joint pain do I need?I have increased Vit D, take stronthium, tissue salts and eat mostly organic foods. What else should I do?

      • dianne

        Find a good naturopath and buy Vivian’s book. Check your pH, nearly everyone is too acidic and D3 deficient. And keep a food journal so you know what causes acidity and have your D3 and other nutrient levels tested by a naturopath. Even vegans can be acidic if they consume too much of certain things. And acidity has been proven to cause almost every disease, esp. cancer, bone degeneration, all bacterial and viral diseases…almost nothing that plagues humans can live in an alkaline environment–but if this was common knowledge, it would put nearly the entire cancer industry out of business, and hospitals would only be emergency rooms with a few rooms for extended stay for accident victims. If I had cancer, the very last person I would go to is an onc, they do nothing but poison your immune system and throw every system in your body out of balance. Listen to people like Vivian and other natural doctors–the medical profession is a hoax and they have too much invested to ever want us to know the truth. Hippacrites said “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.” Main-stream doctors may take that oath, but they have less than one hour in med school about nutrition and are taught for the most part to not believe it by the Big Pharma-controlled and -funded colleges. I know, because I fell for almost every medical scam drug they pushed on me for years and never once felt good. Now that I understand, I would never let a conventional dr touch me again or take any of their advice, they are simply not trained…and no profit in it to push natural remedies God made for us.

        • dianne

          oops Hippocrates

    • Patricia Stoddart

      In my previous comment I said Vitamin B I should have said Vitamin D. Pat Stoddart.

  85. Rosemary Jablonski

    Yes, I had one doc do this scare thing. Then I went to a very experienced endocrinologist who said I was the third one in his office today with a bad T-score and he said they got all new DEXA bone density machines in our area and they are giving false info. He said I do not need any of those bone meds, he agrees with your research, and he is going to just run some blood and urine tests to be sure my magnesium, Vit K, Vit D, calcium and so on are in balance. Then he is going to help me find out my estrogen levels and in a few years taper to a bit lower amount to where I don’t have hot flashes, yet he said forever just wear that tapered amount of transdermal estrogen patch. So I finally found a doc who believes in a natural approach to bone preservation and he agreed that the Fosomax, etc is bad because like you say it stops bone regeneration and it prevents new healthy bone from being produced as is natural to our bodies. He also said that once people get labelled osteoporosis it can interfere with them getting long term care health insurance so he told me to get no more bone density scans as my spine is -2.4 and – 2.5 is the osteoporosis label. So know that there are some docs out there that are totally with you. Rosemary

    • wendy fielding

      Dear Rosemary,
      which country are you in, I’m in uk. have tried every alternative treatment possible for my hot flushes, now been 5yrs, every 20-40 mins. Need to balance this with osteo. supplements. Like sound of your naturopath, where are they and who,
      thanks, wendy

  86. Jackie Wahlig

    My rheumatology nurse physician was really nasty because I wasn’t taking monthy drugs for awhile (they make me goofy) I need to go the natural way as I have autonomic neuropathy and don’t break meds down right.
    I also have multiple chemical sensitivity. Nurse said I have severe osteoporsis (“my bones are crap”) Was going to test for heavy metal from naturapath but my back wont allow that right now. (degenerative discs)
    I am concerned because I am very low on zinc, even when I supplement it. I am also low in amino acids (many not even traced in blood!) so I supplement that too. I know you can get osteoporosis from heavy metals and that you need zinc for many things.
    Do you know how come I do not absorb zinc? Any suggestions? I also read that zinc is regulated by sulfur amino acids. I am allergic to sulfur (at least the kind that is in antibiotics for bladder infections……..
    What to do? I want to correct this. help!


      I have always been a sports person.
      After having hysther recto my and removed my Fallopian tubes, I have taken a Hormone supplement called ” Progynova” 2 mg. for years.
      never had problems whit my bones, til my Doctor told me this medication was not available in Canada, and she wold not let me have any hormone supplements.
      then it all started.
      i have started to get the medication sent from ” Norway’ and are all ready feeling better.
      much hello from Britt.

  87. Lydian b.

    No, no one never has. Even though I will be 86 next month I have never had osteoporosis or
    osteopenia. I do have a bad back but other than that three doctors, on looking at my x-rays and other tests (blood pressure, heart, etc,) have said I was a lot healthier than they were.

