Prolia (Denosumab): My Review - Save Our Bones

This past June 1st, the FDA approved Prolia ™ (denosumab), a brand new twice-yearly injectable osteoporosis drug by Amgen.

The first drug of its kind, Prolia was designed to treat and prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis for patients considered to be at high risk of fractures. It's also marketed as an alternative treatment for those who have failed or are intolerant to other osteoporosis drugs.

Is this a time to celebrate, or is Prolia destined to end up in the osteoporosis “Hall of Shame”, along with the rest of Big Pharma’s Superstar osteoporosis drugs? I’ll let you decide, but first, let’s unravel the mysterious and tightly-woven cocoon wrapped around this novel drug.

An Old and Flawed Concept Disguised as Sci-Fi Technology

As if straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Space Agency NASA was involved in several studies related to Prolia. Here’s the scoop: in 2001, Ted Bateman, Ph.D. from Clemson University in South Carolina and Paul Kostenuik, a researcher for Amgen, teamed up to “…use the microgravity environment for evaluation of new pharmaceutical candidates (denosumab) in small mammals. Results may expedite the review of new pharmaceuticals.”1

They conducted studies on 24 female mice that spent 12 days on the International Space Station shuttle flight STS-108. Study findings confirmed that Prolia did prevent increased bone loss and maintained bone mineralization. So there you have it. The medical establishment is more than willing to send mice to space – but would they consider a natural, safe, and easy treatment? Out of the question!

On the surface, Prolia seems to be a breakthrough and fairly innocuous drug. But is it? As the first fully human monoclonal (laboratory-made) antibody and RANK Ligand inhibitor to be approved as a drug, it certainly sounds very complicated. But it really isn’t. Bear with me… I’ll explain.

Antibodies are proteins produced to neutralize “invaders”, such as bacteria and viruses. RANK Ligand (RANKL for short) is a protein that activates osteoclasts and is involved in immune-response regulation.2 As I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, osteoclasts are bone cells that remove old bone by a process called resorption. They make space so that new bone is deposited by osteoblasts, thus replacing old bone. These two processes are known as bone remodeling, the natural way by which bones renew themselves and stay strong, healthy, and more resistant to fracture.

Prolia: Same as Bisphosphonates… Only Different

Now back to Prolia. The natural inhibitor of RANKL is osteoprotegerin, a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) cytokine that binds to RANKL, preventing interaction with its receptor-activator RANK on the surface of osteoclasts.3 Cytokines are chemical messengers that help regulate the nature and intensity of an immune response. Remember this for later, because it all ties in together.

So, in plain English, Prolia mimics osteoprotegerin by blocking the effects of RANKL and de-activating osteoclasts. Say “hello” to stalled bone resorption and “good-bye” to new bone deposition. But wait a minute, doesn’t this sound eerily familiar? It should, because bisphosphonates achieve the same end result as Prolia, only through a different biochemical pathway.

At the end of the day, both drugs alter normal bone metabolism, not without potential long-term nefarious consequences. For example, sudden femoral fractures are linked to long-term bisphosphonate therapy, which can be attributed to the lack of bone remodeling. Add to this formula a dose of immune system tampering, and you’ve got yourself a fully assembled health Molotov cocktail.

Studies and Stats

Amgen’s own Press Release states that “Treatment with Prolia resulted in greater bone density, stronger bones, and reduced risk for vertebral, hip and non-vertebral fractures measured at three years.”4 It backs up this statement with a study by Cummings et al. published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2009, titled “Denosumab for Prevention of Fractures in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis”.

And the same Press Release boasts their pivotal three year Fracture REduction Evaluation of Denosumab in Osteoporosis every six Months or “FREEDOM” study (no, this is not a bad joke) with these results:

– 4.8 percent absolute risk reduction of vertebral fractures
- 0.3 percent absolute risk reduction of hip fractures
- 1.5 percent absolute risk reduction of non-vertebral fractures 
- 8.8 percent bone density increase at the lumbar spine, 6.4 percent at the total hip, and 5.2 percent at the femoral neck.

So far, so good, especially for those who don’t mind being “guinea pigs” in exchange for short-term rewards. Because the biggest cause for concern with Prolia is its potential side-effects.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Even though Prolia doesn't accumulate in the body and has no known esophageal side effects as is the case with bisphosphonates, it boasts a rather long list of undesirable – and sometimes dangerous – potential side effects. In its shadow, bisphosphonates almost seem to be the lesser of both evils, and that’s no small feat. You’ll soon know why.

The most common side effects of Prolia are back pain, arm and leg aches, elevated cholesterol, general musculoskeletal pain, bladder infection, and pancreatitis.5

And as disclosed on the Prolia website (, it can cause serious side effects because it “is a medicine that may affect your immune system” (remember the cytokines?).

These are the main side effects listed by Amgen:

  • Low calcium levels
  • Serious skin, lower abdomen, bladder, or ear infections
  • Dermatitis, rash, or eczema
  • Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart (endocarditis) caused by an infection
  • Severe jaw bone problems such as osteonecrosis of the jaw.

And for dessert, Amgen serves up a cautionary statement: that “it is not known if the use of Prolia over a long period of time may cause slow healing of broken bones or unusual fractures.”

So it looks as though…

The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

Like bisphosphonates, Prolia opens the door to a wide array of opportunistic health problems, many of which can (and trust me, will) get covered over with yet more drugs.

And let’s not forget that this drug interferes with the body’s natural immune system, which is the obvious reason for many of its most dreaded side-effects. In fact, roughly one year before its approval, FDA reviewers expressed concerns over Prolia’s activity against an important immune system modulator.6

But evidently, those concerns were shoved to the side and quickly forgotten. It seems as though the medical establishment considers drug side-effects – no matter how terrifying – an unfortunate “numbers game”. Applying its skewed logic, it accepts that there will always be some unlucky patients that will get stuck with irreversible damage, such as osteonecrosis or endocarditis – the latter potentially resulting in heart valve destruction or even a stroke.7 The unsuspecting victims are written off as inevitable casualties of war, losing their battle, but helping win the war against “disease”.

Don’t Get Fooled by Confusing Double-Speak

It almost seems as though well-meaning scientists focus so disproportionately on solving bone health issues using hi-tech tools, that they lose sight of the risk vs. reward ratio. That's why together at Save Our Bones, we expose the truth and dispel misconceptions, especially as they relate to brand new drugs.

Let’s face it: two injections a year may sound like an appealing solution to finally conquer osteoporosis. But the bad news is the potential high price to pay. So I urge you to consider your acceptable options and weigh the consequences of your decision. Also, please share this review with anyone you think may benefit from it.

And ALWAYS remember the good news: the Save Our Bones community is here for you and your bone health, with proven natural bone health strategies that work with your body… not against it.


1 Commercial Biomedical Testing Module: Effects of Osteoprotegerin on Bone Maintenance in Microgravity (CBTM).].
2 Lacey DL, Timms E, Tan HL, Kelley MJ, Dunstan CR, Burgess T, Elliott R, Colombero A, Elliott G, Scully S, Hsu H, Sullivan J, Hawkins N, Davy E, Capparelli C, Eli A, Qian YX, Kaufman S, Sarosi I, Shalhoub V, Senaldi G, Guo J, Delaney J, Boyle WJ . Osteoprotegerin ligand is a cytokine that regulates osteoclast differentiation and activation. Cell. 93:165–176. 1998.
3 Nakagawa N, Kinosaki M, Yamaguchi K, Shima N, Yasuda H, Yano K, Morinaga T, Higashio K. RANK is the essential signaling receptor for osteoclast differentiation factor in osteoclastogenesis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 253:395–400. 1998.

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  1. felix lina

    X-rays are negative, heart lungs and blood and serum chemistries all are normal. I have lung calcification from childhood bout with histoplasmosis. I am 75 years old and retired.My current doctor directed me to totalcureherbsfoundation com which I purchase the COPD herbal remedies from them ,they are located in Johannesburg, the herbal treatment has effectively reduce all my symptoms totally, am waiting to complete the 15 weeks usage because they guaranteed me total cure.

  2. Deb

    Right on the prolia website it says if you stop the drug, you are more prone to spinal fractures – more so than before treatment! I am reading reports of spinal fracs after stopping prolia. I just finished 2 yrs of forteo with no gains in bone density. Very disappointing! Now I’m trying a RX supplement called FosteumPlus. Hope it helps. I don’t have faith in these osteo drugs at all and don’t feel I want to risk the side effects. I know my Dr. , who is suggesting Prolia now, won’t be happy with me.

    • Maritere

      Please do not go on Prolia. It tampers with your immune system and is very likely to cause an auto immune response that may stay with you for life. I strongly suggest you follow a healthy diet, the proper weight bearing exercises and forget about Prolia….I have suffered tremendously because of the one and only injection of this drug that plays with the natural bone building and disposing processes in order to recycle worn out bone back to your healthy bones….eventually causing serious fractures, among other problems…Good luck to you!

  3. Jane

    I am on Arimidex (Anastrazole) for prevention of recurrence of breast cancer. My osteoporosis has gotten worse since being on it for one and a half years. I’m 64 and my bone density is -37. My Dr wants me to go on Prolia and I am very concerned after reading this article but I am also concerned about my bones since I have to be on Arimidex for another 3 and a half years longer. I don’t know what to do since my bone density had really deteriorated in one year. Any advise is appreciated.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jane,

      Arimidex and other estrogen-inhibiting drugs do have a negative effect on bones, so that’s actually even more reason to follow a pH-balanced, bone-smart diet. Such a diet can offer protection against bone loss caused by Arimidex – it’s a better option than yet more prescription drugs, which add to the toxic load.

      Also, a pH-balanced diet aims to retain the necessary minerals in the body so as not to deplete bones, and in fact, some scientists believe that an alkaline pH not only helps retain important minerals, it also may stave off cancer from recurring. So it may have a double benefit.

      But remember, this is your decision; I am not a doctor, and you and your oncologist need to discuss your options (including your knowledgeable decision to take or not take Prolia or other osteoporosis drugs). I wish you success moving forward!

      • Prolia and blurred vision

        I am taking arimidex for life. I have gone through 3 rounds of cancer, chemo, and radiation (ovarian cancer/breast cancer/reoccurring breast cancer). When I had breast cancer the first time, I was prescribed Prolia and took 4 injections over 2 years. After the first injection I experienced blurred vision and thought it must be the arimidex and stopped taking it. After I had a reoccurrence, I realized I had no choice, so started taking arimidex again. So far about 6 months I’ve had no problems. Two weeks ago, My oncologist recommended I go back through a series of Prolia injections. Within a week later, my vision got blurred and I’m really struggling. Is this be a side effect of Prolia? And if yes, will it go away if I don’t take any more dosages. I’m miserable and work in a job where I use the computer all day. Having blurred vision is very challenging. Thanks for any feedback.

  4. J Hall

    PLEASE PLEASE Do not take these injections. I had my first injection10 months ago. I developed severe jaw pain a few weeks after the injection. I have never had any dental problems. My dentist, not being able to diagnose the problem , sent me to a specialist and he too could not find a problem. Only after receiving my second injection did I then realize that this was a reaction to the prolia. After this second injection I have had heart flutters (Which I have had to go to a Electrocardiologist heart doctor and wear a monitor for a week.} I also have been having jabbing back pains that come and go, and now I again have the extreme jaw pain that has this time included pain in my ear. Very difficult to eat. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she had to look up the side effects. Wish I would have done my homework earlier and knew how devastating this drug is. Wish doctors would do the same.
    J Hall

  5. Joanne

    At age 72, I am on Prolia after breast cancer treatments because of needing to use an aromatase inhibitor, and I also have osteopenia. I have no side effects. On the contrary, I feel ten years younger and no longer use a push cart when I am shopping. I have no increased pain, no problems with abdominal pains, and the slight rash I got on my ear responded to a calendula salve. I did increase my vitamin D3 intake and my calcium intake when I started it. I also have few other major conditions, and no history of autoimmune disease. For me it is a gift.

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  8. Shannan

    My mother has Copd/emphysema. She also has osteoporosis and takes fosamax which she has been taking for years. She has been going to the mayo clinic trying to get a lung transplant. They told her they wanted to give her this shot to get her off the fosamax (which has nothing to do with the transplant.) Her bones are good and have been good the 7 seven years we have been going. She listened to them and agreed to it. That was 13 days ago. She came home ended up in the hospital 2 times the first week. Second time stayed there for 3 days and the doctors released her to hospice. Now their preparing me for her death. This shot completely shut down her body. The week before that shot she was eating, walking, shopping, on oxygen and she was struggling but with 24 hours of that shot she was down and hasnt been back up since. Do not agree to this shot. I really am researhing and trying to figure out if theres a way to reverse the damage it caused to her already fragile body. Im seeing alot of cannabis answers but im not sure hospice will agree to that. I need help. These doctors should not be playing roulette with peoples lives its not fair and definitely should have made my mom more aware to these side affects before giving it to her

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Shannon, I agree with you, the doctors should not be playing roulette with our lives! I started taking Prolia in 2012 and was not told about all the horrible side effects! It has changed my life for the worst! Was originally for bone cancer patients! I have had horrible side effects and am still having them, will never take it again and I hope your Mom gets better soon!

    • Norma

      She took Prolia?? Thank you and I hope your mom gets better

  9. Debbie h

    Have had 2 injections. Been watching my monoclonal gammopathy for 10 years with very little change. All of a sudden my disease is now progressing into multiple myeloma. A big rise in my labs since my last injection in May. It has made a slight difference in my bone density but is it leading me to bone cancer? I have refused any more treatments and will start weight training and continue calcium supplements. I’m curious to see if any one else has this problem or if they know someone that does? Thank you

    • Gloria

      Debbie, I had all the horrible side effects of Prolia! It has been the worst drug I have ever taken. You are wise to never take it again, and I will never take it again. i have not experienced what you describe, but as I said it was a horrible drug for me. Hope you do well without Prolia.

  10. janine

    hi I’m 52 & today after bone density scan found out I have osteo arthritis in my gave me script for prolia
    I am fit I have started yoga don’t eat animals or drink cows milk
    all my bloods are great.
    any alternatives that anyone one can recommend to build up my bones please
    I really don’t want to use this drug 🙁

    • Vickie Spurlin

      Don’t start Prolia. Been receiving shots for 9 years. I have been having problems with my immune system and my research leads me to believe blame Prolia. I am starting an exit plan. Should mention that my immune system problem also led to postponement if my November shot. In Jan I performed a simple lift off on object I lift every day. That one move fractured three thoracic vertebrae and I will need surgery. As soon as I have recovered from the surgery I am going to exercise, eat the right foods etc but no more Prolia. I will take my chances. Forgot to mention that the compromised immunity led to two Shingles outbreaks. The first one almost cost the sight eye, kept me housebound for 6 weeks with severe pain and an additional three months of nerve pain.

    • Gloria

      Hi Janine, I am on Calcium with vitamin D, and some exercise with weights. I took Prolia trusted my oncologist, didn’t look up all of the side effects. Prolia has been horrible for me, personally, I will never take it again. My body and energy level has gone way down. Still suffering from the side effects and took my last shot in 2015. The drug was originally for bone cancer patients. Hope this helps you and good luck! Tell everyone no Prolia!!