    I am a vegetarian and have been since I was 18 and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, no dairy of any kind (use soy products instead)–and I do come from a long-lived family. My great grandfather lived to be 113 and managed his large farm until about two years before he died.

    Both my dad and grandmother were well unto their 90’s when they died and both were alert and had good lives until a couple of years before they died (Dad more so than my grandmother.) I guess they passed their good genes on to me. God has been very good to me and I am grateful.

  88. Roger Moreton

    No , my doctor has never done this to me. But then I live in Britain, where we have a reliable national health service, like almost all European countries. You Americans would do much better to establish something like that yourselves.

    • S Wilson

      I couldn’t disagree more with the post about the NHS in Britain! Its underfunded and overstretched and many of the tests etc readily available in USA are not available in UK. I’ve just waited 12 weeks for an MRI marked ‘urgent’!!!
      There has been a history of osteoporosis in my family and three dexa scans have put me in the osteopena category. My doctor contacted me with a view to taking fosamax, but I’ve seen how useless its been in treating my mother who suffers with severe osteoporosis so I looked for an alternative. Here’s something of importance. She has been prescribed Calcium and Vitamin D tablets by her doctor (as have I). However its important to take high grade vitamins that the body can easily absorb (not the cheaper varieties prescribed by the NHS). I’ve learned that as we age the acid in our gut weakens and doesn’t break things down as effectively as it did when we were younger. So yes, take high grade calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 but they need to be taken with other things so that the body absorbs them correctly. I’m not medically trained so I’m now seeing a nutritional therapist for help with this and also weight bearing exercise.
      On a personal level, for me two things have helped me more than anything to begin to maintain a healthy ph level. I stopped drinking tea/coffee and started drinking lots of filtered water with either lemon or lime (both are very alkalizing in the body.) The second is to use ph paper and keep a diary to see which foods lower my ph. Its taken time and patience to increase it from below ph5 to ph7-7.5 and I still find it down to ph6 some days so I have to check back to see what I need to change. It can be challenging when you are cooking for a family who can eat all sorts of things and still have great ph scores but I guess this underlines the need for education as this is something that slowly changes. I’ve been losing weight with the diet changes which for me isn’t particularly helpful so I’ve added in extra olive oils and nuts such as almonds and cashews. I was very strict with my diet at first and interestingly I now find that I no longer enjoy all the sugary cakes and candy I used to crave.

      • Judy K

        When a woman takes calcium, vitamin D3, k2, I think
        she should also take magnesium–to avoid constipation.
        Most of the almond milk/soy milk/rice milk contain D2.
        Almond milk helps with keeping a higher ph. I like the
        book, “Alkalize or die.” My friends and I believe that
        bacteria doesn’t survive in a slightly alkaline body
        and even go so far to believe that this will help
        prevent breast cancer and/or its recurrance.

  89. Jeanne

    I would like sample daily menus (just a few) am so confused on the acid/alkaline diet. I cut out many things I had normally been eating but not sure if I am doing every thing correctly or not. Lots of veggies, very little meat and no dairy and lots of fruit. I do have the book! Guess I need to be spoon fed a little more info.

    • Liz Nowak

      This is my second time to leave a comment. I was diagnosided with osteoporosis November of 2006, as was given Actonel. January, 2008, I turned and ended up on the ground, a broken right femur. I had to see an oral surgeon in August for a couple of bad teeth, and he immediately tolk me to quit taking Actonel because it was not good for me. Upon leaving the oral surgeon, my doctor called and said I had severe anemia. I was given three units of blood because my blood count was 6.6 instead of 14-16. There was both a colonostomy and a endoscopy trying to find why I had low blood. Once, the word Actonel was mentioned, but was not mentioned again. I think they knew why I was not making blood. A year ago, my brother was told he had osteoporosis and was given Actonel. He told lme last week, the last two physicals showed he had a low blood count. Actonel is not nice.

    • Annette

      I would like to have some of your recipes & menus. I have read the book. Very much impressed, and want more information.

  90. Celine

    I would very much like to know whether this natural therapy can be of any help to a young man suffering from Klinefelter Syndrome whereby he cannot produce enough testosterone which may lead to osteoporosis. The doctor advised him to apply the testosterone gel but he doesn’t know what are the long term side effects and is looking for an alternative safer method without drugs.