  11. Shanty Locker

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    • Annie

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  14. Trish

    After months of trying the various oral medications for bone loss, my Doctor has suggested Prolia. I still have a rawness in my throat and esophageal side effects.
    After reading all of your comments, I feel I will decide Prolia is not for me. I will continue the calcium and vitamin D.
    Just wondering if anyone has researched the benefits of the K2D3 combo which is D3 1000IU & K2 120mcg in organic coconut oil, It is supposed to ‘assist the body in the absorption and utilization of calcium and the development and maintenance of bones and teeth’.
    I welcome your comments, experiences, and knowledge.
    Thanking you all, in advance.

  15. Catlady

    I really don’t know what to say about Prolia, as I’ve been receiving it for a while now but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. My last bone density test showed I am not losing more bone – but I am also not gaining any either. My doctor wants me to stay on it but the expense might not be worth it if it’s really not doing anything. I think as we get to a certain age (I am mid-sixties), we bottom out, i.e., we don’t lose more but don’t gain any either no matter what we do. Nature at work, so to speak. I take plenty of calcium and Vitamin D too (and have for decades), but things have stayed relatively the same bone mass wise since I went through menopause, reaching that point at age 53. That was 12 years ago! I’ve tried bisphosphonates but they too did little over the course of time. Have been taking the Prolia injection for awhile (about 5 injections now) and again, nothing to write home about. So, I really don’t know whether to continue Prolia if it’s not showing results. Seems kind of pointless in a way. have had no reactions to the drug so that’s good, but still, if it’s not showing results…

  16. bone cancer in hyderabad

    The info you have provided very useful. Good analysis.Great Job keep it up.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. MMM3300

    This drug has changed my mom’s life. She could not remember to take her other meds and they had awful side effects. Prolia is simple with two simple shots a year and the results on her scans show it is working. She has no side effects and she feels great!

  18. Dale White

    Please help me make a decision. I have been advised by my doctor to take Prolia. I am very hesitant because of the side effects. I have severe osteoporosis. I don’t want a broken bone, but I don’t want what this drug offers, either.

    • Liz

      Hi Dale, I too have been prescribed Prolia injection for severe osteoporosis and am having second thoughts. I already have Osteo arthritis and weak jaw bone and the thought of having Prolia really scares me but this is something everyone has to make up their own mind. Some of my teeth are already loose and a dead jaw bone due to Prolia if i have an extraction whilst on Prolia is scary. I am prepared to work at taking vitamins, having natural foods high in calcium (cannot take calcium tabs due to kidney stones) weight bearing exercise and natural protein as I have done a lot of research. I will go back in 6 months and have another bone density scan. I wonder how you went with your decision whether to have it or not. I do hope however if you went ahead that everything went well for you.

  19. cooper jaxon

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  20. Mason Ava

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  21. Robert A Felsman

    I am over 83 years old with engineering and law degrees. I am trying to decide whether I should take Prolia or Forteo to help my soft bones. I have had four bags of blood transfusion that saved my life from immune deficient anemia that depleted my red blood cells. I returned to normal after treatment. Later I had a bad fall from my front porch and stairs that broke six ribs and gave compression fractures to two vertebrae. A surgeon fixed the broken bones. In American you have free speech except for slander and libel. The FDA wants you to report bad side effects on FDA Form 3500B (use this search term) that may be added to the list published with each medication.

    • Ms Jones

      This is in reply to Robert A Felsman.
      My 85 year old mother began having multiple fractures and extremely soft bones about 12 years ago. Every small accident resulted in fractures.
      Her Orthopedist got her involved with a Forteo trial and her bone density increased by 15%. She had one further fracture due to a a very hard fall in a parking lot, but none of the other small tumbles she has had resulted in fractures. I was so relieved when she finally got this drug. She had broken at least 10 bones and spent months recovering. All that trauma to her body was exhausting for her.
      I would seriously consider the Forteo. I think it saved her from becoming a complete invalid.
      I hope this is helpful and good luck to you!

    • sima skarica

      I am still debating what to do abut my osteoporosis at age 70.
      I am even considering bioidentical hormones.

      • Beverly Veenker

        My doctor is fabulous. He feels very strongly about my need for prolia. I am terrified of it. Does anyone feel it is worth taking

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  24. Joe

    Hello all. 33 year old male here, transplant patient due to a long fight with a horrible auto immune disease, and suffering from osteoporosis with 4 back fractures caused by said disease and subsequent medications.

    I’m currently on Prolia. After much research and comparing the benefits vs risks I’ve decided to go with it. The only side effect I’m dealing with is a tiny patch of eczema on my thumb. I don’t do Chinese or homeopathic treatments, because unlike Prolia there are not many studies out there for them and I’d rather not gamble my life on what is not proven.

    My question is to those that did take the medication. How long did it take you on average to show significant improvement, and did you reach complete reversal? I’m currently overweight and am afraid to start a formal weight training plan due to concerns of fractures. Seems like a catch 22, that weight training is supposed to help osteoporosis but my train of thought telling me that excessive stress could injure me.

    I would appreciate any feedback and advice you could provide.

    Thanks, and take care!

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Joe, It sounds like you have some very serious bone problems and I don’t really know what to say to you. The only thing I can tell you are problems I experienced with the drug Prolia. I only had osteropina and had seven Prolia shots and the side effects were very bad for me. I trusted my doctor and didn’t research the drug before taking it. Skin problems, joint pains, muscle pains, so bad after the last shot, I started researching Prolia and immediately called my doctors and have and never will take another does of Prolia, my doctor all agreed! I certainly am not advising you to stop the drug, just wanted to warn of the horrible side effects that I had. I hope this helps you and I wish you good luck with Prolia, just beware of the side effects. Wishing you better health!

  25. Laurie Maus

    Based on bone density scans for the last several years (I am now 62) I have had osteopenia. The most recent scan had me downgraded from osteopenia to osteoporosis for my spine (-2.7) still with osteopenia for my hip (-1.5). The last time I broke a bone was as a teenager when a 1500 lb cow stepped on my foot and pivoted. And I have had accidents since diagnosis with osteopenia without breaking bone including having horses step on my feet numerous times and a 1300 lb cow knock me to the ground and stomp on me repeatedly. (I was black and blue from my hips to knees and have the back of my leg ripped open but no breaks). I went to a nutritionist, realized that I have probably been low on calcium and vitamin D for years and started with a supplement. In the interim my GP sent me to an endocrinologist who after a number of blood tests (only thing abnormal is I am still low on Vit D) immediately prescribed Prolia. I did some research on line and read on the spec sheets on this drug. (my background includes toxicology). My first response was how did this drug even get registered for use and why are doctors prescribing it. My second response is that I will not use it. So now I am trying to find exercise and nutrition support to stop progression of bone loss and hopefully restore bone density. I have since discovered that one medication I used in the past against acid reflux now has an advisory against it because of associated bone loss. It does make one feel like a giant lab rat.

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  27. Judy Laney

    Judy Laney

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  28. Erica Lampley

    Oh GOD, now I’m at a loss. I’m only 47 and went through early menopause 5 yrs ago. I’m small-boned, a smoker, and have a family history of osteoporosis. Basically, all the risk factors for it. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips and osteopenia in my spine a year ago, after breaking my wrist in Aug 2015 and questioning my gyno about osteoporosis because of a poster in her exam room. I’ve already been on Fosamax and Boneva with HORRIBLE gastro side effects. So now she wants me to try Prolia, provided my insurance will pay. And I’m supposed to be taking calcium supplements but I can be pretty bad with remembering them. I don’t know what to do!

    • Carolina

      Stop smoking, increase your calcium intake, exercise with weights.

  29. Jenny White

    I have severe osteoporosis primarily caused by treatment for two episodes of breast cancer in 1997 and 2005. I was prescribed various bone drugs and was responding reasonably well in terms of improved density. Following 10 hours of reconstructive surgery in 2008 I suffered a deep vein thrombosis (dvt) and a pulmonary embolism. Appropriate treatment was given and some time later, for reasons I can’t remember, my bone medication was changed to Strontium Ranelate. Shortly afterwards I suffered a second dvt resulting in being prescribed warfarin for life. I then discovered that Strontium Ranelate should never be prescribed for patients who have previously suffered a dvt and following extensive tests, the verdict was that Strontium Ranelate had caused it. Just for the record, not my GP’s fault. Long story. No further bone medication was given as my density was sort of OK. However, it later took a serious turn for the worse and I was prescribed denusomab. I have now had 2 injections and am finding life very difficult. I have agonising muscle cramps and “seizures” bad enough to limit mobility, severe joint pains, digestive problems, constipation, two severe skin episodes where the skin itches intensely and breaks down causing large sore areas. Hot flushes. Weight gain despite no change in diet. Generally feel unwell, tired and, uncharacteristically for me, very low and depressed. I feel caught between a rock and a hard place and am really nervous about completing the 10 injection course.

    • Triveni

      I was surprised that you had just posted this last night. I am a 3 time cancer survivor and a bone marrow survivor of 5 yrs now. My doctor did a bone density test and I am no labeled Osteoporosis. After reading about the newest med on the market for this I an not going to take the shot. I have been reading Anthony William medical medium blogs for some time now and I have decided instead to go more natural with Organo G5 Silliplant product which is the best forms of supplemental silica. Silica is unbeatable for it bone building and can improve bone density. I am also takeing :”Bone UP” with the type of Calcium that is most easily absorbed called Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite. I am hopeful this will be a better solution for me since I battle with Graft verse Host Disease and just can not do my self any more harm, I hope this might help others looking for alternative healing.

  30. lialskraps

    Been on Fosamax 20 odd years , still had fractures ,wrist, ankle , ribs thumb , & recently another vertabrae Compressed fracture . Have thought recently that if Fosamax worked , there would be less profit 4 Co. That is the more breaks the more they would sell .Drs. don’t have opportunity to do in depth study as they R 2 busy seeing their patients, Am I Cynical well I don’t trust big Pharma. One thing re. No milk . Does that also apply to Almond , Soya, coconut & fresh non pasteurised milk . My Mother was reared on Goats milk but still had Osteoporosis in her 80s I had fresh cows’ milk Many Thanks 2 You 4 your Article

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi lialskaps, just read your post, I agree with you, I do not trust the Pharmacitical companies and doctors are too busy to keep up with all of the drugs and their side effects. I was diagnosed with osteropina in 2012 and the one thing I can tell you for certain is that the drug Prolia made by Amgen was horrible for me. It was originally made for bone cancer patients. I took 7 injections without researching all of the terrible side effects. My last shot was in 2-2015 and I still am suffering with pains and fatigue that I never had until the Prolia shots. I do not have any advise to you about the different milks or other medicine of osteoperosis, but my experience with Prolia was and is still so bad I advise no one to take for osteropina or osteoperosis. And yes, thanks for this article, I wish I had read this article prior to taking Prolia!! Good luck to you with finding help.

  31. cheryl g

    So I was just diagnosed with beginning osteoporosis. They want to give me prolia. I will be starting an aromatase inhibitor drug which is known to cause osteoporosis next month. I am against taking prolia and all osteoporosis drugs because of all the horrible side effects. Will this program help me??

    • Triveni

      I was surprised that you had just posted this last night. I am a 3 time cancer survivor and a bone marrow survivor of 5 yrs now. My doctor did a bone density test and I am no labeled Osteoporosis. After reading about the newest med on the market for this I an not going to take the shot. I have been reading Anthony William medical medium blogs for some time now and I have decided instead to go more natural with Organo G5 Silliplant product which is the best forms of supplemental silica. Silica is unbeatable for it bone building and can improve bone density. I am also takeing :”Bone UP” with the type of Calcium that is most easily absorbed called Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite. I am hopeful this will be a better solution for me since I battle with Graft verse Host Disease and just can not do my self any more harm, I hope this might help others looking for alternative healing.

    • Gloria Cummings

      You are very smart not to take Prolia. The side effects are horrible. Unfortunately I did not research the drug before having the injections. It was originally for bone cancer! It should be taken off the market for anything other than cancer. I suffer every day from the side effects of Prolia. Will never take it again.


        OMG i am in the process now of getting approval for it… what did you switch to then? what are you going to take? i am scared to death now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Triveni

          Check out G5 Organo its a natural product for rebuilding bones look it up on internet. Also “Bone Up” Superior skeletal support has the best absorbance calcium.

          • Triveni

            Check out G5 Orgono its a natural product for rebuilding bones look it up on internet. Also “Bone Up” Superior skeletal support has the best absorbance calcium.

            I misspelled Orgono in my last reply .. this is correct

    • Jo

      You are smart to not take this drug. Unfortunately I’ve had the maximum 4 injections over the past 2 years. My bones are ‘denser’ however, I’ve lost 1/3 of my hair and I suffer from periodical back pain. I can only wait for the drug to wear off it if ever does.

      This drug should be taken off the shelf, terminated; it is listed as a chemo drug.
      (contains denosumab)
      If I had of known, I never would have signed up for the experiment.
      I researched too late….don’t trust doctors.

      • Gloria Cummings

        Yes, I agree, it should be taken off the market, it has horrible side effects and was originally for bone cancer!

  32. Linda Guerrero

    It was suggested that I start treatment with Prolia or Reclast by my physician. Thank you for the feedback that you have provided at this site. After reading about the side effects of both of these medications, I’ve decided to decline the medicines and use another approach.

  33. Belinda Price

    I am allergic to quite a few tablets and can not take anything on an empty stomach. I was pescribed Alendronic acid which has to be taken on an empty stomach. ten mins after taking it i began to sweat and feel faint and sick. I was told about Prolia and my bone density has got really bad. i had the prolia injection on the 22nd Feb and in the first week i had a change in my voice . No sore throat. The second week i felt so bloated and felt that my food was not digesting. when i leant forward my mouth was filling with sick. i have not eaten hardly anything and my somach is swelling again today and i feel a little breathless. never had anything like this before and was wondering if anybody has experianced this problem?

    • Janice Isabell

      I have had my third Prolia shot a few weeks ago. Since I’ve been I. It, I feel bloated, all the time. Weight gain. ( I don’t eat anymore the. I did before taken the Prolia shot. Severe leg cramps, migraine have worsen, tired all the time.

      I have complained to my doctor and he insists one doesn’t gain weight from
      Prolia. Baloney! However he says my Bone density test came back showing improvement! So, I have to sacrifice myself to all these side effects?

      I will be talking with my doctor in length with my complaints!

    • Gloria Cummings

      Belinda, I took Prolia and had some stomach problems before, but they defiantly got worse along with a lot of other horrible side effects. I will never take another injection of Prolia. It was originally for bone cancer and is a form of chemotherapy , they do not inform of this before hand. I regret that I did not do more research before taking Prolia. It is a horrible drug and as I said before has a lot of really bad side effects. I hope my post helps you.

    • Heather

      I have had two shots of prolix and have developed the same symptoms as you describe and had not put two and two together. But, I’m pretty sure I won’t be having a third shot. Thank you for leaving your comments. If we don’t have these forums we would not have a clue what is going on on a larger scale.

      • Gloria Cummings

        Heather, you are so correct, these forums really help. I have, as I stated in many posts that I have had horrible side effects from Prolia. The negative reviews of Prolia on a number of sites are much higher than the positve ones. I trusted my doctor and did not research Prolia and I will never take another shot. It was originally marketed by Amgen drug company for bone cancer, not osteropina or Osteoperosis. I took seven shots before the side effects got so bad that I began researching . I have had most all of the horrible side effects, including stomach problems. It is a horrible drug and as I told the FDA should only be given for cancer patients. You are very smart if you do not take another shot. I hope this helps you and others so they don’t suffer like I have, hoping the side effects will get better, but not sure I will ever be the same as I was before Prolia.

        • Jackie Simister

          Hi can i ask you since you stopped Prolia injections have you fractured. I keep reading about the high incidence of fracture after stopping Prolia. I wish i had never started it.

      • Vanneh

        Belinda and Heather, I have also had the same digestive issues that you describe. I already had GERD which was under control until I had the Prolia injection. After the first one last June I went through very severe digestive symptoms, pain, increased reflux, stomach bloating, etc. for three months. I thought it might be related to the Prolia, but wasn’t sure. Three weeks ago I had my second Prolia injection and the whole nightmare started again. I cannot eat a normal diet and am taking several medications because my stomach fills with gas if I eat anything, and I have severe upper digestive system pain. Like you, Belinda, the food just comes up into my throat. I don’t want to have osteoporosis, but I can’t do this again. There has to be a better form of treatment!

        • Debbie

          Hi everyone. I have been reading all your comments and I want to thank all of you for the info. I have had osteoporosis for a while and have tried a lot of the meds for this. I just got approved by my insurance for my meds. I have been taking Forteo for a while and my bone density is a little better. You can’t take it but 2 years though. The only draw back is the cost. 4000 a month with my insurance paying 3000 and me 1000. A MONTH? Anyway I am glad I ran across this because they wanted to put me on prolia and boy that’s not happening after what you guys are saying. I also have Sarcoidoses which is even worse on bones because of the prednisone I take. I thank you all for your feed back on Prolia.

        • Gloria Cummings

          Vanneh, I replied to Belinder and Heather about the many horrible side effects of Prolia, and what you have described is one of the many horriible side effects of Prolia and yes there has to be a better treatment. I know from my own personal horrible experience with Prolia. I will never take another Prolia shot for osteropina. I hope my info helps all of you.

  34. Shandra Fraile

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  35. Dorothy

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  36. Juststop

    Could people stop fighting with one another here, please. If YOU don’t like a comment then you don’t. But that is what you get on a public board. You are NOT going to adore every comment. However, Freedom of Speech dictates that all can post as they see fit. No one here is a doctor. Everyone has a right to tell of THEIR own experience and everyone has a right to take umbrage with someone else’s post. If YOU don’t like it when not EVERYONE agrees with you, then perhaps it would be best to go elsewhere and not be so offended. If you had a bad experience post it, or a good one, ditto, but STOP FIGHTING and attacking one another. This is not a place for Keyboard Warriors! It’s a place for information and it’s up to each individual to take what they can from EVERY post. Stop fighting, ladies. Put your egos aside and just post your experiences with Prolia. Stop calling others liars, too, or insinuating they work for drug firms and are promoting Prolia. STOP, STOP, STOP! NOW!

  37. Juststop

    YOU don’t HAVE to read it either, dear. Stop attacking someone’s opinions. They have as much right as YOU do to post so can it!

    • Juststop

      For some reason my comment ended up top here and was meant for another who apparently cannot take ANY difference of opinion. Stop fighting here, ladies. Just post and quit attacking one another. Just Stop!!!!!!!!

  38. Helga

    I had my second shot in July 2016, didn’t know anything about side effects, both doctors didn’t bother mentioning them. Within a week after the shot I had blood red urine, never ever had anything like that before. The UTIs continued for months, led to ultrasounds, a visit to the Urologyst and a systcoscopy in Hospital, nothing was found. By September I had now developed a chest infection that took my breath away and doctor thought I was heading for pneumonia. The aches in my hips and generally all over has not stopped and now I have fever, chills, night sweats, all the symptoms of endocarditis. When will this drug ever stop giving me grief. I feel like it’s taken my immune system down the toilet.

  39. earth

    Osteoporosis is serious. I am an extremely educated scientist, spiritualist and master herbalist. Everyone has different experiences with drug and herb and much of that is based on our lifestyle, your genes, what you eat or don’t, exercise etc.
    I am known as an earth girl but sometimes you need medications and sometimes herbs don’t work. An integrative approach is best always.
    I tool Harvoni, not one single side effect, I took Fosamax for many years not one single side effect and there was benefit.
    so whilst natural remedies may work the long term effects of bone destruction can cripple you, so it is best to really truly look at what your options are and make educated decisions.
    Chinese medicine is extremely effective in building bone. In TCM we know that the kidney governs bone so tonify the kidney, build bone.
    There are many different ways to look at osteo. Sometimes a cultural perspective brings hope health and healing. Homeopathy is another venue to look at. I have had osteo for many years with no advancement and improvement. Widen your perspectives, look at how Chinese, aurveyda and homeopathy work with this challenge. Bones are alive, constantly living and changing, feed them, nourish they governors and educate beyond what you know.
    Light an love to all

    • vit

      can you please help me. Years ago I took forteo had good results with it and no side effects except hated rhe way it smelled. It actually rebuilt bone snd my bones I was told were Like an 80 yr. old at the time I was 36. I’m now 49 . Since then like 14 yrs. later I broke my hip again but this time by my sacral Ala Wich is were the hip joins the spine. 2 yrs later right now I have 2 broken heels and a fracture fibula and unclear on the other side die to fluid in my bones. I do not have a great diet , have horrible constipation problems and horrible bloating. my orthopedic doctor referred me to an endocrinologist. She did not have the other MR I or the X-rays at the appointment. One thing to take pulley off I don’t want to take it because it’s an injection and it lasts six months at least if i take forteo I can stop it immediately if i hsve a reaction or side effect. e tell if I had side effects . I just recently found out holistic nutritionist however she was certified by vet school in New York. I’m not sure how educated she is I’m looking to try to get rid of my bloating constipation and building my bones. Diet has given me is pretty limited which kind of concerns me. I don’t want to do more damage to my bone and I’m scared but I need good quality help. Early Estates that it causes constipation, heart problems and vertebral factures all of which I have had before and I have had horrible bloating and I don’t want more. Can you help me or refer me to someone in my are with a more natural approach who has had success and is educated. ? I’d be willing to give you my email if you can. Vit

  40. Peggy Fitzgerald

    My sister passed away November 16, 2016 from cardiac arrest at age 72. Her husband found her dead on the bathroom floor. She had Lupus but was doing excellent the last three years as it was in remission. She had severe osteoporosis from the years of taking prednisone for systemic Lupus. She was only 104 pounds and never smoked or drank. She had been on Prolia for two years or more for her bone loss. Her rheumatologist was shocked that she died from a heart attack since she had never had a heart problem ever. I think the Prolia shot is to blame for her death. Do not take this drug unless you absolutely have to since I believe it is not safe for everyone. While we think the drug companies are saving us they are just making money on drugs that are possibly dangerous!

    • Patty

      Have Rheumatoid Arthritis & have been taking Prolia since May 2017. In Sept 2017 the RA flare-up started and has not let up in spite of 4 medications to make it “”quiet” again. Had 2nd Prolia inj. in Nov. 2017 & 3rd one in May 2018. Have had not problems with it so far, but now I am wondering if it is causing this flare-up. Does anyone have any info on this that you can share?


    I am rather dismayed at this site and those like it. Not that there is not some valuable information here of one sort or another, but STOP playing doctor those of you who are doing so in posts! Everyone has different experiences with medications and treatments. And to share those is fine and it may offer some information of one sort or another. But YOUR personal experience is not the gold standard by which EVERYONE else should measure THEIR health care choices or decisions, nor should they decide whether or not to take a medication based on YOUR say so and what happened to YOU! Good grief people!!!!! Your experiences are yours, of course, but they do not mean that literally everyone who is trying to make a decision as to whether to take a drug (Prolia, Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, etc., or any other osteoporosis treatment) should refrain from doing so because YOU had a bad time with one of those drugs! I took an antibiotic once that I believe caused a muscle rupture. However this is VERY RARE for that particular drug to cause this and I would NEVER come here and instruct people NOT to take that drug because of MY experience. I might tell them of the experience but caution them that I have other issues with my muscles and that may have added to the problem. I know many other people who have taken the drug with no ill effects whatsoever. You often read about adverse reactions to drugs on websites like this but you almost NEVER read about positive outcomes. I notice that here too, so this site is no exception. Usually when people get positive outcomes to this or that drug they don’t even bother posting. It’s only those who continually tell everyone NOT to take something because it affected them badly. Fear mongering is not really a good thing. Knowledge is for sure but a little knowledge can also be a dangerous thing when used negatively, and everyone reacts differently to every drug. There is no “textbook” case wherein everyone has the same outcome. Your experience may not mirror someone else’s and someone else’s experience here should never influence you to the point you forego medical treatment for your own health decisions.

    • Sheri

      Please don’t stop sharing your stories. I need all the first-hand information I can get!

    • Lynn Hulette

      I went to this site to hear patient’s experiences with Prolia. I think we have the right to share our experiences. I’m so surprised with this persons reaction to people giving their opinions based on their experiences. Let it be! We want to read this information. If you don’t like it then don’t read it!

      • Juststop

        This was posted up top for some reason. Guess what, YOU don’t HAVE to read it either if you don’t like it. So stop your attacking here. If YOU don’t like something take your own pompous advice. Stop reading and go elsewhere. Words both ways, dear.

        • Juststop

          Meant “works both ways” above. Again, could everyone here PLEASE stop attacking others and put their huge egos aside.

  42. Phyllis Robinson

    I am posting this because I have not seen my husband’s side effects listed any where. He is 83 and has had one Prolia shot because of a bad back and soft bones. Two years ago he had a stent put in his heart veins. At that time, the doctor said his other veins were fine. This week he had a heart cath because he was having problems with pressure in his chest. The doctor came out all excited and said he needed heart by pass immediately because he had calcium blockage in ALL of his veins at about 75%. My husband’s daughter asked how long it took to get calcium blockages and the doctor said, “well, they weren’t there 2 years ago.” I would expect it to take MANY years to get that kind of blockage in all of ones veins, not 2 years. I am wondering if Prolia combined with the high dosage of calcium another prescribed could have caused these sudden blockages? I do not know, but if anyone else has had problems with Prolia causing heart problems, please post about it.

    • Angie

      Hi I have been on Prolia for three years. I have had six shots. My last Bone Density Scan showed my bone mass was up 15%. Considering I was labeled as having severe osteoporosis and I do have 8 compression fractures it is working. I do have side effects such as bone pain, the occasional pain in my jaw, swelling and extreme tightness in my stomach and abdomen. I now have GERD, but don’t know if that is related to the Prolia.
      Anyway, I am not going to be taking anymore shots. My doctor can’t give me a definite answer as to what is a safe period of time to take prolia. Also, can’t give me an answer as to what my body is going to go through when I stop taking the Prolia shot. Gloria you said you stopped taking it. What affect did it have on your body. How do we know if our body returns to getting rid of old bone and will our body be able to manufacture new bone? Especially after having bone built up from the Prolia
      Please let me know how you are doing. Thanks Angie

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Phyllis, I do not know if Prolia can cause the problems you have described, however it can cause Angina, inflammation of the inner lining of the heart (endocarditis) caused by an infection, and also cause problems with the heart valves. The drug denosumab was originally for bone cancer patients! I have a friend that had bone cancer and she had to take it for her bone cancer. She has since had severe problems with her heart and has undergone a number of surgeries on her heart. Thank God she is now doing ok, and has asked her doctors about the effects of this drug on her heart. They cannot give her a clear answer, but told her it is a powerful drug for anyone. I personally have had horrible side effects from Prolia, and no longer take it, but have not had any heart problems that I know of. I hope this help and pray your husband will be well soon, and I would be very cautious about any other shots of Prolia for him at this time. I hope this is helpful for you.


        Lady, YOU are dangerous! Stop telling everyone they should not take Prolia You are NOT a medical doctor. YOU are dangerous!!!!!

        • Lynn Hulette

          THINKANDDO, I just had an aha moment where I can see clearly that you never have taken thIs drug. Only saying you had an experience with an antibiotic! You are a drug salesman I would venture to think. Not a good idea to lambast patients who are offering their advice good or bad. You have no business on this site and should be ashamed of yourself!

        • Gloria Cummings

          You, whoever you are, please post your real name instead of always going incognito. If you are not a drug representative and making money selling drugs, why would my post bother you so much? Sometimes the TRUTH hurts! And you are wasting your time trying to stop me from sharing my horrible experience with the side effects of Prolia. Have you taken Prolia, can you speak from experience? As I have said before, I speak from experience and only post my experience to help others not to hurt anyone! And I do have doctors backing me! You call that “Dangerous!” What is wrong with you to call my post dangerous? Why do you care if you are not selling and promoting Prolia?! As I have said before, read the reviews, more negative than positive reviews on Prolia. The side effects are horrible, should only be used for what it was developed for “Bone Cancer!” Only here to help others, not to hurt anyone!

  43. christiann

    I “happened” to find this website.. Has anyone heard of Prolia causing an allergic reaction to the face/eyes? My sister has been on Prolia for several years. About a year ago she developed a rash, itchy and sore around both eyes. Went to an allergist who prescribed a steoid that took the rash away. She was told not to use it long term because of it’s side effects. The rash returend a few weeks ago, and she has recently been tested for food allergies and will be tested for mold and dust mites. Last summer, because we had some water leaking into the part of the house she lves in, we had the home tested for mold and everything was OK.. All her food allergies came back negative and in a few weeks she will be taking all her facial products, soaps, make-up, etc to see if she is allergic to that.. She also has dry eyes and a catract was found last year.. Does anyone think it could be the Prolia and that she suddenly developed an allergic reaction after several year? Thanks in advance.. BTW, she called her PCP and she said it isn’t the Prolia..

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Christann, I took Prolia and had never had skin problems, but started to notice skin rashes all over my body. I had never been allergic to cats and dogs until I started taking Prolia. Now I break out all over my body, especially my scalp when I am around them. Skin problems are one of the many horrible side effects of this drug. It was originally for bone cancer patients. I took it for osteropina, but no longer take it and hope I never have to take it ever again. I am not a doctor,, but I do believe her problems could be from Prolia. There are a lot of negative reviews on this site and on More negative than positive reviews. I hope this helps and hope your sister’s problem get better. I have reported Prolia to the FDA because of the side effects that I have had! As I said, I hope this helps. Sincerely, Gloria

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Hi Gloria and Christiann,

        Skin rashes and “skin problems” are listed as side effects of Prolia. 🙁

        • Gloria Cummings

          Thank you, Vivian. Wish I had researched Prolia and all the side effects before taking the injections. Again, thank you for all your information pertaining to Prolia! As I have stated before, most of the side effects for me personally have been really bad, not worth the risk for just osteropina. Again, thank you!!