  91. Patricia Newton

    Hello Vivian-

    Thought I’d share this bit of my Fosamax/Actonel history:

    I had breast cancer in 1991 at age 44, followed by radiation and chemotherapy, which put me into early menopause. The doctors did not mention how this might affect my bone health or prescribe any change to my nutrition. Around 1995 I read a Reader’s Digest article that mentioned bone loss in women after menopause and how we should have a bone density test. I mentioned it to my doctor, got a test, and yes, it showed the beginnings of bone loss…so, he prescribed Fosamax, which I took until 2006, when I moved and changed doctors. Eleven years of Fosamax! The new health provider, a nurse practitioner, wanted me to start on Bonavita, but on learning I had had breast cancer, switched me to Actonel.(She was also a trainer for the Bonavita company, holding evening classes to explain how to do the injections. She must have been getting paid to do that, so it would be to her benefit to want to prescribe it.) When I changed doctors again, the new one took me off Actonel immediately; he knew that bisphosphonates where not to be taken for so long. However…another problem came up, which I will explain further on.

    My dentist was the first person to alert me to the possible dangers of long-term Fosamax use. While I had read about the possibility of people getting necrosis of the jaw from dental work, I wasn’t too worried, since the reports were concerning people who had received the drug in much higher doses, intravenously. However, when I a discussed it with a dental surgeon when my dentist thought I should have a troublesome wisdom tooth extracted, he said I should hold off on an extraction for as long as possible unless it absolutely had to come out, even though the chances were slim that I’d have a problem.

    About the physician who took me off Actonel: I know he was right about it. However, he doesn’t seem to understand osteoporosis and other drugs, or else I don’t. At my first visit, I told him my health history and showed him all my bone density scan results. Yes, he saw the diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis, and asked about my diet, exercise, vitamin D levels, and ordered blood and urine tests. Then we discussed my new problem of exercise-induced asthma. I had been prescribed an inhaler by the previous nurse practioner, but he wanted me to add another drug, Pulmacort. I am now in the habit of checking drugs on-line for warnings and adverse reactions about prescriptions…and what did I find? The first warning was that people with osteoporosis should not use that drug! Why did he prescribe it???

    I am glad to receive your reports to help me sort out all the conflicting information about bone health. I have hope now that I will be able to have meaningful discussions with my health providers about my body, and also to present some alternatives to address my situation. Thanks for all you do. I’m not a medical researcher, and it’s hard to make sense of all the reports and medical news. Thanks for your work in clarifying the very murky waters and presenting things in a way us “ordinary people” can understand.

    • loretta

      I am not sure about fosamax that doctor tod me to take it but I am confused about this fosamax because I have read about it to cause me afraid to take it. I need to know what do without like fosamax but I have women 1 a Day vitamin supplement and vitamin D deficient but I am not sure go ahead to take vitamin D deficient how about should I start multimineral supplyment and vitamin D deficient and calcium??? so do you have any idea without fosamax any suggest?

      • Jeanne Brilhante

        Niacin is a vitamin that can be used in prescription strength to treat high cholesterol. Is there any information on this? How do you get the best absorbable calcium capsules, and from where?

      • dianne

        Don’t take any vitamin that you can buy at Walmart or any other “popular” store. They are synthetic with the wrong forms of every one of their ingredients, and are not even broken out of their pill form (check your poo), let alone absorbed by the body. They have cyanocabalamin, which actually is worse than taking no B12. Dairy and cheap vitamins have Vitamin D2, which is a synthetic fraud and should be totally avoided. Centrum is one of the biggest hoaxes ever, and nothing GNC has for vitamins is what you want–I would even avoid their essential oils, etc. Only take whole food vitamins, your body will know what to do with them. Do not even judge them until you’ve been on them steadily for 3 months. The least expensive acceptable vitamins–tho not perfect–I’ve found are from health freedom usa dot org…less than $40/month. Vivian no doubt has some good ones too. I’m not a health pro, I just know who to trust from reading so much.

  92. Virginia Hudson

    When I asked two different doctors the results of my bone scans, neither would explain the results. I tried one 150 mg sample Boniva and got a migraine, diarrhea lasting 5 weeks and a pounding heart. When I asked the first doctor about possible jaw problems he said it was rare. 10 out of 100 is not that rare. When I explained my side effects, he offered no solutions. I don’t go to him anymore. I also have lupus, but do not use prednisone since it simply doesn’t work. I have either lots of sensitivities to foods and therefore to drugs or remedies that work for others simply refuse to work for me.