  44. Fedup!

    I would like to state something here. One particular poster has posted 28 times in the course of less than a year or so, about her apparent vendetta against Prolia and the dangers of it. Let me assure everyone here that the dangers of osteoporosis can be far worse in many cases, and you are best to consult with your doctor (and maybe get a second opinion if you feel the need), and stop listening to those who clearly have an axe to grind. It’s like the poster has been hired by Vivian Goldschmidt to deter people against Prolia or other treatments. It would be jolly if natural treatments worked the best, but they clearly do not in many cases. I took vitamin D and calcium for decades, ate right, exercised and did not smoke, drink to excess, etc. I ended up with advanced osteoporosis. My mother also had it and it was advanced in her. Sometimes the natural course of treatment does not work and if you have tried that and it hasn’t, it’s time for something else. But really, this poster who is ALWAYS posting here about the dangers of Prolia, sounds like she was hired by VG. I am not saying she actually was, but enough! Everyone should consult a medical professional (or two or three) and make the decision that is right for them, not allow someone on a board such as this to scare them into NOT taking a drug that might in fact be beneficial and cause no side effects in them. I assure you that the alternative to Prolia and some other the other osteoporosis meds is NOT a good one. And really, if natural treatments worked for everyone we really wouldn’t need doctors now, would we?

  45. christiann

    Can Prolia cause rashes around the eyes?? I see that it does cause rashes but doesnt mention the eyes specifically.. Thanks

  46. Vickee Cockrum

    Early Dec. 2015 i took my 1st Prolia shot. Jan 2016 we went on vacation. I had overall skeletal pain, thought it was from the 12 hour drive didnt understand why it didnt quit. Tough time but i made it through to the time for the next shot .
    June 22,2016 got #2 shot. Felt sluggish and jaw pain in July and the 1st of Aug. it unleashed on me! As i write this it is Aug 25. Severe skeletal pain, neck, back, rib area, bottom of heels, confusion , lack of energy which all causes depression! I, as others took this to better our lives. I think we are the human mice thats proving it is not ready for mass production! AND AS IN MY CASE , DO NOT LET THE DOCTOR OR P. A. Bully you into taking it, using Medicare not paying for ongoing treatments at hospitals etc. if you do not take it as in my case!!!!!!

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Vickee, thank you for your post, Prolia has been a nightmare for me also. I had my first shot in 2012 and have never been the same. All of the side effects you describe I have had and still having! Glad you did not allow Doctor or PA to bully you! I unfortunately trusted mine and did not do research before taking Prolia. I am awake tonight,, 4:24 am, hurting in joints and muscles from working in my yard! Before Prolia I had NO joint or muscle problems! And yes, I agree we are human mice and money for the drug companies! Marketing tool for Amgen. Hope you feel better soon, and again thanks for your post.

      • Fedup!

        Do you ever stop posting here about all your issues with Prolia and other things? I mean seriously, you sound like you have a vendetta. Every time someone posts something about Prolia you IMMEDIATELY chime in with negativity. You have posted here dozens of times (actually 28 times in less than a year) and it honestly sounds like you have a vendetta. You claim you took it seven times and are a wreck. You don’t seem to acknowledge that there are a great many people who NEVER had a reaction of ANY type and you just keep yammering. That is what I hate about boards like this. There is always one who comes on countless times to tell us all the terrible things that happened to them and advise everyone NOT to take the drug! You seem to disagree with ANYONE who had a positive outcome. Were you hired by Vivian Goldschmidt or something? Seriously, 28 posts that all say essentially the same thing, i.e., how BAD Prolia is. The alternative to Prolia can be far worse. Stop the harangue!

        • Shelley

          I see where some people shouldn’t be on here. You don’t like what you read, people are helping others to find out what some drugs have done to them. Those of you who complain, get off the site. Stop telling people what they should or shouldn’t say. This is a free country.

        • Lynn Hulette

          THINKADO or Fedup, please let me educate myself without you blasting people posting! Geez…I know there’s good money in pharmaceuticals but this seems desperate!

        • Sue

          I think people read all these negative reviews, and then if they get a prolia shot, afterwards any ache or pain or anything that may come up with their health, they blame prolia. Some people claim just hours after they got the shot they had issues. I’ve read just a few of these posts, but dry eye!! I’ve had that many many years before prolia. It comes with age. Not really a big health alert!!!! I’ve been on prolia for 4 years, I exercise regularly, and I am very active and healthy. Not one side affect. I think people get a shot and then go home and just think that all of a sudden have muscle or bone pain?? A severe case of osteoporosis would be so much more devasting to your quality of life. Yes, every drug has a list of side effects, but that’s the world of drugs. No one knows long term use of any drug. But, If you don’t do anything, you may regret it.

        • Gloria Cummings

          Fed up! I am posting the truth, and will continue to post to help others to be informed of the horrible side effects of Prolia! Are you a drug representative working for Amgen to increase you income with no regard for the patient or any knowledge of the horrible side effects of Prolia. Do some research, search the reviews as I have and you will find the negative reviews of this drug, Prolia are very high and they certainly are very much higher than positive reviews. Because of complaints to the FDA, they have added many more side effects for in the commercials for Prolia! Seriously, have you taken Prolia?

          • Fedup

            I am someone who has been on Prolia for awhile with NO ADVERSE reactions whatsoever. I think YOU sound like you have a vendetta. Honestly, I do. That’s the danger in sites like this. Those with vendettas. And no I am not a drug representative, so you can cool your vendetta against some drug company, too. My opinion. Good day, madam.


    I’ve just been prescribed prolia for osteoporosis of my spine,due to have the injection tomorrow. After reading all comments and other literature I’m very unsure what to do now. What’s the alternative?

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hazel, I am so happy you did not take Prolia! I am still a living testimony of the horrible side effects of Prolia. Again, so glad for you.


      Don’t need a degree to make the decision, natural,alternative, and a few minor adjustments in life style is just too easy. I shouldn’t have needed to even think about the options (prolia etc), and stayed with my long term beliefs and reading so much about prolia and comments from people who have used prolia supports my decision and boosts my confidence. Thank you.

      • Vickee Cockrum

        Hazel Im so glad you did!

        • Vickee Cockrum

          Im sorry ! Im glad you DIDNT take it , i meant!!!!


    The correct activities related to governments, businesses, and extra institutions usually involve several factors related to planning, discussion, scheduling, cost control, price range management, in addition to resource portion.


    Hiawatha, I don’t remember much relating to this but it absolutely was about knowing others and their very own points related to view.

  50. Lois natale

    Hubby diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in November 2015. Taking lupron injection every 3 months and psa down to 0.06 from over 500. Since scan in November showed a small shadow in his hip oncologist wants him to have prolia. He has been taking curcumed and I believe this has really helped him. He has no pain. He was also anointed with oil and prayed over. I believe that he has been healed but can’t prove it. The side effects of this drug scare me to death. He is also taking a calcium/D3 supplement recommended by nutritionist. Any thoughts or recommendations?

  51. Christine

    I would interested in knowing what Vivian Goldschidt’s T scores have been since the two bone density scans in 2004.

  52. Maigonis Kula

    Hello, I’m Maigonis Kula. I want to tell you all how me and my grand mother survived cancer. For many years me and my dear grand mum had been suffering from cancer, the doctor had told us that we had only weeks to live. I thought there was nothing to be done, I thought my life was about to end until i caught wind of the special cannabis oil. A rare commodity indeed, I searched high and low for the oil to no avail until i met DR Mrs Monica M. Bertagnolli who works for Dana Farber and also closely with Rick Simpson and she made sure I got the cannabis oil on time. The moment I got it, me and my grand mum applied it and to our greatest surprised we recovered from our cancer. The cannabis oil saved the life of my grand mum and mine too and it couldn’t have happened if not for DR Mrs Monica M. Bertagnolli. I know a lot of you will be passing through the ordeal I went through before the cannabis oil so that is why i am sharing my testimony to the world to let know how DR Mrs Monica M. Bertagnolli and the cannabis oil saved our lives. I encourage you to procure the cannabis oil via DR Mrs Monica M. Bertagnolli. You can reach her via email: Thanks you ma’am we are for ever grateful.

  53. Lee

    I have had 3 shots of Prolia. I was not told of any side effects at all at any time just given the printout of data. Usually I research meds on the computer to see how patients are responding but did not do it this time. Looking back I was having minimal side effects from the start and with each injection they got a little worse. Shortly after the 3rd injection I could no longer get up and down from a sitting position, get in and out of the car without difficulty and pain, pain in my extremities below the waist has been horrible, sitting down or lying down is impossible, pain and weakness in my hands and all of this happened suddenly never having it before. I did have back pain due to several previous fractures but none in my extremities or the hips and legs. My entire life has changed and I feel like I have aged 10 years. The pain is horrible and pain meds barely touch the pain. I can not have another bone density done for another year and a half so I am not sure it is even working. Just had a lumbar MRI last week to check for a cause. Do not have results yet. My Oncologist claims none of this is due to the Prolia and wanted me to take a prednisone dose pack which I declined. I have had way too much prednisone and those side effects for me are serious enough not to take it for a temporary fix. I want to know what is really wrong and happening. I don’t just want to take something like prednisone to see if it might work or help for a short time. I feel it is the Prolia and so does my Physical Therapist. I am seeing my primary later in the week for her opinion and my oral surgeon today. I have dental implants and have had some jaw pain, once thinking I was having a heart attack. Basically I am a mess and my research does not say with any certainty how long this could last, how long the half life of Prolia is to get it out of your system. No drug available to counteract the side effects. I do not want have any more fractures but I can no longer function like this and I live alone and I am 76 years old. This is a horrible situation to be in especially at a time when good medical care is so challenging and difficult

    • Michelle Kern

      Your story sounds like what I’m going through right now. Kills me to stand up and take a few steps. Was wondering how long it lasted or lasting and if you found anything to help the pain? Please help.

    • Lynn Hulette

      I’m so sorry to hear this and I hope you find some answers as to what is causing your problems. I would very much like to know.
      Best wishes,

    • Vesna

      Hi Lee,
      Oregano Oil with Vitamin E work wonders for me.
      All this medication is poison. All my bones popped out from medication and I stopped taking it few months ago, as for my doctor she thinks it’s normal for the bones to pop out her words ” It happens sometimes” I have not been sick with flu and feel so much better. Try that trust me it works, also Turmeric is good too, but Turmeric gives me a heartburn. Hope you feel better.

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Lee, I, also have had horrible side effects from Prolia shots. I was not informed of the side effects of this drug before I had the first injection, had I known then what I know now, I would never had taken it. I was very strong prior to these shots, not joint pain or muscle pain. I was so strong, I tolerated 7 shots before my body declined. I now live daily with joint and muscle pain. My last shot was Feb. 23, 2015 and I am still suffering from the effects of Prolia. It was originally for bone cancer patients and then Amgen, the drug company that markets this drug, decided it would be good for Osteoperosis and osteopenia! My family doctor was not aware that I was taking Prolia. He agrees that it is a horrible drug, only good for Cancer patients! I was 65 when I took the first shot. I was very strong and healthy. Now I struggle daily with pain all over my body, skin problems, my dentist told me I was fortunate that I had no dental and jaw problems, one of the many horrible side effects of Prolia. I agree with you, this is a horrible situation. My side effects are so bad I have reported Prolia to the FDA. I have added Protien drinks to my diet, i think this is helping some. I tell everyone, because of what Prolia has done to my overall health, never take it. It should be taken off the market except for cancer patients and I am still in contact with the FDA concerning Prolia . I really hope this helps you and I am so sorry that you are experiencing problems and I hope they will eventually go away! As I said before, Prolia has been a horrible drug for me and many others!!

    • Morgan

      I have experienced the same pain and hopeless feelings. I only had one shot of Prolia and I started to get some relief around month 5. It has now been 8 months and I am seeing real progress. I used to fret because my doctor would not confirm it was Prolia but have decided that is wasted energy. The cancer center I consulted said that if you see improvement in the months following the injection then consider it Prolia. I found therapeutic massage (can anyone come to your home?)’ heat, ice and Percocet got me thru the darkest months. I hope you see relief in the coming weeks.

  54. Michelle C.

    Here is my history with Prolia and so far all is good and my lifestyle changes must also be given credit.

    In 2013 at age 54 following 2 separate fractures under low impact, my doctor sent me for a bone density scan. I was postmenstrual for over 10 years and my mother suffered from significant osteoporosis.
    2013 T-Score Lumber -1.8 and Femur -2.4 = Osteoporosis (age 54)
    Prolia was suggested and taken.

    No side effects for two years.
    Another bone density scan.
    2015 T-Score Lumer -1.3 and Femur -1.6 = Osteopenia (age 56)
    Now it is 2016 and just finished 3 years on Prolia with no side effects.

    Lifestyle changes have included 15% less body weight and vigorous cardio & weight resistance training min. 3 time per week.

    Another scan is due in 2017 (age 58) and here’s hoping for a continued reversal of the condition.

    cheers, Michelle

  55. Judy M.

    In December of 2015, I tripped over a concrete car barrier and fractured my kneecap in three places. I had surgery and rehab and was told by surgeon to get Prolia injections, twice per year. I read the horrendous side effects and questioned my primary care physician as to whether I should go ahead with it. She informed me that osteoporosis was also horrendous and to take the Prolia. I am 76 years old and in reasonably good health, although I was informed I have “mild” osteoporosis. I have a real dilemma now as the doctor ordered the Prolia; I don’t know what to do!

    • Morgan

      I would ask your pharmacy to run a drug reaction scan with your current meds and Prolia. Also, make sure your teeth are in good shape.

      • Gloria Cummings

        JudyM, I had 7 shots and after the seventh shot, I experienced really horrible side effects! For me, the side effects were worse than the osteropina. I was not having any problems prior to taking Prolia. I am no longer taking Prolia and will never take another injection. Not everyone has the side effects, but I have researched reviews on a lot of sites and negative reviews are far higher positive reviews. If I were you, I would do more research, I wish that I had researched Prolia prior to any injection, I trusted my doctor! I hope this helps and good luck to you.

  56. Gloria Cummings

    MyOpinion has no right to question the post of others, including my post. MyOpinion has a right to her opinion, as do I and others that post their personal experience with the drug Prolia, but she should not question others. My post warning others about the terrible side effects that I have experienced from Prolia injections are to try and help others to be aware of the horrible effects of this drug. My Oncologist and my General Practioner agree that my body has been damaged from the Prolia injections I received! I have a close friend that had to take Prolia for bone cancer and she has had the same horrible side effects! MyOpinion do not question others post, please.

    • Kathy

      Im glad to hear that you had good luck with prolia I’m getting ready to start it and I’m scared from everything that I have read , I did try 2 different medicines and they didnt work for me so Im hoping this will , any additional info you can give me will help , most of the other comments I read were so negative I couldn’t believe it I’m hoping all that won’t happen to me, I have to try something so it wont get any worse then it is Thanks Kathy

    • Vanessa

      I am on my 4th year of Prolia without any side effects.

      Gloria, just because Prolia might have caused your symptoms does not mean it caused or will cause everyone else those same (or any) symptoms. You say others have no right to question your opinion, but you state your opinion as fact (for example, “Prolia is not good for anyone”). Well it has been good for me, and I don’t have bone cancer. You have no problem jumping on other people’s comments to dismiss their experiences. You’re even advising people against consulting with their doctors… but it’s ok for you to do so?? (“I must disagree with you, I do know first hand what I am posting and I warm everyone to beware of Prolia. I consulted my Professionals!!!!!”) The word of your 2 doctors is not law for everyone, and maybe people would rather trust their own doctors than one stranger’s experience on the internet… and that should be okay.

      • Gloria Cummings

        Vanessa, I had no side effects after taking four injections either, but after seven shots my problems began. I am very happy that you are having no side effects and wish you the best and hope you do not have any problems. I will still post for information to others my experience with Prolia and the horrible side effects that I have from Prolia. I have researched a number of sights with reviews from other patients and the negative reviews from other patients are very much higher than the positive reviews. I still stand on what I feel is correct, beware of Prolia, the side effects can be really horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone. As I said, there are other sights with very few positive reviews about Prolia. I will continue to give my opinion, it is a horrible drug for the majority of people that had taken the injections of Polia! Again, good luck to you.

        • Wilber

          Who are you. To say that you have researched by reading other
          peoples comments is not researching. Also how did you arrive at
          Prolia not being good for the majority. Try reading every persons
          bone density scan, then you could say you have researched. Sorry
          I just dont agree with your method.

          • Fedup!

            This poster has posted 28 times about her apparent vendetta with Prolia. I wonder if she was hired by Vivian Goldschmidt, I really do.

          • Gloria Cummings

            Wilber, Who am I? I am a person that has experienced the horrible side effects of Seven Prolia injections. Perhaps you should study all of the side effects listed about Prolia. I will continue to stand on what I have experienced and my research about Prolia. Perhaps you should try reading the reviews of this drug, the negatives are far higher than the positives. There are other options for Osteoperosis and osteropina . Prolia was originally for bone cancer patients! Sorry, I do not agree with you. Prolia is a horrible drug, should only be for Cancer patients. I stand firm on my research and experience with Prolia in an effort to help others!

  57. MyOpinion

    This should not ended up as a reply but it did somehow. I am reposting and hopefully it will end up at the top of this board. Just had my second Prolia injection and no side effects that I can blame on it as of yet. However, I do see that some people complained of side effects the more they took the drug. Of course as with any drug, sometimes the side effects are blamed on the drug itself, when in fact it is something else entirely. Everyone is so different and no two people will react exactly the same way. Here is the thing though. I have said this before and it bears repeating: If we could in fact simply eat enough calcium, exercise enough, take enough supplements (like Vitamin D and extra calcium, etc.), and do EVERYTHING right EVERY day for our health – and that were enough to cure osteoporosis – then there would be no need for Prolia and similar drugs. Everyone could simply make sure they did everything right every day for their entire lives (before, during and after menopause) and osteoporosis would be non-existent. Clearly, we know this is not going to happen. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle: I am tall, normal weight for my build, never smoked, don’t drink, always ate healthy and exercised, took calcium supplements and vitamins long before I ever hit menopause, etc. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis some years ago. My mother also had osteoporosis, however her lifestyle was not as healthy overall as mine. My point in mentioning this is that sometimes, genetics DOES in fact play a role in our overall health and you do inherit the propensity for certain things from your parents. You can work like mad doing everything thing right for your health and still end up with something, because it’s programmed into you. All this aside, sometimes medical intervention IS necessary and drugs such as Prolia, though they have their drawbacks of course, were developed to try and treat this condition. I took Actonel for some time and it proved to work only partially, thus the switch to Prolia.

    • Gloria Cummings

      My first shots of Prolia did not hurt me, but after the seventh shot, I started having horrible side effects. My oncologist gave it to me for osteopenia and she now regrets ever giving it to me and I regret ever taking even one shot. The reviews on line are more negative than positive. It was originally for bone cancer patients and then prescribed for osteoperosis. As for me and per two of my doctors, it was horrible for me and my body may never be the same! My opinion and a lot of others I have read on line, Prolia is a horrible drug. I have reported it to the FDA and to Amgen,

      • Janice

        Hi Gloria, thank you for warning others, (like me) as I had the same experience that others have had, when my doctor insisted on me taking Prolia just recently. I have been reading a lot of these reviews and everyone has mentioned taking the shots. But my doctor gave me pills. Although my pills were ready to be picked up, I cancelled my order. I had read on the internet too many bad reviews. My question to you is, do you know if the shots are more potent than the pills? I will be buying Vivian’s book this week. I am in good health other than just finding out about osteporosis and have never taken any other medications, except for migraines when needed, which is seldom. I do take lots of vitamins though. Again, thank you for warning others… And for those people who say they haven’t had any bad effects taking Prolia for awhile, have them check back to you at the end of five years. I wonder what would be the reason a doctor tells a person (like me) to stop at five years? Must be because after that it is very dangerous….


        I really wish you would just shut your pie hole, lady. I really do.

        • Gena P

          I suppose Gloria is very, very angry at what this horrible drug has done to her, just as I am! The side effects started somewhat mildly, but after the 5th injection I experienced all over bone pain so much that I was crying. My neck, spine, knees and ankles, even my fingers and toes felt cemented and I also felt a curious pain in my thigh and felt very scared and angered. I have repeatedly thought of suing Amgen for the misery Prolia has caused me. You have to experience this to understand it. I have now decided to discontinue Prolia. I am now on the 8th month of being Prolia free. The pain has subsided, the cement feeling is going away, but my joints are cracking as hell, they can be heard by others from 3 meters away. I read in a research that osteoclasts get crazy for about a year after discontinuation and I have to be careful not to break something, until my bones repair themselves. Please note that I did not have osteoporosis or even osteopenia, my doctor prescribed Prolia as a part of a protocol, because I am taking Arimidex, following breast cancer. I feel like I lost 2 years of my life on this horrible drug. I am taking calcium and vitamin K2 and hope for the best.

  58. Sheila slevin

    Hello all,I am a 44 years pre menopausal and now diagnosed with osteoporosis not sure what’s available for my circumstance.

    • Sally Ritchie

      Hi, Gloria,
      I appreciate your comments. I am at the 6-shot mark for Prolia and have my doubts as, after getting my seventh shot am told I should then go on Reclast infusions in order to stay at the level of efficacy achieved from the Prolia injections. I do recall being “offered” Reclast first, and I declined, so we went the Prolia route .. Have you heard of this.
      I do go on WebMD a lot … I will look for reviews there and on rxlists. Thank you … I wish you continued good health.

    • Gloria Cummingsi

      I took seven shots of Prolia before I experienced the horrible side effects of Prolia. My oncologist and my general practioner agree it was a terrible drug for me and if you look up reviews on WebMD and rxlists you will see that there are more negative than positive reviews for Prolia. I wish that I had researched the drug before I ever had the first shot and regret ever taking even one, as I said, my doctors now agree. Beware of Prolia and do a lot of research. The side effects listed for Prolia were real for me. I hope this is helpful for you.

    • MyOpinion

      Talk with your doctor(s). That is the best course of action. No one here can tell you what you should do because no one here is a medical doctor. Every one and every case is different. Seek professional medical advice for your particular case.

      • Annie

        Btw, myopionion,
        Your opinion is not smart, as Drs. Do NOT know anything about Osteo, except what Big Pharma has to say.
        Just reading from big pharma on there side effects is horrifying, and they have to write them, Its the Law..

      • Gloria Cummingsi

        I trusted my oncologist, per her advise I had seven Prolia shots. After the seventh shot, I had to return to her because the side effects were unbearable! I was having almost every side effect listed for Prolia. I also consulted my general practioner about this, and he agreed that it was the Prolia and per both doctors, I will never take another shot! So I must disagree with you, I do know first hand what I am posting and I warm everyone to beware of Prolia. I consulted my Professionals!!!!!

        • THINKANDDO

          If you had an oncologist then you also apparently have cancer or had it. That would place you in a different category than those who DON’T have cancer or had it at one time, so YOUR situation is different. Your posts are somewhat dangerous in my view. It seems as though you have an axe to grind with someone or something. YOU are NOT a doctor regardless of how knowledgeable you THINK you are, and neither is anyone on this website. You seem to dispense medical advice however. That is against the law. Everything here is opinion or should be and just because you had a bad time with Prolia from your oncologist (a doctor who treats people with cancer), doesn’t mean EVERYONE will. Stop dispensing advice as though YOU are a medical professional!

          • Annie

            Just taking One Boniva pill , I was in bed for 2 weeks, and sick for another 2 weeks. I take vitamins and herbs for my Osteoporosis, which has improved my osteo.
            Even my Dr. Friend said, Do Not take Any Osteo Drugs Ever. Its been 10 yrs ago I was told I have Osteo, I’m now 76,and in great health. Do Not take any drugs. There all about Big Pharma making big bucks, off of us stupid people not doing our homework. Drs. Only know big pharma tells them. In Med School all they get is about 6 hours about Alternatives..Btw this is a good website to learn about Alternatives to Drugs, which can kill you. Can you Imagine if Big pharma had the cure for cancer? Hundreds of thousands of people will lose there Jobs, and it would put big pharma Out of business.
            Getting off my soap box..
            Btw, I have not checked my speeelllling here, please excuses it..

  59. Martha

    I have received three injections and experienced hip and back pain so bad that it hurts everytime I have to bend, even just to sit down or get up from a chair. They did an xray of my right hip and I have developed avascular necrosis in the right hip. They think that it is due to the prednisone that I take for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I think it is due to the Prolia injections. One of the side effects is avascular necrosis of the jaw. Has anyone experienced it in their hips from the Prolia?

    • Heather

      Yes I have had 3 prolia injections and ready for my fourth but reading your post I am having trouble in the lower back and left hip. It is difficult to bend down to do up my shoe laces now, it has only started to get worse now and treatment with a chiropractor never fixed the problem so your post is very interesting. Thanks

    • Gloria Cummings

      Yes Martha. I have had many aches and pain from Prolia. I had no joint or muscle problems before I had Prolia shots, now I have major problems all over my body. My family doctor agrees with me. Wish I had talked with him and researched this drug before taking Polia. It was a horrible drug for me. I will never take it again. Hope this helps you.

  60. Sandra

    My T score is -3 which apparently is bad! I opted for Prolia injection since my Mom also had osteo and had difficulty with side effects from Fossamax. I love it! I haven’t had one single side effect! I’m the one that always has side effects to everything! So far! Delighted!

    • MyOpinion

      I’ve had two injections thus far and my experience has been about the same as yours. My mother also had advanced osteoporosis and I do think we inherit some health issues from our parents no matter how much we try and circumvent them.

      • Di

        I was advised Osteoporosis is 80% hereditary and 20% Lifestyle. Both my grandmother and mother had it, and I have since my mid fifties, been on Protos, still goung down now on Prolia, so far okay.

      • Gloria Cummingsi

        I did not have any side effects from my first six shots, but as I have stated on this site, after the seventh shot, I experienced really horrible side effects and will never take another one per my doctors and myself. I wish you luck,

  61. Gloria Snow

    Look up denosumab at, and look at ALL the side effects of Prolia. If that doesn’t make you want to refuse taking it, I don’t know what will.

    • Gloria Cummings

      Gloria, I agree with you. Prolia has changed my whole body! I trusted my doctor and did not research it before taking 7 shots, and yes, I was so healthy it took 7 shots before the last one almost killed me. Pain everywhere, I have experienced almost all of the side effects. It was a horrible drug for me and I will never take another shot. It was originally for bone cancer patients, then they decided it was good for Osteoperosis!! I hope this helps.

    • MyOpinion

      Look up ANY drug. They ALL have side effects. I gather you will NEVER take ANY drug in your entire life for anything.

      • Gloria Cummings

        Yes, I have taken other drugs with side effects and yes they all have side effects, but for me personally, Prolia was a horrible drug for me! And, yes I have taken a lot of drugs in my life, but have never experienced any side effects like I did from Prolia. Horrible side effects and I may never have the stamina I had before taking Prolia. My family doctor agrees with me, also. And yes I trusted my oncologist and did not question Prolia before taking it. She now agrees with me and is sorry she prescribed to me for Ostepinia. As for me, I say beware of the side effects of Prolia and research other reviews of this drug online! More negative than positive!

  62. Jamie

    This has been prescribed for my 79 year old grandmother. She has dermatitis already. I am concerned about her taking this. Any advice or experience with elderly taking this would be appreciated.

    • Laurel

      Did your pain every go away. I am in exchrushitating pain. It has been 3 month. I would like to know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank You

    • Gloria Cummings

      Prolia is a horrible drug. I have had major side effects and will never take another shot! It is not good for anyone. I was 65 when I took my first shot and did not research it to my sorrow. It has aged me and I no longer have the stamina I had before taking . I will never take another shot. It was so bad that I have reported it to the FDA. Hope this helps you with your grandmother!

    • Aida

      Prolia is not good for anyone. My 86 year old mother was given a one and only injection of prolia and has been very sick ever since. The side effects are unbearable and the suffering is endless. Bone pain, infections, a burning sensation all over the body, confusion and depression are only part of the complaints.
      It’s real poison that destroys the immune system and causes so much harm and damage to the body.
      What makes things worse is the doctors denials. They never admit that the suffering is caused by Prolia.

      • MyOpinion

        Please do not state that Prolia is not good for anyone, based solely on the fact your 86 year old grandmother is having problems. An 86 year old individual is quite different than someone much younger and EVERYONE is different than everyone else. I am not saying that your grandmother did not react to the Prolia, but to tell everyone not to take it is wrong. In addition, 86 year old people often suffer from some of the things you describe and it may or may not be due to the Prolia. And again, an 86 year old woman is quite different on many levels than one who is much younger. I’d like for your grandmother herself to post here instead of your second-hand retelling.

        • BILLIE COZZ

          Hi,my doctor wants me to start taking Prolia in a few weeks. I’m afraid . Do you take it ? How are you doing ? WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW FOR IT?

        • Gloria Cummings

          Warning to all who read this, beware of Prolia. Study the horrible side effects before you take an injection! It is a brutal drug! Should be used for only bone cancer patients!

          • THINKANDDO

            Lady, YOU are NOT a medical doctor and therefore telling people that they should never use this is dispensing medical information without a license. That is against the law! Someone should muzzle you! YOU are dangerous to the max!

        • Gloria Cummingsi

          I agree with Aida, Prolia is not good for anyone unless they have bone cancer. It was originally marketed by Amgen for Bone Cancer, a wonderful drug for these people. But Prolia is a horrible drug for anyone else!! I repeat, beware of POLIA. It was a horrible drug for me and I will tell everyone “It Is A Horrible Drug for anyone other than Bone Cancer Patients. After what it did to my body, I would feel bad not telling everyone about this drug.

  63. Wendie Bryant

    I have been having Prolia for about three years and since last June I have a problem with my cheekbone swelling and very painful. It reacts to antibiotics. Now they think this is related to the Prolia has anyone else had a problem like this ? Thanks

    • Gloria Cummings

      Prolia is a horrible drug that should not be given for Osteoperosis or osteopenia. I trusted my doctor and took seven shot without research in this drug. I am afraid that I have permenant damage to my muscles, joint and my whole body. It has aged me by at least 10 years!! It is awful and was originally used for bone cancer patients only! Do not take Prolia for Ostepinia or Osteoperosis. It should be taken off the market. Shame on the drug company Amgen! I have reported this tooth FDA.