  93. virginia baker

    Two weeks ago, my dr’s nurse called to give me the results of my bone density test. She said ” The dr. said you have the worst case of osteoporosis he has ever seen and he wants you to take Forteo!” I told her I had done research on the side effects of the bisphosphonates AND Forteo and didn’t have any intention of taking any of them. Then, she said “Have you ever heard of ‘spontaneous fracture? You could be standing at the kitchen sink and break a bone!'” I still stuck to my guns and plan to “sink or swim” the natural way. (I am a 77 year old, active female).

  94. G.r

    My Dr. has tried to put me on Rx s for bone loss for years. She says I have Osteopenia of the spine, and Osteoporosis of the hip. My spine showed improvement from two years ago, hip a little worse. Have you heard of this before? I am an active gardener and walk twice a day. I have taken D3 for two years, and Coral Calcium. I am 73, retired nurse.

    • Beulah

      What do you think about Protos (medication)??

  95. Dawn Miller

    Yes I have had Dr.s tell me this. I commented awhile ago that I took Fozamax about 4 years and got worse, though I seemed to improve with Forteo. Now they want me to take Reclast,( I canceled my apointment) and ordered Vivian’s book. What I would like to know is what calcium is best to take as some of them do not help me. I Found a new one Elemental Calcium from Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite. What do you know about this Calcium, is it worth taking, or will you diet provide what I need? Thanks for your help.

  96. Ms. L. Carmel

    I Haven’t Been Told That Yet By MY Doctor, But I DO Have A FRIEND, Whose Dr. Told HER Things To That Affect.

  97. betty

    I broke my tibla in 08 they put the usual metal in my knee now they say that i have to have a new knee in because i have 0stherits in my knee .Would your book help me in any way?
    thank you

  98. judith

    by June 1 I must make decision re: daily injections of Forteo…(after very light lifting: simultaneously twisted & turned )in 2008 fractured L1 & L3…this year fractured L4….drs say “risk continued fractures or….Forteo”…insurance approved it…after much study…I may just do it..very scary…in past I refused all meds…but now..my physically active body needs something…over years have done proper nutrition, exercises, etc…but the osteoporosis is very real & may be in part due to(my belief) genetics & meds used 40 years ago: diet pills & 3 months on intravenous meds to remedy situation caused by an IUD)…your articles have helped me speak intelligently with dr’s..especially re: osteoblasts/clasts…thanks…wish me luck…

  99. Janet Cruz

    After being treated for breast cancer with a mastectomy followed by chemo 7 1/2 years ago I was given a bone density test which revealed that I had osteoporosis. Of course they scared me into taking Fosamax which I didn’t then they tried to get me to take the once a year drug and I didn’t then my doctor tried to set me up with a “specialist” to convince me to take the osteoporosis meds, saying if I didn’t I would end up bent over or in a wheelchair. I’m 55 years old and been exercising 5 days a week for the past 20 years. Is it possible that the chemo helped me get osteoporosis? I still exercise daily like to walk take vitamins and try to get enough sun without sunscreen. What else can I do to help it?

    • Luc Chene

      It would be excellent to take a good multimineral. The best I know is Usana’s multivitamins and minerals. Also if you have access to Yoplait yogurt, they offer ASANA Yoplait with Milk Basic Protein, a fraction of milk used successfully in Japan to treat osteoporosis. Also consider taking Vitamin K2 about 50 mg per day.
      I would add Biosil for silicon about 50 mg a day. This will help in all fronts and is within the safe side without excess. Calcium must be about 1200 mg and Magnesium about 500 mg. More Magnesium may cause diarrhea.
      If you check the PH (acidity) of the urine and keep it alcaline, it will help reduce the loss of bone Calcium needed to counterbalance food and/or metabolic acidity. (some say make your body less acid, but it is in fact reducing the acid load from the food and the actual breakdown of the food in the body)
      But before taking all this together, please ask a knowledgeable health practitioner who knows your condition, just to be on the safe side.
      I am a man 55 with osteoporosis ( the result of a childhood spent in constant anxiety) and will take this formula after approval by my doctor.
      PS I have no financial interest in the companies cited above)
      I wish you good success !

  100. Leahrae Willard

    I was taking fosomax for approximately 4-5 years and when I visited a holistic doctor he told me to stop taking it. He then did a body typing on me and found that my body needed more magnesium than calcium. He increased my vitamin D also. The last dexascan showed an improvement in my spine but not my hip – however it is holding its own. Also, I ordered the “Save my Bones” program and received my down loads but not my book – I ordered in May 1st

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