      • Gena Pavlopoulou

        How right you are! I’ve had 4 Prolia shots, which were recommended by my oncologist in order to prevent osteoporosis, because I had breast cancer and am taking Arimidex. I started gradually having bone and joint pain, which at first I thought were caused by Arimidex, due to oestrogen depletion. I had the 3rd one in October 2015 and after that I started having problems with my teeth (I had to have root canal surgery in an otherwise completely healthy tooth. Then I had another healthy tooth split while eating. In the beginning of April 2016 I had the 4th Prolia injection and all hell broke loose. I’m having pain all over my body, my back, my ribs, my hips, one of my thighs and my heel bones. I’m also having muscle pains and hear cracking sounds all over my body whenever I stretch out or try to turn in bed. Just before having this last shot I had started to feel somewhat normal and was having second thoughts on continuing with Prolia (as I have no osteoporosis and my orthopaedic doctor was strongly against it). The only reason I decided to have it was a research I read that it could help with possible future bone metastasis. Also I read somewhere that initially it was a cancer and not an osteoporosis drug. In any case, I’ve sworn to myself to never come near it again!!!!

      • Gloria Cummings

        MyOpinion, this post is especially for you! You questioned my integrity, saying so you claim. Who are you to question my statement that I had seven shot of Prolia, I have medical records to prove my statement and how dare you question anyone’s post and post to me ” So you Claim!” What is your objective for you post on this site, to needle others or to help others! My objective is to help try to help others, not to belittle and question the integrity of anyone!

      • MyOpinion

        Aged you by ten years? How so? The FDA approved Prolia so why you are reporting Amgen to them is beyond me! You took seven shots (so you claim) and that would mean you took it for over THREE years, since there are two shots given per year. If it was doing all the things you describe (such as aging you) why did you wait for over three years to stop? And many drugs were originally intended for other health issues and then found to work for still other ones.

        • Gloria Cummings

          The side effects of Prolia, also known as Xgeva are horrible. I wish that I had never taken any shots. The side effects only get worst, I had my last one in 2015 and I am still having muscle and joint problems! It was originally used for bone cancer patients! As I said, a horrible drug, with horrible side effects!

  64. maureen fadlun

    I had a Prolia injection a month and a half ago. Since then i have had the most excrutiating back pain so much so that I couldn’t bend down. Also severe pain going down my left leg from the thigh to just under the knee especially at night. I went to my family Dr. and told him that my Endocronologist told me to take the injection because of a decline in the bone density in my spine. My Dr. said that if I would have told him about it beforehand he would have told me not to take it. Think that speaks for itself. I am still suffering.

    • Gloria Cummings

      It is a horrible drug. I have not had a shot since Feb., 2015 and I am still suffering from the side effects of Prolia. A horrible drug! Wish I had known before I had any shots, trusted my doctor! I will never take another shot of Prolia.

    • sheri

      My GP told me the same thing, I took two shots before I realized all the pain and discomfort I was having was from Prolia, now it could take a year before this gets out of my system if I am lucky. The Dr. office that gave me the shot just called to schedule another one. I told her I am done with pills and Prolia. It took away 2 years of the quality of my life.

    • Linda

      I had the shot 5 moths ago and had the worst pain of my life in my hip, thigh, back and groin. My RA Doctor said not Prolia but I was active up to time of shot. I also have bladder and UTI issues. In the last month it seems things are getting better. I still take some pain meds and go to PT but the intensity of pain is slowly going away. I feel like the effects are slowly leaving my body. Never again.

      • Linda

        I am getting really angry as my rheumatologist continues to say not Prolia! I have had many side effects and continue to have the groin, thigh pain and bladder, UTI issues. I am now at 6 months and see improvement but I doubt I will ever be back to pre shot. This has been the worst time of my life. Why do the doctors deny rather than work with the symptoms? I would change Doctor immediately but limited RA doctors here. He actually said I just have bad luck!

  65. Nancy P

    I was on Prolia for 3 years with good results and no side effects, however, my doctor said I would take it for 5 years and then take a break, I have had bone density issues my whole adult life (not from menopause) Taken several different drugs. I did have an issue with Fosamax which was new at the time, (a small hyetal hernia developed) My question is this: My last injection was 12/14 and I would have had the next injection in June which I did not have now I am having the upper leg muscle issues which were shown to the a possible side effect when on Prolia. I do think it is possible that this is a withdrawal effect and am trying to find an answer

  66. MyOpinion

    Strange, I cannot find my original comment made only a couple of months ago. Others seem to be missing too. Here’s the deal as I see it. If good nutrition and proper exercise could cure EVERYHING or stop EVERYTHING in its tracks, we wouldn’t need doctors, hospitals, etc. We just wouldn’t. We could eat right, sleep tight and exercise like mad, and everything would be just fine. Well, unfortunately that’s not the case. Sometimes we can do everything right and still experience health issues either through genetics or just plain bad luck. Not everything can be fixed on a yoga mat or by eating all our fruits and vegetables and getting enough calcium. Oh, if only it could!
    I have no idea about VG here, and I am sure she undoubtedly promotes good health through eating right, maintaining a proper weight, getting enough exercise and all the rest, but no one – including her – has all the answers. Please don’t assume that if you follow a healthy lifestyle plan that you’re home free. Sure, it helps – sometimes a lot – but nothing should take the place of actually going to your doctor (and second and third opinions are good too) and then weighing all your options. All doctors are not the enemy. And everything on the Web or in a book is always right. Weigh everything and understand we don’t live in a perfect world. And we never will. This is my opinion only and it works for me.

    • Sasha

      I agree with you – I would love not to have come to this point where I need to take something to prevent further bone loss – but that’s the reality. I am researching my options but I’m not deluding into thinking that I can treat this with a better diet or more exercise. I’ve been exercising all my life. I am a relatively fit women, small boned and slim. Having said that, I suffer from very high cholesterol and subsequently have started taking medication for that. If it was easy to reduce my cholesterol through a better diet then I would but my doctor said I’m one of those people who need to take the meds to control it. I would be stupid not to, so be careful people about thinking you can control all these things on your own.

      • MyOpinion

        I too take cholesterol lowering meds and feel the same way. Tried to do it by diet but didn’t work. Same thing with osteoporosis. If it were this easy to just take extra calcium and vitamin D (which I have been doing all my life by the way), then we would not need additional drugs for anything, including osteoporosis. We could all just live perfectly every day and do all the right things and live to 100 plus without nary a problem. LOL! Some of the people here who post outlandish stuff are well, a tad outlandish IMO.

  67. Ann Shelley

    I have decided not to take anymore drugs for ortoporitisis. I was on bonvia and i suffered pain and discomfort, I was informed by my doctor that I had arthritis. I have never felt better since I stopped taken the drugs fosamax , & bonvia.

    • Gloria Cummings

      Very good decision, do not take Prolia injections. I know first hand about the horrible side effects. I took 7 shots and finally realized that I was having horrible side effects and they may never go away. Prolia is horrible!

      • MyOpinion

        Just had my second Prolia injection and no side effects that I can blame on it as of yet. However, I do see that some people complained of side effects the more they took the drug. Of course as with any drug, sometimes the side effects are blamed on the drug itself, when in fact it is something else entirely. Everyone is so different and no two people will react exactly the same way. Here is the thing though. I have said this before and it bears repeating: If we could in fact simply eat enough calcium, exercise enough, take enough supplements (like Vitamin D and extra calcium, etc.), and do EVERYTHING right EVERY day for our health – and that were enough to cure osteoporosis – then there would be no need for Prolia and similar drugs. Everyone could simply make sure they did everything right every day for their entire lives (before, during and after menopause) and osteoporosis would be non-existent. Clearly, we know this is not going to happen. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle: I am tall, normal weight for my build, never smoked, don’t drink, always ate healthy and exercised, took calcium supplements and vitamins long before I ever hit menopause, etc. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis some years ago. My mother also had osteoporosis, however her lifestyle was not as healthy overall as mine. My point in mentioning this is that sometimes, genetics DOES in fact play a role in our overall health and you do inherit the propensity for certain things from your parents. You can work like mad doing everything thing right for your health and still end up with something, because it’s programmed into you. All this aside, sometimes medical intervention IS necessary and drugs such as Prolia, though they have their drawbacks of course, were developed to try and treat this condition. I took Actonel for some time and it proved to work only partially, thus the switch to Prolia.

  68. Lucille

    Has anyone experienced a feeling of low blood sugar, unusual fatigue, or just drained? I’ve had three Prolia injections and thought I had NO side effect except that my extreme leg cramps miraculously vanished! Wonderful! HOWEVER, after every injection I’ve had a fainting episode triggering on going brain fog that seems related to diet or diabetes. ( I am not diabetic.) Each time this has occurred closer to the time of the injection. It takes weeks to disapate. Just wonder if this is a coincidence or a connection that others haven’t put together yet? Please comment if this is your experience too.

    • Gloria Cummings

      The side effects of Prolia, also known as Xgeva are horrible. I wish that I had never taken any shots. The side effects only get worst, I had my last one in 2015 and I am still having muscle and joint problems! It was originally used for bone cancer patients! As I said, a horrible drug, with horrible side effects!

      • Gloria Cummings

        I had my first shot in 2012. At first I didn’t notice any side effects, but the more shot, the side effects became horrible. Fatigue, brain for, dizzie, but it gets worse. I began having severe joint pain, muscle pain, and more. This is a horrible drug and it has age me by at least 10 years. It was for bone cancer patients and shoul never be given for any other condition because of the effects to the body. And to answer your question about ever going away, mine have not gone away and it is now 2016! I wish I had never taken Prolia and will never take it again. I hope this helps.

    • I just started with my first shot of Prolia and I am extremely fatigued and brain fogged!! Does this evenly go away??

      I would like any suggestions on how to overcome the overwhelming fatigue from the Prolia shot.

      • MA

        My mom developed iron deficient anemia after her first shot. Have your blood checked.

    • laura

      I am experiencing the exact same thing!
      I saw my doctor and he said that the prolia is not the reason for this.
      I still feel like it is. Let me know if you’ve found any way to ease these symptoms or if you’ve found out if it is in fact the prolia causing this.

      • Margaret Hughes

        The Prolia (first shot Aug 2015) has ruined my life . I was admitted to hospital the same day and became an invalid, I could not stand up. Have full time care now. Two Years ago I was still playing table tennis twice a seek- got to doubles final in2014..

        • Gloria Cummings

          Stand firm, do not take Prolia, I know, I was stupid and took Prolia for Ostepinia. I believe I have permenant damage to my whole body! Prolia is a horrible drug!

        • Zimexlady

          Dear Margaret,
          Thanks for your honesty. My doc is pushing Prolia. I am standing fast with NO. She will likely not be competent to reverse any side effect I might suffer if she cannot stop my high calcium which is causing osteopenia.
          At 86, no fractures at all, no symptoms, no aches, no pains, DEX levels one tenth into osteo barely off from osteopenia.
          I can only live a few more years with my excellent health so why should I gamble with Prolia?
          I insist on a natural method to lower my calcium.

          • Mary

            Sorry I meant for the following comment to be addressed to Zimexlady

          • Mary

            Sorry I meant to address my comment to Zimexlady!

          • Mary

            Dear Margaret
            I hope I am like you when I am 86!
            My T-score is -3.5 but I too am refusing meds because I believe they leave you with inferior quality bone.
            To balance your high calcium level you might try supplementing with as much as 1000 mg of chelated magnesium per day.
            You go girl!!!!!! Best wishes!

          • Gloria Cummings

            Prolia was originally given to bone cancer patients, marketed under the name XGEVA. The drug is denosumah! I have had horrible side effects from the Prolia shots, have not had one since Feb. 2015 and I am still hurting a suffering from the shots I took. This is a or ruble drug!

      • Catalina

        3shots of Prolia so far, and my left hip which never bothered me now hurts. And by the way I ask my Dr. Why when I get the bill from the Insurance it say chemotherapy shots. Well she told me there are some cancer’s that are treated with these shot. WOW ?. Ladies’ her face turned red. Need to get more answers before I get my 4one next September.

        • Gloria Cummingsi

          Catalina, please research the side effects of Prolia before having another injection. It is used for bone cancer patients. I took 7 shots and my body may never be the same again. The side effects for me were horrible. I have a friend who had to take them for bone cancer and she and I were comparing our aches and pains and they are very similar. I will never take another Prolia shot for osteropina, beware of the side effects . They were and are horrible for me. Please beware before taking another injection. Hope this helps.

  69. Intheknow

    I have thus far had no reaction to Prolia injection. And I am a person who often suffers reactions to many types of prescription drugs. While I am not keen on taking prescription drugs, I am also not keen on the alternative or possible alternative. I was on Actonel for 4-1/2 years and while it did improve my severe osteoporosis to some degree, it did not by any means turn it around. Also, Actonel (a bisphosphonate) was giving me bad GERD, and I mean bad! Since I have gone on the Prolia this problem has been reduced by 3/4. Also, before I found out I even had severe osteoporosis, I was taking calcium and vitamin D supplements by the score. They clearly did nothing, as when I had my first bone density scan about 6 years ago (in my late 50s), it showed severe osteoporosis. My late mother also had severe osteoporosis. I have never smoked, drank alcohol in excess (in fact I am nearly a teetotaler), ate a well-balanced diet, and I am not a small-framed person or slight. I am a normal weight for my height and medium frame and always have been. The list of positives goes on but unfortunately, we cannot always control every little thing when it comes to our health. Sometimes, genetics and the plain old “Fickle Finger of Fate” intervene. It would be wonderful to cure or reverse everything naturally without resorting to prescription drugs. Unfortunately it is not always possible, because if it were, we wouldn’t need doctors or prescription drugs or any other medical intervention. We could merely do everything naturally. Again, I have had no problems with Prolia thus far and will have another bone density test eventually as a follow-up to see if Prolia is doing the job.

  70. Mara Blond


    I have been on Teva Risedronate 35mg, once per week for a few years. My bone density score is and was -2.9. Not even my doctor could explain if that is how much bone loss or if it is the rate of loss, in other words, is the TR doing a good job. My doctor decided to change to Prolia, which he thought would be covered by my Canadian healthcare. The pharmacy says it is not covered. Is it worth spending an additional $700 a year for the Prolia? If it is more effective, I would spend the money.

  71. Carolynn Lown

    I have had 4 injections of Prolia over the past 2+ years. I noticed my hands were tingling and getting severely numb they were also painful which I thought could be due to the work I was doing. Then my feet starting cramping up to the point that I couldn’t straighten my toes. All of these occurred mainly while sleeping or sitting. I then began to experience back and leg pain to which my Doctor said was not caused by the injections-possibly slight back pain but nothing to do with my legs. I then began my research regarding Prolia. These symptoms were all listed. I did not take the next injection which was scheduled for 9/3/15. I was hoping when the Prolia was out of my system these mysterious ailments would stop. The Doctor’s office said the Prolia is completely out of my system 3 months after the injection. My hands and feet are much better but the pain, muscle contractions, burning still exists. Actually the past 4 nights these symptoms have increased and I cannot sleep. I am afraid the injections have done damage which cannot be reversed. Can you please give me your advise on my situation?

    • Gayle thompson

      Omg! I ended up in ICU 4 days after my 1st injection!!! I got severe tingling in feet hands even lips. Had muscles cramping swollen face back pain rash in face. Most all the side effects. Went to ER and all my electro lights were messed up but the worse was my calcium level was critically low!!! I was in kidney failure!!! After a week they got me level, I was released with a high chance of re- admission since it stays in system 6 months. Yup, 4 days later back I went. I’m monitored every 5 days now and my life is no longer my own. I cry all the time and am continuelly exhausted. My daughter is getting married in Cali end of May and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to travel. DONT EVER TAKE THIS DRUG

    • Georgie Smith

      Next month would be my fourth shot. Never, ever again. Just got bone density test back, my osteoporosis has worsened very badly. They said,”from test”, my lower spine and hip bones are now crumbling…I’m terrified now, but sure explains lot. I lost about 15 pounds, now 101, and I couldn’t afford to lose any. But HERE’S the pain side effects I’ve been having and destroying my life. My back, arms, legs, especially my lower back, horrendous pain, my arms, legs hurt, tingling in my face, chest pain, muscle spasms and I’m not taking a Charlie Horse. I get woken in middle of night with muscles on outside of both legs starting at the knee, all the way down, solid bulgeing muscles, pain horrible. My toes go numb and curl up. I’m not sure if I’ve even listed it all, but the pain I’ve been through today has been horrible. Especially my back, so bad, I can’t describe it and I’m so exhausted ALL the time. I told doctor right after last injection about six months ago, that my pain in back, etc was worse, he said Not possible!! Well, all I know is the state of my health and its really bad. I’m 61 years old, a strong minded woman, but no pain pill or anything can relieve what I’ve been going through!! Just sharing my experience and wondering what my alternatives are. My first bone density test was T-4.3, horrible enough…..WELL, I’m not sure there is a scale for me now…..-7…….Yes, I’m in serious trouble and worried, can’t survive this much pain!! Thanks for listening. But, I’m NOT taking next shot!

      • Linda Caldwell

        My Reg doc and my Endocrinologist BOTH want me to take Prolia and have been on me for several years now. I just got my last bone scan back and it’s really bad now so they are both jumping up and down, calling me at home and wanting me to start taking this stuff. I keep refusing…WHY? The first big one is it messes with your immune system. Well, it just so happens that I have 3 immune system illnesses (pomphlox and lichen sclerosis and Fibromyalgia) with the 4th one not verified but most of the symptoms of MS. Do you think I should be taking this? I DON’T. The second big one that I have a problem with is that after 3 years of taking it you have an INCREASED CHANCE of breaking a bone!? Really?? I’ll take my chances without it thanks……Not to mention I have been on heart meds for almost 30 years for a mitro-valve problem. So after reading so many responses to this drug about the side effects that people are having ( and it’s not just this web-site) it’s got to be a BIG FAT NO WAY BUDDY!! They would have to physically force me to take it…..and as far as I know we are still free to do as we please. BTW, I am 60 and my mother had it really bad too.

      • Zimexlady

        So sorry for your situation. I am refusing Prolia or any of those meds.
        Thanks for you sharing experience.
        May you get some help in the near future.

      • Carol

        I have only had one shot and will not take any more. If I sit down for 15 to 20 minutes and get up to walk the pain is scary to say the least. I wake up at night from the pains in my hips and legs. I will just double the amount of vit.D and cal. I take. My whole system is screwed up, I never was sick and now anything going around I get. Dr. says it leaves our bodies in 4 months, well then why do the give the next shot in 6 months? My choice is to not take anything with such horrible side effects.

      • Gloria Snow

        Saying thank you to you isn’t nearly enough for sharing all the terrible side effects that you have had from taking Prolia. Shame on Big Pharma for how they control everything. If it weren’t that way, maybe medications and supplements that worked and could actually help people could be created and made available. After reading all the problems that arose for each of you after taking the Prolia, I will never take it. I have started taking Metagenics Bone Builder. After many people have had bone scans done after taking it for a year plus, their bones have gotten much stronger and are regenerating. There is nothing on the market like it. I will be lifting all of you up in prayer, and will pray that the symptoms and effects subside. Hang in there. Prayer works!

        • Ben

          Way, am I glad you don’t work in medicine with your crazy ideas and biases.

          • MyOpinion

            This was mean for Zimexlady, not Ben.

          • MyOpinion

            Actually, she is a danger and dispenses medical advice WITHOUT a license. That is against the law. Her advice is simply HER opinion and based on what SHE experienced. So, I would stick with asking a professional (or even a couple of them) and NOT listen just because someone posts day in and day out.

          • Zimexlady

            Gloria has far better advice than you have contributed, Ben.
            Exactly what is your experience.?
            Perhaps we should listen to your words of wisdom.

    • Gloria Cummings

      This drug is horrible. I am not a doctor but a patient or should I say a victim! It was initially for patients with bone cancer, for that reason I can understand it being given, but I was given injections for osteopenia, not even a severe case. I trusted my doctor and took the injections every six months, the side effects are horrible. I wish I had researched this drug before taking it, I am no longer on this drug and will never take it again for osteopenia ! I am not sure my body will ever be the same again, almost all of the side effects I have experienced. Beware of Prolia, it is brutal! Still suffering with pain, last shot 2-23-2015!

      • Aida

        My mother has had the same experience after taking prolia in August 2015. Six months have passed and she’s still suffering terribly from the horrible side effects. The question is will it ever get out of her sytem. I hope someone could answer this question which my mother is so eager to find out.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Carolynn, and I am sorry you are experiencing that discomfort. While every situation is different, and there are too many individual variables to predict precise results in your case, I can tell you that your body is made for health, not disease. In the absence of poison, and given the nutrients and exercise it needs, your body has remarkable healing powers. Hang in there!

      • Gloria Cummings

        Hope you are correct, Vivian. I saw my oncologist 10-15-2015. She prescribe Prolia for me, but I am now off of it and she is checking me closely for lasting damages to my body!!

  72. Marcia Stroud

    A couple years ago I was given a 1/2 dose injection of Zometa and ended up in the hospital for 5 days with severe hypocalcemia. Doctor said I should never have injection again. Now another specialist wants me to take a Prolia injection. I am concerned that I will again develop hypocalcemia or other side effects. Not sure what I should do as I have severe osteoporosis.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It’s too bad that your doctor warned you of the dangers after you had the shot. 🙁 I’m glad you are here, doing your research before your next step. Good for you!

  73. Trish

    Don’t let your loved one take Prolea!
    My 72 year old Mother received this shot for her osteoporosis on August 28……since then she has been on a downward spiral of awful side effects (Nasua/vomiting, extreme fatigue, headaches, jaw pain, calcium and potassium crashes leading to low kidney function, loss of appetite, etc). All leading to hospitalisation and numerous tests (MRI, CT scan, spinal tap, ultra sound, etc). The doctors cannot find any answers other than the direct cause of a reaction to this shot without answer for counter measures. 3weeks ago she was a healthy active senior…..Now she is a lifeless soul who has to be forced to eat everyday. I do not know how this will end, but please do not take this shot!

    • Gloria Cummings

      Yes, Trish, do not allow anyone you know take Prolia for Osteoperosis . It was originally and is still given for bone cancer patients and should never have been approved for anything else!! I had horrible side effects from Prolia and am still suffering!

      • Trish

        Update: November 5, 2015… My mother has finally been released from the nursing home after 2 months in and out of the hospital. Every indication has been that Prolia has caused the numerous problems as stated on my 9/23/15 post. She will continue to have in-home IV hydration therapy until this stuff is flushed out of her system and hopefully she can resume her normal life soon!

        I cannot state this enough…please do not let your loved one take this shot!

  74. Wendy

    So what is one to do when they are a long term breast cancer survivor, so far without recurrance, but continues to have to take an Aromitase Inhibitor that has the potential to cause bone loss? My oncologist listens well and I told her that I didn’t like the way the Prolia made me feel and she said I didn’t have to take have it again but would need to go back to the Zometa. I wonder if there is anyone who needs to take the AIs but choses to not take any Osteoporosis meds.

    • Gloria Cummings

      Hi Wendy, I am still on Femara, and was on Prolia. The side effects are horrible, so bad that I will never take another shot for osteopenia. It was originally for bone cancer patients! I just saw my oncologist 10-15-2015. She said no more shots and is monitoring me for the serious complications that I have experienced . She suggested at least 2000 mg of calcium, one in the morning and one at night plus Vitamin D. Will try this but will never that another Prolia shot!!

    • wendy

      I’m not getting a reply

  75. cathy

    do the mds make money by pushing such drugs as Polia? Why do they brush off your side effects? I’ve spent a fortune on tests, md’s and I think its all from prolia, please someone?

    • Gloria Snow

      Look at, where they confirm that Doctors and big pharma both get paid money every time a prescription is filled. It really is true. Big pharma owns medical schools and hospitals. In medicine, everything happens because of big Pharma. It doesn’t get dirtier than them. Who can trust anything they say? No wonder all these medications are so deadly. My thoughts and prayers are with you,

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cathy, have you researched the free information on this site about osteoporosis drugs? I want to encourage you to do so, because it will help answer a lot of your questions! Here are links to a couple of posts to get you started:

  76. hal

    i was told by my doctor that all side effects would be less because it was an injectable, not a pill that has to go through stomach or body. My mistake was not doing research on my own, now I am paying till this runs out of steam in my body.

    I was in training for a walk/run marathon and after this shot of prolia, can hardly clean my house from day to day.

    Looking for a half life on this drug, it sure would be nice if all the symptoms came in the first 30 days and then let me alone.

    Good luck everyone

    • Maria garcia

      Hi, Iam little nervous myself. Took my first injection today. Didn’t do research either. I’m hoping I don’t get those terrible side effects. Don’t think ism taking anymore injections. Iam scared.

  77. Audrey Aspeling

    I’ve written twice before and still believe that some people do not suffer from osteoporosis because they live with very low levels of electromagnetic radiation mainly through low level power lines outside their homes and low levels of radiowaves which is becoming more and more difficult to achieve with the escalation of mobile and cordless phone technology and wireless connections for internet etc. instead of the safer hard wired versions. I finally built my back room away from my high street power lines and rid my home of wireless etc. which I believe has helped both my husband and I stay healthier but unfortunately last year I still broke some more vertebrae but since then I recently discovered that having broken a couple earlier it is more likely that others will go later as the spine is already destabilized. I had already tried Fosamax and had side effects some years before so with the new breaks and my doctors advice I first took Protos and had a cardiac event the second night so I then took my first dose of Prolia last September and the next day was nauseated and had sudden bursts of fast heart rate when sitting down which went on for a number of weeks. The nausea still persists nine months later so I will not be taking any of these drugs again! I didn’t have pain but was on strong pain killers at the time for the recent back fractures so probably would not have known anyway. I understand from research that EMR and RFR interferes with healthy calcium metabolism so I believe one is more prone to both osteoporosis and the side effects from the pharmaceutical drugs if one is over exposed to EMR and RFR as these are unsafe for all of us over time so perhaps we could all look into this angle as well to try to stay well as there is plenty of research about this on the internet. We are electrical beings and our electrics are incompatible with those made by man so alternative treatments for Electrical Hypersensitivity I think can avoid having to take these other unsafe medications. Anyway check out the research for this as it talks of avoiding cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, dementia etc. if you lower your exposure because you then are more able to make melatonin which we need for healing overnight. so we should try to make our bedrooms safe from all this and then hopefully save ourselves from an unhealthy old age.

  78. Ray

    Be careful everyone. You could end up like me with multiple fractures and now permanently disabled. I tried the “natural” route, but my numbers were just too bad. After Prolia, I’ve finally gone a couple years without fracture,.

    Keep in mind, osteoporosis only gives you an increased risk of fracture, but doesn’t mean you WILL fracture. Most people won’t or will go many years without fracturing at all. I could start a website telling people to eat red and blue M&Ms and the majority of people that buy my advice won’t fracture. Is that success?

    Good nutrition, vitamins and minerals are essential, but sometimes drugs ARE needed to assist and not suffer like I have.

  79. Beverly Gainey, Goshen, Indiana

    I Have taken Xgeva a little over four years and have developed a terrible side effect called osteonecrosis of the jaw, The bottom teeth and now starting to be deformed and very difficult to eat. The breast cancer is doing fine. I was never given any information about this drug until I started having trouble with my jaw. No mor xgeva for me, I know have to live with the possibility of having my bottom teeth removed .Nothing can go in there place and a disfigured face. Very unhappy No more of this drug for me.

  80. michelle

    Worst medicine I ever allowed to be given to my mother. Never ever will I do this again. First shot fine second shot not so good. The more I let them give the more side effects she had. It will take forever to get out of her system so now she will feel awful for 6 months! Never again!

    • Sharon Adams

      Was the drug Prolia that was prescribed for your mother? It’s been prescribed for me but I’m very skeptical about its safety and potential side effects. I’m curious to know your mother’s age.

      • pauline

        Got the Prolia shot in November and am still paying the price of the side effects. I have such pain in the groin area that I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. Chiropractor said it will get better but it will take a while. I hurt 24/7 and would never recommend this shot to anyone. Good luck

        • cathy

          I took Prolia shot June 12, same Pain in groin area left side really bad, no mds want to address side effects. tell me I have to take shot or risk not walking if spine keeps crumbling. took Forteo for 61/2 months thought I was dying. leg, headaches so bad!!

  81. Elizabeth Hill

    Hi there

    I have been taking Bonviva for 9 years and after reading your blog have decided to nt take it anymore.

    What damage have I done to my bones and is there any hope to get my bone osteoclasts and osteoblasts making REAL bone again?
    I am in the United Kingdom. Can’t find any info which is not unusual over here.

  82. Carole

    How can I get statistics on the likelihood of having a bone fracture (female, aged 69)? It seems to me that should enter into a decision on taking medication?
    Are there statistics on whether the risk increases when you stop using an osteoporosis drug?

  83. Katy

    I went through early menopause at the age of 38 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 42. I am now 58 and have been taking Evista safely (touch wood) for the past 16 years. I have recently had a Dexa scan and my results showed that the osteoporosis has retreated and is now osteopenia. Although I try to eat healthy and exercise, the drug has certainly helped. This may be a consideration to someone.

  84. Britney Alis

    My battle with Breast cancer started 2 years ago, after so many Chemo, Radiation and other natural therapy treatment that i took just to cure my Breast cancer, it all did not work for my condition. I have been treating this disease for the past 2 years, but today i am here telling the world about my final victory over Breast cancer with the help of cannabis oil medication. This is a breakthrough in my family with so much Joy in our life today, i do really appreciate all the help and contribution from every member of my family for all they did for me. And if you have any kind of cancer diseases, there is no need to waste money on Chemo or Radiation, go get cannabis oil from Rick Simpson ( ) this is a medication that totally kill cancer cells.

    • Aida

      DO NOT TAKE PROLIA. IT IS WORSE THAN POISON. My mother, 85, was given her first and only Prolia injection in August 2015 and has been very sick ever since. She’s been having bone pain, muscle pain, stomach pain abdominal pain, back pain leg, arm, shoulders, neck and eye pain. Burning all over the the body. I am so sad and feel helpless seeing her suffer and unable to help ease her pain. I just hope after 6 months it wiil get out of her sytem and the damage won’t be irreversible.
      I WISH we had someone to advise my mother before taking Prolia.

      • Aida

        Prolia also causes endless bladder infections and flu like symptoms that do not respond to medications. My mother’s blood pressure has been going up ever since she had Prolia.

  85. john russell

    my partner died on 20th oct this year after reading some of the coments I think her doctor and hospital have made a big mistake in giving her 3 injections of prolia from july last year she had all the simptums cold sore hands and legs and needing the toilet all time sometimes doin it in bed through the night,,she died in her mortem inconclusive so its 4-6 week wait for blood tests,,,,,

    • Lisa

      My mother, my twin sister and myself all have osteoporosis. My mother was advised to go on prolea by her doctor as her osteoporosis is bad. I had done a lot of research and felt that this drug was not the best for my mother. Against my research and suggestions my mother had the first injection in the spring and her second a month ago. She has numerous medical issues and recently was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and bone cancer in her back. She had a very aggressive breast cancer about four years ago and it has came back. Now my sisters feel the Prolea has something to do with her new cancer. I really don’t know. Personally I wouldn’t go on the drug but what to you do when your osteoporosis is so bad. As for me I had a recent bone density test and within a year my bone density improved. My doctor had recommended Fortero. I did my research on this drug and no, no, no, I was not going to take this drug. It was taken off of research after two years due to cancer in laboratory mice. There is a FDA black box warning on this drug. Why would a doctor recommend this drug with these findings? What I have done in the last year was buy a weight vest and wear it as much as I can, I am taking liquid coral calcium from a company called Genius Pure, I take my calcium and D3 and my diet has improved to include natural foods. Also my husband and I installed a Reverse Osmosis water filer on our kitchen sink and we drink pure water. I believe you can improve your bone density the natural way but it takes a lot of work. But then us women are worth it. I also pray and depend on my Lord and Savior, Jesus. He is my true Physician. God Bless everyone.

      • Debbie

        HELP I have secondary breast cancer in my bones I have had denosumab injection monthly until I said no more excruciating pain in groin hip thigh bones my body trembles with the pain 1 week after really bad second week it eases of to the point my palliative nurse put me on 15 mg oxycotin 2 times daily and oral oramorph every hr when needed the first week after I have my injection I am on the oral ever couple of hrs I’ve refused this now and they started me on a drip one beginning with z which is also doing same thing I am honestly scared of this drug and thinking very hard about not having anything IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE THAT won’t damage my body and soul any ideas plz

        • Debbie

          Debbie, Believe it or not my name is Debbie too. i have Breast Mets, stage 4 in the bone and I was on Xgeva injections monthly for 7 months and the bone pain was so bad I refused to take it any more. I told the doctor that “the cancer maybe killing me, but the treatment is making me want to die”. I had no quality of life for three weeks after the injections. I could not walk or even barely sit on a toilet. I was taking so much pain meds that I could not function or even remember conversations that i had with people. Now, my life is much happier WITHOUT Xgeva injections. I do not know what other medication to suggest to you because I have choosen not to take any of the bisphosphonates.

      • sandy

        Lisa, I have just read your comment and I was wondering how you are doing now with your natural approach. My doctor wants me to use Prolia and I have done heaps of research and am leaning in the no direction. How is your mom?

        • Aida

          Stay in the NO direction.

  86. evie

    I have had shots now for 3 months…how do I get it out of my system?

    • Deborah McDonald

      Hello -My mother had 3 shots as well and seemed to have almost all side effects-of course we are not going to continue the shots -but if you ever get the answer to how long it will take to get out of the system I would appreciate learning what you find out Thank you

  87. Kathi

    I have had osteoporosis for a number of years now and could not tolerate Fosamax or Actonel as caused esophagus issues. I’m scheduled for a Prolia injection tomorrow, Tuesday October 28, 2014. After reading over the number of side effects common and serious, I’m seriously backing away from getting this. Can anyone recommend another type of med like the Boniva i.v. solution or Reclast? I had read that either one of these would be better. I need some answers fast. I am going to cancel this appointment until I have some better answers in the direction I need to go. The thought of having my immune system compromised with Prolia scares me… Thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you, Kathi – you’re doing your research before taking the drug! You’re miles ahead of the majority. 🙂 I encourage you to research the other osteoporosis drug options – you will find information on all of them at this site. Type the drug name into the Search box and you’ll find a wealth of information! The bottom line is, your bones don’t need drugs to thrive and improve. 🙂

      • Kathi

        Instead of Prolia I’m leaning towards Boniva iv solution. I had taken osteoporosis meds by mouth before and always had issues. Right now my osteoporosis is pretty bad. I have it in my spine, hips, neck and who knows where else, so I need to find something to stop this and get my bones back in shape. Does anyone have any thoughts on Boniva iv solution? I also thought of Reclast but am not too sure about this one. Thanks.

        • Kathi

          Also, my osteoporosis is too far gone so I’m wondering if a natural approach is going to help me in reversing the bone loss.

  88. Paula

    My mom is 79 and has severe osteoporosis and has recently had 2 fractures in her lower back. She is in a lot of pain. Her doctor is telling her that taking Provlia is the way to go and is safe so she is considering the drug. I am concerned with everything that I am reading that this is not a good idea. Unfortunially older people put to much trust in the doctors today.
    I don’t know what to do…she is in a lot of pain and not able to function in her everyday life in the state that she is in now. So it sounds like she is damned if she takes the drug and damned if she doesn’t because she can’t fountain the way she is.
    Any suggestions…Thanks for listening.

    • susan

      I am 69yrs old and have tried alot of Bisphonates and am now on Prolia 2yrs. I have fractured 4 lumbar verts and 3 thoracic verts and I had 2 kyphoplasties done on my lumbar spine which immediately took the pain away> Have you heard about this proceedure? I think it is great for someone who is in alot of pain from lumbar fx’s. but it has to be done within 6 weeks of the fx to help.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Paula, do you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that you could share with your mother? Maybe she would appreciate if you’d direct her to this site or print out articles and information that might be helpful to her. Then she can make a truly informed decision!

  89. Nick

    My wife is on her 4th Xgeva injection. She had one dose of Zometa prior to Xgeva but shifted when she experienced body pain. She did experience mild pain on her first dose of Xgeva & none on her 2nd & 3rd. She will have her 4th tomorrow. She has bone mets & recently underwent radiation which lessened the pain by at least 50%.


    For how long should she be on Xgeva?
    Would lab tests show if Xgeva is effective or MRI?

    We are from the Philippines.

  90. Audrey Aspeling

    I wrote before in 2012 with my belief that our continued and increasing exposure to low dose electromagnetic radiation from wifi, mobile and cordless phones and their masts and all the other modern electrical and wireless gadgets may be affecting our bones so looking to reduce this may help you all and even prevent cancer and many other diseases. I built my new back bedroom to get away from excessive power lines I spoke of before and then needed grounded shielding paint and curtains for the radio waves and have had some improvement without any bone density medications. I still cannot avoid exposure in the day but the night is most important because we need to produce melatonin then to heal us and cannot do so with electricals in the bedroom. If you don’t believe me just look up EMR and Health!

    • JudyAnne

      Hello Audrey, This sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing this info with us. Much good luck and I hope you get on your way to good health!
      I’m 71 and just had a horrible bout with 1 injection of Forteo, Friday October 10 2014. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and severe osteoporosis, plus lung and heart health issues.

  91. Doris

    I got my first and only shot of Prolia in May 2013. Four to six weeks later, I developed fever (101), chills, and flu like symptoms. Several weeks later I began having bad heart palpitations. When I called my doctor, she did not think my symptoms were side effects from the Prolia, but I refused to take more shots. My doctor did order blood tests. These tests showed my thyroid and pituitary gland readings were way off. At first she had me cut my thyroid medication in half and then took me off of it as the second blood test was even more skewed. She had been treating me for low thyroid. I am still having an irregular heart beat which can leave me weak at times. So far EKGs have been inconclusive as to heart issues. I wish I had researched Prolia a little more before agreeing to the infusion.

  92. Ramona

    Glad to find this thread. I live in Georgia and was fortunate to find a pharmacy that works closely with the company who makes Prolia. The regular price through my local pharmacy was way too high $$$ for me and it was a mission getting the insurance to pay for it. South Miami Pharmacy helped obtain the prior authorization finally AND they also have a copay assistance program that helped with my high copay. The staff was great. They didn’t charge to ship it to me next day. Hope this helps.

  93. Rina

    I had a Prolia injection November 2013. By March 2014 I started feeling cold spells, not flue, but just feeling cold, shivering when others felt warm. I met the specialist that prescribed the drug and he said it’s o.k., it’s not the drug. I was stupid to take his word and not do the research myself. So, May 21, 2014 I did my next injection. 2 weeks after I started feeling so cold that it felt as though my bones are in the freezer and a week after that, bones in my hands and legs started hurting. I can say with surtainty that all these side effects are from Prolia.
    My advice to people: NEVER TAKE ANY MEDS that last longer than 24 hours. At least if you get a side effect you can stop. I don’t know what will happen until Prolia will go out of my system by November 21, 2014. I hope there won’t be any permanent damage and I won’t die.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Rina, your body is remarkably adept at removing toxins, including medications! The process is greatly enhanced if you support your cleansing organs (kidneys and liver). I encourage you to check out OsteoCleanse – you can read about it here:

      Take heart! Your body is designed for health, not disease. 🙂

      • DQ

        regarding osteocleanse book: Why does everything have to include weight loss? Is this just a selling point? I can’t afford to lose any weight

  94. orit

    my mother got prolia and after 3 month got something like mycosis fongoids/eczema
    T cell .
    do someone know the conection between prolia and Tcell?

  95. joy

    Vivian granted that your stuff is that good why not share it with the suffering people,we are already paying with our bab bones, let your knowledge come out athe world will be gratefull at you.

  96. Tricia

    Doc telling me I have to take prolia. Bone density of -2.8. I’ve never had fracture, in good health, and follow good diet. I don’t want these prolia side effects at age 88. They say my hips are in red zone Help! Please! Any suggestions or advice. All I read about prolia and friends say it’s bad. Docs won’t hear of anything else

    • Joyce

      I took Prolia shot 6 months ago. I have severe arm pain. I canceled appointment for second shot. I will not take it again and would not recommend it to anyone.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        I am sorry you experienced that kind of pain, Joyce! Good for you for not being afraid to say “no” to more treatments. 🙂

  97. mavis

    Vivian you are a disgrace
    can you please show me one bit of clinical evidence about your money spinning garbage that you are selling. Please women listen to your dr not some hack trying to sell books. She won’t be here in 10 years when you have a hip fracture and end up immobile she will be in the bahamas enjoying your money.
    shame on you Vivian

    mavis -76yo

  98. Rita

    I have week bones. In 3 years the scan showed that my bone density went from -2 to -3.6. I had 2 fractures last year: Patella and ankle. I tried all natural remedies (bought Save our bones book few years ago) and it is not stopping my bone loss. The doctor suggested to take Prolia and I read many articles available on this drug.
    I have to do something just not sure what. Any suggestions?

    • meela

      Do it.

  99. Glenda

    I am almost 63 yrs old and just went for my annual physical to my gyno. I told her about my Dad who’s almost 85 who has been diagnosed with mini strokes 4 yrs ago and in November he finally fell just the right way and broke his hip. I was only telling her this to update her on my “family history”. She immediately applied that to me that this incident makes my “likelihood” of breaking a hip up 3xs. I was shocked to see that as a correlation to me with his age and his condition being the “cause” of his hip breakage. She said it doesn’t matter unless he fell off a 3 story building. She was adamant about that. She knows that I have refused further “medical treatment” that the drug industry offers for years now. I have previously been on Fosamax, then Boniva, then Fosamax again. When my bone density tests proved that I had osteo. she then recommended Reclast intravenous injection or Forteo. That was a few years ago. When I realized that this is an injection, I said “Whoa” let me check this out. So I went online and saw all the negative reviews that people had to these drugs and also found Vivian’s site. I was highly impressed that someone had put so many years of research into this one area and had come to these conclusions. I have bought the Save Our Bones program, but quite honestly did not “get around to reading the book”, a downfall of mine with good intentions. So I’ve just trudged on, waiting to see how things go without using drugs. This time when I asked her about when is it time for my next dexascan, she said what’s the use of getting one if you’re not going to take a medication, those are very expensive. So that surprised me, because she feels that no “natural” method is going to improve your bone density therefore there’s no use in having the test. (Besides, my insurance has always paid for it, so is she implying that she wouldn’t even prescribe it for me?) I decided not to argue with her, she asked me to reconsider taking the Provia, which is the latest “best” bone drug in her opinion. I said I would reconsider. I asked her if there were any side effects, and her reply was, “why yes, there’s possible side effects to any drug you put in your mouth, even Tylenol”. I thought that was a pretty “glib” answer. DUH! Yes, but what are the side effects and how severe can they be and do I want to be a guinea pig to see if I’m the unlucky one of a “few” that get these terrible side effects or look elsewhere. I think that doctors are “pushing” drugs, because that’s all they know to do. She said, believe me, if there was a natural alternative that would work, I’d be all over that. When she first tried to get me on Reclast, and I did all that research, I forward this info to my doctor and she met that with some resistance. I don’t know what to do at this point. These medications scare me, but she scares me of a hip breakage too.

    • Catrina Arnold

      It sounds like the same pharmaceutical sales rep visited both my doctor and yours. It’s the “best” bone drug there is, “look up Tylenol if you’re concerned about side effects.” Funny thing is the insurance company pays the doctor for doing the injection at his/her office, unlike prescriptions that get filled at a pharmacy or (yikes) supplements and exercise. Prolia may turn out to be an excellent treatment for osteoporosis but it seems to be a bit early to tell. The FREEDOM study looked at patients over a 3 year period yet many of the problems with bisphosphonates didn’t show up until after 5 years? Haven’t totally ruled Prolia out, but am certainly giving it a hard and thorough look.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Glenda, it’s clear that you are thinking through your choices and doing your research. Good for you! I want to encourage you to make your own health decisions; no one can “make” you take a drug you’re not comfortable taking, period. It’s not your doctor, but YOU who will experience any side effects from medication! So empower yourself with knowledge, and don’t be afraid of taking the “road less traveled.” 🙂

  100. Kay

    Was diagnosed with osteoporosis 4 months ago. Had a tooth removed so could not take the Prolia injection for 2 months after the “site” had healed. Got the Prolia injection exactly 2 months ago (12-21-13) About 4 days ago started having horrendous low back pain – went to the Ortho dr and he gave me pain pills – Trama-dol (that don’t even take the edge off) and he has ordered an MRI that I am to have next week. Also have just started experiencing some dizziness in the last couple days. After reading all the comments I am now wondering if a 2 month long struggle with bronchitis and lung infection in which 2 different antibiotics didn’t even phase it that my immune system has been compromised. I have contacted (today) my family physician and the ortho dr in writing telling them all this and am waiting to hear from them. I won’t be getting the next Prolia injection in June.

    • Clarisse

      Eu tomei Prolia a dois meses atrás e também senti sintomas parecidos. Começou com uma dor nas costas e dias depois muita tontura, náusea, dormência nos braços e falta de apetite. Agora estou melhor, relatei esses sintomas para minha médica, mas ela me disse que não tem nada a ver com Prolia. Ela disse que se fosse algum efeito colateral teria aparecido nos primeiros dias. Outro médico me recomendou que eu tomasse a vacina de meningite ACWY, mas estou preocupada em ter alguma interação medicamentosa com Prolia. Alguém tem alguma informação sobre isso?

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